Chapter 33 - Lantern Festival Feast


"What happened to your eyes? Let me see?"

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On the night of the Lantern Festival, lanterns were set up throughout the city, to the point where it was bright as day, with a brilliant moon decorating the sky.

Ting City was the most bustling major city in the Western Plains. Winter had yet to leave, but the arrival of spring was right around the corner, and the heavy snow from the previous night had just stopped. Filled with buildings made of carved railings and jade steps, as well as flaming and silver-colored flowers, it was truly an unspeakable feast for the eyes. 

Before nightfall, the lights in the Sun manor already were lit up. The Sun family, which had been tremendously rich for several generations, had their whole magnificent residence decorated with lanterns in every color under the sun. The moment he entered the main gate, Li Qingcheng could only exclaim in admiration, for the place was as beautiful as a mirage.

"Young Master Li!" Sun Yán, beaming with happiness, came forward to welcome him. Li Qingcheng hurriedly cupped his hands in greeting, to which Sun Yán responded by making a gesture of invitation to him. As they headed toward the main garden of the residence, he saw several people along the corridor appreciating the lanterns.

Li Qingcheng praised, "The Sun family truly deserves to be called the richest family in the Western Plains."

Smiling sheepishly, Sun Yán modestly declined his compliments over and over again. "The customs of the Western Plains are quite outstanding, but in the end, it still can't be compared with the capital."  

With a smile in his eyes, Li Qingcheng slowly shook his head before raising his hand, wanting to hold the lantern hanging above his head. At once, Zhang Mu jumped up and unhooked the lantern.

The cover of each lantern was made of thin silk embroidered with mountains and rivers, grasses and trees, or beautiful ladies. And placed inside, was a candle that had a fragrance that would spread in all directions after it was ignited. Each of the drawings was embroidered on that thin, almost transparent silk covering using long threads of various colors. Viewed from afar, they all looked like an untold number of glowing, imaginary scenes that were floating in the air as they gently swayed in the wind.

And, the riddles embroidered on those silks added even more vigorous touches of fine strokes with hidden calligraphy and artistic concepts.


"This lantern, how much does it cost to make one?" Li Qingcheng carefully looked at it for a while before handing it back to Zhang Mu who immediately hung it up again.

Walking slowly with his hands behind his back, Sun Yán smiled. "Contrary to what one might expect, the materials aren't expensive, but rather the embroidery by hand. The crafters were all women from the Ting and Jia Provinces, and they started their preparations before the year even began. Moreover, the sandalwood candles were all brought from the Western Regions. Taking everything into account, one lantern costs one silver."

Li Qingcheng nodded thoughtfully. At this time, a family guard hurriedly came over and said some words in Sun Yán's ear, but Sun Yán replied in a low voice, "Have Sun Nuo go and receive them. Can't you see I am currently accompanying distinguished guests?"

Standing not too far away, Li Qingcheng glanced over before remarking, "If Sun-xiong has something to do, please feel free to leave. We will simply take a stroll around the residence."

Sun Yán smiled, "With Young Master here, how could..."

Li Qingcheng motioned that there was no need to say more before asking Zhang Mu, "Do you know the way?"

Seeing Zhang Mu nod, Li Qingcheng said, "There's no need for Sun-xiong to send people to follow us. We'll admire the lanterns and then head to the garden later." 

Hearing those words, Sun Yán asked to be excused. Then, Li Qingcheng took Tang Hong, Fang Qingyu, and Zhang Mu to pass through the corridor. A dazzling array of colored lanterns in various colors was hung all over the Sun manor; they had been walking for a long time, yet not a single design was ever repeated.

"They're very rich indeed," said Li Qingcheng.

Fang Qingyu sneered. "Even grander than the imperial palace. There are at least 30,000 lanterns in the residence, not counting those big ones hanging by the platform. Will these lanterns still be used next year?"

Zhang Mu answered, "Every year, after the event has concluded, they'll be burned."

Picking another lantern once again, Li Qingcheng looked at the riddle written on it and sighed. "For such a feast, the lamps alone cost nearly 2,000 liang of silver."


A moment later, when the sky had almost completely darkened, Li Qingcheng entered the garden of lanterns and stood in the corner, looking up as he guessed at the answers to the riddles written on the lamps overhead.

