Chapter 141.2 - Journey Home

Seizing Dreams

Yu Hao smiled. He draped an arm around Zhou Sheng’s shoulder, and Zhou Sheng let out a prolonged breath with an “ai”. He turned his body sideways to lean in Yu Hao’s embrace, occupying a row of four seats and stared into Yu Hao’s eyes in a daze.

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“But she’ll definitely come ah.” Yu Hao sniffled and thought this was really great, “Even if she doesn’t know what to do after coming, who to find, if anyone would be willing to help her, or how dangerous it would be, she would still definitely come. Don’t you think you’re an idiot?”

Zhou Sheng turned his head sideways and kissed Yu Hao on his lips and said, “You did the right thing. I was wrong, baby.”

Yu Hao knew that Zhou Sheng was apologising for how he had blamed him and told him that he shouldn’t have told Cen Shan about any of this. He happily said, “Now you know you were wrong?”

“I know.” Zhou Sheng said, “I need to reflect on myself.”

Yu Hao smiled. He draped an arm around Zhou Sheng’s shoulder, and Zhou Sheng let out a prolonged breath with an “ai”. He turned his body sideways to lean in Yu Hao’s embrace, occupying a row of four seats and stared into Yu Hao’s eyes in a daze.

Ou Qihang looked at Cen Shan and Fu Liqun in the distance, seeming like he was thinking about something.

Chen Yekai was obviously very tired too. He had been constantly on the move all day, and it was as if an entire week had passed. He suddenly thought of something and asked Ou Qihang, “Would you listen to Huang Ting or me?”

“Of course I’ll listen to you.” Ou Qihang said, “But why are you guys always being so enigmatic? Aren’t the two of you good friends?”

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao’s expressions froze.

Chen Yekai said, “Then, I’ll ask you one question. After your Ting Ge got off the plane, did he go straight to the parking lot position I sent out, or somewhere else first?”

Ou Qihang’s heart jolted. He frowned and looked at Chen Yekai, his gaze filled with doubt, then glanced at Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao. Yu Hao looked back down at his camera, and Zhou Sheng said, “I’ll take a short nap, so sleepy.”

Ou Qihang pondered for a moment and answered, “He stopped midway for a while to go to the district bureau.”

Un.” Chen Yekai nodded.

“What’s the matter?” Ou Qihang asked, “Tell me ba? I won’t tell Ting Ge.”

Chen Yekai didn’t answer him anymore. He flipped through the newspaper on his seat and actually ignored him.

Ou Qihang said, “Is it related to my amnesia?”

“Next time,” Zhou Sheng opened his eyes and said, “during the New Year holidays, I’ll go look for you again.”

“Okay.” Ou Qihang smiled, then turned his head sideways to look at Chen Yekai.

Chen Yekai ruminated for a long time and exchanged a glance with Zhou Sheng. Yu Hao wondered if Zhou Sheng wanted to tell Ou Qihang the truth. However, if Huang Ting knew what had happened through hypnosis, then there wasn’t much use in continuing to hide it from Ou Qihang anymore now. If he joined them, he could even be of great help to them.

“Ready to go through security?” Zhou Sheng got up and saw Fu Liqun and Cen Shan coming over hand in hand. Cen Shan wiped her tears away; her eyes were all swollen.

“Sis-in-law.” Zhou Sheng said, “This is the first time I’ve seen you cry since I got to know you.”

Cen Shan said angrily, “Shut up!”

Everyone laughed. Fu Liqun said, “Let’s go home together ba.”

“Okay, let’s go home.” Chen Yekai said.

Yu Hao was thoroughly spent and thought, it’s finally time to go home. However, after passing through security, he unexpectedly found out that quite a few of the employees that they had helped break out were also here for the flight. An idea suddenly struck Yu Hao and he said, “Give me a moment.”

“We still have a lot of time, there’s no rush.” Zhou Sheng went to the VIP lounge to pick up his coffee and said, “I’ll accompany you. It’s an unfamiliar place; you can’t leave my line of sight.”

So Yu Hao took out his recording pen and went to interview them one by one while Fu Liqun greeted them one after another as well. Yu Hao obtained a large amount of oral recounts from his interviewees. Although they were mostly similar, these interviews were equivalent to him getting his hands on real and valuable first-hand data.

Yu Hao asked them for the contact information of the other people who had also left the industrial park. After getting back, he was prepared to call them and interview the rest. Then, he took out his laptop and started sorting out the data. Zhou Sheng stayed vigilant at all times. It was not until their plane took off that he was really certain that the local system would not bother them anymore, just as Huang Ting had guaranteed. So he pushed his reclining chair back and began to sleep.

Yu Hao covered Zhou Sheng with his jacket and looked at his sleeping appearance. He sighed inwardly; this guy can only be described with the words ‘God of War’. Before this, he had single-handedly tricked Huang Ting and the group of people behind him until they were running around in circles, then he turned into a CEO within seconds to socialise with the head of the pyramid marketing organisation. He was completely toying with them in the palm of his hands. After that, he made a decisive decision to teach both humans and dogs a lesson, and after saving Fu Liqun, he went up barehanded to fight fifteen security guards in addition to four dogs…

How could there be such a person in this world?! Yu Hao thought that even if he were to write a feature on him, no one would even believe it!

