Chapter 13.2 - Evolution

2013 (Doomsday)

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After long moments of wanton biting, kissing, and sucking, Liu Yan tangled his fingers in Meng Feng’s hair. It was like this action was calming down a ferocious lion, making Meng Feng become more gentle.

He focused on kissing the corners of Liu Yan’s lips, who reciprocated in kind. When their lips parted, he looked into Meng Feng’s eyes, and asked quietly, “Missed me?”

Meng Feng quietly nodded his head, and leaned his naked body back against the wall. Between his legs, his erection stood proudly, but he was in no hurry. He gestured for Liu Yan to rest his back against him. “Let me hold you for a while.”

Liu Yan sat between Meng Feng’s strong thighs, his back pressed against his muscled chest.

“Let’s first serve our little emperor well…” Meng Feng said quietly into Liu Yan’s ear. With one hand on Liu Yan’s chest, gently rubbing and pinching his nipples between his fingers, his other hand slid under his thin underwear, caressing as he followed the lines of his muscles and pulling his length out from his underwear.

The feeling was so pleasurable to Liu Yan that he started to moan, his body arching. He let Meng Feng pull his briefs down one leg. The undergarment was left loosely laying on his other thigh.

He leaned his head back on Meng Feng’s shoulder, feeling the slender fingers caressing his length. The way Meng Feng moved his hands had always been very good. It was something Liu Yan had always been infatuated with. During the days where he and Meng Feng were apart from each other, he would often hold the blanket and rub against it, imagining the warmth and perfect strength of his hands.

Meng Feng’s thumb massaged the head of Liu Yan’s cock, his other fingers sliding along the rest of it. It made Liu Yan’s toes curl and made him gasp for breath.

Meng Feng nibbled on his earlobe, and quietly said, “Remember to say when you’re coming.”

“I’m already… about to come…” Liu Yan’s vision was hazy, his gaze slightly out of focus.

Meng Feng’s hand didn’t stop moving until Liu Yan was begging nonstop. Meng Feng pressed on his erection with his thumb, his forefinger pressing at the base on his perineum. A strange, wave-like climax washed over Liu Yan, leaving him trembling.

White fluid slowly flowed out, following the length of his erection and sliding down along it. Meng Feng’s thumb pushed forward. The slow orgasm made Liu Yan’s eyes fill with tears.

“Ah… Ah…” Liu Yan leaned against Meng Feng, moaning loudly.

He hadn’t masturbated for so long. Meng Feng’s restrained, yet provocative way of using his hands was able to make Liu Yan stay on the verge of his climax for nearly ten seconds.

When the semen stopped dripping out, Meng Feng mused, “You’re still hard.”

Liu Yan struggled to nod his head. This was different from the pleasure that he got from immediate release after intense sexual acts. It was like adding a restriction to the climax, then letting it slowly fade away. He was still craving for another one, but Meng Feng was gazing at his erection, sticky and glistening with white fluid. He asked softly, “Feel good?”

Liu Yan made a soft noise in agreement and tilted his head. Meng Feng lowered his head to kiss him, and said, “Lift your leg up.”

Liu Yan obediently lifted up his leg and lay down a little bit. Meng Feng said in a low voice, “You’re only so obedient in bed… Can’t you be more gentle normally?”

Liu Yan, “Can’t you be more gentlemanly?”

Meng Feng, “You’re not even a woman, what should I be a gentleman for?”

Liu Yan answered sarcastically, “That’s right. I’m not even a woman, so what should I be gentle for?”

Meng Feng, “...”

Liu Yan, “Your finger…”

Meng Feng wiped some of Liu Yan’s cum onto his entrance behind, and gently inserted his finger inside. “Relax.”

Liu Yan’s breath wouldn’t stop trembling. Meng Feng’s actions were very slow and very gentle. Liu Yan said, “I thought you would fuck me directly.”

