Chapter 31.1

Turing's Code

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Everything finally returned to normal. The mess his second brother had left behind in these four months had been the most difficult problem that Tianhe ever faced in his life. The swimming pool was filled with water and kept at a constant temperature for 24 hours. Aunt Fang prepared the hot spring in the backyard, neatly folded the towels and bathrobes, and poured a cup of ice drip coffee.

There were gorgeous bright tulips in every part of the house that lit up the space, and the musical notes of Bach flowed throughout. During the week, the servants cleaned the house inside out, polished the paintings and photo frames, as well as the decorative items. The family portrait with Tianhe, his brothers, and his father was once again put into a photo frame and displayed in the study.

The fountain across from the doorway had been cleaned. In the extended pond, the koi wandered around while spurting out some bubbles. The blue cat squatted by the hot spring, looking at Tianhe taking a bath with a dull look on its face.

The magnesium hot spring bath was extremely comfortable. After taking a bath, Tianhe sank onto the sofa and looked up towards Xiao Jin.

“Xiao Jin has stopped saying those three sentences lately,” Aunt Fang said. “But its appetite is quite normal. Xiao Lin came to see it several times and thinks that nothing serious is wrong with it.”

“Great,” Tianhe said. “I don’t want to hear any news about A-Shares anymore.”

There were many things whose importance people didn’t realize until they lost them. Tianhe looked around the house and recalled that his father had bought this place, which was located in the city center, when he was four and a half years old. At that time, his eldest brother and father had really liked this place; hence the latter bought it from a diplomat and refurbished it.

There were three floors above ground. The top floor contained his father’s room and a large study, as well as the workspace, reading space, and Tianhe’s childhood playroom.

On the second floor were the three brothers’ bedrooms, guest rooms, Aunt Fang’s bedroom, and a small study space for private meetings.

On the first floor was the dining room, the living room, a bar, the kitchen, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. There was also a small hot spring in the garden. On the side of the courtyard was another small building, formerly a tea room and recreation room for diplomats, which had been altered into the servants’ quarters, containing ten rooms.

On the ground floor were an IMAX private theater, a gym, and a wine storage room.

On the second ground floor were the utility room and garage.

Twenty years ago, the price of this house was only a fraction of the present price. Still, his father and eldest brother had personally decorated it and spent a lot of effort coming up with ideas. After their parents’ divorce, Tianheng and Tianyue had decided that they would live together for as long as possible in the future, even after they got married, so that they could take care of their father.

Of course, little Tianhe had no problem with that. In his world, separating from his family was almost impossible.

To this day, Tianheng and Tianyue, who swore to be together, were nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, Tianhe spared no effort to keep this home. Looking back on the past four months, Tianhe gradually felt a little post-traumatic stress.

The next day, all the organizations and private clients who served the Wen family arrived. Tianhe sat at one end of the table, facing the financial advisers, lawyers, fund managers, public welfare organization leaders, and so on, as they held a simple, short meeting, just business as usual. Two days later, several groups of people came to the Wen family’s home; Tianhe simply received the guests, and prepared gifts to thank them for their constant efforts.

Later on that day, in the living room, Tianhe sat with Lawyer Bai and his financial adviser, both of whom had served the Wen family for more than twenty years and were two of the most important people to him.

“At the moment, the most pressing matter,” said the financial adviser, “is to adjust your asset structure.”

“The cash flow is still in short supply,” Tianhe said.

Lawyer Bai drank his wine and said, “The most difficult period has passed. Tianhe, you did great.”

Tianhe turned a pencil in his hand and looked up at them, his expression softening.

“You did great.” Aunt Fang put down her coffee and smilingly touched Tianhe’s head. “Wen’s youngest child never lets people down.”

“You did great,” the financial adviser said. “How many families were affected in just one night because of all this? Although we unanimously believe that making a comeback will not be a problem under your power, it will still take at least three to five years.”

“If it weren’t for Guan Yue’s help, I wouldn’t have succeeded.” Tianhe smiled emotionally, read the asset structure adjustment report, signed it for confirmation, and handed it over to the adviser.

“You’re too humble,” Lawyer Bai said. “If you’d asked the Jiang family for help, Jiang Chaosheng certainly wouldn’t have sat by idly. And then there’s also your maternal uncle’s home.”

