Chapter 7 - Filter

2013 (Doomsday)

Translator(s): AutumnBreeze

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Early morning next day, a sudden loud crash awakened a shocked Liu Yan. When he looked up, a yellow zombie was against the window, scratching and scratching. Meng Feng shouted, “Don’t come out!”

The four zombies looked like farmers that were from the nearby town. As soon as Meng Feng got out of the car, he slammed the door shut tightly. As soon as a living person appeared, the zombies immediately abandoned attacking the car and rushed towards Meng Feng.

Liu Yan had just woke up. He took a piece of gum and chewed, looking out casually. As he continued to look out casually, Lin Jingshu screamed in fright from the back of the car. Liu Yan said, “Don’t be afraid, there are only four!”

As he said that, he moved over to the driver’s seat and started the car. He rushed towards Meng Feng.

Four shots killed three zombies, one bullet had missed.

Liu Yan killed when he drove the car. A sudden loud noise could be heard from underneath the car as he ran over the zombie. Putting the gear in reverse, he backed up. The rustling wheels made a sound as the zombie was crushed to pieces.

Someone on the third floor of the factory that was in the distance shouted, “Where are you from?”

Liu Yan stopped the car in front of the factory and said, “Xiaoshu, get out of the car and come with me.”

“Is Brother Sen here?” asked Liu Yan.

“What’s the matter?” said the man on the third floor. “Wait outside, don’t go out!”

The factory’s main gate stopped opening. Liu Yan heard someone talking from behind the gates. After a while, the head of a ladder was exposed above the wall. The man climbed over.

Meng Feng touched him and took out a pack of Marlboro which Li Song had given to him.

The man took one and glanced at Lin Jingshu. The car door opened. Cui Xiaokun and Auntie Yu exited the car and watched from afar.

“Good marksmanship!” The man showed a thumbs-up and motioned for the lighter. Cui Xiaokun found one and threw it to Meng Feng, who helped the man light up the cigarette.

Liu Yan looked at the man in front of him. He had obvious scars on his neck and wrists. He had a thick eyebrow and big eyes. One eyebrow was shaved off, leaving a light scar. His nose was sharp and thin. His eyes contained anger.

When the door was opened, a fat man with gold teeth squeezed out and spat out, “What?”

Liu Yan pushed out Lin Jingshu from behind him and said, “Li Song asked me to bring her. Please take care of her.”

The skinny man glanced at the several people in distrust. “Come in and speak.”

The fat man said, “You can’t let them in.”

Meng Feng frowned, and Liu Yan gave him a look with his eyes just as he was about to retort, asking him not to make a noise.

Liu Yan said, “Our task is to bring Xiaoshu over here. What about Brother Sen?”

The fat man with golden teeth said, “Who are you, and what qualifications...”

Liu Yan said with a smile, “You are Brother Sen, right? Thank you very much.” As he said that, he stretched out his hand. The fatso reluctantly shook his hand and looked at the man beside him.

The man unpleasantly said, “I’m Lin Musen.”

Liu Yan smiled awkwardly and said, “Ah, sorry. I got the wrong person.”

Lin Musen coldly said, “Come in and speak, open the gate.”

When the gate opened, Lin Musen and the fatso with golden teeth went ahead. Meng Feng whispered, “You’ve lost your sight.”

Liu Yan said, “I did it on purpose. Otherwise, they won't tell us who the leader is.”

Meng Feng asked, “Xiaoshu, can’t you recognise them?”

Lin Jingshu shook her head and Meng Feng said, “What do you think the fatso’s arrogance? What kind of person do you think he is?”

Liu Yan said, “A person in the reserves of the group.”


Lin Musen reclined on a box in the yard. He was surrounded by all sorts of unscrupulous gangsters that were staring at them warily, each carrying a gun on their bodies.

Liu Yan felt as if he had entered a Triad den. He noticed that Lin Musen had put his hands behind his back, and the fat man was unarmed.

