Chapter 18 - Migration

2013 (Doomsday)

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They followed the road north. In September, the weather finally grew cold, the temperature dropping to seventeen degrees. After a few autumn rainfalls, the emotions of the survivors seemed to have calmed down.

Under Zhang Min’s insistence, they would stop by the roadside every evening. At night, they would get into the vehicles again, and rush towards the north during the day. No one could say for certain when they would finally come to a complete stop.

Along their journey, the wind blew and the grass was yellow, the autumn view stretching endlessly. They came across large cities and small gas stations. As soon as the convoy stopped, zombies were all the eye could see.

They were either wandering around in the wilderness, or walking up and down in buildings, slowly heading towards them as they whistled past, never able to catch up with the speed of the cars.

Occasionally, the life detector would ring. It was always when they were a few kilometres away from the big cities. Lin Musen, worried about safety and that the amount of their food supplies would not be enough, rejected every suggestion for a search and rescue.

All those who had evacuated from the chemical factory with him all knew very clearly in their hearts – those supplies were more than enough.

Furthermore, as soon as Lin Musen saw gas stations or small towns by the road, he would order them to stop and search every inch of the area. These past few days, rather than depleting, it seemed that their supplies were actually increasing.  

Rou Rou’s mother used to be a fashion designer. She took over all of the sewing work and started to work on clothes.

She would always look at the small brown bear head peeking out of Jue Ming’s coat pocket, and her eyes would be rimmed with red as she stared in a daze. Jue Ming wanted to give the bear to her, but she didn’t want it, instead she took a few sets of military uniforms, measured them against Meng Feng and Zhang Min’s bodies and started to tailor them.

After a few days, the first batch of tailored clothes were finished. Majority of the men wore the military uniforms that had been taken from the barracks and subsequently tailored.

Rou Rou’s mother laughed and said, “Does it fit, Jue Ming?”

Jue Ming sat in a chair by the side of the road and lifted his head to look at her, but didn't say anything.

Zhang Min, “Darling, what should you say?”

Rou Rou’s mother, “It’s all right. The little one looks quite well-dressed.” She turned around and walked away.   

Jue Ming was wearing a set of khaki-coloured military uniform with a brimmed cap on his head. Six middle school students were squatting down in front of him.

A small, fat boy who was younger than Jue Ming by two years and had just finished his second year in middle school, tugged on his shoulder and looked at it for a bit before saying, “Is this our squad uniform?”

“Mm. Uncle Meng said you’re all under my watch now. The six of you have to listen to me,” Jue Ming replied. 

“Sure,” a boy who was taller than Jue Ming by half a head said, then continued to ask, “We’ll recognise you as our boss. Will you take us to fight zombies? What’s our squad name?”

Jue Ming pulled off the badge on his shoulder and showed it to them. The children were all different heights and sizes. Their clothes were all tailored by hand by Mother Rou, and every single one has a cartoon badge sewn on them: a purple mushroom cap with a slim stalk. 

Jue Ming, “We’re the Scaredy-shroom squad. We don’t have to charge forward to kill zombies, we just have to hide behind the others. If we have a mission, Uncle Meng will tell me.” 

The group of children nodded in understanding. A youth spoke up,” What about Uncle Meng?”

Jue Ming, “They're the Squash squad, there’s also the Chompers and Spikeweeds, they’re in charge of fighting and the frontline. My dad will bring others along to shoot, they’re the Peashooters, they consist of Repeaters and Threepeaters.”

“What about that person?” The fat boy raised his head and looked into the distance, at the end of the cargo truck sitting under the setting sun. Liu Yuan was sitting on the edge of the cargo container, one leg hanging in the air and swaying from side to side, his head buried in the machinery he was putting together. 

“That’s Liu Yan, he’s an engineering type,” Jue Ming said. “He’s really amazing, like Doraemon, he has a lot of new things. That day, his alarm clock was what rescued you guys.” 

