Chapter 76 - Meeting

Seizing Dreams

“He can’t play with Chen Yekai all day, whose expenditures would make other people end up eating dirt”

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): Amalea, FistFullOfDollars, Juurensha

Lightning burst forth from the horns of the goat monster, drawing thunder and illuminating the dark world; millions of thunderbolts chased after the hovering black dragon. Both sides were evenly matched and were embroiled in a bitter battle. Zhou Sheng clenched his teeth and raised his shield to protect himself and the black dragon from being obliterated by lightning.

All of his energy was expended on defence. Every time he challenged God Pan, he would almost always get trapped in this muddy deadlock.

But today, he has another artifact in his dreamscape.

God Pan let out a prolonged roar, “Your ending will be the same no matter how many times——”

“Not today.” Zhou Sheng said coldly from within the gap between the thunderbolts.

He then transferred his shield to his right hand and flipped his left hand over. Amidst the loud roars, a silver metal gem appeared in his palm; the gem expanded into a protective shield with a “buzz”!

God Pan, “……”

In the next moment, the gem flashed. Its white light swept through the entire arena, as if a hurricane had passed! Zhou Sheng steered the black dragon, and the shield in his hand turned into a jingubang which shot towards God Pan like a bolt of lightning!

With this one flick of the rod, God Pan was caught off guard and was sent flying into the air.

With a second sweep of the rod, God Pan’s goat horns ruptured with a loud bang!

On his third strike, the rod struck dead-on, and God Pan was instantly knocked into the lofty Roman pillars of the arena like a missile, smashing the pillars into pieces!

Zhou Sheng’s short hair was scorched black and he was in terrible condition. He used his jingubang to support himself and gasped for breath in the middle of the arena.

“Let me see what the hell you are ba.” Zhou Sheng held the metal gem and faced it towards God Pan in the rubble.

In this moment, in the quiet arena, another round of applause and cheers roared through the audience.

The horns of God Pan faded under the radiance of the heart-shaped gemstone. It revealed the struggling figure of an ordinary male ancient Greek God in the ruins of the Roman pillars trying to escape the light.


“Don’t recognise you.” Zhou Sheng frowned, “Have I seen you before?”

Priapus.” Satan’s voice rang out, “During your teenage years, your feelings of inferiority can be traced back to him. Because of the development of your sexual characteristics and the size of your tool, you stood out among your peers, so you were often mocked. Later on, when you referred to a popular mass-market medical science book, you happened to recognise this God of Fertility.”

Zhou Sheng stood upright and regulated his breathing with an evil smile on his face.

Zhou Sheng mocked himself, “And what is his pretense of God Pan supposed to remind me of?”

The black fire in Satan’s hand controlled Priapus to rise into the air.

“Priapus considers rape a punishment for human beings, reminding them that mortals are born for the purpose of reproduction, so abnormal relationships are evil.” Satan laughed wickedly, “You want to redefine your sexual needs and purposes, yet you struggle bitterly within the prison of morals. General, is admitting your fall from grace so difficult?”

“Indulge in your lust ba!” Satan raised both hands, and his whole body shone with a brilliant splendor, “Whether it’s God Pan or Priapus, what’s wrong with admitting that it’s a sin?”


“You fucking……” Zhou Sheng muttered.

Priapus let out an enraged roar, revealed two machetes and rushed at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng brandished his jingubang and flagrantly swung it down! With the force of a thousand juns, he smashed down and an anguished wail sounded; Priapus exploded into countless light particles that scattered into the air and flew like meteors towards the black dragon behind Zhou Sheng. Light suddenly flowed through the black dragon’s scales, which glowed briefly with a bright golden colour. A strong light burst forth from the sharp horn that had appeared on its forehead. It raised its head and let out a prolonged cry before gradually quieting down.

“You came prepared.” Satan walked onto the black flames and reappeared in the arena, “Master of the dreamscape confronted God Pan, the incarnation of Priapus, and won.”

