Chapter 14

Turing's Code

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After eating, the two got up and strolled for a few blocks. Guan Yue made several phone calls and said to Tianhe, “Phantom of the Opera, VIP seats.”

“I don’t want to go see a Broadway show. The noise gives me a headache.” Tianhe consulted his teachers’ opinions of Cambridge social research for all detailed first-hand information. Two years ago, he had helped design a software framework for social character analysis and conducted several experiments, through which he had accurately predicted several large financial trends.

While it was merely an analysis result for Tianhe, one of those predictions, was very important to Guan Yue because it was related to the exchange rate trends of the euro and the pound. Now, the company was still divided in their opinions about tomorrow’s situation. According to his own judgment, Guan Yue had repeatedly proposed that Britain was already close to leaving the EU, to which his associates had repeatedly and relentlessly rejected.

“What did Buffett say?” Tianhe asked. “Didn’t your boss take you to dinner with him last week?”

Guan Yue replied, “Don’t listen to that old fool.”

“No fool knows him better than you.” Tianhe sneered.

Guan Yue, “What if Buffett’s opinion is the opposite of mine?”

Tianhe’s eyebrows furrowed.

Guan Yue, “See, aren’t you also influenced by other people’s opinions? I’m not the only one who avoids customs.”

“I don’t believe that’s what that old fox meant,” Tianhe stubbornly said. Guan Yue didn’t take his words seriously. He leaned sideways, looked at Tianhe’s phone screen, and raised his eyebrows as if to say, What does it mean?

“It’s already twelve o’clock.” After nearly eight hours on the plane, Tianhe was now quite jittery. “The professor is in his seventies. Well, even if you are lucky enough to get him up, he also can’t type well. He is like an outdated computer in our laboratory that often takes a long time to boot up. Please just wait and be patient.”

Guan Yue waved his hand. Tianhe walked from Central Park back to Fifth Avenue. He didn’t know where he wanted to go when Guan Yue suddenly pushed open a store’s door and went inside. Tianhe knew that he wanted to buy him a birthday present and said, “Don’t buy anymore, I just had autumn clothes made.”

Guan Yue fished out his card and signaled for Tianhe to choose. Tianhe casually chose a watch. Guan Yue himself wore a Roger Dolby’s Round Table Knight that was a graduation gift from Tianhe.

Tianhe put on his new watch, turned around, and walked out of the store. Guan Yue paid with his card and took the receipts, but he didn’t know where to put them. He finally threw them into the garbage can.

Tianhe took out a bag of chocolate beans and ate as he walked while looking at his phone from time to time. When the news finally came out...

“According to the module’s analysis results, the British will win by a narrow margin.” Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue and advised, “Pay attention to the professor’s words.”

Guan Yue knew that tone of voice. The old professor was confident about the conclusions drawn by the laboratory’s module. But Guan Yue had little faith in the British. After all, this conclusion contradicted what they had said during the afternoon meeting.

“Anyway, there are only three results,” Tianhe concluded. “You can figure it out for yourself.”

Guan Yue was puzzled when he heard Tianhe say “three results.”

“Take off, do not take off, Schrödinger’s take off,” Tianhe calmly replied. “Schrödinger’s British and Schrödinger’s English. Don’t bother asking me what these mean.”

Guan Yue knew that Tianhe was teasing him again, and wanted him to cooperate with his humor to lighten the atmosphere. Tianhe added, “Boss, shall we sleep outside the convenience store tonight? I’ll take a seat first, I really can’t walk any further. I think the empty space between the two tramps is good enough to block the wind.”

Guan Yue took Tianhe to a hotel so he laid himself in bed first.

“You’ll wash first?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue, who had been working for twenty-seven hours, nodded.

Tianhe climbed over and wrapped his legs around Guan Yue’s waist. He unbuttoned his shirt, took off his watch, and then bent his head to kiss his chest. Guan Yue turned his head sideways and quickly edited the message on his phone to arrange for tomorrow’s response, but he hesitated just before sending it.

