Chapter 7 - Kangjin Dragon

Let Go of that Shou

"First, laozi needs to make this clear. After I’m done playing around, we’ll go our separate ways. Don't keep crying and pestering me."

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"What's laozi’s name? Do you remember yet?" Sun Bin demanded coldly. 

"I can’t take it, stop... let me rest for a bit," You Mengzhe begged.

Sun Bin pressed against You Mengzhe and gave a deep, merciless thrust. You Mengzhe couldn’t bite back his moan, panting wildly. 

"Your name was...is..." 

Sun Bin hammered into him with a pa pa pa pa, nailing him until he was almost delirious -- sometimes moaning, sometimes crying out loud. 

Compared to last time’s tryst, this time Sun Bin had come prepared; he made sure to first dip his index finger into that Frolicking Fish balm to thoroughly lubricate his entrance. This balm was specifically used by brothels and also doubled as an aphrodisiac, effectively torturing You Mengzhe into a flushed heat. Meanwhile Sun Bin smirked roguishly, not saying a word. He would slowly, agonizingly push in, then immediately increase his tempo. 

Where the embroidered quilt had been spread, two naked bodies entangled fervently on the deck.

Sun Bin first ordered You Mengzhe to kneel on all fours and stick up his ass, relentlessly taking him from behind until heat arose from their dantians. You Mengzhe buried his head in the quilt, panting wildly, while Sun Bin switched positions, propping his elbows against his body to mount You Mengzhe like a male dog, and rammed into him at a punishing speed.

You Mengzhe, already almost at his limit, could only feel slick squelching out of his entrance with every one of Sun Bin’s thrusts, the lewd fluids from his cock dripping down You Mengzhe’s thighs. You Mengzhe started to beg for mercy, for Sun Bin to take a break, but Sun Bin only held his waist, caging him in from behind, and continued to ravage him, taking his sweet time. 

"What is laozi's name, have you remembered yet?" Sun Bin's tone no longer resembled a delinquent’s, replaced by an intimate whisper into You Mengzhe's ear, "Otherwise I won’t spare you." 

You Mengzhe had been trying to cultivate his inner qi, only for Sun Bin’s cock to swell and repeatedly pound against his yangxin. Several times his thrusts violently rattled that inner qi until it dispersed, causing You Mengzhe to hurriedly beg for mercy

"Tell me again, this time I will definitely remember it." 

"Sun Bin." Sun Bin kissed You Mengzhe’s earlobe. "Remember it now?" 

You Mengzhe gasped for breath, hurriedly nodding. 

Sun Bin paused for a moment. "I’ll teach you a mnemonic, remember that too." He then cradled You Mengzhe, caressing and pinching his chest with his fingers. "From the qihai acupoint, to the dantian." 

With a foggy look in his eyes, You Mengzhe nodded repeatedly, his vital qi travelling and following Sun Bin’s trail of caresses through his body. Sun Bin used two fingers to firmly stroke You Mengzhe’s member, then kneaded his perineal acupoint, forcing You Mengzhe to moan. He felt a cozy, warm vital energy arise and flow through the tanzhong acupoint in his chest, then gather between his eyebrows, before exploding throughout his whole body. He felt so good it was like he had ascended.

At the same time, Sun Bin slammed into him abruptly, penetrating him deeply and fiercely as he buried his head between You Mengzhe's shoulder blades.

"I’m afraid laozi has fucked all your essence out of you," noted Sun Bin casually, conveniently wiping the semen that trailed across You Mengzhe's belly as he pulled out. You Mengzhe exhaled faintly, having just experienced the greatest pleasure of his life. 

"How old are you?" You Mengzhe rummaged around for something on the boat. 

"Eighteen." Sun Bin then teased, "Why, you want to consult my horoscope and marry laozi?" 

You Mengzhe waved his hand. "Nothing like that, just asking. I’m sixteen." 

Sun Bin nodded and continued, "All good as long as you don’t have that thought. Let’s sleep." 

The two of them lay down in the hold, and You Mengzhe opened his eyes, gazing at the quarter moon over the horizon. It was around the fourth nightwatch, and tranquil calm had pervaded the once bustling water village, the only remnants of life now in the form of red lanterns hanging on both sides of the river. The wu-peng boat drifted downstream with the current, and the lanterns on the wooden bridge swayed gently in the night breeze, evoking an indescribable pleasure, an inexpressible peace. 

