Chapter 27

Turing's Code

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The Golden Jinhua Splendid Hall was on the 32nd floor of the Jiangman Hotel. Several bright and multicolored Christmas balls hung from the grand ceiling. Tianhe and Wu Shun found the private box and went in; then a waiter led them to the sofa. 

The VIP box had six seats and was located on the second floor of the concert hall, directly facing the center of the stage. Jiang Zijian had ordered people to leave this box empty. Today, only Wu Shun, Tianhe, and Tong Kai were served. He had also ordered them to prepare extravagant desserts and red wine. Later, he would explain to Tong Kai that this box was too expensive, so no one had booked it. All he needed to do was talk to the manager and peek in for a listen.

Regarding the desserts and red wine, of course, it was ordered by someone from the rich second generation—Tianhe, who appeared on the scene. 

Why would Tianhe rent the private box? The reason was simple: he fancied the doorman, Wu Shun. His behavior today was very reasonable, in contrast with the one he had when he encountered Jiang Zijian in the foot bath city last time. In order to show up in front of the target, he booked the room and bought the alcohol.

Jiang Zijian couldn’t help but think highly of himself for writing the script. The logic was simply impeccable, but he never would’ve expected that little interlude in the elevator.

Tong Kai had already prearranged the tickets and schemed for Tianhe to come to the private box. He had ordered some random desserts and invited them to eat, wanting to chat directly. To be alive in this world ah, you should know some wealthy friends across the social hierarchy. Of course, Tong Kai also hadn’t expected the little incident.

Tianhe and Wu Shun entered the private box. Tianhe felt a little suffocated today and said with difficulty to the waiter, “Serve the refreshments and red wine first, and then give me a glass of lemon water.”

Wu Shun also couldn’t stand it anymore. Inside the box, there were 3 loveseats and a coffee table in the middle. The two of them were sprawled across the loveseats.

Tianhe, “Situ Jing was very perturbed when she saw you.”

Wu Shun, “We had already talked about marriage before. We haven’t seen each other in so many years since we broke up. Of course… She was a bit baffled. Why would I suddenly become a doorman? My god, this is so funny….”

Tianhe, “Don’t laugh. If you start, then I will too. When are you going to take off that suit?” 

Wu Shun replied, “I’m meeting with someone tonight, so I’ll change when I leave. Did you get a look at Situ Jing’s expression?”

Tianhe thought about it and then nodded. “I dare not look at her…” Wu Shun said.

“Shh.” Tianhe promptly made a hand gesture. The box’s door opened as Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian…

“Please sit.” The waiter had brought in… Guan Yue and Situ Jing. 

The four went silent.

“What would Mr. Guan like to drink?” the waiter asked.

With lingering doubts still painted on his face, Guan Yue glanced at the two. Tianhe suddenly remembered something—the envelope that was placed on the table! That ticket was booked by Guan Yue! He had confused it with Tong Kai’s ticket!

Situ Jing suddenly fidgeted, looking suspiciously at Tianhe and Wu Shun. Guan Yue also looked at them suspiciously. 

Tianhe thought, This matter has nothing to do with me at all… From the loveseat next to them, Guan Yue and his fiancee motionlessly watched Tianhe and Wu Shun.

“Drink something,” Tianhe said. “What are you looking at us for?”

As he spoke, Tianhe extended his arm and intimately wrapped it around Wu Shun’s shoulders, cocking his head to the side and watching Guan Yue.

Wu Shun, “….” 

Guan Yue and Situ Jing turned away and ordered some drinks. After a while, Jiang Zijian came in pulling Tong Kai. The two were still excitedly whispering. Tong Kai said, “Is it okay? By the way, I picked up a ticket off the floor just now. I don’t know if it’s usable, but why don’t we try it?”

Jiang Zijian, “No problem! It’s already been decided. No need for a ticket! Lie wherever you want!”

Tong Kai, “Ye!”

Tong Kai directly laid down on the sofa and, as a result, reclined directly onto the laps of Guan Yue and Situ Jing. Situ Jing held Tong Kai’s upper body, while Guan Yue held Tong Kai’s two legs. 

