Chapter 84 - Getting Even

Seizing Dreams

“Yu Hao, Aunt is really grateful towards you, Aunt feels so moved.”

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Every day was brilliantly sunny, and Ying City was gradually ushering in the autumn season. Ever since Zhou Sheng confessed to him, Yu Hao felt like he had entered the most blissful time of his life. It was as if all the previous trials he had endured were now insignificant in comparison.

If only Grandma was still here… Yu Hao thought that his Grandma would have understood him. After all, when she was still active in theatre and singing, good-looking xiao shengs were sometimes also homosexual. And what Grandma wanted the most was to see him live a happy life.

His life with Zhou Sheng didn’t seem to have changed significantly following the new affirmation of their relationship, which felt a little strange to Yu Hao. But when he considered it carefully, the two of them had been inseparable and basically behaved like they were already in a relationship ever since he moved to the dormitory and lived together with Zhou Sheng.

Fu Liqun had to endure critical hits from them every day in the dormitory, but he couldn’t get the passionately in love couple to rein themselves in even a bit, so he could only endure it for now.

“I’m sorry Gege.” Yu Hao said, “I'll definitely be more aware of it. "Whenever you're not happy, just let me know ba.”

Zhou Sheng was really too proactive; he was so proactive that it caught Yu Hao by surprise. It was as if his emotions were suddenly surging forth after having been repressed for too long, so his Boyfriend Power was now overwhelming and peerless.

“This must be retribution for all the times I flirted madly with your sis-in-law in front of my dorm mates in high school.” Fu Liqun said sincerely, “I've already come to terms with the reality. Upon deep introspection, after seeing Zhou Sheng, I feel like I haven’t done enough for your sis-in-law in many respects.”

After that, as long as Zhou Sheng didn’t have lessons for the day, he would accompany Yu Hao to his lessons. Sometimes, he would read books, while at other times he would put on his earphones to listen to public lectures on his phone. As he sat beside Yu Hao, he would fold a pink heart for him with a hundred yuan note every day.

Yu Hao said, “One hundred a day, that’ll be 3,000 in a month. You only get 2,400 for your living expenses per month……I’ll see how you get by starting from next month.”

Zhou Sheng whispered, “From today on, I’ll manage the finances, wash your hands of it.”

Yu Hao said, “We’re about to run out of money for food! You’ve finished spending your competition’s prize money!”

Zhou Sheng, “How could we have no money to eat? I only spent 10,000 out of the 30,000 prize money, and I still have 8,000 from my scholarship. Get a certificate of proof tomorrow and stop your student loan, and be sure to return the loan from last semester first.”

Yu Hao showed Zhou Sheng the account book he usually used. Zhou Sheng closed the account book and said, “Don’t work anymore in the future, it really makes my heart ache. When I saw you running around and even enduring scoldings everywhere, I really couldn’t stand it.”

Yu Hao said, “If I don’t work then am I supposed to go cold and hungry?”

Zhou Sheng, “I’ll support you ah.”

The two of them sat in a corner to avoid accidentally dealing critical hits to the other students. Since it was nearing the National Day holiday, there weren’t many people attending classes, and most had skipped. Yu Hao had previously considered the issue of their livelihood. In fact, he wanted to work at least one more job after he got together with Zhou Sheng. He wanted to see if there were any other jobs he could do while continuing to translate part-time in order to earn at least 3,000 a month. In that way, he would at least have more money to use while dating, and he would be able to buy Zhou Sheng some of the things he likes.

Even though they lived in the same dormitory, Yu Hao couldn’t help but begin paying more attention to tidying himself up. When Zhou Sheng wasn’t around, he would occasionally look in the mirror, striving to make himself look more clean and refreshing and less of a fashion disaster. Now that he thought about it, the fact that Zhou Sheng actually came to like him seemed quite miraculous. He found it a spectacle too horrible to endure whenever he occasionally flipped through his photos from his freshman year.