The yard wasn't big. If you went in further, it would be the factory. The feeling of being watched by more than a dozen individuals within the small yard was very bad. Liu Yan would rather stay with the zombies.

Someone came up and took Lin Jingshu aside. A woman with a cigarette in her mouth searched her. The others came to check Meng Feng and Liu Yan but left Cui Xoakun and Auntie Yu aside.

Lin Musen, “Speak, what happened to Li Song?”

Liu Yan explained what had happened before they had left in detail, skipping over the fact that Li Song had been bitten. Lin Musen looked up and said, “What about his brother, hasn’t he been rescued? He doesn’t want his own brother anymore, just for a woman? ”

Liu Yan listened to his tone that wasn’t very happy. He knew that a relationship with a person in the underworld couldn't be taken seriously. He said, “That is his decision. If you don’t take her in, we can take her away now.”

“You can stay, and let her go.” Lin Musen put the cigarette out on the box.

Cui Xiaokun said, “The... the box under your butt is explosives, brother.”

Liu Yan motioned for Cui Xiaokun to stop talking and said, “Why let her go?”

Lin Musen said, “What’s the use of keeping her? Wasting food.”

“You...” Meng Feng couldn't help but step forward, Lin Jingshu started to cry.

Liu Yan said, “Li Song entrusted his woman to you before he died. It’s okay to say if he’s dead, but what if he didn’t die?”

Lin Musen’s eyes were filled with violent intentions. He looked at Liu Yan, what he wanted to say was clear with a single glance - how could Li Song be alive?

Liu Yan guessed what he thought and said slowly, “I think Li Song might not die in that situation.”

“You ask her what else she can do besides crying,” said Lin Musen.

Liu Yan didn’t say a word. There was silence around him. Lin Musen was playing with the gun in his hands and seemed to be thinking about a difficult matter. “Song-Er asked you to join me...”

Liu Yan said, “No. If you don’t take in his girlfriend, then how can we leave her? We’ll go right now.”

Lin Musen impatiently said, “Don’t talk about these nonsensical things. What’s your name? What can you do?”

Meng Feng didn’t answer. His eyes were full of murderous intentions when he stared at him.

Lin Musen said, “You’re a soldier, or you've been a soldier, right?” He raised his hand and wanted to shake hands with Meng Feng.

Meng Feng however, put his hands in his pockets and remained indifferent.

Lin Musen didn’t mind. He glanced at the two other people in the corner and said, “There are zombies outside. How long can you live outside? I asked you, what can you do?”

Cui Xiaokun said, “I’m learning automation engineering.”

Looking at him, Lin Musen said, “You...” He then pointed at Meng Feng and said, “and you, can stay, but don’t cause trouble. We're short of people.”

“He and I are together.” Meng Feng raised his hand and placed it on Liu Yan’s shoulder. “If he goes, I go.”

“Don’t worry,” Lin Musen murmured. “Auntie over there, what can you do?”

Auntie Yu said, “I can cook, but I’m with these guys and the girl over there. I leave if she doesn’t stay. Don’t be ungrateful.”

With a smile, Lin Musen said, “That’s great! We’re short of one cook.”

Auntie Yu narrowed her eyes and had a murderous spirit that was unique to cooks.

“And you?” Lin Musen raised his eyebrows, looked at Liu Yan and jokingly said, “You're their leader.”

Liu Yan looked at Lin Musen’s eyes, raised his fingers and rubbed his chin. He actually thought he should stay.

Here was a factory that had mountains and rivers behind it, occupying the natural terrain. There were roads near so it was easy to obtain news from all over the country. The nearest town was ten kilometres away from here. Looking down from the mountain, it was clear that once attacked by zombies, you could cross the river to escape.

According to the ‘Zombie Survival Manual,’ prisons, factories and schools were good hiding places. They were to avoid open plains or isolated huts otherwise they would be surrounded by zombies from all directions which wouldn’t be beneficial to escaping.

