Chapter 13 - Fangri Rabbit

Let Go of that Shou

Thus from this day forward You Mengzhe followed Zhao Feihong, practiced martial arts by day, ate his three meals, slept, and started living the hard life.

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The early winter’s withered leaves littered the courtyard of the Zhao residence, a cold and desolate place where Zhao Feihong lived by himself. There were two small rooms in the east side of the residence, and a kitchen and a woodshed on the west side. Judging how he didn’t even have a manservant, it seemed like he lived very frugally. There was a stone table in the front courtyard, where You Mengzhe sat on a stone chair and looked up at Zhao Feihong. 

A majestic and imposing man, Zhao Feihong stood at eight chi tall, with eyebrows shaped like a weapon’s blade, lips curved like a sword, and eyes that betrayed his profound cultivation, unable to conceal his internal might. This should have been an excellent target for dual-cultivation, yet You Mengzhe didn’t know why he felt horrified just looking at him, and could in no way bring up the notion of stripping his clothes and riding between his legs.  

Zhao Feihong wore reddish black robes, he wasn’t carrying any weapons on him, and the man's robust and majestic physique under those thin robes gave off an extremely safe and reliable aura. His robes had been washed to the point of looking rather faded, and they looked very easy to take off, so what had happened to You Mengzhe's courage? This man’s martial arts was very powerful...extremely powerful, so You Mengzhe didn't dare to mess around. Out of all the men he had met in his entire life, perhaps only his father, You Gutian, could compare with him. 

"I...still have some stuff to do, so I’ll take my leave." 

Just as You Mengzhe turned to leave, Zhao Feihong flicked his finger, and three streams of qi struck the three main acupoints of Taiyuan, Zhangmen, and Feishu, rendering You Mengzhe unable to move or speak, utterly paralyzed where he stood. The Mid-Air Death Touch! The Divine Fingersnap! Six Meridian Sword!

You Mengzhe couldn’t help but roar in his heart, I really underestimated him

"You are eating this meal whether you want to or not," stated Zhao Feihong before he turned and went inside to prepare the food.

He could hear the slosh of water as Zhao Feihong drew water from the well. Before long, the aroma of rice wafted over, and You Mengzhe's stomach growled with hunger. Where was Yuwen Hong, he wondered, and why hadn’t he found him yet? And if Yuwen Hong did come, would he be able to defeat this man and rescue him? Zhao Feihong seemed to have no obvious hostility towards him. Did he dare not to kill him because of his father, or was he just too lazy to bother? Why did he invite him to dinner? And why was he treating him? As the saying went, if you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, you won’t get the tiger's penis… no wait, just the tiger, not the penis.

You Mengzhe calmed down, thought for a while, and decided to make do for now. He had once heard You Gutian explain that the principle of dianxue was to use your own internal force to intercept the opponent's internal force, thereby blocking the enemy’s strength and rendering them unable to move. After a while, its effect would naturally wane, and highly-skilled martial artists could also direct their qi to unblock their acupoints themselves. You Mengzhe already had Yuwen Hong's yielding strength and Sun Bin's sprightly qi in his body. Although it fell short of Zhao Feihong's gangmeng style of martial arts, he still had a foundation, so he immediately started to meditate and focus his qi.

The qi within his dantian gradually began to circulate, and a scorching qi energy rose to his waist and began to clear his acupoints. I’m releasing it! I’m releasing it!

Zhao Feihong took a broom and swept the fallen leaves in the courtyard, while You Mengzhe held in his energy and used his vital qi to continuously release his acupoints, his body trembling and his heart overjoyed as soon as he made some progress! Thus sweat poured down from his forehead, and with his expression akin to someone holding back urine, he dripped with sweat as he tried to gradually release his acupoints. However, Zhao Feihong's dianxue technique was extremely domineering, and as he worked and worked, he could only loosen its hold, unable to unblock it. Then—shua—a pebble flew through the air and hit You Mengzhe's shoulder, releasing the acupoints all over his body. 

