Chapter 85 - Troubles (nsfw)

Seizing Dreams

"This is the first time in my life for me to like someone this much."

Content Warning:

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Zhou Sheng was wearing slippers and didn't have any underwear under his beach shorts. That huge rod had already been hard for a while, and once Zhou Sheng untied his pants, most of it popped up from within it. It was so long it almost reached Zhou Sheng's belly button. It was Yu Hao's first time seeing another guy's dick so directly without any form of mental preparation, but Zhou Sheng was his boyfriend, and for him to just so naturally and boldly let him see it made Yu Hao all jittery and excited.

Yu Hao's breathing stopped. "The curtains..."

Zhou Sheng, "Drawn."

Yu Hao, "The door isn't..."

Zhou Sheng added, "I locked it when we came back. No one will know if you want to eat it in secret, so do you want to? Yo, look at your face, you're looking forward to it, aren't you?"

Yu Hao's face flushed bright red. Zhou Sheng's rod was thicker than Yu Hao's middle finger and thumb combined. Yu Hao's fingers were naturally long, and once he circled them around, it made Zhou Sheng's rod seem incredibly massive. The length must be close to 20cm at least, and what was even more exaggerated was that Zhou Sheng had casually taken out an iPhone Plus to compare the two - it was actually longer than the phone. 

Zhou Sheng washed himself very thoroughly and had even specifically trimmed his hair, and a cool mint fragrance emanated from him. He raised his legs, took off one side of his trousers, straddled Yu Hao’s chair slightly as he sat on the desk, and pulled Yu Hao towards him. In the position that Yu Hao was sitting in on the swivel chair, it just so happened to be right in front of him.

Zhou Sheng placed his thumb at the base and nudged it forward gently, the entirety of the hard rod pushed close to Yu Hao's face.

Yu Hao's heart was thumping like crazy. He sat up straight and looked up at Zhou Sheng. He wrapped both hands around Zhou Sheng's waist, lowered his head slightly, and took it into his mouth.

He could feel the head of it grow even bigger when he swallowed it. It was really too hard, and Yu Hao had no way of swallowing it whole - he could barely take in half of it. When the tip reached Yu Hao's throat, it made his throat shrink back instinctively, and a weird feeling sprouted within him.

Zhou Sheng was afraid that Yu Hao would feel uncomfortable, so he backed out a little. He softly touched Yu Hao's chin, looking a little moved.

"Not too deep," Zhou Sheng said. "You'll choke."

Yu Hao uttered a muffled 'en'. Zhou Sheng was about to take it out when Yu Hao grabbed his wrists gently, moved Zhou Sheng's hands behind, and locked him there. Then he slowly moved back, his tongue lightly licking the tip before taking it in as deep as he could.

"Ah...en..." Zhou Sheng wasn't prepared in the slightest for that. With both hands firmly locked behind him by Yu Hao, he felt so good his legs curled up a little and parted. He didn't mind passing full control of his desires over to Yu Hao. When Yu Hao heard Zhou Sheng's soft moan, his blood started boiling. After it was out of his mouth, Yu Hao started sucking on his tip, then moved down as he continued licking and kissing it.

Zhou Sheng's eyes seem a little dazed. He looked down at Yu Hao, looking like he wanted to say something, but Yu Hao swallowed  it again. He felt Zhou Sheng's hands struggle instinctively, but Yu Hao grabbed his hand tightly and intertwined their fingers, still keeping Zhou Sheng's hands behind his back.

This really felt way too good. Someone like Zhou Sheng was actually naked in front of him, not putting up any resistance as he let Yu Hao have full control over him. Yu Hao enjoyed that feeling very much. He could feel how hard Zhou Sheng's rod had gotten, and along with his movements, he could hear Zhou Sheng's breathing get increasingly ragged. Zhou Sheng was stepping on Yu Hao's knee at first, then he lifted one leg and put it on Yu Hao's shoulder. Shortly after, he parted his legs once again, and his beautiful abs contracted along with his urgent gasps, looking even more alluring as sweat dripped down his chest.

Yu Hao knew he was about to come and immediately stopped. He looked up at him, then let go of his hands.

"Does it feel good?" Yu Hao asked.

Zhou Sheng lowered his head and kissed him. After sucking on that rod, Yu Hao’s lips were both hot and soft. Zhou Sheng started rubbing it himself with one hand and wrapped the other around Yu Hao’s neck, his kisses turning even more crazed.