The seats inside the garden were already filled by local merchants, the platform was brightly lit, and there were also young ladies and maids of the merchants' families walking around the area. All of them, without exception, repeatedly glanced at the four refined men in the corner of the garden.

At this time, Sun Yán, who had been casually conversing with his guests, bowed down and brought them in to be seated before hurriedly going to Li Qingcheng.

"To keep the emperor in the dark for two months." Li Qingcheng smiled, holding the lantern. "Guess the word."

Everyone fell silent, pondering over the riddle, yet no one could puzzle out the answer. However, after a while, Fang Qingyu said, "Meng long.

Sun Yán smiled. "Precisely. Lord Fang has a great mind." As he said so, he lifted up his sleeve and made a gesture of invitation to sit. "Your Highness, we are listening to the opera in this remote place, how about some peace and quiet?"

Li Qingcheng gladly nodded, and several people took their seats one after another. Zhang Mu, however, stood still, leaving a total of three empty seats.


Sun Yán said, "Mu-ge?"

In a low voice, Zhang Mu said, "Your Highness, this subject wishes to go for a walk."

Li Qingcheng wasn't pleased. He frowned, saying, "And where are you going?"

Sun Yán smiled, helping to smooth things over. "During his childhood, Mu-ge lived with the Sun family for several years. Some of the scenery must've evoked his memories of the past."

Li Qingcheng's complexion didn't look very good, but he still gave an order, "Then go ba."

After bowing, Zhang Mu left the garden of lanterns, and under the brilliant lights that filled the entire residence, he strolled westward. Like the dazzling lights of a dream world, the lantern flames danced wildly, casting charming shadows on his outstanding face.

Watching Zhang Mu leave, Sun Yán held a wine pot and personally poured some heated wine for Li Qingcheng. He smiled, saying, "When we were still kids, because Old Zhang went on an expedition with the former emperor, Mu-ge came to the Sun family as a guest and stayed for a period of time. Sun Xin had yet to be born at that time. Both of us, as well as Yān'er, followed Father to practice martial arts together and learn Plum-Shattering Fist. Many years have passed in the blink of an eye since then, and I don't know how Yān'er is getting by inside the palace right now."

Li Qingcheng's eyebrows moved. Letting out a long sigh, he consoled him, "You will definitely get to see each other again."

Sun Yán slowly nodded wordlessly and raised his cup to toast with Li Qingcheng. Behind him, someone came bringing over the playbill and handed it over to Li Qingcheng, who then proceeded to choose a play and didn't make any more comments. 


After Zhang Mu left the garden, he found a remote corner. There, he simply undid the embroidered robe's collar and took off the upper garment, leaving it tied to his waist and showing the black, close-fitting apparel underneath, which was suitable for walking under the cover of the night. And then, he single-handedly climbed over a wall, navigating over roughly five or six walls with ease all the way out of the residence.

By the time Zhang Mu finally landed on the ground, he had already reached a small street outside the manor. Quickly flashing behind a tree to avoid the patrolling guards, he then took the Wuming Sabre, which had been placed under the tree earlier, and put it on his back, before proceeding to blend in with the night as he headed for the eastern street.

Ting City's eastern street was bustling with people doing all kinds of activities as they took advantage of the night of the Lantern Festival to come out and have fun. Climbing up to the rooftops, Zhang Mu leaped along the eaves with the moon facing him. At the corner of the street, he found a sedan chair with eight carriers and someone in front to pave the way.

Zhang Mu breathed a sigh of relief. Later than planned.

Landing in an alley, he stood outside the pharmacy door. Crossing his arms, he leaned against the door and lowered his head.

An old woman, leaning on her cane, came out from inside the pharmacy to throw some leftovers into the street. In a hoarse voice, Zhang Mu said, "Why late."

That old woman trembled. "Provincial Officer Lin had been following the governor's sedan chair on his way here, when he was invited to enter the governor's carriage. The two people then proceeded to privately discuss something for one ke period in the bridge separating the eastern and western main street before each returned to their own sedan chair." The bowl was emptied the moment she finished saying these words, and she returned to the pharmacy leaning on her cane.

Zhang Mu's eyes slightly narrowed.

As the sound of the gong to clear the way gradually approached, the pedestrians on the street gave way. It was exactly as described by the intelligence they had received: 20 ordinary soldiers and 6 family guards.

