Chapter 4 - Jishui Leopard

Let Go of that Shou

You Mengzhe studied the manual for a while, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, and asked, “How do we do it?” 

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R18, Underage Sex, Narcotic Incense, Dubcon/Noncon (attempted)

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"Let me." 

"Let me..." 

Sun Bin and You Mengzhe tore off their clothes in a flurry.

“We need to hurry,” stressed Sun Bin.

You Mengzhe tugged at Sun Bin’s trousers, and Sun Bin pressed, “Should we strip naked?”

You Mengzhe flipped through his manual, using the moonlight to read, and replied, “It doesn’t say.”

“Then let’s just do it like this then. Otherwise if that surnamed Yu catches up, I'll have to run with my pants half-off, which is dangerous.”

You Mengzhe studied the manual for a while, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, and asked, “How do we do it?” 

“You never practiced it before?!”

“It’s my first time. What about you?”

Sun Bin stared blankly at him, stunned for a moment, then retorted, “Bro, let’s not play around here. I haven’t even more! What if later I have a qi deviation?” 

"There is nothing in this book that will cause a qi deviation. We’ll get it after a few tries. Have you ever done this before?” 

“With a gigolo. Not with a girl." 

"What’s a gigolo?" 

"Forget it, I’ll just take you as a gigolo. Don’t ask questions, we don’t have a lot of time.”

You Mengzhe and Sun Bin quickly undid their belts and held each other. Sun Bin shed his pants and pressed him down.

After a while, he said, "I can't get it up, you do it for me." 

You Mengzhe was at least capable of this much. He immediately held his member, stroked it a few times, and coaxed, "Don't be nervous. If you’re nervous, you won’t get hard.”

Sun Bin took a deep breath, relaxed a little, and then began wildly nibbling and kissing You Mengzhe’s face. You Mengzhe felt quite nice, continued to rub Sun Bin’s cock until it hardened, then asked, “So do you just enter like this?" 

Sun Bin, having done this before, answered, “That won’t do, it would hurt you way too much.” Then he spit on his palm, wiping it first on his stiff rod, then on You Mengzhe’s back entrance.

"It's best to use oil. I don’t have any right now, so you’ll have to put up with it." 

Without warning, he thrust inside.

You Mengzhe cried in pain. Sun Bin immediately stuffed the corner of his robe into his mouth and commanded, "Don't shout! Bear with it!" 

"NONO, I don’t want to dual-cultivate anymore, don't enter again..." 

"Bear with it..."

"It hurts like hell..." he whimpered. 

Sun Bin coaxed, "In a little it won’t hurt, bear with it for now!”

Sun Bin buried himself to the hilt, and as it was Young Mengzhe’s first time being entered and stretched apart, he felt hazy with pain. After pushing inside, Sun Bin gathered both layers of Mengzhe’s outer and inner robes and swiped them to his neck in a bunch, unveiling You Mengzhe’s youthful chest. He lowered his head and bit his nipples gently. 

“Ahh… ah.” You Mengzhe’s moans immediately changed tone. 

"Feels alright, doesn’t it,” Sun Bin's voice quivered a bit, "The gigolos all like it like this, do you?”

You Mengzhe trembled and nodded.

"Then I will go in a little deeper. Have I entered your yangxin?” 

"I don't know, but it feels so good..." You Mengzhe panted.

Sun Bin thrust his entire length inside, buried to the hilt, then asked, "How’s this?” 

You Mengzhe couldn't bite back his moan, and Sun Bin continued, "I’m inside...feels good, doesn’t it?" 

You Mengzhe grasped Sun Bin, only feeling a numb tingling in his core. Every little twitch stimulated his most sensitive point, sending waves of hazy pleasure that piled on ceaselessly, like a warm liquid flowing through his perineum and dantian, filling his entire body with a delicious warmth.

Sun Bin repeatedly drove into him, whispering, “Fuck, it feels really good… Are you hard?”

"I-I..." You Mengzhe gasped, "Slow...slow down." 

