Extra 2 - Traditional Book 1 Extra: Lamps as Bright as Day on the Night of the Lantern Festival

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

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Content warning: sounding, watersports, tops bottoming (briefly), MILD SPOILERS through the end of the novel

Translator(s): moon
Editor(s): juurensha

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On the night of Shangyuan, Chang’an’s flower markets were as numerous as the clouds, and in the morning, lanterns hung all over the Exorcism Department.

“It’s already been. Three. Days!” Hongjun was almost about to die from anger, following behind Lu Xu, going from the kitchen to the backyard, from the backyard to the main corridor, to the courtyard, to the front yard. Lu Xu carried the lanterns, and when they got to another place, he hopped up, hanging the lantern up.

“Three days!” Hongjun raged. “Just when we finished arguing, when I got up in the morning, he had left early in the morning to go attend the morning court session, and he didn’t come back until the middle of the night. When he came back, he immediately went to sleep, and I couldn’t even see him!”

Lu Xu said, “Beat him up.”

“Even if I wanted to beat him up, I’d still have to find his person ba,” Hongjun said gloomily.

After they had finished celebrating the New Year, the court began to speak of holding a grand set of sacrificial rites on the second day of the second month, but for some reason, they had specially thought of Li Jinglong, sending for the zhangshi of the Exorcism Department to come into the palace every day. Hongjun ignored it, but on the second day, before the sky had even grown light, Li Jinglong had gotten up to go attend the morning court session. He also had to go discuss the details of the entire process with the Longwu Army’s commander, and he was caught up in these matters until the zi hour. Every time he had come home in these past three days, Hongjun had already fallen asleep.

“But why are they going to him?!” Hongjun said.

“Probably because he commanded the Longwu Army before?” Lu Xu said. “Temporary transfers are pretty common.”

Lu Xu had a place where he couldn’t hang the lantern up, so he handed the lantern to Mo Rigen. When Mo Rigen stood and lifted his hand, he could just manage to hook it on the eaves of the roof, and he smiled towards Hongjun. “Now that we’re talking about it, that new set of armor that zhangshi got is really pretty good.”

Hongjun replied, “I haven’t even seen it yet.”

Lu Xu said expressionlessly, “Wearing that is probably pretty cumbersome for fighting a war. Since it’s for ceremonial use, what use can it even have.”

Mo Rigen was clearly very jealous of the Longwu Army’s outfits. Of course, the Exorcism Department’s blue-black embroidered robes also looked very good, but it lacked a little touch of something shiny; Qiu Yongsi then proposed that they have a set of bright silver light armor made for every one of them, or a set of silver vambraces and a soft helm, to be worn as accessories to the Exorcism Department’s martial robes.

As soon as Li Jinglong heard that, his head hurt… money, money, money, they wanted money again. A set of pure silver armor that would go over the martial robes, no matter if it was absent of all carvings and used a small amount of silver, still wouldn’t be cheap. 

Hongjun said helplessly, “Alright, I hope he’ll remember to celebrate the holiday with us today.”

“That’s a given,” Mo Rigen pinched Hongjun’s face as he spoke. “If he forgot then we’ll go disturb him together.”

Li Jinglong definitely knew that Hongjun was very angry; clearly they slept in the same place, but he hadn’t seen his face for three whole days, what kind of a farce was this! After a while more, someone came from the Judiciary Department and said to Hongjun, “Zhangshi wants Kong Hongjun to wait in front of the Eastern Gate at the mao hour, to go stroll through the flower markets.”

Hongjun originally wasn’t willing to go, and when he heard this, he nursed a belly full of rage. He said to that person, “Tell him that I’m going back to Yaojin Palace! I’m not going!”

When everyone heard this, they knew that things were very serious, and they hurried to mollify Hongjun, who could only sit down, still filled with rage, to wait at home. He waited and waited, but Li Jinglong didn’t come back. When the noon hour came, the markets had already opened on the streets, and they could go out to wander the streets.

The Judiciary Department sent someone else over, who said, “Zhangshi said, ‘Please don’t, I’m coming back immediately.’”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mo Rigen said. “Please don’t.”

Hongjun sat in the hall drinking tea, and he said angrily, “I’m leaving!”

“Please don’t!” everyone said at once.

If Hongjun ran back to his parents’ home, and in a while Li Jinglong followed behind him, ignoring the fact that going to Yaojin Palace was a long, arduous journey, if he couldn’t climb up there, then Li Jinglong would still have to come back to rally his supporting troops, and none of them wanted to accompany Li Jinglong in climbing a mountain to find his wife.