The morning sun in Yangzhou shone brightly, and by breakfast, the hustle and bustle on both sides of the water village resumed. You Mengzhe yawned and leaned lazily over the side of the boat, playing with the water. Sun Bin stood at the bow, guiding the boat with his oar. These two fresh-faced teenagers, with their unlined garments whiter than snow, set against the ink-washed winter painting of Jiangnan, certainly pleased the eye.

"Wait here," Sun Bin instructed You Mengzhe. Then he jumped ashore and disappeared into the bustling city. In less time than it took to drink a cup of tea, he returned with a food box and two sets of clothes. 

"Eat,” Sun Bin said casually.

The lacquered-wood food box had three layers, containing crab-roe noodles, siu mai wrapped in golden-yellow skin, and translucent glutinous rice wrappers with fresh shrimp inside, its briny juice ready to ooze out with each bite. It also held vivid, four-colored steamed noodle rolls, two bowls of mountainside rice porridge, and a sachet of tea. You Mengzhe shrugged on his outer robe, and Sun Bin used the small stove on the boat to boil water for the tea.

After they finished their breakfast, Sun Bin hopped ashore again and paid for a boatman, signaling him to grab the oar and carry them to Mirror Lake.

The water town bustled with life, and the early winter’s withered lotuses floated in the river, but Sun Bin dejectedly hugged his knees and sloppily sat on the bow. When You Mengzhe had woken up this morning, he had noticed that the vital qi in his body had become even purer, just like the wind sweeping through the vast sky, rising and falling like clouds. A wave of vital qi continuously rolled in his heart, filling him with immense satisfaction.

He was in high spirits, overflowing with vigor, yet Sun Bin looked a little down, so he asked, "What's wrong?"


Sun Bin was stuck in his own world, staring blankly at where the bow split the water. Only then could You Mengzhe take a good look at Sun Bin’s face. A pair of fish-like eyebrows, their tails resembling broomsticks... the space between his brows were slightly pinched, his nose tall and handsome, red lips stained with a bit of dark vermilion, the corner of his mouth quirked, perpetually unruly. From his profile, he looked a bit worn for his years, yet still full of roguish energy. Sun Bin grabbed a stack of copper coins and threw them into the river for fun.

"What do you plan to do at Mirror Lake?" asked You Mengzhe.

"Play." Sun Bin added flippantly, "If you don’t want to go, then don’t. Get lost." 

“That’s not what I said. You really have a weird temper.”

Sun Bin gave a brutish smile. "Laozi has always been straightforward, unlike some people who think ‘fuck you’ but say ‘anything for you’. You’re a young master, if you want to hear sweet talk then go bother someone else.”

You Mengzhe laughed and shot back, “That’s not what I said, and how did you know I’m from the Demon Cult?” 

Sun Bin refused to answer and resumed throwing copper coins into the river, creating beautiful ripples.

"Give me some, I want to play too."

Sun Bin retorted, "The copper coins are in the satchel. Get them yourself." With a lazy flick, a strong wind propelled a silver ingot into a house by the canal, rousing a shout of joy from within. 

"Where did you get that money from? I have some too, do you want it?" 

"Of course I stole it. I rely on myself to survive. I’m not some ‘hero’. The whole world is my money bank, ready for me to take and spend." 

You Mengzhe nodded then asked, "How many people are in your family, and where are your parents?" 

Sun Bin glanced at You Mengzhe guardedly, and bluntly replied, "What’s it to you."

"Just asking, don't look at me like that." 

Sun Bin grumbled a few words to himself, and scattered a handful of copper coins into the air like goddesses scattering blossoms, causing countless ripples. In a flash, all was beautiful.

"No father, no mother." Sun Bin continued, "My shifu is Mt. Feng's master."

You Mengzhe nodded, if this person was already so powerful, he thought, then if he could make his shifu dual-cultivate with him... So he proceeded to ask, "Is your shifu old?" 

"He’s DEAD——!" Sun Bin angrily shouted. 

As You Mengzhe hurriedly apologized, Sun Bin raised his eyebrows and shared, "I’ll tell you the truth, I’m going to MoDai Peak’s Mirror Lake to attend the Martial Arts Alliance Assembly not for fun, but for revenge.” 

You Mengzhe suddenly understood. “To avenge your master?” 

