Chapter 26

Turing's Code

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“Hello.” The receptionist came over to Tianhe’s side and said, “Here’s your ticket.” 

“Thank you,” Tianhe said as he watched the two people in the lobby intensely.

“This is beautiful, Pro,” Tianhe suddenly said. “This is love.”

Having walked some distance away from the lobby, Tong Kai headed to one side of the main floor but didn’t leave. Jiang Zijian looked at him from a few steps away, but he too was reluctant to move.

Jiang Zijian calmly opened the lobby door for the guests coming in and going out while glancing at Tong Kai from time to time. 

Pro said, “Notice the tickets on the table. Did you reserve two spots?”

Confused, Tianhe said, “I didn’t reserve two. One is for Tong Kai, the other one… Is it for Wu Shun?”

Jiang Zijian and Wu Shun looked at each other. Then, Wu Shun glanced at Tong Kai from head to toe, laughed, and said, “I’ll take over your spot for a bit, how about you get off work first?”

Luckily, even from far away, Tong Kai could hear Jiang Zijian as he said, “Wait until 3:30.” Then he winked mysteriously at Tong Kai.

“Would you like to wait at the cafe for a bit?” Jiang Zijian asked again.

Tong Kai replied, “It’s fine. I’ll wait for you here on the side.”

Wu Shun patted Jiang Zijian on the shoulder and said, “Hurry up and go. Don’t let him wait too long.”

“Ah!” Jiang Zijian was a bit embarrassed. He blocked Wu Shun’s hand and said, “I’ll hit you!” 

The guests passing by couldn’t help but look at the two doormen. Wu Shun and Jiang Zijian were very handsome in their uniform, which caused many people to stop and secretly photograph them.

Tong Kai said, “You go ahead and work. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Tong Kai went behind the pillar and called Tianhe.

“Baby,” Tong Kai said, “take a picture of the ticket and send it to my phone.” 

Tianhe opened one of the envelopes, took out the ticket, and sent a picture of it to Tong Kai. “How do you feel?”

Tong Kai said, “Oh my god, this is the feeling of falling into the river of love. My heart is about to jump out of my throat.” 

Tianhe, “???”

Holding two box tickets, Tianhe thought ‘Did I send the wrong one?’ Tong Kai was downstairs urging him to hurry, so he could only randomly take a photo of one and send it to him. He took the one he’d just photographed, tore it up into two, and placed the pieces back into the envelope.

Jiang Zijian whispered in a low voice, “How is he?”

Wu Shun nodded and said, “Not bad, he’s cultured and refined, also polite.” 

Jiang Zijian was also a bit nervous. “Then I’ll be leaving.”

Wu Shun smiled. “I’ll wait ten more minutes and then go find Tianhe.”

Jiang Zijian pretended to switch shifts at the last minute. Plucking off his hat, he turned around and walked towards Tong Kai.

“I thought you were just joking. I didn’t think you would really come.” Jiang Zijian looked carefully at Tong Kai; the two stood in front of the large “The Creation of Adam” painting on the main floor. 

Tong Kai looked at Jiang Zijian and pondered something for a moment. Jiang Zijian smiled again and said, “Let’s go? I’ll show you around the hotel for a bit.”

Tong Kai laughed. “You sound as if you own this hotel.”

Jiang Zijian leaned to the side. It was as if his whole personality had changed the moment he wore the doorman’s uniform. As he walked next to Tong Kai, he looked like a loyal and noble knight.

“Handsome Jiang is here to stretch his hand and reach for it. ” Wu Shun walked into the cafe and smiled at Tianhe.

Tianhe said, “That’s nice. Even I’m a little touched. Who would’ve thought Zijian would really look convincing wearing that uniform.” 

Wu Shun and Tianhe both erupted in laughter. With a smile in his eyes, Wu Shun looked at Tianhe and said, “Are you touched by the person or are you touched by the uniform?”

