Chapter 12 - Living Together

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The one rumored to be born from a human-yao union

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Xiang Cheng took off his shoes and came out of the room barefoot, saying to Wang Ren, "You’ve worked hard. I’ll treat you to a meal someday for helping us move."


Wang Ren nodded and said to Chi Xiaoduo, "Get along well." And then he said to Xiang Cheng, "Take good care of the little mola fish."


Chi Xiaoduo was a little embarrassed; Xiang Cheng and Wang Ren said goodbye to each other, and after the three of them all let out a few “bye-bye’s”, Wang Ren walked out into the hallway. Xiang Cheng and Chi Xiaoduo closed the door while standing side by side, and the door clicked shut.


At that moment, Chi Xiaoduo had the illusion that it was like they really were a couple, and the door closed onto a room filled with sunshine. 


Up until now, Chi Xiaoduo really felt as though he was dreaming.


Xiang Cheng took off his dirty camouflage coat, and wearing his tank, asked, "I'll help you sort things out?"


Chi Xiaoduo originally wanted to say “no need,” but since the two of them were living together now, being that polite wouldn’t be too good, so he immediately agreed and thanked him.


In the midst of the sunshine, the two of them began to unpack Chi Xiaoduo’s things in the living room. Chi Xiaoduo didn't ask Xiang Cheng about his clothes, instead just going in and finding an apron for him. Xiang Cheng had very few possessions, and as such, Chi Xiaoduo couldn't help but guess, were his possessions all in that woven bag? What did that signify? Did he break up with the client who had originally kept him?


Had he pawned off all his clothes to free himself??


"By the way, where's your car? Where did you park it? " Chi Xiaoduo asked again.


Xiang Cheng had gone shirtless and was now wearing the apron. The muscles on his bare back were well-defined, and there was some sweat on his back and shoulders, which made him seem even sexier . He studiously placed Chi Xiaoduo's books on the bookshelf and replied, "I borrowed the car from David."


Xiang Cheng knelt down on one knee and placed a book in the last available space. Chi Xiaoduo hugged his knees to his chest while crouching down by his side. He turned his head, and asked, "Are you planning on changing jobs?"


Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo and didn't speak.


Chi Xiaoduo's face turned red instantly, and his heart beat wildly. He seemed to feel that Xiang Cheng really did like him a little.


"Your book?" Xiang Cheng took out a copy of The Overbearing President Fell in Love with Me, flipped through a few pages, and found it very funny. 


"Ah." Chi Xiaoduo’s whole face went red, and he said, "This one was...something the receptionist meimei used to read. One time she grabbed the wrong book and put it on my desk with my express packages, and then I brought it back...home by accident! Let go of it ah!”


In fact, Chi Xiaoduo had bought it himself, and the receptionist Meimei had done nothing wrong to be attacked like this. However, at this time, Chi Xiaoduo apologized to her mentally and thought, just let me use you as a shield ba. He snatched the book away, and Xiang Cheng asked, "Is it good?"


"It's not good, I don't believe it at all." Chi Xiaoduo said solemnly. "I've never read this book either ah. Ai, all these books now are contaminating the minds of our young people." Saying this, Chi Xiaoduo casually threw the book into the trash can.


Xiang Cheng patted his apron and asked, "How are we going to do dinner?"


"I'll go shopping." Chi Xiaoduo said, "You do your thing, you don’t need to worry about me."


Xiang Cheng said, "I'll write a list for you, and then you can buy based on it. I’ll make some delicious things for you tonight."


Xiang Cheng's handwriting was strong and powerful, and it looked as if he had learned calligraphy before. Chi Xiaoduo looked at Xiang Cheng's handwriting, and his admiration turned into a yaoguai with a long tongue, which, starting from Xiang Cheng's list, began to lick all the way up from his hand to his head. 


"Alright la." Chi Xiaoduo, with a basket on his arm, went shopping while his heart sang with joy.


Chi Xiaoduo specially bought imported tomatoes and eggs, as well as top-grade marbled pork, ready to also show off his skills. After returning home, Xiang Cheng said, "’I’ll make mine, and you make yours. Cut the vegetables, stir-fry them a bit, and it’ll be good."


