Chapter 9 - Ditu Raccoon Dog

Let Go of that Shou

You Mengzhe straddled Yuwen Hong's lap. "Didn't you say you would listen to my orders?"

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R18! PAPAPA! Slight Dubcon/Pressuring/Manipulation by shou, age difference (16 and 31), DILF KINK EVERYONE IS A DILF BESIDES SUN BIN, aphrodisiac use.

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A warm fire crackled inside the cave. You Mengzhe and Yuwen Hong both wore only their unlined undergarments, their martial robes drying on a stone by the fire.

Questions practically overflowing from his heart, You Mengzhe frowned and asked, “My mother asked you to protect me?"


Yuwen Hong only spoke when spoken to. You Mengzhe would ask a question, and he would merely answer -- no more, no less.

"When? Didn’t my mother die a long time ago?"

"Sixteen years ago."


Yuwen Hong nodded stiffly and gazed at the open fire. His undergarments had many patches, looking as though they had been torn then mended, mended and then torn again; it seemed that he’d lived these past years very frugally. But he had an extremely handsome face, a tall and lean figure, a tanned complexion, thick eyebrows as sharp as swords, eyes as deep and dark as obsidian, a tall nose, and firm, contoured lips. Yuwen Hong glanced at You Mengzhe, then immediately looked away, fixing his gaze on the fire.

"I am sixteen years old."

Yuwen Hong nodded absentmindedly, and You Mengzhe continued, "Have you been protecting me since the day I was born?"

Yuwen Hong laughed and rubbed his hands.


His fingers were slender and the knuckles distinct, very pleasing to the eye, and his index and middle fingers were especially long. You Mengzhe had heard his father say that this was a unique characteristic of those who practiced hand-to-hand combat.

"How old are you?" asked You Mengzhe.


"Do you usually listen to my father's orders?"

Yuwen Hong shook his head. "No, I only listen to Sister Qing and you. You Gutian… He can't order me around."

You Mengzhe thought that no wonder in all these years, he had never seen this man, but then he vaguely seemed to recall something, some distant memories from childhood...

You Mengzhe thought for a while, then ventured, "One time I crawled into the secret pass behind the mountain and fell asleep. When I woke up, I found myself in bed in my room…”

Yuwen Hong nodded. "It was me who brought you back, there was no fresh air… the yin qi was too strong."

You Mengzhe suddenly saw the light. All those years of racking his brains and puzzling over what he had regarded as ghost encounters, now they all had an explanation.

"Then that one time I fell on a rock..."

"It was also me who carried you back. That really scared me back then, did the scar heal?"

You Mengzhe turned his head to show him, but Yuwen Hong didn't dare to touch him and mumbled, "The back of your head...I can't really see it."

"When I was eight, a big dog was chasing me. He chased and chased until he suddenly disappeared…”

"Yes, I drove it away."

"Then do you usually watch what I’m doing?”

"Most of the time, yes."

You Mengzhe thought that this person was really amazing to hide so well all these years. No wonder...

Then he said, "From now on, you don't need to hide. Stay with me and keep me company everyday. Do you want anything in return?"

Yuwen Hong was taken aback and immediately replied, "You don't need to give me anything."

You Mengzhe responded with an en, and lowered his head to stoke the fire.

"If you were willing to keep me company earlier, then I wouldn’t have had to run away from home.”

Yuwen Hong crouched on the rock with his knees apart, rubbed his hands, and peeked at You Mengzhe without saying a word.

In You Mengzhe’s sixteen years of life, his father You Gutian, apart from teaching him to read and urging him to practice martial arts, had never played with him. His childhood playmates, the Left Guard’s sons Da Niu and Ah Gou, had gradually grown up. Each had assumed his own responsibilities: practicing martial arts, cultivating, or descending from the mountain to help his father handle the sect’s affairs. Only You Mengzhe had been left alone on the mountain. Every day he had nothing to do besides cultivate the ‘Turning to Yang’. Not to mention, practicing this method had been as good as not practicing anything at all. He had felt isolated, empty, and alone, without even a single friend. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have run away.

"Don’t tell me you want to take me back to the mountain."

"I won’t, I have no right to control where you want to go. It's fine as long as you live well without getting hurt."

