Chapter 20.2 - Jishui Leopard

Let Go of that Shou

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Seeing that Yu Changqing didn’t look right, You Mengzhe hurriedly said, “Forget it, forget it.”

"I'll give you three more days." The man continued, "Past that, we’ll see each other in court!" After saying his piece, he and his gang of local ruffians bitterly slunked off.

The food at home had also gone cold, so You Mengzhe suggested, "Let’s go eat at a tavern. Come on." 

They went out—Yu Changqing with a gloomy expression on his face—and from the corner of his eyes, You Mengzhe saw two people drinking tea at the tea shop across the street and left to greet them. He recognized the two servants from the Zhang Manor, why did they follow him here? 

A servant immediately greeted, "Young Master."

“They’re with you?” Yu Changqing asked. 

You Mengzhe remembered that the Zhang family had no shortage of connections in the capital. A simple ask, and they would know exactly where Yu Changqing lived, and they must have followed him here with his best interests in mind. 

You Mengzhe simply said, “We’re going to go drink. You don’t need to stay anymore, I’ll be sleeping here tonight.”

The young servant replied, “Reporting back at once.” One servant left, leaving one more behind. 

You Mengzhe explained to Yu Changqing, “They’re my Martial Uncle’s people.” Then he paid the servant off with some silver, and walked across the long street with Yu Changqing towards the restaurant. 

On the second level of Yingke Restaurant: You Mengzhe unwrapped his bundle, took out a blade tassel, and said, "I bought this for you in Jiangzhou." 

Yu Changqing blanked at first, before he beamed. "Thanks, Mengzhe." 

That tassel was white with a traditional lover’s knot, meticulously woven into the shape of two overlapping squares. The craftsmanship was elaborate and exquisite, and there was even a translucent white pearl in the middle, engraved with an ink-black character the size of a grain of rice: Yu. The exact one You Mengzhe had bought in Jiangzhou and asked the owner to engrave. 

Yu Changqing was deeply moved when he saw it. It wouldn’t have been as big a deal if You Mengzhe had just picked up something in passing to gift him, but even his surname had been etched on it, which showed You Mengzhe’s sincerity. 

"Thank you, Mengzhe." Yu Changqing had really been moved this time. "I didn’t expect you would still think of me from over thousands of miles away." 

You Mengzhe smiled and said, "Of course, of course… Come, bring over your blade, I’ll tie it for you."

“Mengzhe, you might not know this,” Yu Changqing explained, "This matter is really… go easy with the orders for me, Big Brother didn’t bring much money." 

You Mengzhe burst into laughter. Yu Changqing had decided not to hide his circumstances anymore, and in any case he had embarrassed himself enough. 

"No problem, no problem, I’ll just treat you. You covered for me so many times in Jiangzhou, so it’s only natural I should treat you too.”

Yu Changqing laughed bitterly, shaking his head. You Mengzhe picked a few dishes and the waiter left with his order. 

"What's the matter?" asked You Mengzhe.

Yu Changqing replied, "Yuyin marrying me was not my wish, nor was it hers.”

You Mengzhe listened quietly as Yu Changqing explained his family affairs in detail. 

It turned out that his mother couldn’t stand Yu Changqing's wife, Yuyin, and had left in anger because of her. 

Several years ago when Yu Changqing had just turned twenty-two, he had no intentions of getting married. However, his mother thought that it was about time for her eldest son to marry, so she wouldn’t stop acting as his matchmaker.

It just so happened that there was a wealthy family in the capital surnamed Zhen, which had one son and daughter. The son had become a minor official in the capital, and the daughter had just passed twenty and still hadn’t married. 

Yu Changqing’s mother was already getting old, and would both hit and scold him in an effort to force him to get married. At the time Yu Changqing was young, and had quite a few romantic entanglements in the capital. Finally his mother threatened him with her death, so Yu Changqing had no choice but to agree, let go of any other ideas, and earnestly settle down to start a family. 

Yu Changqing’s father had passed away early when Yu Changqing was only six years old. All these years his mother had brought him up alone, and Yu Changqing thought that properly bearing and raising children, and upholding his responsibility as the only son, would also help him fulfill his filial duty toward his mother. After weighing the pros and cons for a long time, he finally agreed to the Zhen family’s proposal. 

Unexpectedly, as soon as Yuyin heard that she was going to marry, she became suicidal, trying everything from hanging herself to jumping in a river. As if they had been possessed, the Zhen Family kept plowing forward, wanting to send their daughter off to the Yu Family.

Although the Zhen family was not extremely rich and powerful, they did have a good amount of property, and their only son was working in the Ministry of War as a treasurer in charge of the military records, which could also be considered a respectable job at the feet of the emperor. 

