Chapter 6 - Xinyue Fox

Let Go of that Shou

"It should be you who enters. You do it yourself." The gigolo asked in a daze, "Shouldn’t the Young Master enter?" 

Content Warning:
brothel stuff, underage gigolo, mature situation (but no papapa)

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"Brother Wang," You Mengzhe called out.

"Ay." Wang Tan didn't bother to turn his gaze, transfixed on the pile of wooden tablets. 

The house was dim under the candlelight. After You Mengzhe had sent off Yu Changqing, he ate and lived with Wang Tan. The winter nights were long, the furnace glowed red, and You Mengzhe was bored to death. 

He contemplated Wang Tan’s massive arms and thighs, built like a black bear, and his bulging, virile chest with a thicket of dense, jet-black chest hair...  No matter how he tried, the words "Big brother, let’s dual-cultivate” wouldn’t leave his throat. 


Forget it, You Mengzhe thought.

Wang Tan mumbled to himself, saying who knows what, carefully wiped the wooden tablet clean, and asked, "Virtuous Brother You, have you been to Senior Brother's house?" 

"Nope." You Mengzhe shook his head blankly and asked, "Is Brother Yu's home kind of…?"

"Sister-in-law is very fierce." 

This sparked You Mengzhe’s curiosity, so he nodded and asked again, “Why did Brother Yu marry her?"

Wang Tan snickered and then winked at You Mengzhe. 


Wang Tan resumed fiddling with the wooden tablets with his head bowed, and asked, "How did you and Senior Brother get to know each other?"

"Just by chance." 

"Oh." Wang Tan continued, "In the past, Senior Brother also had a lot of close friends in the capital, all pretty boys with delicate features. After he married Sister-in-law, she called him a rabbit, chased them all away, and also withheld a whole year’s salary.... "


Wang Wei continued muttering to himself as You Mengzhe thought, So it turned out Yu Changqing was a rabbit! Damn, and he even put on that righteous, sanctimonious martial artist act! 

"Are we just staying here tonight?" You Mengzhe asked.

"Of course ah."

You Mengzhe felt that this life was way too dull, so he asked, "We can’t go out and have some… fun?" 

"No money." Wang Wei stared at the tablets in his hands bitterly. 

"I’ll pay for you then, let’s go shopping in the city." 

Although Wang Tan was penniless, he was very familiar with the red-light district in Yangzhou. He took You Mengzhe all the way across the Qilan Bridge and into Caideng Street. Vibrant lanterns filled the street, the moon rose above the willow trees, and the alley bustled with noise and excitement. By the road, bright lights blazed from inside a brothel, where beautiful women laughed delicately with an elegance unique to Jiangnan. You Mengzhe’s eyes reflected the bountiful lights, taking in the extravagance of this place. Wang Tan followed You Mengzhe, pointing along the way at which restaurant’s wontons were delicious, and which restaurant’s feast the Emperor still to this day praised to high heaven...

They saw a young lady on the second floor of a building beckoning with her handkerchief, all the while giggling and teasing. 

"What kind of place is the House of Blossoms?" You Mengzhe questioned. 

Wang Tan replied, "Virtuous little brother, are you treating gege?" 

At a loss, You Mengzhe turned to look at Wang Tan, who continued, "It’s a super great place! The expenses are also super great..." 

Seeing the gloriously lit House of Blossoms filled with guests, You Mengzhe declared, "Let’s go! Let’s take a look, drink some wine, and enjoy the music!” 

Many sons from the wealthiest families of Yangzhou waited, each dressed in glamorous robes, all stealing the limelight. They laughed and talked heartily in the front hall, before the brothel madam invited them into a private room.

You Mengzhe waited in the hall for a while, but when no one came to welcome him, he couldn't help but shout, "Hello! Madam! Is anyone here?" 

You Mengzhe didn't know the proper etiquette, nor was he a regular customer, so as soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately invited countless contemptuous glares. You Mengzhe just glared back. The brothel madam turned and sized up You Mengzhe from head to toe. Just as she was about to order someone to serve the dishes, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the jade pendant on You Mengzhe's waist. 

"Aiya, Young Master You——!" The brothel madam was practically groveling for heaven’s forgiveness, going just short of pounding her head on the ground and crawling over to You Mengzhe, screeching, "This is truly the blessing of three lifetimes for our humble business, what kind of wind blew Young Master here..." 


The madam immediately nodded, bowed, and obsequiously invited You Mengzhe upstairs. She shot a fierce, pointed glance at a nearby pimp, whose face turned blue with horror. He immediately clutched a jade hammer and in two strikes, sounded the jade chime. 

At once, as if all in the vicinity had received a decree, the courtesans abandoned their customers and chased each other up to the third floor, squealing. The customers who had just been enjoying the music were all at a loss, not knowing what had just happened. 