"Ai!” Chi Xiaoduo was still tidying up his things, and along the way, he pulled out the old quilts and sheets washed by the landlord and made up Xiang Cheng’s bed. Xiang Cheng, wearing an apron, hurried along in the kitchen like a big househusband. Chi Xiaoduo couldn't help but peep into the kitchen from outside the door, feeling warm and happy.


"It's your turn." Xiang Cheng said.


So Chi Xiaoduo went to show off his cooking skills. He stir fried tomatoes and eggs together, and saw that Xiang Cheng had cooked three dishes, leaving the marbled pork for tomorrow.


"What did you cook?" Chi Xiaoduo brought his dish to the table, took out his cellphone, and prepared to take photos so that he could  post them to his WeChat Moments.


"Home cooked dishes." Xiang Cheng said.


Xiang Cheng had cooked a chicken and a dish of unknown things. The other two bowls of soup had also been upgraded with unknown things. Chi Xiaoduo had only eaten a little before he nearly bit his tongue. 


Chi Xiaoduo asked, “How is it this delicious! How did you make it?”


Xiang Cheng didn’t say anything, and Chi Xiaoduo said, "You can cook so well! I really couldn’t tell by looking at you. "


Xiang Cheng said, "My mom taught me. If you like it, eat some more."


Chi Xiaoduo refreshed his Moments while eating, and under the three dishes, immediately there were tens of comments. 


[Damn, Mola Fish, you're eating a whole Manchu and Han banquet?! This style isn’t right ba! How did that dish of tomato and egg next to you get mixed in there ah!]


Chi Xiaoduo: “.....”


[Buddha’s Hand golden rolls, drunken chicken, bamboo fungus stewed in Longjing tea. President Chi, what are you doing?]


[Damnit, if I knew earlier, I would have stayed and mooched a meal off of you guys.] (Wang Ren sent this one)


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Chi Xiaoduo peeked at Xiang Cheng and asked, "Is this drunken chicken?"


"You can tell?" Xiang Cheng said, "I didn’t manage to buy ten-year old Huadiao, and I haven’t used Kuaijishan’s before. The Longjing tea also isn’t very good, make do with it and eat ba."


Chi Xiaoduo went completely Sparta and immediately decided to never show off his incompetence in front of Xiang Cheng again. That night, he completely ignored that dish of tomato and egg, but Xiang Cheng actually ate a lot of it. 


At night, Chi Xiaoduo's whole body wanted to weep but couldn’t shed any tears. This style wasn’t. Right. Ba! Where exactly had he cultivated these skills from! He and I aren’t from the same world at all ba! He had nothing but money! He didn’t even have that much money! If Xiang Cheng wasn’t in public relations but in business, this must be a love story between an overbearing president and a little white-collar worker.


After dinner, Chi Xiaoduo rolled around in his bed and called his bestie. 




"You’re living with a duck la!" he could hear his bestie’s metaphorical fur exploding out. "Be careful about AIDS, okay! Chi. Xiao. Duo!”


"No! He's going to change jobs! " Chi Xiaoduo grievously and indignantly corrected her, and then kept elaborating on his story of a handsome and golden duck who changed his ways, used up all of his money to buy himself out, and arrived at his home, penniless and broke, so that they could support each other.


"He cooks delicious food ah! He must have once been a tall, rich, and handsome man who lived in full comfort, and only because of his family’s decline did he come out to do….male public relations! " Chi Xiaoduo had already started to wildly make up Xiang Cheng's rich family life experience.


"Bullshit ba!" His bestie poured a basin of cold water on Chi Xiaoduo. "A tall, rich, and handsome man can cook? It would already be pretty good if he didn’t burn the kitchen down! Maybe later he’ll start from scratch, build up his business, and start to pick up clients, what do you think?”


"Not. Possible!" Chi Xiaoduo yelled. "You know, his cooking is really too too too too too delicious, and it's all stuff that I haven't eaten before..."


As time went by, a door closed in the living room.


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Bestie: “....”


“Did he really go out to pick up clients?” His friend asked, “I’ll light a candle for you ba.”


Chi Xiaoduo rushed out of the living room and saw that Xiang Cheng really had left. 