Tianhe slid his hand down and squeezed twice through Guan Yue’s suit pants. “President, can you still be a wild stallion today?”

Guan Yue reached out, his slender fingers clasping Tianhe’s forehead, and kissed the latter’s eyebrows. “Are you satisfied with what you’re touching?”

Tianhe didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and asked, “Let’s wash together?”

Guan Yue was still pondering whether to send the message or not. It seemed likely that tomorrow’s British referendum results would turn out contrary to his analysis as well as Tianhe’s predictions; even one wrong decision of his could cause his entire team to suffer heavy losses.

“Don’t you guys hedge?” Tianhe asked, as he took off his clothes in the bathroom and lay down in the bathtub.

“Do,” Guan Yue replied. “Separate decisions.”

“If everyone has their own decisions, what were you doing with a group of people in the conference room?” Tianhe asked.

Upset, Guan Yue responded, “Don’t ask.”

Tianhe, “You must accompany me all day tomorrow, or else... You’ll see.”

Guan Yue said nothing.

When Tianhe came out after taking a bath, Guan Yue hadn’t even taken off his black socks. He was lying on his side of the big bed with his upper body bare, wearing only a pair of trousers. How he looked before Tianhe went in for a bath was still the same as when he came out.

Tianhe, “......”

The next day, Guan Yue and Tianhe went to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tianhe had been there many times, but each time he lingered in front of Paul Gauguin’s paintings.

“I want to go to Tahiti,” Tianhe said. “But I think the Tahiti in the painting and the real Tahiti would be two different places.”

Guan Yue stood behind Tianhe and said, “Appreciation cannot come only from a single-line of flat paint.”

Tianhe replied, “Hmn, you only like Van Gogh—the kind of colors of a thriving life rooted in suffering. Whether Beethoven or Van Gogh, you have a pessimistic romanticism.”

Guan Yue looked down at his phone, while Tianhe looked up at the picture and whispered, “His teacher, Pissarro, would have been softer. There’s a kind of compassion for the world in his paintings, and something I think you might need…”

Guan Yue received a phone call. It was very quiet around him so his voice sounded particularly abrupt. He immediately motioned with his hand and went out to find a place to take the call. Tianhe’s eyebrows furrowed. After waiting for nearly half an hour, he finally sat down on the bench in front of the painting and looked down at his phone.

“I have to go back to the company.” Guan Yue came in with quick steps and explained, “The boss asked me to explain last night’s operation, or else they won’t let the decision pass.”

Although Tianhe was somewhat angry, he still controlled himself and in a tiny voice said, “You promised me.”

“Just half an hour,” Guan Yue said. “Have a cup of coffee and wait for me at the salon.”

Tianhe didn’t speak any further. Guan Yue turned and walked out of the museum.

“The door is over there,” Tianhe said.

The Metropolitan was like a maze, Guan Yue climbed down the stairs and left the museum. 

Tianhe went to the salon on the fifth floor. When Guan Yue came to New York to take up the job, he donated a large sum of money and bought a membership to the salon. Tianhe occasionally visited a few times a year.

Tianhe drank six cups of coffee in the salon while he waited, until it was five o’clock in the evening. Seven hours later, Guan Yue still hadn’t returned.

The Brexit vote was over, and the news that came out showed that 52% had voted to leave the EU. Sure enough, the Brexit faction won by a narrow margin, after which the pound crashed.

“Hi.” Tianhe was at the airport when he got through to Guan Yue’s phone.

Guan Yue sent a location to Tianhe. He had already left Wall Street and was now in his car on his way back to the museum.

Tianhe, “No need to come back, just continue working hard. I’ll go back first. I have class tomorrow morning.” He signaled the captain to take off and the stewardess came over to fasten the seat belt for Tianhe. Guan Yue had a lot to say but kept his silence.

“Your boss must be happy,” Tianhe said. “Maybe this will help eliminate some of his prejudice against you. Bye.”