Wu Shun was also wearing the doorman’s uniform that he had still not changed out of. He had only teased Tianhe a little, yet Tianhe did not respond to it and instead said, “I want to give you a Christmas present, but I haven’t chosen one yet.”

Wu Shun, “Really? Then I’ll gladly accept it.”

Faced with two box tickets for the concert, Tianhe didn’t know what to do with them for a while. A waiter quickly came over and said in a rush, “I’m sorry, I sent a ticket to the wrong table. One of them was booked by another lady.” 

Tianhe sent the ticket back and left the cafe with Wu Shun.

“How’s work?” Wu Shun asked.

Tianhe replied, “If the TOEFL goes smoothly, then next month should be a bit more comfortable, and I won’t be as short of money as I am now.”

As long as the program passed the evaluation, Tianhe’s frozen and sealed assets and properties would all be returned. Once his assets started to operate, he would not need to be afraid of anything.

Wu Shun said, “If you say it like that, I’ll be reluctant to accept your expensive gift.”

Tianhe smiled as he said, “So please give me a little leeway. I still want to save some personal money for Guan Yue’s wedding gift.” 

Wu Shun, “….”

The two went down the stairs and entered a luxury store. Wu Shun thought about what Tianhe had said for a long time. Tianhe felt that he had killed their conversation, but Wu Shun suddenly said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have told Zijian. I regretted it as soon as I said it that day.”

“It’s alright.” Tianhe chuckled. The two of them were now standing in a watch shop. Looking at their new models, he thought that this store’s aesthetic decor was really unbearable, so he said, “Please take out your enamel models for us to take a look.”

Wu Shun said, “This store really is too expensive. When I was studying at MIT, I could only window shop here. I never dared to go in.” 

“Hahaha.” This statement jabbed at Tianhe’s funny bone. “I would do that sometimes too.”

Wu Shun shook his head and said, “I was really too poor when I was studying.”

Tianhe leaned sideways to rest lightly against the counter and looked in the direction of Wu Shun’s gaze. The clerk took out four watches for Wu Shun to choose from.

“Which one do you like?” Tianhe was currently studying Wu Shun’s expression. The former said, “If it’s hard for you to decide, then let them send all four of them to your estate.” 

“Ah, don’t be like that.” Wu Shun shook his head and said, “Just those words alone are enough to make all the girls fall.”

Tianhe gave an embarrassed laugh. His smile was very sweet as he said, “I learned it.”

Wu Shun said, “Do you care a lot about his marriage? I think that any of these can also serve as his wedding gift. There are also women’s watches here.”

Tianhe said, “A little bit.” He didn’t plan on lying to Wu Shun. “But I’m not sure his fiancee would like it.” Wu Shun said, “I think she would.”

“Because it was chosen by me?”

Wu Shun casually said, “No, she’s my ex-girlfriend. Her name is Situ Jing.”

Tianhe, “….” 

Wu Shun raised his eyebrows slightly in inquiry.

Tianhe, “………..”

Wu Shun, “?”

Tianhe said, “You… are straight?” 

Wu Shun was confused. He nodded and said, “Of course.”

Tianhe was also a bit confused, so he asked, “Your ex-girlfriend, how long were you both together?”

Wu Shun said, “Throughout high school. On her return this time, she’s staying at this hotel. I told Jiang Zijian to book a room for her here.”

Still leaning against the counter, Tianhe let out a “pfft” and then gave an unrestrained laugh. Now, he fully understood why Wu Shun was the first to know of Guan Yue’s marriage. The SASAC and the National Development and Reform Commission… so these were where Wu Shun’s news source came from! If it was like this, then the period of time in which Wu Shun broke up with his ex-girlfriend shouldn’t be far from when he went overseas to study at MIT.

Wu Shun was also amused as he said, “What?”

Tianhe’s whole face was red as he waved his hand. Wu Shun observed his expression again and said, “Wait, Tianhe, you didn’t think that towards… Ah, now I’m a bit embarrassed.” 