Another round of cheers resounded, but Zhou Sheng just stood in the same place in a daze with his jingubang in hand. After a long time passed, he seemed to snap out of his stupor and beckoned Satan with his other hand.

Satan lowered his head slightly, eyes flickering briefly with black flames.

“You’ve succeeded.” Satan said coldly, “General.”

“What does that success mean?” Zhou Sheng’s brows were locked in a deep furrow, “That it’s no longer a sin?”

Satan sneered, “The right is returned to you, but the next enemy may not be as simple.” 


“Next.” Zhou Sheng said coldly, “I'll settle everything in one go.”

“I feel fear.” Satan said, “Your soul is trembling.” 

“I said next!” Zhou Sheng became indignant.

Satan slowly retreated, black streaks of light interwove with shadows in front of Satan as he slowly retreated, and a huge cage emerged. Within the cage, a female demon with a human body and a snake’s tail screamed shrilly, grabbing the cage’s metal bars and shaking it frantically!

“Next!” Satan announced loud and clear, “Master of the dreamscape, this General is going to challenge Medusa! To overcome his resistance towards Love and Family! Let’s give him our warmest round of applause!”

Zhou Sheng’s eyes slightly widened, reflecting the ferocious Medusa with sharp claws.

“This is a bit difficult to fight……” Zhou Sheng muttered.

At daybreak, Zhou Sheng was frowning deeply and opened his eyes from his nightmare. He let out a long breath.


For a week after that, although it was summer vacation, Yu Hao didn’t feel like he was on a summer vacation at all. Zhou Sheng would go out for a run in the morning and bring breakfast back as usual, regardless of whether Yu Hao ate it or not. If he found out that Yu Hao had slept till noon, then Zhou Sheng would throw the breakfast away. At noon, they would sometimes go to the canteen to eat stir-fry together. They often bumped into Chen Yekai, and the three of them would have lunch together. In the late afternoon, Zhou Sheng would either go for a run or leave without telling Yu Hao where he was going.

It was really too hot. Zhou Sheng’s exercise was slightly reduced, and most of it was moved to the nighttime. Unexpectedly, Yu Hao received a translation contract from the previous research institute he worked for. They hoped that he would assist in translating some of the Chinese reports into English for their reference repository.

This time, the fees for the scripts had slightly increased, and Yu Hao thought this is great! After he looked at the workload, Yu Hao accepted the job. Even if he took his time translating them, he would earn more than 3,000 in a month!


“Aren’t you guys going to go out and play a few days during the summer vacation?” Chen Yekai asked.

“Yu Hao’s making some online friends.” Zhou Sheng casually replied, “Vico.”

“Vico?” Chen Yekai was a little surprised, “What’s Vico?”

“He’s a person!” Yu Hao said, “I added him on my private WeChat number.”

Yu Hao shared some details of that person's information with Chen Yekai and Zhou Sheng — a white collar worker, model 0.5, 180cm, likes playing basketball.


The three of them sat in the canteen, and Yu Hao kept feeling that the atmosphere was a little weird. He asked Zhou Sheng a few times if they were going to erase that portion of Chen Yekai’s memories, but Zhou Sheng’s answer was always, “We’ll see.”

A week later, the person in Yu Hao’s phone had sent him a bunch of photos. Yet the only photo he had seen of Yu Hao was his profile picture in WeChat, and he finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

Vico:【Would you like to meet up? I don’t have a meeting after work tomorrow.】

Drum Washing Machine:【Let me think about it.】

Vico:【Let’s meet up ba, I dreamt of you last night.】

Drum Washing Machine sent him an emoticon and neither agreed nor refused.

Zhou Sheng wanted to see how he looked, so Yu Hao showed him his picture. Vico looked decent, but he wasn’t Yu Hao’s type. Of course, even Yu Hao himself couldn’t say what kind of type he liked. He could be considered a 7, white-collar man, bespectacled, good temperament, and even participates in marathons despite not being able to place. Likes music, red wine and coffee.

“A yuppie.” Zhou Sheng said, “You didn’t send him your picture?”