Sun Bin nodded. “I have two enemies in my life. One is the person who killed my shifu. He was competing in a martial arts tournament in JiangJun Ridge when someone hit him with his palm and gravely injured him. Three days and three nights later, he vomited blood and died."

Moved, You Mengzhe exclaimed, "What a vicious person! What's his name?"

"When the time comes, you’ll know."

You Mengzhe was extremely curious about Sun Bin's past, and wanting to know the rest, urged him on, "And the other enemy?"

"The other is the Emperor."

"The Emperor lives all the way in Beijing, how did he provoke you?" 

"Emperor Dayu, that son of a bitch surnamed Li wiped out the entire Sun clan three hundred years ago! How is that not called provoking me!" 

You Mengzhe hurriedly motioned at Sun Bin to lower his voice. He once heard Yu Changqing say that the most powerful person in the world was the Emperor. Though his father was the leader of the Demon Cult, even he was still nothing in comparison.

Sun Bin echoed in a dull voice, "They’re all gone."

"How were they killed?" 

"I don't know, my Martial Sister said my Sun family had very few descendants, and wished for me to diligently practice martial arts to find a way to avenge my ancestors." 

You Mengzhe nodded sympathetically, and asked, "The last attempt wasn’t successful?" 

"There were too many people in the palace, and I couldn’t find that dog emperor, so that’s why I stole his jade seal to play with. I didn't expect that lackey to immediately discover it and even chase me thousands of li all the way to Xichuan, then to Jiangzhou. So that’s it, there. What about you? Why did you leave the mountain?" 

"I...have no enemies. My mother died a long time ago, I was born and raised on Yuheng Mountain. My father treats me well, except he only lets me cultivate all day, everyday, which bored me to death." 

You Mengzhe thought for a while, only to feel that his life was very uneventful, just eating and wandering around every day, studying and learning to read, cultivating then sleeping, rinse and repeat. There was nothing particularly sad about it, and nothing particularly happy. 

"Your father was raising you as his pig," muttered Sun Bin bitterly. 

You Mengzhe and Sun Bin sat side by side on the bow of the boat. The waters gradually widened, as they emerged from Yangzhou and entered the waters of MoDai Mountain. The black roofs and white walls of the water village slowly receded into the distance, revealing an endless expanse of lush mountains, blue skies, and white clouds, stretching as far as the eye could see. 

"It's so beautiful." You Mengzhe couldn't help but sigh in admiration. 

"It's boring." Sun Bin continued, "Forget it, forget it. Let’s dual-cultivate, come over here," and he offhandedly seized You Mengzhe by the waist, pulling him into the hold.

They left their unhappiness behind as they prepared their weapons for battle, and once more, ‘practiced martial arts’. 

Afterwards, You Mengzhe was left gasping for breath, a thin layer of sweat covering his body, while Sun Bin stood motionless at the bow, steadying his breath and circulating his qi. A moment later, he executed the divine ‘Floating on Water’ technique, swiping a glistening waterline over the surface of the river, maneuvered a few turns, and leaped back onto the boat, only the last less than half an inch of his martial boots wet.

"If this time I die," started Sun Bin, "then go to Mt. Feng in Xichuan, look for the Nine Temple sect, and just tell any one of them that Sun Bin failed, died, and won't return."

"Oh." You Mengzhe exhaled faintly, unable to fully express what he wanted to say. "Let’s dual-cultivate one more time." 

"No need," Sun Bin muttered, "it's not as useful as the first few times." 

You Mengzhe nodded in understanding, and Sun Bin groaned, "Ai, so boring."

You Mengzhe couldn’t understand Sun Bin. The world was so big, with so many beautiful and interesting places, what was there to be bored about? He could scarcely understand that everything Sun Bin wanted, he could get-- as commonplace and as easy as picking his own pockets. Among thousands of flowers, not even a single leaf could touch him. He had long lost all his desires. 

A few days later, You Mengzhe brought his bundle and went ashore with Sun Bin, who gave the stolen boat to the boatswain. Without even considering how he would return, he took You Mengzhe with him towards MoDai Mountain.

"First, laozi needs to make this clear. After I’m done playing around, we’ll go our separate ways. Don't keep crying and pestering me." 

"Of course, otherwise what?” 