Meng Feng moved to the side a little bit, gesturing for Liu Yan to turn around and ride on his waist. Meng Feng’s cock was thick and hot. In the past, when he and Liu Yan had sex, Liu Yan often liked to joke and say that he was some breed of horse, as tall as a Westerner, with the huge size of a Westerner as well.

The hair under Meng Feng’s arms and between his legs was dense. The hair under his belly formed a triangle. His impressive cock stood upright, strong and sexy.

Liu Yan had taken a measuring tape and measured it once – 18 centimetres, and it was so thick, that every time it was inside, it was so painful, like it was going to tear him.

Of course, Meng Feng was always anxious and in a hurry, so the foreplay was always sloppy. Liu Yan didn’t like it that way.

This time, Meng Feng prepared properly. He patted his waist, gesturing for Liu Yan to come sit and ride him, saying, “This time, you can do it yourself.”

Liu Yan, “You’re not going to force it?”

Meng Feng, “Do you like it when I force it in?”

Liu Yan held Meng Feng’s huge girth in his hand. It was hot and well-muscled, with big glans and a tangle of veins all along it, showing that it was obviously swollen.

Both of them held their breaths. Liu Yan tried hard to relax, and guided the head of it into his entrance, using all the strength in his body to slowly lower himself.

Meng Feng was as hard as iron. As it slowly went deeper, bit by bit, Liu Yan gritted his teeth. When more than half of it was inside him, he said quietly, “I don’t like it when you force it, it hurts.”

Meng Feng replied softly, “And now? How does it feel?”

Liu Yan let out a breath, feeling Meng Feng’s huge cock slowly pushing inside him, his face flushed. He groaned, “This feels much better than before. Don’t move too fast.”

“I want to make you feel good.” Meng Feng appreciated the way Liu Yan did such seductive movements while having a shameful expression on his face. He propped himself up on his elbows and mumbled, “I was too anxious last time, it was my fault.”

“It’s fine…” Liu Yan shut his eyes, the feeling of his ass being filled was a very real and very intense feeling, almost making him ejaculate again. Meng Feng’s strong arms wrapped around his waist to keep him upright. Liu Yan moaned again, and they held each other tightly.

Liu Yan hugged Meng Feng’s head, burying his face by his ear, muttering broken words that didn’t make sense.

Meng Feng rubbed Liu Yan’s waist and shoulders. Without even starting to move, Liu Yan was already so happy that he was almost going crazy. They kissed each other frantically, until they were out of breath, their tongues tangling together, as though making up for all the years they had been apart.

Liu Yan did his best to sit down, pushing Meng Feng’s cock deeper inside. Meng Feng asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Liu Yan: “No… No, it doesn’t, it feels really… good.”

Meng Feng slowly started to thrust. Liu Yan whined, wanting to shout a few times, but his mouth was covered by Meng Feng.

The two of them started in this sitting position, slowly moving in halting motions, until Liu Yan begged for him to go deeper. He held onto Meng Feng’s shoulders, and Meng Feng changed their position, laying Liu Yan on the bed, and then lying on top of him to quicken his movements.

Liu Yan’s eyes were full of tears. He would turn his head to the sides but Meng Feng grabbed his chin. He tried several times to escape Meng Feng’s gaze, but each time Meng Feng would slide almost all the way out, the tip teasing Liu Yan’s entrance, and mutter, “Look at me… Come, look at me.”

After saying that, he gave a deep thrust. Liu Yan let out a loud moan, and Meng Feng kissed him fiercely, sealing his lips.

Meng Feng lingered over the kiss, intimately kissing the bridge of his nose and the corners of his mouth. His hips moved in a rush of thrusts and pulls. Liu Yan’s eyes glazed over as he stared at the ceiling, his neck covered in wet, red marks and his length dragging back and forth across Meng Feng’s firm abdominal muscles, almost bringing him to his climax.