Tianhe said, “But…”

The financial adviser said, “Qingsong Capital’s decision to inject capital into Epeus was profitable for both parties. No one would have struggled because of money. Especially considering that, at the industry summit, the new software version showed formidable strength. Many companies in the industry had decided to invest in Epeus. It’s only that you gave the chance to the most suitable person in the end.”

“This is even known.” Tianhe smiled.

Lawyer Bai added, “With all due respect, Tianyue’s style was quite supercilious. No matter what accomplishments he acquired, he liked to attribute it to himself, which was one extreme. But you, Tianhe, always unconsciously attribute your successes to others’ help, which is another extreme. You need to adjust your mentality in this regard.”

Tianhe nodded and took the lecture.

Lawyer Bai continued, “Believe in yourself. Everything in front of you was gained through your own struggles and hard work. The external environment does give you opportunities, but I believe that no matter what adversity you face in the future, even if Guan Yue doesn’t invest, the Jiangs, as well as other funds, will. The capital market’s rules are unclad. Interest is the starting point of all strategic decisions.”

Tianhe said nothing.

The financial adviser folded up the power of attorney and said, “After the new round of adjustments to the asset structure, the annual profit rate can reach 10% to 12%. I am so glad that we were able to rebuild trust in one another under such circumstances.”

“That’s indeed an ‘amazing’ ratio.” Tianhe smiled. Tianyue had replaced this bank without any explanation, most likely because he needed more loans, which had almost broken the relationship between both parties that had lasted for nearly two decades. However, Tianhe had always trusted this bank because they actively and proactively worked to re-establish Tianhe’s program.

After unfreezing, the asset income under Tianhe’s name could easily be maintained within the range of 180 to 200 million a year. As long as he didn’t seek another court disaster like Tianyue, or run to invest in something he shouldn’t invest in, or help others’ guarantee, there wouldn’t be any more problems for the rest of his life.

As the lawyer and the financial adviser were being escorted out, a second-hand Dong Feng Mazda, covered with mud and a few scratches on its front end, stopped in front of the doorway. Jiang Zijian hand-cranked the window down and gave Tianhe a bright smile. “Baby!”

Tianhe, “......”

Jiang Zijian, “Do you like my newly purchased car? I’m going to use it to take Xiao Kai on a self-driving tour in a few days!”

The days of guests who came and went one after another had finally come to an end. Jiang Zijian also personally visited after factoring in his work hours.

“My parents said to come over and see you. You must have been damn busy these past few days.” Jiang Zijian greeted Aunt Fang and said, “Aunt Fang, don’t wash the car. It wasn’t easy for me to make these scratches.”

Tianhe, “......”

Arriving at Tianhe’s house, Jiang Zijian drove in a lightweight carriage on a familiar road as he lay down on the sofa and began to drink his Irish coffee. Tianhe turned on the computer as he sat down and began to think about how to smooth out the company’s losses next.

Now that the bankruptcy guarantee was in place, Qingsong’s capital injection for Epeus would be credited within one month. The gambling clause stated that Epeus would need to create a profit of no less than 70 million before January 1 of the next year. Otherwise, the company would be taken over by Qingsong, and Tianhe would lose the proprietary rights of all technology patents.

Next, he needed to find a suitable office space again, go through all the procedures, start recruiting after the Spring Festival, set up a technical team, find a suitable product manager, lead them to complete the whole quantitative trading and analysis system, test and modify, and complete the first batch of probationary launch before October. Then, in the fourth quarter, they would be able to earn money through software sales and maintenance.

The task was incomparably onerous as before. Sometimes, Tianhe even thought that he would rather spend money buying his own software. Maybe then he would complete the gambling much faster.

“Let’s have a party?” Jiang Zijian asked. “To celebrate?”

“Invite who? Just the two of us?” Tianhe calmly said. “Aren’t we having a party now?”

Jiang Zijian said, “Let’s invite a few friends? Shall I call the chef over?”

Tianhe, “Which few friends?”

Both of them fell silent. Tianhe’s friends were mostly abroad and almost all of his inland friends were his second brother’s friends. After Epeus went bankrupt, it was obvious from his friends’ behavior that not a soul wanted to have any relationship with the Wen family.