“My profile picture is my picture, it’s just a bit blurry. Didn’t you tell me not to send my pictures to other people?”

Zhou Sheng said, “You can just send it if you want to, it’s not a big deal.”

Yu Hao still decided against it, but he was okay with meeting the other party face to face.

“I’ll meet up with him tomorrow ba.” Yu Hao said.

Zhou Sheng, “Have you thought it through?”

Yu Hao didn’t answer. Zhou Sheng continued, “If you have, then go ba, I’ll accompany you?”

Yu Hao said, “No need, I’m afraid that I’ll regret it at the last minute.”

“Decide for yourself then.” Zhou Sheng said nothing more. He was drenched in sweat from finishing his run, and went to take a bath.

Yu Hao remained silent for awhile. Chen Yekai asked:【Huang Ting wants to ask Junjun out for dinner tomorrow night, but it would be difficult for him to ask her out alone. I asked Zhou Sheng, but he’s not going, so shall we accompany them for dinner?】

Yu Hao told Chen Yekai that he might be meeting an online friend. Chen Yekai said:【Go ba, jiayou. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.】

Yu Hao:【I haven’t decided yet!】

Chen Yekai:【Just go and see. How long have you guys been chatting for? Do you feel anything?】

Yu Hao:【I don’t actually feel anything. Why does this seem like a blind date?!】

Chen Yekai:【It is a blind date; you might end up feeling something when you’re there? It’s okay, it’s fine to just be friends if you don’t feel anything.】

After hesitating for a long time, Yu Hao only sent Vico a message when he was about to fall asleep. The other party replied within seconds:【You’ve thought it over?】

Then the other party sent him a location; it was a restaurant, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

Zhou Sheng asked from his bed, “Are you going tomorrow?”

Yu Hao replied, “Going……ba? This restaurant, we’ve eaten there quite a few times.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Okay, I’ll pick you up once you’re done. Send me the location. I’ll be busy all day tomorrow.”

“What are you looking at?” Yu Hao glanced at it out of curiosity.

Zhou Sheng was using Fu Liqun’s laptop to look up some information, and the legend of God Pan was shown on screen. He casually clicked on another page, and it unexpectedly revealed an entry on Priapus, and then he closed the entire browser.

“Nothing.” Zhou Sheng said casually, “Has your Psychology of Sex classes issued its textbooks?”

Yu Hao thought it a little strange and said, “I borrowed the textbooks to read through them first. I have other extra readings and relevant materials as well, do you want them?”

Zhou Sheng thought about it for a moment, then asked Yu Hao, “I’m just asking, but during puberty, do people generally feel a sense of shame?”

Yu Hao thought but you shouldn’t have had any sense of shame ba. He muddled through his own puberty, but just like how girls would feel ashamed if their breasts developed too early, boys would also sometimes feel uneasy about the premature growth of their sexual characteristics.

“Depends on the case.” Yu Hao said, “The majority of young people mature and pass through this period smoothly, while a small portion would internalise some suggestions that can be both good and bad. Actually, I think it depends on the attitude of their peers.”

Yu Hao sat down to search for a book and explained to Zhou Sheng, “In your previous classes, did you have any people whose ‘that’ developed earlier and appeared bigger, so they got mocked by their classmates when going to the toilet and appeared to lack self-confidence; or girls whose secondary sexual characteristics developed earlier so their peers began talking behind their backs and maybe bully them?”

“There were ba?” Zhou Sheng took the book and flipped through it as he began recalling the time when he was about 12 or 13-years-old.


“That was the most irritating phase of my life.” Zhou Sheng flipped through the book and answered, “My parents divorced, I didn’t get along with my classmates, and they often mocked me because of my dad’s affair. They asked if my dick was as big as my Dad’s and treated me like a little monster and said that in the future I would sponge off women everywhere……in the beginning there was only one girl who was my friend……”

Yu Hao was a bit surprised. He didn’t know why Zhou Sheng would suddenly talk about his past at this strange timing.