“Call me your husband.” Meng Feng stopped his movements, patting Liu Yan’s hair, “Call me husband, and your husband will reward you.”

Liu Yan looked at Meng Feng’s handsome and determined face, and his lips moved soundlessly.

Meng Feng thrust forward harshly. Liu Yan trembled and cried out. It was followed by a series of fierce thrusts, until Liu Yan blacked out several times. A pleasure that was hard to describe came from both front and back. He ejaculated again, and this time it was a complete climax. He could feel Meng Feng releasing inside of him like a beast. Until the storm stopped, Meng Feng hugged his shoulders, burying his face in his collarbone and slowly panting.

Liu Yan’s entrance was twitching, the afterglow from his climax still not completely receded. He touched Meng Feng’s head, his finger teasing circles in his ear. Meng Feng lifted his head to look at him, and kissed his neck.

Liu Yan slowly panted. Meng Feng kissed him for a very long time, sucking hard. Finally, a sexy mark was left on Liu Yan’s neck, in a very obvious place.

“My turn,” Liu Yan laughed.

Meng Feng pulled his length out of Liu Yan, and sat on the bed, using a towel to clean Liu Yan’s rear, which was overflowing with his semen. Then he lowered his head, his face going slightly red. He didn’t say anything. He used the towel to convey the words he wanted to say, wiping Liu Yan clean.

Liu Yan turned his body, and hugged Meng Feng’s neck, sucking and kissing along his sexy neck. Meng Feng’s skin became a little darker. Liu Yan sucked on it for a long time, but the kiss mark wasn’t obvious at all. In the end, he just bit on it.

“All right, all right,” Meng Feng said. “You’re just like a zombie. Go to sleep. Does this mean we’re back together?”

Liu Yan, “You tell me.”

Meng Feng laughed. In his heart, he felt a little warm, and a little sad.

He pushed the bed to one side so that it was together with Liu Yan’s, then bridal-carried Liu Yan to the side of the bed near the wall, pulled up the blanket, and held him to sleep.

That night, Liu Yan couldn’t sleep as usual, but not because of other things. It was because Meng Feng didn’t say any affectionate words. He had fallen asleep after three minutes, then proceeded to snore loudly.

4:30AM, Liu Yan’s moment of love and enthusiasm had passed. Finally unable to stand it any longer, he sent Meng Feng out of the bed with a kick.

It was all finally over. After the autumn rain, the weather gradually grew colder. The next day, Liu Yan asked people to move the workbench to the courtyard, under the sycamore tree. In the yard full of yellow leaves, he started modifying the firearms.

With six AK rifles in his hands, Liu Yan was tasked with converting them into training guns.

He took apart one of the guns and recorded the parts down onto a blueprint. He entered into a very long, extremely focused state of mind.

There was no longer any need for Jue Ming to hide in the room. Lin Musen only saw him once, and expressed just the right amount of fondness towards him, but did not express any excessive enthusiasm, as though he was afraid he would piss Zhang Min off. He had heard reports from his subordinates. There wasn’t a shred of doubt that Zhang Min could use a shotgun and blow his brains out from the rooftop a hundred steps’ distance away. Lin Musen thought and thought about how to give Jue Ming a job that wasn’t too tiring. In the end, he let Jue Ming help out in the kitchen.

As usual, Meng Feng and Zhang Min were in charge of patrols. As a reward for bringing back the weapons, everyone received a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Hennessy XO.

In the afternoon, a gunshot sounded outside. Of the people that Zhang Min injected the serum with, one of them had turned into a zombie.

Liu Yan had gone outside to take a look, and sighed. Looking at Wang Hui again, his situation was also very bad. He couldn’t move anymore, as the injury on his waist was festering onto the rest of his body.

Zhang Min sat atop a rock, his eyes rimmed with red, staring at the river without a word.

“It’s no use,” Zhang Min said. “The serum didn’t work.”