"AHHHHH——" Chi Xiaoduo rolled around on the sofa. "He went to pick up the guests..."


At nine o'clock at night, Xiang Cheng had left without saying a word, and Chi Xiaoduo's glass heart was shattered into pieces. His friend kindly comforted him and said, "Ducks picking up clients is a naturally evolved behavior, they can't help it la. Think about it from another angle, maybe when he comes back tomorrow morning, he’ll give you the rent?"


"Wuwuwu——" Chi Xiaoduo fell on the sofa with a bitter expression. "Why did I fall in love with him, what about agreeing to get married out of the business? I'd rather he just sat around eating and living here without contributing anything than... "


Chi Xiaoduo was like a sun-dried, salted mola fish, lying face down on the sofa. 


The door suddenly opened again, and Chi Xiaoduo immediately rolled up and started scrolling through his cellphone as if nothing had happened. 


Xiang Cheng walked in. Chi Xiaoduo took a look at him and saw that Xiang Cheng was wearing a tank top, trousers, and slippers, and he hadn’t changed his clothes. When he came in, he went to wash his hands first, then sat on the sofa.


"Can we watch TV?" Xiang Cheng asked.


"Of course." Chi Xiaoduo hurriedly gave him the remote control and stared at him.


Xiang Cheng asked, "What?"


“Your hair is a little long,” Chi Xiaoduo smiled and asked, “Where did you go just now?”


“To take out the trash,” Xiang Cheng replied. 


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


His friend was still there going “blablabla” on the other side, and Chi Xiaoduo resolutely hung up on her. Xiang Cheng watched the TV program and laughed from time to time. Chi Xiaoduo finally set his mind at ease and thought, sure enough, the world is still beautiful. 


"Do you like those clothes?"


"Expensive, don't buy it for me. When I can withdraw money from the bank, then we’ll talk about it."


"It's only a little over 600, it's not expensive, it’s not expensive."


Xiang Cheng said, "Buy this one, it’s 9.90 yuan, I'll give you the money."


"I’ll buy them all ba." Chi Xiaoduo said, "Let’s talk about the money later."


Chi Xiaoduo concentrated on choosing clothes and pants for Xiang Cheng. As they sat closer and closer, Xiang Cheng reached out his finger, drew it down Chi Xiaoduo's screen, and selected several clothes; they were worth a total of 19.90 yuan with free shipping. Chi Xiaoduo really wanted to buy some expensive ones for him, but then he thought that when someone was good-looking, they looked good no matter what they wore, so he just let him do whatever he wanted. Along the way, he also bought a pair of shoes for him.


The two of them were just like lovers, leaning against each other to shop online until late at night. Chi Xiaoduo grew sleepy, and he was pillowed on Xiang Cheng's lap, nonsensically chatting away. The move today had been very tiring, and Xiang Cheng picked up Chi Xiaoduo in a princess carry and took him to his room. 


Chi Xiaoduo went to sleep. Xiang Cheng turned on the dim ceiling light and tidied up his belongings. He wiped them one by one with a rag, put them on the bookshelf, and in the shoe cabinet in the hall, stuck the Demon-Subduing Staff in the umbrella shelf for easy access at any time.


Finally, Xiang Cheng wiped the photo frame of his parents' portrait over and over again. He carefully placed it on the table before taking a cup full of rice and putting three sticks of incense in it. He kowtowed to it, and turned off the light to sleep.


The next day, Chi Xiaoduo got up, yawned, and went to collect his clothes. He then saw a silver bird outside on the balcony. The morning sun shone all over its feathers, making them sparkle with a silver light.


"Wow." Chi Xiaoduo stood and looked at it for a while. He reached out to touch it. The bird didn’t dodge or avoid him and just stood on the railing. He called out to Xiang Cheng in the kitchen, "A bird has come to our house!"


“It’s mine,” Xiang Cheng said, “Don’t mind it, it’s a phoenix.”


Chi Xiaoduo: “???”


Xiang Cheng put breakfast on the table and asked, "Can I borrow the bike today?"


Chi Xiaoduo replied, "Of course, here's the key. I’m going over to Wang Ren’s company to look over diagrams today. It just so happens that I’m taking the subway anyway."