The fat boy said, “He’s a Twin Sunflower?”

On the front of Liu Yan’s military uniform, there was a picture of a man sewn onto it, with two prominent eyes sticking out. Jue Ming said, “No, he’s Crazy Dave, the one with the store in his van, that one.”

The group of kids burst into laughter.”

Jue Ming learned from what Zhang Min told him before, and said, “Let’s talk about you guys.” 

Jue Ming pulled out the bear from his pocket and gave it a casual shake, gesturing for the other squad members to talk about themselves, communicate with one another and understand one another.

Zhang Mun was standing a ways away, watching Jue Ming bonding with his squad with amusement.

“Liu Yan,” Zhang Min said. 

Liu Yan didn’t even raise his head. “What.”

Zhang Min, “Jue Ming has opened up quite a bit. He didn’t really have friends when he was in school.”

Liu Yan made a sound of acknowledgement, and replied, “You're welcome. You can let him make more friends.”

Xie Fenghua was sitting inside the vehicle, helping Liu Yan record down the serial numbers of parts. She suddenly said, “Jue Ming looks a little too small.”

Zhang Min, “He was never that big.”

Xie Fenghua laughed, and continued, “No, I meant he doesn’t look like he has the mentality of a middle schooler, of a fifteen year old boy. The way he thinks and feels is closer to that of a ten year old child, or maybe eleven… I heard him say, you two met when he was only eleven? Maybe because you’ve always protected him in those years, his communication and personal skills haven't developed.”

Zhang Min, “I didn’t have a choice. When he was studying, he wouldn’t talk to strangers and thought his schoolmates didn’t like him. He hit his head once when he was eleven, and the students like to mock him. I reported this to the teachers many times, and transferred schools once…”

“No, no,” Xie Fenghua said. “The reason is on you. You’re like a haven for him. In psychology, this is called the wall effect. By protecting him so heavily, he isn’t willing to initiate communication with other people or to take on responsibility.

Zhang Min, “Then what should I do?”

Xie Fenghua, “Give him appropriate opportunities to work on it.”

Zhang Min, “No, that’s too dangerous.”

Xie Fenghua laughed and said, “Yeah, but hiding him behind you all the time is really too much.”

“Philosopher,” Liu Yan said. “I don’t really think it’s too much. They have their own way of getting along. What more is there to say? Do you think his intelligence is sound?”

Xie Fenghua tapped her pen on her chin as she thought, then nodded, “His intelligence is indeed normal, you could even say he’s quite smart, just that his cognition is too weak. Zhang Min, do you really plan on protecting him forever? It’s not realistic.”

Zhang Min, “What’s unrealistic about it? Why is it unrealistic?”

The tone of Zhang Min’s voice showed that he was a bit unhappy. Xie Fenghua didn’t continue pushing her point across, and only nodded her head in good humour.

Zhang Min seemed to want to make something clear. His voice carried a sense of urgency that was seldom heard from him. “Forever is forever. Fifty years, sixty years, until the last second of the last hour of the last day of the last month of the last year. What’s unrealistic about it?”

“I misspoke,” Xie Fenghua said. “Sorry.”

“It’s nothing.” Zhang Min was quite good at restraining himself “His teacher said something like this before. You’re much nicer about it than she was. Thank you for your concern.”

Zhang Min turned around and left. Liu Yan laughed a little, and in his eyes Xie Fenghua looked as if she had finally had a taste of defeat.

“Philosopher,” Liu Yan said in awe.

Xie Fenghua didn’t know where to laugh or cry, and shook her head helplessly.   

“My dad and my stepmother…” The fat boy said with hatred. “... abandoned me and ran off.”

Jue Ming listened quietly, not saying a thing.

“And then what happened?” Someone asked.

The fat boy said to them, “And then I sneaked upstairs, following behind them. My dad went to pack some things, my grandmother jumped out from her room. She bit my stepmother to death in the living room, and bit my dad once. They deserved it.”