But the people in front of him obviously didn’t take them as a single item. Liu Yan didn’t want to be a person that had nothing to do whilst his teammates were busy day and night. He didn’t want to be left behind when the zombies came. What was more, from Lin Musen’s behaviour, he was afraid that when he was in danger, he would tie a bomb to Meng Feng and have him commit suicide to blow up the zombies.

Countless thoughts flashed in Liu Yan’s mind in that short moment, and he finally said, “I learned to design, I can’t do anything.”

“You don’t look like a nobody,” said Lin Musen coldly. “Take out your student ID card and let me have a look.” Taking a look, he murmured, “Mechanical design... Post-graduate student?” An eyebrow rose.

Liu Yan said, “What kind of work are you trying to arrange for me? Honestly, I can only make a few things. Make machines, make products, that can do anything you can think of. As long as you provide me with enough tools and materials.”

Lin Musen said, “It's impossible for there to be the tools you need here.”

Liu Yan said, “Then give me tools to make other tools first.”

Lin Musen said, “Do you know how to repair cars?”

Liu Yan: “...”

Cui Xiaokun, “That... Brother Sen, people like them don't need to repair cars.”

Lin Musen, “?”

Cui Xiaokun, “When their cars break down, they usually throw it on the side of the road and change to a new car. They use a screwdriver or clamp to pry open the front lockbox, and pull out two wires...”

Lin Musen, “...”

Liu Yan, “Don’t speak nonsense. You can only use this method on older cars. Repairing cars is too wasteful, I can do something else for you.”

He took a look around and said, “This used to be a chemical factory. Maybe there's something I need here... is there electricity?”

Lin Musen said, “There’s a diesel generator, it's enough for you. Finish it within three hours and you can have lunch. If I'm not satisfied with what you've made, then I'll kill you.”

“You!” Meng Feng couldn’t help being furious.

Liu Yan said, “Don’t be impulsive.” He winked at the end.

Meng Feng settled down a little. With Meng Feng’s skill, he really wanted to shoot or fight with his bare hands. No one here cared, however, Lin Musen said that his dignity was greatly challenged.

“You'll regret saying that.” Meng Feng arrogantly pointed at Lin Musen.

Lin Musen smiled indifferently.

Liu Yan said, “Let’s start. I want to walk around.”

“Do whatever you please.” Lin Musen took out another cigarette without raising his head.

Liu Yan strolled around the factory, taking off the two CCTV cameras. He called Cui Xiaokun and asked, “Xiaokun, can you find this?”

It was an infrared probe. Cui Xiaokun said, “Yes, it's used to test chemicals that haven't been unpacked. There’s one too, what are you going to do?”

Liu Yan said, “How many are there in total? I want to take one down.”

Cui Xiaokun said, “Every factory has one, you dismantle it.”

Liu Yan nodded and asked for a bunch of tools. In one of the closed workshops, he began to dismantle the instrument and debugged it with electric pens and clamps.

“I don’t know much about electronics and electrical engineering.” Liu Yan whispered, “It’s not in this direction.”

Cui Xiaokun said, “I think it’s good. There are several W3186 laser night-vision devices. The technology in this factory is very advanced. What are you going to do with the filter?”

Liu Yan said, “I want to make a controllable long-range radio waveband.”

Cui Xiaokun said, “It’s too difficult, you forgot to use wireless reception.”

Liu Yan sighed helplessly. “I said too much earlier.”

Cui Xiaokun said, “Even if you make it wired, I bet they'll think it's pretty good.”

Liu Yan, “You go to the console.”

Cui Xiaokun took a look at the control console of the workshop and happily said, “OK! Good results!”

Eleven o’clock in the morning.

Liu Yan inserted an iron rod into the mud and said, “Okay, two hours and forty-five minutes.”

On the iron rod was a small factory monitor with green lights flashing on it.

“What's this,” said Lin Musen. “I can do it too. Take off the camera and stick it on the stick. Who can’t do it?”