Zhang Mu slowly looked up, his deep pupils reflecting the lustrous lights of the market. As people went back and forth, on the street's winery, jade store, or even noodle shop, be it the second floor or at the front door, some people got up at this time; they could just be a mere passerby, a shop attendant, a beggar, or they could even be disguised as an old man.

Zhang Mu cut through the air in front of him with one hand. Nearly 10 people on the street understood the secret signal, and each of them reached into their waist pocket to get their respective weapons.

"Go," said Zhang Mu in a low voice only he could hear, before shooting out as swift as an arrow launched from a bow!

In that instant, the district plunged into unprecedented chaos. The lantern strings snapped and caused the lights to fly all over the place; the moment they landed on the ground, they burst into flames. People on the eastern street all fled in a hurry, shouting in alarm!

Leaping once, Zhang Mu landed on the ground right in front of the provincial officer's sedan chair. He reached for the Wuming Sabre on his back and raised it, causing the sedan chair to fly up, flipping over in the air before falling overturned. Following that, Zhang Mu leapt up again!

"THERE'S AN ASSASSIN——" the shout resounded through the night sky at this moment.

Both the person and the sedan chair were blown out. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Mu was mid-air, drawing out his sabre and slashing it across!

A loud noise came from the sedan chair; it was cut in half with one slash. On the inside of the sedan chair, a newly-brandished weapon tried to hold the Wuming Sabre back.

Provincial Officer Lin angrily roared, "Which scoundrel dares——"

The words had yet to finish when Lin Xi was hit by Zhang Mu's strong blade qi. His voice was cut off in an instant; he spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell straight back!

Without saying a word, after Zhang Mu had easily landed on the ground for the second time, he jumped up once, flying as swift as a shadow, toward Provincial Officer Lin's body that was still in mid-air. This time, he changed the move to a vertical cut. A crushing, deathly blow was coming which would immediately chop Lin Xi in half!

However, no sooner said than done, Lin Xi waved his hand in a sprinkling motion and scattered a bag of white-colored dust. The lime-ash powder instantly entered Zhang Mu's eyes.

Zhang Mu made a slight groan; while it didn't manage to block the sabre's momentum, it still slowed him down by half a beat. At this moment, his vision was completely gone, and when he was about to wave his sabre again, a woman's scream was heard.


Both of Zhang Mu's eyes were impaired, he couldn't see, and his ears were buzzing. Eventually, he just barely realized that he had recognized the wrong footsteps in his confusion. He raised his foot trying to catch up, but was soon stopped.

"Ying-zhu!" someone said anxiously by his ear. "He has run too far away, we can't catch up!"

Zhang Mu had no choice but to put the sabre on his back. He was then supported back into the pharmacy.

Someone immediately went to fetch soybean oil and asked Zhang Mu to lie down as they cleaned his eyes.


At the same time in the Sun manor.

A stream of delicacies and dishes were served on the table. Fang Qingyu stood up to distribute the food for Li Qingcheng.

Li Qingcheng only ate a little. With a smile, he once again toasted with Sun Yán and said, "Sun-xiong, please."

Fang Qingyu said in a casual manner, "Sun-xiong indeed has very bright prospects."

Sun Yán forced a smile. "This subject merely relies on Your Highness for support. Only, this subject doesn't know, after he has successfully returned to the capital without a hitch, what is Your Highness planning to do?"

Li Qingcheng thought about it and realized that it was time for him to lay his cards on the table. After all, Sun Yán was still unwilling to declare where he stood first. Now that he asked Li Qingcheng about his commitment, it was surely related to what kind of response he would give out later.

After pondering for a long while, Li Qingcheng looked at Sun Yán and said, "Sun-xiong, these days, I've been thinking it through. There's no time to lose. Later this year, 'lend' me 200,000 liang of silver and 200,000 jin of crude iron. I'll order Tang Hong to start raising an army, and when everything is ready, you follow me back to the capital..."

Hearing this, Sun Yán was startled at once. He saw Li Qingcheng smile before continuing, "So long as you stay in the court, I'll exempt the Sun family from any taxes in the Western Plains. How about it?"

