Chapter 140.1 - Fierce Battle

Seizing Dreams

“It’s fine to stay at the… Y——M——C——A!”

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Zhou Sheng waited for people to pass by, then went forward to open the iron door at the bottom of the dormitory building and throw the key into the sewer before hurrying upstairs. Two workers were smoking on the second floor. Zhou Sheng peeked out to take a look; these were the supervisor dormitories, so he went to the third floor.

Most of the third floor rooms were empty with stacks of healthcare product cartons inside. There was a locked large iron door at the top of the steps leading to the fourth floor. Zhou Sheng was about to try unlocking it with his keys when two dogs suddenly lunged at him from behind the iron door! A series of mad barks resounded!

The two police dogs barked crazily at Zhou Sheng and kept crashing into the iron door and scratching it, but Zhou Sheng maintained a calm expression on his face. He unlocked the door, took a step back, then threw a kiss at the two dogs.

“What happened?”

Two workers heard the dogs barking and quickly came up.

Haiya——” Zhou Sheng held the staircase handrail with one hand, spun 360 degrees in the air, threw the lock at the same time, pulled the door open, then jumped up and flipped to the corner of the second floor from the third floor. He swept out one foot to send out a flying kick in just one breath!

The two workers didn’t have time to react before they were sent flying by Zhou Sheng’s kick and harshly slammed against the wall. The two dogs then pounced on him like they were crazy!

Zhou Sheng protected his face and throat with his hands and moved even faster than the German police dogs. He dodged first and avoided the two police dogs that came at him one after the other, then lifted his leg up to kick them. However, he had underestimated these well-trained vicious dogs; Lang Hui hardly sent any people here on guard duty, so one could tell just how fierce these two dogs are!

Zhou Sheng passed by the steps and returned to the third floor. He kicked one of the dogs in its ribs, and it went flying straight down the corridor, while the other dog jumped at him from behind. Zhou Sheng tried to throw it over his shoulder, but the dog’s claws had a firm grip on his suit jacket. Tearing sounds could be heard, and nearly half of Zhou Sheng’s suit was torn off. Zhou Sheng immediately turned into a cicada that sheds its carapace, withdrew his arms from the sleeves and threw his jacket to one side.

“Get out of the way!” Chen Yekai shouted angrily and had arrived with Yu Hao. He swung a bag up and smashed it on the dog’s head. Zhou Sheng retreated immediately, but the dog that had been kicked downstairs quickened its pace as it rushed up!

“Yu Hao!” Zhou Sheng shouted.

Yu Hao grabbed the suit jacket on the floor and wrapped it on his arm. Before he could run up to the third floor, he was blocked by a vicious dog in the stairwell. When Zhou Sheng saw this, he couldn’t bother with fighting any longer, and he was about to rush down when the dog opposite Yu Hao roared, jumped up on all four of its feet, flew across the air, and aimed to bite Yu Hao in the neck!

Right at that critical moment, a mysterious prompt suddenly rang out in his mind — half a year ago, he heard a stranger shout in the video Lin Ze had sent him on WeChat, “Aim for its nose!”

As if on reflex, Yu Hao wrapped the suit jacket around his fist and deftly passed through the vicious dog’s front paws to land a solid fist on its nose! Within an instant, the fierce dog that was nearly forty to fifty kilograms was hit in the nose and had no strength left to resist. With a whimper, it rolled down the stairs!

Zhou Sheng applauded enthusiastically. Yu Hao had outdone himself with that move, and he had practically set a new record at the peak of his career. When he looked down apprehensively, Zhou Sheng dragged him and rushed back to the third floor.

Chen Yekai took off his jacket, flapped it open, and teased the vicious dog back and forth like he was in a bullfight. His forehead was sweating, and he was in a deadlock with the dog. The German police dog barked madly again, and in the instant it charged forward, Zhou Sheng shouted angrily.

“Get your camera ready! Mt. Lushan Ascending Dragon Hegemon——!”

When Zhou Sheng jumped to the last step on the third floor, the police dog was in mid-air. Zhou Sheng threw out an upper hook and struck the police dog in its abdomen. Yu Hao shouted, “So freaking cool——!”

After the second police dog suffered the blow that Zhou Sheng had dealt out with all his might, it spat out saliva in mid-air. Chen Yekai turned sideways nimbly to avoid the saliva from dirtying his clothes. The police dog flew in an arc in the air before falling straight down the stairs.

Silence fell for a short moment. Chen Yekai patted off the dust on his sleeves.

“Didn’t get bitten?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“No.” Yu Hao answered.

Zhou Sheng, “Did you take a picture of that move?”

“Took it.” Yu Hao answered.

“It’s safe.” Chen Yekai said, “When we came up, there were two people running down in a hurry.”

They were the workers beaten up by Zhou Sheng; they must be calling the police.

Footsteps could be heard on the second floor again. All three of them were on guard, and when the person coming up saw them, both sides were stunned.

“Li Yangming?” Yu Hao said.

Li Yangming said, “Why are you guys…here?”

Li Yangming seemed like he had just woken up in his dormitory. After hearing the barking outside and the sounds of a fight, he had hurried over to check. Chen Yekai stood in the corridor and stared at him with anger filling his eyes.

Zhou Sheng lifted his fist, but Yu Hao pressed it back down.

“Let’s go.” Yu Hao said, “It’s more important to save people.”

“Yu Hao!” Li Yangming cried out, “Yu Hao! Wait!”

Li Yangming reached out to grab Yu Hao, but Chen Yekai and Zhou Sheng reacted at the same time; each of them held his shoulder on both sides and pushed him back. Li Yangming stumbled and almost fell down the stairs.