“No!” Tianhe immediately lifted his hand and said, “There’s no such thing. Don’t let your imagination run wild! Let’s take all four of these.”

“No, no.” Wu Shun stopped Tianhe and only took one. Tianhe fished out his card and swiped it. Wu Shun said, “I’ll treasure this gift properly.” 

Tianhe said, “Don’t worry, the card I swiped isn’t mine… hahahahahaha! I swiped the wrong one; I swiped Zijian’s card!”

Wu Shun couldn’t help laughing as the two of them walked out of the watch shop together. Tianhe suddenly walked ahead a few paces, turned around, and then began to walk backwards while facing him. Looking at Wu Shun, he said, “Your attitude towards boys is too ambiguous. That isn’t good, A-Shun.” 

Wu Shun said, “I want to get close to pretty people regardless of whether they’re male or female. For creating a misunderstanding, I’m sorry. Of course, if you want to date me, then I’m more than happy to accompany you. It’s just, sexually… I don’t think I can do that. We can try platonic love though.”

Tianhe, “The feelings of friendship and love are too different from each other. This is very interesting.”

Wu Shun reached out and took hold of Tianhe’s shoulders as the two passed a luxury store. Tian He suddenly saw Jiang Zijian leading Tong Kai through another store, so he immediately reached out and hugged Wu Shun’s waist from behind, leading him instead in another direction.

Guan Yue had been waiting in the cafe for almost two hours when Situ Jing finally came down. 

“You must’ve waited a long time,” Situ Jing said indifferently.

Guan Yue nodded as he glanced at her.

Situ Jing, “Sorry, I was making a phone call in the room just now.”

Guan Yue, “It’s me who came early.” 

Situ Jing, “Busy people also have break time? What were you doing here just now?”

Guan Yue, “Daydreaming.”

The waiter bought over the VIP box tickets and the menu. Guan Yue motioned for Situ Jing to order first. She opened the menu and shook her head. Then, she noticed that Guan Yue’s windbreaker was covered with animal hair and frowned, “What is that on your clothes?”

Guan Yue, “There’s a cat at home.” 

Situ Jing, “…..”

“Did you seriously consider the proposal from last time?” Guan Yue raised his brows slightly, giving her an inquiring look.

Situ Jing looked around and said, “Not now, give me some more time to think about it. Order something to eat first.”

Guan Yue, “Can your dad’s spies even follow you here?” 

Situ Jing said nervously, “Your dad or my dad? I don’t know. Do you want to go to a concert?”

Guan Yue, “Anything is fine. I don’t have plans today.”

Situ Jing, “Other than that, is there nothing you have to say?”

Guan Yue spread out his hands. 


At that moment, Jiang Zijian was taking Tong Kai around for some window shopping. The two stood outside the windows of a well-known brand with their noses pressed up against the glass, trying their best to put on drooling faces.

“Do you like it?” Jiang Zijian asked Tong Kai.

“Don’t,” Tong Kai earnestly said, “it’s too expensive, six thousand ah.” 

Jiang Zijian said, “Coincidentally, I wanted to buy you a Christmas gift. Let’s go inside and choose.”

Tong Kai, “I’ve never been to this store before.”

Tong Kai was being honest. He really had never been to this store before because everything in there was seriously too cheap.

Jiang Zijian said, “Don’t worry, I’ve never been in there either. Let’s go in and look around. No one will be suspicious.” 

Tong Kai summoned his courage and took a deep breath.

“Then let’s go.” Tong Kai smiled.

Wu Shun and Tianhe both stood outside the shop, secretly watching the two walk in shoulder to shoulder to shop.

Wu Shun, “Isn’t this store imitating your uncle’s style?” 

Tianhe said, “Our family’s signature clothing style is often used by various other fashion brands to touch the porcelain. We’re already used to it.”

Wu Shun sighed and laughed sentimentally. Tianhe said, “You loved her a lot?” 