Sun Bin emphasized, "I’ve seen a lot of people like you, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, fragile and delicate, so don't think that just because laozi topped you a few times, that I have to wait upon you for the rest of my life..."

"Why would I? Didn’t we both benefit? If you want to go your own way, you can leave now too. Go. I’ll wander around myself." 


Sun Bin was speechless for a long while; it was like he was punching cotton.

Already curious, You Mengzhe’s eyes darted left and right at the wulin martial artists flocking the mountain, and he chirped, "I'm going, see you later." 

Sun Bin couldn't muster a word, and only after collecting his thoughts, did he shout angrily, "Get the fuck out of here! The farther away the better!” 

You Mengzhe glared back at him, thought "Fuck you," and said, "Anything for you."

You Mengzhe already had Sun Bin's vital qi, and although it couldn’t compare with the ‘Floating on Water’ technique that Sun Bin had painstakingly practiced for over a decade, he could already travel a long distance with a single rush of qi. Seeing all the visitors trekking up the small road winding through the mountainside, he caught up with the crowd and followed them deep into the mountain.

It was early winter, the mountains lush with pines and cypresses, and the martial artists’ lively chatter filled the silence. You Mengzhe didn't recognize anyone, so with his bundle slung over his shoulder, he walked a little, then stopped a little, watching others as they watched him.

By noon, they reached the end of the mountain road, suddenly revealing an enchanting expanse of lush mountains and glistening water. The two mountain peaks, like alluring eyebrows, framed a vast, tranquil lake: Mirror Lake.

A wooden pavilion stood quietly on a platform in the heart of the basin. Mirror Lake was half-surrounded by mountains and half-suspended on the mountain’s edge, facing the Jiangnan plain’s criss-crossing rivers, the view vast and boundless as far as the eye could see. 

A stream of clear blue water surged from MoDai Mountain, feeding into Mirror Lake, and flowed over the lake’s edge into a cascading, three-level waterfall, at last hurtling towards the plains below. Hundreds of waterfalls of all sizes flowed all around. It was truly a sight to behold. 

One by one, the Jianghu martial artists took a seat by the water. There seemed to be a few people in the pavilion, which was connected in the heart of the lake by several narrow wooden bridges, by which people occasionally came and went. You Mengzhe surveyed his surroundings and picked a place with few people around to sit down at, and watched as two people unveiled a banner near the waterfall, written in bold, valiant script, ‘The Central Plains Third Martial Arts Alliance Assembly’. 

"This is ‘Golden Hook Iron Stroke’ Zhang Yuanshan's calligraphy," remarked an elder on the left, who stroked his beard and smiled. 

Someone else sighed, "It’s been many years since Hero Zhang has appeared in the Jianghu. This time he was invited out of seclusion by Alliance Leader Zhao. It seems our righteous sects are flourishing by the day, and the destruction of Yuheng Mountain’s Demon Cult is imminent." 

"Not necessarily, not necessarily." The elder smiled and said nothing more. 

"Shifu, why do you say that?" a young female disciple asked naively. 

You Mengzhe saw that this group not far from him looked like they were from a martial sect, each of them carrying a judgment brush, presumably practitioners of striking meridians and the like. Hearing them discuss the Demon Cult, he became curious and went over to eavesdrop. That old man was the second master of the Flying Grass Sect on Mt. Lou’s Ningbi Peak, and he was currently lecturing his disciples by the lake.

"The Demon Sect rose to prominence more than fifty years ago. Their numbers are far fewer than our righteous wulin sects, but their devious ways and sinister techniques are incomparably perverse." 

Go fuck your grandmother... You Mengzhe thought to himself as he feigned admiration, and moved in even closer. One after another the disciples stared at You Mengzhe, not saying a word, while the old man stroked his beard and chuckled.

"Sixteen years ago, when the righteous sects besieged Yuheng Mountain, you were all still young, so naturally you didn’t participate. Your Martial Uncle recalls that back then, a mighty formation of nearly five thousand people descended upon the mountain like a great flood, only to suffer a crushing defeat. In the end, less than eight hundred people returned." 

Everyone gasped in shock. You Mengzhe counted on his fingers and calculated that at that time, he had just been born. 