“You did your best,” Liu Yan told him.

Zhang Min nodded silently, and then asked, “Was it because the dosage was too weak?”

“If you let anymore blood, you’ll die. Don’t think about it. I’ll ask Senior Fang tonight.”

Zhang Min sighed, interlocking his fingers together and massaging his brows and nose. “Sometimes, giving someone the hope of survival, but letting that hope go to ruin is really very cruel,” he said.

Liu Yan laughed. “If you don’t try, how will you know? Go and find Jue Ming. He’s the person who needs you the most.”

With a tired nod, Zhang Min got up and returned to the factory.

“Potatoes are good and with some canned beef, the taste is good and will fill you up…” Auntie Yu nattered on and on. Jue Ming was beside her, facing a big basket of potatoes, his eyes were round and staring straight ahead.

“Look at you, you’re so soft,” Auntie Yu said. “Do the adults at home not let you do work? Ah? My nephew is the same age as you. He never knew how to cook, and can’t even tell the difference between oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar…”

Jue Ming held a potato, and slid the blade of the peeler down, cutting into the potato.

Auntie Yu, “Hey! That won’t work, that won’t work! Look at how auntie peels it…”

With a big basket of potatoes and a big bowl of carrots in the dark kitchen, Jue Ming felt the taste of tragedy rising in his heart.

“Let me.” Zhang Min took the small knife from Jue Ming, and said quietly, “How would he be able to do this?”

Auntie Yu retorted, “You can’t always pamper him. He doesn’t know how to do anything, how can that be?”

“Oh?” Zhang Min looked at the potato for a moment, his mood suddenly improving. He laughed, “Darling, what is this that you drew?”

On the potato in Jue Ming’s hand, two thick eyebrows were drawn on with charcoal, along with manhua-like eyes. It was exactly Zhang Min’s portrait.

Zhang Min put his ‘potato head’ to the side, and pulled over the basket of potatoes. He asked, “Where did these come from?”

Auntie Yu, “That time when you all went out, they went to Yu Town and dug them up. There are more planted in the back.”

Zhang Min nodded. “Leave it to me. You can head outside and take a walk.”

Auntie Yu wiped her hands on her apron and took up the offer readily. She stretched and went outside for a stroll.

The mantous steaming in the kitchen let off white steam as they bubbled away. Zhang Min moved a small stool behind Jue Ming and sat down, half-embracing him in his arms, affectionately caressing and kissing him as he peeled the potatoes. Jue Ming’s side was pillowed on Zhang Min’s collarbone. He was very comfortable, and he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Meng Feng sat on the rooftop wall at the factory’s dormitory. A sniper rifle was propped up in front of him, scoped on the shore across the river in the distance. He ate fried soybeans while he mulled things over.

Liu Yan sat on the ground, leaning his back against the rooftop wall, and asked, “How do I solve simulating the recoil on the practice guns? I can never fit the spring in.”

Meng Feng, “I thought you knew everything, Mr. Top Student?

Liu Yan, “I’m formally asking for your guidance, Sergeant Meng Feng.”

Meng Feng casually took the gun over. He didn’t even look at it, just fiddled with it by patting and pressing. He asked, “Have you told Lin Musen?”

Liu Yan and Meng Feng had many years of chemistry. With only the first half of the sentence said, the other could understand the second half. Liu Yan lazily replied, “I told him. He can give up on the idea already.”

Meng Feng sighed. “Poor Zhang Min. After a few days, who knows, Lin Musen might want the killer to pay with his life. Do you know why he killed that fatty?”

Liu Yan raised his eyebrows. Meng Feng said seriously, “Lin Musen’s subordinates said it before last time. When they just arrived in Yu Town, that golden toothed fatty raped and killed three children. In the apocalypse, conscience and morality all disappear. Lin Musen killed those childrens’ parents. The fatty took those children – not even ten years old – back, locked them in his room…" At that moment, Zhang Min’s expression changed. So when Jue Ming was eyed by that fatty, that’s why he reacted so violently. You shouldn’t have brought Jue Ming.”