“The viciousness of young people is always very hurtful.” Yu Hao said, “When I was in the first year of junior high, my friend had a similar experience, and she was a girl.”

Zhou Sheng was immersed in his past memories.

Yu Hao knew a girl in his first year of junior high. Because her mother changed boyfriends frequently, she was often humiliated in school, especially during puberty.

“What happened to that friend?” Yu Hao asked. 


“Repeated a year, and then we drifted apart.” Zhou Sheng answered, “We didn’t contact each other after junior high.”


“It’s all in the past. The secretion of hormones during puberty would increase the severity of this effect; one must have an accurate understanding of themselves.” Yu Hao said, “This kind of uneasiness would soon disappear. Of course, students shouldn’t use this as a joke just because it seems new and exciting. After puberty, the presentation of male sexual characteristics would instead become the source of their self-confidence. It really is important for more people to be exposed to such knowledge on sex.”

Zhou Sheng lowered his head and read the book. After a while, he said, “Got it, go meet your online friend ba.”

Yu Hao still wanted to say something else, but Zhou Sheng placed a bookmark inside and got up to take a bath.

This was the first time Yu Hao had ever met an online friend in real life. He didn’t know why the people around him kept urging him to do it. He always felt it strange and inexplicable,, as if Chen Yekai and Zhou Sheng were up to something. However, Zhou Sheng seemed to be more or less back to normal and no longer got jealous. Yu Hao felt a little unresigned in his heart. His emotions were in turmoil, and it made him feel incomparably conflicted for a moment. Still, he was gradually beginning to accept the fact that it was unlikely for him to get together with Zhou Sheng. He kept hypnotising himself over and over: try it like this first ba, the restaurant that he is meeting Vico at has pretty good sweet and sour ribs; he and Zhou Sheng had eaten them the last time they went there. It was a must-have every time they went, and making a trip down there for the sweet and sour ribs……wasn’t unacceptable to him.


The next morning, Zhou Sheng had gone off somewhere again. Yu Hao sat in the dormitory, feeling extremely irritated. He felt like he was falling apart a little and began to regret his decision the moment he woke up. He shouldn’t have agreed to meet, nor should he have even done this kind of thing in the first place.


What the hell is wrong with me? Yu Hao sat alone in the dormitory and suddenly felt very upset.


I don’t like him, why should I go see him?

Yu Hao felt like he had unconsciously lost something. His annoyance made his negative emotions accumulate to their peak.

On that day, ever since he came back after their meal and decided to give up on his unrealistic fantasies toward Zhou Sheng, that frustration had always persisted in his heart. It constantly urged him to do things that he didn’t want to do.

He heard someone knock on the door. Chen Yekai said, “Yu Hao? Are you up?”

Yu Hao rushed to the balcony, turned on the tap and doused his head in cold water. Then he grabbed a towel and wiped his hair as he opened the door for Chen Yekai. Chen Yekai was dressed in sports attire today, and looked like he was about to go walk his dog any minute. He was only lacking a dog now.

“It’s so hot.” Chen Yekai said, “Let’s go and eat lunch. I asked Zhou Sheng, he said that he was already out.”

Yu Hao said, “Give me a minute……I’ll change.”

Chen Yekai was very self-aware now. Every time he wanted to ask Yu Hao out somewhere, he would always add ‘I’ve already asked Zhou Sheng, but Zhou Sheng’s not going, so he asked me to find you’. Yu Hao had already discerned his methods, but when he asked Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng would also ask him to go. Fortunately, it was a lot more relaxing to be with Chen Yekai. It seems that as long as he appears, his conflicting feelings of indecisiveness would gradually calm down.

“What are you doing here?” Yu Hao asked.

“Buying clothes.” Chen Yekai said, “Aren’t you meeting your friend tonight? How about tidying yourself up a little from time to time?”

Yu Hao said, “It doesn’t need to be that formal ba.”

Chen Yekai said, “It’s necessary to make a good impression, that’s basic courtesy.”

Yu Hao, “Then I’ll pay for it myself. I got a new job.”