"Although the Demon Cult’s techniques are not as rich and profound as ours, they have their own specialties. The day Martial Uncle went up the mountain, that devil You Gutian’s wife was in labor, so he was too busy to deal with us. Alliance Leader Zhao’s shifu Elder Ning led us to attack, only to have nearly a thousand of our comrades hacked down by their defense mechanism at the foot of the mountain. The remaining few who had narrowly escaped death continued upwards. Alliance Leader Zhao was just about to attack, only to discover that the Demon Cult had long ago sent out ten maids and ten servants to wait outside the main gate in a spiritual formation that beat the Black Hawk Sect, Tang Sect, Golden Light Sect, and Jiangzhou Long Sect to shame..." 

For a while the disciples gawked, open-mouthed and speechless. 

"What about that devil You Gutian?" The female disciple curiously asked, "So that means, even Alliance Leader Zhao is not his opponent?" 

The elder shook his head. "At the time Alliance Leader Zhao was only twenty years old, and it’s said that they were evenly matched. After several battles and defeats, he finally fought his way into the main hall of the Demon Sect and exchanged blows with You Gutian, but they were so evenly matched that it was impossible to distinguish between victory or defeat. So he had no choice but to retreat."

The accompanying disciple nodded in understanding, and You Mengzhe piped up, "What happened later?" 

The old man glanced at You Mengzhe and smiled benevolently at him. "Later, I heard that the Demon Cult also captured many young female disciples of the Thousand Blossoms Sect in Jiangxi. This brought great shame and humiliation to the righteous sects. To this day, we still don’t know what happened to them on Yuheng Mountain. It’s been many years, you see, and when Elder Ning passed, Alliance Leader Zhao never forgot his dying wish to gather all the sects and eradicate the Demon Cult.” 

You Mengzhe asked again, “Exactly what evil things did the Demon Cult do?” 

“It’s hard to explain in a few words,” answered the old man mildly, “Where did the little brother come from?" 

You Mengzhe nodded unhurriedly, and replied, "Yu..." He narrowly let it slip from his tongue, so hurriedly made up a place. "Mount Feng."

The old man couldn't tell what method You Mengzhe practiced, and frankly, You Mengzhe really didn't have much cultivation within him. He seemed like an ordinary boy sent by some wealthy family to learn a few martial tricks, as he dressed very glamorously and had graceful, delicate features. With one glance, the old man guessed that he was some bright-eyed youngster coming out to enjoy the scenery, and did not ask any further. 

Another young man's voice cut in from the side. "Until we eradicate the Demon Cult, there will never be peace in the Central Plains!" 

At that time, they saw a group of martial artists descending from the slope, the men dressed in blue, and the women in pink. The leader of the group wore white from head to toe, and held a paper fan with "The Sea Embraces All Rivers With Great Tolerance" written on the front, and a chrysanthemum painted with black ink on the back. 

"Young Master Tang." The old man cupped his hands in greeting. 

That youth folded his fan and smiled. "Elder Huang." 

He was the young master of the Tang Sect, Tang Hui, also known as the ‘Ethereal Fan’. The disciples from the two sects greeted each other one by one, and after exchanging the usual pleasantries, Tang Hui led his martial brothers and sisters closer, Elder Huang of Flying Grass Sect took a seat on the ground, and everyone else took their place. 

Only Tang Hui stayed standing by the lake, glancing at You Mengzhe, and asked, "This little brother is not from the Flying Grass Sect?" 

You Mengzhe waved his hand. "No, I'm just here for fun." 

Tang Hui squinted, studying him and nodding his head slowly.

"You’re from the Tang Sect?" asked You Mengzhe. 

Tang Hui smiled. "Indeed." Then he shook open his fan and nonchalantly fanned himself.

It’s a cold winter day, and he’s fanning himself. The corner of You Mengzhe's mouth curved slightly. 

"Young Master, may I ask your surname?"

You Mengzhe stammered, "Uh, my last name is...is Sun,” then he repeated, "I just came to watch the fun." 

Tang Hui teased, "Then Young Master Sun, please sit down." 

The disciples behind him brought out two stools for them, and they sat by the lake. 

You Mengzhe asked, "Brother Tang, what bad things did the Demon Cult do to make everyone want to destroy it?"

Tang Hui answered indifferently, "Who knows? Look at all these people here, how many of them really have unshakable feuds, and how many are just here to watch the fun? On the day Alliance Leader Zhao leads the righteous sects to attack the Demon Cult, how many of these people do you think will fight to the death, and how many will loaf behind waiting to reap the rewards?" 