“Your dad didn’t take you away?” Jue Ming asked.

The fat boy’s voice sounded a bit cruel as he continued, “I stole the keys, and locked him inside the house. Who asked him to beat my grandmother every day? I threw the keys into the canal. When I ran downstairs, I met Pastor Wu, and I’ve been with them since.”

Jue Ming nodded his head. There was a complicated look in his eyes.

Lin Musen had given the orders. Meng Feng shouted from a distance, “Sunflowers and  Scaredy-shroom squad, get in the cars first! The others, get ready. We’re moving out!”

“Look at the sky,” Jue Ming said.

The sun was setting low in the west. On the horizon sat a bright, starry autumn sky. It was gorgeous.

“Aliens will come and save the Earth and humankind.” Jue Ming concluded their conversations, and led his squad to board the vehicles.

When Liu Yan heard those words, the corners of his mouth twitched. Zhang Min laughed. “Jue Ming’s way of speech… is actually not that different from the pastor’s. They both believe that things in the sky can save them.”

It was unbearable to think about, and the look on Liu Yan’s face reflected that. He received some summary documents about the vehicles in the convoy and started to instruct others to board the vehicles.

They had enough fuel to travel 3000 kilometres, but the tires would not be able to handle it. They would have to find somewhere along the way to replace them. The best place would be a city, or at the very least an auto repair shop by the road.

However, there were not many special made tires for cargo trucks. The next day, they carefully passed Wuhan and crossed over the Yangtze River Bridge. The Yangtze River was endless, and bodies floated on either side of the banks.


Five days after they crossed the river, they passed Henan and entered the border of Shanxi when they had their first flat tire on one of the cargo trucks. At four in the morning, the last cargo truck in the convoy let out an aggressive sound of its horn. It had skidded to a stop at an angle. The six vehicles came to a stop by the side of the road.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had already anticipated this and had set an order for the trucks to travel in, otherwise there would have been an unavoidable multiple vehicle collision.

In the dark night, everyone was awake and noisy.

“Everyone, stay in their trucks!” Meng Feng shouted as he got off the vehicle in the middle of the convoy. He headed to the last one to inspect it. Three flashlights shone on the tires.

Liu Yan, “It’s super heavy. You brought too many things along. In addition to the natural wear and tear from friction, it was probably scheduled for a vehicle inspection around this time.”

Lin Musen, “There are no spare tires. What now?”

Liu Yan had already thought of this question. Their only hope was to find some spares along the road, but there hadn’t been any tires in the auto parts stores on their way.

“Wait for daylight.” The executive, Hu Jue, alighted the vehicle. “If you don’t want to abandon the vehicle, then we can only wait for daylight and check the area around us.”

Lin Musen accepted this suggestion. Meng Feng arranged patrols, and Liu Yan sat on the roof of the car to set up his detector.   

When daylight came, Meng Feng and Zhang Min each led a team of people to investigate what was at the end of the road. Lin Musen’s expression was uncertain, and he was incredibly frustrated.

In the evening, the two teams arrived back at nearly the same time.

“There’s a residential area up ahead.” Zhang Min took off his gloves and exhaled. “There are a few grocery stores there, but they’re all empty. It looked to be like a small village, there were small groups of zombies wandering around, nearly a thousand or so. We didn’t come into direct contact with them.

“After four hours walk in the direction we set off in, we discovered a “Hope Primary School”. West along the road, the road forks into two paths. There didn’t seem to be anything off at first glance. There was an excavator there. The road wasn’t completely fixed yet,” Meng Feng said.

Lin Musen was silent for a moment, then said, “We go west, avoid the zombies. Take two cars and look around first.”   

On the third afternoon, two cargo trucks arrived at a secluded building in the wilderness.

This place was already in the geographical area of the Loess Plateau. The wind and sand were fierce in autumn. As far as the eye could see, this was the only place that had set up a school building.