The plane took off as the phone signal went dead.

When Guan Yue returned to his office that night, the cake Tianhe brought was still on his desk. Guan Yue was about to throw it away, but he hadn’t eaten anything all day. He opened the cake box, which contained figurines of small sugar-coated men in suits. One was of Guan Yue standing with money in his hands. The other was of Tianhe kneeling on one knee, as if he was proposing. The sugar-coated figurine knelt clumsily, it seemed that Tianhe had just learned how to make them.

For a week, after returning to London from New York, Tianhe isolated himself behind closed doors and declined to meet visitors. Guan Yue came by twice in a row. Tianhe only went outside once to complete a project at school, and once when he went to play with Jiang Zijian.

Guan Yue had limited time and had no time to meet up. New York urged him like a mad dog. There was no choice but to hurry back.

“I have to work hard on my graduation project.” Tianhe said. He heard romantic and melodious music coming from the other side. “It has been like this for the last two or three months. You shouldn’t contact me too much.”

Guan Yue was at his celebration party. He picked up his phone and turned the camera towards the party.

Guan Yue, “Seriously, you’re a genius. Thanks to you, I can make up my mind this time.”

Tianhe gently said, “With or without me, you would not change your decision. You are a person who does not turn back once you are determined. Your talent made it happen.”

Guan Yue had become the most outstanding Chinese investor in the company’s history since he took up his post. However, the fund had yet to recognize his status. Without a doubt, they were likely to also be waiting for an opportunity for him to shine like a supernova in the night sky of Wall Street, and this opportunity had finally arrived...

The two of them were separated by the Atlantic Ocean, with only a video connecting them. After a period of silence, Guan Yue said all of a sudden, “Baby, I have a strong feeling that you are going to leave me soon.”

“This thought has always been on my mind,” Tianhe replied. “Since the day you decided to go to New York to take up your job, you have become like a ghost to me. That day in New York, I just caught you by chance.”

Guan Yue, “I know we have a lot of problems.”

Tianhe, “I don’t want to recall those problems any more. I would rather we left good memories.”

Another long silence.

Guan Yue, “You regret it.”

Tianhe said, “A little. I regret impulsively saying yes to you after I heard your confession on the River Thames.”

Guan Yue seriously looked at Tianhe. Compared to the day when he had confessed to Tianhe five years ago, Guan Yue’s expression had gradually become sharper, but that expression on his face was one that Tianhe still knew well.

Tianhe, “I know, but even if you hadn’t confessed, we still would have been the best of friends. I wouldn’t have become angry just because you were late or didn’t show up. I could still make fun of you without taking your little self-esteem into account. You would still continue to send me gifts and I would sincerely accept them.”

“If we hadn’t fallen in love, I could have continued being as mean to you as I were back in the days when we were growing up together,” Tianhe said. “If you’d said east, I wouldn’t have gone west… I would have followed you to the South Pole, to Brazil, to Costa Rica… I would have called your parents as mine and I wouldn’t have wondered if their words to me had any other meaning or have put myself in somebody else’s shoes just to understand myself…”

“...I wouldn’t have trembled with anger when I heard that you’d gone out on a blind date with someone, I would have only wished you happiness. I would have brought my boyfriend over and introduced him to you. If someone had dared to leave me anywhere and made me wait for seven hours, hungry and tired, you would have certainly gone and beaten up my boyfriend. You can’t beat yourself up, can you?”

Guan Yue just listened in silence, but when Tianhe mentioned the blind date, he immediately interrupted him.

“I swear to God I didn’t go on a blind date,” Guan Yue explained. “That girl is the daughter of the boss of a branch company under China Construction Group. I only had a meal with her and helped her come up with some ideas. It was only afterwards that I found out what their family’s real intentions were...”

Tianhe replied, “I know, she just wanted to talk to you about investments. Fortunately she didn’t take a liking to you. Your father has to wait on them now that he has engaged with them in constructing infrastructure projects.”

Guan Yue, “Who told you, Tianyue?”