“If it wasn’t for her mother who used suicide to threaten her, we wouldn’t have broken up. We were really in love,” Wu Shun said. “You should be able to understand this feeling.”

“Completely understand,” Tianhe said.

Wu Shun continued, “The people I met later no longer gave me this feeling. Before, I still held hope that Guan Yue would be unable to let go of you so… that she would be able to return to my side.”

Tianhe said, “If it’s like this, then I think I would be very willing to help you.” 

Wu Shun, “It’s a pity that the matter of whether or not a person loves you can’t be dictated by an arrangement. Even if this arrangement comes from the creator.”

“Really correct.” Tianhe nodded as he replied casually and patted Wu Shun’s back with one hand, trying to console him.

Wu Shun doubtfully looked at Tianhe and said, “Ever since you found out that I am straight, you’ve been a lot more intimate.”

Tianhe said, “Even if we were to hold hands right now, I wouldn’t mind at all.” 

Wu Shun, “But someone else would certainly mind.”


“Don’t hold my hand,” Tong Kai said. “What if your colleagues see? Do you not want to work here anymore?”

Jiang Zijian kept playing with Tong Kai’s hand with a smile in his eyes. The two stood at the counter and looked at the wallets displayed inside. The saleswoman had received the script from Jiang Zijian a day ago. Right now, her neck was lifted at a seventy-five-degree angle, proudly facing the sky. She was trying her best to act supercilious, looking at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. 

In a concerned tone, Tong Kai said to the saleswoman, “Pretty lady, do you have a stiff neck? You can rest for a while if you like. We can walk around by ourselves.”

“No need.” The worker looked down and said coldly, “Quickly choose!”

“What’s with that attitude!” Jiang Zijian said. “Acting as if we can’t afford it!” Then he slapped his card down on the counter as he said, “Bring the most expensive wallet you guys have!”

The script that the saleswoman had received didn’t include the part that Jiang Zijian had just acted out, so she was shocked. 

“That….” the worker said, “would be the newest crocodile skin bag. It’s forty-five thousand, a women’s wallet….”

“Can’t afford it.” Jiang Zijian immediately changed his tone and said, “Let’s change to this one. Do you like this?”

Tong Kai was very moved. He said to Jiang Zijian, “If you like it, I’ll buy it for you.”

Jiang Zijian, “I’ll buy it for you.” 

“I’ll buy it for you,” Tong Kai persisted.

“I’ll buy it for you.”

“I’ll buy it for you!”

The worker really wanted to say, How about I buy one for both of you? My boyfriend is still waiting outside to pick me up after work so we can spend Christmas together. Can you two hurry up?! 

Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai’s battle for power continued in full swing. On the other side of the hotel, Guan Yue placed his credit card inside the bill holder. The waiter came by to collect it, then went away to pay the bill. The two had eaten very little. Situ Jing was also continuously lost in thought.

“I don’t think I’ve ever told you that I don’t like cats,” Situ Jing said.

Guan Yue, “Sorry, I really didn’t know.”

The two fell silent. Situ Jing was playing with a stirring stick and Guan Yue silently stared at his drink. The waiter returned the card. Guan Yue looked at his watch. It was almost time, so he got up and walked ahead. 


“How about,” Jiang Zijian said to Tong Kai seriously, “we buy a couples wallet set, one for you and one for me?”

Tong Kai, “But who would get the men’s wallet?”

Jiang Zijian, “Let’s decide that after we leave… Come, come, give us the credit card swiper…” 

The store owner personally came out to wait upon them. “If you like, we still have other men’s wallets to show.”

“For your convenience, please give me the credit card.” The store owner maintained his politeness and appropriate behavior. “I’ll pay your bill using the computer.”

Jiang Zijian, “Why can’t you bring the computer out?”

Store owner, “No can do, sir. The computer has a lot of wires attached to it.” 

Tong Kai, “It’s fine, it’s fine, just take it.”