You Mengzhe smiled and gazed at Yuwen Hong. All of a sudden, he had a new friend who even felt like an old acquaintance he had known for many years, and his heart filled with an indescribable warmth.

You Gutian also rarely talked about his birth mother, so You Mengzhe couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked, “Did you know my mother?"

"She was like my older sister. The year she ran away, the old Pavilion Master sent me to chase after and protect her."

"Oh, which Pavilion?"

"Azure Sea Pavilion, your mother was the Pavilion Master’s only daughter. Our Azure Sea Pavilion is located overseas in the East, on a remote mountain far away. We usually don’t participate in the wulin affairs of the Central Plains. If you want, I can take you there. The old Pavilion Master would be delighted to see you."

"Sure. I’ve never visited my grandpa and grandma before. What was my mother like?"

"I... don't know how to describe her."

"Then shouldn't I call you Little Uncle?"

Yuwen Hong's handsome, slender face blushed faintly as he considered it for a while, and then replied, "Technically you could, but you can just call me by my name, Young Master."

You Mengzhe mused, "Was my mother a great beauty?"

Yuwen Hong nodded and answered, "Everyone said she was very beautiful."

You Mengzhe thought about the mother he had never met, and his eyes reddened involuntarily. You Gutian had said Yu Qing had died due to a difficult childbirth, so over the years, whenever You Mengzhe would think about his mother, guilt plagued his heart.

"They said that she mastered the four arts?"

"Actually she only knew a little bit. That was just everyone exaggerating."


“Little Uncle, you’re really honest."

Yuwen Hong nodded and stopped talking.

You Mengzhe asked again, "How was my mother's martial arts? I heard she was a martial arts master?"

Yuwen Hong answered, "That was also someone just indulging her. She wasn’t that good, so no one dared to go too hard on her.”

You Mengzhe let out an oh, and carefully studied Yuwen Hong. The more he looked, the more he felt an inexplicable feeling stir in his heart. This man had protected him for sixteen years. He always used to think there was some ghost following him, or some Yuheng Mountain deity... so this was what he looked like -- An ordinary, average human, with patches on his linen undergarments, a robust neck, sinewy arms, his pectoral muscles and clavicle vaguely discernible from underneath.

A strange feeling churned within You Mengzhe.

"Little Uncle."

Yuwen Hong lifted up his gaze, his eyes deep yet clear.

"How is your martial arts?"

"It's alright."

"Compared…to my father?"

Yuwen Hong hesitated a little, thought for a while, and replied, "We’ve never fought, so I can't say."

You Mengzhe pressed, "What about compared to Yu Changqing? Do you know who that is? The constable."

Yuwen Hong nodded and replied, "He isn’t my opponent."

"What about Sun Bin?"

"I can beat him with two hands behind my back, using only my feet.”

"Can you run faster than him?"

"Yes, but I don’t know ‘Floating on Water’."

You Mengzhe was rejoicing in his heart.

"What about the Wulin Alliance Leader?"

Yuwen Hong thought for a while. "I fought him before and lost, but I think we’re about tied."

Now in a state of absolute euphoria, You Mengzhe pressed, "And Zhang Yuanshan?"

"We’re about the same, I might be better than him by a little bit."

You Mengzhe threw himself at Yuwen Hong right away.

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s dual-cultivate!"

Yuwen Hong immediately burst out, "This… I'm sorry, Young Master, WAIT!"

"Just call me Mengzhe, everyone on the mountain calls me Young Master this, Young Master that... Ai Little Uncle, don't..."

You Mengzhe was already untying Yuwen Hong's inner garments, and Yuwen Hong’s entire body stiffened.

"Young Master, I’m truly s-s-s-sorry."

"What are you afraid of? It’s just cultivating, if I had known earlier I wouldn’t have gone looking for people everywhere," he coaxed as he ripped off his own undergarments eagerly.

Yuwen Hong's face flushed a deep red. "Young Master, to tell you the truth, I have never..."

You Mengzhe straddled Yuwen Hong's lap. "Didn't you say you would listen to my orders?"

