Chapter 19 - Fear Comes After

Seizing Dreams

Zhou Sheng’s angry roar travelled in from outside the door, “Yu Hao! Are you inside? Open the door!"

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Yu Hao didn’t have time to react. Shi Liang did not expect for someone else to be in his living room, so when he turned around and inadvertently saw Yu Hao, he was stunned..

Yu Hao’s breath caught in his throat. He was at a loss for words, yet a completely unrelated thought flashed through his mind. The origin of the demonic eye! Shi Liang has always been monitoring his daughter! It’s very possible that he keeps track of Shi Ni’s location through her phone!

“I say……” Shi Liang was so flabbergasted he was speechless, and he was so angry his whole body was trembling.

Yu Hao calmed down, then he slowly got up and stood in front of Shi Ni’s room. He watched Mr. Shi vigilantly as he tried to figure out how to get them both away from him. He held his phone behind his back and planned to press down on its emergency call button.

When Shi Liang noticed his hand behind his back, he seemed to come to a realisation and shouted angrily, “You dare break into my house?! Laozi’s gonna kill you!!” As he spoke, he grabbed one of the decorations in his living room and suddenly flung it at Yu Hao!

Yu Hao had just unlocked his phone screen, but he quickly threw his phone to the side when Shi Liang attacked. He bent over slightly and pounced towards Shi Liang, then hugged his waist as he charged through the living room and knocked Shi Liang down onto the floor of the dining room!

Shi Ni rushed out and shouted, “Yu Hao——!”

“Go back to your room! Don’t come out!” Yu Hao shouted back, “Take my phone and call Zhou Sheng!”

Yu Hao tried to get back on his feet when Shi Liang hoisted up a chair and smashed it down brutally on his head – it made Yu Hao’s head spin and his vision go black. All he could see were stars as he swayed from side to side. Shi Ni rushed forward and wanted to pull her father away, but she was given a strong slap by Shi Liang which knocked her onto the ground. Blood instantly began to flow out from the corners of her mouth.

Yu Hao rarely fought, but if he really had to he could do so without much regard for his own safety. He immediately grabbed another chair and smashed it onto Shi Liang’s back. Shi Liang picked Shi Ni up by her collar and dragged her up, then turned around and pushed Yu Hao to the front of a cupboard. The two of them were locked in a scuffle. But Yu Hao was at a disadvantage because he had just woken up, and was currently barefoot, so when he stepped onto the glass shards on the floor, his blood gushed out freely from his feet. He even had to protect Shi Ni too, so he took another blow to his head.

“Open up!”

The house was in a mess from their fight. Zhou Sheng’s angry roar travelled in from outside the door, “Yu Hao! Are you inside? Open the door!”

Yu Hao held Shi Liang back and shouted, “Nini go and open the door!”

Shi Ni, “It’s locked from the inside!”

Zhou Sheng stood in the corridor as he brutally kicked the door and a loud blare sounded, but the anti-theft door couldn’t be opened no matter what. It was early in the morning. The neighbours had all been alerted and were coming out of their homes one after the other.

Within the chaos inside, the electrical appliances and TV in Shi Liang’s house had all been smashed and scattered during their tussle. The two of them were bleeding from head injuries. Shi Liang held a broken wine bottle in his hand and pointed it towards Yu Hao. Yu Hao’s head was badly battered and bleeding, and the ground littered with glass shards cut into his bare feet as he moved. He couldn’t stop gasping for breath, but he was still protecting Nini who stood behind him.

“You broke into my house.” Shi Liang panted as he said fiercely, “Even if I kill you now, it can be justified as self-defense!”

Yu Hao tried to catch his breath. Then he suddenly turned around and hugged Shi Ni’s head, rolling both of them into a corner!

Behind Shi Liang, Zhou Sheng had climbed up the steel clothes hanger and with one hand on the balcony, he threw out a flying kick. With a loud crash, the french windows turned into glass shards that filled the air as they flew into the living room. Zhou Sheng let out an absolutely furious roar similar to that of a wild beast. Shi Liang spun around and abject fear was reflected in his eyes. He couldn’t even shout before a kick landed on his chest, knocking him into a bookshelf.

Zhou Sheng let out another angry roar. Shi Liang had just gotten up when he got another punch straight to his face, and he fell back onto the ground.

“Don’t hit him anymore!” Yu Hao urgently shouted, afraid that Zhou Sheng would really kill him. He darted forward to open the door, and Huang Ting brought his colleagues along with him as they rushed inside.