Yu Hao had no time to care about him at all right now. He ran up to the fourth floor. Li Yangming stood at the corner of the stairs as he looked at them. Zhou Sheng pointed at Li Yangming, “You want to try coming upstairs? If you dare lift a finger again, I’ll just kill you right now. My family has money, I’ll just be sentenced to a few years in prison for self-defence, then pay your parents another two million in compensation. Guess if they’ll forgive me or not?”

Zhou Sheng didn’t say all those words just to scare him. Li Yangming realised that what he said was the truth -- even if he died somewhere outside, his family wouldn’t care, so it wasn’t impossible to settle the case with money.

Li Yangming slowly retreated and hid.

Yu Hao had already reached the fourth floor. The entire fourth floor, including the corridor, had anti-theft nets installed.

“Yu Hao!” A familiar voice shouted excitedly in front of a window with an anti-theft net over it, “You guys are here! I’m here!”

When Yu Hao heard Fu Liqun’s voice, all the energy was sapped out of his body at once. His head spun, and his vision went black.

Ai!” Fu Liqun said anxiously from the iron window, “What are you doing?!”

“I don’t have the key.” Yu Hao held his camera. As soon as his nervousness disappeared, he wanted to laugh, “The keys are with Zhou Sheng.”

Fu Liqun couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The dormitory was full of people, and there were even sounds coming out from the room, like they were broadcasting some radio station.

Yu Hao heard Ren Zhengfei’s lecture, who was speaking in an unhurried and composed voice.

“Wolf culture refers to embodying the greed and the wildness of wolves towards your work and career…”

Zhou Sheng caught up and took out his keys to open the door. Chen Yekai was guarding the iron door. He shouted upstairs, “Zhou Sheng! The security guards are all coming!”

Dogs barked, angry shouts rang out, and chaos reigned outside. Fu Liqun realised the danger and said, “Don’t, all of you leave first…”

Ren Zhengfei’s voice, “You need the strength of ‘violence’…”

Zhou Sheng said as he rummaged through the keys, “Keep quiet! Who the fuck is chanting?! Turn it off!”

Fu Liqun, “A brainwashing lecture! I don’t know whose Bluetooth it’s connected to, it can’t be turned off!”

Ren Zhengfei’s voice, “Fierce tigers are also afraid of wolf packs. Wolves are individual entities who are devoted. Workers should also have such selfless devotion and devote themselves selflessly towards the organisation…”

Yu Hao took out his phone and searched for the Bluetooth stereo. He found ‘Li Yangming’s Cat Spirit’ and immediately kicked his Bluetooth off to start playing music instead.

“Which one is it? Fuck!” Zhou Sheng said.

“The brass one! The one with the tape that says 401!” Fu Liqun shouted from the room, “I’m so hungry, did you bring food?”

Zhou Sheng unlocked the door, pushed it open and threw the keys to Chen Yekai, who had come up. He shouted, “402! Open the one over there!”

Yu Hao turned up the volume of the Bluetooth that he didn’t know the location of all the way up, and a loud sound blared! Everyone was startled, then the rhythmic prelude of《Y.M.C.A》was played.

“Young man!”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao sang along, “There’s no need to feel down!”

Fu Liqun, “Woah ohhh ohhhh—”

“Put down your weapons!” A security guard shouted angrily, then two more security guards who wielded tonfas rushed up with police dogs.

Chen Yekai sang along with the music, “I said, young man!”

“Pick yourself off the ground!”

Chen Yekai immediately darted away to open another door. Yu Hao almost got hit by the tonfas, and Zhou Sheng shouted, “Be careful!” Within the blink of an eye, he grabbed Yu Hao’s shoulder, pulled Yu Hao behind him, and turned sideways to avoid the tonfas—

“It’s fine to stay at the…”

—Yu Hao immediately held his camera up, took a step back, and took consecutive shots.

Four "clicks" rang out, and four freeze frame photos were taken.

Zhou Sheng bent down, and the tonfas of two security guards passed by above his head.

Leg sweep, and one security guard was down.


Zhou Sheng braked, jumped up, did a backflip, and his head faced the ground while his feet were above in mid-air.

Both his legs were twisted around the other security guard’s shoulder, then he spun around and flung him harshly onto the ground!

As soon as the security guard fell, the police dog rushed forward!

Yu Hao took a big stride forward and used his shoulder to knock Zhou Sheng into the room. The police dog missed and flew past Yu Hao’s head, then it turned around and lunged at them again. Fu Liqun moved to one side, pressed both his hands against the door from the inside and shoved it hard outwards.

The dormitory’s iron door let out a loud "bang", and the two dogs rammed into the iron door, whimpering as they bounced off the door.

《Y.M.C.A》's music was still playing. Fu Liqun stared at Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng in a daze amidst the music.

“Let’s go home.” Zhou Sheng took a deep breath, “How many people are there?”

Fu Liqun suddenly rushed forward and hugged Zhou Sheng tightly, and in that moment, time suddenly seemed to come to a standstill.

“Don’t take photos at this kind of time!” Zhou Sheng said angrily to Yu Hao.

Then Fu Liqun went over to hug Yu Hao forcefully and kept gasping for breath. Yu Hao patted his back and had a hunch that he was about to cry.

“Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Fu Liqun turned back to look at his roommates. The dormitory was full of young people, and all of them looked famished as their stomachs rumbled with hunger while appearing very thin. This dormitory was like a slum; the ground was covered with dirty water. Their wide bed was supported by several bricks and was laid directly on the ground.

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