Liu Yan said, “Follow me.”

Lin Musen followed Liu Yan into the factory’s monitoring room. Liu Yan turned on several buttons and snowflake spots suddenly appeared on the screen like images. It showed a clear infrared picture.

The screen was a dazzling green. The subtle differences in temperature had the sky and earth inverted. The blue sky was dark green, and the earth was a pale white. In the distance, the mountain curves fluctuated. The sand grains near the road showed a current-like trend, which was blown down the road by the wind.

Liu Yan held a wired controller in his hand and pressed it. The iron rod on the road outside rose slowly. The infrared camera rotated in a circle 360 degrees.

Lin Musen nodded slowly, Liu Yan pressed a button again. The lens clicked, the three focus circles rotated slowly. The outer ring was pushed forward, the inner circle backwards. The picture was enlarged as it zoomed in.

“The maximum detection distance is one kilometre,” said Liu Yan. “Look at the screen, the shape of the activity.”

The two people’s heat-emitting bodies were bright yellow and green. When they appeared on the screen, Liu Yan’s wired controller started to sound an alarm.

”Several hundred metres away, two zombies are moving southeast,” said Liu Yan.

Lin Musen got up, Liu Yan said, “I have another condition.”

Lin Musen said,” Speak.”

Liu Yan said, “Li Song asked us to join you. Everyone has their own way to stay, but his girlfriend...”

Lin Musen said, “Okay, make me six more of them. I’ll let Lin Jingshu stay.” He pointed at Liu Yan and poked him. “Don’t make mistakes.”

Liu Yan nodded happily.

Less than a week of running and fleeing, they felt like it had been a century. Everyone stayed. Meng Feng was arranged to patrol, Liu Yan was assigned to a dormitory in the factory. There weren't even half of the workers in the factory. They must've ran or became zombies when the virus broke out. Water could be taken from the river. Although life wasn't convenient, they could at least survive.

Liu Yan only took two days to refit the monitors required by Lin Musen. He lived in a dormitory with Meng Feng. There were two beds in the room. Two little sisters were responsible for washing clothes for all the men. Auntie Yu took Lin Jingshu to the kitchen to cook.

Lin Musen brought 27 people, all men-- not the same as Li Song said. When they escaped from S city, there were indeed around about 40 brothers, but nearly half of them died in heroic ways when they escaped. There was only one rod left.

They swept away all the food in nearby villages and shops, hoarded it in the factory buildings and warehouses. They distributed them by headcount every day.

Meng Feng nailed the last iron rod into the ground at the top of the mountain so that it could stand stably and start. After crossing the mountain, the long wire joined to a telephone box that was temporarily refitted into a hub. Lin Musen squatted on the stone and smoked. “I didn’t want to kill him,” he said.

Meng Feng glanced at Lin Musen, who took out a cigarette and said, “Come here.”

Meng Feng waved and said, “I’ve quitted.”

Lin Musen insisted to Meng Feng, who took it and put it behind his ear.

Lin Musen added, “Young student, you haven't experienced society. This older brother was testing your patience. Song-Er’s girlfriend, I didn’t want to drive away. I’ll say it first, so don’t blame me later. Lest she cries in front of you every day, relying on her boyfriend to shift the blame and do something.”

Meng Feng nodded and said, “Liu Yan’s temper is just like this, his nostrils are facing the sky.”

Lin Musen laughed and said, “Young people are proud. How old are you?”

Meng Feng said, “Twenty-five.”

Lin Musen pointed to himself, and held up three fingers, telling him that he was thirty years old. He walked down the mountain with his hand on Meng Feng’s shoulders and said, “You're not like ordinary soldiers.”

Meng Feng breathed. “K3.”

Lin Musen asked, “What is K3?”

Meng Feng explained, “Special Forces.”

Lin Musen suddenly moved and asked, “How did you get in?”