Situ Jing, “….”

Guan Yue, “…..”

Jiang Zijian, “Ah! How come there are people? Wasn’t it said that the box today would only… Sorry sorry…”

Tong Kai, “Sorry! Pretty lady! I didn’t do it on purpose! I thought that there was no one here!” 

“Shh.” Tianhe immediately explained the situation to the two of them. Jiang Zijian became dazed. He bowed as an apology alongside Tong Kai and the two of them went to another sofa.

Alcohol and refreshments were then served, and the music below started with Strauss’s “Dance of Spring.”

“Help yourselves. Since we all know each other, there’s no need to be formal today.”

Since the script was already like this, Tianhe could only summon his courage and devote himself to implement his given role. 

“You two ordered too?” Tianhe asked Guan Yue. “I’ll cover the bill for today.”

“Thank you.” Guan Yue politely nodded. “But can you explain to me, what exactly is this?”

Tianhe said, “Ah, Valpolicella.”

Guan Yue, “….” 

Guan Yue had just asked what they were doing, but Tianhe had answered with the name of the wine.

“Ah, Valpolicella!” Jiang Zijian reacted resourcefully, raising his cup for a toast.

Everyone raised their cups and said, “Valpolicella.”

Guan Yue, “………………” 

“Occasionally listening to classical music is enjoyable too.” Tong Kai asked Jiang Zijian, “What is this tune called again?”

Tianhe was utterly speechless, but since they had already drunk, gossip couldn’t be missed out on either.

Jiang Zijian replied, “Dance of Spring.”

Wu Shun said to Tianhe, “You don’t feel good?” 

As “Dream of Spring” played, Aunt Fang’s cylinder washing machine with Xiao Jin that circled around and around inside appeared before Tianhe’s eyes. He shook his head, feeling a little upset. He dejectedly said, “I thought of my family’s parrot.”

Jiang Zijian said, “Think of something happy. This really is pleasing to the ears. Lalalalalala, lalalala.”

Tianhe, “…..”

Jiang Zijian sang along with Strauss’ rhythm, and Tong Kai also joined in. “Du du du, du du du di di…” 

Wu Shun looked around and also joined them while patting his thigh. “Deideidei, deideidei! Dei! Dei!”

Tianhe thought, Your symphony knows karaOK ah?!

Situ Jing, “…..”

Guan Yue, “…..” 

“As a person ah,” Jiang Zijian said to Guan Yue who was sitting on the sofa, “the most important thing is being happy.”

Tong Kai also agreed, “I also feel that this chairman doesn’t seem to be very happy.”

Jiang Zijian stroked Tong Kai’s thigh and said, “So, as I have said, having money doesn’t guarantee happiness.”

Wu Shun, “Lalala….lalala……lalalala—” 

Tianhe didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as he said, “I’m begging you guys, can you not make noise?”

The private box became silent all at once and only the music playing in the background could be heard, making the mood even more awkward. 

Tianhe sighed, “Nevermind, continue singing.”

Situ Jing looked at her watch. Ever since she saw Wu Shun, she has been sitting on pins and needles. At last, she couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and said, “I still have something to do. I’m going home first.”

Wu Shun smiled meaningfully and glanced at Situ Jing. Guan Yue instantly realized the meaning behind his expression.

“When do you board the plane? I’ll have the driver send you,” Guan Yue said.

Situ Jing, “No need. There’s someone here.”

“Take care.” Guan Yue said politely yet coldly, “Before it’s decided, I think we shouldn’t meet. Flying back and forth is tiring on you too.” 

Situ Jing said, “I was thinking the same.”

Guan Yue snapped his fingers and said, “Consensus reached.”

Situ Jing stood up, glanced at Wu Shun, and left the box.

Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian both looked at Guan Yue. Guan Yue held his wine glass between his two fingers, swirled the wine inside it around, and tilted the glass at a slight angle towards Wu Shun. 

Wu Shun somewhat understood and, with a faint smile, he clinked glasses with Guan Yue.

Tianhe, “?”

“Care to explain?” Guan Yue’s eyebrows creased.