But he would have to spend a lot of money in order to make himself look slightly trendier. Yu Hao was even less willing to let Zhou Sheng carry such a large cost, but this guy was a full-on Young Master and always only had one criterion for spending money: our happiness would be difficult to buy even with a thousand gold. The guiding principle behind his expenditures was always the unshakable phrase ‘I’ll support you’. However, as soon as his scholarship money and competition prize money were depleted, the two of them would have to wait for the 2,400 yuan that Zhou Sheng’s mother gave him every month for his living expenses. It was barely tolerable for Yu Hao to allow Zhou Sheng to support him a little bit, but letting Zhou Sheng’s mother support him was absolutely unacceptable.

“Who’re you on the phone with?” Zhou Sheng was unhappy now, “Why are you still on the call?”

Yu Hao said into his phone, “I’m in class, I’ll call you back later.” Then he turned around to Zhou Sheng and said earnestly, “I’ll support you.”

Zhou Sheng refuted him, “Nope, I’ll support you.”

Yu Hao, “You’re always like this!”

Zhou Sheng just smiled happily. He had changed a lot recently and hardly got into any disputes with Yu Hao. Most of the time, whatever Yu Hao says goes, and he would just listen to him giddily. His temper in class had also improved a lot.

“Confiscated.” Zhou Sheng kept Yu Hao’s account book.

“That won’t do.” Yu Hao said, “I’ll manage the finances; you don’t even have any plans!”

Zhou Sheng, “No, you’re always so reluctant to spend money, you can’t manage it anymore……”

“Be careful, Laoshi……shh! Shh!”

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng began fighting for the account book. Zhou Sheng caught Yu Hao unprepared and tickled him, and Yu Hao's grip loosened in an instant. The account book was snatched away.

Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng bitterly. Zhou Sheng kept the account book and suddenly became serious, “Is your old habit acting up again? You don’t want to owe me? So if there comes a day where we can’t continue any longer, it’ll be easier for you to be independent when we break up?”

Yu Hao, “You……”

The bell signalling the end of class rang. When he heard this, Yu Hao glanced at Zhou Sheng, stood up, and left. Zhou Sheng followed him. He packed Yu Hao’s textbooks into his bag, “Angry?”

Yu Hao stood outside the corridor, which was packed with people who had just gotten out of class. He went back to the dormitory to take his skateboard and planned to participate in his club activities. Zhou Sheng tossed his bag down, stuffed his hands into his pockets, and followed Yu Hao the entire way.

A long vacation was about to start soon. Barely anyone came to the club today as they had all gone home long ago. Yu Hao stepped on his skateboard as he looked at Zhou Sheng, who was sitting close by. When Yu Hao had just entered the club to practice skateboarding, Zhou Sheng would always keep vigil just in case Yu Hao jumped accidentally into the street, and was ready to pull him back at all times.

Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng for awhile, and thought he seemed like a child who was sometimes quite insecure.

“Still angry?” Zhou Sheng asked, “You’re not angry anymore ba?”

Yu Hao said, “You seem so insecure when you say things like that.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I really am insecure, it’s not like you don’t know that. Don’t be angry anymore, I was wrong.”

When Yu Hao heard this, his anger immediately dissipated. His father passed away when he was young and his mother had left their home, so he was brought up by his grandmother. But his grandmother loved him, so he and Zhou Sheng grew up in different ways.

“Because ownership has been transferred.” Yu Hao suddenly said.

“What?” Zhou Sheng was baffled.

Yu Hao thought about it for a moment and said, “We’re together now; there actually isn’t a distinction between who gets to support whom. Ownership of you no longer belongs to just your parents, you’re my boyfriend now.”

“So, let’s take care of each other.” Yu Hao said earnestly, “That’s independence. Without the need to rely on your parents anymore, you’ll obtain autonomy over your own life.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Actually, I really didn’t spend much of my Dad’s money. I get it now. Is that what you're thinking?”

Yu Hao responded with an “un”, then continued, “I’ve always been thinking, what if your parents oppose us in the future? If we can be independent, then they won't have much of a reason to object. But if we’re always relying on them financially……ok ba. Forget I said anything, I’m not angry anymore. I haven’t finished thinking it through for myself yet.”

