Chapter 5 - Meeting Demons

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They just came up with the name randomly, I don’t know what it means.

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Xiang Cheng could only take the bathrobe and head to Room 702.

Chi Xiaoduo leaned against the head of the bed like a beached, depressed cuttlefish. He slapped his metaphorical tail against the bed a few times, his mind blank.

Forget it, he should just leave ba. He also didn’t even know where David had gone. Chi Xiaoduo got up, walked to the door, and was about to leave.

Xiang Cheng knocked on the door from outside. Chi Xiaoduo said, "Oh, are you back?"

Xiang Cheng walked in without saying a word, and Chi Xiaoduo raised his eyes, meeting his gaze head on.

This was a meeting arranged by fate; for the first time in his twenty-six years of life, Chi Xiaoduo really felt his heart momentarily skip a beat. It was like the moment when he was called on by a teacher when he was in college. In that unexpected moment, he lost control of his entire body, and his soul and body completely separated.

SO HOT AHHHHHHHH! Chi Xiaoduo almost cried out.

He was 1.85 meters tall, his skin was a healthy bronze color, and he was wearing a snow-white shirt and trousers. His facial features were deep and bewitching, and his sword-shaped eyebrows were beautiful. What's more, even while wearing this, he seemed neither overstated nor girlish; this handsome man was tall and big, and even with him just standing there, Chi Xiaoduo couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

It seemed that the other person was also in his mid-twenties, and he had a bathrobe on his arm.

Chi Xiaoduo couldn’t help but echo oh my god, oh my god, what are they up to now? Who are you?!

Chi Xiaoduo's expression was both thirsty and confused, and Xiang Cheng said, "David isn’t feeling well, so he switched with me to give you an oil massage."

"O...Okay." Chi Xiaoduo completely felt as if he was meeting his dream lover, although it seemed that something was a bit off... It wasn’t the situation that was off, but the feeling that this person gave him. Wasn’t this person a duck? He didn’t seem like one at all though?

Xiang Cheng went into the bathroom with his bathrobe to change his clothes.

“Please take a seat. Wait just a moment, I'll be ready soon,” Xiang Cheng said from the bathroom.

On the bedside table and tea table, and all around, white roses were stuck everywhere, and music was playing.

In the bathroom separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall, a figure appeared. Xiang Cheng’s naked body was reflected on the frosted glass wall.

Chi Xiaoduo: “.....”

Xiang Cheng put on his bathrobe, tied it, and said to Chi Xiaoduo, "Sit down."

Xiang Cheng was obviously bare, with nothing else on his body besides the white bathrobe, and his chest was strong and powerful. When he rolled up the sleeve of his bathrobe, Chi Xiaoduo had to swallow a few times at the sight.

"Can I... take a picture?" Chi Xiaoduo asked carefully.

Xiang Cheng motioned for him to take a picture, and Chi Xiaoduo resolutely took out his cellphone to take some. Besides that, while he was at it, he nervously opened up a photo stream and set up the gallery, so that photos taken at any time on his cellphone would be uploaded into the cloud for automatic backup, to prevent him from accidentally deleting them later. He was too hot! He may have only one such encounter in his entire life!

"Lie down."

Chi Xiaoduo sat on the bed while Xiang Cheng stood there. When their eyes met, Xiang Cheng's eyebrows rose slightly, and he looked at him with inquiring eyes. Xiang Cheng was very handsome, his hair was a little long, and he looked like an unruly rake.

Both his hands and feet were long, his skin was very clean, and he carried a slight scent of smoke and the natural scent of his skin on his body. He didn’t have any cologne on, and with that , Chi Xiaoduo’s favorable impression of him kept rising steadily.

"Your name is..." Chi Xiaoduo's eyes glanced at the glinting badge pinned to his bathrobe. "Valpoli...cella... Isn't that the name of a red wine?"

Chi Xiaoduo: “???”

"Call me Xiang-ge." Xiang Cheng unscrewed the oil and put on massage gloves while replying. "They just came up with the name randomly, I don’t know what it means."

Although Chi Xiaoduo thought that this man was tall, handsome and manly...this was heading down the path of going there with a duck! And he was supposed to call a duck ‘Xiang-ge’. How could he let those words come out of his mouth?!

Chi Xiaoduo's heart beat wildly, somewhere between nervousness and anticipation. Xiang Cheng then brought over a pillow for him to use and said, "If you feel uncomfortable, just say something."

"O...Okay." Chi Xiaoduo thought, in fact, his dream boyfriend was exactly like Xiang Cheng’s type, but why was it that he could only meet such a man by spending money to buy his services ahhhhhhhh! If they had met in normal life and started dating, Chi Xiaoduo would definitely have been willing to do that.