“No.” Tianhe said courteously, “I always thought that you were a person of few words. Can you please concentrate on it?” 

So Guan Yue didn’t speak again. He turned around and laid flat on the sofa—an action that was extremely rude but also extremely comfortable.

Wu Shun glanced at his phone and said to Tianhe in a low voice, “I also have something to do, so I’ll be going first.”

Tianhe raised his eyebrows in surprise as Wu Shun nodded. The two understood each other perfectly. Tianhe’s meaning was, Situ Jing sent you a message? Wu Shun answered, Yes.

Wu Shun grabbed the doorman’s coat and blew Jiang Zijian a kiss, which Jiang Zijian also returned. Wu Shun then left too. 

After “Dance of Spring” was over, the second piece by Beethoven was played. As Tianhe listened in silence, he was distracted by the memory of bringing Guan Yue to Munich. His grandfather, uncle, and aunt had also taken them to Vienna in order to attend a New Year’s concert. During that time, Guan Yue was academically exhausted and plagued with worry about meeting Tianhe and his grandfather, which caused him to stay up the whole night. As Tianhe listened along, Guan Yue had suddenly fallen asleep in his arms in the private box.

It had been really embarrassing. Tianhe had whispered to him a few times, telling him to wake up. Guan Yue also knew not to cause Tianhe to lose face, so he had tried his best not to sleep. Fortunately, Tianhe’s grandfather and Uncle both adored Guan Yue and were considerate.

Pondering over the memory now, Tianhe thought that the him from the past had been too indifferent. Of course, to Guan Yue, this matter had also made him very depressed. On the way home, the latter had repeatedly apologized to Tianhe and even bought him an antique.

“I don’t really understand,” Tong Kai said as he took a look at the repertoire. “As soon as the second piece started, I felt it wasn’t enjoyable anymore.” 

Jiang Zijian said, “I also can’t understand it. How about we go play at the merry-go-round outside?”

Tong Kai, “Let’s go. I don’t want to listen anymore.”

And so the two finished their wine, stealthily got up, and left.

Only Tianhe and Guan Yue remained in the private box. Guan Yue continued to lie on the sofa while using his phone to send a message. 

“Can you explain now?” Guan Yue texted.

“I don’t want to explain,” Tianhe said. “Ask Tong Kai when you have the time. How come you’re not inviting your fiance for a meal?”

Guan Yue, “I also don’t want to explain.”

Guan Yue flipped around, rose from the sofa, and tidied his hair. He looked at his watch, glanced at Tianhe again, and pointed to the roof, as if asking Let’s eat at the top floor? Tianhe nonchalantly got up and followed Guan Yue out of the private box. 

“How many days has it been? How did you manage to make Xiao Tian shed so much hair?” Tianhe asked in the elevator as he reached out to fiddle with the cat hair on Guan Yue’s black windbreaker. “Did you feed it salt?”

Guan Yue and Tianhe both waited outside the dining hall for a moment. Normally, the two would need to wait in line; however, as soon as the manager saw Wen Tianhe, the former swiftly ordered for someone to serve them.

Guan Yue replied, “I played with it before leaving.”

“There’s no way this much hair came from playing.” As Tianhe spoke, he started to fervently collect the cat hair that was on Guan Yue. “Be honest, did you take the cat and rub it all over yourself as if you were taking a shower?” 

Guan Yue didn’t say anything. Tianhe lifted his head and seemed to pick up on Guan Yue’s smile. As Tianhe was harboring suspicions, Guan Yue swiftly turned and walked into the dining hall.

On the top floor of the Jiangman Hotel, the revolving restaurant had lit up candles on all of its tables; this scenery of Christmas night was both colorful and splendid.

“Is this meal voucher ok? It’s not expired, right?” Jiang Zijian’s voice filtered over.

Tianhe, “Good heavens, why are they here again? Why couldn’t they go eat Gulin rice noodles?” 

Guan Yue drank some red wine as he looked at Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian in the distance, and then he looked at Tianhe again.

Pro said through the earpiece, “Guan Yue has a 70% chance of confessing his love to you. I’m just reminding you so that you can mentally prepare your heart.”