About twenty miles from this deserted area was the village that Zhang Min had mentioned.

It was nothing but loess all around. The area was very flat, and it stretched on further than the eye could see. To the side, there was the Qinling Mountains that separated the earth from the sky.

In the distance, a small river rushed and flowed. If one were to follow it, it should lead to the Yellow River.

This road was not easy to traverse. It was a two day’s ride from Xi’an. This area was poor, and the land was barren. Liu Yan glanced at Lin Musen’s face, and his expression was still uncertain.

Meng Feng and Zhang Min led people in to scout out the entire school building which hadn’t finished constructing. With his hands in his pockets, Liu Yan looked out. Once Hu Jue came, Lin Musen started to seek out his opinions. Hu Jue was very well spoken, and he had many suggestions to give. Compared to Liu Yan’s straightforwardness, it was obvious that Hu Jue had more of Lin Musen’s favour.

This was all according to Liu Yan’s wishes. He didn’t want to keep explaining too many things to Lin Musen. After all, his specialty was with machines, not public relations or interpersonal communications.

“What do you think of this place, Liu Yan?” After Lin Musen had consulted with his think tank, he looked towards Liu Yan expectantly. This was the first time in the past few days that he had stepped forward to ask Liu Yan’s opinion.

Liu Yan nodded, and didn’t speak.

“Are we going to settle down here?” A youth asked.

A few children were rolling around an iron ring and passed in front of them. Lin Musen impatiently said, “Jue Ming! Get your children’s squad away! Don’t fool around here!”

Liu Yan, “I want to go in and take a look.”

“Go on,” Lin Musen agreed happily. “Meng Feng will protect you.” 

Liu Yan entered the school. It wasn’t fully constructed yet. Bags of cement were stacked up in the field at the back of the school. The slides, swings, and horizontal bars were built, but the floor of the basketball court wasn’t cemented yet, and there were cinder blocks laying on the running track.

The walls were already painted. In a corner of the first floor, there were blood stains splattered on the wall, along with purple-blackish handprints.

With a moan, a zombie slammed open a door. Liu Yan jumped back sharply. With a gunshot, Meng Feng appeared from up on the stairs, shooting the zombie down.

Meng Feng, “What are you doing inside here?”

Liu Yan, “Checking out the situation.”

Meng Feng, “Follow behind me.”

The small squad spread out through the two storey school building, with Meng Feng bringing Liu Yan with him. They followed the staircase up to the second floor. The sound of their military boots on the steps were steady and firm.

Liu Yan held onto the railing as he looked up. “If anything happens, you can shout if you’re scared and hold onto Sergeant Meng Feng’s waist from behind,” Meng Feng said.

“Mhm?” Liu Yan said. “How many zombies have you found?”

The sky was getting darker, the sun sinking as if it was being pressed downwards. Meng Feng patrolled the corridor once and then replied, “Very few, including the one from just now. There were a total of three, one was wearing a safety hat, it must have been a worker. Does Lin Musen plan to stay here?”

Liu Yan, “Who knows?”

He walked into a classroom, pushing open the window to look out onto the school courtyard. On the other end of the basketball court was a dormitory building.

Zhang Min finished scouting out the east side, and brought his group to meet up with Meng Feng.

“Report any injuries,” Meng Feng said. “I heard someone yell just now. They got scratched?”

Zhang Min, “Bitten. One person. I’ve told him to go find Lin Musen.”

“Is that the one?” Liu Yan tilted his chin, gesturing for them to look out the window.   

On the basketball court, Hu Jue, who was wearing a suit, led a man under the basketball backboard and spoke with him.

Meng Feng narrowed his eyes.

That person turned around and immediately ran. Hu Jue pulled out a gun, opened fire, and killed that person on the spot.   

The three of them were silent. Hu jue kept the gun back inside the pocket of his suit, turned around, and left.