Yu Hao put on his cap backwards. He was wearing Monet’s “Sunrise Impression” commemorative T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of skateboarding shoes. He stepped on his skateboard to practice his skills in going up the ramp, while Zhou Sheng just earnestly watched Yu Hao. Yu Hao tried to go up and down the ramp a few times, then moved his center of gravity to the tail of the skateboard, crouched slightly, and carefully tried the 360-degree rotation he learned recently. Zhou Sheng said, “You’re so cool, Wifey.”

Yu Hao thought, of course, I even especially waxed my hair a bit today and ironed my clothes too……but he feigned nonchalance and said, “Oh, really? Do you like it?” As he spoke, he smiled at Zhou Sheng and whistled.

Fireworks immediately went off in Zhou Sheng’s head with several loud bangs.

“I knew you’d like these clothes. I saw a Van Gogh’s Starry Night commemorative edition one yesterday; I’ll take you to go buy it tomorrow?”

“Stop buying things!”

“I did some financial management with the two million that my Dad gave me.” Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t worry about money.”

Yu Hao, “Two million!!!”

Yu Hao almost fell. Zhou Sheng was about to get up, but Yu Hao struggled to stabilise himself.

“The annual interest rate is 5.4%, $1.50 per $10,000 per day.” Zhou Sheng said, “$9,000 a month.”

“But that’s your father’s money.” Yu Hao said, “I know he’s very rich, so two million is nothing to him……”

“Yes!” Zhou Sheng said, “But think about it, where did his money come from?”

Yu Hao, “Of course he earned it himself.”

Zhou Sheng, “Could he have earned that much without me?”

Yu Hao recalled how Zhou Sheng had said that Zhou Laichun’s life used to be a mess as well. It was not until Zhou Sheng risked his life to enter his father’s dream that his life began to slowly change to become what it is now.

“I changed his life.” Zhou Sheng said, “Do you still think it’s too much to take this as a little bit of a reward?”

Yu Hao laughed, “You can’t say it like that ba.”

Zhou Sheng said, “This is my legal income from work! And he’s my Dad!”

Yu Hao laughed. Zhou Sheng continued, “What’s wrong with taking a little remuneration sometimes?”

Yu Hao said, “Plus, you didn’t touch his principal sum and only used the interest from it, right?”

“Yes!” Zhou Sheng said.

“Okay then.” Yu Hao said, “You’ve convinced me, but only partially. I understand the reason behind it, but I still can’t accept it from an emotional standpoint.”

“Ever since I got the card.” Zhou Sheng said, “I didn't think much of it and didn't see a problem with spending it. But see, you would never be able to accept that anyway.”

Yu Hao just felt that if Zhou Laichun gave them the card as a reward, then it would be considered Zhou Sheng’s fair gain -- because if it wasn’t for Zhou Sheng’s strength, his father may not be where he is today. But the Golden Crow Wheel couldn’t be mentioned, and they've never asked Chen Yekai for rewards for their help……but Zhou Laichun was Zhou Sheng’s Dad too……it was all so convoluted and complex; the more he thought about it, the more confused he became. It was really difficult to draw clear distinctions.

“Have you thought about our future?” Yu Hao asked Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng answered, “I have; I think about it every day.”

Yu Hao had intended to tell him about his ideal future, but when he heard this, he took his skateboard and walked over to Zhou Sheng to sit beside him.

Zhou Sheng extended a hand, palm outstretched. Yu Hao placed his hand on his and Zhou Sheng intertwined their fingers. Yu Hao waited quietly for a long while, but Zhou Sheng didn’t continue.

“And then?” Yu Hao asked, “That’s it?”

Zhou Sheng said, “You smell really good, so clean and refreshing. You’ve been much trendier recently and look so cool; a whole bunch of female freshmen were even taking photos of you in secret yesterday.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Someone called Yu Hao again. His phone had been ringing constantly since this afternoon.

Zhou Sheng said, “Who the hell has been calling you all this time? Laozi’s not happy now! Let me see!”

“Your mother……” Yu Hao said.

Zhou Sheng, “Oh Medusa……”

Zhou Sheng took the phone, hung up, placed one arm around Yu Hao, and openly hugged him in that position. He said with a stern countenance, “Okay, ignore her. Keep talking.”

“Can you defeat Medusa now?” Yu Hao asked.

