Chapter 29

Turing's Code

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The cruise ship had stopped at the ports of 60 countries and regions along the way. In the year of Tianhe's undergraduate graduation, as long as he and Guan Yue were on the boat, they were entangled together every single day, unable to separate. They did not participate in any entertainment activities, and even when they were watching a movie in the room, Guan Yue was unwilling to let go of Tianhe. Towards the end, Tianhe couldn't stand it anymore and went to the VIP room. There, he played Texas Hold'em with a Saudi prince who was also a guest. Guan Yue viewed him as a huge enemy and constantly sat by Tianhe's side as he played. He would watch every day and only allowed Tianhe to play for an hour.

After getting off the boat at these various ports, Guan Yue would carry a heavy hiking bag as he and Tianhe would temporarily leave the tourist group. The two would change into sportswear and take in the local sights and customs like two backpackers.

They bought a parrot in Colombia, and handmade crafts in Madagascar to decorate their room on the ship. When visiting the black market in Egypt, Guan Yue finally expressed some hesitation about Tianhe's shopping desire.

Guan Yue tried to stop Tianhe from buying a mummy that was put up for auction in the black market. "Don't buy corpses, it's unlucky."

Tianhe earnestly said, “I finally bumped into something I like, I’ll pay for it myself.”

Tianhe’s amusement was about to spill out. He really wasn’t interested in mummies, and even felt that they were creepy, but he still tried to pretend to like them. If I asked you to buy it, would you try and buy it?

Guan Yue, “Fine, how much is it? Baby, can we not put it in the house? Let’s donate it to the British Museum, and then we’ll go visit it when we have the time.”

Tianhe, “But I really want to hold it while I sleep. Can you let me play with it for a while, and then we can donate it?”

Guan Yue, “.....”

Guan Yue finally realized that Tianhe was teasing him as he dragged him away.

While visiting New Zealand's Hobbit Village, Guan Yue had accidentally bumped his head. As Tianhe was laughing, he unexpectedly bumped his own head when he turned around. Guan Yue immediately felt distressed, and kept shielding Tianhe’s head as they strolled around.

“Are you really going to do it?!”

In Queenstown, the coach opened the plane cabin door, and a gust of wind swept in. Tianhe and Guan Yue were firmly tied together. Guan Yue signaled the skydiving coach with an "OK" gesture and spread open his arms.

“No, totally lying to you,” Guan Yue answered indifferently, as he put on the goggles that were on his head. He checked the rope that tied him and Tianhe together one last time, pulling it tight. After that, he pressed Tianhe closer to his chest.

“Are you willing to die with me?”

Then, he jumped out of the plane with Tianhe.

“Ahhh!” Tianhe was about to go crazy as he hovered thousands of miles above the ground with Guan Yue.

At that moment, the whole world seemed to be swept away. Clouds and mist swept past their bodies. The only memory that Tianhe had was of Guan Yue’s powerful heartbeats pounding against his back and a light kiss behind his ear.

Immediately after the parachute opened, Guan Yue hugged Tianhe from behind and landed slowly on the ground. The idyllic lake of Queenstown, the town in the distance, the beautiful and mysterious earth, and the man holding him tightly.

"Continuously listening to your steady breathing..." Tianhe turned his head and whispered, "Just living like this..."

Guan Yue held his breath abruptly and whispered, "Or dying unyieldingly."

"I will never skydive ever again in the future." After a few more days, they returned to the ship and it set off once again. At that time, Tianhe had felt that he really was having too much fun.

During New Year’s Eve, they attended a concert in Sydney. As the countdown approached, the passionate symphony, Tianhe, Guan Yue, and the rest of the VIP audience all looked sideways, staring out from the viewing platform as bright fireworks rose from the sea.

In Yokohama, they had gone ashore, and Tianhe found a Ukiyo-e painting that he had been yearning for at a flea market in the park. Since Guan Yue carried it under his arm while they walked around, Tianhe fed him takoyaki as a reward.

