Chapter 103.2 - Deductions

Seizing Dreams

“You don’t need to worry too much about what kind of Pandora’s box you’re going to open.”

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): Amalea, FistFullOfDollars, Juurensha

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Yu Hao has never played《Resident Evil》 before. He was expending all his energy to control the mounting stress he felt. He had just turned around when he saw a zombie pounce towards him; he grabbed Zhou Sheng’s shoulder strap and was about to run when Zhou Sheng immediately turned around, wielding the Desert Eagle in his left hand, and shot the zombie with a “bang” that was five steps away in its head.

“How the hell are you so calm?”

“When we get back I’ll make you play《Resident Evil》for three days, then you’ll be calm too……” Zhou Sheng pulled down the protective goggles used for aiming, supporting it with the bridge of his nose. The sky was gradually getting dark, and he used an infrared scope to search for the zombies’ whereabouts.  

Yu Hao said, “Look for a car!”

“You look pretty calm now.” Zhou Sheng looked back and smiled, “You were beating zombies up the last time we were at the amusement park too, why weren’t you afraid then?”

Everything last time had been unfamiliar to him, and his mind then was preoccupied with shock. Yu Hao always felt like he was the female main character who was constantly on the verge of screaming after getting thrown in to Ou Qihang’s dream, and he said, “This is the result of me trying my best to control myself!”

It was getting late. Night gradually fell in Ou Qihang’s dream; street lamps flickered, and the shops on both sides became incredibly quiet for a while. After they turned out of an alley, the long street was completely empty. In front of him, Zhou Sheng wore protective goggles and held a gun up as he opened up a path, while Yu Hao followed behind, terribly suspicious of everything.

“What would happen if we get bit?” Yu Hao said.

“Abide by the rules of the dream world.” Zhou Sheng muttered, “Whatever he thinks will happen after getting bit, will happen.”

Yu Hao said, “We’ll turn into zombies?”

Un hng?” Zhou Sheng fired a shot into the distance towards the side of the street, and a “bang” rang out. Yu Hao couldn’t see anything at all. Zhou Sheng pointed at Yu Hao’s infrared goggles and motioned for him to pull them down. Yu Hao could see now; there was a car 40 metres away from them, and there were several dark red zombie figures in front of the car that was currently moving in all directions.

“We’ll drive that car away later.” Zhou Sheng dealt with the zombies at the end of the street like he was shooting at live targets, and there were indeed fewer than last time. Yu Hao said, “Then you must be careful. Don’t get bitten, my combat abilities aren’t good enough.” 

Zhou Sheng said, “What would you do if I turned into a zombie?”

Yu Hao said, “Then I’ll have to become a zombie too, of course. But zombies don’t know who they are anyway.”

If they stayed in Ou Qihang’s dream, then would he and Zhou Sheng fall into vegetative states in reality? While wandering around like these zombies in the conscious world.

Yu Hao was imagining all sorts of scenarios when the two of them passed by a tour group store. Yu Hao saw the poster on the glass wall and suddenly remembered something.

“Aren’t we going to Australia?” Yu Hao was worried that Zhou Sheng had forgotten; it was okay to forget it, but it would be a bit of a pity if he didn’t convert his prize into money.

Zhou Sheng uttered an “un”, changed his bullets and answered, “We’ll go during the New Year? I remember na. In that case, I won’t need to go home and get nagged at. Gege said he wanted to go with sis-in-law too for the Spring Festival. When the time comes, we can just split up when we’re there, what do you think?” 

Yu Hao was okay with it, of course. When he was looking at the poster’s itinerary, he heard a faint noise coming from the inside.

All was silent, and the long street was terribly quiet. The street lamps flickered nonstop. Yu Hao turned his head sideways, and when he looked at the poster —— he saw a zombie looking at him.

Almost at the same time, Yu Hao took his gun out and shielded Zhou Sheng, who was behind him. The zombie let out a mad roar before rushing towards them; the glass wall shattered into pieces, and Yu Hao fired a shot! After Zhou Sheng changed his bullets, he quickly turned around, grabbed Yu Hao by his waist, and spun around; the two of them had exchanged places, and that zombie’s neck had already been broken by Yu Hao’s shot. Its head flew out and landed on the ground.

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng gave Yu Hao a thumbs up.

Yu Hao gasped for breath, “I was just lucky……”


The sound of gunfire startled even more zombies. At dusk, the long street was already dyed the colour of blood. Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao’s hand and said, “Go!”

The two of them ran down the street, and at its end was a private car. Hundreds of zombies ran out of an alley and chased after them. Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao into the car, turned on the ignition, stepped on the accelerator, and knocked away the zombie that had jumped onto the driver’s seat.

Yu Hao said, “Some zombies caught up.”

“Fight them!” Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t be afraid!”

Zhou Sheng fastened his seat belt, and Yu Hao said, “I’m not sure if I can hit them, but I’ll try!”

Yu Hao went to the back seat and leaned against the rear window of the car. Zhou Sheng drove along the road; there were zombies everywhere that had been startled by the sound of the car’s engine. Right after one turn was made, Yu Hao nearly crashed into the car’s door. He shouted, “Slow down!”