That person took a trip back to the palace, and said, “Zhangshi said that he’ll definitely make up for his crimes, he knows.”

Hongjun said, “Apologies are of no use anymore.”

That person then went back to the palace, and after a long he returned, saying, “Zhangshi said that he’s prepared you a gift.”

Lu Xu came up with an idea, and he said to that person, “Presents are also of no use. You tell him to tie himself up and come forth to receive his just punishment.”

The messenger left again, and he didn’t return this time. Everyone wanted to go out to play, but they felt bad leaving Hongjun at home alone, so they could only accompany him in idly waiting. After waiting for a while, Hongjun fell asleep first, and when he woke up, it was already past noon. He found that there was no one in the hall, and even the carp yao had gone out to play.

“Hey, time to get up,” Mo Rigen patted Hongjun as he spoke. “He’s come back, he’s waiting for you in your guys’ room.”

Hongjun: “?”

Hongjun was still muddled with sleep, and he felt very down as he stretched, before getting up and walking quickly towards their room. Though he said he was going to go, it wasn’t that he was actually going to leave; his anger from their argument three days ago had long since dissipated, and when he thought about it, Li Jinglong was also working hard… when he got to the outside of the room, he suddenly heard heavy breathing coming from inside the room.

Hongjun pulled open the door, and just as he was about to start causing trouble for him, his blood suddenly rushed to his head, and he almost lost his balance.

Li Jinglong was currently in the room, having returned who knows when. He had a black cloth tied around his eyes, and over his blue-black martial robes was tied a rope, which strained against his perfect, well-proportioned physique. His hands were tied behind his back, and his legs were spread in a kneeling position as he faced the entrance. He tilted his head slightly, breathing deeply.

Hongjun’s breath got stuck.

Li Jinglong showed a hint of an almost invisible smile. “Is this enough of an apology?”

Hongjun went forward, and Li Jinglong turned his head up slightly. Hongjun originally thought, who tied you up, but seeing that it was the Yao-Binding Rope, it was probably Li Jinglong himself who had tied it. What he had said before was only a joke, but Li Jinglong had actually taken it for real!

The rope wound around his chest, straining against the outline of his pectorals, criss-crossing at his waist and abdomen in knots, before wrapping around his thighs, secured against the base of his thighs. The thing between his legs had already almost pushed through the fabric of his pants, and under the silken material, it formed an erect, handsome outline.

His chest rose and fell slightly as he let out a boiling-hot breath, his face stained with unnatural red.

Hongjun almost had a nosebleed. Ever since he and Li Jinglong had gotten together, there was almost never a night where Li Jinglong let him go, and this time they had actually abstained for three whole days, so Hongjun’s brain felt a little dizzy, and Li Jinglong was also unable to bear it any longer.

Hongjun wore a snow white inner robe and a pair of long pants, and he spent a moment drinking in the sight of Li Jinglong, thinking about how best to start as he pretended to seriously let out a wu.

“I am yours to do with as you please,” Li Jinglong then said lightly.

Hongjun put one knee on the ground, holding Li Jinglong’s chin, making him turn his head over. Today, Li Jinglong’s lips seemed to be a little red from the blood rushing faster than usual through them, and they were slightly parted, before he licked them. Hongjun couldn’t resist, and he leaned forward to kiss him, tasting a swell of the sweet scent of aphrodisiac-laced wine from his lips and tongue.

“What you’ve prepared for me, is it only wine?” Hongjun said in a low voice, by Li Jinglong’s ear.

Li Jinglong didn’t respond, but his breathing began to grow faster. Hongjun then raised a hand, stroking along that silk martial robe on his body. He loved Li Jinglong’s body the most; his muscles were just right, enough for an outline without being too sturdy. The abs that he had gotten from riding were clearly proportioned, and his legs were also very long… and his cock was very thick and large...

When Hongjun stroked in between Li Jinglong’s legs, he heard Li Jinglong let out a moan.

“A little gentler.” Li Jinglong’s voice trembled.

Through his pants, Hongjun mischievously wrenched it, and Li Jinglong suddenly let out a pained shout. Through the fabric of those pants, Hongjun instantly felt that there was something extra hard in front of Li Jinglong’s thing, and he froze in shock.

“You’ve stuck something down there?” Hongjun said in Li Jinglong’s ear as he hugged him.

