Chapter 116.1 - Going to Work

Seizing Dreams

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Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng fell silent again. After a full ten minutes passed, Zhou Sheng said,

“You’ll go to Beijing, and I’ll go Yun Lai Chun. I’ll fly over four times a month to see you?”

Yu Hao wanted to say that it would be too expensive, but once Zhou Sheng enters the company, money would no longer be a problem.

“The plane rides will be too tiring for you.” Yu Hao said.

“It’ll be fine in first-class.” Zhou Sheng answered, “The company has an VIP passenger channel at the airport for a collaboration with a bank, so I won’t need to wait in line for security checks. The old man wants to open up a branch in Beijing, so there’ll be someone picking me up from  the airport by then.”

Yu Hao uttered an “un”. He knew that Zhou Sheng had finally decided to face it, so he said with a smile, “Both of us should be quite busy in the first month, let’s start from the second month onwards ba.”

“It’ll be considered the second month for me after National Day.” Zhou Sheng answered, “It’s alright, you just worry about what you’re busy with.”

Yu Hao said, “Actually once a month is fine too. A brief parting is sweeter than a honeymoon; I know there won’t be any problems.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I won’t feel rest assured about you, you Sagittariuses are too promiscuous.”

“I’m not!” Yu Hao slammed the leaflets by the fountain as if there was no one around them. “It has already been two years, and I rarely even speak to anyone else! You’ve just been watching me all day!”

Zhou Sheng, “If I didn’t watch you seriously, you would’ve been fucking abducted by Chen Yekai a long time ago……”

Yu Hao, “He, doesn’t, like, me! How many times do you want to bring that up for?”

Zhou Sheng, “What about Ou Qihang?”

Yu Hao, “He already went to Beijing to study! I haven’t seen him in more than a year……”

Zhou Sheng, “Yeah, and if he knows that you’re going to Beijing, he’ll surely take the chance to harass you while Laozi isn’t there……”


People were beginning to gather around and spectate behind the fountain. Yu Hao quickly said, “Let’s go!”

Zhou Sheng got up with an unconcerned face. Yu Hao stuffed the leaflets back into his bag and pulled Zhou Sheng’s hand as he dragged him away.

“Where are we going?” Zhou Sheng said.

“Buying you some clothes for work.” Yu Hao said, “You need to have at least a formal suit ba……”

“Wasn’t the linen one I had before good enough?” Zhou Sheng smiled as he said, “And it was even the one sis-in-law picked out for me especially in order to deal with that something Liang on Valentine’s Day that year……”

Yu Hao, “Zhang Liang……you really were so childish then.”

Zhou Sheng immediately caught hold of the horse’s feet, “See! You even remember that guy’s name! All you Sagittariuses are simply……”

Yu Hao, “……”


Yu Hao found a shop that specialised in bespoke suits to take measurements for Zhou Sheng. There happened to be a suit that was close to his measurements. The shop assistant took it out to let Zhou Sheng try out its style, then Yu Hao said, “Cut your hair again before work. You can do it.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Isn’t my current one pretty good?”

Zhou Sheng’s hair was always lifted up, revealing his forehead and making him look very energetic, but it also made him seem very aggressive. Yu Hao looked at the guy in the mirror; once the suit was on, he looked both tall and handsome, and he could practically be the male lead in a korean drama……no, the second male lead! The second male lead is the one people go gaga over! 

Yu Hao said, “Let me dress you up……”


A few days later, Yu Hao took the suit that barely had to be adjusted, and let Zhou Sheng try it on once again at home.


Zhou Sheng put on the suit. He had even changed his hairstyle recently; he let his hair cover his forehead a little, and with that change, he instantly appeared all refined and courteous. After he put on a pair of non-prescription glasses that Yu Hao had bought when they went out to play before, he looked quite erudite now.

“It feels uncomfortable with something on my nose bridge.” Zhou Sheng said, “I don’t want to wear glasses.”

Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng from a side and laughed, “I just want to see the effects. Damn, you practically look like a nobleman’s son!”

Zhou Sheng had broad shoulders, a slender waist, and when he stood straight with his legs just slightly parted in front of the mirror, he looked just like a male model. He rarely wore formal clothes and would usually just go out in sports attire and basketball shoes. Now that he was wearing a suit, Yu Hao felt like he didn’t even recognise who he was anymore.