Xiang Cheng said, "I'll send you off to work and pick you up after work in the afternoon."


Chi Xiaoduo didn't ask him why. After breakfast, they went to get the bike. Xiang Cheng rode the bike and let Chi Xiaoduo sit in the front, while he carried Chi Xiaoduo’s bag on his back. He sped past like the wind to get him to work. When passing the traffic lights, many people curiously looked over; they were both handsome young men, but it was just that Xiang Cheng’s attire was too strange.


In front of the pedestrian crossing, a man wearing a helmet riding a moped stopped beside them and honked his horn. Xiang Cheng and Chi Xiaoduo turned and saw that the man’s eyes in the helmet were scrunched up slightly, as if he were smiling.


Chi Xiaoduo: “?”


The red light turned green, and they all went their separate ways. Chi Xiaoduo turned his head and said to Xiang Cheng, who was pressed next to his neck, "I feel like I know that person."


Xiang Cheng let out a careless “en,” pedaled the bicycle at a speed so fast they were practically flying, and turned into a small alleyway.


What was he going to do? Chi Xiaoduo spun his pen in his hand, circling and marking things on the design diagrams. Looking out of the window of the design institute, the white fig tree had grown new leaves. There were only about ten people in Wang Ren’s team, so this place was an oasis of calm amidst the bustle around. Besides being a bit creepy at night, it was very nice during the day.


Under the bright sun, the shade of the tree hit the window, forming a swaying silhouette, just as if this was a bright dream. Chi Xiaoduo was in a very good mood today, and his work efficiency was also shooting through the roof. He thought that it was really a big loss to come to Wang Ren’s place today. He was only reviewing some diagrams. Originally, the design institute was going to send him to a construction site today, and then he would have been in the perfect position to get a red envelope and eat more of Xiang Cheng’s cooking in the evening.


"Chi Xiaoduo, have you passed the first class exam?" Wang Ren, looking like he had yet to fully wake up, sat in the office drinking Da Hong Pao tea. After graduation, he worked for a few years and then took his parents’ money, opening a studio relying on his family connections. His business had boomed, and every day the thing he talked about the most was getting Chi Xiaoduo to pass the test for his certification and then hanging it up in his studio. 


"I don't know." Chi Xiaoduo had seen that his scantron had already passed. He had scored forty-two points, and the remaining papers would be sent to Beijing for approval. Many of their colleagues who had taken the exam were all waiting, and he didn’t even lift his head from picking out faults in Wang Ren’s design diagrams. 


"The scores will come out next week." Chi Xiaoduo said. 


"What did you think after taking the test?" Wang Ren asked with a bored expression.


"I don't know." Chi Xiaoduo replied.


In fact, he didn’t like this profession very much. Although drawing up designs was pretty fun, it was really too tiring, and it was very dangerous to go down to the construction sites. Before, he had thought that he would work hard, test for the certification, then hang it in Wang Ren's studio, so he could go out and go sight-seeing among the mountains and rivers, just casually picking up some part-time work in checking over diagrams. 


But now that he was with Xiang Cheng, the abacus in Chi Xiaoduo’s heart was clacking away loudly. With Xiang Cheng not being a duck….not doing male public relations anymore, and two people spending the money that Chi Xiaoduo by himself made, the costs of just hanging up the certification wasn’t enough, and he couldn’t quit yet. 


Supporting a big wolf dog was also something that required a sense of responsibility. Chi Xiaoduo now deeply felt why men who had a family burden didn’t resign no matter what, despite being trampled on hundreds of times by the president and Party A.


Wang Ren said, "Look how you work from dawn to dusk at the design institute, and you work overtime until two or three o'clock in the morning. Why don't you come here to Gege and hang up your certificate..."


Chi Xiaoduo: "My ears are about to grow calluses. If you say anymore, I’m going to burn up all your diagrams."


"Okay, okay, okay." Wang Ren gestured to surrender and asked, "Can you finish looking over all of them today?"


Chi Xiaoduo put up three fingers. Wang Ren thought he meant okay and said at ease, "Then that's good."