Meng Feng wasn’t happy and said, “Don’t mention it, it’s not a life for humans. I was forced to enlist in the army. If I could choose not to go, then, of course, I wouldn’t.”

Lin Musen said, “Do you still know any veterans? Can you contact them? Call all you can. It’s easier with more people.”

Meng Feng had no choice but to shake his head. How could he get in touch with them when he couldn’t get through since service was unavailable and there were no postmen who could deliver letters?

Lin Musen said, “Today, some brothers went out to explore the road. The zombies outside of Yu Town ran away and gathered at the highway intersection ahead. We can’t walk on that road. There are a lot of abandoned ways. We have become the only way here. Many people may come here and boost morale.”

Meng Feng nodded and went back to the dormitory to take a bath and sleep.

Liu Yan turned on the bedside lamp, and read the ‘Zombie Survival Manual' underneath the light. Meng Feng threw the cigarette.

Liu Yan, “You can smoke now.”

Meng Feng, “No, otherwise you’ll nag again.”

They talked with each other for a few minutes. Liu Yan turned off the light and slept in a bed, the autumn wind blowing at night.

Meng Feng said, “Can I sleep with you?”

Liu Yan said, “Such a small bed, crowded. You also snore, very noisy.”

Meng Feng said, “Then you come over to sleep. Can’t you be gentle?”

Liu Yan didn’t say a word. After a long time, he got up with his elbows supporting him up as if he couldn’t make up his mind. Meng Feng was very sleepy. He slept like a pig with his head against the pillow. He snored. Liu Yan had no choice but to lie down and sleep.

Three days later, Lin Musen’s prediction came true.

At first, several survivors who had escaped S city’s zombie time walked through the gates to ask for directions and asked for food and water. In less than a day, more and more fleeing people came. Soon a large number of refugees walked down the highway at high speed, crossed the road in front of the chemical plant and headed west. Nearly a thousand people were fleeing.

They huddled noisily in front of the chemical plant, asking the people inside to take things out and share with fellow suffering humans. With a gun in his hand, Lin Musen fired a shot into the sky.


It was quiet outside. Nobody screamed. The women had seen the zombies, why would they be afraid of the shot?

Lin Musen said, “All people line up and we'll give you food. This is Brother Sen’s alms for you. It's not to be taken for granted. Before taking the food, first, go to the side of the road and line up to register.”

Two men opened the garage gates of the factory. Meng Feng put the table at the gates. Liu Yan sat at the table and helplessly said, “Why me?”

Meng Feng said, “Because he thinks you're very smart and work hard. Brother Sen wants to train you to be a gangster.”

Liu Yan anxiously placed a stack of paper strips in place. He tried to use a ballpoint pen which allowed the ink to flow on his hand. He drew a few lines randomly and said, “Please be quiet, save energy. You may need to wait a long time.”

The surging crowd consciously formed a long queue. Looking at the thousands of cardboard boxes behind Liu Yan that were enough to fill the whole factory with mineral water, biscuits and instant noodles.

On the side of the road, near the chemical plant, there was a lone line.

On the other side, Zhang Min was carrying Jue Ming on his back as he followed the fleeing crowd on foot.

Zhang Min had run out of gas and checked several hospitals and provincial aid stations along the way, but no rescue organisations were found.

This morning, the sound of the helicopter leaving woke Zhang Min up, who had been sleeping in the car. He found that there were many people gathered on the side of the road, so he had Jue Ming exit the car. The two followed the army to the west of Yu Town, where the helicopter had left.

“Baby?” Zhang Min let Jue Ming down from his back. “Are you tried?”

Jue Ming shook his head.

“There are biscuits,” said Jue Ming. “I want to eat, and I’m a little thirsty.”

They saw Lin Musen in the distance with a gun in his hand as he scanned the crowd unkindly and as they set up a table in front of the factory.

Zhang Min wasn’t very down-to-earth, but said, “Well, it should be the shelter distributing supplies. Darling, wait here. Dad will go line up and ask.”

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