Zhou Sheng was like a wild beast that had just broken free of its cage. He roared angrily as he rushed forward and threw out another punch.

Shi Liang suffered another punch to his face, which was now covered in blood. He collapsed onto the ground and lost consciousness.

Yu Hao thought he heard the sound of bones breaking, so he quickly turned around and pushed Zhou Sheng into the corner of the wall. Zhou Sheng’s fury blazed as brightly as a furnace fire used to smelt steel, but it finally began to calm down. Then, he suddenly picked Yu Hao up and carried him bridal style before rushing out like a gust of wind.

When they were in the car, Zhou Sheng was still gasping for breath like a leopard after a hunt, while Yu Hao’s mind was blank. He couldn’t help but look back as he asked, “Shi Ni…….”

“Huang Ting will take care of her.” Zhou Sheng snapped out of his trance, then rebuked angrily, “Don’t you know how to close the door? Why didn’t you hide in a room?!”

Yu Hao couldn’t have hidden in that kind of situation, and even if he could, he wouldn’t have thought of it in his moment of desperation. At that time, the only thought he had was to protect Shi Ni.

“How did you get in?” Yu Hao remembered the moment when Zhou Sheng appeared on the balcony.

“I jumped over.” Zhou Sheng said.

“36th floor!” Blood instantly rushed up to Yu Hao’s head as he said angrily, “Did you want to die?!”

Shi Liang lived near the top floor of a high-rise building. Its external walls were bare, and there was only his neighbour’s balcony nearby that was around 3 metres away. Zhou Sheng first pulled open the windows of the sunroom at his neighbour’s balcony, then jumped onto the air-conditioning rack outside the walls of Shi Liang’s house and clung onto it before jumping onto the platform outside the Shi residence’s sunroom. Then he pulled open the small windows of the sunroom and squeezed his way into the balcony. Yu Hao looked below the balcony -- there wasn’t even a place where you could land. A scene surfaced in his mind of Zhou Sheng hanging onto the edge of the balcony with his life, and if he was just slightly careless, he would fall all the way down from the 36th floor and onto the marble platform built above the second floor -- he would have turned into meat mush instantly!

Only then did Yu Hao knew that he was afraid. Panic could be seen in his eyes as he couldn’t stop gasping for breath. Yet, Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao out of the car and ran towards the hospital.

“What else could I have done?!”

“Let me down!”

“Shut up!” Zhou Sheng flared up again.

When he thought of the scene where Zhou Sheng was suspended by the edge of the balcony, Yu Hao felt extremely conflicted. His heart felt like it had been clutched tight, but with this one roar from Zhou Sheng, all the emotions that filled his heart vanished into thin air.

He had a lot of broken glass shards from a coffee table in his feet so he was bleeding quite a bit along the way. It looked extremely frightening, especially with Zhou Sheng carrying him. The moment a nurse saw him, she said, “Go to the innermost room of that corridor! I’ll look for a doctor!”

“Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics?” Zhou Sheng entered the ward with question marks all over his head.

Yu Hao, “……”

The nurse was in a hurry just now so she mistook Yu Hao as a girl and thought that something serious had happened. Yu Hao struggled to get down and limped his way to the surgical ward, while Zhou Sheng rushed out to find a nurse so that he could get some iodine and bandages. The nurse took a pair of tweezers and cleaned Yu Hao’s wounds for him.

Yu Hao hadn’t noticed anything at first, but now that the shards were being plucked out of his feet, he began to feel pain. He pursed his lips as he tried to endure it, but his face had turned ghastly pale.

After the nurse was done cleaning his wounds up, Zhou Sheng knelt down on one knee and applied some medication on them for Yu Hao. He suddenly looked up and met Yu Hao’s gaze, then the two of them completely relaxed.

“We can’t go to the amusement park today.” Yu Hao didn’t know why this was the first thing he thought of.

“I remember.” Zhou Sheng patted his pocket and said, “I’ve already bought the tickets, they’re valid for a year.” As he spoke, he picked up a call. Only then did Yu Hao remember that he had left his phone at the Shi residence.

After all the chaotic turmoil and flurries of confusion, only Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao were left in the ward as they looked at each other in silence. It was very quiet.

“You’ll need to protect yourself better next time, got it?” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao answered, “And you have to promise me that you’ll never climb up to the 36th floor again.”