“Your lips are too soft.” When they parted, Zhou Sheng continued kissing and nibbling on Yu Hao with a look of infatuation, as if he was so addicted he didn’t want to let go.

“I’ll help you get it out with my mouth,” Yu Hao whispered. He pulled Zhou Sheng’s hands away, not wanting to let him touch his own rod. Zhou Sheng was already close to the edge now and only managed to calm down after a while. Yu Hao placed Zhou Sheng’s hands on his head, then bent down and continued taking it in. Zhou Sheng ran his fingers through Yu Hao’s hair, his whole body trembling with pleasure.

Without being conscious of it, he stepped on Yu Hao’s crotch with one foot, yet Yu Hao started getting flustered and took it in even deeper. Zhou Sheng gently stepped on it a few more times, and Yu Hao started trembling as well. Zhou Sheng realised that rubbing on his crotch barefoot could make Yu Hao feel good, so he started following Yu Hao’s movements to rub his crotch back and forth.

Yu Hao, “...”

Yu Hao’s blood rushed to his head. He undid the buttons on his shorts and pulled the zipper down. Zhou Sheng’s foot slipped into Yu Hao’s pants and gently played around with it through his cotton underwear, then gently stepped on him to continue teasing Yu Hao.

Yu Hao felt so good his whole body trembled. He didn’t know why, but getting stepped on like this by Zhou Sheng made his desire shoot through the roof, and he uttered a muffled moan.

“Wifey, I’m going to cum.” Zhou Sheng’s low voice moaned, “Baby, I…”

Yu Hao knew that Zhou Sheng had reached his limit after holding it in for so long, so he bent down and took it in deeper. Zhou Sheng was afraid of choking him when shooting it out, so he quickly held Yu Hao’s head and tried to take it out. His foot exerted some strength as a result, and Yu Hao actually moaned, white liquid dripping down the corner of his mouth.

Zhou Sheng, “Ah!”

It was silent for about half a minute between them. The moment Yu Hao’s rod was stepped on by Zhou Sheng, it made him feel uncontrollably good, and he came all over his underwear. On the other hand, Zhou Sheng had shot into Yu Hao’s mouth, and white liquid was dripping down both his ramrod straight dick and Yu Hao’s mouth.

Yu Hao, “...”

Zhou Sheng, “...”

Yu Hao, “I just came...don’t kiss me!”

Zhou Sheng smiled as he bent down to kiss Yu Hao, but Yu Hao’s mouth was filled with cum, and he was quite distraught. He quickly grabbed Zhou Sheng’s ankle and moved his foot away from his crotch.

“Love you,” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao asked, “Did it feel good?”

Zhou Sheng looked like he still hadn’t had enough. As he looked at Yu Hao, his gaze was filled with adoration, then he took a tissue to help Yu Hao wipe his face and pulled him into his embrace.

“It felt so damn great. Did it taste good?” Zhou Sheng smiled.

Yu Hao, “...”

It was Yu Hao’s first time tasting a man’s cum, and even though he didn’t swallow, the taste itself was quite exciting.

Zhou Sheng casually helped Yu Hao wipe a little then lowered his head to kiss him. When their lips parted, Zhou Sheng whispered, “After eating the popsicle, your mouth feels both soft and hot, it’s even tastier now.”

Yu Hao almost choked. His lips were red and moist, and his face looked a little flushed from a lack of oxygen. “I...I gotta go take a bath.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Let’s take one together, you haven’t that yet.”

Yu Hao waved his hand before he flew off to find a change of clothes. “Just now I already...already shot from your stepping.”

Zhou Sheng asked, “You’re that sensitive?”

Yu Hao blushed. “I’ve been holding it in for too long!”

Yu Hao was washing up in the bathroom. Zhou Sheng knocked on the door, and Yu Hao said, “What is it?!”

Zhou Sheng came in and said, “I’ll wash you.”

Yu Hao’s body was thoroughly wet, and he subconsciously moved in to hide, but Zhou Sheng said, “Ai, what are you being so shy for?” As he spoke, he took Yu Hao by the wrist and forcibly pulled him into his arms.

Yu Hao, “!!!”

Yu Hao’s heart was beating so fast that it was about to jump out of his chest, but Zhou Sheng kept hugging him and buried his face into his shoulders; the two of them were in close proximity, so close that they could hear the beating of each other's hearts.

