Chapter 6 - Self Help

2013 (Doomsday)

Translator(s): AutumnBreeze

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The sounds of gunfire rang out continuously. The fleeing people were shot and the screams of death could be heard all over the campus.

"How can you shoot students!” Xiaoyu roared, grabbing the arm of an armed police officer.

"Hold him!” someone yelled.

The soldiers and the armed police were divided into two groups. The armed police blocked the open space outside the teaching building, whilst the soldiers shouted, “Hurry up! Don't delay! Throw away all the useless things! Don’t bring all your luggage! Leave space for other students!”

About ten buses were side by side. The first bus was already full of people and was turning around to leave the campus.

In front, the road was cleared by a jeep. Four soldiers were set up high on the vehicle. They shot everywhere, blasting the rushing zombies in the brain.

“Don’t shoot!” Meng Feng rushed across the blockade line with his arms above his head. The buses were driving away one by one. There were only 50 metres away from the front of the teaching building. There were zombies everywhere. Liu Yan was shocked. Where did so many zombies come from?

The helicopter in the air fired. The sound of gunfire was deafening. It came from the west side of the campus.

“That’s... next door. The universities here are all infected... God...” Cui Xiaokun murmured.

“Liu Yan! Cui Xiaokun!” Xiaoyu was pushed onto a bus and shouted, “Hurry up and come in!”

“There's no space--!” Someone in the car called out, “Quickly, drive!”

Xiaoyu shouted, “You can still squeeze in! Come on!”

There were zombies everywhere. Meng Feng ran hard all the way. He had to avoid both zombies and gunfire. He felt like he would be killed by stray bullets at any moment before being eaten by the zombies coming after him.

“Liu Yan!” Meng Feng turned around and chopped the head of the zombie beside him. He breathlessly dragged Liu Yan back to the blockade.

Xiaoyu jumped out of the bus and said, “Hurry up!”

He let Liu Yan get on the bus but the bus was full of people, the door couldn’t even be closed.

Liu Yan reached out to pull Meng Feng up. Meng Feng stooped in front of the bus door but decided not to squeeze in. Not to mention Xiaoyu and Cui Xiaokun.

Meng Feng glanced at Liu Yan, jumped backwards and landed.

“You guys go first,” said Meng Feng.

Liu Yan looked at him for a moment before coming back out of the bus. “Xiaokun, you and senior brother go. Give me the car key.”

“You can squeeze in!” Xiaoyu said. “People at the back, make way!”

“Hurry up and drive! Teacher Xiao!” shouted one junior student. “Monsters are coming from behind!”

Xiaoyu breathed deeply once. Liu Yan said, “What about the teachers?”

“Most of them have been evacuated. The Dean is there,” Xiaoyu said. “You get on the bus first. I’ll stay here and wait for the next convoy. Hurry up, or have Cui Xiaokun enter.”

“Stop talking!” shoulder the soldier who was driving. “Whoever it is, get in the car immediately!”

When the bus started, Meng Feng walked over and grabbed Xiaoyu’s collar. He pushed him into the bus, pressed him against the door. He saluted with two fingers on the corner of his brow.

Xiaoyu gasped and looked back. Cui Xiaokun waved goodbye to him.

“Take care!” Xiaoyu cried out.

Liu Yan nodded and shouted, “Be careful!”

Suddenly there was another deafening gunshot. When the bus left the campus, several armed police officers came and shouted, “Go back! Don’t crowd this place!”

Meng Feng was pushed to one side, still protecting Liu Yan behind him. He couldn’t help shouting, “Borrow me the gun!”

“You’re crazy! Students, go to the teaching building and wait for the next batch of buses! It's impossible to give you a gun!” shouted the armed policeman.

Meng Feng said, “I’m not a student. I have a certificate, and I’m a veteran...”

The armed policeman couldn’t help but say that several people had been rushed into the teaching building. There were nearly a thousand students who hadn't managed to catch one of the evacuation vehicles.

In the teaching building, the army seized the higher vantage points and placed xx and xx on the classroom windowsills, firing at the distance.

