Chapter 7 - Kangjin Dragon

Let Go of that Shou

"First, laozi needs to make this clear. After I’m done playing around, we’ll go our separate ways. Don't keep crying and pestering me."

Content Warning:
casual PAPAPA! R18

Translator(s): Ruini
Editor(s): juurensha

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Mother Hen Has Something To Say:

The judgment brush in ancient Jianghu should be six feet three inches long, kind of like a long spear, with a fist-like ball at the end that could be held by the hand. But in this story, in order to embody Yuanshan gege’s elegant and unrestrained demeanor, the judgment brush has been shortened into a bronze pen, conveniently hooked at his waist to make him look cool.

Translator's Comment:

So this chapter is Kangjin Dragon, we don’t see much of him (YET), but it’s Zhao Feihong <3 feitian really squeezed a quickie smut + character backgrounds for gong and MC + ittybitty knives into one tiny chapter. y'all it took me an extra 1.5 hours bc I kept messing up how to add pictures in the translation notes. I hope it can help you envision things more! Let me know if they're useful at all.

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