"What are you thinking?!" Chi Xiaoduo said, his metaphorical fur exploding out. "It’ll be at least three days!"


Wang Ren kept nagging at the side, which slowed down Chi Xiaoduo's work efficiency even more. At lunch, the auntie at the studio cooked a meal and even stewed a soup specially for Chi Xiaoduo to drink.


"I’m going to support Xiang Cheng." Chi Xiaoduo said, "He doesn’t have any money right now. His assets are all frozen, so I can’t resign for the time being."


As soon as Wang Ren heard this, he was dumbfounded and said, "No way ba, you’re being serious?!"


Chi Xiaoduo: "He’s not going to be a duck...a male public relations person anymore! Can you stop talking about that?"


Wang Ren said, "No, Chi Xiaoduo, I’m telling you, rivers and mountains can change easily, but one’s nature is hard to change. You listen to me, go find a boyfriend properly so I can rest in peace. I asked David, and that person’s background is really complicated. I’m the one who misunderstood. "


Chi Xiaoduo: “.....”


Wang Ren said, "David said that he has some hidden motive. You'd better not touch him. Besides, he’s a straight guy. You'd better switch to another one ba, what do you think of Xingjie?"


"Didn’t think much of him." Chi Xiaoduo said expressionlessly.


Wang Ren said, "Xingjie likes you. You two will meet in the evening, it’s been confirmed."


Chi Xiaoduo lifted the table and said, "Confirmed like hell!"


At this time, the sound of tapping came from the window, and a silver bird was hopping on the windowsill.


Wang Ren: "What’s this?"


"Xiang Cheng's bird." Chi Xiaoduo let it in and mixed some rice for it to eat. The bird stood on the desk and bowed its head to eat.


Wang Ren: "Xiang Cheng's little cock?"


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Xiang Cheng sneezed and came out of an underground kitchen with a middle-aged man in a hoodie. This was a restaurant with a small shabby Shaxian Snacks sign stuck outside. 


"Have a meal ba." The man said, "It's my treat."


Xiang Cheng let out an “en,” sat down in the Shaxian Snacks store, and the proprietress in the kitchen said, "Kuang Desheng! Quickly go and cook for the guests!”


The boss was called Kuang Desheng, and after hearing this, he went to wash his hands and cook for Xiang Cheng.


Xiang Cheng sat at the table waiting for the food and greeted the proprietress. The woman took a look at Xiang Cheng and ignored him. Xiang Cheng reached out and picked up the moped helmet beside the table, turned it over and over, and helped Kuang Desheng wipe it with a rag.


Also sitting in the shop were two punks with afros dyed in a rainbow of colors, scrolling through QQ on counterfeit phones. Xiang Cheng looked up and saw that huge metal chains were hanging from their jeans. The two punks didn’t look at Xiang Cheng either, instead calming scrolling on their phones. 


Ginseng and pigeon soup and chicken drumstick rice arrived on the table, and Kuang Desheng also opened a bottle of beer for Xiang Cheng.


"May there be peace in the world." Kuang Desheng and Xiang Cheng clinked their disposable cups, and they sat opposite each other while eating lunch. 


The punks paid their bill and then left. Xiang Cheng took another look, and the metal chains glinted dazzlingly in the sun.


"How many exorcists are there in Guangzhou?" Xiang Cheng asked.


"There are very few local colleagues who were born and raised here." Kuang Desheng said, "Most of them come from other places. Some work in the Pearl River Delta, while some do business in the vegetable market. There are less than two hundred foreign colleagues, and this year, the central authorities issued a new regulation: everyone has to study and prepare for the examination. It's hard to make money in this job, so many people have switched jobs."


Xiang Cheng didn't speak. Kuang Desheng then said, "Who was that child?"


"A friend." Xiang Cheng replied casually, "I met him in Guangzhou."


"How do you two know each other?" Kuang Desheng asked.


"Fate." Xiang Cheng replied.


"His features are pretty delicate."


"His family circumstances are also good." Xiang Cheng took a sip of beer and said with an expression of unspeakable suffering, "Why is it warm?"


"Make do with it ba." Kuang Desheng said, "It’s been at the back of the refrigerator for a while. Didn't you say you wouldn’t do this work anymore?"