Wu Shun and Tianhe entered the shop and quietly walked to one corner. They motioned at the store employee to not greet them as they continued to spy on Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai. Eventually, Tianhe almost ran out of air laughing while watching the two of them. Wu Shun was also half-lying over the counter, laughing wildly.

“The total is twelve thousand right?” Jiang Zijian took a card to pay. This card was a secondary card that his manager had found.

“Sir….” The store owner inputted the card details into the computer, looked at the screen, and then said, “Do you want to try another card?” 

The card in Jiang Zijian’s hands had been used until it was maxed out.

Tong Kai, “…..”

Jiang Zijian, “…..”

Store owner, “….” 

“Give a card to him secretly behind his back?” Wu Shun quietly whispered.

Tianhe immediately waved his hand, signaling no need. Tong Kai said at once, “Use mine, use mine!” He took out a random card that he had brought.

Then, Tong Kai’s card was also ran through until it was maxed out.

Tianhe supported himself against Wu Shun’s shoulder, almost laughing himself to death. 

Wu Shun couldn’t watch anymore. He whispered into Tianhe’s ear, “College students don’t have money. He’s playing with him, but what if he takes him for real?”

Wearing a cheerful expression, Tianhe looked at Wu Shun.

Afterwards, with the combined efforts of Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai, the two finally bought the couples wallet set successfully. They then happily exchanged the gift bags. The two were so immersed in their roles that they both thought they would never avoid that store again.

Jiang Zijian, “Let’s go, I’ll buy you a cake. Then let’s eat it in the concert hall. Our hotel’s cake is really delicious.” 

Tong Kai walked out of the shop with Jiang Zijian.

Guan Yue and Situ Jing walked to the elevator. Situ Jing tidied herself up, creating a space between her and Guan Yue, lest the cat hair got on her.

“I’m surprised you thought of it,” Situ Jing quietly said.

Guan Yue, “I don’t understand what’s so hard to decide. Do you need this long to consider? Once we’re in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend, everybody goes and visits each other’s homes. It’s very fair.” 

Situ Jing, “And after the visit?”

Guan Yue, “After the Spring Festival, I’ll tell my family that I was too busy and we split up, that we couldn’t get along.”

Situ Jing, “Although I shouldn’t say this, your grandpa…..”

Guan Yue, “Grandpa is well. It’s just the relatives that are talking too much. I just want to make the last part of his journey easier for him. In April, when you go to London for graduate school, your parents can’t force you anymore.” 

Situ Jing stayed quiet.

“I’m tired,” Situ Jing said. “No matter how much I say, they don’t understand. If I say too much, then there’ll be a terrible scene. In this house, it’ll be best if I die.”

Guan Yue, “We don’t live in the same world as them. At least your parents love you, so there’s no need to quarrel with them every day. What if one day your mom really does take an irreversible action? What will you do in your next life?”

Situ Jing, “How about your parents?” 

Guan Yue, “They love their prideful image.”

“As long as no one goes to Grandpa’s side and talks too much, I’m fine.” Guan Yue waited for a half a day, but the elevator door still hadn’t closed. He pressed the close button again.

The elevator door that was just about close suddenly opened again. Tianhe—who was laughing himself silly—tumbled inside with Wu Shun.

“They really maxed out the card… hahahahaha!” Tianhe no longer cared about manners. “This must be the first time in Zijian’s life…” 

Wu Shun, who was leaning against Tianhe’s shoulder, straightened up after laughing. That was when the two of them noticed Guan Yue and Situ Jing standing in the elevator.

All four of them went silent simultaneously.

Pro said in the headset, “Look, after the last rewrite, my prediction success rate has vastly improved.”

In silent embarrassment, the four people stretched out their hands in unison to press the elevator’s close door button and then shrank back at the same time. 

Tianhe, “….”

Guan Yue, “…..”

Jiang Man’s elevator door stayed open for quite a long time. After a few seconds of silence, the four people reached out again to press the close button, and they retracted their hands at the same time for the second time.