Jiang Zijian thought for a moment and said, “Wu Shun, I guess?”

Tianhe, “Call him over.”

Jiang Zijian, “Let’s dance and have cocktails.”

Tianhe, “Three figures, two dancing and one watching from the side?”

Jiang Zijian, “......”

“You can also call Guan Yue,” Jiang Zijian said.

Tianhe picked up his phone and said, “Do you want to dance with Guan Yue? I’ll call him right now if you want.”

Jiang Zijian, “I don’t want…”

Tianhe, “Then let Guan Yue and Wu Shun dance.”

Jiang Zijian, “......”

“Never mind,” Jiang Zijian said. “I’ve encountered a big problem recently.”

“Pro,” Tianhe said, “help me look up these people and, if there are any suitable ones, recommend them to me.”

Tianhe was preparing to set up a new technical team, targeting several local and Beijing-based computer giants. However, many of them were already senior engineers. It may be quite strenuous to recruit them back, but he still decided to give it a try.

The problem now was that he was too young himself. He was afraid that others wouldn’t believe in him no matter how ample the offered salary was.

Jiang Zijian, “I told my father about Xiao Kai.”

Tianhe raised his head from the computer and looked at Jiang Zijian strangely, then said, “You shouldn’t have told your family at this time.”

Jiang Zijian, “My father asked me why I wanted a second-hand Mazda…so I confessed…”

Tianhe, “You’re mad! Shouldn’t you have talked about this with me first?”

Jiang Zijian, “You went to Taiyuan for the funeral ah! I thought he could understand. After all, he said he would like whoever I liked. How would I know he wouldn’t allow it?”

Tianhe, “Have you talked about the detailed process?”

Jiang Zijian, “That’s actually not...”

Jiang Zijian had told his father about his love path a few days ago. Jiang Chaosheng almost knocked his wine cup over, his mother was too shocked that whilst she was playing mahjong, she showed three of her bao tiles, making someone else won in a blooming on the ridge manner.

No, absolutely not. This was precisely the Jiangs’ response towards this pursuit. Jiang Zijian originally planned to lay down his cards and confess to Xiao Kai after the Spring Festival, but that plan had been doused with cold water. He had to look to Tianhe for reinforcements, hoping that he could help him persuade his parents.

The hotel tycoon, Jiang Chaosheng, was also known as the “child freak enthusiast” among local gentry; this could be seen from the fact that he only had one child, despite owning several big hotel chains throughout the world.

Even the rich who possessed fewer assets usually groomed two or three individuals in addition to their family members. Some people wished to have a choir or either a gymnastics team. In any case, they could support them and have a prosperous population. However, Jiang Chaosheng only gave birth to Jiang Zijian for the following reasons: if his son had younger siblings, their affections would be divided among them, thus he ligated to ensure that he would only love his son besides his wife. Based on this kind of father’s almost deranged love for his son, Jiang Zijian became an easy-to-communicate father’s treasure. Children who didn’t lack love were always easy to get along with, and were even willing to talk to their parents about everything.

The Jiang family’s principle for Jiang Zijian was that there was no exact principle, as long as he liked it, anything was acceptable. Don’t do anything that would wrong yourself. Besides spending his money every day, Jiang Chaosheng also pondered on how to please this precious son of his. Whenever his son was happy, it was also his happiness. Whenever his son was in a state of despondency, he was also in a dispirited state. Whenever his son cried, he was frightened. Whenever his son was glad, he was gratified. He lived only by coaxing Jiang Zijian.

Jiang Zijian wanted to learn philosophy, then so be it, so long as he liked it. Dating a guy, it didn’t matter. It was possible. Whatever he liked, his parents would accept. As long as there was someone who loved him, they would surely love them and accept them as their family.

Miraculously, from childhood to adulthood, Jiang Zijian didn’t grow crooked under this coddling but developed a beautiful, sunny character as a kindhearted and ethical person. Seeing that his son was so handsome and outstanding, Jiang Chaosheng was delighted that he didn’t even know what to say, which led Jiang Zijian to be more laid-back, happier, and free-spirited.