“Gentler… a little gentler.” Li Jinglong repeated, before he turned his head, wanting to get a kiss from Hongjun, but Hongjun just watched him dumbly. His eyes were blinded by the black cloth, and this Li Jinglong that was uncertain and uneasy seemed to be a completely different person than the usual him, which instantly awoke some beast-like instinct deep within Hongjun’s heart.

He reached out a hand and pulled aside the martial robe underneath the ropes, first revealing his chest, before lightly lapping at the hard beans on Li Jinglong’s chest. He applied a light suction, and Li Jinglong’s neck quickly grew sweaty. The droplets slid along his collarbones and downwards as his breathing grew even more rapid.

Hongjun pulled aside Li Jinglong’s martial robes that exposed a sliver of chest, revealing those smooth, beautiful pecs, before kissing along down his abs. Li Jinglong knelt as he trembled non-stop; his legs opened even wider as he did his best to straighten up, hoping that Hongjun would help him undo his shackles down there as quickly as he could.

In those martial pants, that awe-inspiring thing had already become so erect it was on the verge of exploding. Li Jinglong hadn’t tied a belt around his waist either, and as soon Hongjun tugged it apart slightly, he revealed that one chi long huge rod. Hongjun couldn’t hold it all in one hand, and as he felt along in front, he found that on Li Jinglong’s cock, in the front was stuck a jade hairpin.

Hongjun, “...”

The head of that jade hairpin stuck out, and the body of the hairpin was immersed in his urethra, stuck deeply in Li Jinglong’s body. Around the head of the hairpin was tied a red string, winding downwards, firmly wrapping around his dragon rod, passing over its base, twining around his balls, where it was tied into a knot.

As soon as Hongjun stroked his dick, Li Jinglong couldn’t stop panting. His entire body emitted the light scent of arousal brought on by that aphrodisiac wine, and as it mixed with that light manly scent of sweat, Hongjun almost couldn’t resist the urge to immediately straddle him.

The jade hairpin was inserted deeply into his urethra, evidently giving him a great deal of stimulation, and Li Jinglong’s huge cock was already leaking water, turning the entire rod wet and slippery, almost as if they didn’t need any sort of lube. Hongjun stroked over it, and his entire hand grew wet and slippery as well.

Li Jinglong asked, “Can you let me cum?”

Hongjun hugged Li Jinglong around the shoulders, grasping that jade hairpin in one hand as he said quietly, “No, you can only cum inside me.” And saying this, he drew the jade hairpin out a little. Li Jinglong’s body instantly stiffened, and he let out low moans and harsh breaths as he arched his body. With this strength, the lines of his abdomen grew even more clear-cut.

“Does it feel good?” Hongjun said by Li Jinglong’s ear, and Li Jinglong’s lips couldn’t stop trembling. He was already a little dazed as he did his best to tighten up that large cock, restraining his almost uncontrollable climax. With the jade hairpin’s slow progression outwards, a large amount of liquid flowed out as well, streaming down along that one chi long huge rod, dripping onto the bed.

Li Jinglong trembled as he panted wildly. Just when Hongjun had almost pulled out the entire length of the jade hairpin, he slowly pushed it back in.

This movement almost wholly broke Li Jinglong’s control, and he immediately said, “Don’t!”

But his hands were firmly tied, and though he struggled constantly, he could only lift up his chest and shrink the lower half of his body away, trying to avoid Hongjun’s movements, but Hongjun mischievously followed his attempts to dodge, causing the jade hairpin to be stuck in even further. Li Jinglong instantly let out a loud shout, leaning his head onto Hongjun’s shoulder, tightly biting onto his inner robe, his entire body trembling.

“You clearly like it very much,” Hongjun kissed Li Jinglong’s earlobe before saying lightly, “Does gege like it?”

“I… can’t keep it in any longer.” Li Jinglong gritted his teeth, and Hongjun, with one hand wrapped around that thick rod, the other holding the jade hairpin, pressed a small cup below Li Jinglong’s balls, before pulling the jade hairpin out again. This time Li Jinglong didn’t struggle any longer, starting to tremble as he leaned up against Hongjun’s shoulder.

“Ah…” The tone of Li Jinglong’s voice changed, from that of stimulation to that of wholly losing control, as his entire body spasmed slightly. Clear urine streamed down his cock, but thankfully Hongjun had put a cup there, and it all flowed into the cup.

“You lost control…” Hongjun said quietly.