“I think I might be able to.” Zhou Sheng stated truthfully, “But I haven’t wanted to challenge her recently. When I go next time, I’ll call you. Trust me.”

Yu Hao nodded. Zhou Sheng continued, “By then, I should have thought very clearly about our future. You’re really great, Yu Hao.”

Yu Hao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “What’s so great?”

“Being with you.” Zhou Sheng’s hand moved from Yu Hao’s waist to his back, then it pressed against the nape of Yu Hao’s neck, “I just think it’s so great to be alive……can I kiss you? I can’t hold back anymore.”

“We’re outside!” Yu Hao quickly said.

“It’s not like there’s anyone else around.”

Zhou Sheng had one arm around Yu Hao’s waist when he glimpsed Xue Long come to a stop in the distance, staring doubtfully at the two of them.

“Hello Xue Laoshi!” Zhou Sheng greeted.

Xue Long lowered his phone and said from afar, “Not going home for the holidays?”

Zhou Sheng said, “Nope! Bye bye na!”

Xue Long left.

Yu Hao said, “Put your hand down……did he take a picture of us just now?”

Zhou Sheng said, “He was taking pictures of the flowers! Don’t create imaginary fears with your suspicions. It would’ve been even more strange if I put my hand down as soon as I saw him when we were just innocently hugging each other.”

Yu Hao said, “He’ll tell your father! Just like with the scholarship last time.”

“Can’t our hugging each other just be considered as a joke? Won’t Gege occasionally hug Xia Lei and the rest too, and even pinch their faces?” Zhou Sheng said, unconcerned, “Come, let’s kiss once.”

Yu Hao quickly said, “No kissing! He might come back!” Personally, this matter wouldn't affect him; at most he would just let other people talk behind his back, he was used to it anyway. But it was different for Zhou Sheng! His father might come and cause trouble for them once he found out.

“Do you find me annoying?” Zhou Sheng asked, “Is our relationship something to be ashamed about?”

“Of course not!” Yu Hao was gloomy now and said after he thought it over, “I just don’t want to get into trouble over nothing.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I’m fine with just privately knowing that we’re getting along well; I’ve never thought of really publicising it in a high-profile way. But we’re just sitting down with my arm around your waist, talking in a place where no one’s around, we really aren’t doing anything!”

Zhou Sheng was a little sulky. After Yu Hao confirmed that Xue Long had left, and that there was no one around, he kissed Zhou Sheng on his cheek. Zhou Sheng blushed again and looked at Yu Hao. His mood had immediately improved.

Yu Hao actually couldn’t really stand it either; ever since he got together with Zhou Sheng, he released several times while he was asleep. In the past, it used to be once every ten days, but now he was so stimulated in the daytime that he couldn’t even last a week.

“When are we going to do that?” Zhou Sheng was a bit short of breath, “My mind’s full of you everyday, I’m on the verge of exploding.”

“Ah?” Yu Hao said, “I’m waiting for you?”

Zhou Sheng, “Oh, I’m waiting for you. Didn’t you say that you had to mentally prepare yourself?”

“I’m gay, what kind of mental preparation do I need……”

“Then I’m gay too.” Zhou Sheng said, “What kind of place do you like? Is it ok to get a room outside? Gege should be going home during the holidays ba? If you don’t mind it, is the dorm okay? I know you don’t like getting a room, and the dorm will always be cleaner than anything outside, it’s just that the bed’s too small.”

“Gege’s not going home, he said so yesterday.” Yu Hao said with a blank expression.

“Then ask him to go to the Internet cafe?” Zhou Sheng said.

“Don’t talk about it here……” Yu Hao’s face was completely red. The two of them were like animals in heat when they shamelessly discussed joining their bodies out in the open, it was really too mortifying.

He pulled down his sports pants, got up, and took off on his skateboard again. Zhou Sheng smiled as he watched him. Yu Hao skateboarded for awhile, then looked back and said to Zhou Sheng, “I still want to work part-time.”

“Go ahead.” Zhou Sheng said, “Find something more relaxing, we’ll do it together.”