Yu Changqing had initially guessed that Zhen Yuyin may have someone else in her heart, and planned to withdraw from the engagement, but the Zhen Family made a solemn vow that their daughter had never had any contact with men before.

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Yu Changqing continued, "I thought, well she’s a girl from a wealthy family, so after we get married I’ll treat her well...then… then… who would've thought… After she married me, she refused to sleep with me. In order to keep the incense burning, my mother said she would find me a concubine. Everything happened swiftly on Yuyin’s side, and as soon as she heard that I would take a concubine, she took it to heart and personally found me one.”

You Mengzhe exclaimed, "That was a trap, they plotted together to screw you over! That concubine knew your wife, didn’t she? Where did your wife and concubine go?” 

"She and my concubine Qingzhi…… you know..." 

"You know what?"

"They eloped." 

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Yu Changqing: "..." 

"I chased after them that night," Yu Changqing recounted, "Yuyin apparently doesn’t like men. She had changed into men’s clothes, left behind a divorce letter, stole my waist tablet, and brought my concubine with her out of the city. I chased them all the way until I reached their carriage. Then Qingzhi went down on her knees and begged me to help them... My heart softened at that moment, so I let them go.”

"So your wife’s family blames you?" 

Yu Changqing nodded and explained, "At the time I thought that this matter had nothing to do with me. Yuyin also left a divorce letter, and had written everything clearly in black and white. Although she put the blame on me, at the end of the day, wasn’t she the one who ran off?"

You Mengzhe said sympathetically, "A wife divorcing a man, what a truly unprecedented turn of events.”

Yu Changqing laughed. "She has a fiery and unyielding personality. If I brought her back and she hung herself, wouldn’t that be more troublesome? I showed the Zhen family her divorce letter, but they just pretend not to understand and keep insisting that I hand her over. I really have to carefully think of a solution.” 

“Big Brother Yu, actually, you weren’t that well-behaved yourself before you got married. Does this count as ‘misery loves company’, or divine retribution?”

Yu Changqing smirked with an unspeakably handsome charm, and chuckled. "I’ve embarrassed myself, there were indeed a few...from the House of Blossoms..." 

“The House of Blossoms?!"

In the past, one of his colleagues in the yamen was a cut-sleeve, and he had brought Yu Changqing to the House of Blossoms to go whoring. There were quite a few young gigolos in the brothel who set their sights on Yu Changqing. Yu Changqing was gentle and polite, and after a night of passion, he had gone back to his local post in the city. After a gigolo saw him occasionally, he began to rely on Yu Changqing. 

From then on Yu Changqing visited the brothel a few more times, and the young gigolo would even go out to look for him during the day. Yu Changqing didn’t reject him either, and treated him the same as he always did. As time passed, the young gigolo fell in love, and only wished to redeem his freedom and follow Yu Changqing. 

With his eyes practically popping out of their sockets, You Mengzhe asked, "What happened after?"

Yu Changqing replied, "Later, I gathered together some silver to redeem him. But afterwards, he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Perhaps he had fallen for another man…”


He really treated you like a fool.

Yu Changqing said casually, "People’s strength is that they come quickly and leave just as fast. Quite a few people at the time knew about this, so when Yuyin caught wind of it after our marriage, she caused a huge uproar until the entire neighborhood knew about it too." 

You Mengzhe nodded sympathetically, and Yu Changqing continued, "Yuyin also didn’t want to sleep with me, so I had no choice but to let her be.”

"And her family didn’t care?!”

"After her family married her off, they shut their eyes and ears. She had brought two maids with her from the Zhen Manor, and on the fifteenth day of the first month, they would go back to the manor to ask for money. At first, I thought it was strange, but later I heard those two maids... knew." 

You Mengzhe understood, and Yu Changqing continued, "Later on, perhaps she was tired of messing around, and let my mother find me a concubine. Ai, this matter is really...a huge mess.”

Seeing how pitiful Yu Changqing was, You Mengzhe felt quite angry and indignant. "It’s okay, if the Zhen family has made up their minds to extort you, then let them file a case. Who’s afraid of whom?" 

"It's Big Brother’s fault. I hold myself solely responsible for my own doing, and I will not implicate you whatsoever. Tonight I will write a complaint and take it to court tomorrow. I can’t drag it on any further.”

You Mengzhe pondered for a while, then thought of something. "Let’s first take it slowly, you… let’s think about it first and discuss it later. Take your time. Come on, drink, Brother Yu.”

Yu Changqing laughed, gazed at You Mengzhe, and finally nodded. "Life is bitter and short——" 


Yu Changqing had one arm around You Mengzhe's shoulders as he drunkenly ambled home, and You Mengzhe supported him all the way home. When they arrived it was brightly lit, and there were still dishes in the hall. 