“Wash your face.” Zhou Sheng kissed Yu Hao and said, “I’ll plan our first time well.”

Yu Hao felt dizzy again. The slippery sensation of his skin and the shower gel, the warmth and touch of Zhou Sheng’s chest; he didn’t even dare to look down, but Zhou Sheng washed him very carefully, then took a towel and helped him wipe down his body.

“You……” Yu Hao could feel Zhou Sheng’s rod start to rise again, “Why did it start again?”

“Because I’m in heat.” Zhou Sheng said righteously.

Zhou Sheng’s dick was hard again, and it was propped against Yu Hao. With the lathering of the shower gel and the rubbing of their naked bodies against each other, Yu Hao’s blood started to boil again.

Yu Hao laughed, and Zhou Sheng said, “What are you laughing at? You’re in heat too ah, yo, yours isn’t small either……no wonder you even advertised yourself as a gong.”

“That has nothing to do with size.” Yu Hao didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. His dick was in Zhou Sheng’s hands and being held together with Zhou Sheng’s, and both rods were being rubbed here and there with the shower gel. Zhou Sheng’s was a lot thicker and longer than Yu Hao’s - about an inch bigger.

“Let’s kiss?” Zhou Sheng was using one hand to play with Yu Hao’s, and the other was grasping his own, holding the two of them together before separating again, their tips slipping off the other under the shower gel. Yu Hao’s tip was extremely sensitive, and under all this rubbing from Zhou Sheng, he couldn’t help but moan again.

Zhou Sheng wrapped one arm around Yu Hao’s waist and pulled him close. His hand on Yu Hao’s back slid down his waist and down to his back, his finger circling around Yu Hao’s butt before inserting in a little. Yu Hao stiffened in an instant, saying, “Don’t...don’t play with that.”

Zhou Sheng made Yu Hao turn around, his dick as hard as a rod again. It pushed up against Yu Hao’s butt and started moving up and down, then its tip gently pushed into Yu Hao’s ass.

“Get to know it a little?” Zhou Sheng said with a smile. “Just saying hello, it won’t get intimate today.”

Yu Hao started laughing, his back up against Zhou Sheng’s warm chest. He could feel Zhou Sheng’s dick pressing against his butt, and water was streaming down both their bodies. Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao from behind then started touching his chest, his fingers gently squeezing Yu Hao’s nipples. Yu Hao let out a few soft gasps, feeling Zhou Sheng’s hands touching his chest and abs. Those daring and teasing movements and the sense of helplessness he felt as his entire body was being touched made Yu Hao feel like he couldn’t endure it anymore.

Zhou Sheng asked, “Need Hubby’s help?”

“No, no.” Yu Hao quickly said, “Don’t do it twice in a row, wait for at least 40 minutes to an hour in between to give the pituitary gland a break……I learned that in my psychophylaxis class.”

It was Yu Hao’s first time releasing so straightforwardly, and he really wanted to continue. Zhou Sheng said, “That was just a warm up. I’m not bragging, but eight hours straight wouldn’t be a problem.”

Yu Hao replied, “10 minutes alone is already very tiring okay? And my mouth’s still really sore!”

Zhou Sheng smiled. “Next time, wait for Hubby to plan our first time properly. Get dressed and let’s go eat ba.” As he spoke, he ruthlessly kissed and sucked on Yu Hao’s neck for a while. 

Yu Hao quickly said, “Don’t!” Just as he was about to struggle, Zhou Sheng had already left a hickey on him.


After their bath, Yu Hao changed into a T-shirt and studied the hickey in the mirror. He tried to pull his T-shirt with its round collar up, but he couldn’t hide it no matter what he did. It was really conspicuous too!

Yu Hao, “……”

However, Zhou Sheng didn’t seem to mind it. He sat on the chair and smiled, “Hungry?”

Yu Hao’s face was still red. Zhou Sheng obviously found it fun to tease him as he continued, “Are you full now?”

Yu Hao retorted, “I only ate for 10 minutes, it wasn’t enough!”

Zhou Sheng said, “You can’t blame me, you’re too skilful. Say, have you been looking forward to this day for a long time so you practiced for it in secret?”

“I’ve never learnt it before!” Yu Hao became overwrought; he had lost this round.