“If you weren’t locked inside, I wouldn’t have needed to climb up there!” Zhou Sheng exploded again.

Yu Hao said, “It’s not like he’ll really kill me?! If worst comes to worst I’ll just get beaten up, but if you fell down you would have died!”

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao were both out of breath for a while, and silence returned to the ward.

Yu Hao had never thought that someone would do something that dangerous for him in this life, though for Zhou Sheng, he might have just done it out of pure instinct.

There was someone in this world who was this concerned for his own safety -- the feeling that this knowledge brought him tasted like a bitter olive. After you chewed on it long enough, it would taste slightly different.

“You’ve saved me twice now.” Yu Hao said uneasily within this silence, “I…….sorry, Zhou Sheng.”

“Don’t hum and haw so much.” Zhou Sheng didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh when he heard that. He stood up and said, “That’s too corny.” As he spoke, he looked at his phone and went out to take a call. The moment he turned around, Yu Hao suddenly caught a glimpse of a blush on Zhou Sheng’s face.

Yu Hao didn’t know why but he couldn’t help himself from laughing out loud. Zhou Sheng angrily gesticulated, motioning for him to keep his voice down, then told the other person on the line that his bleeding had stopped. Huang Ting was probably asking them to go over as soon as possible.

“Let’s go ba.” Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao up, then asked, “Can you walk?”

“I can walk by myself.” Yu Hao said hurriedly.

Zhou Sheng didn’t pick him up again. He bowed down slightly as he helped him out of the hospital.

Half an hour later at the station, Shi Ni hugged Zhou Sheng as she cried for a while. She tried to hold her tears back in front of Yu Hao and asked in a soft voice, “Are you okay?”

Yu Hao smiled as he looked at Shi Ni, “It’s a minor injury.” Then he saw the middle-aged man and woman behind Shi Ni, “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Shi Ni’s crying face broke out into a smile. She introduced her uncle and aunt, and both of them kept thanking Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng profusely for their help. Their expressions were very forced. Evidently, they were still coming to terms with the truth that Huang Ting had just revealed to them and had not calmed down their rage yet.

Huang Ting personally interrogated Shi Liang. Everyone was worried that Shi Liang would rather die than admit his crime, and thought that he might even counter charge against Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng for breaking into his house to attempt his murder. They could only interrogate Shi Liang for a maximum of 24 hours. Once time was up, if he refused to confess, the police would have to release him.

Shi Ni looked into the interrogation room and said, “I want to see him.”

“Don’t go.” Yu Hao said, “At the very least, you’ll truly be safe from now onwards.”

Shi Ni said, “No, I must go.”

Zhou Sheng, “We’ll accompany you.”

Yet Shi Ni wiped her tears away before she said, “Let me go by myself. Trust me, Yu Laoshi.”

Yu Hao pondered over it for a moment. Shi Ni stood in front of him somewhat stubbornly, still dressed in her pajamas. He looked down and saw Shi Ni’s hands -- her fingers were trembling nonstop.

Yu Hao opened his hand up. Shi Ni placed her hand atop his palm, then Yu Hao closed his hand and earnestly said, “Ok, I trust you.”

In this moment, he felt Shi Ni’s newborn soul. Her gaze made him recall one moment -- after he stepped onto General’s jindouyun, the two of them flew past the top of the tower and said farewell to the princess who wore a Western-style dress. In response, she had picked up the ends of her dress to perform a curtsy -- her gaze seemed to convey that from that moment on, she no longer feared anything.

Just like how Yu Hao had felt after the sun rose in his dreamscape -- it was as if all the haze in his heart had vanished without a trace.

Shi Ni turned around and went into the interrogation room by herself. She only spent five minutes in there before Huang Ting brought her out.

Everyone started getting anxious.

Huang Ting made an OK gesture as a signal that they had succeeded.

Shi Ni looked extremely worn out. Her aunt took her to one side before the two of them talked to each other softly.

“She unlocked her father’s phone.” Huang Ting whispered, “There were some…….of Shi Liang’s photos on it. Shi Liang can’t deny it any further.”

Yu Hao almost instantaneously thought of the top floor of the lighthouse, where blurry images had revolved around them in the loft.

Shi Liang abandoned his charges against Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng, then began searching for a lawyer straight away.

Meanwhile, Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng, Shi Ni and Shi Ni’s uncle and aunt sat in a cafe as they chatted for a bit. Shi Ni’s uncle decided to bring her to her grandmother’s house in the neighbouring city first. Her grandmother wanted to see her.