“I can’t!” Zhou Sheng shouted back, “There’s too many!”

Yu Hao, “Where’s Chen Laoshi?”

Yu Hao shattered the rear window with one shot, took Zhou Sheng’s whatever it is gun, and Zhou Sheng said, “An AK”s recoil is too……”

Yu Hao casually pulled the trigger a few times and suddenly opened fire, so he ended up startling himself.

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao, “What?”

Zhou Sheng, “Nothing……” 

Yu Hao put on his goggles, leaned sideways against the backseat, and began shooting at the zombies that had caught up. Zhou Sheng’s ears were about to go deaf; he rummaged through the glove compartment and found two earplugs in front of the passenger’s seat, then drove the car across an intersection. After Yu Hao fired his first shot at close range, he suddenly thought it didn’t seem as scary anymore, and even felt a thrilling sensation from the destruction and wreckage when he shot at zombies. No wonder so many people liked playing shooting games. The deafening sound of guns accompanied by the intense feeling of striking enemies down could hardly satisfy one’s desire to knock down dominoes.


Yu Hao finished using up all his bullets and threw a grenade outside. There were no more zombies in sight. Zhou Sheng drove the car onto an elevated road and muttered, “Fuck, if I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have arranged to meet up at the cafe……”

Yu Hao returned to the passenger’s seat. He looked down; there were zombies everywhere at the bottom of the shopping mall. A huge crowd had gathered around a corner of the cafe.

“Is he there?”

“Definitely.” Zhou Sheng answered, “Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many zombies.”

Just as Yu Hao was worrying about Chen Yekai, he suddenly remembered that his weapon was a pistol with infinite bullets and a scalpel that could fly around freely, so he shouldn’t face too big of a problem.

“Blow them up with a grenade.” Yu Hao said.

“Not enough to see.” Zhou Sheng said, “Fasten your seat belt.” 

As he spoke, Zhou Sheng drove down, one hand on the steering wheel and his other on the gear; his elbow was pressing against the back of the seat, then he turned around and put the car in reverse.

Yu Hao, “……”

Following which, Zhou Sheng slammed on the accelerator, and the car crashed against everything in its way as it drove onto the overpass, which connected to the second floor of the shopping mall. Yu Hao was delirious from the vibrations. Zhou Sheng turned sharply and said, “Shoot!”

Yu Hao’s head was spinning and was thrown to one side by the momentum of Zhou Sheng’s turn; he was stuck to the car’s door, then the car window rolled down, and Yu Hao fired a shot at the glass door on the second floor of the shopping mall. The glass shattered into pieces — Zhou Sheng had driven straight into the second floor of the mall!

Yu Hao shouted like he had gone mad, “There are zombies coming! Don’t go up the escalator!”

“Got it!” Zhou Sheng stepped on the brakes, but the ground was slippery, and there were zombies rushing over from behind. Yu Hao was about to fire shots at the back, but Zhou Sheng had broken through the guardrail on the second floor. The car kept parallel with the ground as it fell down one floor with a “bang” and dropped into the fountain in the middle.

Yu Hao, “Can’t let you drive next time……”

“Then you do it?” Zhou Sheng grabbed an AK and went out, dealing with the zombies coming over from all directions with one shot each.

Yu Hao, “That’s mine!”

“It’s mine!” Zhou Sheng said, “Yours is that one!”

Yu Hao was addicted to using the AK, but Zhou Sheng wanted to use it too, and the two of them almost fought over it. Zhou Sheng said, “Follow me! Quick!”

Yu Hao, “You follow me!”

Zhou Sheng, “Hold it right there!”

Yu Hao switched to using a submachine gun and opened up a path in front, and this time Zhou Sheng had turned into the one supporting the rear. He said in despair, “Why are you so violent?!”

Yu Hao burst through the Hermes shop’s door with one shot and finished off the snobbish zombie clerk with a headshot. When he used to work there, he was already really irritated from getting taunted by the clerk all day. Zhou Sheng fired several more shots behind and came out of the shop. After destroying several luxury stores and blowing up two rows of containers used to display LV bags, Zhou Sheng glanced through the flower cafe’s glass door and saw a mess of tables and chairs that had been overturned. He immediately said to Yu hao, “Don’t blow up the door! Obey your orders!”

So Yu Hao could only stay his gun. Chen Yekai saw both of them from within and pointed to one side, signalling for them to enter from the other door. Yu Hao thought, luckily I didn’t blow up the door, and turned to the side door. Chen Yekai came over to shove the tables and chairs away to let them in. The flower cafe was a mess; several tables had been placed together. Ou Qihang was bare chested with bandages wrapped around his shoulder and back as he lay down on the table, with a cup of coffee in front of him that was half-drunk.

Blood was oozing out of his bandages. In his own dream, Ou Qihang had been bitten by a zombie.

Translator's Comment:

Juurensha: Oh no OQH! Don’t turn into a zombie!

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), kee.



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