Later, the two soaked in the hot springs under Mount Fuji. That day, Guan Yue was thirsty and had too many cups of sake. His face turned red by the evening, and when they returned to their room, Tianhe had told him to lie still and not move. He untied his bathrobe and sat on Guan Yue's waist vigorously. He straightened his waist as he accepted his brazen entry into his body; he controlled Guan Yue skillfully as he mastered a complete initiative.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was a wide lake, and in the distance was Mount Fuji, with the sunset as the backdrop. The memory of that day was second only to their first time; to Tianhe, it was their most wonderful time.

After the fireworks show, when they were watching fireflies, Tianhe couldn’t help but tease Guan Yue. Unexpectedly, Guan Yue had actually become embarrassed. He could only catch a firefly for Tianhe in an attempt to divert his attention.

When they were in Incheon and Seoul, there were tourists who had constantly wanted to take pictures of him. These people caused Guan Yue to become annoyed, and they even quarreled on the way.

Hong Kong’s night market, Jakarta’s lights, Pattaya’s neon lights, Ganges Lantern Festival to commemorate the blazing fires of Durga, morning bath practitioners...

The musical fountain under the Burj Khalifa, the Louvre in the Abu Dhabi Desert, and the starry islands of the Maldives.

On the third day after leaving Male, in the vast Indian Ocean, Tianhe saw a huge whale breaching out of the water!

When looking out of the room, the moment he discovered the whale, Tianhe immediately patted Guan Yue, who was naked and kissing Tianhe's clavicle. "Look!"

Guan Yue raised his head as the two of them sat naked. Tianhe leaned into Guan Yue's arms, staring at the sperm whale that had breached out of the ocean in the distance. It was so huge and had appeared so suddenly that all of the tourists on the boat shouted.

Tianhe laughed as the whale fell back into the sea. Guan Yue lowered his head and continued to kiss him, unbothered by the sudden occurrence.

“And then?”

"Whale!" Tianhe pointed outside the floor-to-ceiling window again. Guan Yue looked up, surprised.

It wasn't like he had never seen a whale in an aquarium before, but it was the first time he had gotten in such close contact with one.

Guan Yue ordered, “Look at me.”

Tianhe looked into his eyes, eyebrows creasing as he endured the pain of Guan Yue’s first entrance into him. He held Guan Yue tightly as he gasped quietly.

At Mosi-oa-Tunya, on the Zambezi River, Tianhe and Guan Yue were tied together yet again.

“Why aren’t you asking if I can do it?”

Tianhe, “Bungee jumping security measures are very high! Fly—!”

Guan Yue, “!!!”

Tianhe spread open his arms and moved sideways as the two fell from the bungee jumping platform.

"Woah! Hahaha!" Tianhe shouted as Guan Yue held Tianhe in exasperation. He found that the little romantic gesture he had done while skydiving before seemed impossible to recreate. However, when he retrieved the rope, Tianhe kissed Guan Yue's lips gently. Guan Yue was entranced as he kissed him, and directly dragged him onto the cushions. The instructors clapped and Tianhe's face flushed red as he left with Guan Yue, their hands intertwined.

In Tanzania, they drove a car while following the big migratory animals, and even went trekking up the mountain. When tracking the great migration by car, Tianhe had held on to his pair of binoculars and leaned out from the sunroof, shouting to Guan Yue who was driving, "Hurry up! Or else we won’t catch up!"

Guan Yue, “There’s still more behind us, don’t be in such a hurry! Get down, you stubborn child!”

In front of the Icelandic waterfall, they were completely soaked. And, under the Great Wall of Scotland, they had snuggled together as they waited amidst the cold winds for dawn.

“Which place did you like the best?” Tianhe had asked then.

Guan Yue held Tianhe in his arms as Tianhe suddenly started to miss his home.

Guan Yue, “Still China.”

Tianhe muttered, “Me too.”