Zhou Sheng said, “The more times it’s done, the more lasting it’ll be ma. Okay let’s go ba.” As he spoke, he pulled him in close to kiss him again and couldn’t hold himself back, “The more I kiss you the more I want to continue, this is too fucking addictive……”

“Someone’s calling.” Yu Hao quickly said, “Gege’s still waiting in the restaurant, quick, let’s go.”

Zhou Sheng held Yu Hao’s hand and only let go when they were downstairs. Yu Hao put on his earphones, but the one who called was Huang Ting. That really was a rare guest.

“Why is it that there are some people who were busy talking on the phone half an hour ago.” Huang Ting said on the phone, “Then they suddenly stop taking calls in the next half hour? That doesn’t seem logical at all.”

Yu Hao, “Poker Face Comedian Office Huang, please say what you want to.”

Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng, who also seemed a little suspicious. The two of them got on a public bus and sat at the last row. Zhou Sheng put one arm around Yu Hao and held him close, then took out one side of his earphones to listen to Huang Ting.

“I remember you were looking for a part-time job during the summer vacation.” Huang Ting said, “I have a part-time job I can offer you, would you be interested?”

“We are all law-abiding citizens, so we’re not interested in you or your part-time job.” Zhou Sheng said, “Bye bye.”

Yu Hao answered, “Yes, not interested. Happy holidays Officer Huang, I’m hanging up.”

Huang Ting, “……”

Yu Hao realised that Zhou Sheng always liked to tease Huang Ting, but it did seem quite fun to actually tease him.

Cough.” Huang Ting said, “Actually I wanted to ask you to do me a favour……”

Zhou Sheng, “Oh? I bet it’s your girlfriend who got you to ask Yu Hao for help ba?”

Yu Hao, “……”

Huang Ting said, “Your inference was made with much meticulous care, but Xiao Yujun isn’t my girlfriend yet. I sent Yu Hao her WeChat ID. This part-time job isn’t dangerous at all, please don’t worry about it.”

Yu Hao, “!!!”

He was right?! Yu Hao stared at Zhou Sheng in disbelief, “Junjun Jie looked for you?”

Zhou Sheng shrugged, “Nope.”

Yu Hao, “Then how did you guess that?”

Zhou Sheng, “Simple. If Huang Ting’s looking for your help with a part-time job, it wouldn’t be because there was a problem with their internal system; he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would casually ask other people for help either, so the only person who could make him do that would be the girl he likes.”

Yu Hao had once mentioned to Zhou Sheng that Huang Ting was wooing the female reporter called Junjun. Usually, there was little chance for a policeman to take the initiative to ask for help.

“Oh yeah.” Yu Hao said.

“If it was a crucial case involving Psychology, they would look for Kaikai.” Zhou Sheng thought about it for a moment, then continued, “We just started our sophomore year, what help could we be? And it just so happens that your previous translations of news articles have just entered the database, so it’s likely that Kaikai recommended you.”

Yu Hao said, “Then I’ll add her?”

Zhou Sheng nodded, and Yu Hao thought that he could just treat it as an ordinary part-time job anyway. After he added Junjun, she greeted him quite quickly, and it was just as Zhou Sheng had deduced —— Yingjiang Daily, that Xiao Yu Jin was in, was undergoing an internal restructure; in order to connect with the online media and young people, a “New Youth” section was added. Xiao Yujun was now the head of this section.

This branch plays an important role by shouldering the burden of letting Yingjiang break out of the traditional media circle where they were just talking to themselves, and getting them to be more aware of contemporary youth culture. It could even become a supplement of Yingjiang Daily in the future, and have its independent public WeChat number and blog.

Their leader’s idea was to let Xiao Yujun choose her own team members -- recruiting them from either society or schools was fine, as long as they earnestly did a good job in this section. On the surface it was advertised as a section with content for young people, but it was also targeting their parents, to help them better understand young people in this demographic.

After the target audience was clearly defined, they could undertake some indirect advertising on their public number and newspaper to promote some sealed off schools to parents for curing Internet addiction, so that they can collect money and send their children to be tied up, brainwashed, get enemas, and electric shocks.

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng listened to all of Xiao Yujun’s vehement complaints about indirect advertisements, and Xiao Yujun’s voice that was full of vigor said, “I looked for male god and he recommended you. He said that you have a very strong sense of social responsibility, ai I’m too busy for voice messages, let’s talk over the phone ba.”