Yuwen Hong could only close his eyes and brace for death motionlessly. You Mengzhe untied Yuwen Hong's belt, causing him to jolt as if he had been electrocuted, and then proceeded to strip off his thin underpants. The proud, unyielding specimen had stiffened a long time ago, clear fluids seeping out of its head. His cock was bulging and thick, swollen and erect, its fleshy head full-blooded and robust under the fire’s flickering glow. You Mengzhe gulped, then compared his own member with his: Yuwen Hong's was six or seven cun long. What a fine figure ah, admired You Mengzhe as he stripped Yuwen Hong until he hadn’t a stitch left on his body.

"Little Uncle, what techniques do you practice for your abs to be this firm?”

"Mountain-Splitting Palm, Soft Fatal Fist, and Star-Plucking Finger."

You Mengzhe nodded. Under the fire's glow, Yuwen Hong's body lying on the ground on full display evoked an ambiguous sense of beauty. An impatient desire lurched in You Mengzhe’s heart, but that swollen member was way too big. If he rode it dry, he would probably pass out from the pain. So he retrieved his bundle, opened the Frolicking Fish balm Sun Bin had once used on him, and slathered a thin layer on Yuwen Hong’s massive pillar. As he stroked, the burning cock trembled faintly, as hard as an iron rod. Yuwen Hong kept his eyes closed from the very start, not daring to make a sound.

"Ai, loosen up. Just grit your teeth, rock a bit, and it’ll be over," coaxed You Mengzhe.

Yuwen Hong trembled and nodded.

"I’m climbing on now," You Mengzhe announced.


A vision of fair skin and beautiful, youthful contours, You Mengzhe knelt on the ground with his legs apart, his back entrance aiming towards Yuwen Hong’s cock, and sat down. A wave of pain crashed over him as it plunged into his depths. He immediately wrapped his hand around Yuwen Hong’s rod, paused for a moment, and gritted his teeth as he continued to inch down. You Mengzhe bit back at the white-hot pain, pausing every half an inch until finally, he impaled himself to the hilt. Yuwen Hong's cock was abnormally large and long, filling his depths with a vague discomfort. Then he took a deep breath, and warmth arose in his dantian, integrating with his inner qi. As the pain eased, Yuwen Hong's breathing hitched.

"Just like this... go!" You Mengzhe rasped.

Sweat pooled from Yuwen Hong's forehead and chest as You Mengzhe closed his eyes, feeling Yuwen Hong's vital qi circulate within their bodies. You Mengzhe inched up, then sat back down, a moan -- Ah -- escaping his lips. Yuwen Hong’s eyes immediately opened, observing the hazy heat in You Mengzhe's cheeks as he turned his head to moan and gasp for air. Yuwen Hong reached out a hand, You Mengzhe understood, and their palms joined, fingers interlocking, as the vital qi surged through their entire bodies, arousing in You Mengzhe an indescribable pleasure. You Mengzhe couldn’t help but grind against him, up and down, making Yuwen Hong’s cock fuck in and out of him, over and over, until a few thrusts in, Yuwen Hong suddenly jerked, letting out a torrent of gasps, and just as You Mengzhe was starting to enjoy himself, he felt the cock embedded in his depths pulse once, then twice, and then shoot a trail of heat into him.

You Mengzhe: "???"

Yuwen Hong: "......"

After only a few thrusts, it was already over. You Mengzhe sat up, and Yuwen Hong's member had already softened.

"You came just like that?"


"Why was it so fast?"

Yuwen Hong's breathing was still a little uneven.

"I also don't-don’t know, it was my first time. What should we do?"

You Mengzhe closed his eyes slightly. He had just started to harden when Yuwen Hong had unexpectedly finished. The vital qi that had pooled low in his abdomen had also dispersed. They had barely cultivated, and only 10% of his skill had been gained, so he had no choice but to give up.

"Forget about it."

You Mengzhe got off, and Yuwen Hong sighed again. Sticky fluids coated his cock, and the majority of his white seed was still dripping out of You Mengzhe’s entrance. You Mengzhe staggered, barely able to stand straight, prompting Yuwen Hong to hurriedly reach out and hold him in his embrace.

"Be careful."

Yuwen Hong grabbed his martial robe and used the corner to wipe the fluids from both their bodies. He made You Mengzhe sit tight, and they both put on their robes.