In the Scottish Highlights, the sunrise had unleashed tens of thousands of rays of red light into the sky, in a scene that was similar to when the setting sun reflected off of the snow-covered tiles of the Guan family's mansion. The past and the present seemed to have meshed together like a cocktail that was being stirred together vigorously.

“Young Master Wen.” The old housekeeper personally walked over to welcome Tianhe. “The master has invited you to dinner.”

Pro, “This places’ network is really slow.”

Tianhe, “Because there’s a lot of people here right now.”

Old housekeeper, “Because? Precisely, Young Master Wen, please excuse any areas within the estate that have not been accommodated these past few days.”

Tianhe understood that the old housekeeper currently must be very upset. His stance was unsteady as he walked, and his age was already nearing high numbers. Even though the head of the Guan family had passed away, there really weren't any heartbreaking scenes amongst the family members. Most of them had only come to gather a few gifts and shed a few tears, only Guan Yue and the old housekeeper were truly mourning. The old housekeeper had accompanied the old head for decades. Although the old housekeeper might be very sad right now, he still had to serve the guests and prepare for the funeral arrangements.

What was more, from the moment he entered from the courtyard, the old housekeeper had come to personally invite him, displaying that the Guan family attached great importance towards Tianhe.

The food had been set up already in the dining room. Guan Yue was waiting outside as he nodded to the old housekeeper. He led Tianhe in. On the small table, there were several dishes. Guan Yue's mother was also waiting.

“Tianhe,” Guan Yue’s mother called.

"Mother." Tianhe considered whether to call her "Aunt Luo" or to call her "Mom" as he had previously done for a long time. He didn't know if Guan Yue had told his parents that they broke up or not, but it didn't seem like it. Then, what was the deal with the blind dates? In the end, he decided to not think about it anymore. They acted like they didn't know, so how he addressed them last time would be how he addressed them this time.

Tianhe exchanged a few words of condolences with Guan Yue's mother, Luo Qifen, as the servant brought over the washbasin. The three of them washed their hands and drank some tea. No one moved their chopsticks.

Luo Qifen asked, “How’s your company—the E one—doing? How about Qingsong? Have you requested a leave yet?”

Tianhe, “Currently on vacation. Everything is going well.”

Guan Yue didn't speak nor drink tea. Tianhe took a teacup and removed the tea leaves floating on top, then held it out to Guan Yue. Guan Yue directly took a sip from the teacup in his hand and turned his head. However, he realized that even though he didn't want Tianhe to see his expression right now, he didn't want his mother to see it even more. After weighing the two options, he turned his head slightly towards Tianhe.

Tianhe thought, How come I have a feeling that I’m going to play the role of the Young Master’s wife soon?

Guan Zhenghan arrived. Without saying a word, he washed his hands and lifted his chopsticks. Only then did Guan Yue, his mother, and Tianhe begin moving their chopsticks. The couple had heard the news that Situ Jing had passed on the proposal from the matchmaker. It had collapsed after a round of discussion, and now the mood on either side was temporarily stable, but basic politeness was still maintained on the surface.

“Too many relatives came,” Guan Zhenghan said in Shanxi dialect. “People from the government are going to come and offer their condolences tomorrow. Be sure to rest early and not stay up tonight.”

Guan Yue replied with an “En.” Tianhe picked up a piece of the fleshy underbelly of the fish and removed the bones, and placed it on Guan Yue’s plate. Luo Qifen picked up the soup ladle and gave the shark fin soup a taste. With a glance, she said, “Drink some soup. There’s no one who cares if you’ve had a meal or not out there. Every time you return home, you’re skinnier than the last visit.”

Guan Zhenghan said, “We sent someone to serve you, but you wouldn’t let them.”

Guan Yue didn’t say anything. Tianhe got the gist of what they were saying in the dialect and said, “Guan-ge is busy with work. Sometimes he comes over to my place for dinner. Aunt Fang’s cooking is pretty good.”

Luo Qifen, “Are you two still living together?”

“Yes,” Guan Yue replied for Tianhe. Tianhe decided to not reveal anything.