Tianhe, “……………” 

Pro said, “This is really awkward. I’ll just do it.”

As the door closed, Tianhe said to Wu Shun, “What floor?”

Wu Shun took out his phone and said, “Thirty… second floor, Golden Jinhua Splendid Hall.”

Guan Yue pressed 32, but the elevator doors opened again. Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian stood outside, each holding slices of cake that they’d been eating while walking. They, too, entered the elevator. 

“This gift is really too expensive,” Tong Kai’s smile froze. “I’m really emba…rassed….”

Jiang Zijian, “Don’t be, don’t……….”

Guan Yue, “……………………..”

Tianhe tacitly closed the door again, and the elevator finally started to go up. 

In the elevator, Tong Kai blinked nervously at Guan Yue.

Guan Yue, whose face could not express more confusion than it already did, rolled his eyes.

Tong Kai remembered something again and looked at Wu Shun blankly, thinking, Is this not Jiang Zijian’s co-worker?

Wu Shun looked at Guan Yue, and then his eyes shifted to Situ Jing. 

Situ Jing carelessly brushed her hair and stared at the ground. The hand carrying her bag trembled slightly.

Jiang Zijian looked at Tianhe and Wu Shun, his brain running rapidly. Did he have to say something next? Say what?

Even Tianhe himself felt that the problem in front of him was really… beyond him. He raised his hand and pressed the headset, signaling for help.

Pro said, “I say one phrase and you say one phrase.” 

“How come I feel that I’ve met you guys before?” Tianhe said to Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai, following Pro’s suggestion.

Jiang Zijian realized and he immediately blocked Tong Kai.

Guan Yue, “??”

Tianhe, “I remember! You’re that… massage… What was it… I’ve seen you before!” 

Tong Kai, “That’s right, that’s me. What about it?”

Guan Yue, “??????”

Jiang Zijian, “I’m warning you, don’t touch him. If you want to make trouble, then come at me.”

Tianhe said coldly, “Whatever.” 

Jiang Zian and Tong Kai both let out sighs of relief at the same time. Wu Shun just smiled and looked at the two.

Tianhe looked at Wu Shun suspiciously and said, “Do you know them?” At the same time, he gently elbowed Wu Shun.

“He’s my boss.” Wu Shun immediately realized and followed along, “The concierge.”

Tianhe, “Oh–” 

Situ Jing, “???????”

Situ Jing doubtfully looked at Wu Shun, who was still in his doorman’s uniform, and then glanced at Guan Yue. However, she said nothing in the end.

Wu Shun said to Jiang Zijian, “Is Boss going to the concert too?”

Jiang Zijian, “En, I reserved a private box. No one else reserved it since it was too expensive. You want to come along?” 

Hinting not to say anything, Tong Kai glanced at Guan Yue, who appeared to have been shocked into silence. The latter rarely spoke anyway, so Tong Kai then said in a delighted voice, “Splendid Hall! The moment you hear that name, you know it’ll be very elegant!”

Jiang Zian also quickly gave Guan Yue a meaningful look, and said to Tong Kai with a smile, “When you go inside, you’ll see that it isn’t that high-end.”

Guan Yue, “??????????????”

Immediately afterward, Guan Yue made a move that almost caused everyone to break down at the same time. He looked down in a state of confusion, rolled up his sleeves, and pinched his right arm with his left hand. 

In the elevator, Tianhe, Tong Kai, Wu Shun, and Jiang Zijian all took a deep breath at the same time, their bodies trembling slightly.

With a “ding” sound, the elevator arrived. Tianhe could no longer look directly at Guan Yue. He urgently needed to find a place where no one was around so he could lay on the ground and laugh for ten minutes. He ran away like a gust of wind, leaving Wu Shun behind.

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yummers: From now on I’ll indicate when the scene changes (flashback or to another couple/people that are talking). I hope it makes the reading experience slightly easier and better! Thanks for reading <33

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Cat and Caro.


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