"It's time to eat." Zhao Feihong put down the broom, fetched a towel to wipe his hands, and went to the stove to bring out the food.

You Mengzhe staggered forward a step and nearly fell to the ground.

A dim lamp lit up the room, and he saw two dishes and one soup: one plate with salt-cured meat stir-fried with bamboo shoots, a plate containing two sautéed fish, and cabbage soup with meatballs. You Mengzhe held up a chipped bowl, grabbed a pair of chopsticks, and thought about possible ways he could escape. 

"What do you want to do to me?" asked You Mengzhe.

Zhao Feihong answered, "Nothing, I’ll just keep you here for about a year." 

This shocked You Mengzhe. "You want to hold me hostage?"

"That’s not my intention," replied Zhao Feihong nonchalantly.

You Mengzhe regarded Zhao Feihong suspiciously, and said after a while, "Just say it if you want to dual-cultivate, this..." 

You Mengzhe thought to himself, should I dual-cultivate with him? This was not an easy matter. Assuming that this man was on par with his old man, if Zhao Feihong gained his cultivation, and You Gutian lost in battle, wouldn’t You Gutian beat him to death? 

"Back then I told your mother that we should get rid of the ‘Turning to Yang’ technique, but she didn't listen, and now look at all this trouble it has caused..." 

You Mengzhe: "!!!" 

"You knew my mother?!" 


Intentionally or not, Zhao Feihong glanced at You Mengzhe, and You Mengzhe asked, "How did you know her?" 

Zhao Feihong did not answer. He gazed at You Mengzhe with a touch of sympathy in his eyes, causing You Mengzhe to immediately sense something, narrow his eyes, and wonder to himself if something fishy had happened.

Zhao Feihong spoke, "I will hold onto the ‘Turning to Yang’ for you. From now on, you must not practice this perverse method." 

You Mengzhe thought, "Fuck you", and said, "Anything for you." 

Zhao Feihong seemed a little shocked that You Mengzhe had unexpectedly complied.

After a long time, he voiced, "After eating, take a rest. There are books in the room, so if you feel bored, feel free to read them." 

With such a flimsy little home, You Mengzhe thought, wouldn’t it be easy to escape? Zhao Feihong had really underestimated him. He decided that after finishing this meal, he would escape under the cover of the night. 

"How long do you plan to keep me here?" You Mengzhe asked. 

"Until your father no longer cares about you."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because you are Qing'er's child. Back then Qing'er had said that if she were to have a son in the future, that she would want you to  to worship me as your shifu." 


"As your father, it’s You Gutian’s fault that you have become like this, violating Qing’er's original wish. I can't just sit and watch you like this anymore."

"How did you know that my father is You Gutian…?" 

Zhao Feihong’s eyebrows twitched as he answered, "Your eyebrows and eyes look exactly like your mother’s." 

Only then did You Mengzhe understand.

"How about this, let’s talk this over. You don't have to waste decades teaching me. We’ll be done in half a shichen. Just grit your teeth and tremble a bit..." 

Zhao Feihong bellowed angrily, "The ‘Turning to Yang’ must not be cultivated again!" 

You Mengzhe was immediately taken aback by this roar, and Zhao Feihong continued, "What kind of obscene technique did you practice! I haven’t found a way yet, otherwise I would have immediately helped you disperse your cultivation. That guy, You Gutian, completely violated the principles of heaven and earth teaching you to cultivate this perverse skill. Do you know what evil intentions he harbored?"

You Mengzhe asked stupidly, "Huh? What intentions?" 

Zhao Feihong: "..."

"In short, you cannot practice it any more. Right now all the martials artists in the Central Plains are looking for you. I don’t know who on Yuheng Mountain leaked this, but from Jiangzhou to the capital, all eighteen prefectures have posted notices about arresting you for large sums of money. Rumors have flown in the Jianghu that whoever dual-cultivates with you will advance their martial level by a thousand li a day…” 

You Mengzhe exulted, "Really?!" 