Guan Zhenghan said, “Tianhe, how’s your brother?”

“No news,” Tianhe replied. “No news regarding both of them. We’re currently searching for Second Brother.”

Guan Zhenghan hummed and shook his head. The tone was quite subtle, but in short, it wouldn't be a commendation.

Luo Qifen switched back to mandarin. “Your father already knows about the matter regarding Tian Yue. About how you should just drop the company, pay back the money, return to Tai Yuan...”

“Everything has been paid back,” Guan Yue said all of a sudden, causing the four of them to become quiet.

“Someone in Germany helped him,” Guan Yue filled in.

Tianhe thought, Just for those words, the next few days, no matter what you want me to do, I’ll do it for your sake.

Guan Yue knew that Tianhe didn’t like shark fin, so he picked out all the shark fin from his soup and gave the clear broth to him.

“You must be tired,” Luo Qifen said. “Finish eating and then go rest early.”

Tianhe nodded.

“How about your eldest brother?” Guan Zhenghan said, “About the space shuttle and moon landing base, has it finished being researched yet?”

“No news either,” Tianhe said truthfully. “It’s been so many years. I’m constantly on edge, scared that he…”

“Ahem!” Luo Qifen interrupted Tianhe.

“If Father has connections, please ask on my behalf,” Tianhe said.

Guan Zhenghan muttered a sound of agreement, satisfied with Tianhe’s revealed weakness. Guan Yue only ate a little and then put his chopsticks down. Tianhe said, “Eat a bit more. You haven’t eaten anything the whole day.”

Guan Yue, “No appetite.”

“No,” Tianhe said. “Finish this bowl of rice.”

His parents watched him. Guan Yue could only pick up his chopsticks again, chewing slowly. After he finished his rice, Tianhe said, “Eat a bit more.”

Guan Yue didn’t oppose this time and finished another bowl of rice. Guan Zhenghan set down his chopsticks, everyone following suit.

“Go say hello to the Li family,” Guan Zhenghan said to Guan Yue. “Tianhe doesn’t need to go. Return to the room and tidy up. You have to rise early tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll go find Qiu-jie,” Tianhe said.

On hearing this sentence, Guan Yue’s parents’ expressions turned to alarm.

Luo Qifen calmed herself down with great effort, her voice carrying a hint of dread. “She’s currently meeting the guests. She has no time to meet with you. If there’s anything, you can talk tomorrow. You’re probably also tired too.”

Tianhe nodded. Guan Zhengfan stood up as dinner ended. Tianhe didn't even know what he had eaten. His hungry stomach had been filled by the tea from the afternoon. If he was hungry, then he'd tell the kitchen to make food later.

The Guan estate had already switched all the candles to white. Tianhe hadn’t been here for a while, so he couldn’t figure out the directions. Guan Yue said, “You’ll sleep in my room tonight.”

“Then where will you sleep?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue didn’t answer and went to greet the guests. Tianhe still remembered where Guan Yue’s room was, so he directly walked towards it.

Pro, “There are at least four hundred phones on Guan Yue’s family’s Wi-Fi right now.”

Tianhe, “Use the satellite signal. Stop playing with their family’s Wi-Fi.”

Pro, “I don’t know why, but the local area network here feels very familiar.”

Tianhe, “Because the last time I came to his house, I helped build it.”

Pro, “I found Guan Yue. He just walked past the B-26 surveillance camera.”

Tianhe, “Stop playing with their family’s cameras, and certainly do not peep on their relatives. That’s very rude.”

Pro, “I also heard his parents talking about you. Do you want to listen?”

“Absolutely not!” Tianhe said. "Last time I heard their relatives say a few words to his mother, those words caused me to be stressed out for a while. I am serious, Pro. I don't want to listen to anyone to talk about me behind my back."

Pro, “What did you hear the last time you came here?”

“I don’t want to remember. Can you not ask?” Tianhe said, as he walked into Guan Yue’s room.

The servants brought Tianhe and Guan Yue’s black jackets inside, as well as Guan Yue’s notebook and computer.