"I'll help you." Sun Bin used one hand to fondle You Mengzhe’s member, and the other hand to position him against a tree to quicken his thrusts. Their vital energies merged together, scalding heat emanating from both their bodies. 

Sun Bin groaned, "I can’t-I can't hold back... Bite me..."

You Mengzhe bit Sun Bin's arm, and Sun Bin began to thrust like a wild dog in heat, both of them panting uncontrollably. A quarter of an hour passed like this, until You Mengzhe’s uninhibited moans ripped out in crescendo, and Sun Bin grasped him tightly, then let out a long sigh of release.

The two lay drenched in their sweat. Sun Bin gently drew out, but You Mengzhe felt his warm vital essence remain. You Mengzhe flipped to his side, his clothes still pulled up to his waist, revealing his fair skin and youthful muscles. Sun Bin started cleaning up, fastened his belt, and still flushed and out of breath, helped You Mengzhe get dressed.

"I have to go, what's your name?" Sun Bin's breath calmed down a bit, but the atmosphere ached with the feeling of words left unsaid.

"You Mengzhe." He swallowed and gazed above at the night sky. 

"What are you looking at?" Sun Bin, curious,  joined You Mengzhe and followed his gaze, glimpsing a crescent moon through the tree branches. 

"Looking at the moon.”

“Oh.” Sun Bin kissed You Mengzhe's cheek. You Mengzhe turned towards Sun Bin, and the two of them shared a passionate kiss, their hands affectionately exploring the other until Sun Bin let out a moan, licked his lips, and asked, "Are you from the Divine Sect?"

"Just call it the Demon Cult, no need to be polite."

Sun Bin inhaled, then exhaled deeply, and remarked, "As expected, this technique is truly occult. My skill has increased by ten years." 

You Mengzhe commented, "Your body’s vital energy feels nice and warm.”

"When I was young, my shifu made me practice Qinggong on thin ice. So I cultivated the ‘Melting Snow’ technique and ‘Flying over Fields’ otherwise I would freeze to death every time I fell in.” You Mengzhe nodded, and Sun Bin continued, "My nickname is ‘Clouds Above Land and Sea’, Sun Bin."


Sun Bin looked at You Mengzhe, and You Mengzhe looked at Sun Bin. 

After a while, You Mengzhe asked, "Aren't you leaving? Hurry up and find a place to practice your Qinggong, and after two weeks you will be able to consolidate your foundation and cultivate your qi.”

Sun Bin nodded, replying, "Okay, I'm leaving now. What about you?”

"I'm going back to Jiangzhou."

"Here, take all of this." Sun Bin shook his bag, and with a clatter, a number of treasures fell out. He picked up a square piece of jade and presented it to You Mengzhe.

"This is what Yu Changqing wanted. You can sell it." 

"I don’t lack money." You Mengzhe studied the jade curiously, then asked, "You don't want it?" 

"I just stole it for fun, and I also don’t lack money.”

"What is this?" 

"The Emperor’s Jade Seal, I just randomly grabbed it from the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Anyhow, you can just give it back to him as a favor.”

"Then I will thank you for him."

"No need, I gave it to you. Consider it a thank you for helping me cultivate."

"Alright, you should quickly go." 

"I'm leaving now." 

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Sun Bin: "..." 

The two looked at each other for a moment. Sun Bin took a few steps backwards, then turned and disappeared in the woods.

You Mengzhe lay back down and took a long breath, reliving that fleeting moment of passion, remembering Sun Bin’s soft, moist, and warm lips, so much so that he couldn’t help but lick his own. 

You Mengzhe began to pack up what Sun Bin had given him, carefully studying the jade seal under the moonlight. Finally, he wrapped the spoils in a piece of cloth to take back to the city. 

Unexpectedly a moment later, Sun Bin came back again. 

"Why hasn’t that lackey come yet?" 

You Mengzhe asked, "Didn't you leave already?" 

"Forget it, I'll take you away. I don’t want the stuff anymore,” he declared as he approached You Mengzhe, ready to carry him away. 

"You can't run fast if you carry me, just go quickly…"

Suddenly Sun Bin froze, his ears twitching, and in a flash, he disappeared. 