Sun Yán wasn't given any time to think about it because Li Qingcheng soon added, "But, let me say it upfront, I still can't guarantee whether or not I can rescue your younger sister. But rulers won't go back on their words —— if, by chance, she gets to see this through, I will definitely be a good family for her."


Footsteps sounded from behind him.

Sun Yán smiled. "This subject is not quite content with what Your Highness said. This amount of silver and iron..."

Casually, Li Qingcheng replied, "I have seen how the Western Plains is rich in products over the years. Surely this is nothing difficult for Sun-xiong."

Sun Yán went silent. He didn't expect that Li Qingcheng would actually dare to rob him in broad daylight like this. What Zhang Mu had written in his letter was nothing more than 10,000 jin of iron and 10,000 liang of silver, but Li Qingcheng unexpectedly went so far as to increase it by 20 times. Although Li Qingcheng clearly stated himself that it was a 'loan,' if Sun Yán agreed to lend him this capital, there were only two possible outcomes: if Li Qingcheng lost, Sun Yán would lose all of his investment with no hope of ever getting it back again, and if Li Qingcheng won, he would become the Son of Heaven. Who would dare to press him to repay a loan?

With a smile, Sun Yán said, "Your Highness is exaggerating. The sudden chaos of war that happened earlier this year has made clan elders have their own calculations. It would be better for this subject to call them here in a moment..."

Li Qingcheng's eyes were full of ridicule. "Sun Yán, as the saying goes, 'The seller may anchor the price as high as the heaven; the buyer may also bargain as low as the earth.' You can definitely make a counteroffer. When you have the amount in mind, haggle with me and wait until I make another counteroffer; you may have to raise the offer a little bit more then. But, in case I get carried away and double it on a whim, please don't regret it at that time."

Sun Yán laughed loudly. "Since Your Highness has presented a price to this subject, how could this subject bargain with Your Highness? This subject will arrange this for Your Highness at once!"

When Sun Cheng saw Sun Yán laughing heartily, he hurriedly came from the side of the garden and said some words in his ear. 

Sun Yán then said to Li Qingcheng, "Ting Province's Governor Sun has also arrived. This subject doesn't know whether Your Highness..."

Li Qingcheng didn't express any opinion and just said, "You go entertain the guests first, when you come back later, we'll continue our talk."


After getting up, Sun Yán cupped his hands and said, "I have to sincerely apologize then." When he raised his eyes afterward, he saw Zhang Mu whose eyes were red through and through. Thinking that Zhang Mu had just been reminiscing after seeing some places, he couldn't help raising his hand to pat him on the shoulder.

The moment Sun Yán left, Zhang Mu sat down and said in a whisper, "I failed."

The three people at the table went quiet. Fang Qingyu's chopsticks even stopped mid-air.

Li Qingcheng immediately couldn't laugh anymore.

"There's a time when you fail too?" Tang Hong lowered his voice to ask.

In an instant, a chill ran through Li Qingcheng's back. He then murmured, "I miscalculated, it's I who miscalculated."

Zhang Mu restrained the thoughts of giving himself a slap in the face. "You punish me ba."

Li Qingcheng asked, "What happened to your eyes? Let me see?"

Zhang Mu's eyes were completely red. "Sprinkled with powder. I had them cleaned using soybean oil. I succeeded in making him seriously injured, but he managed to escape. Don't mind me, what’s next?"

Holding Zhang Mu's chin, Li Qingcheng first examined his eyes under the lights before loosening it and said, "Did he escape back to his residence?"

Zhang Mu: "Someone went after him, he fled south of the city."

After staying quiet for a moment, Li Qingcheng decisively said, "There's no need to stay here to have an alibi anymore. You take the falcon and give chase. Tang Hong, work according to our original plan: go to the provincial officer's manor and just say that he's dead; you must stay calm. This is a race against time... Go! We'll stall Sun Yán!"


Tang Hong and Zhang Mu got up at the same time and left the garden of lanterns.

At this time, Sun Yán led another official in and gave Li Qingcheng a smile. "This is the governor of Ting Province, Lord Sun."

Li Qingcheng's mind was practically whirling, his train of thought in a jumble. A variable suddenly appeared in his plan; he had considered heaven and earth, doing meticulous calculations, yet he still overlooked something: he hadn't considered the fact that even Zhang Mu could fail. What should be done at this time? If the provincial officer's vice general didn't see the corpse, would he still be willing to surrender?

