Chapter 116.2 - Going to Work

Seizing Dreams

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He went off to work.

Yu Hao felt rather strange. They have witnessed each other’s life at every stage. Liang Jinmin once said “everything that we have experienced together could never be replaced by anyone else”. He had a hunch that Zhou Sheng’s entry into the company today would immediately alert a lot of people in Yun Lai Chun — his brilliance was really too dazzling. Yu Hao had even joked with him that from today onwards, there would definitely be a lot of young girls who would fall in love with him at first sight in the company.

But only he knew that the Zhou Sheng who had gone through days both big and small with him; the Zhou Sheng who would openly walk out of the bathroom stark naked with just a bath towel on his shoulder; the Zhou Sheng who would blow pearls onto his collar through a bubble tea straw; the Zhou Sheng who would cook in the kitchen with an apron tied around him and carefully carve carrots into flowers……

Just like how Chen Yekai and Ryuusei were in the past —— when Chen Yekai appeared in front of countless students in college, he would be the male god that elicited everyone’s attention. Only Ryuusei, the one who lived with him, would see Chen Yekai wearing microwave gloves as he warmed up two cups of milk late at night, or the scene of him waking up in the morning with a messy bed of hair as he hugged Ryuusei.


The handsome and rich Young Master that all of you will see later is my Hubby.

Yu Hao was in a really good mood. As he tidied up the breakfast that Zhou Sheng had just eaten, he thought, all of you will probably like him very much, but none of you have ever seen him accidentally eating half the piece of paper at the bottom of his steamed bun.


Early September wasn’t over yet, and Yu Hao wondered if he should report for work in advance to give Lin Ze a good impression of him.

Several days ago, he searched with a phone number to add Lin Ze’s WeChat, but discovered that it was Situ Ye’s instead. Almost everything uploaded in his circle of friends were photos. After Yu Hao got the Hasselblad from Zhou Sheng and started learning photography, he gradually began to learn about compositions, and he discovered that Situ Ye’s portrait-taking skills were rather formidable.

Yu Hao sent him a message to ask if it would be appropriate to report for work before National Day.

Situ Ye replied in less than 10 minutes. He had sent a video over.

Yu Hao played the video.


In the video, Lin Ze and a boy he didn’t know were being chased into a corner by two dogs. Lin Ze was carrying a laptop bag that he swung around like a meteor hammer, while the boy he didn’t recognise was holding a mop as he dealt with one of the dogs.

“……aim at its nose……”

The dog was barking, and it was a complete chaotic mess in the video. Situ Ye was in charge of taking photos with his phone, while Lin Ze was still shouting, “Stop recording this! Think of something!!”


Yu Hao:【What are you guys doing?】

Another ten minutes later, Situ Ye replied to him with a voice message, and it was Lin Ze who had recorded it while gasping for breath.

“Okay okay! You can come over to report whenever you want! That’s excellent! There’s a shortage of staff right now……”

In the middle of the recording, the other boy’s voice rang out, “Ah Ze stop using WeChat! Those two dogs are coming again!”

Then Situ Ye said, “I can’t believe I actually trusted them and came to Dongying to interview those who pilfer oil, fuck, this rabid dog is too troublesome……”

 The other boy said again, “Xiao Ye climb over the wall first! I’ll support the rear! Hurry!”


Yu Hao asked:【There should be another reporter teacher too right? I won’t disturb you guys anymore, good luck. Help me say hello.】

Lin Ze replied, “No, that’s my friend……I won’t say anymore, hurry and come ba. We’ll be returning to Beijing the day after tomorrow……”

Yu Hao, “……”


At 10am, when Zhou Sheng entered the company, he didn’t have to endure the gaze of public scrutiny. The chief financial officer, Zhou Laichun, and the deputy general managers were in the middle of a meeting. The front desk took him to a workstation in the corner of the company and handed him the articles of incorporation as well as an employee’s manual for him to read first, and didn’t say anything else. He was even called “Zhou Sheng” here as well.

After Zhou Sheng sat down, he realised that everyone around him were suppressing their urges to peep at him, presumably because the administration had informed them in advance and forbade the employees from making a fuss.

Yun Lai Chun rented four stories above an office building’s 17th storey in the city. Hundreds of employees were divided according to their departments, and Zhou Sheng was arranged to enter the Major Business Department. There were more than 70 people working on the 18th floor. Zhou Sheng sat in a corner, and his workstation faced the general area of three departments, so he could see what the workers were doing there at a glance.

Zhou Laichun’s entire General Administration Department was situated on the 21st floor. Zhou Sheng flipped through the employee’s manual. It was good that he wasn’t arranged to be right under Zhou Laichun’s nose. Zhou Sheng was idling about and took a picture of the situation in the company to show Yu Hao. The front desk added him into a group chat, and everyone greeted him politely with much restraint.

The chief financial officer added Zhou Sheng’s WeChat account straight out and informed him that he would be looking for Zhou Sheng after Zhou Laichun concluded his meeting.

Yu Hao:【Your father’s company really isn’t an average one that merely has ‘a lot of people’.】

Zhou Sheng:【Including the branches overseas, there are about over 700 employees. The Major Business Department is mainly in charge of expanding the business; I’m guessing he wants me to learn the ropes of that.】

Just as he was chatting, the chief financial officer sent him the personnel organization chart of Yun Lai Chun for him to get familiarised with first. After Zhou Sheng finished reading it, the door to the meeting room opened. A group of people came out. Zhou Sheng took a look — they were all the deputy heads of the various departments in the company who just concluded their regular Monday meeting.