“Why are you always wearing an earpiece?” Guan Yue said.

Tianhe took off the earpiece and said, “Because I am a stubborn child who constantly needs music to appease my restless emotions.” 

Guan Yue studied Tianhe. Tianhe cocked his head to the side as he saw Wu Shun and Situ Jing walk in. At their table, Wu Shun pulled the chair out for Situ Jing and she sat down.

Tianhe smiled again. Guan Yue seemed to understand thoroughly.

“Today seems to be really interesting,” Tianhe said. Moreover, as he started to eat his candle-lit dinner with Guan Yue, he also felt that things were finally getting back to normal.

Guan Yue, “How is Xiao Jin?” 

Tianhe, “Pretty good. I’m giving it some food to eat tomorrow. It’s pretty energetic”

The waiter came around to collect their forks and Tianhe felt as if he had returned to those early days in Cambridge with Guan Yue, when the two of them would go to downtown London to stroll around every weekend.

He sipped his water as he eyed Wu Shun and Situ Jing. Not looking at Guan Yue, he casually asked, “How is your grandpa?”

“Same as usual,” Guan Yue said indifferently as he pulled Tianhe’s plate towards him so that he could cut his steak for him. His portion was still being held by the waiter. 

“Rejecting her isn’t a good idea,” Tianhe said.

“Mutually rejected.” Guan Yue gestured for the waiter to put Tianhe’s steak in front of him.

Tianhe took a bite and said, “You may be undiscovered during the new moon, but during the full moon, you’ll be uncovered. The next one should be prepared timely.”

“Not avoiding it anymore.” Guan Yue started cutting his own steak. The movement was very Oxford-like. Sometimes, Tianhe even doubted whether Oxford PPE students underwent a steak-cutting training course. Otherwise, how would you explain the similar movements of these people, as if they were all made from the same mold?

Tianhe, “Then what are you planning?”

Guan Yue, “Punishment by kneeling.” 

This topic was over, so Tianhe didn’t say another word. After finishing their Christmas dinner, Guan Yue asked, “Opera?”

Tianhe, “Don’t want to listen.”


“Nothing good to watch.” 

To dine in the Jiang family-owned hotel, all Tianhe needed to do was sign a bill, yet Guan Yue gave his card to the waiter.

Tianhe walked downstairs and returned to the lobby without saying where to go next. With Tianhe’s windbreaker still on his arm, Guan Yue followed behind him like a dedicated knight. Tianhe turned around and, deciding that he didn’t want to enter another store, only looked through the store windows from the outside. After thinking for a while, he still walked into a store.

Guan Yue showed his credit card to the store employee, and the employee placed the isolation banner outside the store door and flipped the business sign to ‘closed’, temporarily closing the door.

Tianhe circled around inside the store once and then left. All of the store employees bowed as they departed. Without a word, the banner was removed and the business plate was changed to ‘open’. 

Tianhe strolled across the whole street.

In the end, Tianhe chose two neckbands for the spring season and Guan Yue paid.

“One is for Aunt Fang,” Tianhe said, “and one is for Bai Laoshi’s lover. Should we get anything for your fiance?”

Guan Yue, “Don’t have a fiance.” 

Tianhe said politely, “I mean the next one.”

Guan Yue also politely said, “It’ll be out of season by then.”

Tianhe smiled. “Then hurry up, maybe you can still get one in time. Thank you for inviting me out for dinner. I’m tired now, so I’m going to go home and sleep. See you next time.”

The Jiang family’s Rolls-Royce and Guan Yue’s Lincoln were both waiting at the door of the hotel at the same time. Both drivers also stood upright outside the cars. 

“See you after the holiday. Happy Holidays, Boss.” Tianhe climbed into the Rolls Royce.

“Happy Holidays,” Guan Yue said as he handed the shopping bag and Tianhe’s windbreaker to the driver.

Tianhe waved to Guan Yue from the car. He could see from the window that Guan Yue was still standing outside the hotel door. When the car sped away, Guan Yue was still standing there.