Liu Yan shivered. “How would I have known? Jue Ming hid himself in the car.”

Meng Feng, “Do you know what Lin Musen used to do last time?”

Liu Yan thought about it, and didn’t have an answer. Meng Feng said, “None of the people here are good. His subordinates will occasionally look for Zhang Min and I to play cards with, to win some cigarettes. I found out quite a lot. Lin Musen used to be a drug trafficker. Don’t you think the look in his eyes is…”

Yes.” Liu Yan immediately remembered something. “I wondered how come it seemed like there was something off about his eyes. It’s like he’s fearful every day, like he has the mentality that he’ll lose his life any moment.”

Meng Feng spoke up again. “That Wang Hui. He was convicted for rape. Even Li Song, who showed us the way, used to beat those unpaid migrant workers for a living. He’d catch one, put them in a bag and beat them to death…”

Liu Yan, “Oh. Then what secret did you use to exchange this information with?”

Meng Feng said nonchalantly, “None. I have such upright morals, do I look like someone who would commit crimes?”

Liu Yan, “At least make up some little flaws or something, like tax evasion, not flushing after using public toilets…”

Meng Feng, “You stop it!”

Liu Yan laughed. After a moment of contemplative silence, he spoke. “Now the serum is useless. If Lin Musen wants Zhang Min to make up for the loss of that fatty’s life, will you help Zhang Min?”

Meng Feng said plainly, “Of course. He’s my friend too. Lin Musen won’t make things hard for him now. He still has value. Your gun is fixed. Do you want to have a taste of my ‘big steel cannon’ now?”

Liu Yan, “Isn’t it your turn to have a taste of mine? Hm? There are people watching below. Do you want to wave hello to them from the rooftop while tasting it? I promise you’ll look totally normal, I won’t touch your chest…”

Meng Feng laughed. He roughly wrapped his arms around Liu Yan, pushing him towards the railing of the rooftop, pressing closely against him from behind. He lifted his head and yelled into the distance, “Philosopher! Is it time to eat?”

On the other side of the river, Xie Fenghua still sat. She lifted her head and looked at Meng Feng who was in the distance, and waved her hand in greeting.

Beside her lay a man. That person couldn’t stop gasping for air. It just so happened to be the member who was released one day ago – Wang Hui.

His face was ashen, like that of a corpse. His waist was starting to discharge pus, the injury becoming deeper and deeper, exposing the blackish-purple organs inside. Xie Fenghua wet a handkerchief and placed it on his forehead.

Wang Hui, "I can't go on… I… I…"

“Stay strong.” Xie Fenghua said, distraught. “Look, the weather is very nice today.”

Wang Hui opened his cloudy eyes, fixing his gaze on the sky that was so clear it was as if it had been washed. Big, pure white clouds slowly floated by, casting shadows on the endless stretch of mountains and dark green fields of grass.

“The w… wind feels… really… nice…” Wang Hui wheezed. “I never… noticed the scenery here… was s… so beautiful. I really… want to… look at it for a few more days…”

Xie Fenghua fought to hold back the tears in her eyes. She whispered, “Mm. Hold on. Don’t die.”

Wang Hui, “Little girl… Thank… Thank you for taking care of me… I’m not… a good person…”

Xie Fenghua sobbed softly. Wang Hui spoke again, with much difficulty. “I thought… I would die… alone…”

Xie Fenghua, “Hold on, Wang Hui. I’ll call your brothers over.”

Wang Hui, “D… Don’t. Leave it… I’m… not going to make it.”

Wang Hui was semi-lying on the grass. He propped himself up on his elbows, and slowly crawled towards the river.

“Don’t move!” Xie Fenghua stepped forward frantically. “Lie down!”

