Chapter 42.1 - Captive

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The resentment was visibly gathering and rising; it looked similar to a whirlwind soaring into the sky. Chen Xing was shrouded by the bleak and intense gale, and he was trying his best to control the rattle drum. The resentment first put up a pretense of an intense struggle before it transformed into a huge ancient mythical beast Zheng.

Five tails, one horn, and shaped like a scarlet panther —— Zheng's resentful spirit was constantly struggling inside the whirlwind, making a roar that sounded as if a boulder had crashed into something: a sound which traveled for a hundred li. At the moment when Zheng appeared, the living corpses stopped attacking the city. They all turned away from the battlefield and focused on Chen Xing.

"Get it back!" Zhou Zhen shouted desperately.

Unaffected by the rattle drum, the Rouran cavalry turned around one after another from the city and towards the battlefield. Karakorum, which had been nearly captured, was suddenly under less pressure. The tribes weakened the enemies before coming out to support the Great Chanyu, Xiang Shu.

This resentment is too strong… It's even harder to control than the Yin Yang Mirror.

Even though Chen Xing had familiarized himself with all kinds of magic powers since he was a child, it was still extremely difficult to deal with this level of powerful magical artifacts. Not to mention that the resentment wrapped around the rattle drum was also constantly looking for ways to break into his heart, wanting to swallow and become one with him.

I can't hold on any longer! The surrounding living corpses were gradually showing signs of getting out of control. Chen Xing tried his best to shake the rattle drum.

With a 'dong' sound, hundreds of thousands of living corpses followed the command of the rattle drum in Chen Xing's hand and changed directions. Xiang Shu urged his horse, swinging his sword as he rushed towards Che Luofeng.

"Shulü Kong?!" Che Luofeng was gasping for breath.

Xiang Shu held his broadsword in one hand, standing in front of Chen Xing and blocking Che Luofeng.

"Che Luofeng!" Xiang Shu suddenly shouted, "Explain all this to me!"

"Xiang Shu… Xiang Shu…" Chen Xing's heart suffered a heavy blow after activating the magical artifact. He gasped constantly and was already a little unsteady. Putting one hand on his chest, he kept swaying from side to side and was about to fall into the snow.

Che Luofeng sneered, stooping over a bit as he watched Xiang Shu's every move.

In front of him was Che Luofeng and behind him was Chen Xing who was on the verge of collapse. Xiang Shu was absent-minded for a split second. It wasn't the time to bother with Che Luofeng; he should take care of Chen Xing. Or else, when the Rouran cavalry returned, both of them would certainly be sandwiched between them. Once they charged in, even if Xiang Shu had heavenly skills, he wouldn't be able to guarantee Chen Xing's safety.

"Can you hold on?" Xiang Shu's eyes were all focused on Che Luofeng's movements. To carry Chen Xing and take care of Che Luofeng simultaneously was truly difficult.

"I'm fine," Chen Xing was really having trouble breathing and could nearly not keep his hold on the rattle drum, "You go… they'll come back soon… just leave me! Quick! Go!"

From afar, the Rouran cavalry returned and quickly gathered around them. Che Luofen's face was full of bitterness. Just as he was about to attack him, Xiang Shu finally made his choice. He actually abandoned Che Luofeng and coldly said: "Xiao Shan! Go!"

Then he took Chen Xing onto his horse, turned around, and broke through the encirclement!

Xiao Shan grabbed a horse, got on it, then chased after Xiang Shu.

This action immediately stunned Che Luofeng. His face showed a completely lost expression, staring blankly as he watched Xiang Shu leave.

Xiang Shu placed Chen Xing onto the horse before quickly changing the horse's direction. Nearly 200,000 living corpses suddenly changed their targets and advanced towards the Rouran cavalry! The army of living corpses was followed by Chen Xing and Xiang Shu. The two men were then followed by the Tiele, Xiongnu, and other cavalry members.

Zhou Zhen didn't expect that the living corpses would suddenly attack them instead. He thought that after the Silence of All Magic, no one would be able to activate any magical artifacts anymore. In a panic, he hastily gave out an order, but it was too late because the Rouran cavalry in front of him had already been crushed. The living corpses swarmed and trampled on them; the whole army was suddenly in chaos.

Zhou Zhen shouted: "How can you activate the magical artifact refined by the blood of My Lord?!"

"I am the Great Exorcist," Chen Xing said in a cold voice.

Xiang Shu had ridden his horse to the center of the Rouran army. In front of him, the heavy sword swept away five or six cavalrymen blocking his way. Chen Xing held Xiang Shu's waist, repeatedly gasping for breath. His heart faintly ached because the power he had used to activate the rattle drum had caused the Heart Lamp to become constantly eroded by resentment.

"Give me the power of Heart Lamp!" Xiang Shu shouted.

Chen Xing tightly hugged Xiang Shu's waist. He leaned on his back, closed his eyes, and immediately increased the Heart Lamp's strength.

Xiang Shu shook his broadsword, wanting to turn it into a longbow, but unexpectedly, the broadsword shone and changed shape again —— this time becoming a 6 chi pole. Xiang Shu was stunned at first, but soon, he wielded that pole as if he was wielding a long halberd. He swung it repeatedly from left to right, making it so that people could only see some light wheel clearing the army, and all the cavalrymen blocking the way were cleared away from the horse!