Yu Changqing had drank until his eyes were bleary, and he announced, "Today I’ll..." 

You Mengzhe carried Yu Changqing into the room. "Go...write...the complaint..." 

"Mengzhe! Grind the ink for gege... Serve me with brush and ink!" Yu Changqing ordered.

Ai, don’t rush, don’t rush.”

You Mengzhe pushed Yu Changqing onto the bed. "Think twice before you act!" 

Yu Changqing opened a pair of drunken eyes and sighed deeply.

You Mengzhe borrowed the candlelight to untie Yu Changqing's outer robe. Yu Changqing’s face was handsome and fair, his demeanor elegant and refined, his nose and lips as exquisite and harmonious as carven jade. Truly the face of a fine young master, yet with a pitiful fate.

The spring chill was very bitter, and You Mengzhe took off his own clothes and burrowed into the bed, lay beside Yu Changqing, and pulled over the quilt, the two of them sharing the same covers. Yu Changqing's body was warm, and both their hands and feet rubbed against each other, exuding an enticing warmth when their skin touched.

"Cover yourself more with the quilt," Yu Changqing said as he turned to the side and tucked in the corner of the quilt with one hand and successfully wrapped You Mengzhe into a bundle. Then he held You Mengzhe with the arm that had reached over. 

You Mengzhe turned his head and said, "Hey, Brother Yu."


"How fun was it playing with that gigolo? Why don’t we have some fun too?" 

Yu Changqing sucked in a deep breath. You Mengzhe reached out to hug him, and Yu Changqing stretched out his arm, letting him rest on his shoulder, before asking, "You want to try?" 

"Bring it."

The words had been spoken to this point already, and Yu Changqing had nothing else to say. You Mengzhe’s youthful attachment had aroused him. It was a cold winter night, and they each wore only their unlined undergarments, holding each other underneath the sheets. Besides entangling with each other in heated passion, what else could they do?

"Close your eyes,” said Yu Changqing.

You Mengzhe closed his eyes, then felt Yu Changqing's lips on his. His lips were warm and soft, and when their lips and tongues intertwined, You Mengzhe’s breath shook, and he couldn’t restrain himself from weaving his arms around Yu Changqing’s neck. 

Yu Changqing’s technique was exceptional, having had quite a few trysts in his year. He knew exactly how to please the young man pressed beneath him. Just a fond kiss during foreplay was enough to arouse You Mengzhe. By the time their lips separated, You Mengzhe’s face had flushed a shameful red, his entire body burning hot.

"How come you look like you took an aphrodisiac?" 

Yu Changqing smirked and, like a dragonfly skimming over water, kissed him again.

"You must’ve fucked around quite a bit," You Mengzhe remarked.

“I’m flattered, but you are the most charming of them all. Back when I first met you in Jiangzhou, I thought to myself: If you were just to sit in the House of Blossoms with a zither in your hands, all the other gigolos would have nothing left to do but fill and pour the tea.”

You Mengzhe burst into laughter, their noses touching as they caressed each other affectionately, both their cocks standing painfully straight. 

Yu Changqing sighed again. "I really can’t bear to touch you,” he said as he kissed his lips once more.

You Mengzhe's heart swayed, igniting a blazing lust within. In the past, Sun Bin’s movements were course and crude, and he also liked to talk dirty; with Yuwen Hong they had only done it a scarce two times, and they were both novices; Zhao Feihong had no other choice, so no one had ever tried to sweet-talk him. 

In all his life, this was his first time hearing these soft-spoken, sweet nothings. They kissed and kissed, both of them holding each other so tightly, as if they wanted to swallow each other up. In that brief moment of entanglement, they knew bliss—the joy of a spring night. 

Shortly after, Yu Changqing pulled open a lattice by the bed and took out a small box of balm. Completely naked, he knelt on the bed and said, "I’ve used this before," with his eyes full of affection. 

One hand smeared the balm over his own cock as the other serviced You Mengzhe, his fingers stretching open his depths.

You Mengzhe had his legs open, exposing his leaking, erect member. Under Yu Changqing’s gaze, he felt extremely flustered for the first time in his life, and subconsciously turned his knees inwards to cover himself.

However, Yu Changqing pulled apart his knees and asked with a smile, “Why so shy?” 

“I’m not… no…”

Yu Changqing held You Mengzhe by his waist, fondling and kissing his ear, before whispering into it, "You are so beautiful, you’re not allowed to hide." 

You Mengzhe's breath caught in his throat as he realized too late that Yu Changqing had already thrust inside, and he couldn't help but moan. 