You Mengzhe was genuinely happy. Wouldn’t that mean that everyone would rush towards him like ducks, and he would just need to sit at home and wait for people to come dual-cultivate with him, and maybe even get to pick and choose from them…? As soon as this road opened, visitors would pile up like clouds! 

Zhao Feihong frowned as he looked at You Mengzhe, so You Mengzhe had no choice but to suppress the joy in his heart. His heart pounded, and he thought, no matter what, he must not let Zhao Feihong disperse his cultivation. 

You Mengzhe was also hungry. Compared with the exquisite food of the Demon Cult’s Qinghua Hall, and the delicacies of Jiangzhou’s House of Blossoms, Zhao Feihong’s simple fare seemed to offer a different relish, and he hurriedly dug into two bowls of rice. The fish was sautéed to golden perfection, and he couldn’t stop eating once he got a taste. However, Zhao Feihong smacked his chopsticks, which immediately made the crook of his thumb so numb and sore that he could no longer move his chopsticks, and so could only give up. This person is really so stingy that he won’t even let people eat their fill. 

Zhao Feihong reprimanded, "You grew up in the Demon Cult, so you didn’t learn any of the propriety necessary for that of a noble man. You are all a bunch of dirty-minded villains who hide their heads and bare their tails. Now that I have found you, you must diligently practice martial arts and study hard from now on so you can turn over a new leaf…" 

You Mengzhe retorted, "How can there be a noble man in this world who regards others with the heart of a villain?

Zhao Feihong: "..." 

You Mengzhe carefully pointed at the dishes on the table with his chopsticks, and commented, "A noble man stays away from the kitchen..." 

Zhao Feihong could not find the words to refute him, and after a long while of speechlessness, uttered, "What a glib tongue." 

You Mengzhe was still slowly eating his food, wishing he could dig into the fish’s head, but Zhao Feihong had already collected the leftovers, and You Mengzhe, dying of boredom, had nothing else to do but get up and wander around the residence. Zhao Feihong was currently washing the dishes by the well, and if he made a run for it now, he would definitely get caught. 

You Mengzhe decided to wait for him to relax his guard before attempting to escape, so following what Zhao Feihong had suggested, he went to go read first. Although Zhao Feihong lived meagerly, his study was packed with several large bookshelves, containing "Records of Yangzhou", "The Biography of Emperor Yu", "Central Plains Martial Arts Chronicles", "Military Strategies of Chengzu", a Xichuan martial arts guide, a book of staff techniques, one about internal breathing techniques, history books, comedic retellings, folk stories… There were even poems of the Dongyi people, flute scores over several centuries old, "Bamboo Garden Poetry", "Jiangzhou Swordsman", and many thread-bound books all written by sophisticated scholars of the previous dynasty. 

You Mengzhe placed the oil lamp on the desk and looked up at the painting on the wall, which depicted a woman. Dressed in martial robes, the woman looked illustrious and graceful, her face radiant and glowing, with a little cinnabar between her brows and a pair of doe-eyes—a painting of a beautiful lady. You Mengzhe had seen this before in his own father’s study on Yuheng Mountain, and most likely they were of the same person: his mother, Yu Qing. It turned out that his mother had been quite close with this Wulin Alliance Leader before her death.

You Mengzhe chose a random book to flip through while Zhao Feihong toiled outside in the courtyard, doing who knows what. After nightfall, the world grew quiet, save for the early winter’s gentle breeze, and the rustling of the bamboo forest outside of the courtyard. 

You Mengzhe scratched his neck. In the past few days, if he wasn’t falling into water, he was running for his life, and the sweat that had stuck onto his body made him itch. He could practically scrub a mud ball from his neck. He really wanted to find somewhere to take a bath.