“What do we do?” Cui Xiaokun asked, shivering.

Meng Feng said, “You can continue playing on your PSP.”

Cui Xiaokun screamed, “Stop joking!”

Liu Yan laughed, now he wasn't afraid.

The sound of machine-gun strafing came from above. Someone helped the bitten students to escape into the teaching building’s halls.

“It’s not safe here either,” said Liu Yan.

Meng Feng looked up. “I’ll go up and have a look.”

Liu Yan said, “I’ll accompany you. Xiaokun wait down here.”

Cui Xiaokun didn't dare to wait downstairs, and so the three ran up the stairs to the second floor.

There was a line of soldiers standing in front of the corridor window. Apparently, the troops had been temporarily transferred over to solve the problem.

“Students go downstairs! Don’t come up!” A sergeant shouted at them.

“Where is your company commander?” Meng Feng asked. He had been a soldier so when his gaze had swept past the soldiers once, he knew that there was a company stationed in the teaching building.

“Unclear, probably patrolling upstairs!” said the non-commissioned officer. “Go back! Go downstairs!”

Meng Feng said, “Lend me a gun! I’m a soldier too! Here’s my veteran certificate.”

The sergeant glanced at Meng Feng again and said, “Go upstairs to find our company commander!”

On the third floor, the company commander was looking out with binoculars. Meng Feng asked Liu Yan and Cui Xiaokun to wait on the second floor before rushing straight up to the third floor.

“Damn it!” The company commander cursed. “What kind of monsters are these?!”

Meng Feng put his hand on his shoulder. The company commander was a young man that was twenty-five years old. He was stunned at the sight of Meng Feng.

Meng Feng took out a piece of paper and shook it in front of his eyes, saying, “Borrow me a gun!”

The company commander said, “Damn it! No organisation, no discipline!”

Meng Feng shouted, “Damn it! People are dying! What discipline?”

The company commander laughed, took out a gun and handed it to Meng Feng who was inspecting the gun. Meng Feng asked, “What about the ammunition?“

“It’s in the box!” The company said, “Take my badge and get it! What are you going to do?”

Meng Feng rushed into the classroom, a gust of wind coming out. He threw the badge back at the company commander and said, “Thank you!”

Meng Feng pulled the gun safety off and hurried downstairs with a dagger in his mouth. Liu Yan said, “You borrowed it?”

Meng Feng said, “Their company commander is someone I recruited. How’s the situation outside?”

Liu Yan lowered the binoculars and said, “See for yourself.”

Meng Feng put down the binoculars after a glance. In the distance was an astonishing army of zombies. Almost half of the campus was filled.

Liu Yan, “We can’t wait for death here. I think most of the vehicles won't come back again. Most of the soldiers and armed police officers are here.”

Cui Xiaokun said, “No way... Liu Yan. Are you serious?”

Meng Feng said, “We can also retreat with them.”

Liu Yan glanced back and said with a wry smile, “So many people, can they take them away? You can see that there are still people in the halls who are infected. Once they display the symptoms, the infection will be spread rapidly.

Meng Feng breathed in deeply and said, “You're always like this.”

“We have to find a way out,” said Liu Yan as he looked at Cui Xiaokun.

Cui Xiaokun immediately said, “I will not drag you down, take me away!”

Liu Yan angrily said, “What are you saying? Am I that type of person? Do you still have the car key?”

Cui Xiaokun nodded and pulled out the car key. “You keep it,” said Liu Yan.

Cui Xiaokun was grateful. “Thank you, Liu Yan. It wasn’t a waste to treat you as a brother.“

Armed with a gun, Meng Feng opened a door in the fire escape corridor using his elbow to smash into it. It led to the cafeteria which was behind the student dormitory, nearly three kilometres away from where they had parked.

After the blockade was established, the gunfire was getting stronger and stronger. Many injured students in the hall coughed violently, some beginning to vomit blood.

“Let’s go,” said Liu Yan. “Can’t delay any longer.”

Meng Feng took Liu Yan and Cui Xiaokun out of the back door and left the teaching building and entered a boulevard.