Xiao Yujun has always been an energetic person in her unit as she lived as her true self. She picked some interns in her unit, but only found a few to be useful. She formed a small team and wanted to look for a year 4 student. But Chen Yekai unexpectedly recommended Yu Hao when she asked him.

Xiao Yujun has always been interested in Yu Hao. After all, the incidents he was involved in were always quite interesting, and when she asked about his proficiency in writing, Chen Yekai vouched for him and said that there wouldn’t be any problems at all.

Zhou Sheng’s mouth twitched from listening to all this.

“But I’m only a sophomore!” Yu Hao said, “And I don’t know how to write a manuscript!”

Zhou Sheng, “You have a Macbook, what are you afraid of?”

Yu Hao, “……”

“What I want is a college student!” Xiao Yujun said frankly, “With a colourful life, candidness, and courage. Male god said that you have no problem writing, so you won’t have a problem. This job has flexible hours, and it’ll all be on special topics. I’ll arrange the times for the interviews, you just need to look for an opportunity then and take occasional leave.”

Zhou Sheng casually said, “I don’t think she wants to ask you to take on a part-time job, but to help by asking Kaikai to act as a consultant for this column ba?"

Realisation suddenly dawned upon Yu Hao, “Then why did she look for me? Wouldn't it be better to directly look for Chen Laoshi after writing the manuscript?”

“It’s not convenient for Kaikai to step in ah.” Zhou Sheng said, “If a lecturer in the system works as a consultant for a newspaper column, he would need to apply for permission with the school. He would have to take responsibility in case any problems occur with the articles too.”

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng got off the bus and met up with Fu Liqun in the restaurant. Fu Liqun was starving to death and wailed, “Why are you guys so late?”

“We were discussing a part-time job, we definitely didn’t do that in the dorm.” Zhou Sheng snapped his fingers and said, “Boss, open up two bottles of beer!”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao was still thinking about Xiao Yujun’s offer as he toasted Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun.

“You’re going to be a reporter?” Fu Liqun stared at Yu Hao with a baffled face, “But you just started your sophomore year?”

“It’s not confirmed yet.” Yu Hao said, “This year I still need to attend classes, d……date, play a three-person basketball match, and learn skateboarding.” Yu Hao held his forehead with one hand. His university life really was as Xiao Yujun had said, it was way too colourful.

Fu Liqun said, “Ai you’re really living your life to the fullest.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I need to find a part-time job too.”

“Cheers, cheers.” Yu Hao was so hungry he couldn’t stand it anymore, and the three of them started eating. It was a decadent National Day holiday; Zhou Sheng wanted to go out for a walk, but Fu Liqun reminded the two that once it neared National Day, it would be extremely crowded outside. They would just be spending money to suffer if they went out, so they might as well go to an Internet cafe or play basketball in school.

“I’ll accompany you to the newspaper office later?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“I haven’t made a decision.” Yu Hao said, “Still considering it.”

“Go ba.” Zhou Sheng took some food for Yu Hao, “I can tell you kind of want to go.”

Yu Hao realised that Zhou Sheng was just like a puppy in heat when his desires were aroused. But after he obtained release, he would regain his calm steadiness again and wouldn't be as talkative, as if he was constantly preoccupied with something.

Fu Liqun was a bit wilted and had clearly just been reprimanded by his parents. “Gege wants to find something to do too. Young Master, let’s go set up a stall?”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Fu Liqun, “I never know what to do with myself all day long, I’m bored stiff.”

“You start grumbling when sis-in-law isn’t around.” Yu Hao smiled, “But once you meet her after her training is over, you’ll feel better.”

Fu Liqun said, “To tell you the truth, today my Dad asked me what I wanted to do after graduation, how I wanted to be with Cen Shan, and even talked about meeting her parents, then I began to think……that I’m really a good-for-nothing, and that I’m a disgrace to my parents.”

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao listened quietly. Zhou Sheng said, “You just became a sophomore, there's still some years ahead of you so there’s no need to hurry.”

Fu Liqun said, “It’s not too early. When I recall the day I confessed to your sis-in-law five years ago, it all just seems like it happened yesterday. I keep feeling like I’ve just enrolled in college, do you remember? On the opening day last year, four of us from our dorm ate hot pot in this shop as well, and just within a blink of an eye, a year has already passed.”