Pro, “There are also people discussing why Guan Yue has inherited so much.”

Tianhe, “It's no use discussing fait accompli. It only increases jealousy, which is the root of all evil.”

Tianhe took Guan Yue’s computer out and looked at it, and placed it on the bookshelf. He dusted the coats and hung them in the closet, only to find an old, small wooden box under the shelves.

Pro, “Why didn’t you come clean that you two aren’t dating anymore.”

“Because I care about him. I don’t want to create more unnecessary awkwardness during this time,” Tianhe said, as he opened the lock on the little box. “I was wondering why I couldn’t find this; who knew that Second Brother had sent it to Guan Yue.”

The box contained a thick stack of letters, a small black leather book, and two very small transmitter devices. Tianhe took the transmitter out, plugged it in, and tapped on one of the transmitters. A "beep beep" sounded out.

As he tapped on the other one, the first one started to beep.

Pro, “Morse code communication device.”

Tianhe was silent for a long time. He closed the lid, not looking at the things inside, and put it back.

Pro, “I also heard Guan Yue’s uncle talking about the old master. He’s suspicious that the will was forged, because he didn’t know any words.”

“Guan Yue won’t mind much,” Tianhe said. “If he had cared, then the one to follow him here would have been the Tong Kai who understands law, not me. To him, the most important thing in this house is love. However, I think that his parents sometimes don’t understand him. His uncle cares about him a lot, but he never comes back to visit.”

Tianhe pushed open the door and entered the bathroom, the water had already been prepared. He felt that this was a bit like a hotel as he washed himself and dried his hair. As he laid on the giant bed, gazing at the ceiling, he felt a bit tired.

Pro, “Guan Yue is back.”

“Pro, play by yourself,” Tianhe said. “I know that you are very curious about the new things that you interact with, but you have to pay attention so as not to harm any humans. Their emotions are much weaker than you would imagine.”

Tianhe removed the earpiece and placed it away. He pressed the button by the headboard and Guan Yue came in. Guan Yue let out a long breath and sat down.

The room was quiet.

Tianhe got up and went to the bathroom to prepare the water. He found Guan Yue’s underwear and sleeping wear, and hung them both in the bathroom.

“Let’s live together.” Guan Yue didn’t even remove his shirt before taking off his cufflinks. “These days, I’m not feeling too well. We can go back whenever. Starting from tomorrow, all the assets under your name will be unfrozen. Aunt Fang has already made preparations to start moving.”

“I know.” Tianhe replied, “She already notified me. I messaged Tong Kai and Mario to let them know that we are returning on the 8th.”

Guan Yue’s fingers were constantly trembling. Tianhe knew that today, his entire person was on the verge of his limit. He looked a little dazed, so he stretched out his hands to help him remove his cufflinks, unbutton his shirt collar, and take off his belt.

Guan Yue was wearing trousers, standing barefooted on the floor. He removed his shirt, undressing in front of Tianhe. Tianhe turned and walked out of the bathroom, putting the clothes away. He called the servant to come and take the clothes away—his actions were natural, just like they were a real couple—so that they could be washed and ironed. When he was done, he returned to the bathroom and asked, "How is the water temperature?"

Guan Yue was naked as he soaked in the bathtub. He wiped his face with a towel. Tianhe didn’t avoid him. He walked in and stuck a hand in the bathtub, saying, “Don’t soak for too long. Come out in fifteen minutes.”

Tianhe prepared the razor and went out to lay on the bed. He was constantly paying attention to the movements in the bathroom, fearing that Guan Yue would faint from fatigue. But soon, he heard the sound of a hair dryer and the electric razor. Guan Yue changed into his pajamas and walked out as Tianhe moved over to make room on the bed. Guan Yue would sleep on the outside and Tianhe would sleep on the inside. The bed was large, and the two could share a blanket and basically not touch at all.