Wang Hui, “Don’t follow... Don’t come… I… won’t know who I am in a moment… Stay away from me… I can’t hurt… you.”

“No, no.” Liu Yan said anxiously. “Don’t mess around. He doesn’t look good.”

Meng Feng immediately stopped in the middle of undoing Liu Yan’s pants. He pulled up his sniper rifle, the butt of it propped on his shoulder. He positioned the sights in front of his eyes, and closed an eye.

Meng Feng muttered. “Liu Yan, do you see? What’s going on?”

Liu Yan leaned over the railing, picking up his binoculars to peer curiously at the riverside.

  The binoculars turned towards the already zombified Wang Hui. Its left foot took a step towards Xie Fenghua, then stayed in that position. After a moment, it moved its leg back.

The zombie swayed for a moment. Xie Fenghua stood under the tree, dazed.

After who knows how long, amidst the babbling of the river water, it was as if Wang Hui’s corpse lost all of its memories, and walked towards Xie Fenghua. She slowly retreated backwards, looking all around her. She shouted, “Is anyone there!”

Liu Yan, “Take a shot and see. Shoot the left arm.”

Meng Feng pulled the trigger firmly. With a bang, the bullet tore through 600 metres of empty air, that one shot smashing apart Wang Hui’s arm. The broken arm flew off with pieces of meat and a flurry of fresh blood. The corpse only tilted to the side slightly, and didn’t fall. It turned around, as though looking for the source of the attack.

Meng Feng took another shot, blowing apart the zombie’s head. The headless corpse lost its ability to move, and collapsed into the river where it was carried down by the stream.

Liu Yan dropped everything and ran out of the factory, wading across the river. Meng Feng first went to examine the corpse. Liu Yan asked Xie Fenghua, “When he stood up again, what did he say to you?”

Xie Fenghua, “Nothing. He didn’t say anything, he just… looked at me.”

Liu Yan, “Shit. What is going on?”

Meng Feng, “Maybe Wang Hui wasn’t dead yet just now.”

Liu Yan felt a chill run down his spine. “Exactly why I asked you to shoot his arm, to make sure if he was dead or not. He must have been dead. It’s not possible.”

He was dangerously close to saying that word out loud, but he firmly swallowed it down.

Half an hour later, Fang Xiaolei – who had been called over – stood by the river, listening to the three witnesses describe the happenings in detail.

In her hand, she fiddled with a small tube of nitric acid. She was silent for a very long time, before finally saying, “You thought right. There is a good possibility that some independent thought can be retained.”

Liu Yan could only feel his heart beating hard. His voice trembled. “Independent thought or… remnants of memories? Only this zombie had it, or this wasn’t discovered before. In reality, all other zombies are like this?”

Fang Xiaolei slowly shook her head, at a loss. “Based on this incident earlier, I’ve never seen a second example of it.”

Liu Yan, “You’re sure?”

Fang Xiaolei lifted her head to look at Liu Yan. “During my father’s change… There was no sign of it.”

Liu Yan nodded, and closed his eyes. “I’m really sorry.”

Fang Xiaolei nodded. “It’s alright. It’s very possible that… there has been a mutation again.”

Liu Yan opened his eyes. “A mutation that has occurred more than twice? Because of the serum?”

Fang Xiaolei, “It can be confirmed that it happened at least twice. Maybe there are more.”

Liu Yan, “This can’t be defined as a mutation anymore. The virus is reflected in biological individuals, a catalysed change from the inside out…”

“Yes.” Fang Xiaolei slowly nodded. “I don’t quite believe in this word, but right now it’s the only one that can be used to explain it.”

“What is it called?” Meng Feng asked.

“Evolution,” Fang Xiaolei said softly.

Muffled sounds came from far in the west. The very ground seemed to shake slightly. There was no telling if it was the thunder brewing in the earth and skies before the last rains of autumn, or the explosions that befell the Huanan military barracks.

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