However, Jiang Chaosheng and his wife soon realized a problem. It seemed like Jiang Zijian didn’t want to inherit the family’s business, as he also felt quite vexed dealing with all kinds of mundane affairs. His dearest baby donkey, how could he live his life after his parents died? Could money be swindled out of begging?

Jiang Chaosheng couldn’t help but worry and finally thought of a way — If his son didn’t want to inherit the family’s business, then he could still count on his daughter-in-law, who could make the business greater and better! As long as Jiang Zijian could find a capable boyfriend or girlfriend who would love him and help the Jiangs’ take care of the family business, preferably one from a family of Directors’ who studied management, his son could lead an easy life without being bullied.

And this ideal daughter-in-law would naturally come from — the Wen family.

These two were both bamboo horses. Jiang Zijian and Wen Tianhe had gone to the same kindergarten, and they both liked guys. One was a top, and the other was a bottom. They were a perfect pair… Tianhe’s elder brother, Tianyue, was also an expert on managing a family business. He did such a good job managing the company Wen Yuankai had left behind. Although he duped so much money and ran off afterwards, the Wens’ excellent genes could not be ignored. They were also from a noble and prominent family, which could greatly improve their social status. In this way, the Jiangs’ could also bask in the light and pull a little connection with the unaffordable space shuttle.

As long as Jiang Zijian and Wen Tianhe got married, the two families would enjoy utmost satisfaction. There was no better marriage match than this. Money was not a problem as Jiang Chaosheng had plenty of it. The company’s bankruptcy was just a mere trifle. Moreover, Wen Tianhe was such a gentleman that he certainly would not bully Jiang Zijian.

“Compared with this, I think you have to solve the issue around your respective positions first.” Looking at the screen, Tianhe quickly modified the code.

Ah,” Jiang Zijian lightly replied, “I’ve decided to talk about it when the right time comes. As long as we love each other, this principle can still be compromised. If worst comes to worst, I’ll think of a way to condition his body well, and then I’ll let him ask you for your experience.”

“This statement sounds too erotic,” Tianhe said with black lines on his forehead. “I don’t have any experience to share... There is, but I will not share it with that...guy.”

Pro, “It’s better to change yourself than to change him. You must know that most of the time, conditioning yourself obviously makes you less likely to encounter violent resistance.”

Jiang Zijian, “I can feel that he really loves me. I believe there will inevitably be a time he compromises. The key lies in this showdown... Tianhe, you must do me this favor…”

“No, no. That’s out of the question.” Hearing Jiang Zijian’s demand, Tianhe finally looked up from the computer. “Why do you want to marry him and have me be a mediator between you and your father? This is too ridiculous. Moreover, I still have to work on Monday.”

Jiang Zijian hastily said, “What I mean is, please help him change. Just to the point where my parents will find him acceptable.”

“But true love has no room for such hypocrisy,” Tianhe patiently said to Jiang Zijian. “I don’t care what kind of person he is. Supposing that it was me, I would have found it too hard to bear that my fiancé or my boyfriend pretended to be someone different in order for my parents to accept him.”

Although people were willing to act out a script that didn’t belong to them in the first place, just because of “liking” someone, Tianhe had had enough of paying attention to other people’s constant, meaningful glances at him in front of the Guan family. To any lover, this was quite disrespectful.

Jiang Zijian thought about it and then frankly admitted, “You’re right. I was wrong. I have neglected his feelings.”

Tianhe smiled at Jiang Zijian, who now had a headache as he thought to himself, What should I do? The biggest problem now is that I need to create an opportunity for my father and Xiao Kai to equally communicate and get to know each other. Given this opportunity, I’m sure my father will like Xiao Kai and see his shining heart under his shabby appearance!

“I’ll say this again,” Pro said. “It’s better to change yourself than to change him. You can consider making gradual progress by trying to persuade your father and asking him to step down from his throne of wealth to have an equal conversation.”

Tianhe suddenly had a bad premonition and immediately said, “Don’t give him any more rotten ideas, Pro!”

It was obviously too late for Tianhe to put a stop to it. Ahhhh!!! — First, Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai were both pretending. Next, perhaps Jiang Zijian would drag his father in to act poor together, and then Tong Kai would call over his family from the Netherlands… Tianhe was afraid to think about what would happen in the future.

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