“Nini, you can call me whenever you want if anything comes up.” Yu Hao knew that the next step was to wait for the hearing. They were all involved in this, so they would meet again when the time comes.

Shi Ni nodded and made a gesture that meant that they should keep in contact through QQ, before she got into her uncle’s car.

Zhou Sheng let Yu Hao hold onto his shoulder as the two of them stood in front of the station entrance. Ying city ushered in the day with the best weather in this wintry period.

The winds blew and gathered all the dead leaves on the treetops away from the branches, which then whirled away in all directions. The sky was painted an azure blue, and heavy traffic packed the streets. Rear view mirrors, car windows and the glass walls of high-rise buildings all reflected the white clouds in the horizon, as if someone had poured down a bucket of a blue and white paint mixture from the sky, which turned into a soft graffiti that drifted through the city.

The sun shone brightly and warmly down on everyone in the city.

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” Huang Ting said, “I’ve notified your form teacher, he’s coming over now. We still need to wrap up some matters.”

Huang Ting went to buy coffee for them in the cafe across the street from the station. Chen Yekai wore a weird expression on his face as he sat opposite Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng.

“Laoshi, your hair……..” Yu Hao said.

“It doesn’t look good?” Chen Yekai said.

“No.” Yu Hao smiled, “It looks really good, I just didn’t expect you to be so trendy!”

When Chen Yekai received the news that “something bad is happening” he was getting a haircut in a luxurious styling salon. The barber had pushed up the hair at both sides of his head and was prepared to level off the top of his head like he was cutting grass, but Chen Yekai turned pale with fright after he saw his phone and kept urging Mr. Tony to hurry up because he had something urgent to attend to. Mr. Tony could only leave his hair be. After he combed it through and briefly blow-dried it, Chen Yekai flew over. But in the end, when he saw Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng eating cakes and drinking coffee, he was almost scared to death.

“Where’s Shi Ni?” Chen Yekai asked.

“She’s been picked up.” Zhou Sheng answered, “Let her have a good rest ba.”

“He admitted it?” Chen Yekai asked.

Yu hao and Zhou Sheng didn’t know how to reply to that for a moment. Huang Ting returned and placed the cups of coffee down, “He admitted it.”

Huang Ting and Chen Yekai looked at each other. Yu Hao could vaguely sense that Chen Yekai had already guessed the gist of what had happened -- from how Yu Hao spent the night at the Shi residence, from how much Yu Hao was protecting Shi Ni, as well as the looks that he had observed on their faces. After Chen Yekai sat down, he hardly asked any questions.

“Laoshi, I’ll treat you to this.” Yu Hao fished out the box of chocolates that Shi Ni gave him yesterday. There was still one more piece left inside. Chen Yekai scrutinised Yu Hao before his slender fingers took the chocolate out of the box.

Zhou Sheng said, “Let’s make a deal, Kaikai, let us off for the dormitory inspection bei.”

Chen Yekai, “……”

Yu Hao, “I really……..”

Huang Ting, “The two of them were afraid of getting punished, so they specially asked me to act as their witness.”

Chen Yekai waved his hand to motion that it didn’t matter, then said to Huang Ting, “He admitted it so easily?”

Huang Ting nodded. The four of them remained silent for a long time. Chen Yekai put the chocolate in his mouth; his eyes narrowed as he chewed it a few times, “That’s good, everything has ended then. Let’s go, I’ll bring the two of you to go get a haircut.”

“I won’t go!” Zhou Sheng immediately said.

Yu Hao, “My feet aren’t okay yet!”

Their protests were invalid. Chen Yekai filled in the form before bringing the two of them out for their haircuts. He looked at his new hairstyle in the mirror, then asked Yu Hao, “Do you think that Laoshi would look better with this hairstyle or a buzz cut?”

“Of course you look better like this.” It was the first time for Yu Hao to enter such an upscale salon, so he felt uneasy from head to toe.

Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t be so narcissistic anymore, you won’t look as good as Laozi even with a buzz cut.”

Chen Yekai, “……”

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This chapter made me feel lots of emotions. omfg i just wanna slap shi liang!!! + a-sheng really did that dhfjdnnd wow their Friendship i admire<3 HAHAHAHA and i cried over shi ni. glad, she’s good now, she’s safe now.. AND!!! at the end scene of the chapter made me laugh dhdjdjdjd