Of the people in their dormitory, one completed the formalities the moment he started freshman year to drop out and went abroad; the other was from a demolition household who would use the Internet at his friend’s house and didn’t even attend classes. In the end, he failed all his subjects, was persuaded to withdraw, and seemed to vanish from the face of the earth. Zhou Sheng even thought that something had happened to him on several occasions, and after a few calls, he confirmed that he just didn’t want to attend college, so he left him be.

“That’s alright too.” Zhou Sheng said, “From today on, get yourself together! Come! Let’s eat hot pot!”

Fu Liqun raised his spirits and said, “Okay! Okay! You’re right! Young Master is the one with the most positive energy after all, you’re just like a little sun.”

Yu Hao, “Then let’s go back to revise after eating hot pot? I’ll go get coffee.” Yu Hao had learned how to brew coffee and has always wanted to make coffee for Zhou Sheng.

Fu Liqun, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

“It’s the holidays, don’t do that!” Fu Liqun wailed, “And I was even thinking about going to the bar tonight together to play!”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao thought that he was really way too busy this semester. If he took the part-time job Xiao Yujun offered him, then he would have to skip classes from time to time to accompany her for interviews. If he had known about this sooner, he wouldn’t have signed up for the skateboarding club this year. After dinner, Xiao Yujun especially went to the bar to look for him. She had been running around the entire day and only got off work at 10pm.

“You’ve had to suffer quite a bit.” Zhou Sheng said, “What do you want to drink?”

“What else can I do but suffer?” Xiao Yujun smiled, “I need to make a living to support myself and buy a house. If I take advantage of these two years to make a quick profit and buy a small apartment, I’ll feel more at ease. You little young masters don’t eat the food of common mortals; your families have already paved a path for you guys, so of course you won’t have to worry about such things.”

Zhou Sheng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry and didn’t respond. Xiao Yujun said, “Yu Hao, come, let’s have a casual chat ba.”

Yu Hao knew that Xiao Yujun’s ‘casual chat’ was basically a simple interview. The two of them moved to a corner. Yu Hao talked about his schedule this semester. He really was very busy, but Xiao Yujun said that the job could be adjusted according to his schedule and even showed him a list of possible topics. Yu Hao glanced through it, and he was interested in all of them……

7 topics in the first issue: First, ‘The psychological analysis and reasons behind adolescents’ chase for fame using a model in which people scramble over online celebrities’; Yu Hao had actually met one of the interviewees -- Huang Jinya’s best friend, Bei Xiaozhou.

Next was the analysis of adolescents’ problems with communication, high school sexual behaviour and pregnancy diagnoses, ‘boys brought up by the poor’ and ‘boys brought up by the rich’, what students with poor academic performance did when they grew up, please don’t take the bottle of drink from the roof of the car……

Yu Hao thought that all these topics were so appealing to him that he couldn’t refuse any of them.

“Then give me your timetable ba.” Xiao Yujun said, “I’ll get the interns to arrange your schedule for you.”

“Okay then.” Until now, Yu Hao still hasn’t asked Xiao Yujun how much he would be paid, but the money wasn’t that important anymore.

Xiao Yujun said, “I don’t need you to write a lot of manuscripts, especially in the preliminary stages, I’ll do those myself. Your work will mainly focus around running errands, and……I need your help with something. It’s about the state of some social affairs and analysis regarding the mental health of adolescents, I need you to help me look for male god. I wanted to directly ask him for a piece, but he has his own considerations, which is understandable……”

It really was as Zhou Sheng had said! Yu Hao thought that he had benefited from his association with Chen Yekai once again.

“He has already promised us.” Xiao Yujun smiled and looked at Yu Hao, “You just need to frequent his office. I need an ‘expert’s opinion’ in the column, and he’ll be the expert behind it.”

Yu Hao constantly felt that he was very indebted to Chen Yekai. The previous translation work, the part-time job, this time with running errands -- he only had the opportunity to do all this because of Chen Yekai. But those topics were really so appealing to him that he wasn’t able to refuse her at all...

Yu Hao thought about it for a moment, then looked at Xiao Yujun, “Let me consider it for awhile longer?”

Xiao Yujun said readily, “Okay. I’ll give you a day, you can give me your answer tomorrow. Actually, some people are naturally fit for this line of work -- you can tell from one look at their demeanour. I still need to go back and revise some manuscripts, so I’ll leave now.”

Yu Hao said goodbye to her and Xiao Yujun finished the rest of her drink, “Don’t drink too much.”