Fang Qingyu cupped his hands and smiled. "Lord Sun, hello." After saying so, he gently touched Li Qingcheng's shoulder.

Li Qingcheng immediately returned to his senses and said, "Lord Sun, please, have a seat."

Although at this time, Li Qingcheng looked absent-minded and somewhat forgot his manners, Sun Yán thought that he merely didn't know how to respond because he had suddenly run into Governor Sun. He couldn't help but find it funny, and so, he sat down and introduced him to the governor, "This is a distinguished guest, a younger generation who has come all the way from the capital, Young Master Li."

The governor looked at Li Qingcheng and finally verified the news he had received a few days ago: this person, without doubt, was the crown prince.

Originally, the governor didn't wish to attend the banquet today, but alas, since the court's imperial envoy hadn't arrived in Ting Province yet, if he made an excuse not to come, he was afraid it would arouse the Sun family and the crown prince's suspicions —— thus, he had no choice but to personally come to ensure both people. On the road here, he just happened to meet Provincial Officer Lin, and so, the governor called him to his sedan chair to have a private discussion. The two talked for a while, but their words didn't match each other, which he found was rather strange as well.

So what exactly was going on?

When Governor Sun learned that Sun Yán had invited many guests, he assumed that he wouldn't dare start discussing it out in the open on the banquet, and so, he forced himself to press down the nervousness in his heart and sat down. He would just wait for the crown prince to reveal himself, and then, he would deal with them courteously but without sincerity. He would then stall them until the imperial envoy came; it still wouldn't be too late then.

Sun Yán, Li Qingcheng, and Governor Sun —— each of the three men had their own ulterior motives at this time, causing them to all be absent-minded and doubtful of the others.

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Sun Yán asked after a round of toasts, "Where are Mu-ge and Tang-xiongdi?"

Fang Qingyu calmly smiled. "They've gone to the outhouse."

Sun Yán awkwardly smiled.

Li Qingcheng's mind whirled, changing the subject. "Who is the other seat for?"

Sun Yán said, "This is for Lin Xi, Provincial Officer Lin."

"Hm..." Li Qingcheng slowly nodded his head before saying in a cheerful tone, "Since Provincial Officer Lin is not coming, we might as well watch the play first?"

Sun Yán said, "Sun Cheng, tell them to start immediately."


After Governor Sun sat down, Li Qingcheng fetched the dishes for him using his chopsticks, saying, "Lord Sun, please eat."

The governor could only brace himself and eat the food, daring not to ask anything. With a smile, Li Qingcheng said, "I ate without waiting for Lord Sun to come, I was careless."

Sun Yán smiled. "Young Master Li is a distinguished guest, so of course it is right to serve Young Master Li first. Am I right, Lord Sun?"

Governor Sun only nodded and dared not look at Li Qingcheng. Sun Yán's mind was full of bafflement. He had originally planned to wait for Governor Sun to ask Li Qingcheng about his taboo name, but unexpectedly, the other party didn't ask him. Sun Yán faintly felt that there was something not quite right about the governor today. He didn't know that in the governor's eyes, this banquet was practically a joint effort between the Sun family and the crown prince to show off their strength.

Governor Sun chuckled and was about to say something when a family guard hurried over from behind him and said something in the governor's ears.

The governor's complexion turned deathly pale at once.

"You... Young Master Sun, Young Master Li," the governor said. "This official has some matters to take care of and has to give some instructions first."

Sun Yán truly couldn't make heads or tails of it —— he was totally at a loss. Right after saying so, the governor let go of his chopsticks, got up, and turned around to leave the garden. Sun Yán, still puzzled, was going to chase after him. However, Fang Qingyu pressed his shoulder and smiled. "Sun-xiong, please sit down. His Highness's matter, we still haven't finished discussing it ne."

Although Sun Yán was also a martial arts practitioner, how could he compete with the number one swordsman of the Yu Country? Although that press's momentum looked as light as a feather, his inner strength streamed continuously and unbroken. It was as if he was being held by a thousand jun, making Sun Yán get pressed back down to his seat. Li Qingcheng took a sip of wine and in a faint tone, said, "Where were we just now?"