“Is that important?” Tianhe said. “The ideal daughter-in-law should be like her, right? It can’t be me.”

Guan Yue, “I don’t love her.”

Tianhe, “Does it matter? Family marriages don’t usually take love into account.”

Guan Yue suddenly received a phone call. Tianhe saw him looking down at his phone, but this time Guan Yue rejected the call and continued with the video.

“Was that her?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue shook his head, pondered for a bit, and then replied, “Boss.”

Tianhe, “This is the first time I’ve seen you reject your boss’s call. It seems today’s situation is really serious.”

Guan Yue still didn’t speak.

“Forget it. I’m tired,” Tianhe said wearily. “If you want to think about the east and the west, talk to me when you are free.”

They’ve had two years of daily quarrels, he didn’t want to quarrel anymore. Tianhe just wanted to go back to his data and code. He didn’t want to think about anything, thus he turned off the video.

This was how they came to the day when they finally broke up. Tianhe felt like it had been a century since then, but as he counted...

“It seems that only a year has passed,” Tianhe said as he sat in the conference room. “I always feel like it’s been a long time.”

Pro replied, “You often recall the past.”

Tianhe, “No, rarely. If you hadn’t asked me, I’d never have remembered.”

It was almost seven o’clock, but on the contrary, Tianhe was not angry. He just felt a little funny. He asked him to meet at two-thirty only to have him wait in his company until seven o’clock?

Guan Yue’s progress today was two forts and one plane. The ship’s deck and rail had already been retrieved by the assistant so as not to interfere with his attention. At dusk, the CFO sorted out the reply from the company’s headquarters’. Today, he specifically mentioned that Epeus would be guaranteed in the next quarter. They always believed in Guan Yue,  so they didn’t even listen carefully to the details. The boss had said many other things.

“He’s still not here?”

Guan Yue was so busy that he forgot his appointment with Tianhe.

“The one who brought clothes?” asked the CFO, “He’s still waiting in the reception room.”

Guan Yue, “......”

Qingsong’s rule was no private guests at work. Although Guan Yue had been working on the model airplane the past few hours, his work had not stopped and everything was still operating as usual. The CFO saw that something was wrong and remembered that he had made an appointment for Guan Yue to meet with Wen Tianhe in the afternoon. He got up and went to see the tailor first. As he arrived in the reception room to meet the tailor, he didn’t expect to see Tianhe himself.

Guan Yue got up, put away the model parts in his hands, and sat at his desk. As he sat down, Tianhe entered the office holding two suits, and stared intently at Guan Yue.

“Aunt Fang had these made for you,” Tianhe said with a smile. “No worries. It seems that you are quite busy today. I’ll excuse myself. I won’t disturb you. Bye.”


Guan Yue knew that Tianhe was angry. He put down the information in his hand and said nothing.

The door of the office could only be opened by Guan Yue’s fingerprint or by the remote control that was on Guan Yue’s desk. The CFO had already closed the door, so Tianhe couldn’t get out.

“I have something to say,” Guan Yue said.

“If you don’t open the door, I’ll call the police,” Tianhe said coldly.

Pro said in his earphone, “I suggest you listen to what he has to say.”

Tianhe just turned around and gazed at Guan Yue. Guan Yue pressed the remote control and the door opened. Tianhe was about to go out when the CFO came in.

Guan Yue made a gesture, indicating for Tianhe to sit down. The CFO took a chair and sat down first.

Alright! Tianhe stayed put in anger.

The CFO leafed through the information in his hand, while Guan Yue opened his email inbox and began to reply to today’s mail.

CFO, “Mr. Wen, according to the application you submitted to our Chairman Guan during your last visit to our company, we have been considering it for some time…”

“What application?” Tianhe replied. “I don’t remember submitting anything to your Chairman Guan.”

The light-touch keyboard was embedded into the desktop. Zooming in and out with his fingers, Guan Yue typed and replied swiftly, dropping meaningless letters into the classification column of the postbox.