This was all a bit too enthusiastic, and baffled even You Mengzhe.

The madam welcomed him into the ‘Heaven’ room on the third floor, and after You Mengzhe took a seat on a plush couch, he asked, "How did you know my surname was You?" 

"Young Master, I’m Auntie An! From the four clans of Wind, Dragon, Clouds, and Tiger, I’m the Tiger Clan’s Auntie An. Our Tiger Clan is in charge of the brothels in Yangzhou and the East Sea region. Each and every House of Blossoms is the property of our Divine Cult..."

As soon as You Mengzhe heard that she was from the Demon Cult, he subconsciously wanted to escape, not wanting to get caught and brought back to the sect. However, looking at Auntie An, who didn’t seem to know that he had escaped, he composed himself and asked, "So then are the drinks on-the-house?" 

"Aiyaya! Of course it is on-the-house! Does the Young Master have enough for travel expenses? Would you like to inspect the books or play around first?" 

"I have enough, what's fun here? No need to put it on the tab, serve up all your best."

“Serve... Serve up?"

It took a moment for Aunt An to recover, but she called out at the door and enthusiastically explained to You Mengzhe as women of all flavors, shapes, and sizes, each a beauty in her own way, presented themselves for selection. This scared the living daylights out of You Mengzhe. Wang Tan’s gaze sharpened, and a moment later, the whole spectacle of people serving dishes, arranging chopsticks, setting out the qin, lighting incense, and attending to You Mengzhe gave him goosebumps all over. 

You Mengzhe said, "No thanks... you know that technique I practice, I can’t indulge in female charms. Look, Auntie An, the manual says so. If I have sex with a woman, I will experience a qi deviation, implode, and die." 

“Ah—" Aunty An understood and nodded, and asked You Mengzhe with anticipation, “Then... what about gigolos?"

"Gigolos?" You Mengzhe stared blankly, wondering what those were. Suddenly he remembered Sun Bin had mentioned it before, and assuming it meant young men, he immediately answered, "That works! Bring them in." 

Aunt An waved her handkerchief, calling out, "Bring over twenty gigolos!" 

You Mengzhe responded, "Too many, too many... okay, let me see." 

Wang Tan had his bear arms outstretched, each holding a beautiful woman, with a third courtesan gently stuck to Wang Tan's chest. In a state of euphoria, Wang Tan declared, "Virtuous Brother You! You really know how to treat people! I'll be next door hehehe.” 

You Mengzhe, feeling extremely proud and self-satisfied, shot back, "You're welcome, you're welcome, take your time! Now let me take a look..." 

The young gigolos lined up in a neat row for him to choose. You Mengzhe glanced at each of them. Dressed in green robes, their arms and hands were as delicate and fair as lotus roots, their bodies as pliant and weak as willows swaying in the wind, each one as slender and elegant as any feminine beauty. Barely any looked masculine, so he reluctantly chose the only gigolo who looked a bit more upright, and whose features faintly emulated the hasty glimpses he had stolen of Sun Bin under the moonlight. 

"Just him."

The girls left, and Auntie An waited outside the door, kneading her handkerchief, ears trained for any orders.

The little boy knelt down, trembling with fear.

You Mengzhe ordered, "Get up." 

The boy stepped forward to pour wine and serve You Mengzhe. You Mengzhe grasped the young man's chin, examining left, then right, something mysterious stirring in his heart. 

"Come here," You Mengzhe beckoned as he began undressing himself.

It was the young gigolo’s first time meeting such an efficient customer who cut straight to the chase, without even drinking a drop of alcohol. He had nothing left to do but take off his clothes and lay on the bed, half-exposed. 

You Mengzhe stripped completely nude, with only an outer robe draped over his shoulders. He fell onto the bed, elbows propped up, taking in the gigolo pressed beneath his body, his gaze charming and coquettish, as luxurious as silk.

You Mengzhe looked down at the young man and asked, "You...you’re not hard?" 

The gigolo gasped. "Later when the Young Master enters in, this servant will naturally..."

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Gigolo: "???”

"It should be you who enters. You do it yourself."

The gigolo asked in a daze, "Shouldn’t the Young Master enter?" 

You Mengzhe immediately lost all hope. If he dual-cultivated with this rascal, what if his martial arts regressed? 

"Young Master..." The gigolo invited with his legs apart, “...Come in?" 

The corner of You Mengzhe's mouth twitched. Forget it, he thought, he shouldn’t mess around.

"What do you know how to do?" 

"I can play the qin," offered the gigolo.

"Do you know martial arts?" 

"Um...not really..." 

You Mengzhe immediately lost interest. He got up out of the bed, started dressing himself, and threw out casually, "Play a song for me then." 