Zhou Sheng and Fuliqun were playing dice and drinking in silence. The two of them had received another round of critical hits from Xiao Yujun. Zhou Sheng said absent-mindedly, “Drank mine, it’s your turn. What happened next?”

Fu Liqun pondered, “There’s no ‘next’……your sis-in-law is still hiding it from her father.”

“About being with you?” Zhou Sheng asked.

Fu Liqun uttered an “un” and answered, “The last time we went to the amusement park, while you confessed in the ferris wheel, we quarrelled in the ferris wheel over this.”
Zhou Sheng kept silent and continued shaking the dice cup. He tossed them out, Fu Liqun motioned for him to drink, and Zhou Sheng drank. Fu Liqun continued, “She said, when she thought of the future, her vision would go blank. She wanted me to tidy myself up, but how do I do that? I am this kind of person, and didn’t she fall in love with this kind of me……”

“Did she mention when she’ll talk to her father about this?” Zhou Sheng said, “There must be an outcome for this eventually ba.”

Fu Liqun said, “No, we didn’t mention it.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Her mother passed away early, and she’s the only apple of her father’s eye, so there’ll definitely be a huge quarrel over this.”

Fu Liqun said, “If Gege has a family like yours, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I still have two million with me; I can lend you some for a College Entrepreneur’s start up fund.”

“Don’t!” Fu Liqun said, “You definitely can’t!”

Zhou Sheng continued shaking the dice up, opened it, then drank by himself, “Gege, I want to come out of the closet.”

Ah?” Fu Liqun was taken aback, “Don’t ba, what if your mother chops Young Madam up with a kitchen knife?”

“My Mum doesn’t pose much of a problem, I’m not scared of her anymore.” When Zhou Sheng said this, he suddenly stopped talking and there was a subtle change in his expression.

Fu Liqun, “???”

After he was silent for a moment, Zhou Sheng continued, “The two of us talked about money and our future today. He asked if I’ve ever thought about our future, and of course I have, I want to give him the best. I want to give him an unforgettable birthday……”

Fu Liqun, “……”

Zhou Sheng continued absent-mindedly, “I want to take him to Australia to play, sit in luxurious seats in the plane, stay in a hotel, and get a sea view room……but the moment he says ‘where’s the money from?’, I cower. You get it?”

Fu Liqun shook his head in tears and laughter.

Zhou Sheng, “I have nothing, so I can only rely on my Dad. Some time ago, I was thinking, why not just go with my Dad’s arrangements. I’ll accept all his arrangements for me, as long as he’s willing to accept Yu Hao.”

“He won’t accept it!” Fu Liqun said, “Don’t be impulsive, Young Master.”

Zhou Sheng said, “But I need money! I want to earn money! Don't you get it? Gege, this is the first time in my life for me to like someone this much, and it’s also my first time to want money this much. I want to give him a lot of things……but none of them are mine, they belong to my Dad.”

“You’re doing well enough.” Fu Liqun said helplessly, “Look at me? I’m the one who can’t give her anything. I don’t even know how to wash a sock, and I even got scolded by my Mum today.”

Zhou Sheng was a bit gloomy, “He’s much more independent than us, if only I was like Kaikai.”

“But the one he likes is you.” Fu Liqun said, “Not Kaikai. That’s how I comfort myself sometimes.”

Zhou Sheng responded with an “un”, then said, “Loving each other is the most important thing.”

Fu Liqun said, “The best thing about both of you is that you’re not as emotionally attached to your parents. Like what you said before, it’ll be pretty good to start over somewhere else.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Go to BSG? Go with him, rely on my own efforts, and live a cozy and happy life? But can I afford a house? I can’t even afford houses in Ying City. Look at how hard Junjun Jie is working for a house. What about me? After leaving my Dad, I’ll definitely be at the bottom of the social ladder. I would have studied harder in the past if I had known this would happen.”

Fu Liqun looked at Zhou Sheng and said helplessly, “It’s all the same.”

Zhou Sheng raised his spirits and said, “But if I had studied hard, I wouldn’t have met him -- that’s one thing I don’t regret at all. I can only say that it was all predetermined by fate ba.”

Translator's Comment:

Juurensha: ZS wants so much, but Haohao does deserve the best treatment.

Zryuu: Zhou Sheng’s serious concerns really gets me ;-;


This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Cat.



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