Li Jinglong: “...”

Li Jinglong was almost unable to hear what Hongjun was saying. He abruptly calmed as his climax seemed to course through his body, and just at the instant that Hongjun had completely pulled out the jade hairpin, his wits seemed to have been wholly undone, and all the muscles in his body tightened.

Hongjun pulled out the entirety of that jade hairpin, but just as Li Jinglong’s urine was about to spurt out as he wholly lost control, Hongjun used his finger to press against that hole, blocking his impending climax.

After a long while, Li Jinglong finally began to slowly calm. He almost cried, and he turned his head as Hongjun wrapped his arms around his neck, greedily exchanging kisses with him.

“Are you satisfied now?” Li Jinglong panted.

Hongjun began to smile, before he took off his clothes, straddling Li Jinglong’s waist as he worked hard to have him sink into himself, before beginning to slowly slide up and down. After this round of exercise, that dragon rod was as hard as metal, and when it went in too deep, Hongjun could even feel its movements within his own body, as the two of them began to pant heavily.

Li Jinglong’s hands thrashed behind his back, and so Hongjun gripped that Yao-Binding Rope, untying it and letting it trail along the ground. Li Jinglong couldn’t wait, and the instant that the rope was untied, he tore off his own clothes, before ripping off that blindfold. What he saw before his eyes was Hongjun, his skin as white as jade, his entire body naked, his gaze unfocused as he sat with his back straight, enjoying this huge rod.

Li Jinglong’s hands embraced Hongjun as he uncontrollably started to kiss him, pressing him down on the bed and wildly thrusting. Hongjun immediately began to shout loudly, tightening his hold around Li Jinglong’s shoulders, stroking the planes of his back.

“Slower… gentler.” It was now Hongjun’s turn to be unable to take it.

Li Jinglong’s movements slowly grew gentle. He changed his position, instead lying behind Hongjun, reaching out an arm to let him pillow his head on, before he began to slowly thrust in from the back. Hongjun turned his head to kiss Li Jinglong behind him, and Li Jinglong’s large hand stroked here and there on his own body, which instantly caused him to become aroused, and his cock stood stiffly at attention.

Right after, Li Jinglong picked up the jade hairpin with one hand, his fingers slightly spread, as he held Hongjun’s thing in place, sending the jade hairpin slowly into Hongjun’s front.

“Aaaahh--” Hongjun began to shout loudly.

“Don’t move,” Li Jinglong said in his ear.

Hongjun’s eyes glazed over, and he was a little afraid, but those movements were very gentle. The jade hairpin even had some of the slippery fluid and warmth from Li Jinglong’s urethra, and now that it entered Hongjun’s body, it was Hongjun’s turn to tremble. What was even more deadly was that his back entrance still had Li Jinglong’s huge thing in it. This was really an attack from both the front and the back, and Hongjun didn’t dare to struggle, afraid of feeling pain, so he could only grit his teeth and bear it.

Right after, as Li Jinglong thrust in slowly from the back, his other hand wrapped around Hongjun’s waist, slowly beginning to pull out the jade hairpin.

Arousal came at him from both the front and the back, and in an instant, Hongjun felt so good that he lost his wits. He had never experienced such a stimulating method, and he couldn’t even form words anymore, he could only brokenly plead, but though Li Jinglong kissed him heart-achingly, he didn’t relent in this assault for even a moment.

It wasn’t until the sun had set that Hongjun was no longer able to keep going, curling up in Li Jinglong’s embrace as he panted. The jade hairpin had been placed at the head of the bed. With one hand, Hongjun grasped Li Jinglong’s thing, only to find that he still had the energy to keep going.

“I can’t keep going,” Hongjun lifted his head and said. “This is too stimulating, we can’t play like this every day.”

Li Jinglong began to smile, kissing Hongjun’s lips, before saying, “Change clothes, and let’s go out first and take a walk.”

And saying this, he picked up Hongjun’s hand, bringing him into the flourishing lantern markets of Shangyuan night.

Special Edition: Lamps as Bright as Day on the Night of the Lantern Festival - end

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and for those of you who don’t celebrate christmas, or aren’t reading this on christmas, have a great rest of your day! you’ll never look at hairpins the same way!


(and some food for thought: ljl said he tied the ropes himself, but if his hands are behind and the knots were in the front… think about it)

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OMG! My perception of hongjun is completely changing after this, thank you so much for this chapter!

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Isa P
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