Chen Yekai said, “Okay, I have coupons, I got them for free when I was buying furniture. Take it and use them ba, buy a loose pair of jeans and a T-shirt from Evisu, their brand is decent.” 

Chen Yekai gave Yu Hao a stack of vouchers that would discount 300 for every 500 spent and could even be stacked together for use. Yu Hao said, “How much furniture did you buy?! Keep it for yourself ba.”

Chen Yekai said, “Ever since their stores began having discounts, I stopped wearing their clothes. Too many people buy the same kind so it’s too easy to run into someone wearing the same clothes. It makes it embarrassing to go out.” 

Yu Hao thought so as well. Every word of Chen Yekai’s was true, yet every word also stabbed his heart. Shopping at that store was probably like shopping at a wholesale market for Chen Yekai, but for students and those in the working class, it was already a very, very good brand. Then Chen Yekai took him to get his hair cut and quite a bit of his hair was trimmed.

“Do you skateboard?” Tony Laoshi asked, “Do you have abs?”

Yu Hao, “I don’t skateboard. I have a bit of abs ba, what does it have to do with abs?” But he thought that it would be good to learn skateboarding.

Chen Yekai said, “When college reopens, you can sign up for the club. Your figure’s pretty suitable for it.”


“It’s pretty good to change your style once in awhile.” Chen Yekai said in the evening.

Yu Hao said, “This is too deceptive, it does seem like I skateboard. I just lack a cap.”

“Want to get one now?” Chen Yekai asked.

Yu Hao quickly said ‘never mind’. He had already spent over 1000 yuan today on impulse. This won’t do, he can’t play with Chen Yekai all day, whose expenditures would make other people end up eating dirt. He definitely couldn’t go shopping for clothes with Chen Yekai next time. As soon as the staff became enthusiastic, Yu Hao will try on the clothes, and Chen Yekai at the side would keep offering to pay, so Yu Hao couldn’t get out of buying them.

Fortunately, he had sufficient living expenses, and he still had his scholarship next semester.

Yu Hao waited for awhile in the restaurant they were supposed to meet at. Vico came and actually seemed a little nervous when he saw Yu Hao.

“Hello.” Yu Hao smiled. Vico didn’t look like how he had imagined him to be — he wasn’t as good-looking compared to his photos and looked slightly greasy. But he had worked for a whole day after all, so it was quite normal for his face to be oily.

“I almost didn’t dare to approach.” Vico seemed overwhelmed by pleasant surprise, “You’re so handsome! Why did you come up with such a funny WeChat name?”

Yu Hao laughed and said, “Un……I run a laundry, forget it, let’s not talk about that. What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you?” 

“No no, I will. Wei! Pour some tea ah! Why isn’t there anyone?” Vico immediately snapped his fingers to call a waiter over. Yu Hao inadvertently glanced over and suddenly saw Zhou Sheng holding a numbered ticket and following behind a waiter as he walked in. He just so happened to sit in the neighbouring seat with his back facing Vico. 

Yu Hao, “………………”

Vico began chatting idly with Yu Hao and inquired about what his family does. He said, “Your family should be pretty well off ba? Wei! Pour some tea! How many times do you want me to repeat myself?!”

“They really aren’t.” Yu Hao said, “I have to work to earn my own tuition fees.”

Vico said, “I work in the financial management field.”

“Oh——” Yu Hao kept looking behind him. Zhou Sheng started ordering while Vico began to chatter on and introduce his financial products.

“You can open an account with us.” Vico said, “The tuition fees your family provides you and your pocket money can all appreciate in value. If you don’t manage your money, your money won’t care about you……Wei! Pour us tea! What the hell are they all doing?”

Yu Hao thought, but I really don’t have money, I want to manage my money as well, okay? He maintained a smile on his face as he listened to Vico’s introduction, but Zhou Sheng uttered a “pfft” behind him and almost spat his tea out.

“When I was your age, I was very confused too.” Vico began inquiring about Yu Hao’s relationship experience again.