 Zhao Feihong called out from outside, "The bath water is ready for you." 


This person really knew how to treat his guests. When he entered the corner room of the residence, a large, steaming bucket of bath water awaited, and as soon as You Mengzhe immersed himself, his body and mind immediately relaxed. 

Zhao Feihong pushed open the door and took away You Mengzhe’s clothes.

You Mengzhe asked, "Then what will I wear?"

Zhao Feihong did not answer, but a moment later he returned with a set of undergarments and said, "You can wear mine for now. It’s a bit big for you, but tomorrow morning your clothes will be dry." 

Not only did the Wulin Alliance Leader help prepare his bath, but he had also washed his clothes? You Mengzhe could in no way believe that this person was You Gutian’s equal, not to mention the leader of the Central Plains’ righteous faction who had gone head to head with You Gutian for the past ten years.

In the midst of night, he heard the sound of water; Zhao Feihong had separately boiled hot water to take a bath by himself. After bathing, he shuffled into You Mengzhe’s room in his wooden clogs, placed a brazier inside to drive away the cold, and went back to his room to sleep. 

You Mengzhe hadn't slept this peacefully in many days. If he wasn’t sleeping at some random inn, he was sleeping on a wu-peng boat, dreamless until dawn

When he opened his eyes, the sun had already risen three poles high. His clothes had already dried and were neatly folded in his room, and even the torn corners he had sustained from running and fighting, had all been mended. You Mengzhe went to put it on, but couldn't find his bundle. Guessing that Zhao Feihong had confiscated it, he could only walk out of the room. 

Zhao Feihong, shirtless with a chest full of lean and chiseled muscles, was practicing with his staff in the front courtyard—sweeping, jabbing, chopping, and poking. The strong wind created by his staff stirred up the dead leaves all over the ground, swirling them around like butterflies. Although You Mengzhe didn’t know the moves, he thought his staff technique looked extremely beautiful.

Zhao Feihong retracted his staff and said, "Show me some moves your father taught you." 

"I don’t know any." 

"The Young Master of the Demon Cult doesn’t know any martial moves?”

"I really do not." 

As he said this he remembered his childhood friend Wang Daniu’s boxing techniques, so he fiddled with a few gestures, only to see a ghastly expression on Zhao Feihong’s face.

"Eat." Zhao Feihong continued, "Your father only regards you as a tool for cultivation, and sadly when things come to a head..." 

In a split second, You Mengzhe blew up and shouted, "Hey! Don't talk about my father behind his back. If you’re so capable, say it to his face." 

Zhao Feihong wore an aggrieved expression, but didn't argue with him, instead replying tepidly, "Fine." 

After finishing breakfast, Zhao Feihong ordered, "Go and chop the firewood." 

Finally Zhao Feihong had ordered him to do something. This man’s martial level was so great that he would have to chop whether he wanted to or not. So he had no choice but to obediently retrieve some firewood and an axe, and help Zhao Feihong chop firewood in the front courtyard.

One shichen later. 

"How much more is there? I don't want to chop anymore," gasped You Mengzhe.

"You’re chopping whether you want to or not. The way you move is wrong. You need to use your waist to chop." 

You Mengzhe sweated profusely and panted as he raised the axe. 

Zhao Feihong added, "I'll give you a mantra. There are only two sentences, so listen well."

"The placement of your hands should not be higher than the shoulders nor lower than the elbows. As for the lower body, anchor your feet to defuse the tension." 

You Mengzhe for the most part understood that this was a martial posture, and after adjusting his body according to Zhao Feihong’s words, it sure enough became much easier. 

Zhao Feihong also added, "There are nine kinds of strength, and you must fight steadily and surely. Against different opponents, you must use different methods of force to defeat the enemy in one blow." 

You Mengzhe thought for a while and continued to chop wood. 

One and a half shichens later.

You Mengzhe gasped, "I’m finished."

