Chapter 35

Tiandi Baiju

Translator(s): beansprout
Editor(s): Opal

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Translator's Comment:

hello everyone *honks my little clown nose* after some agonizing, i decided to change “Little Li” back to “Xiao Li.” sorry to switch on everyone again! gonna edit previous chapters when i have some time ;w; i think this’ll be my final decision. i’m also going back and changing “dollars” to “yuan” and will be sticking with “Xiao” and “yuan” going forward!

also not to overshare but my family also has a history of mental illness and most of my family members in older generations tiptoe around the subject like it’s taboo, so what du jing said about his dad…his family’s quiet, insidious ableism…i felt that :’)

anyway!! the rainy field in spain is my favorite scene in this whole entire novel so pls enjoy some beautiful fanart with me! [1][2][3]

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filled with regret