Fu Liqun had been going out early in the morning for the past few days and would only return late at night. He came back early at noon today, and when he saw Zhou Sheng, he was immediately dumbstruck.

“Woah fuck.” Fu Liqun said, “Which family’s Young Master is this?”

Zhou Sheng was so embarrassed by the teasing that he just sat helplessly on the table. He put one leg that was adorned leather shoes over his other knee and shook it a little. Yu Hao made a gesture to get him to pay more attention to his image so Zhou Sheng had to put his foot back down.

“Report to the company tomorrow ba.” Yu Hao said, “I won’t accompany you anymore.”

Zhou Sheng thought about it, then finally said, “Okay.”

Yu Hao kept the suit jacket. Zhou Sheng unbuttoned his shirt and breathed a sigh of relief. Yu Hao took out his camera and took pictures of Zhou Sheng, who was sitting on the sofa. Zhou Sheng didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. “Stop taking pictures! I don’t even feel like myself anymore right now.”

“An overbearing CEO came into our home.” Yu Hao said, “I really want to do some costume play……”

“That’s possible.” That idea inspired Zhou Sheng in an instant, so he strode over quickly. Yu Hao immediately thought crap and said, “Don’t wrinkle it! It’s new!” Zhou Sheng didn’t care at all and half embraced Yu Hao as he pushed him into the room.

Fu Liqun looked gloomy as he said, “Are you guys animals?! Aside from eating all you guys do is have sex, sex, and sex all day!”

Zhou Sheng had finally come around to the idea. Yu Hao knew that at this moment, they both understood each other’s intentions —— just like how Zhou Sheng hoped that Yu Hao would pursue his own life goals of becoming a reporter, Yu Hao also knew that Zhou Sheng had always wanted to prove himself in front of his father.

Actually, as long as they had money, a lot of things wouldn’t be a problem. Yu Hao was still really optimistic about their relationship. It would take seven hours to travel between Ying City and Beijing on the high-speed rail. If you left at night, you’d arrive in the other city by morning, and it would be even faster by plane. Zhou Sheng planned to leave for Beijing every Friday evening after work started, spend the weekend with Yu Hao, then return by plane on Sunday evening.

“It’s impossible for the old man to not wanna open a chain in Beijing.”

At night, Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao were laying in bed. Zhou Sheng said, “I might even have to go to Beijing in a few months.”

Yu Hao said, “Work first ba, don’t be so anxious. I think there are a lot of things you have to learn too.”

The crown prince would be going to the company as an intern, and Yu Hao wasn’t worried that Zhou Sheng wouldn’t be up to it — even if he wasn’t up to the task, he’d have to be. Everyone knew very well in their hearts that it was only right for the whole company to cooperate with him, and not the other way round.

“You mustn’t make a scene in the company by getting into a fight with your father.” Yu Hao repeatedly exhorted.

“I won’t.” Zhou Sheng answered, “We’ve already been together for so long. In your eyes, has my temper not improved in the slightest over the years?”


Most of the time, Zhou Sheng’s impetuousness would be internally digested by Yu Hao. When Zhou Laichun faced Zhou Sheng’s anger, he often tries to suppress it forcibly, which would only make Zhou Sheng rebound even more ferociously. The technique Yu Hao used most often would solve the root cause of the problem — just a few words from him would make it such that Zhou Sheng couldn’t even get angry.

“I still feel quite uneasy.” Zhou Sheng turned sideways and embraced Yu Hao to let him rest his head on his arm. He stroked Yu Hao’s head and murmured, “I’m not worried about the company, but what about you going to Beijing alone?”

Yu Hao said, “I can keep myself alive. Also, even though you won’t be around, I won’t be alone. Knowing that you’re working hard here will give me a lot more motivation at work too.” 

Zhou Sheng thought about it over and over, “In any case, just come back if you don’t want to do it ba. You can get a personal public number or work as an amateur photographer if you want.” 

Yu Hao uttered an “un” and laughed, “I get it, I won’t force myself.”

Now, it was as if most of their problems in reality had been easily resolved along with Zhou Sheng’s decision. The core of their contradictions had undergone a strange shift, and they now centered around Yu Hao.

Zhou Sheng couldn’t fall asleep. A moment later, he looked at the ceiling in a daze again. Yu Hao knew that he still felt a little conflicted. Zhou Sheng said, “If we do this, there won’t be another way out.”