"It's me!" You Mengzhe hurriedly shouted.

In the nick of time, Yu Changqing’s sword halted mid-swing. 

"Why are you here?!"

"The thief brought me here."

"Where is he?!"

"He already left half a shichen ago.” 

With a slash of his sword, Yu Changqing furiously hacked down a tree and snapped, "I told you not to run around, why did you follow him?!" 

You Mengzhe thought you couldn't catch the thief yourself, now instead you’re taking it out on me?! 

He casually said, "He wanted to use me as a hostage, but I told him it was useless. He couldn’t run fast enough carrying me, so he just threw me away and ran off.” 

Yu Changqing uttered helplessly, "Forget it, let’s go back first.”

On their way back to the city, You Mengzhe noticed his entire body felt much lighter, unlike his previous sluggish movements. Walking didn’t exhaust him anymore either. It turned out that Sun Bin's Qinggong was very useful! They were at least five li from Jiangzhou, and Yu Changqing was practically flying, but You Mengzhe could keep up and walked for half a shichen without any fatigue. 

Dual-cultivation was seriously amazing! If this continued, as long as there were people for him to dual-cultivate with, sooner or later he would become a martial arts master! Moreover dual-cultivation felt so divine… except for the initial pain… the moment of Sun Bin entering and his relentless thrusts into his yangxin felt truly…

Yu Changqing returned to the inn and sat quietly at the table. 

"Brother Yu.”

Yu Changqing didn't respond, instead raising his brows as if to say ‘if you have something to say, then say it.’ He felt aggravated that he had lost the thief once again. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he really didn’t have the heart to chat with You Mengzhe.

"Are you looking for this?" You Mengzhe took out the Emperor’s Jade Seal.


“How do you have it?!” 

"Sun Bin thought it was troublesome carrying all these things, so on the road he threw this bag away, and I picked it up."

Yu Changqing's expression looked extremely complicated. "Virtuous Brother, you..."

"Here, I'm returning it to you." You Mengzhe continued, "Do you still have to capture him?"

Yu Changqing, exhausted yet relieved, replied, "It’s all thanks to you, Virtuous Brother. His Majesty only commanded me to retrieve the jade seal, so I don't need to chase him anymore."

"So it’s over?"

"Yes, I can finally report back. Truly, thank you so much.”

Yu Changqing reached for the jade seal, but You Mengzhe covered it with one hand and persuaded, "Thank me by practicing martial arts with me." 

Yu Changqing answered with a smile, "Stop joking around. Tomorrow I will take you back to the capital, and from now on, as long as you say the word, I will walk through water and tread through fire ---"

“--- who’s joking with you?”


"Nevermind, just kidding.”

Yu Changqing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He retrieved the jade seal and gingerly stored it away in a small lidded box.

You Mengzhe continued, "Here, take all of this. You can exchange it for a lot of money. I picked up all of these." 

As soon as You Mengzhe unwrapped the bundle, golden light spilled forth, and Yu Changqing's expression suddenly changed.

"No way! These are all birthday gifts."

"No one will know."

"A gentleman loves money and takes it in the proper way. You must return these things to their original owner."

You Mengzhe thought that Yu Changqing was no fun, but reluctantly agreed, and Yu Changqing continued, "It's getting late now. I'll send these back tomorrow. Let's take a bath and rest." 

You Mengzhe nodded, and before Yu Changqing left to ask the servant to boil water, he urged, "Since you’ve been running around all night, you’re tired and sweaty all over. You should wash up first.”

The wheels in You Mengzhe’s mind turned. To take this man, it seemed like he had to knock him out first.

"You wash up first, I’d better practice martial arts beforehand."

Yu Changqing acquiesced, "Then I will have to bother you to look after our stuff.”

You Mengzhe enthusiastically agreed, and Yu Changqing left to take a bath. At midnight, You Mengzhe deliberated for a while, then took a bit of the tranquilizing incense he had purchased earlier in the day, ears trained to the sound of the water outside.