Yu Changqing covered You Mengzhe's lips with a kiss, then buried himself completely to the hilt. 

You Mengzhe had abundant vital qi, and he remembered Yu Changqing had said before that he hadn’t come from an internal cultivation background. So except for a tiny thread of vital energy, he felt absolutely empty, almost like nothing compared to Zhao Feihong’s vast ocean of qi.

It was precisely because of this that, without the influence of vital qi, You Mengzhe felt even more vividly the sexual pleasure between men. 

Yu Changqing was an expert in the bedroom, and kept showering him with kisses as he thrust in and out. Just a few thrusts was enough to make You Mengzhe cry out euphorically in his heart. That hard and erect cock rubbed against his inner depths, and with every jerk came an indescribable bliss. Sometimes it would plunge in deeply to the hilt, piercing his core, and sometimes it would shallowly slide in and out at the edge, its massive head savagely toying with his entrance. 

Only when You Mengzhe let out a desperate plea, did he drive into him at full speed, loudly slamming into his core, each thrust faster and fiercer than the last until You Mengzhe, unable to hold it in any longer, finally cried out in unbridled ecstasy. 

Yu Changqing smirked and slowed down a bit as You Mengzhe panted shamefully, with only the sound of his humiliating cries escaping his throat.

Yu Changqing leaned over to kiss away the tears of joy seeping from the corner of You Mengzhe’s eyes. “Let’s rest for a bit.”

After he had gathered his breath, You Mengzhe said, “Brother Yu, you’re so…”

Yu Changqing chuckled and brought his lips into a gentle kiss. 

"Nng... nnggh..."

Yu Changqing covered You Mengzhe’s lips with his as he fiercely plunged in again, penetrating him so deeply that You Mengzhe’s entire body shuddered, surging on the edge of release. But as soon as Yu Changqing felt him tremble, he swiftly drew out his entire length, leaving You Mengzhe with an indescribable emptiness. Then he pushed in only halfway, in and out, over and over, until You Mengzhe’s depths felt unbearably on edge, always unsatisfied no matter what. 

"Deeper." You Mengzhe pressed Yu Changqing's robust hips closer towards himself. 

But Yu Changqing didn’t budge, only asking with a smile, "What will you reward me with if I do?” As he said this, he stared straight into You Mengzhe’s eyes and puckered his lips. 

You Mengzhe weaved his arms around his neck and gave him an indifferent kiss. Having gotten what he wanted, Yu Changqing held him by the waist and plunged in deeply and fiercely.

You Mengzhe couldn’t help but tremble, the overwhelming pleasure nearly trampling any willpower he had left. Yu Changqing began to quicken his thrusts, ramming into You Mengzhe until fluids began leaking out of his ass.

First he fucked him face to face in his arms, then pulled out and fucked him from behind with both his hands pulled back. You Mengzhe didn’t stop crying out until he had lost his breath, the sounds so wanton and unrestrained that even Yu Changqing could barely control himself. 

No less than a full shichen later, Yu Changqing squeezed him tightly in his arms and whispered, “Mengzhe, I really like you.” 

You Mengzhe's pupils contracted imperceptibly, and as he felt Yu Changqing’s ramrod straight cock in his own depths, a warmth surged in his heart. 

He turned his head, Yu Changqing nuzzled his bare neck affectionately, and they shared another kiss. You Mengzhe let out a deep sigh, savoring the extreme pleasure that surged all throughout his body.  Every inch of his skin and even the tips of his fingers, felt so good that they couldn’t stop trembling. He had already come twice, wetting Yu Changqing’s entire hand. 

Yu Changqing didn’t stop planting kisses on You Mengzhe’s lips, and again stretched out his arms to bring him into his embrace. He attended to You Mengzhe like he was a girl, taking a dry cloth to wipe both their sweat clean, holding him in his arms, and covering both of them with the quilt. 

You Mengzhe was getting a little sleepy, and Yu Changqing’s voice began to drift, floating way into the distance. "Mengzhe, your eyebrows are beautiful..." 

"En, I look like my mother..." 

"Your mother must be beautiful too..." 

You Mengzhe closed his eyes and chuckled from his spot on Yu Changqing's shoulder. 

"That time when you fell from the mountain into the water, I asked myself, whose family’s child looks this beautiful? He doesn’t look like some peasant family’s kid from the mountain at all…” 

You Mengzhe asked, "You still remember that time? 

Yu Changqing said nothing and kissed You Mengzhe’s neck at length until You Mengzhe’s face began to flush and he reached out to caress Yu Changqing’s handsome face. 

"Go to sleep." Yu Changqing picked up a chess piece, flicked it, and the entire room went dark, leaving only the rustling sound of snow drifting in the courtyard deep in the night. 

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