“Your application to save Epeus,” The CFO said. “We investigated your company’s financial situation and took advice from some relevant experts…”

At this point, the CFO stopped. He flipped through his iPad, crossed his legs, and solemnly said, “To tell you the truth, I personally don’t think much of it.”

Tianhe’s eyes turned from the CFO to Guan Yue.

Tianhe’s eyebrows twisted up slightly, showing a sad expression.

At the same time, Guan Yue’s eyebrows also twisted up. He had encountered trouble and was involved in a factional personnel struggle at the company headquarters. Qingsong’s boss had just got up from bed fifteen minutes ago when he got the news. He was angry after reading the email and unceremoniously criticized the partner in India. The partner’s project had been finalized after discussions with Guan Yue in June of this year.

This was an international merger and acquisition between China, India, and the U.S. The boss then copied the email to Guan Yue. It was conceivable that this time Guan Yue must pay great attention to the wording.

He lifted his eyes from the mail and looked at Tianhe.

They both frowned at one another. Guan Yue thought of the words he had commonly used during the past few days so he could embed them into the email. Hence, he continued to reply to the mail.

Tianhe silently looked at Guan Yue, then said, “You haven’t changed at all. You’re still insane.”

Guan Yue said nothing. Tianhe added, “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this to me.”

Guan Yue finished replying to the email, his slender left fingers sent the email that flew across the Pacific Ocean to New York on the east coast of the United States, and turned to face Tianhe.

Guan Yue glanced at Tianhe and then looked away. Tianhe finally spoke out. His tone was quite tranquil but his words were blunt.

“The night you got drunk at the bar, I seriously thought that we might be friends again,” Tianhe said. “But today, I think it may just be wishful thinking on my part. In the reception room outside, do you know what I was thinking?”

The CFO immediately got up. If he didn’t run now, he was afraid he wouldn't have the chance to run later. Tianhe’s reaction confirmed his guess. In order to continue his career smoothly, he received a generous annual salary and shared dividends. The boss’s private matters must not be heard.

Guan Yue tapped the remote control and let the CFO out.

Tianhe continued, “This was not the longest time I’ve waited for you. It was when I also waited from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, remember?”

Guan Yue abruptly said, “Take it all out. I know you want to turn over old accounts.”

Pro, “Tianhe, calm down. We’ve done it, he has made a decision. You know as long as he makes a decision, it won’t change.”

Tianhe took a deep breath and angrily exclaimed, “Guan Yue!”

Tianhe thoroughly flared up, but Guan Yue’s brows creased even tighter.

“Forget it.” Tianhe said. “Guan Yue, I came to ask for your help because you were the only one in this world who knew my talents and my values the best. The last time I visited, with the last glimmer of hope left, I asked you to be my investor. That I would also try my best to repay you at the capital level, to make you satisfied and move forward with you.”

Tianhe sincerely said, “I really came to you with the mentality of a partnership. People who engage in capital operations don't understand me. I thought you knew me. I didn’t expect that in the end you would say that I ‘seriously overstimulated my professional level.’”

“I don’t know what happened,” Tianhe said, a little puzzled, “that would make you suddenly think otherwise and evaluate me like this. I think this may be the normal state of breaking up; the deeper the love, the deeper the hate after separation. Now, you despise me as much as you once approved of me, and today, it was like you were giving alms to a beggar who came to your door, hinting to your subordinates to mock and ridicule me. I am a man of the Wen family. Even if I go bankrupt, it is not their turn to laugh at me. I don’t mind these things, but you have erased all my value.”

Guan Yue finally responded, “You haven’t changed a bit, still the same as before. You are a child, Tianhe. You live under the protection of all the people who care for you, where you can peacefully pursue your talents, your dreams, and reflect on your values. But you don’t know how many people have worked hard and in places you don’t realize, trying to protect you from this malicious world.”

Guan Yue does not know how to speak comforting words. Most of the time, he just doesn't want to speak at all.