“I still love you —— that’s the only way out ——” Yu Hao laughed as he sang.

“If you don’t want to remain in Yun Lai Chun,” Yu Hao said, “Then come over to find me. If I can’t continue with my work in Beijing, I’ll come back to find you. Isn’t that pretty good?”

Zhou Sheng nodded in the end. That night, Yu Hao discussed many things with him. Yu Hao tried hard to change some of Zhou Sheng’s views, such as how going to work at his father’s company didn’t actually count as yielding. In reality, Zhou Laichun needed him too — he needs his own son to take over his business, and he also needs someone who can assist him.

“Think about it from another perspective.” Yu Hao said, “If we started a company and faced a bunch of shareholders who were like ruthless wolves and tigers, wouldn’t you want to have a super capable family member to be your right-hand man?”

Zhou Laichun had already pointed out this problem two years ago when Yu Hao first had a meal with Zhou Laichun. Chen Yekai had also reminded Zhou Sheng before that there was no need to care about his father’s attitude; he needs Zhou Sheng now, even more so than Zhou Sheng needs a place to work at.

After all, to Zhou Laichun, the only one who wouldn’t betray him was his own son. This connection was firmer than any promise for profit or any other interpersonal relationship. 

Yu Hao still had some time before he had to start work, and he actually wasn’t worried about his own affairs. However, when he talked about the future with Zhou Sheng, Yu Hao knew that his capabilities couldn’t be compared to that of Zhou Sheng’s and Chen Yekai’s. Still, his advantage lay in his previous experiences, so he could generally identify disputes in interpersonal relationships and the conflicting interests of factions in a company. In other words, even when he was working as a waiter in a restaurant, even waiters would form cliques, let alone a large enterprise like Yun Lai Chun.

In the end, Zhou Sheng finally got over many things and said, “Okay, once I takeover, you just need to be a Young Madam.”

Yu Hao laughed, then hugged him to sleep.


The next day, Yu Hao woke up very early. Zhou Sheng was still all hot-tempered and had kicked off half the blanket; he was just like a child as he laid in bed and embraced Yu Hao. He was only half awake and didn’t allow Yu Hao to leave his sphere of influence and control.

“Get up.” Yu Hao kissed him “It’s time for work, ai!”

Zhou Sheng seemed to have had a good night’s sleep. He got up to brush his teeth listlessly, then sat at the dining table for breakfast after he got out. Yu Hao urged him to change quickly.

“The chauffeur’s waiting.” Zhou Sheng answered, “It’s fine to let him wait for a little while.”

Yu Hao, “Are you a little nervous?”

Zhou Sheng, “I’m not, why do you always say I’m nervous? I’m really not nervous.”

Yu Hao, “Didn’t you realise that there’s only half a sheet of paper left at the bottom of your salted egg yolk bun?”

Zhou Sheng, “……”


“Your legs are so straight and long.”

When Zhou Sheng was changing his clothes, Yu Hao said, “Once you put on your suit pants, it’s really……forget it, I can’t watch anymore. Or else later……”

“Then let’s do it a few more times?” Zhou Sheng pulled up his collar and smoothed his bangs, he wasn’t too used to it. He reached out to hug Yu Hao, “Why don’t I just not go today?”


“Gege hasn’t left yet!”

“He has already left.”

“No way! I don’t want to iron any more clothes.” Yu Hao said, “Prohibited! Forbidden! You’re like a beast in human clothing, we can only do costume plays when I want to……”

Yu Hao pushed Zhou Sheng and made him stand up a little straighter. Zhou Sheng lowered his head a little, and Yu Hao fixed up his tie and said, “You look so handsome today, go ba.”

Zhou Sheng bent down and kissed Yu Hao on his lips. When he went out, he looked back at Yu Hao, seeming like he wanted to say something.

“I love you too.” Yu Hao smiled, “Everything will go well today, jiayou!”

“Jiayou.” Zhou Sheng high-fived Yu Hao; confident, handsome, and elegant, he did look quite decent. He took his internship form, stuffed one hand into his pocket and got into the car that had come over to pick him up. Yu Hao stood on the balcony and took photos of Zhou Sheng with his camera. He watched Zhou Sheng get on the car, which then drove away.

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