“I want to mate with you!” Yu Hao shouted in his heart.

The plane jolted a few times. Zhou Sheng unconsciously reached out in his sleep and grabbed Yu Hao’s arm, then laid his hand on the back of Yu Hao’s hand.

“I’m here.” Yu Hao looked at him.

Zhou Sheng opened his eyes and stared at Yu Hao blankly for a while. That expression of his seemed a bit silly.

“Still working on your piece?” Zhou Sheng said, “Aren’t you tired?”

“I’m just working on it in passing.” Yu Hao said, “After rescuing Gege, there’s no danger anymore, so I’m devoting myself wholeheartedly to the feature.”

Zhou Sheng said, “It’s the New Year, rest for a few days ba. Don’t care about your manuscripts anymore.”

Yu Hao, “I’ll get more than 6,000 after obtaining a full-time post! It’s an additional 3,000 more, we need to eat ah.”

Zhou Sheng raised his spirits and said, “Let me take a look? How do you plan on extolling your husband’s heroic deeds?”

Yu Hao laughed. He suddenly heard an old man behind him start to ask Chen Yekai all kinds of questions.

“My son runs a company in the south involved in the direct marketing of health products! He earns at least a million every year! My family is in Ying City; we’re Ying City people. Our company is preparing to open up the market in central China, and we’re going to recruit general agents in the Greater China region…”

Yu Hao now linked the term ‘south’ to all the traumatic events he experienced, so they couldn’t have bumped into some pyramid scheme family again, right? Chen Yekai and that old man were separated by an aisle. Almost no one was sitting in the business class seats. Out of eight seats, they were occupying six, and the only other person was that old man. As soon as the old man saw a group of refined boys with unusual bearings, his interest was instantly piqued.

Zhou Sheng glanced at the seat diagonally behind through the gap between the seats. Yu Hao thought, Is he planning on developing a downline here?

The old man took out a pamphlet of health care products and asked Yu Hao, who was diagonally in front of him, “Are you guys together? What do you do? How old are you? Which year were you born in? Are you all university students? Which university are you guys studying at?”

Everyone’s mouths twitched.

“I was born in the year of the sheep.” Ou Qihang answered first, “I study in Wudaokou’s Technological Institute yo.”

“Oh a higher vocational college ah…” The old man nodded meaningfully.

Everyone was eating their midnight snack. The old man said to Zhou Sheng, “Kid next to the window, what about you?”

“I’m spongeing off a woman da.” Zhou Sheng acted cute and answered, “My wife’s supporting me na.”

Yu Hao said, “I’m a gigolo, I’m a kept man.”

The old man was about to hand the leaflet to Fu Liqun, but Fu Liqun said, “I’m a duck da.”

Cen Shan just wanted to strangle anyone who talked about pyramid schemes to death now. She said, “I partner with the three of them to play Fairy Jump da.”

In the front row, Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng, Fu Liqun and Cen Shan laughed so hard that they were convulsing.

The conversation ended, and the cabin was dead silent. The old man didn’t talk anymore.

When leaving the airport, the old man gave up on the people who seemed to be mocking him and started attacking Chen Yekai. He kindly handed Chen Yekai a leaflet. “Young man, what do you do?”

“I fight for equal rights of the LGBT group.” Chen Yekai said politely, “I’m gay.”

The conversation ended once again. Everyone was bowled over from laughing, and they went out to hail a cab.

“Then sis-in-law, you…”

“I’ll go to your house.” Cen Shan answered.

Chen Yekai asked Zhou Sheng, “When are we meeting for the New Year? There’s still a lot to do.”

Zhou Sheng pondered for a moment, then asked, “When is sis-in-law leaving?”

“I need to go back home on the second day of New Year.” Cen Shan said, “I’ll come back on the fifth, we can talk about how long I’ll stay then ba.”

Zhou Sheng, “Okay, then see you guys on the second?”

Ou Qihang nodded and Chen Yekai uttered an “un.” Yu Hao asked, “Are you returning to your dormitory?”

Chen Yekai answered, “I lent it to another teacher.”

“Come to my house?” Ou Qihang offered.

Chen Yekai, “It’s okay, I’m going back to my parents’ house.”

“How could there be a car at this time.” Zhou Sheng said, “You can either come stay with us for one night or make do with Xiao Ou’s house?”

“Didn’t your parents go to Singapore for the New Year?” Ou Qihang said, “You’ll be alone if you go home anyway, come to my house.”

Yu Hao thought, Ou Qihang you’re really…

Chen Yekai said, “I’ll live in a hotel.”

“Let’s gooo—” Ou Qihang dragged Chen Yekai away.

Zhou Sheng whistled and said, “Gather at my house on the second! Xiao Ou, we’ll be entrusting Kaikai to you!”

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Damn, they are so funny, messing around with the old man 🤣🤣

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Open Communication
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Yay for the first part!
ZS was right about Liquan and YH was right about Cen Shan.