"Feihong na." An elderly woman hobbled over from next door with a cane, beaming. 

Zhao Feihong hurriedly got up and said, "Po-po is awake? I’m coming." 

The old woman smiled at You Mengzhe, who looked a little out of place drowning in his sweat under the winter sun. 

The old woman asked, "Is this your son?"

Zhao Feihong replied, "Not at all, he’s my little disciple. Before he stayed at his home and only a few days ago did he come over to practice martial arts." 

The old woman nodded and murmured, "Very good, very good." 

Zhao Feihong put on his robe and instructed, "Follow me." 

Zhao Feihong transferred the long staff onto his shoulders, motioned for You Mengzhe to pile on the chopped wood, tied it with a rope, carried it out to the neighbor's house, and from that very old woman’s home, brought out another pile of unchopped wood.

"Continue chopping." Zhao Feihong sat on a chair in front of the corridor, a book in hand, and ordered, "You can eat lunch after you’re done with these." 


You Mengzhe was about to explode, but he dared not curse him to his face. He wielded the axe, cursing and swearing at him in his heart, both starving and exhausted. 

Another half a shichen passed.

"Feihong na," called an old man from the neighboring courtyard.

 Zhao Feihong put down his book and greeted, "Ai!" 

"I made some glutinous rice balls for your little disciple. Come and get it." 

Zhao Feihong got up to head over, with You Mengzhe’s eyes glued to his every move.

As soon as Zhao Feihong’s feet left the yard, You Mengzhe decisively threw away his axe, turned around, and ran. If he didn’t run now, what was he waiting for?! At present his martial skill was worlds apart from before, and with a single burst of qi, he launched towards the wall, as lithe as a swallow! Without a hitch! 

Instantaneously, a stone soared straight from the neighboring residence past the entire courtyard and hit You Mengzhe's ankle. You Mengzhe shrieked when half his body grew numb, before he plunged straight as an arrow down to the ground, landing right outside the courtyard. Shortly after, Zhao Feihong, with a bowl full of glutinous rice balls, wound over and, like grabbing a little chicken, dragged You Mengzhe by the collar back into the courtyard. Then with a cursory pat, he unblocked his acupoint. You Mengzhe, covered in dirt and grime from the fall, continued to chop firewood, while Zhao Feihong put his food away and, as if nothing had happened, resumed his seat in front of the corridor and continued to read.

After finishing all the firewood, You Mengzhe was so exhausted that he almost collapsed. Zhao Feihong brought out lunch, which included a plate of scrambled eggs, and a patty of preserved cabbage and meat made from yesterday’s leftovers. You Mengzhe wolfed down his food and even devoured two large bowls of rice. After the meal, Zhao Feihong brought out the glutinous rice balls that the neighbor had made for You Mengzhe to eat. When dipped in sugar, those glutinous rice balls, suffused with the aroma of bamboo leaves, tasted heavenly. When naptime came around, You Mengzhe didn't dare to run away, and in the afternoon, Zhao Feihong made You Mengzhe practice calligraphy. 

"I’m already very good at it," You Mengzhe remarked. "My father said that I write better than my mother." 

Zhao Feihong retorted, "As long as it’s a person’s writing, anything is better than your mother’s. You still must practice." 

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Zhao Feihong continued, "I'll teach you another set of mantras. Circulate your qi as you write, and copy these words." 

Martial arts could be practiced through writing too? Zhao Feihong taught him the mantra, and when qi started to circulate within You Mengzhe’s body, he lifted his brush. As he wrote, the method allowed vital energy to flow through each gou, ti, pie, and na with painstaking precision.

"What kind of martial arts is this?" You Mengzhe's heart wavered as he thought of the mute, Zhang Yuanshan.

Sure enough, Zhao Feihong answered, "This is my friend's inherited martial technique." 