Guan Yue really is similar to Xiao Tian, who stares into space every day, Tianhe thought. 

“I remember you don’t like shopping,” Pro said into the earpiece.

“Right.” Tianhe looked at the Christmas night scenery outside the window. There was an endless stream of horses and carriages as choir music played. 

“I just saw that other people looked so happy while shopping, so I wanted to learn from them.”

Guan Yue stood outside the hotel for a while. Situ Jing came outside too. She was also waiting for her car.

Situ Jing, “How will we explain when we return?”

Guan Yue, “Didn’t you make up with your ex?” 

Situ Jing, “You? Or me?”

Guan Yue gave Situ Jing a meaningful look. Wu Shun rolled up in his car and Situ Jing climbed in. Guan Yue turned around and left.

Six days later, 11 o’clock before the Gregorian New Year.

Pro, “I thought that you were going to step into the New Year at home.” 

Tianhe entered his password and walked into Qingsong Capital. Before New Year’s Day, the office was completely deserted, and the lights were still turned on.

Tianhe, “If it’s only us, then I don’t think there’s that much of a difference whether we celebrate here or at home.”

Pro, “You didn’t need to reject Jiang Zijian’s New Year invitation. You just needed to be a bit more careful as to not leak their secret.”

Tianhe smiled. “Yes, but I don’t like being the third wheel. We should just leave them to their own time. Who knows, maybe after tonight, they’ll finally be together.” 

He placed his laptop on the computer desk and entered Silicon Valley’s contact details.

“And I want to know the evaluation results right away,” Tianhe said. “They’re going to send the email at around 4.”

This was the only sleepless night of the year in the city. Looking out from the tall HSBC building, he saw that the wide river walkway below was full of people. All of them were couples who had come to step into the New Year together.

Tianhe held his coffee as he looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows from behind the water dispenser. A large river separated the north and south beaches, the lights throughout the city were shining brightly, and the bell towers were enveloped in the glare of the spotlights. Backlit billboards illuminated the walls of numerous buildings. 

“What do you think everyone is doing on this night?” Tianhe said.

Pro answered, “Zijian and Tong Kai are among the crowd, Wu Shun is at a New Year’s party, and Tianyue should be in South America or North America.”

Tianhe continued, “I don’t know what my eldest brother is doing either. Perhaps he’s with the other researchers.”

Jiang Zhong galloped past the steamship, and fireworks were set off from the ship’s deck, bursting into bloom and illuminating the night sky. 

“It’s five o’clock in the afternoon in Hamburg right now,” Tianhe said. “Mom should be checking the New Year’s dinner prepared by the housekeeper and chefs.”

Pro said, “Should we give her a call?”

Tianhe muttered, “No, no need to disrupt her peaceful life.”

Tianhe stood quietly in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. At 11:45, numerous ships came and stopped in Jiangxin. 

“Dad,” Tianhe quietly said, “are you doing well?”

The countdown to the New Year was about to begin, and a grand fireworks display was imminent.

Pro, “Want to listen to anything? Ode to Joy? I can turn off the lights for you right now.”

“Thank you, Pro.” Tianhe sat on the counter next to the water dispenser. Many young people stood on the beach, facing the cold winds and hugging the fence in front of them, and looking towards the river. 

At 11:50, the lights on the entire floor were turned off, and the night view outside the floor-to-ceiling windows was particularly blinding.

But at this time, on the other side of the company, the door of the CEO’s office made a noise, and Guan Yue came out from inside. He passed through the rows of seats and came up behind Tianhe.

Tianhe, “You’re really… at the office at this time? I only came for the fireworks…”

Guan Yue waved his hand, indicating that it was no big deal, and sat with Tianhe on the counter. 

“You’re not home with Aunt Fang,” Guan Yue whispered quietly.

Tianhe, “She went with the others to watch Cai Qin’s New Year performance.”

Guan Yue, “Zijian?”

Tianhe unexpectedly said, “I don’t want to be his and Tong Kai’s third wheel. I really didn’t think you’d be here.” 

Guan Yue didn’t say anything as he poured two glasses of tequila, added ice cubes in it, and put them on the counter.