Liu Yan, “I don’t really like this place, and I don’t like the way he does things sometimes…”

The door was pushed open. Hu Jue was standing outside. “Liu Yan. Brother Sen is looking for you.”   

They left the classroom. “You’d best give him some suggestions. I don’t think this place is suitable, it’s too open, like an island,” Hu Jue said quietly.

Liu Yan replied in a low voice, “Haven’t you noticed? He really wants to develop this place for the long-term, or else he wouldn’t have asked Meng Feng to search the area in such detail.”

Hu Jue nodded. Liu Yan asked, “How does it feel to kill someone?”

Hu Jue was quiet for a moment before he replied. “Honestly, it feels terrible. Have you sold your soul as well? How many have you killed?”

Liu Yan, “No. He tried to make me kill people, but I never listened to him.”

Hu Jue, “But most of the rations that we eat are given to us by him.”

“Yeah,” Liu Yan replied absentmindedly. “Whatever happens, Meng Feng can protect us. I hope he can be a bit safer.”

Hu Jue, “I’ll watch him closely, don’t worry. I never had the chance to say this, but I’m very grateful to you all for saving me.”

Liu Yan laughed. “It’s no big deal.”

Meng Feng gave Hu Jue a pat on his shoulder and said, “No need to say thank you, dear.”

The four of them went downstairs.


Lin Musen, “Liu Yan, do you think this place is suitable to live in?”

Liu Yan, “It’s not bad. There are enough classrooms. There are also dorm rooms at the back of the school. I can make some wind turbines, and we can stay here for the moment.”

Lin Musen nodded, satisfied. “Very good. I was thinking the same.”

Liu Yan, “Or we could stay here to pass the winter, and after winter…”

Lin Musen laughed, and passed a cigarette to him. Liu Yan licked his lips and accepted it. Lin Musen thought about it, then lit Liu Yan’s cigarette himself, with a hand on his shoulder and said, “You have to understand me. I also want to do it for the good of everyone.”

Liu Yan, “How do I say it…”

“You don’t need to,” Lin Musen said. “Just do it well.”

With his hand on Liu Yan’s shoulder, they walked across the basketball court in the wind. Liu Yan had to force himself not to look at that body, collapsed in a pool of its own blood.

“You and Hu Jue,” Lin Musen started to say. “are my left and right hands from now on. You don’t really know how to communicate with people, I know that. The nerdy types all don’t like to socialise with others. I heard that Qian Xuesen never participated in any kind of social entertainment…”

“Qian Zhongshu,” Liu Yan said.

Lin Musen’s smile was very intimate. “Anyways it’s the surname Qian. Brother Sen understands your kind of shut-in… scholarly types. So Brother Sen also understands that your personality isn’t really fit for managing. You can easily offend people. In the future, Hu Jue will take care of communications, and you’ll take care of construction. Our home is in your hands. Brother Sen won’t interfere with you. However many people you need, just let Hu Jue know. They’ll all listen to you.”

“Okay.” Liu Yan nodded.

Lin Musen had his cigarette held between his fingers, and he pointed at the excavator in the distance. “Can you modify that into a crane? We have to prepare to unload first. Come, I’ll help you.”

Liu Yan looked at that enormous excavator. He wanted to cry, but couldn’t shed a tear.

Of course, Lin Musen wouldn’t really help out with the work. Before long, his subordinates would make up some other excuse and call him away, and Liu Yan and a few others had to work all the way until 10pm in the night, exhausted beyond their limits, using the excavator as a crane to unload all their cargo.

Three days later, Zhang Min started training the survivors. The routine was the same as when they were at the chemical factory.

Meng and Liu Yan took some people out. Meng Feng took it one step at a time, carefully sweeping the village town twenty miles away from them. Liu Yan unlocked the circuit box at the driver’s seat, sparking the wires together until the car started, and drove one car after another back.

The nearby village had a limited range of equipment: old fashioned electric cars, motorbikes, tractors. The Northwest region had frequent power outages, so batteries and generators were in shocking abundance.