Such a pity, such a pity, such a pity... Countless lines in a barrage roared over Chi Xiaoduo's head.

Xiang Cheng stood by the bed, pressing his hands against Chi Xiaoduo's naked back, leaning over and spreading essential oil across his back with his broad palm.

When their skin touched, Chi Xiaoduo felt an electric current run from his back to his front.

"Is the door...locked?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.

Xiang Cheng: "?”

Xiang Cheng went to make sure that the door was locked, and when he came back, he continued the massage. Chi Xiaoduo couldn’t help but shiver when Xiang Cheng’s warm palm touched his ankle and then began to use oil to massage him. Chi Xiaoduo was so nervous that he was about to die, and he couldn’t stop staring at the clock on the wall. It was ten o’clock, and the oil massage had been booked for two hours. This was so awkward, what else were they going to do later?! And they were going to do the full set? What did the “full set” even mean?

"Take off your underwear." Xiang Cheng asked.

"No, no, no,” Chi Xiaoduo replied reflexively.

"Take it off ."


"Take it off! "

Chi Xiaoduo: “....”

Xiang Cheng's tone was filled with an irresistible, overbearing force. Chi Xiaoduo’s entire face went red, and he could only take off his underwear. Xiang Cheng then began to massage his thighs.

Chi Xiaoduo secretly glanced at Xiang Cheng . Seeing Xiang Cheng's expression looking normal, without any difference , he thought this person is really calm, he must have seen a lot of shining pale bodies ba.

Xiang Cheng's big hand slid up Chi Xiaoduo's thigh with the oil. It felt so good that Chi Xiaoduo wanted to moan.

"Ah... it’s a little too strong..." Chi Xiaoduo was so comfortable that his voice changed and he trembled instinctively, but Xiang Cheng didn't touch him elsewhere, instead just massaging into and up his thigh.

Ahhhhhhhhh—what a shame! A million alpacas milled around and bumped against the walls of Chi Xiaoduo’s heart. He felt thunder roll through the skies, but he also felt really good. It was about to turn into a situation where his mouth said ‘no’ while his body was much more honest, when Xiang Cheng wiped him down, face-to-face, and then said, "Your bathrobe, take it off."

"No!" Chi Xiaoduo screeched.

Xiang Cheng was a little impatient and took Chi Xiaoduo’s bathrobe off him.

Chi Xiaoduo: “....”

Chi Xiaoduo was about to start yelling, but Xiang Cheng turned away and turned off the light.

The music was soothing, and the smell of essential oils made Chi Xiaoduo feel very comfortable. Xiang Cheng's hands were sometimes light and sometimes heavy as he rubbed his way across his chest, using essential oils to massage his body.

Xiang Cheng spoke very little; Chi Xiaoduo got interrogated about the number of people in his household every time he went out just to get his hair cut, so he wasn’t used to such a quiet service. He wanted to strike up a conversation with Xiang Cheng, but he didn’t know what to say. The lighting in the room was very dim, and Chi Xiaoduo sneakily turned his head back to look at Xiang Cheng behind him.

With the dim lighting, Xiang Cheng's side profile looked even more handsome. When he came forward to pull up his arms and massage his waist, Chi Xiaoduo's heart beat violently, and he felt something pressing up behind him.

"What's your name?" Xiang Cheng also seemed a bit stiff as he avoided pressing his body up against Chi Xiaoduo.

"Chi Xiaoduo." Chi Xiaoduo no longer resisted Xiang Cheng, and he felt that the initial tension between them had been dispelled by Xiang Cheng's casual manner . Xiang Cheng’s hands massaged him until he lost all power of thought, moving across his chest, abdomen, and thighs. Finally, Xiang Cheng made him lie on his stomach on the bed while he held him from behind. Xiang Cheng’s whole person pressed down on him as he separated Chi Xiaoduo’s two hands behind them to perform a movement to relax his joints.

The unique charm and smell of a man’s body made Chi Xiaoduo completely unable to control himself for a moment.

——That was the most unforgettable night for Chi Xiaoduo. There were no words that could describe his feelings.

"Does it hurt?" Xiang Cheng asked.

Chi Xiaoduo gasped and said, "It's very good, feels really good."

"Go take a bath." Xiang Cheng knelt on the bed and pointed to the bathroom.

Xiang Cheng was sweating a little.

Chi Xiaoduo took a bath in the bathroom. Someone knocked on the door outside and sent in a piece of cake; it was a slice from the cake that Chi Xiaoduo had just cut in the shower room and split between everyone.

Xiang Cheng said, "Cake."

There was the sound of water running, and Chi Xiaoduo poked his head out, his wet hair plastered against his forehead. He glanced at it, laughed, and said with his eyes shining brightly, "My treat, you eat it ba."