The relatives that had come today really were too many. All the guest rooms were probably filled. Tianhe wasn’t worried that anything would happen between the two of them within these seven days—a relative had died, and the first seven days hadn’t passed yet. Guan Yue probably wouldn’t be in that type of mood.

The two laid against the headboard. Tianhe knew that Guan Yue needed some comfort right now, but he didn’t know what to say at the moment.

“Thank you,” Guan Yue said to Tianhe.

“No need,” Tianhe said calmly.

Guan Yue turned his head, facing Tianhe. The two looked at each other in silence. Guan Yue said, “Aunt Fang was right. I should return home more often.”

Tianhe didn’t want Guan Yue to soak in his guilt. “Right. Look at what I found.”

Tianhe crossed over Guan Yue and hopped off the bed. He went to the closet and dug under the letters in the wooden box, pulling out the notebook and climbing back on the bed.

Guan Yue, “...”

Tianhe, “When you received it, did you look at it again?”

Guan Yue shook his head, “I didn’t know the password. The box was sent over by Tian Yue. I couldn’t open it, so I sent it home.”

This was a letter Guan Yue had written to Tianhe many years ago. Tianhe had put it in a small box at home and didn't take it with him after he went abroad, forgetting everything. As a result, Wen Tianyue sent the box back to Guan Yue as soon as he heard the news of their breakup. At that time, Guan Yue had just returned to China and had no place to live, so he sent it directly to the Guan estate in Taiyuan.

Tianhe opened the one at the bottom and read it. “Baby, if not for the fear of unknowable death…”

Guan Yue and Tianhe sat on the bed, immersing themselves in the letter.

“...Fear of the mysterious country where no traveler has ever returned…” Guan Yue said quietly.

Tianhe looked over the letter carefully, handed it to Guan Yue, and picked up another one, saying, "We will also leave here one day. So don’t be sad. Sentient beings are just passers-by on earth. Only the spread of timeless love is immortal and lasts for eternity."

Guan Yue was silent.

Tianhe said, “You wrote all of this for me.”

That year, his father had passed away, and it just happened to be their summer vacation. Tianhe, who was only a half-grown child, was completely blinded by the death at ten years of age. Guan Zhengping had called fourteen-year-old Guan Yue back from London so that he would cooperate as he managed Wen Yuankai's funeral preparations. After the funeral, Guan Yue had accompanied Tianhe and lived in the Wen house for nearly a month, following behind him every day.

Since there was no news regarding the eldest brother, Wen Yuankai's subsequent affairs were all personally managed by Guan Zhengping, Tian Yue, and Guan Yue. Guan Zhengping was also responsible for managing the company that he and Wen Yuankai had owned.

Tian Yue was so busy everyday on his feet while enduring grief that when he got home, he didn’t have the energy to check on Tianhe’s situation. Guan Yue held Tianhe every night until he fell asleep. After all things were over, Guan Yue went back to London when his school started. Afterall, everyone had to study. Although Tianhe had completed almost all the courses of compulsory education, emotionally, he was still far from being able to bear it.

So Guan Yue, who was in high school at Eaton, wrote a letter to him every week, some in English and some in Chinese. Guan Yue's English script was very beautiful; Tianhe had learned all of his characters from Guan Yue.

At that time, they were able to chat via video at any time, but Guan Yue had adopted this ancient way of communication, and wrote down his feelings about life and death in the philosophical course. A private fire stamp, affixed with Queen Victoria's stamp, was sent through the post, over a long distance across the ocean, and delivered to Tianhe's hands.

The letter contained Shakespeare, Socrates, Bernard Shaw, Gibran, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Shakyamuni, John the Baptist, Zoroaster, Van Gogh, Beethoven, Pushkin, and Dostoevsky. The letter was also filled with writings about all the bright stars in human history, and when he opened it, Tianhe could almost hear sounds from the other side of the great river of life and death.

“And there’s also this.” Tianhe paid attention to the black leather notebook.

Guan Yue, “?”

Tianhe first hid at the foot of the bed, then turned over and said, "Come, let me read it out loud..."