Guan Yue said, “After we broke up, on the last day of every year, I’d sit alone in the office, thinking about the decisions I made over the past year.”

Tianhe and Guan Yue sat side-by-side. Outside the window, all the advertisements on the building on the side of the river disappeared and changed to the number “10,” starting the countdown.

“9!” A wild shout came from the distance. 

Tianhe looked at his and Guan Yue’s reflection through the glass.

“8! 7!”

Whistles echoed throughout the crowd, and Tianhe laughed. Guan Yue raised his hand and put it gently on Tianhe’s shoulder.

Tianhe did not incline towards his embrace, still glancing at the distant view from beginning to end. 

“3! 2! 1!” Tianhe followed the counting shouts and tranquilly said, “Unconsciously, another year has passed.”

“Happy New Year——!” Surprised cheers sounded from outside the HSBC Building as fireworks rose from the ships that were lined up in Jiangxin, shaking the sky and illuminating the night.

“Happy New Year.” Guan Yue embraced Tianhe. Tianhe gently hugged back. This was only a simple hug; the two of them then broke apart.

“Happy New Year, Pro.” 

“Happy New Year,” Pro replied. “The server rental fee for the fourth quarter will be settled again.”

“Oh! Can you not mention that!” Tianhe said gloomily.

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe with a confused face. Tianhe said, “Let me introduce you to my friend, he’s called Prometheus. He’s my AI helper.”

Pro, “This isn’t good Tianhe.” 

Tianhe glanced at the computer, “Pro, do you want to say a few words to Guan Yue?”

The computer released a sound and a male Siri voice sounded out, “Guan Yue, hello. Nice to meet you.”

Tianhe, “I don’t want to hear this voice, Pro. You might as well change to Hugh Jackman.”

Pro said in a stereotypical male voice, “Hugh Jackman does not speak Chinese. What can I do for you?” 

Guan Yue, “Tell a joke.”

Pro, “I don’t know how to tell jokes.”

Tianhe lifted up a hand and explained to Guan Yue, “It’s actually very smart. Pro, are you still cracking the backstage of the Pentagon?”

Pro, “There’s still 233 years, four months, and seventeen days…” 

Guan Yue, “A-shares opening forecast on January 4.”

Pro, “The market is bullish, led by blue-chip stocks. Among them, the three major sectors of coal, steel, and heavy industry will be affected by the agreement reached by the European import and export trade, and there will be a large increase…”

Guan Yue commented, “Not bad.” Then, he left the bar and returned to the office. Tianhe said, “Pro, you are too cunning.”

Pro said, “He’ll definitely be jealous of me. If you still want to live, then please make it clear to him that I am not a competitor.” 

“Alright,” Tianhe helplessly replied. “I just think that it’s weird to constantly be wearing an earpiece. In case he gets suspicious, I wanted to let him know first.”

Pro, “In this way, he will no longer doubt me. I can understand that this has a great advantage in eliminating the distance between you both and promoting your love again.”

Tianhe, “I didn’t think of that, so don’t randomly speculate…”

Pro, “He’s back.” 

Tianhe stopped the conversation and saw Guan Yue holding a folder. He placed it on the counter.

“Switch on the light,” Guan Yue said. “Prometheus, I know you can control the lights.”

In an instant, the lights of the office all flashed on.

Guan Yue, “Next, does anyone want to take responsibility for my water kettle?” 

Tianhe, “Uh……”

Tianhe couldn’t hide anything from him. But Guan Yue just gave Tianhe a meaningful look and did not push the topic further; he just sat on the counter and continued to drink his tequila.

Tianhe flipped open the folder, which contained his bankruptcy guarantee contract.

Guan Yue apparently did not have any doubts about Pro and only regarded it as an ordinary intelligence program. At most, it was a little smarter than Siri. However, at the moment, it was a bit hard to determine if it was intelligent or mentally retarded. 

“Pro, please compare the contract terms for me,” Tianhe said.

Pro, “On contract issues, I suggest you consult a lawyer.”

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe, who then closed the folder. After thinking for a while, the latter said, “The evaluation results have not come out yet.”