Xiang Cheng sat on the bed with his feet propped up, holding the plate and finishing off the piece of cake in two bites.

Chi Xiaoduo hummed in the bathroom, feeling very warm inside. His heart pounded, and he felt that he was going to fall in love with him. But of course, that was impossible.

He also knew that for Xiang Cheng, he was just a customer who had paid for his services. It would be so nice to have such a boyfriend, but he shouldn’t be delusional.

Xiang Cheng blow-dried his hair for him, went out, brought his clothes in, let him put them on, and even specially prepared a new pair of underwear for him.

Chi Xiaoduo: “???”

That was it?

That WAS IT??!!

What about the full set??! Chi Xiaoduo exclaimed wildly in his heart, weren’t they going to do the full set?! Nothing had happened at all AHHHHHH!

No, didn’t the foot massage guy just say that they “didn’t do anything shady”? Chi Xiaoduo understood; it was probably Wang Ren joking around with him again. However, taking ten thousand steps back, he felt that it was also very good like this. Not getting to that step actually gave him a faint sense of happiness.

En, it was good, it was good. Chi Xiaoduo grew a bit happy again.


“Giving it to you,” Xiang Cheng said.

Chi Xiaoduo thought, keeping a memento would be nice. He put it on, and it fit well. After he put on his clothes, Xiang Cheng also tied his shoelaces for him and took him to the front desk to check out.

“It’s already been paid for." Xiang Cheng said.

The attendant bowed to Chi Xiaoduo while beaming at him and said, "Please fill out this survey."

There was no name or other content to be filled out on the survey, only the evaluation of the service. Chi Xiaoduo checked everything as “Very Satisfied.”

The attendant asked, "Did you like our Xiang-ge?"

Chi Xiaoduo's face was a little red, and he laughed while not speaking. He still wanted to interact with Xiang Cheng a little more, but time was already up. Xiang Cheng took a piece of candy from the service desk, unwrapped it, casually handed it to Chi Xiaoduo, and took him outside. All of Chi Xiaoduo’s friends had left.

Xiang Cheng asked, "How will you get back?"

"I'll go back myself ba." Chi Xiaoduo said, "Goodbye."

All the ushers came out and lined up. Eight handsome men bowed to Chi Xiaoduo and said in unison, "We welcome you to come back again——"

Xiang Cheng on the other hand, didn’t bow. He just stood there, tall, stately, and handsome, just like a prince among the stars in the sky.

Chi Xiaoduo thought about it, smiled at them, and said, "Thank you."

After leaving, the spring breeze woke Chi Xiaoduo up. He suddenly remembered that he actually didn’t get Xiang Cheng’s phone number! But Wang Ren probably knew it ba, so he could just go back and ask Wang Ren for it. All his friends’ cars had left. Wang Ren had originally asked David to hail a taxi and send Chi Xiaoduo into it, but he had no idea where David had gone now. Chi Xiaoduo walked slowly along the road and took the subway back.

This had been the most unforgettable birthday of his life. The whole evening, Chi Xiaoduo was a little out of his mind, feeling as if Xiang Cheng was still by his side. When he got on the subway, Chi Xiaoduo put on his earphones. The song was graceful and sad, full of the light melancholy of spring.


Xiang Cheng was about to go back when he turned his head and looked at the sky in the distance.

At the top of the sky, a drop of blood passed through the vast sky and fell like a raindrop. It was very accurate, landing on the head of a middle-aged man coming out of the neighboring restaurant with a beautiful girl.

Xiang Cheng immediately turned around and went back into the club. He opened his locker, took out a bundle of red rope, put it in the pocket of his bathrobe, grabbed a short metal stick, stuck a Hongmei cigarette behind his ear, and went out through the back door.

An Audi backed out of the parking lot, and in no time at all, Xiang Cheng’s figure flickered. In a few steps, he was standing on top of the first floor’s air conditioner.

"Where’s Xiang Cheng?" From the back door, David's voice asked, "Has the guest left?"

Xiang Cheng launched himself off of the air conditioner, flew across the opposite alley, headed up the stairs, and jumped onto the neon sign there. The bottom of his slipper almost slipped off of the sign.

The Audi drove along the open road. Xiang Cheng turned his head to look over, jumped down from the second floor of the other building and disappeared into the flower bed. The Audi drove further and further along the Tiyu West Road, while Xiang Cheng ran like the wind by the side of the road.

"Stop!" Xiang Cheng caught up with the car.

That Audi waited for more than twenty seconds in front of the red light, but the driver didn't hear Xiang Cheng's voice. He turned a corner and drove across the intersection. Xiang Cheng ran faster and faster, nearly tripping and falling. He then pulled his slippers off, holding them in his hands as he ran like his life was on the line.