The young gigolo, baffled and confused, followed You Mengzhe out of bed, threw on his clothes, and carefully holding his sleeves, fed You Mengzhe some delicacies. Then he sat by the qin and with a sweep, his fingers plucked the strings, a melody reverberating in the air. You Mengzhe listened expressionlessly. In this world, he thought, finding someone with martial arts to dual-cultivate with was even harder than touching the sky.

"I play the qin better than you do," commented You Mengzhe.

"Of course, naturally I can’t compare with the Young Master..." 

You Mengzhe took a sip of wine. The dishes were exquisite and refined, and the red wine was of the highest grade. Feeling quite satisfied, he said, "I’ll play a song for you."


"Sit over here." 

Then they switched positions. The gigolo, finding You Mengzhe extremely fascinating, carefully sat himself down by the couch. You Mengzhe fiddled with the strings a few times, and with a CLANG CLANG CLANG, he began to strum. The smile that the boy had initially worn gradually disappeared as he listened. To call You Mengzhe’s playing awful… it wasn't as bad as him purposefully playing nonsense, and it adhered to a rhythm and musicality. Though to call You Mengzhe’s playing pleasant… well, it sounded extremely clamorous, like a muddled chaos of high and low notes, sometimes interrupted by an occasional THUMP that would strike fear in listeners’ hearts, and then sometimes transitioning to a gloomy whine, melody inaudible, leaving listeners uneasy from head to toe. 

You Mengzhe finished playing, and the gigolo hurriedly applauded. "The Young Master plays really well!" 

"I'll play another one for you," he replied with a calm and composed smile. 

In an instant, the brothel madam pushed open the door, bulging eyes glaring fiercely at the gigolo.

"The Young Master played that," the gigolo immediately explained. 

The madam stiffened and immediately fawned, "I was just wondering why this song sounded so good this time, hahaha." 

You Mengzhe smiled and replied, "I’m flattered." 

As the moon lit the sky, You Mengzhe finished eating and drinking, and plopped into bed fully-clothed. The gigolo helped him take off his martial boots and gently massaged his ankles. Feeling extremely comfortable, You Mengzhe decided that in the future, he would live here. He had no idea his sect owned such a glorious place. 

During the second nightwatch, the songs drifting from outside ceased, and the young masters retired to their rooms for the night. Intoxicated men leaned against courtesans’ shoulders, the sound of giggles echoing from afar. Outside the House of Blossoms flowed a canal; in the early winter, the rippling water sparkled, reflecting the crescent moon, and a row of over a dozen small wu-peng boats swayed with the waves.

The gigolo gently tucked in You Mengzhe with an embroidered quilt and climbed onto the bed. Just as he reached out to close the window, someone bore in with a thunderous crash, startling You Mengzhe into a fluster.

He was just about to whip out a Heaven and Earth Extinguishing Bone Piercing Needle, when the young man in black robes whispered, "I’m borrowing a place to hide!" Then he drilled underneath the bed.

"Catch the thief——!" In the distance, someone leapt over roofs and vaulted over walls. They could hear the beating of gongs and drums, and outside the window, the whoosh of a torch flitted past, immediately followed by another two torches — whoosh whoosh.

One of them returned, and hanging onto the ledge of the roof, asked through the window, “Little Brother, did you happen to see a kid about your age?" 

You Mengzhe waved his hand. "No, but you can take a look?" He turned the gigolo’s face towards the window.

The young man also wore dark robes, but after studying him doubtfully for a moment, he declared, "He’s not here, let's go!" 

You Mengzhe quickly closed the window and asked, "Why is it you again?"

Sun Bin crawled out from under the bed, grabbed the gigolo by his collar and kicked him out of bed.

"I knew it was you, I recognized you in Yangzhou yesterday. Couldn’t stop thinking about you, so decided to come find you." 

"What did you steal this time?" 

Sun Bin squeezed under the quilt with You Mengzhe, sitting side by side with his back against the window. Then he kicked off his boots, shaking out the sand inside.

"Ai, don't bring it up. Those grandsons of the Thunderbolt Hall are really persistent. Granddaddy only stole a few Thunder-flame bombs, and they chased after me like it was life or death. They even nearly caught me. Yeah, yeah I miscalculated. Want to dual-cultivate?" 

You Mengzhe answered cheerfully, "Bring it on, I was just worrying that I wouldn’t find anyone good." 

Sun Bin shot him a glance and said, "This place isn’t good. What is this, a male brothel? Come with me, okay?" 

You Mengzhe reached out his hand to strip off Sun Bin's robes and ordered, "Let’s dual-cultivate first. What’s with all the nonsense! So overly cautious.” 

"What's the rush! There’s enough of me to go around! Let’s find a safe place, this place is unreliable, and then gege will take you to have fun. On the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the righteous sects’ Alliance Leader Zhao Feihong will host the Martial Arts Alliance Assembly in Mirror Lake, are you in or not?" 