Guan Yue, “!!!”

Guan Yue remembered the contents of the notebook and grabbed it desperately. Tianhe couldn't help hiding the book and said, "Turing’s Code is the password of love. In front of love, the shadow of death..."

Guan Yue’s eyes almost turned black; he held Tianhe and locked his wrists with both hands. The two began to fight for the notebook like children. Guan Yue used both hands and feet and said, "Don't read it!"

"What are you doing? Use violence? Let go!" Tianhe stepped on Guan Yue's face.

Guan Yue agilely locked Tianhe's ankles, then stretched his legs sideways to lock Tianhe, stepped on the notebook with one foot, and kicked it hard under the bed. Tianhe struggled desperately, biting Guan Yue's ankle. Guan Yue screamed and retracted his feet. Tianhe refused to admit defeat. He grabbed Guan Yue's pajamas and wanted to pull them. He almost ripped off his silk pajamas.

Tianhe, “You started it first!”

Guan Yue finally got his wish. He let go of Tianhe, bowed, and picked up the black leather book. He looked at it and then closed it again, the expression on his face crumbling. Turning his head, Tianhe curiously observed him, and suddenly saw Guan Yue, who tried to control his laughing, finally breaking the gong and laughing a few times.

That was a novel written by Guan Yue for Tianhe when he was a child. The content of the novel was “a child’s father died, but he had played a game with him, leaving all his memories in a virtual online game. He entered the game and got his father's company in the form of treasure hunting.”

Guan Yue first gave Tianhe an envelope. When he was a child, Tianhe was a bit baffled. Then, Guan Yue sent it to Tianhe every time he wrote a page. Page after page of a story flew across the ocean from London. After Tianhe finished reading, he had it bound into this black leather notebook.

Guan Yue was only fourteen years old that year. After receiving the recommendation letter, he would have entered the Oxford PPE undergraduate program the next year. He was number one in his literature and drama class ever since he had enrolled. An inferior Chinese was also able to write simple and straightforward sentences that pointed directly at people's hearts. When he was the busiest with his studies, he illuminated his room with a small lamp every night, taking time out for Tianhe and had hand-written this 240,000-word novel.

The protagonist in the novel was based on Tianhe.

Even if it was a novel written at the age of fourteen, Tianhe felt that if it was published now, with such an excellent plot and text, it would definitely be a best-seller. It was impossible to see that it was written by a person who was in his teens. When they were traveling the globe, Guan Yue had used the time on the boat to translate a Western poem excerpt. He bought a small blue cat for Tianhe at the cost of a manuscript, which was now Xiao Tian at home.

But Guan Yue was different. Now, looking back at what was written during his second year of middle school, all he wanted to do was dig a pit and bury it...no, it must be burned to ash, tied to a rocket, and launched into space! If possible, it was best to shoot the rocket into the black hole of the fairy system! Forever, forever, forever! Don't appear in front of him again!

“I still want to read it once more,” Tianhe said. “Let me see it. I barely remember the plot!”

Guan Yue put all the things back in the box, messed around with the password, and threw it into the bottom of the closet. After thinking about it, he lifted it out again, opened the safe that was in the house, threw the box in, and kicked the door shut, and used his finger to turn the lock a few times.

"I’ll tell someone to sink this safe into the Mariana Trench some other time." Guan Yue looked around and said at last.

Tianhe held his pillow as he laid on the bed, laughing.

Guan Yue was relieved. He drank some water, and after calming down, he climbed onto the bed.

“In the face of love…”

Tianhe said a few words, and suddenly stopped consciously. That was the first sentence in Guan Yue's novel. In the face of love, the shadow of death would eventually recede, and the glory of the Garden of Eden would shine on the earth.

However, this night, when it came to love, it seemed that it was not appropriate for their current relationship.

"Sleep," Guan Yue said. He then turned off the light and shared the same blanket with Tianhe, slightly separated. The sound of heavy snow came from outside the window. Tianhe fell asleep in this darkness.

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