When he had practiced writing until dusk, You Mengzhe vaguely caught a glimpse of some higher state of consciousness, yet couldn’t quite grasp it clearly, while Zhao Feihong had stayed in place by the corridor, reading and basking in the sun. As night fell, Zhao Feihong came to collect the four treasures of the study, and took You Mengzhe out to buy food. 

The two crossed the main street to the bustling market. Zhao Feihong bought some brined olives, salted eggs, vegetables, meat, and river prawns, all the while haggling with the vendors. 

You Mengzhe pointed to a cage of live chickens and said, "I want to eat this. I’ll pay for it myself, and you can prepare it for me." 

Zhao Feihong replied, "That won’t do. In a few more days, I'll let you taste fresh meat." 

With an expression of bitter resentment, You Mengzhe thought about how he could only eat simple, plain fare all day long and wasn’t even allowed to eat a chicken, and his lips pouted into the shape of a bird’s beak. 

Thus from this day forward You Mengzhe followed Zhao Feihong, practiced martial arts by day, ate his three meals, slept, and started living the hard life. It wasn’t that You Mengzhe never thought of escaping. These days were even more boring than those on Yuheng Mountain. At least in the mountains he could wander around, but here, there was nowhere to go except for the courtyard. You Mengzhe had already tried to escape three times. 

The first time was during the middle of the night. He had been looking for his bundle in the hall, when he tripped on the brick floor and made such a racket that he guessed that he had already roused Zhao Feihong. Deciding not to escape, he slumped back into his room with his tail between his legs. 

The second time was also in the middle of the night. This time You Mengzhe learned from his past experience and didn't search for his bundle. He crept out and sprinted as soon as his feet hit the ground, madly dashing the entire way. The second he reached the city gate, a staff stretched out from just outside the gate and tripped him onto all fours. He was then carried home by Zhao Feihong. 

The last time was during the day. You Mengzhe had been shirtless and chopping wood in the yard, when someone came to inform Zhao Feihong to visit the yamen for some business. Before when You Mengzhe had gone to buy food, he had asked his sect members for help, so he assumed the magistrate had wanted to make things difficult for Zhao Feihong. You Mengzhe waited patiently until Zhao Feihong had left for almost half a shichen before he started running. First he went to his sect’s businesses to ask them for some silver, instructed them to cover for him, and then boarded a wu-peng boat by himself and rode all the way to Yangzhou before switching to a horse and spurring it at full-speed along the official road. At the boundary between the two cities awaited a dispassionate Zhao Feihong — he had been caught again. 

When would these days come to an end! You Mengzhe was almost about to cry. On one hand, he had asked his sect members to send a message to the Demon Cult’s headquarters and ask You Gutian to come rescue him, and on the other hand, he obediently followed Zhao Feihong home. He even suspected that Zhao Feihong already knew he had tried to contact the Demon Cult. Forget it, he didn’t know where Yuwen Hong was, so he would just have to wait for You Gutian to save him. 

Several days later in the middle of the night, he heard someone call out, "Young Master."

You Mengzhe opened his swollen eyes and looked left and right at Yuwen Hong before saying, "You’re finally here. Where's Sun Bin?" 

Yuwen Hong followed, "I made him take all the medicine. I didn’t let him end his life, and he has returned to his home. Who hit you?"

"I fell down by myself." 

Yuwen Hong surveilled his surroundings and asked, "Why are you at Zhao Feihong's home?" 

"He brought me here." 

Yuwen Hong nodded, each as speechless as the other. 

You Mengzhe shrank under the bedcovers and asked, "Can you take me away?" 

Yuwen Hong thought for a while, his expression a little conflicted, and answered, "Zhao Feihong is not a bad person. You don’t want to stay here a little while longer?" 

"Back then did my mother say she wanted me to worship him as my shifu?"

Yuwen Hong nodded, and You Mengzhe immediately felt helpless. 

"It doesn’t matter. How can I be forced to stay... take me away." 

Yuwen Hong nodded. "Alright, as long as you say the word, we will go." 