"I can't help it." Xiang Cheng said, "Based on their efficiency, by the time they catch the guiche, everyone will be dead."


"It’s not that exaggerated," Kuang Desheng said with a smile, "How come you also took that child with you?"


"I didn’t take any powder with me," Xiang Cheng replied, "He heard everything we said. You said it yourself, he was being targeted by yaoguai, and I couldn’t rest assured, so I took him with me to capture the yao."


Kuang Desheng asked again, "You wrapped everything up?"


Xiang Cheng nodded, and Kuang Desheng asked once more, "You’re living with that child? What about the phoenix?”


"Xiao Feng is accompanying him." Xiang Cheng said, "Exactly what is targeting him? I always thought it was a mark made by the guiche. "


Kuang Desheng replied, "The being who made the mark is stronger than a yao, they’re a devil."


Xiang Cheng narrowed his eyes, and his brow slightly twisted. Kuang Desheng said lazily, "But I can't see what mark it is. I also heard Elder Qu from the association say that he saw his file there, and that it was from a long, long time ago. It was probably from his childhood. 


"A mo leaving a mark on someone but not making a move after nearly twenty years, it shouldn’t be something big."


"He's not from our world." Xiang Cheng said, “He’s quite excellent; he doesn’t lack food or clothing, he’s a good person, and he is also highly educated. He’s not the same as those of us who just mix around in society, he's upper-class. He also doesn’t do anything bad normally, so who would target him?"


"Hard to say." Kuang Desheng said, "Things like marks, I really can’t see. When children nowadays are studying, don’t they all like to play ouija, haunted tales, Kokkuri-san, and those types of games? Maybe he was targeted when he was in primary school, and even the mo who marked him forgot about it .”


Xiang Cheng didn't speak. After a moment, he asked, "How did Elder Qu recognize him?"


"Elder Qu set up a stall under the overpass to sell magnolias." Kuang Desheng added, "That child..."


"Chi Xiaoduo." Xiang Cheng said.


"Chi Xiaoduo would buy all of Elder Qu’s flowers when he rode his bicycle coming out of work during the winter. After coming and going for a while, Elder Qu remembered him." Kuang Desheng added, "But now you live with him. If something comes up, take care of it. If nothing happens, then we can simply close the case."


"My certification has been revoked." Xiang Cheng said, "I can’t take on any jobs for a year, unless I pass the qualification certification."


Kuang Desheng said, "Ai, most of the higher ups know you, so they’ll just turn a blind eye. As long as you don't make trouble for them in Guangzhou, what would they even do?"


Xiang Cheng moved his chopsticks to eat and drink soup.


"I heard that there is a shop in the Yuexiu District, which specializes in the business of insatiably greedy people."


"There are insatiably greedy people everywhere." Xiang Cheng chewed and replied, "How do they do their business?"


Kuang Desheng said, "I don't know the owner's identity, but they say he knows many yao. He sealed the summons in a brocade bag and sold it together with an ordinary peace charm. The guiche matter has been investigated, and it was the victim’s son who got the charm for his mother.” 


Xiang Cheng was thinking.


"There are two big projects this year," Kuang Desheng said, "Cooperating with the environmental protection department to deal with the things underneath the Chen Family ancestral temple, and resolving the problem of the Pearl River’s pollution. But I think both projects are too big, and there isn’t enough time to finish them."


"Has anyone been to the shop selling the peace charm?" Xiang Cheng asked absently.


"Yes." Kuang Desheng replied, “They were killed a few days after coming back, and the shop is also closed now."


Xiang Cheng let out an “en,” then after eating, wiped his mouth and said, "I’m leaving now."


Xiang Cheng ate a free meal, got on his bicycle, and turned out from the alley. In the Shaxian Snack store, the proprietress looked out, while Kuang Desheng tidied up the table.


The proprietress asked curiously, "That person was Xiang Cheng, the one rumored to be born from a human-yao union?"


"What are you saying?” Kuang Desheng said, “Go, go, stop making ridiculous guesses.”


The proprietress slammed the plate down, obviously very dissatisfied with Xiang Cheng getting free food, and began to quarrel with Kuang Desheng.

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