He was wearing a bathrobe and running along the open road, but he couldn’t catch up with the car at human speed. Then, the Audi sped like lightning up the overpass -- and the accident happened in that instant.

Brakes screeched, and a taxi drove past from the side. The driver of the Audi immediately turned the steering wheel to try and evade, and the two cars collided! The taxi was caught off guard and ran into the Audi. The Audi was really going too fast; it lifted up a bit and slammed onto the railing. Then, it flipped over the overpass and fell down nearly ten meters from the top, coming down as lightly as if it was a paper shell!

There was a bang, and the car exploded. Xiang Cheng stopped and wrathfully threw his slippers to the ground.

Five or six cars hurriedly slammed on their brakes and stopped under the overpass. The drivers got out one after another and looked at the scene in amazement, each one calling the police.

A stream of black smoke rose from the destroyed car, turning into a dark shadow that rolled to the side of the road. Xiang Cheng kept an eye on it and turned to chase after it. The shadow grew faster and faster, slipping down in a flash into the underground of the subway station at the side of the road. Xiang Cheng ran there as well; it was nearly the end of the shift, and there were only two staff members chatting. Xiang Cheng leapt into the air and slid down the escalator handrail. After that, he jumped multiple times in quick succession, until at the last jump, he swanned through the ticket booth.

The staff had yet to discover the tall man wearing a bathrobe who had entered the subway, and Xiang Cheng raced up to the platform in pursuit. The subway was letting out a dididi boarding sound, and he didn’t know where the shadow had gone. At the last moment, Xiang Cheng got on the subway.

In the subway, the fluorescent lights were dim, the compartment was empty, the lights of the sixth compartment were all off, and in the dark, there was only one man sitting in a seat.


Xiang Cheng pulled on the hanging strap to stand firm, took the cigarette from behind his ear, lit it up, and sucked in a puff. Then he turned his head to glance at the man, reached a hand into the pocket of his bathrobe, and walked towards the man. The man immediately got up and took two steps back, a look of surprise appearing in his eyes. Xiang Cheng held the cigarette in his fingers and drew a circle in the smoky air. The smoke seemed to come to life as it flew and shot away, shooting towards the surveillance cameras of several nearby compartments. The smoke condensed together and blocked the camera lens.

Xiang Cheng sped up his pace, and the man just turned around and ran. Xiang Cheng threw away his cigarette and yelled, “Where are you running off to!”

In an instant, the two people started a chase in the compartment.

Late at night, 11:20, the last train.

Chi Xiaoduo was the only one in the first compartment. The hanging straps lightly swayed back and forth within the dim light.

You Raise Me Up, the English song flowed through Chi Xiaoduo's mind. The rich male voice was sometimes near and sometimes far. Sometimes the melody of cello made his thoughts fly all the way up to the heavens, and sometimes it just crooned softly by his ear...The scene of Xiang Cheng picking him up kept replaying over and over in his mind….. It was just like a special “massage,” and he was easily capable of lifting someone over his head...No, no, that would be too shocking...

All of a sudden, the fluorescent lights above him started flashing, then with a shua, all the lights went out throughout the compartments, all the way to the first compartment. All the fluorescent lights were now broken, leaving only the green safety lights under the seats.

Chi Xiaoduo’s hair immediately stood on end.

Just as he was about to get up and press the emergency button, amidst the oscillations of the subway and the song, Chi Xiaoduo saw a scene that completely destroyed his cognitive bottom line of the past twenty-six years.

A middle-aged man came running from the far side of the compartment and threw himself on the ground.

Chi Xiaoduo: “.....”

Chi Xiaoduo was just about to get up to help him up, when a black smoke broke out from that man’s body. The man disappeared without a trace, and instead, bursting out of the black smoke was a terrifying, ferocious monster. It had N number of bird-like heads, and with a wave of its tusks, it rushed into the first compartment.

Chasing behind it came a big and tall man in a white bathrobe; it was Xiang Cheng whom he had just separated from ten minutes ago.

Chi Xiaoduo’s mouth gaped open, and it was as if time slowed down. The monster leaped to the side and stuck to the wall of the compartment. Xiang Cheng ran up, flipped over, and ran up the other wall of the compartment. He stepped on the window barefoot and rotated in the air, his hand flicking out and extending a short metal staff.

The metal short staff clanked as it extended, and the monster let off an angered roar. In the midst of the music, in front of Chi Xiaoduo's gaping expression, it leaped at Xiang Cheng, colliding with his weapon. As it flew back, the several heads of the monster opened their beaks at the same time, spewing black smoke at Xiang Cheng.

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