After dressing himself, Yuwen Hong seemed like a different person again. He sat in a daze watching the fire, his face still a little red. Sun Bin had once called You Mengzhe inexperienced, but who could have predicted that this time, You Mengzhe would get on top of a virgin? Said virgin was also in his thirties, and yet he had never done this before.

You Mengzhe suddenly asked, "Little Uncle, did you like my mother?"

Yuwen Hong, frightened at the thought, quickly answered, "No way, I’ve never liked her."

You Mengzhe nodded. "Then why aren’t you talking?"

"I’m used to not talking."

“Chat with me then.”

Yuwen Hong nodded and asked, "What do you want to talk about?"

You Mengzhe thought for a while, separated Yuwen Hong's long legs, and sat down in the space between. He leaned back on his chest, pulled Yuwen Hong’s arms around himself, and rested on him like a pillow.

"Just say anything."

"How is this technique practiced by two people? How long do you need to cultivate for?"

"The manual says that the longer you cultivate, the greater the result for both parties."

Yuwen Hong fell silent.

After a moment, he asked, "Can you make up for it by doing it more frequently?"

"No, by doing it more...by cultivating more, the effect won’t be as good as the previous few times."

Yuwen Hong was quiet for a while, and You Mengzhe leaned on his shoulder, gazing outside of the cave in a trance. The sky gradually darkened, and it was raining. You Mengzhe fetched some food from his bundle, chewing as he lay in Yuwen Hong's embrace, and also gave him a share. As the two of them held each other and ate, You Mengzhe suddenly realized that he felt a familiar sense of dependence on this person, as if they had known each other for a long time. Even if they didn’t speak, they wouldn’t feel awkward.

"Oh right." You Mengzhe looked up.

Yuwen Hong, still eating, bowed his head to look at You Mengzhe.


You Mengzhe studied Yuwen Hong's lips, and spotted a few crumbs. He pulled down his neck to lower his head, licked the crumbs from his lips, and kissed them. Fire immediately rushed up Yuwen Hong’s cheeks.

"I forgot what I wanted to ask you." Then he continued to eat the bread as if nothing had happened.

Yuwen Hong's crotch had hardened again, pressing against You Mengzhe's back.

Not long after, You Mengzhe finished eating and was just starting to nod off when Yuwen Hong asked, “Do you still want to cultivate? Let’s try it again, this time I will hold it in for a little longer."

“Sure, let’s try it. Try as hard as possible to do...to persist for longer."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Don’t worry about me, just hold on for as long as you can."

"What if you’re unable to endure it?"

You Mengzhe thought that riding was indeed tiring, and it probably wouldn’t be long before he used up all his strength. So he replied, "Then you move, and I'll lie down. How about you take this first."

He fished out from his bundle an aphrodisiac that Sun Bin had taken from the House of Blossoms, and placed it in Yuwen Hong's palm. Yuwen Hong glanced at it, slapped his left palm on his right wrist, and the pill flew into his mouth. Without even a swig of water, he swallowed it dry.

You Mengzhe looked at Yuwen Hong expectantly and asked, "Is it working?"

Yuwen Hong sat, clenching his fists over his knee, and said after a moment, "It's a little hot, is this an aphrodisiac?"

You Mengzhe nodded, surprised that Yuwen Hong actually knew about aphrodisiacs.

Yuwen Hong explained, "Previously in the Azure Sea Pavilion, I saw many of these concoctions."

You Mengzhe waited. When Yuwen Hong’s exhales started to really heat up, he said, "It's ready, let’s go, this time it’ll definitely work."

"Wait, I'll take one too." You Mengzhe also took an aphrodisiac, and within a moment, his whole body felt like it was on fire.

Yuwen Hong took off his outer robe and spread it on the ground. Then they removed the rest of their clothes and laid beside the fire. You Mengzhe had already just been entered, so there was still a lot of white essence within him, and as soon as Yuwen Hong plunged in, it overflowed. You Mengzhe closed his eyes. This time, Yuwen Hong's cock was not as hard as before, so he no longer felt pain in his abdomen, but his cock was still engorged, piercing straight through him.

"That's it." A scorching heat rose to You Mengzhe’s shoulders, so he commanded, "Faster...Go!"