“Someone once said that he would protect me like this for the rest of my life.” Tianhe’s anger finally subsided, just like a gust of wind blowing the clouds apart. He smiled and said, “But today, it turned into a ‘teaching me how to grow up face-to-face’ lesson, which is much more realistic. Thank you, Guan Yue.”

Guan Yue, “......”

Guan Yue resumed his silence as he stared at Tianhe, his hand shaking uncontrollably on the desk.

Tianhe got up and politely explained, “Another company has extended the bankruptcy guarantee for me. I really just came here today to deliver your clothes. Would you like to see them? I don’t think you’d wear them, though.”

Tianhe walked towards the office door, but Guan Yue was reluctant to press the switch on the remote control.

Pro, “Count from one to ten, I guarantee...”

“Open the door!” Tianhe said. “I really have to go.”

Finally, without warning, the office door opened without Guan Yue pressing the button.

“Thank you,” Tianhe said, and left Qingsong Capital without looking back.

“I’m sorry, Tianhe,” Pro’s voice said. “I am an AI. I had no idea that under your calm words there was such a complex mood. If you had told me earlier, I think I might not have suggested you go to Guan Yue.”

“It doesn’t matter, Pro,” Tianhe replied. “Since I made the decision, I will be responsible for it. Blaming the person who made the suggestion is a child’s behavior.”

Tianhe drove off of Financial Center Avenue. There were not as many cars on the road today, so the whole drive was unimpeded.

Pro, “I love you, Tianhe. I wish you more happiness than my death.”

Tianhe was amused by this sentence and said, “You will not die, you will outlive us. I promise you, Pro, that as long as I live, I will do everything I can to keep you alive. However, don’t just say ‘I love you’ casually, because you still don’t know what love is.”

Pro, “Like Wu Shun?”

Tianhe drove quietly. Pro added, “But you refused Wu Shun.”

“Yeah.” Tianhe felt tired. He sighed and said, “I am such a person. I still live like a child who doesn’t understand the stakes. Was it you who opened the door for me?”

Pro said nothing. Tianhe added, “Guess it was you then. Pro, that was too dangerous. The CEO’s office door casually opened? He’d suspect me.”

Pro, “No, his hands were shaking at that time. From what I know about him, once he is nervous, his fingers will tremble slightly with an amplitude of about half a centimeter. He will just think that he accidentally touched the automatic control area on his desk.”

Guan Yue’s desk was specially customized. The desktop was equivalent to a large screen display. By directly clicking the corresponding area on the desk, he could control the rising and falling of the display screen and projection curtain that ranged from investment analysis, stock, and futures trading. It could create a form, open the office door, or even boil water for tea, etc. to meet all his needs. Just before Tianhe left, Guan Yue’s hand was resting on the touch door-opening area of his desk.

Pro, “Although, according to my prediction, if you had stayed in front of the door for another ten seconds, he would have gotten up, ran to the door, hugged you from behind, pressed you against the door, and madly kissed you. That was why he was nervous.”

“Stop!” Tianhe shouted.

“But I understand you, I understand why you broke up with him in the end,” Pro said. “Tianhe, I believe that your speech has a high probability of success. After the summit, I still believe that someone will be willing to invest for you.”

“Thank you.” Tianhe pressed his foot on the accelerator, causing the car engine to issue a low roar and accelerate. With the autumn monsoon blowing deciduous leaves, the car sped along Linjiang Avenue as fast as lightning.

“Wait, did you successfully hack into his personal office system?”

“Into two modules to be exact. After all, the stock and futures trading一the company’s top-secret files一are all encrypted with quantum codes.”

“Which two modules?”

“The modules controlling the office door and the one that boils water. Shall I boil a pot of water for him now? He may be startled.”

“Boil it, boil it continuously for 36 hours! He will surely think it’s haunted! Hahahaha!”

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1 year ago

Now i kinda understand more why he broke up with Guan Yue, tbh I would have break up with him as well, not only for my benefit but for his too.