Zhou Zhen was immediately frightened and instinctively sensed that this divine weapon was the bane of his existence. He dared not fight anymore; he turned his horse and quickly retreated, but Xiang Shu, wielding immense power, rapidly closing in!

Then, when the pole was thrust, the Heart Lamp's pure light visibly released a raging fire. Zhou Zhen's back robe was in the blast radius, and it began to burn. At the last minute, just when the fire was about to completely hit Zhou Zhen and his horse, there was suddenly a 'hum' sound before they all faded away.

Chen Xing fell on Xiang Shu's back. His grip unconsciously loosened, and the back of Xiang Shu's leather armor was soaked by a mouthful of blood.

Xiang Shu: "Chen Xing?!"

"Bastard——!" Che Luofeng came back and shouted, "Shulü Kong!"

He ferociously bumped against the side of Xiang Shu's horse. Che Luofeng was dressed in heavy armor and thought Xiang Shu would fight him, but unexpectedly, the person he cared about the most didn't even look at him. The resentment in his heart had reached its limit, and at once, heedless of life and death, he slammed his horse with Xiang Shu's, clutching at the idea of taking Xiang Shu down with him.

Chen Xing had already fainted, and half of his body was hanging down off the horse. Being bumped by Che Luofeng, Xiang Shu immediately reached out to grab Chen Xing, but he was a step behind in the end. Reinforcements poured in, and since they were situated at the front of the two armies, Xiang Shu and Chen Xing were both knocked down. Zhou Zhen just wanted to take the rattle drum, and he shouted: "Che Luofeng! The artifact!"

Like a tide, the two armies collided with each other. Chen Xing's consciousness gradually disappeared, and there was only darkness before his eyes.

Am I dying? It's too soon… It's not time yet.

Chen Xing was about to completely lose consciousness, but he was still clenching the rattle drum in his hand and instinctively refused to let go. Right at the moment his consciousness blurred, he seemed to see an extremely strange sight.

It was a world seen from another person's eyes. The room was distorted all around, and the walls were covered in blood vessels. However, it only took a short time before the owner of those eyes found him. In an instant, it was as if he had looked straight into his heart, and somehow, their consciousness seemed to be connected to each other.

"The Heart Lamp's host?" A hoarse voice said, "Unexpectedly, you're able to come here through my blood. Well, currently, in the entire Divine Land, you and I are the only ones who have magical power."

"Wake up!" A strange teenager's voice said inside Chen Xing's consciousness, "It's not yet time to give up!"

Chen Xing suddenly opened his eyes, and countless scenes loudly shattered. That sound seemed to expel his consciousness from thousands of miles away.

The scene in front of him was sometimes blurred and sometimes clear. A cold wind was blowing, and few snowflakes fell on his face. A hand covered in an ice-cold iron glove pinched his chin, slightly lifting up his head.

What's this place? The moment Chen Xing regained consciousness, he knew he was being held captive.

The surroundings were all shrouded by clouds and mist, and the clouds revealed a part of a mountain ridge: Yin Mountains' summit, Huhebashi Mountain's highest peak. On a small clearing stood two black-armored shadow generals, as well as Che Luofeng who was sitting on the ground, disheveled and gasping for breath.

Zhou Zhen stood on one side, fixing his eyes at the rattle drum on the stone.

Chen Xing moved his wrist only to find himself tied up by an ice-cold iron chain. It was freezing to the point that even a drop of water would turn into ice, and there was a layer of frost on the iron chain. He thought to himself: You guys go this far just for me? Tie me up with such a heavy chain? Even if I wasn't tied up, I still couldn't get away ba.

As soon as Chen Xing woke up, Che Luofeng and Zhou Zhen guardedly looked at him.

Among the two black-armored generals, one of them tried to lift Chen Xing up, but the other stopped him.

Chen Xing vaguely recognized the armor and recognized that the person who had wanted to lift him up should be Sima Yue. As for the other one, he didn't know who that was.

The armor that these black-armored generals used was almost exactly the same, and they all wore helmets that covered their whole face, making it impossible to tell them apart.

Sima Yue turned around and walked towards Zhou Zhen.

"Now what?" A hoarse voice came from inside the armor.

This guy can talk?! Chen Xing was startled when he heard the sound.

At first, when he regarded this group of people, he had just done it casually and thought they were the same as other living corpses driven by pure instinct. Turned out though, it seemed that they were more advanced than the usual living corpses. Being able to talk proved that they have their own will. Sima Lun, who he had met back in Chang'an, might have just been reluctant to speak.

Zhou Zhen didn't answer and only looked at Che Luofeng. Che Luofeng then looked at Chen Xing with a gaze full of hatred.

"I handed over the drought fiend army that Shi Hai-daren had built in this place into your hands," Sima Yue said in a hoarse voice that sounded like weapons rasping together, "because you told me that you still had the 60,000 Rouran cavalry. How about now?"

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I remembered when I first read this part… when I read that Chen Xing vomited blood and lost consciousness, my heart went thump thump thump like crazy huhuhuhuhu

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Haruki Natsuyu
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I want to sympathize with CLF but I can’t. It is not an excuse to kill the innocents too just because someone you love died. Bastard, die!

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Thank you so much for translating this novel

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Wow, what was that thing that Chen Xing saw in his unconscious state??!! Blood vessels!?
Thanks for this fast-paced chapter with a lot of words I bet you don’t see too often for translation!

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thanks for the chapter! love your t/n as always. im ded, lol imagine XS swinging that long weapon around

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