It was as if Liu Yan had found treasure. He picked up a whole pile of useful and abandoned things. The abandoned generators could simply be reworked, and almost all of them could be used.   

After half a month of running about, this intersection between Shanxi, Henan and Hubei could be considered their new place to settle down in.

Liu Yan always felt that this location wasn’t very good. It was a feeling that he couldn’t put into words, but Lin Musen was stubborn, and no one wanted to be the devil’s advocate. Just like what Meng Feng said, “How are you going to persuade him? Are you going to tell him there’s something wrong with the wind and water here?”

Since they were already here, Liu Yan could only settle down as well. He took apart the three flagpoles in the school, attaching ten or so fan blades to them to start to create three, ten metre tall windmills. This process took him nearly a month of his time. All his energy was used in his training. He was exhausted half to death after he finished his training in the day, so he couldn’t bear to ask anyone else to help him. 

Only Meng Feng, after his night patrols, and Liu Yan would turn on the generators in the middle of the empty field, and cut and weld and work all the way til two in the morning.   

Finally, on the day they would set up the generator, Lin Musen took the time out of his busy schedule to observe their results. He stood very far away, afraid that this contraption would explode.   

“We can use this thing?” Lin Musen called from afar. He thought that Liu Yan was just doing handicrafts.

Liu Yan took off his gloves. His hands were covered in blisters. He gave Lin Musen one look and said, “Not sure! I hope so!”

Lin Musen, “You used to do this before?”

Liu Yan, “No, this is my first time. It can be improved.”

Lin Musen, “Good luck. I support your inventions.” 

“All he can say is that he supports you.” Meng Feng muttered unhappily. “How do you say that I’ve been forced to labour for you these past two months?”

A multi-loop coil was pulled out, and the first round of energy fueled by the diesel generator was used to charge the magnetic coil full of magnetic energy.

“It’s called the power of love. Lin Musen isn’t the one who loves me. Haven’t you noticed the way he looks at us and at Zhang Min? It’s just a bit less guarded than when he looks at zombies…” Liu Yan said softly.

Meng Feng, “Why’s that?”

Liu Yan, “He’s afraid that we have AIDS.”

Meng Feng, “...”

Liu Yan, “Get ready, dear. Start praying.”

Meng Feng, “Pray for what, dear? Pray to who? Do you want me to kowtow to you?”

Liu Yan, “Pray that it doesn’t fail. Actually, I really want that pastor to come here and say a few words for me…”

Meng Feng said disapprovingly, “It’s fine. Isn’t science always like this? If it fails then just treat it as a way to strengthen your body. Not like it’s shameful…” As he spoke, he turned to Lin Musen. “Not like that guy knows what the hell we're doing anyway.”   

Meng Feng stood at the edge of the soil and observed, the wind whipping at him until his jacket was blowing wildly.

In the midst of the deafening wind and the buzz of the generator, he shouted and explained to Lin Musen, “This is just the first round of power supply! We have to use the fuel generator to magnetise the coil, and when the wind turns the turbines, it will generate electricity on its own and flow into the entire…”

Lin Musen, “No need to explain! Turn it on!”

The wind in the northwest region was so strong that the flagpoles were swaying and wobbling. Meng Feng pulled out the steel bar that had locked the turbines in place. Liu Yan turned off the generator, and switched to the power supply circuit.

In that instant, the sky and earth went quiet. Thirty turbine blades buzzed, becoming nothing more than a shadow in the violent wind. Just like a flower blooming magnificently in the crimson dusk, the magnetic coil was spinning at high speeds, cutting the magnetic field to generate electricity. Three signal lights lit up.

Through the thick cables scattered on the ground, the electrical current flowed off into the distance. The entire school flashed at first, signalling that the electricity had successfully flowed through.   

The school grounds were suddenly illuminated by bright lights. The children let out screams of delight, and everyone else cheered.

Lin Musen nodded his head, got into the electric car and headed back to the school building.  