Yu Changqing couldn’t stop worrying about the jade seal, afraid to lose what he had just obtained, so after washing for a short while, he dried his body and quickly returned. In a flash, You Mengzhe used the oil lamp to light the incense and quickly threw it in a corner, almost colliding with Yu Changqing as he opened the door. 

"Go ahead."

Yu Changqing wore snow-white undergarments only down to his calf, his damp hair draped over his shoulders.  He sat on the side of the bed, and couldn’t help but inspect the Emperor’s Jade Seal.

You Mengzhe pushed open the door with a gleeful grin. "I'll be done in a bit." 

When Yu Changqing saw You Mengzhe's strange expression, he felt awkward and didn’t know whether to laugh. A moment later, he smelled a sweet aroma and spotted the tranquilizing incense burning in the corner. At his wit’s end, and feeling both irritated and amused, he went over and extinguished the incense. As expected, the cultivators of the Demon Sect all behaved like this. Even a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy was this perverse. Yu Changqing undressed and lay back on the bed. 

No later than the time it took to burn through a stick of incense, You Mengzhe tiptoed inside. Yu Changqing lay motionless on the bed. You Mengzhe assumed the incense had worked, so he crawled onto the bed and studied Yu Changqing. Yu Changqing was very handsome, with thick eyebrows and elegant features. You Mengzhe recalled how he didn’t even get the chance to appreciate Sun Bin’s face, and he couldn't help but sigh. 

Forget it, anyway, we were just strangers coming together by chance. After cultivating, each walks away with his pants. Nothing to complain about. A better one is lying right in front of you. 

You Mengzhe whispered, "Brother Yu?"

Yu Changqing didn't answer, looking deep asleep. You Mengzhe reached out and lifted Yu Changqing's inner garments, unveiling his fair and strong chest, and stroked for a while, then fondled his crotch, rubbing through the thin undergarments until his male root stiffened and bulged, half-hard. 

Yu Changqing: "..." 

You Mengzhe fondled his member for a bit, leaned forward, and imitating Sun Bin’s previous moves, gently nibbled Yu Changqing's nipples. After being toyed with like this for a while, Yu Changqing finally couldn't hold it back, opening his eyes. "Virtuous Little Brother."

"Wah!! Don't scare me!" 

Yu Changqing, his entire face flushed red, sat up and bent his knee to block the faintly discernible member looming beneath his thin undergarments, and demanded, "What do you want to do?"

So you weren’t knocked out by the incense? The corner of You Mengzhe's mouth twitched.  Tomorrow he would have to make a trip to that store.

"Nothing...much." He then coaxed, “Do you want to cultivate? Why don’t we just dual-cultivate, Brother Yu. Soon we will have to say farewell, so let’s make some memories.”

"No, just sleep." Yu Changqing faintly muttered, then turned to the outside of the bed, breathing slightly heavy. 

You Mengzhe still hadn't figured out why the incense failed, so he had no choice but to blow out the lamp and rest for the night, utterly speechless.

Translator's Comment:

This is why I like Mengzhe <3 I love how naughty and opportunistic he is. He may be weak but he’s not the type to get easily bullied around by others. He’s that shou who’s bullying the gongs to top him loll.

I always update 1x/week for sanity and sustainability, but this time I did 2x because I felt excited and didn’t want to make y’all wait another week for the smut.

Again, thank you to Jin and Raikie for being my first ever Ko-fi supporters! Your encouragement made my week!

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Freeman Lombard
5 months ago

Thanks again!!

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Mengzhe, Mengzhe, estoy muriendo de risa, ¡realmente te comiste a ese guapo ladrón! ¡Bien hecho!
Pensar que solo después de hacer papapa se le ocurre preguntarle su nombre jaja. ¿Y parecían rancios a separarse? Lo admito, se me hizo tierno, Sun Bin incluso volvió y trato de volver a robarselo xD
Creo que soy de este team, en fin, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR LA TRADUCCIÓN

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Wahhh, thank you so much for translating this! You Mengzhe is hilarious, he didn’t even think to check if the incense had been extinguished or not 🤣

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