Yu Hao thought that this wasn’t the right person. At the very least, for the person he was now, he wasn’t.

“Can I order? This family’s sweet and sour……” Yu Hao was a bit hungry, and that was when Vico finally thought of ordering. 

He quickly said, “Order. Wei! We want to order!” Then he ordered one soup and one vegetable, “I’ve been working out recently, and I have to control my diet.”

Yu Hao thought, but I’m not controlling my diet, Dage! Can’t I treat you? I want to eat sweet and sour ribs! Every time he went out with Zhou Sheng, Zhou Sheng would always order enough dishes to make Yu Hao feel like he was on the verge of exploding, yet it was still at the exact threshold where they could finish everything without needing to bring any leftovers back. However, this one vegetable and one soup would definitely be far from enough ba! Wei!

Forget it, I’ll order extra food later.

“You’re so skinny, you don’t usually eat much, do you?” Vico asked out of concern.

Yu Hao, “Y……yes.” And thought, shouldn’t you be saying ‘you’re so skinny, please eat more’?

“Skinny people all have abs.” Vico smiled, “Do you have any?”

“A little.” Yu Hao said.

“Let me see?” Vico reached out to lift Yu Hao’s T-shirt. Yu Hao immediately raised his hand, chopped at Vico’s wrist, and restrained it. The other party didn't expect for Yu Hao to have trained before, so he was a bit baffled. 

“I won’t show you.” Yu Hao’s face was expressionless.

At this moment, Zhou Sheng turned around and scrutinised Vico. Yu Hao suddenly felt a terrifying murderous intent, but Zhou Sheng remained silent and continued to eat his own dinner.

“I have to go back now.” Yu Hao thought, just end this and forget it, I don’t want to eat anymore. What a failure of an experience. If Zhou Sheng ends up hitting him, he would still need to compensate Vico for his medical expenses.

Vico said, “I’ll do it, wei! The bill!”

Wei! Wei! Wei! That ‘wei’ was used so often by Vico that it had reached the acme of perfection. Yu Hao felt like his mind was full of his ‘wei!’s, and his demonic voice filled his ears.

“Let me……”

“I’ll do it, I want to take away one sweet……”

Ai I’m coming I’m coming!”

“A gentleman has already settled your bill for you just now.” The staff said.

Yu Hao, “……”

Vico, “Who? Someone I know? That’s strange, which one of my friends is here? Why didn’t I notice anyone?” Then he smiled at Yu Hao, “Our bank’s right behind this place, so I often bump into people I know here. But to not even come over to say hi, they really……”

Yu Hao thought, forget it as long as you’re happy, anyway this meal only costs 55 including the tea we drank.

“I have a car, I’ll send you back to your college.” Vico said.

“No need no need!” Yu Hao immediately said.

Vico, “Aiya, why are you being so polite? My car’s right across! I just bought a new car, let’s go!”

The two of them had just gone downstairs when they saw a Benz parked at the entrance — it was Chen Yekai’s new car.

Wei!” Zhou Sheng’s voice travelled over from beside the car, “Ai! Wei! Wei! The two of you!” 

Yu Hao, “……”

“Finished your talk?” Chen Yekai was chatting idly with Zhou Sheng beside the car and smiled when he saw Yu Hao.

The smile on Vico’s face instantly disappeared. “Director Chen, the two of you know each other?”

Yu Hao was stunned. He saw that Zhou Sheng was carrying a packaged lunch box.

Sweet and Sour Ribs!

“My younger brother.” Chen Yekai said to Vico, “And I was wondering why the person in the photo looked so familiar. I couldn’t recall it for a moment, but it really was you.”

“Hello hello!” Vico quickly shook hands with Chen Yekai. 

Yu Hao snapped out of his daze and asked, “The two of you know each other?”

“He’s the financial manager of my bank account in a private bank.” Chen Yekai said. 

“No no!” Vico quickly said, “I’m only in charge of receiving customers at the front desk. You can just call me Xiao Tang.”

Chen Yekai nodded and said to Yu Hao, “Let’s go back? Or do you still want to walk around?”