In the distance, endless gunshots could be heard. However, the boulevard was unusually quiet. It was four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was west. The wind blew, and along with it came a bloody scent.

The whole boulevard was as usual. Meng Feng leaned against the cafeteria gates and glanced around the corner. Three zombies were eating a corpse.

“They only eat the living,” Liu Yan whispered.

Meng Feng said, “We have to go through the cafeteria. It's the shortest way. There are zombies on both sides. Keep quiet and follow me.“

Meng Feng’s army boots stepped on the marble floor. The fan above his head was still rotating. The canteen was dark as the lights were off, but it was cool.

Liu Yan turned over and sat at the canteen counter. He opened the refrigerator door, made a few gestures with his mouth open before drinking some water. They all rushed over. The consumption of physical strength was very high. Without water and minerals, heatstroke would shortly come.

Each person had a bottle of vitamin C juice. After drinking it, they felt more comfortable. Liu Yan took a few bottles of green tea and held them in his hands in preparation for a rainy day. Cui Xiaokun counted out two ten yuan notes from his wallet and placed them on the counter.

Liu Yan, "..."

Meng Feng, "..."

Liu Yan, “Do you think anyone will collect the money?”

Cui Xiaokun said, “Don’t ask, it’s for thieves.”

Meng Feng, “You two...”

Liu Yan, “Be careful behind you.“

"Woah--!” Cui Xiaokun shouted.

Liu Yan, "Don't shout!“

Cui Xiaokun nodded whilst shivering. A corpse had been gnawed to pieces, half of it was stuck on the windowsill, dripping blood. The three men looked at the corpse and walked through the atrium. Not far away was the teacher’s cafeteria and kitchen. There were chewing sounds in the quiet atrium, but they couldn't find where the sound was coming from.

Sweat slid down Meng Feng’s forehead. He motioned for the others to not make a sound.

With a clang, Cui Xiaokun accidentally knocked over a stainless steel lunch box that fell on the ground.

On the second floor, a dozen heads--all zombies-- surrounded the atrium.

Meng Feng shouted, “Run!”

Immediately, the three men ran towards the teacher’s cafeteria, and the sound of crashing was heard. Liu Yan had no time to look back. A dozen zombies had broken the glass door and rushed in from the two cafeteria’s entrances.

Liu Yan slammed into the kitchen side door, twisted the handle but was unable to open the door.

“What happened?!” Liu Yan cried out.

“Who is it?” A broom stretched out form the kitchen.

Liu Yan shouted, “Not a monster, students!”

“Wait!” The woman’s voice was loud, and there were more and more zombies.

"Hurry up!” shouted Liu Yan.

Meng Feng took a deep breath, stepped on a chair, held the gun horizontally and jumped up. Bang! The first bullet left the chamber, and the high-speed rotating ceiling fan made a buzzing sound.

Bang! Bang! It was followed by two more bullets which hit the ceiling fan exactly.

More than a dozen zombies rushed into the cafeteria, and at that moment, the shat connecting the fan to the ceiling snapped.

The ceiling fan, whirring in the wind, swivelled towards the cafeteria atrium entrance. It cut off the heads of two zombies, cut off the waist of a third zombie and finally nailed another zombie to the wall.

“Good... Good skills,” said Cui Xiaokun in shock.

Meng Feng roared, “Open the door!”

The kitchen door finally opened, and an auntie let the three people in. Liu Yan closed the door, took the rolling pin and held it.

“Is there an exit?” said Liu Yan. “Hello, auntie. I’m a post-graduate student.”

The door was slammed by a zombie outside.

The middle-aged woman looked nearly fifty years old. Ignorant, she asked, “What’s the situation outside, young man? Is it rabies?”

Liu Yan could hardly explain it to her. He gestured and said, “I’ll explain later, we have to leave immediately.“

The auntie immediately said, “Can you take me?”

Liu Yan said, “Of course, lead the way quickly!”

The auntie took them through the kitchen, another back door was blocked by a cupboard.

“You can go to the dormitory from here.” The auntie said, “Young man, you must be a soldier.”