As if You Mengzhe suddenly saw the light, he found that he understood many things. On the day he was born sixteen years ago, maybe the righteous sects weren’t completely overpowered by the Demon Cult. Rather, the majority were probably frightened to death. The more afraid they were to die, the easier it was to die. 

"Understand?" Tang Hui grinned. 

You Mengzhe beamed and nodded, then asked, "Will you go too?" 

Tang Hui answered calmly, "Haven’t decided, I first need to see whether the new Alliance Leader is dependable or not." 

“Friends of the Righteous Path." A voice echoed from the pavilion in the heart of the lake, and the whispering crowd quieted down. The voice from the pavilion wasn’t loud, yet it reverberated through the mountains. Everyone could hear him crystal-clear, his voice carrying a deep and resounding spirit.

You Mengzhe craned his neck and peered at the two men standing in the pavilion, both of them tall and majestic, their faces hard to see. One of them wore an azure martial arts robe, gripping a nine-chi staff. The other wore black from head to toe, and he stood to the side.

"Brothers, you have taken time out of your busy schedules to come here today. For that, I can’t thank you enough." 

The man wearing azure stood in the pavilion and bowed to the thousands of people by the lake. So the man in blue must be Zhao Feihong, the Wulin Alliance Leader. But who is the tall, lean man in the black brocade robes?

"My brother Yuanshan, you’ve had a long journey." Zhao Feihong also cupped his fists towards the man in black beside him, and after returning the greeting, he left the pavilion. 

"That person is ‘Golden Hook Iron Stroke’ Zhang Yuanshan." Tang Hui recognized the curiosity on You Mengzhe's face, so he explained, "He’s an expert with the judgment brush, and he’s extremely skilled." 

You Mengzhe nodded, then asked, "Are he and Zhao Feihong close friends? Why didn’t they speak to each other?"

"Their families have been close for generations." Tang Hui added indifferently, "Hero Zhang is a mute, and he hails from a famed martial arts family in the Central Plains. Unfortunately, they have few descendants. The past four generations each produced one sole heir, and to this day he has yet to marry." 

"Is Zhang Yuanshan a rabbit?" This piqued You Mengzhe’s interest.

Tang Hui: "..." 

The expressions of the disciples all looked very strange. 

You Mengzhe: "??" 

He looked at Tang Hui expectantly. After a moment, Tang Hui closed his fan, winked at You Mengzhe, and smiled ambiguously. "I wouldn’t know." 


All around them, people who had heard Zhao Feihong's speech shouted.

"Hero Zhao is too courteous!"

"I’m willing to follow the Alliance Leader through fire and water!"

"We will root out those bastards of the Demon Cult sooner or later!" 

Zhao Feihong cupped his hands again and responded in a calm, clear voice, "As my fellow brothers have mentioned, this time I have invited everyone here to discuss how to eradicate the Yuheng Mountain Demon Cult. As the saying goes, the flames burn highest when everyone adds firewood, and the humiliation of sixteen years ago burns vividly in our hearts..." 

As soon as he mentioned the Demon Cult, emotions surged violently from all around Mirror Lake, and frantic shouts roiled like waves, growing louder and louder until they drowned out Zhao Feihong's words. 

However, amidst the noise, Zhao Feihong's voice again rang clearly. “A few days ago, the Long Family in Jiangzhou suffered a great shame. Elder Long, please share what happened." 

Mother Hen Has Something To Say:

The judgment brush in ancient Jianghu should be six feet three inches long, kind of like a long spear, with a fist-like ball at the end that could be held by the hand. But in this story, in order to embody Yuanshan gege’s elegant and unrestrained demeanor, the judgment brush has been shortened into a bronze pen, conveniently hooked at his waist to make him look cool.

Translator's Comment:

So this chapter is Kangjin Dragon, we don’t see much of him (YET), but it’s Zhao Feihong <3 feitian really squeezed a quickie smut + character backgrounds for gong and MC + ittybitty knives into one tiny chapter. y'all it took me an extra 1.5 hours bc I kept messing up how to add pictures in the translation notes. I hope it can help you envision things more! Let me know if they're useful at all.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Ruini.



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After reading the Yingnu translations, I’m actually picking up so much of the background references dropped here. Why does it not surprise me that Zhang Yuanshan is a mute in this story? 😉

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