Yu Hao hurriedly escaped. He said goodbye to Xiao Tang, while Xiao Tang smiled as he watched them leave.


In the car.

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao, “……”

Chen Yekai, “……”


Chen Yekai, “Was he okay to talk to?”

Yu Hao’s gaze shifted from the packed box to Zhou Sheng’s face. Zhou Sheng said, “I think you can blacklist him now ba?”

“I think……keep it ba.” Yu Hao said, “Blacklisting him straight away doesn’t seem too good.”

Chen Yekai said, “It doesn’t matter. If you think he’s not suitable, then just give him the cold shoulder. I opened a private bank account in that bank, and he’s in charge of entertaining guests in the VIP room. He might have been able to discern my sexual orientation, and he’s pretty polite. He’s a good guy, he should act appropriately.”

“Oh?” Zhou Sheng said, “Why do I think that he’s not the type to know what appropriate means?” 

Chen Yekai smiled, “Is that so? What did he do that made him seem like that?”

Yu Hao threw Zhou Sheng a meaningful glance. He didn’t want to speak badly of Vico behind his back and answered, “He didn’t do anything.”

“If you don’t manage your money, your money won’t care about you.” Chen Yekai sighed, “Managers in banks who work with private clients are all earning money the hard way, it’s not easy. He should have more tact now.”

“That’s true that’s true.” Zhou Sheng answered.

After they returned to their dormitory, Yu Hao ate the sweet and sour pork ribs that Zhou Sheng brought back while Zhou Sheng continued watching his shows with earphones on. After Yu Hao finished eating, Zhou Sheng asked, “Are you still going on blind dates?”

Yu Hao didn’t answer. He got up and threw the box away, then laid on his bed. Meeting an online friend had been turned into a farce by Zhou Sheng and Chen Yekai, which effectively diluted the gloominess he had felt. When he remembered how he had even cried in the dormitory this afternoon, Yu Hao thought it seemed way too embarrassing. Fortunately, no one saw him.

But when he thought of Zhou Sheng, Yu Hao began feeling upset again. 

He climbed onto his bed to lay down and pondered over it for awhile, “I’ll try again.”

“Jiayou.” Zhou Sheng encouraged.

Ancient Roman Colosseum, the entire arena was silent.

Along with the clanking sounds made by the iron bars grating against one another as they opened, Medusa slowly slithered out of the cage. Zhou Sheng unconsciously took a step back, until his back was against the black dragon’s head.

The black dragon nudged him forward a little. Zhou Sheng took a deep breath and raised his shield up. A light rotated once around the surface of his shield, and the surface transformed into a mirror-like smoothness.

“I remember the guy that chopped your head off used this shield.” Zhou Sheng said to Medusa, “What’s his name again?”

All the miniature snakes that made up Medusa’s hair opened their mouths at the same time and spit their tongues out as they hissed at Zhou Sheng.

“You’re so foolish.” Medusa sneered, “Your attempts to challenge me are futile.”

A red glint then flashed through Medusa’s eyes. Zhou Sheng immediately raised his shield to block, while the black dragon took the initiative in rushing forward!

The bell rang, and the audience erupted into an uproar!

Zhou Sheng’s eyes reflected Medusa’s ferocious appearance. The deafening cheers in the arena and the lightning flashing in the horizon seemed to weave into an impossible to dispel nightmare.


Zhou Sheng violently bolted upright from his dreams and struggled to catch his breath. Terror flooded his eyes. He gradually calmed down, closed his eyes, and regulated his breathing.

Translator's Note:

Juurensha: Okay, so I was screaming about YH going on a blind date, but I will admit, seeing ZS and Kaikai’s shenanigans was great. 

Dollars: Wei! Wei! Wei!

Ame: I looked up Evisu jeans and??? /throws Kaikai’s coupons back at his face

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Kum.



Fic writer, editor, and translator for GHOFD, PUBG, BOW, and Fanservice Paradox.

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Advaita Jairam
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