Meng Feng reluctantly nodded, clenched his teeth and pushed the cupboard away with his shoulder. He said, “Don’t come out first.”

Opening the back door, the dormitory wasn't far away from the school road. Meng Feng went out to look, Cui Xiaokun said, “Hurry up, the door will be... broken!”

The front door of the kitchen had been deformed rapidly. The rolling pin tilted, sliding down a little bit.

Meng Feng said, “Let’s go... Liu Yan? What are you doing?!”

Liu Yan turned on the gas switches one by one, took a watermelon knife and handed it to Cui Xiaokun. He then pulled out an iron bar which was used to whack meat from atop the cupboard.

The auntie took a frying pan and stared nervously at the door that was about to be knocked open.

“Young man, take them to the infirmary?”

Liu Yan pulled up his shirt and covered his nose. “Leave them alone, hurry up,” he said in a muffled voice.

Meng Feng ran out of the cafeteria with several people. Liu Yan closed the door firmly, blocking the zombies that rushed into the kitchen.

They hurried across the school road, Meng Feng didn’t even look and shot back.

The bullet whizzed through a distance of nearly a hundred metres. It smashed through the cafeteria’s back window, shot into the kitchen and caused a spark in the oven.

A loud sudden bang, the earth-shaking explosion carried a strong shockwave, nearly causing them all to fall to the ground. The fire was raging, the back door that had been repeatedly hit, fell and remained still.

Five minutes later, Meng Feng sat in the driver’s seat, feeling exhausted.

“You go to the back seat and sit with Auntie Yu,” said Liu Yan.

Cui Xiaokun collapsed onto the back seat. The woman surnamed Yu said, “Where are we going?”

Meng Feng shook his head and looked at Liu Yan. “First victory,” said Meng Feng.

Liu Yan said, “Don’t take it lightly. We haven’t escaped the danger yet. That shot was very good, we have a tacit understanding.”

Meng Feng said, “Of course.”

They looked at each other and smiled. Meng Feng started the car. He backed up and knocked over a zombie coming from behind. He ran over its body. The sound of the bones being crushed was muffled. He ran over the viscera and blood splattered. He turned onto the campus road and drove towards the campus rear gates.

Unexpectedly, two people rushed onto the road. Meng Feng saw that it was living people. He braked suddenly, and Cui Xiaokun shouted in horror.

“Liu Yan!” said the man. “Where are you going?”

Liu Yan rolled down the window and asked, “Are you injured? Didn’t you follow the army?“

The man was covered with blood and anxiously said, “No! She’s all right. This wound of mine is a bruise. We didn’t catch up with the army! I heard the explosion and came.

Liu Yan said, “Don’t delay here. Hurry up and get in the car!”

"Xiaoshu, get in the car,” said the man.

Auntie Yu opened the door and said, “Come on, girl.”

The girl’s name was Lin Jingshu. She was scared to death, she got into the car crying. Her face was pale, and the man asked her to sit down and closed the door.

“Aren’t you entering?” asked Liu Yan.

The man leaned over the window and said, “I still have something to do. Xiaoshu, don’t cry, be obedient.”

“You enter! Li Song!” The girl cried loudly. “Please sit in the car!”

Li Song comforted his girlfriend in a low voice. Meng Feng dared not delay any more. he started the car slowly. The man said, “I’ll go to the political science and law department next door.”

“Stop joking!” Liu Yan couldn’t help but say, “Are you going to die?”

Li Song said, “Liu Yan, here’s a pack of cigarettes for you. Go north, go to the roundabout. Cross the river in Yuzhen on the north side, get off the highway and then go west. It should be a three-hour drive.“

“A few of my friends called me just now and said that there are zombies everywhere. I can’t count on the army. Let me go to my friends. There are quite a few of them, more than 40 of them. They're all part of the underworld. Take Xiaoshu and find Brother Sen, the leader. They’ve met her before. Tell them I’m rescuing my brother, We’ll meet you as soon as possible! Go! Hurry up!“

Meng Feng stopped again, his elbow pressing on the steering wheel. He approached Liu Yan’s side and shouted, “Enter the car, you’re going to the Political Science and Law building right? Let’s find a way to save your brother and go together after we do!”