Sun Yán also didn't plan to cover it up anymore. He smiled and said, "Your Highness, let us be honest with each other. These past few days, this subject has been thinking it through and has come to a conclusion that the Sun family's power is currently weak, it's even difficult to support ourselves."

Li Qingcheng: "Is that so?"

Sun Yán hurriedly explained, "Your Highness, please, by all means, do not misunderstand. What this subject means to say is that while the supplies are no issue at all, if we are to dispatch all troops in the city under the watch of Lord Lin and Lord Sun, both of which are officials under the imperial court, how could this miss their eyes?"

Smiling, Li Qingcheng said, "That is true indeed, but fire cannot be wrapped up by paper. We must find a time to make it clear then."

Sun Yán let out a sigh of relief and nodded his head. "This subject thinks that it is a proper time to seize the occasion. It would be better to take advantage of this day while both the provincial officer and the governor are here. When we gather together, at that time, Your Highness only needs to make it clear; there is no reason to say it will not work."

Li Qingcheng: "That is reasonable."

Fang Qingyu suddenly asked, "What if it really doesn't work ne?"

Li Qingcheng: "How could it not? Official Fang is too suspicious. Let's watch the play first. Wait until they arrive and we'll talk about it again."

Sun Yán nodded in a hurry. For a moment, the three people were silent as they watched the play on the stage. On the platform, the martial sheng chanted, "Tai—— Turning around to the western sky—— seeing the sun has set once more. For this lonely traveler at the end of the world——" The gongs and drums were beaten, while the singing and chanting resounded; it became lively all of a sudden.

After the performance ended, the martial performer withdrew, and he was replaced with the flower dan who came on stage rolling over their flowing sleeves as they kept on babbling. After one ke period, Sun Yán finally sensed that there must be a problem. 

When Sun Yán was about to open his mouth, Li Qingcheng's eyebrows moved. "Where did the governor go? And why hasn’t the provincial officer come?"

Sun Yán's suspicions had reached their threshold, it made him think that all kinds of matters happening tonight were extremely unusual.

Sun Yán said, "Yes ah... Why are both lords..."

Li Qingcheng could already guess that Sun Yán would want to take this opportunity to excuse himself, so he smiled and said, "Why don't you go look for them? Don't tell me they all fell into the latrine pits."

Sun Yán wiped his sweat and hurried out of the garden.


"What to do now?" Li Qingcheng collected his smile and asked in a low voice. "I reckon the governor must've run far away by now."

Fang Qingyu: "Shall I chase after him and kill him?"

Li Qingcheng pursed his lips and didn't say a word; he just narrowed his eyes while fiddling with his chopsticks to tap on the wine cup. Suddenly, the flapping sound of a falcon's wings was heard. The arctic gyr flew in and landed on Li Qingcheng's shoulder.

Li Qingcheng neatly untied the cloth attached to the gyr's claws and found that it only contained two words: Mount Wenzhong.


Taking a detour to the provincial officer's manor at this time was just fine. Since he already knew where to go next, he would be able to catch up sooner or later. Li Qingcheng heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Mu-ge has caught up with the other person. Let's go, there's nothing to take care of in this place anymore." He and Fang Qingyu then got up and left.

Sun Yán, who was standing outside the gate asking questions, learned that while the governor had used the excuse of "passing some instructions," he actually went all the way out of the manor and got on his sedan chair to leave. He still couldn't figure it out by the time Li Qingcheng suddenly came out from behind him.

Li Qingcheng: "Sun-xiong, there's a matter to take care of at home, so we must bid farewell."

Fang Qingyu: "Uncle of the State, we shall take our leave."


Sun Yán, who was still confused, hurriedly chased after the two and said, "Your... Young Master Li, please wait a moment."

However, Li Qingcheng only waved his hand without looking back, leaving Sun Yán with no choice but to say, "Take care, Young Master!"


When Sun Yán turned around, he saw Sun Cheng, his face full of dread. "What now?"

Sun Cheng said, "Just now, our dispatched man came back. He heard... he heard that the provincial officer, when he was crossing the eastern main street, was attacked by an assassin. He was torn to pieces and his corpse was completely mutilated..."

An unspeakable expression filled Sun Yán's eyes. Gasping for a moment, he leaned against the entrance's lion statue.

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