Yuwen Hong didn’t say a word and started to thrust, forcing a wave of moans out of You Mengzhe. It felt even better than before. Outside the cave, the light rain pitter-pattered, and inside the cave, the warm blaze crackled, its reddish glow illuminating Yuwen Hong's toned arms and their naked bodies, as if coating them in a layer of satiny oil.

You Mengzhe kept urging Yuwen Hong to go faster, so Yuwen Hong hugged him tighter from behind to forcefully quicken his thrusts. You Mengzhe's cries gradually grew louder, bringing a blissful pleasure.

One hour later.

You Mengzhe gasped, "Stop...Stop for a second, I can’t take it anymore."

Yuwen Hong hugged You Mengzhe and continued pounding into him at lightning speed. You Mengzhe could barely even breathe. When he turned his head, Yuwen Hong, still flushed bright red, took hold of You Mengzhe’s lips with his own. You Mengzhe’s pupils abruptly contracted, his breath trapped in his body. Suddenly, he felt that at the place where the two of them met, where Yuwen Hong was pounding relentlessly, a mass of qi in his dantian surged, and without even the slightest sense of a stifling haze, impure qi expelled out of his system. His whole body floating as light as a feather, exploded into an unspeakable climax.


By the time his lips separated, You Mengzhe had been fucked out of his mind. He could only rest on Yuwen Hong’s arm, wildly panting, and bare his neck in distress. His erect member sprayed hot fluids with the rhythm of Yuwen Hong’s thrusts.

Two hours later.

Yuwen Hong’s fucking hadn’t slowed in the slightest. You Mengzhe only felt that his body was no longer his own, that his back entrance had been nearly fucked numb. Only the pleasure in the depths of his body crashed and accumulated like waves, making his scalp numb and his cheeks hazy red, forcing him to beg for mercy over and over again.

"I can’t take it, let’s stop it here, stop, stop…"

Yuwen Hong panted. "I haven't finished yet."

"Then hurry up, if you keep going like this, I’m going to die..."

Yuwen Hong tightened his arms around You Mengzhe, allowing him to penetrate even deeper until he was buried to the hilt. With their hands intertwined, You Mengzhe faced the cave wall, flushed scarlet from shame. He could only feel his entire body brimming over with vital qi, a lust accumulating in his heart that he had no way to release. Yuwen Hong’s rabid thrusting only pushed more pleasure into his body.

Four hours later.

You Mengzhe cried, "I’m done cultivating... Little Uncle, you’re going to fuck me... to death ah!"

"Bear with it for a while longer...Go!"

You Mengzhe widened his eyes uncontrollably. He had already come thrice, and each climax had brought with it the highest pinnacle of pleasure; pure and thick vital qi circulated through his entire body as if washing his marrow clean, allowing him to shed his mortal body in exchange for rebirth, leaving behind gentle vital energy that flowed through his meridians, cloudless and crystalline beyond compare.

Five hours later.

Even Yuwen Hong was gasping loudly without restraint. His sweat had long already soaked their bodies, his naked flesh flushed red with heat. Meanwhile You Mengzhe had been fucked until he already fainted and reawakened several times. When Yuwen Hong finally held him at rest, You Mengzhe felt the yielding force of the warm qi disperse in each other's bodies, gathering in their meridians.

Yuwen Hong let out a long breath. You Mengzhe didn't even have the strength to speak, his throat hoarse from shouting. He moved his body with great difficulty, pulling out Yuwen Hong's cock that dripped with their fluids.

"That's enough." You Mengzhe turned around. "I'm exhausted. I'll sleep for a while."

Yuwen Hong nodded, took the inner garment he had thrown on the ground, and shook it over them. You Mengzhe rested on Yuwen Hong's arm like a pillow, swung his thigh between Yuwen Hong’s legs, hugged his waist, and fell asleep on his chest.

Translator's Comment:

Y’all didn’t want anymore quickies so here’s a marathon. I’m 99.999% sure that was a 5 hour sex session but for a sec my editor Juurensha and I were like…. was it 12?? Don’t worry, if it was 12 hours YMZ wouldn’t have just cum 3x LMAO.

also, only Feitian can make a smut chapter funny with a sprinkle of knives… LMAO

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