Li Song shook his head and said nothing.

Liu Yan knew that the tide of zombies had swamped the entire campus. Li Song would die if he didn’t leave. Seriously, he said, “Get in the car, Li Song. We don’t know your brother. We'll be kicked out. We’re fine. Xiaoshu can’t live without you.“

Li Song said, “I have to find my brother or he'll hate me. You go first, my brothers are honest and sincere people who will take care of you.”

Liu Yan said, “Go! Stop delaying! Do you want everyone to die together?”

"I was bitten.” Li Song finally told the truth.

Meng Feng and Liu Yan were quiet. Li Song nodded. “Goodbye, pay attention to your safety.”

Lin Jingshu opened her red, swollen eyes and looked at Li Song who was outside. He smiled and waved at his girlfriend. Meng Feng started the car again and drove through the back gates slowly.

Li Song chased after them for a few steps and shouted, “Xiaoshu, don’t be angry. I love you--!”

Lin Jingshu burst into tears, desperately struggling to get out of the car. Liu Yan said, “Hold her!”

Auntie Yu and Cui Xiaokun were busy holding onto the girl. Auntie Yu kept saying, “Daughter, daughter. Don’t be so short-sighted, ah... you have to live well.”

Meng Feng looked at the rear-view mirror. Li Song turned around and walked wearily towards the campus where the zombies were rampaging through. He turned around and disappeared. Meng Feng put his hand on the gear sticking and changed gear. Liu Yan stretched out his left hand and silently placed it on top of Meng Feng’s strong and warm hands.

Meng Feng turned over his hand and gently pinched Liu Yan’s hand, just like when they were in love while they were still in high school.

Liu Yan would sit in the front whilst Meng Feng would sit in the back. When Liu Yan missed him, he would always lean back and stretch out his hand and hold Meng Feng’s. Meng Feng would lie on his desk and hold Liu Yan’s hand under the desk

At night, everyone’s nerves finally relaxed. The car left the city as they drove along the road. There was no traffic or army.

S city was like a dead city. When night fell, the street lights were still on, but both sides of the road were deserted.

From time to time, several wandering zombies would appear in their fields of vision to remind them that this wasn’t a dream.

The three people at the back of the car fell asleep leaning on each other. Meng Feng was still driving intently. The sky was a gorgeous purple and blue. The summer night wind blew. Meng Feng got off the highway and parked the car on the roadside, saying, “Wake up, get out of the car. Yan Yan, get some food out, I’m hungry.”

“Don’t call me that, I’m not a kid,” said Liu Yan angrily.

Meng Feng looked at him with a complicated look in his eyes.

Liu Yan exited the car and shared the food. Meng Feng stood on the roof of the car and looked around with binoculars, then indicated that it was safe.

They sat on the ground beside the car, eating canned beef and biscuits. Liu Yan said, “It’s a waste to not bring anything out of the cafeteria, it’s a mistake.”

Auntie Yu said, “Isn’t it. Everything left will be spoiled by those monsters.”

Meng Feng ate biscuits and looked at the surrounding wilderness. As always, the scenery of nature, sparrows jumping on the wires and the sound of insects came and went.

“They don’t eat food,” said Meng Feng.

Liu Yan nodded, knowing that Meng Feng meant that the zombies had no interest in cooked food and so on. He also noticed something, and said, “Neither do they eat small animals.“

“Well...” Meng Feng squinted and said, “Why do they only eat people?”

Liu Yan shrugged. The two leaned on the back of the car, eating their simple dinner together as they watched the night quietly.

Liu Yan suddenly had an idea that if humans perished due to this virus, then nature would still be the same. Wind and sun, rain and grass. Nature would not be affected greatly, the only difference was that the environment would become cleaner.

Liu Yan had a bitter smile on his face as he shook his head. Meng Feng asked, “What are you thinking?”

Liu Yan replied, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of this disaster?”

Meng Feng said, “The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about making money to buy a house, look at the manager’s face in a company, or knock on doors every day to sell insurance...”