Zhou Laichun messaged him on WeChat to inform him to head to the 21st floor later and to go to the General Administration Office. Zhou Sheng waited for awhile more before the front desk gave him the door card, so Zhou Sheng went straight up after receiving it.

“Your door card can access every floor as well as my office.” Zhou Laichun said to Zhou Sheng in the office. The CEO’s office was decorated in a very luxurious style. The general assistant made tea for this father and son pair before going back to work.

Zhou Sheng said, “You need to find someone to guide me, I have to familiarise myself with the business as soon as possible.”

Zhou Laichun said, “I’ve already arranged it for you. You’ll be an assistant manager of a department first. The one who will be guiding you is very capable, learn more from him.”

Zhou Sheng took a sip of his tea, and Zhou Laichun said, “Try to get to know as many people as you can for the next few days. If anyone asks for your opinions or ideas, just keep your mouth shut; don’t be a brainless and ignorant fool and come up with any rotten ideas. Yu Hao should have taught you all that before, so there’s no need for me to repeat it.”

“Got it.” Zhou Sheng said impatiently.

Zhou Sheng could tell that Zhou Laichun really wanted to ask about Yu Hao, so he said, “Yu Hao will be going to Beijing next month for his internship as an investigative reporter, he has already found a job there.”

Zhou Laichun declined to comment and said, “You have to learn how difficult it is to feed a family and come into contact with people who you may or may not be willing to deal with. But no matter what you think……”

“I got it.” Zhou Sheng said, “Stop nagging me.”

Zhou Laichun said, “Have lunch with the people in your department at noon, eat at the canteen. I’ll take you out at night to have dinner with some of our people.”

Zhou Sheng wanted to say that he had to go home for dinner on the first day of work, but he thought that there was no need to argue over something like this. It was already like this now anyway, so he shouldn’t be so insistent on such trivial matters. “Okay then, as long as it doesn’t happen everyday.”

“There won’t be a lack of such meals and social engagements.” Zhou Laichun said, “If you have the capability to clinch deals without such meals, then I’ll let you do whatever you want, okay? Once you’re done with your tea, go back and greet the person who’ll be guiding you.”

Zhou Sheng finished his tea. When he returned to his workstation, the administration had already processed the application for his computer. The deputy general manager of his department had been waiting for him since he got back, so Zhou Sheng knocked on his door and went in to make some small talk with him. Then he went to greet the general manager. In the end, the manager who was in charge of guiding him came over, and his attitude was obviously much more enthusiastic. He gave Zhou Sheng a USB — inside the USB was the target for their third quarter. Zhou Sheng accepted it and started browsing through it on his computer.


At noon, Zhou Sheng followed a group of people down to the canteen for lunch, and the atmosphere slowly grew lively. At first, his colleagues had even thought that he was a rather cold person, but whenever Zhou Sheng really wants to liven up the atmosphere, he can be quite humorous with his words. Within an instant, the entire department saw him in a new light, and his colleagues liked him very much too.

“You’re the newcomer who managed to mesh with our team the quickest.” The supervisor said to Zhou Sheng in private.

Zhou Sheng said, “That’s just ‘cause they’re giving my Dad face……”

His supervisor explained, “They really don’t know. The only ones who know your identity are those at the deputy level, and me.”


After the meal, Zhou Sheng followed the department manager to a meeting in the afternoon as his assistant to listen in on the reports of the Major Business Department.

Zhou Sheng offered to help with the minutes of the meeting, and the manager who brought him along consented. After work, no employee left, and the deputy manager stayed in his office. The chief financial officer messaged Zhou Sheng, who then followed him out. That night, Zhou Laichun had arranged for three deputy managers to have dinner with Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng called each of them ‘uncle’, and their meal lasted till 10pm. After getting in the car, Zhou Laichun looked drunk as he laid down on the back seat to rest.

“Everyone at the dinner is on our side.” Zhou Laichun said.

Un.” Zhou Sheng said, “Got it.”

Zhou Laichun said, “The chief financial officer doesn’t count.”

Zhou Sheng uttered another “un”. Zhou Laichun asked, “You rented a place to live in outside of school?”

Zhou Sheng responded with a third “un”. Zhou Laichun said, “It’ll be more convenient for work if you move over.”


Zhou Sheng simply answered, “I won’t move.”

Zhou Laichun said, “I won’t be home most of the time, I won’t get in your way.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Yu Hao can move over too?”

Zhou Laichun answered, “He can’t. How will you explain it if a guest comes?”

Zhou Sheng jeered, “That’s it then.”

Zhou Laichun, “He’s not going to Beijing?”

Zhou Sheng said, “Could you stop asking questions about my private life?”

Zhou Laichun said, “Guess what I’m thinking?”

Zhou Sheng, “Oh? Then guess what I’m thinking too? Guess if I’ll report for work tomorrow?”

So Zhou Laichun didn’t speak any further. He understood his son’s temper the best; if he really angered Zhou Sheng now, he might really not report for work tomorrow.

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Hi, somebody please tell me through e-mail so I don’t ruin the story for the rest that ZLC either dies an absolute death or ends up working as a messenger for the rest of his miserable life. (’cause that would the death of him either way, really no offense to those who work as messengers/couriers) Dear God how I despise ZLC. Thank u.

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Advaita Jairam
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