Liu Yan and Meng Feng held hands, each of their hands covered in blisters. They walked down the hill they were on, and through the black wind that had been shaking the heavens and earth since eternity, they returned to their warm home.


October 1st, 2012   

There was no celebration on National Day. We greeted the first rays of light with cheers.

That groundbreaking light of Edison’s invention lit up our dark, endless nights. On the forty-seventh day after the zombie outbreak, electricity was back in our lives.

Our power supply can only act as simple lighting. Most of the electricity can be stored in the batteries. The wind turbines have to be maintained and oiled regularly. The next step in the plan is to prepare the Tesla high-voltage coils as a defense, hopefully it can be used to resist the zombies.

With electricity, there’s light, and there’s hope. The modified chip that Cui Xiaokun left behind can finally be put to use. The mystery from the military barracks one month ago can be solved.

I pulled up the footage. That day, the zombies that Meng Feng and Zhang Min killed were mostly scattered around. It seems like something strange happened in the middle of the pile of bodies.The zombies that had died their second death floated, as if there was no gravity, towards some point in the middle where they were sucked in and stuck together.

More and more bodies assembled towards that point, layer by layer. Thousands of bodies that had lost their ability to move, with destroyed brains, the flesh and blood joining together to form a standing, ten-metre giant creature.

It didn’t make any move at first, as though it was completing some kind of assembly or mutation. When the footage showed that it was about five hours in, the flesh giant was still standing. The battery ran out, and the image was gone.

What does this entail? I watched the footage over and over. I didn’t miss a single second of that boring five hour video, even showed it to anyone who might have had any idea of what happened, but no one was able to explain it, and no one was able to suggest anything about that image.

Everyone was astonished that the mutated zombies transformed again after death.

One more suspicious thing: This giant’s long strides, where was it going?

When Jue Ming finished watching the video, he said there seemed to be a flying saucer in the sky shooting down a beam of light, causing the zombie bodies to slowly float upwards and be sucked in together.

His idea is a bit unique, but the angle of the video was fixed at the time, and there was no way to turn it to look at the sky. I couldn’t see anything in the sky, but I feel that maybe where the infrared sensors could not capture, there is a “core”.

This core is possibly not visible to the naked eye? Maybe it gathered all the bodies. The idea of extraterrestrial life is a bit too inexplicable, and quite unlikely. The lead was broken just like that, so I can only put it aside for now. 

Meng Feng found quite a number of grain seeds in the nearby village. Hu Jue and I discussed it in detail earlier. In the coming spring, we could try to plant them. Although everyone is quite clueless and absolutely inexperienced when it comes to cultivation, at least Lin Musen’s stock of supplies will feed us for a long time.

Everything has to be given a shot first. I believe that before his ten-year supply of food runs out, we’ll be able to grow something.   

Meng Feng thinks that although the terrain is too plain and unfavourable, it’s not impossible to completely defend it. Zhang Min and I made detailed plans for the terrain and buildings. We considered the ideas of almost everyone who suggested things, including Lin Musen, though other than “Do the job well” and “I support you”, he couldn’t even say anything that made sense.

Instead, little policeman Deng Changhe mentioned the use of electricity on zombies.

He once used a 20,000 volt stun baton to flip over quite a few zombies. With that in consideration, as long as there’s electricity, everything is good to go. Meng Feng analysed the density of the zombies, and suggested that with an electric fence around the school grounds, it should be enough to fend off an attack of over thousands of zombies.

I designed a Tesla coil, and ran a few experiments on zombies on the road. The results were very good.

Combining the nail bomb, the electric fence and the Tesla coil, it won’t be hard to defend this place, but I really hope that we’ll be able to establish a real home this time. I don’t want to run anymore.

Who knows how many people are still alive on this big piece of land?

Who knows if, under this very sky, there are others like us, working hard to survive in the midst of the end of the world, waiting for hope to come.

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