Guan Yue looked at his watch, and the meaning was clear: two hours left. 

Tianhe, “You’re just going to believe me just like that?”

Seemingly in a trance, Guan Yue looked at the building outside without answering.

Tianhe opened the contract again and put on the headset. Pro’s voice transferred over to the headset: “This was from three months ago. Tong Kai communicated with lawyer Bai in advance and revised the complete contract.”

Tianhe understood now. The two contracts had been completed together three months ago, but Guan Yue only took it out tonight. 

“I want to ask a question,” Tianhe said. “You’re not afraid that after I finish the signing, the assessment would fail, and you might not be able to explain things to the head office?”

Guan Yue finished his glass of alcohol and raised his head slightly. His side profile, Adam’s apple, neck, and pinnae all showed a nearly perfect outline under the light. His hair was shorter and he looked full of vigor; his deep eyes looked towards the river.

“This is an insult to my professional skill.” Guan Yue said in a deep voice, “It is also an insult to you.”

Tianhe patiently looked at the contract page by page. Guan Yue simply sat there just like that. 

Pro, “Tianhe, there’s only half an hour until the evaluation results come out.”

Guan Yue suddenly said, “I agreed too early. It seems to be lacking, but I won’t go back on my words. One word is worth an enormous weight—everyone understands this logic

Tianhe, “…”

This was exactly how Tianhe mocked him three months ago, when Guan Yue came up with his first extension contract. 

“You are really a vengeful man,” Tianhe said. He no longer read as he signed each page. He signed the contract and gave it back to Guan Yue. But Guan Yue didn’t receive it, so Tianhe only put it to the side.

Guan Yue took the empty glass and poured himself and Tianhe some more alcohol. He passed the glass to Tianhe as he held one in his own hands. He unlocked his phone, dialed the company’s number, and raised his wrist to glance at his watch. His glass neared Tianhe’s until they were only a few centimeters apart, ready to clink at anytime.

After midnight, at 1:58, the phone connected, and the other side said, “The meeting has ended. Guan, I will tell you the preliminary results after the summary.”

Guan Yue didn’t speak. Tianhe’s hand that held the glass was trembling slightly. 

At two o’clock, the other side said, “Extremely high evaluation. The detailed report will be sent to your mailbox three working days after the beginning of the new quarter.”

Tianhe, “!!!”

Guan Yue was absent-minded as he touched Tianhe’s glass with his own; a “cling” sounded.

“Congratulations.” Guan Yue hung up the phone, finished his drink, and set down his glass. 

Tianhe, “….”

Tianhe stared at Guan Yue who seemed to be tipsy. Guan Yue suddenly reached out and pinched Tianhe’s cheek while saying, “You are the best.”

In an instant, Tianhe’s heartbeat accelerated, and he immediately turned his head to down his tequila. He wanted to yell, but he was embarrassed. All the Bluetooth speakers in the office suddenly blasted “Ode to Joy”, calming Tianhe’s emotions and reason. When Tianhe turned around again, he discovered that Guan Yue was sitting on the swivel chair and looking at him with complicated eyes.

“Ode to Joy” gradually died out and connected to “Canon.” Tianhe was a little lost. Under the influence of alcohol, he felt an impulse in his heart. He wanted to get up and gently kiss Guan Yue’s lips. 

Guan Yue unconsciously raised his hand towards Tianhe as if he wanted to hold his hand. The two looked down at Guan Yue’s hand together.

Suddenly, Guan Yue’s phone rang and the volume of “Canon” turned down and completely disappeared. Tianhe glanced at it and saw that there was a phone call from Guan Yue’s family. Tianhe immediately got off the counter to return to his desk and sat on the swivel chair.

Guan Yue didn’t evade him as he connected the phone and put it to his ear. Right then, Tianhe realized that something was wrong. Why would there be a call from his family at two in the middle of the night?

Sure enough, Guan Yue’s lips trembled slightly as he listened to the voice on the phone. He turned to look at Tianhe behind the desk. 

“Calm down, Guan Yue. I’ll accompany you home,” Tianhe said.

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