You Mengzhe was all ears as soon as he heard the word ‘fun’! The Martial Arts Alliance Assembly! The attendees must all be martial arts masters! Who knows how much power he could gain there after just one round of dual-cultivation! If he could dual-cultivate with that nuisance Wulin Alliance Leader, his father You Gutian would become unrivalled in all the realms! 

"Of course I’m in!" Then he asked, "Is the Alliance Leader old?"

Sun Bin side-eyed You Mengzhe and responded guardedly, "He’s old." 

If he’s old, then nevermind, You Mengzhe thought. The world was filled with Jianghu heroes, and there had to be some that were pleasant to look at, so he replied, "Let me give Auntie An a heads up." 

You Mengzhe went to explain to Auntie An that he planned to do something with a friend and asked her to send the message to Wang Tan, to which Aunt An hurriedly agreed.

Sun Bin donned his black robes, and asked the gigolo, "Do you have any 'Frolicking Fish'? Bring me a box, and also some fragrant balm." 

The gigolo left and returned with a box of aphrodisiacs, letting Sun Bin pick out a few. He also unscrewed the lid of a round box exquisitely engraved with two carps joined from head to tail, unveiling the pleasure brothels’ special fragrant balm. As Sun Bin stuffed the goods into his sleeves, he suddenly noticed in the gigolo’s features a three to four parts similarity with himself, and couldn’t help but gawk at him. 

"What's the matter?" You Mengzhe asked blankly as he walked barefoot on the ground wearing only his white undergarments.

Sun Bin looked first at the gigolo, then in the mirror, and roguishly raised his eyebrows at You Mengzhe, rubbing the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

You Mengzhe: "?" 

Sun Bin smirked. "You Mengzhe, I know exactly what you want.” 

You Mengzhe: "???" 

They looked at each other for a moment, Sun Bin's eyebrows waggling.

"Hurry up, let’s go!" You Mengzhe burst out. 

Sun Bin motioned for You Mengzhe to come onto the bed, wrapped him with the quilt, and held him by his waist. 

"Wait for me to put on clothes..."

"Put on your grandma. Later you’ll have to take it all off, why go through all that trouble?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sun Bin grabbed You Mengzhe's bundle, stuffed it into the quilt, slammed through the window shoulder-first, and leaped out of the third floor of the House of Blossoms, stealing into the night. 

"There’s water below!" shrieked You Mengzhe.

Sun Bin spun in midair, using one foot to kick against a gourd-shaped wooden fence, causing half of the fence to splinter off and fly into the center of the canal. At the moment he landed, he used the chunk of wood to propel himself into the air, his divine "Floating on Water" technique eliciting You Mengzhe’s exhilarated cheers.

Then he leaped onto the fleet of wu-peng boats in the center of the channel, picked a boat, carried You Mengzhe into its hold, unhooked the mooring rope, and with a sweep of a long oar, the wu-peng boat pivoted light as a feather, and they floated downstream. 

Sun Bin used the long oar to hook the lanterns decorating the homes along both sides of the river, hanging them on the bow of the boat, creating a charming atmosphere. Sun Bin grinned and sat down next to You Mengzhe, still just a bundle wrapped in the brothel’s quilt. 

You Mengzhe leaned against the boat’s hold, admiring the scenery, and suddenly remembering something, asked, "Oh by the way, what was your name?" 


“You little grandson, you listen well..." Sun Bin was about to continue when they heard a shout from outside the boat. 

"Over there!" 

"Found them!"

"Don't let them get away!"

"Damn it!" Sun Bin immediately cursed.

Sun Bin rushed out of the hold and roared, "Don't blame laozi for being ruthless tonight!"

You Mengzhe rummaged through his bundle for his bone-piercing needles, and ran out of the hold in his white undergarments.

"Allow me," You Mengzhe declared.

"Allow me!!" retorted Sun Bin.

"Don't do anything! Let me!" 

Suddenly over twenty black-robed pursuers surrounded both sides of the river bank, and all at once, pounced on the wu-peng boat in the heart of the river!

In the time it takes lightning to strike, Sun Bin casually activated "Sky Raining Flowers", and millions of concealed weapons shot forth. You Mengzhe casually pressed his round iron box, and countless bone-piercing needles cut through the air. 

The Thunderbolt Hall soldiers who had been hit by Sun Bin's hidden weapons shouted "Ah!" in the air and fell into the water.

The Thunderbolt Hall soldiers pierced by You Mengzhe’s hidden weapons suddenly let out a heart-piercing, lung-busting "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH——!!” and crashed into the water, uncontrollably flopping around like fish.

Sun Bin: "..."

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ahh i love the end of this ch hehehe. guess what happens next?

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a hahaha I love this chapter! You Mengzhe is great. Poor gigolo though. Thanks for the translation.

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