Chapter 11 - Jiaomu Sea Serpent 

Let Go of that Shou

"I heard that my grandsons from the righteous sects were playing in the ring here, so I suddenly wanted to come and watch."

Translator(s): Ruini
Editor(s): juurensha

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Translator's Comment:

Sea Serpent = Daddy You Gutian aka RUINI’S FAVE DADDY 😉

Feitian didn’t really explain it but You Gutian was wearing a full-face disguise which is a common specialization of the demonic sects. If you watched Word of Honor or read the novel the MC also uses a full face disguise and it’s quite common in these types of wuxia novels. 

Sea Serpent was tl’d from the character 蛟 (Jiao) which is sometimes wrongly translated as ‘dragon’. It’s not the same as a regular fire-breathing dragon. It’s a mythical creature that is known as a scaled dragon or water dragon that can control rain and cause floods, and can be translated as kraken or sea serpent as well. To not confuse you with our Kangjin Dragon (Zhao Feihong) I chose a word that didn’t contain dragon.


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