Yu Hao was very preoccupied over the moment where Xue Long had lowered his phone. Perhaps he had already taken a photo. He could only hope that he wouldn’t be too meddlesome and send the photo to Zhou Sheng’s father. Still, Zhou Sheng had just hugged him around his waist. They already had a closer than usual relationship, so they could just explain it as a joke between guys even if they were found out.

On the last day before the National Day holiday, everyone was around in the dormitory. Cen Shan went for her seclusion-style training while Fu Liqun’s parents went abroad for a holiday, so he had to stay in the dormitory. Before the holidays, Papa Fu and Mama Fu especially came to their dormitory to visit them and even brought a lot of food with them to thank Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng for taking care of Fu Liqun.

“Yes! That’s how you wash them!” Fu Liqun’s mother had her hands on her hips as she taught her son how to wash socks and underwear, “Rub it thrice! Knead it twice! Don’t knead it like dough! Baby! Tell Mum! Don’t lie, okay?! How did you wash those clothes that are hanging out to dry? It couldn’t have been washed by you! Who helped you washed them? Yu Hao or Zhou Sheng?!”

“Main……mainly……Yu Hao.”

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao got a fright when they entered the dormitory. Mama Fu said, “Which one of you is Yu Hao? You, are you Yu Hao?”

Yu Hao trembled as he raised his hand, and Fu Liqun tossed him a glance filled with fear. Mama Fu immediately said, “Yu Hao, Aunt is really grateful towards you, Aunt feels so moved. But, you can’t help him wash his socks and underwear, you know? He needs to do his own things himself! School can’t be compared to home. Baby, your dorm mates aren’t your parents, they’re not obliged to do this for you. I don’t think you clean up your dorm either, and when you get married to Shanshan, I bet you’ll want to be like your Dad and become a husband who doesn’t do anything! Be honest, you don’t know how to do housework, you aren’t doing very well in your studies either……”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

“It has already been awhile……since I touched the sink.” Yu Hao quickly clarified, “Uh, I did wash them a few times in the past.”

After Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng got together, all the housework was basically done by Zhou Sheng. However, Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng would occasionally see Fu Liqun’s underwear and socks soaking in the basin. Sometimes, it would remain soaking in the sink for up to three days. When they really couldn’t bear to look at it any longer, they would help him out with it while they washed theirs too.

Papa Fu pulled Zhou Sheng over and talked to him for a long time, and also thanked him for cooking for his son. Yu Hao felt like Fu Liqun’s father had a temperament that somewhat resembled Lin Xun’s -- his scholarly air was very apparent. Of course, unlike Lin Xun that scum, he was a gentle and knowledgeable intellectual.

It wasn’t easy for Fu Liqun to send them out before Zhou Sheng’s mother once again called. This time, Yu Hao had to take it. He didn’t know when Zhou Sheng’s mom had started to indirectly control Zhou Sheng though Yu Hao and always asked Yu Hao to get Zhou Sheng to do this and that. This time, she was calling to ask Yu Hao to take Zhou Sheng home for the holidays.

Mama Zhou said, “I have something important to tell Zhou Sheng and get his opinion on, Haohao? Is he there?”

“Why are you still on the phone! Hang up!” Zhou Sheng cried bitterly, “We’re going out to eat!”

Yu Hao was still talking on his side, but Zhou Sheng picked up another call. Zhou Laichun called him and asked if he was going home for the long holidays. Zhou Sheng replied that he wasn’t. Zhou Laichun asked him to go to the company to accompany him for a meal, but Zhou Sheng refused.

“I’m taking a bath.” Zhou Sheng said, “Hanging up now.”

“You’re spending the holiday with your dormitory mate?” Zhou Laichun asked.

“Yeah.” Zhou Sheng asked, “Is there a problem?”

Zhou Laichun didn’t didn't say anything else, and Zhou Sheng went to take a bath. Before he went, his mother was still talking to Yu Hao nonstop, and they were still on the phone even after he finished taking his bath.

“Stop talking to her.” Zhou Sheng said.

But Yu Hao waved his hand and tried to chat patiently with his mother for awhile. Yu Hao was sitting on the swivel chair. Zhou Sheng was bare chested as he sat on Yu Hao’s desk; he stepped on the swivel chair and pulled Yu Hao towards him. He lightly pressed against both sides of Yu Hao’s waist with his bare feet.