Yuwen Hong brought You Mengzhe out like a gust of wind, and at this point You Mengzhe could care less about his bundle. As they were about to leave, they saw Zhao Feihong standing in the courtyard, his figure tall and upright.

"Yuwen Hong, long time no see." 

You Mengzhe's heart beat loudly in his chest. They hadn’t even left the courtyard before Zhao Feihong already knew! Forget it, in any case, he had run far and wide and still gotten caught. Sooner or later, they would have to fight, so why not do it here and now? Little Uncle Yuwen Hong, Daddy Yuwen Hong, please, please don't lose... 

"Long time no see, Brother Zhao." 

Yuwen Hong stood under the moonlight, and the full moon hanging over the horizon illuminated his handsome face. Yuwen Hong's features were extremely refined, his eyes crystal-clear, and his face still a bit youthful. He absolutely did not look like someone in his thirties, and he shared a sort of brotherly aura with You Mengzhe. 

Zhao Feihong reprimanded, "You didn't take good care of your Young Master." 

"When Sister Qing died, she only asked me to protect him and follow his wishes." 

"So then in these past sixteen years on Yuheng Mountain, you just indulged him and left him alone? It’s the father’s fault if he raises his son without teaching him, and the lazy teacher’s fault for not disciplining him!" 

Fuck your grandma, You Mengzhe thought, as he took a half step back cautiously and said, "I... don't want to worship you as my shifu. Our fate ends here." 

Zhao Feihong ignored You Mengzhe and then reasoned with Yuwen Hong, "You can't let him go back to the mountain with You Gutian. If you want to stay and take care of him, I will clean and prepare a room for you and let you stay. Does it matter where he lives?”

You Mengzhe whispered something secretly and then urged, "Little Uncle! Attack!" 

Yuwen Hong thought for a while and declared, "I only listen to Mengzhe. He can go wherever he wants to go. You cannot force him." 

Zhao Feihong sneered. "Just like in the past, you are still so blindly devoted. Let’s fight."

He extracted his staff with a swipe and pointed it at Yuwen Hong, declaring, "If you can beat me, you can take him away, and I absolutely will not stop you."

You Mengzhe's heart pounded in his chest, and Yuwen Hong whispered to him from the side, "I will try my best. If I can’t beat him, I will go back and ask your father to come." 

You Mengzhe nodded and stood aside to watch the battle. Later when they started to fight, maybe he could land a hard blow on Zhao Feihong from the side and secure their victory. If he was even luckier, he could strike Zhao Feihong’s acupoints, tie him up, and while he was at it, dual-cultivate with him before leaving… 

While he mulled this over, Yuwen Hong still hadn’t made a move. His handsome silhouette stood calmly under the moonlight for a moment, before he reached into his robes, took out a pair of silver gloves, and put them on. 

Was that a weapon? It was the first time You Mengzhe had seen Yuwen Hong wear gloves, so it probably was.

The gloves reflected the splendor of the cold moon, like a ball of multi-colored brilliance spinning in his palm. The glove was one of the seven greatest treasures of the Azure Sea Pavilion. Called "Catch the Stars," it was produced by the Azure Sea Pavilion’s ancient silkworm, which was as old as the heavens and the earth, and would only produce less than one chi of silk once every hundred years. These gloves were woven with three thousand years worth of its silk. With these on, Yuwen Hong’s fists would not fear thunder, fire, poison, or the sharp blades of swords. Out of all eighteen known weapons, only one was “Grab”, and out of all eighteen martial techniques, the final one was “Bare Fist”. His astounding martial skills were truly not inferior to Zhao Feihong’s. 

However, Zhao Feihong had experienced a breakthrough in his youth, and his skills were profound. And in these years, he had trained tirelessly, whilst Yuwen Hong had accompanied You Mengzhe on the mountain for sixteen years. It was difficult to say who would win or lose this battle.

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