Liu Yan laughed and Meng Feng looked at him and asked. “Is it funny? Is it all bad for you? You're still one year away from graduation. You have no further studies. The future of the top students...”

Liu Yan said, “Huh? I can’t even get my graduation certificate. I guess the junior students hanging around maybe having fun? At least we're together again. I thought I would never see you again in my life.”

Meng Feng unkindly said, “You're lying to me.”

Liu Yan, “No, I swear I’m telling the truth. Thanks to you I’m alive, otherwise, I would be dead.“

Meng Feng said, “I used to want to do a lot for you, but I didn’t have any chances.”

Liu Yan said, “When you have the chance, you look very attractive. You really aren't suitable for selling insurance. Be ready to be a hero.”

Meng Feng said, “Do you like heroes? Regret letting the hero go?”

Liu Yan didn’t say a word. Meng Feng asked, “What is it? Master Liu Yan, say it.”

Annoyed, Liu Yan angrily said, “I like you! It’s you who wanted to go. After one time, you can’t for the second time. When senior brother asked me to retreat. Didn’t I come down to accompany you?”

Meng Feng said, “I’ve liked you the entire time. Now when you need me, you finally tell the truth?”

Liu Yan slyly smiled and said, “Oh no, that was just a joke.“

Meng Feng looked at Liu Yan for a while, then politely said, “Well, I’m also joking.“

Meng Feng pulled open the front passenger door looking like a gentleman as he gestured for Liu Yan to enter the car. He then closed the door, sat back in the driver’s seat and started the car.

They had all finished eating. They rested on the side of the road. After Meng Feng honked the horn a few times, they got into the car. Meng Feng turned the car around and drove down the road. A sign was erected at the intersection: Yu Town, 8KM.

“Do we do as he said?” asked Liu Yan.

Meng Feng naturally understood what Liu Yan meant: follow the instructions given by Li Song before he left.

“Try our luck.” Meng Feng said, “It’s better than wandering around aimlessly. Even if we don’t talk about food or drinking water, gasoline is also a problem. There will be a day when we run out of gas. I’m a Special Forces soldier, not an Arabic lamp. I'll always find an organisation to take refuge.”

Liu Yan, “That’s Aladdin’s lamp, not Arabic lamp...”

Enraged, Meng Feng said, “Will you die if you don’t correct me?!”

Liu Yan smiled and took out a notebook.

On August 12, 2012, a tide of zombies appeared in Z city and S city successively. I don’t know how many survivors there are.

Meng Feng and I took Li Song’s girlfriend, Lin Jingshu, my roommate, Cui Xiaokun and Auntie Yu from the school cafeteria as we escaped.

The food and water in the car are enough for five people to use for about ten days.

I see the destination ahead. It’s a factory, built in the countryside. It’s by the side of the road. I hope everything goes well. At present, there’s no further information about the zombies. Mobile phone connection and internet has been completely cut off since 9 o’clock this morning. Power outages are everywhere.

Broadcasts are reporting epidemics in various places. But in fact, what we see is much more serious than what was stated in the broadcast.

Meng Feng stopped the car and Liu Yan put away his notebook.

“Who will go?” asked Liu Yan.

Meng Feng said, “Xiaoshu, Auntie Yu and you.”

Liu Yan nodded slowly. Meng Feng wanted to open the door but Liu Yan looked at the factory with the lights still on in the distance and said, “I don’t think going at this time is a good idea.”

Meng Feng stopped and Liu Yan said, “I suggest you sleep in the car for one night and go back tomorrow during the day.”

“The zombie survival manual says that day is safer than night. What’s more, we would wake up their leader from his sleep. There’s no advantage.”

Meng Feng said, “Yes, I’ll listen to you.”

He drove the car to the grass at the side of the road, choosing an angle so that the car could be started before leaving at any given moment. Lin Jingshu’s eyes were still swollen red and didn’t speak. Cui Xiaokun comforted her in a low voice.

Meng Feng turned off the car ceiling light and leaned on Liu Yan’s lap. Liu Yan watched the night, slept alone and said nothing for the entire night.

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