“Say a few words to her ba.” Yu Hao handed the phone to Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng casually dealt with her by saying that he was working during the holidays.

“If you want to get married then go!” Zhou Sheng said, “You have my utmost support! Stop calling Yu Hao all day! He’s busy with his studies! I’m hanging up!” Then he hung up without a moment’s hesitation.

Yu Hao said, “She’s pretty lonely, chat with her once in awhile ba.”

Zhou Sheng, “I get high altitude sickness as soon as I hear her voice, I’ll instantly become dizzy and breathless. Could you take some pity on your Hubby? I know you feel bad about digging up the handsome cabbage in her vegetable garden, but the owner had never been serious about planting it in the first place, and the cabbage fled by himself. If you dug it up, then so be it, you don’t need to compensate her, okay?”

When Yu Hao realised that Zhou Sheng was indirectly calling him a pig, his face was immediately filled with black lines.

“Your father called just now? It can’t be that he knows ba.”

“What are you feeling so guilty for?” Zhou Sheng said, “Are you afraid that the owner of the garden will chase after us and hire hitmen to come break our legs?”

Yu Hao has always been good at inventing things to worry about based on his misgivings. He was never guilty in the past, but now that he had bent someone’s son, he was constantly afraid that his parents would come knocking on his door to get even with him and accuse him of ruining Zhou Sheng’s brilliant prospects and so on. But fortunately, Zhou Sheng separated his parents and circle of friends long ago, and the picture of the ferris wheel after the confession was tagged with a few lines that seemed like lyrics. His mother was completely unaware of it and continued nagging him as usual by asking him all sorts of questions. Still, Yu Hao couldn’t help but jump a little in fright whenever he saw her calls.

Zhou Sheng might say that it didn’t matter on the surface, but he knew very clearly in his heart that Xue Long could have sent the photo to Zhou Laichun as soon as he left the school. Even before this, they had been the subject of multiple rumors. Chen Yekai was rumoured to be gay as well, and it’s not like there weren’t any rumours about the relationship between Chen Yekai and Yu Hao……and now it could no longer be said to be just a rumour. Perhaps Xue Long, like many other students, already imagined a dog blood scenario with Yu Hao failing in his pursuit of Chen Yekai, so he changed his target and attacked Zhou Sheng, the rich second generation.

But he didn’t intend to mention this to Yu Hao. After all, protecting Yu Hao was his own business, so there was no reason to worry him.

“From now on, I’ll follow you all the time, okay?” After Zhou Sheng packed his things, he said to Yu Hao, “I can take on 10 by myself. If he dares oppose our relationship, I’ll report him for tax evasion, and place righteousness before my blood ties!”

Yu Hao, “……”

“Xue Long wouldn’t dare to.” Zhou Sheng continued, “Unless he took a photo of us kissing. I'll try my best to restrain myself more outside next time. If I start getting fresh with you again, just slap me.”

Yu Hao said, “I can’t bear to do that, just get fresh with me ba……”

Yu Hao sat on the swivel chair and faced Zhou Sheng, who was bare chested and only wearing a pair of shorts. The scent that wafted off his body smelled very pleasant. He raised his head slightly, and they looked at each other for a while.

Yu Hao, “???”

“Hungry?” Zhou Sheng said.

“I’m okay……” Yu Hao remembered something, but Zhou Sheng didn’t let him move, so Yu Hao put his hands around Zhou Sheng’s waist and looked up at him, “What’s wrong? Not happy?”

Zhou Sheng said, “Wanna eat a popsicle?”

Yu Hao, “You bought it?”

Soon after, Zhou Sheng casually untied the knot on his beach pants.

Yu Hao, “!!!!”

“Gege will come back……”

“He’s waiting for us at the restaurant.” Zhou Sheng whispered, “He won’t come back.”

Yu Hao never expected that Zhou Sheng would be this bold. Usually, he took baths with a mint-flavoured Adidas shower gel, so he often had a cool mint smell on his body. But the scene that unfolded before Yu Hao still gave him a very strong impact.

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Zryuu: When ZS called himself a handsome cabbage…LOL….


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