Chapter 42.2 - Captive

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There was another black-armored general standing next to Chen Xing, but he never said a word. Chen Xing shot him a quick glance. For some reason, he felt that the general seemed a bit familiar. He kept feeling as though he had seen this kind of armor somewhere before. Nah, I've only seen three so far: Sima Lun who is already dead, Sima Yue, and the one in Longzhong Mountain….

Sima Wei!

This man was the Jin Dynasty's Chu Prince, Sima Wei! And was also the first black-armored general that Chen Xing had seen! That night, he had looked at him in a hurry and wasn't able to see his face clearly, but sure enough, this guy had also appeared!

It was clear that Zhou Zhen had lost a bit of his confidence. He answered: "We've stationed the Rouran's invincible army in the Yin Mountains. Shulü Kong will certainly come to save this boy. At that time, we'll be hidden while they'll be out in the open…"

"You always theorize with no real practice," the black-armored general Sima Yue mocked. "You think you're one step ahead of your enemies, but in the end, you're still caught off-guard."

"I didn't expect this kid could use the Zheng Drum," Zhou Zhen moved towards Chen Xing, but the two black-armored generals stood in front of Chen Xing and kept him away.

Sima Yue replied, "Zhou Zhen, an army of 200,000 drought fiends is already in your hands. Can you and your companion capture Shulü Kong alive, or not?"

Chen Xing looked from between the two generals' leg armor and saw Che Luofeng's ferocious and angry eyes.

Che Luofeng suddenly said: "I have an idea."

"We can kill this boy," said Che Luofeng in a low voice. "If we hang his corpse in this place, when Shulü Kong sees it, he will be a mess. Take advantage of that…"

"Fool!" Sima Yue said coldly, "I feel like you're the one who should be killed!"

Sima Yue drew a sword, and Zhou Zhen immediately stood in front of Che Luofeng, saying in a deep voice, "General!"

Infighting, infighting… Although he didn't know the exact details, Chen Xing could roughly speculate a thing or two: these people were most likely sent by Shi Hai. Only, he didn't know whether the so-called "My Lord" was referring to Chiyou or to Shi Hai —— it didn't matter anyway. Maybe, Shi Hai had made enough arrangements in the North over the years and had resurrected 200,000 living corpses before handing them over to Sima Yue.

And now, Zhou Zhen had taken over the command of the army. With an addition of 60,000 Rouran cavalry, he wanted to make an effort to capture Longcheng. But at the last minute, Chen Xing had gotten the rattle drum and turned the tide of war. Currently, the drought fiend army had been exhausted, and the two black-armored generals had become very dissatisfied.

Keep fighting ah… You continue to fight among yourselves! Don't stop! Chen Xing was full of expectations.

Sima Yue said in a deep voice: "Step aside."

"Drought Fiend King," Zhou Zhen also said coldly, "this is Shi Hai-daren's order."

"Shi Hai didn't order you to entangle yourself with the Rourans again." Sima Yue said, "In this life and the afterlife, you've already belonged to Our Lord. You must forget your past identity. If you keep persisting about the mortal behind you, Benwang won't mind dealing with him for you."

Zhou Zhen exhaled deeply. Sima Yue put down his sword, summoned a flock of crows, jumped off the cliff, and disappeared.

Zhou Zhen glanced at Che Luofeng, whose face was showing an extremely complicated expression, then said: "I'll set up an ambush for Shulü Kong. Capture him alive or what?"

Che Luofeng was silent for a long time and finally said: "If you can't capture him alive, just kill him and bring his body back. It's all the same."

"As it should've been a long time ago," Zhou Zhen said. "Things wouldn't have progressed this far if it hadn't been for your plea…"

"I was wrong!" Che Luofeng said, "I was wrong, all right?!"

Zhou Zhen turned around, also jumped off the cliff, and disappeared.

The top of the mountain quieted down again, leaving Sima Wei, Chen Xing, and Che Luofeng. Che Luofeng sat down, minding his own business. He bowed his head and applied resin to his bow's bowstring.

Chen Xing knew that currently, Xiang Shu must've tried his best to come up with a method to save him, and it was possible that he had already led an army to heavily surround the mountain. However, while the 16 Hu cavalry might be experts in fighting on the plains and weren't afraid of any assault, the same couldn't be said about fighting in the mountains.

This platform on the top of the mountain, which covered an area of no more than ten zhang, was covered in thin snow, and there were also several stone pillars jutting out all around the area. Chen Xing didn't know which group of people had offered sacrifices to heaven here. Chen Xing moved the iron chain and made a noise, thinking about how to find a way to escape.

Standing on the side, Sima Wei turned his head slightly and looked at Chen Xing.

Why isn't this guy talking? Chen Xing thought that maybe, by listening to him, he could find out some information regarding this Shi Hai's group. What about the scene I saw when I was in a coma? Who was that teenager whose voice spoke to me in the dream?

Chen Xing dragged the chain and moved about, making a small sound. Che Luofeng stopped his actions and looked at him.

Chen Xing stopped moving.

Che Luofeng looked at Chen Xing and said in a cold voice: "Do you know how the Rourans tortured prisoners of war?"

Chen Xing replied: "I don't know. But these days, I've seen how the Rourans torture their own people."

This sentence immediately stabbed Che Luofeng's sore spot, and his face changed. He said coldly, "Han dog, what do you know? You're all bastards…"

Suddenly, from the side, the silent Sima Wei turned and drew his sword. Che Luofeng at this time actually forgot that the corpse was a member of the Jin royal family before he had died; he instinctively got up and wanted to retreat.

Sima Wei moved his sword, and Che Luofeng hurriedly parried it, but the sword was as fast as lightning, and it was immediately put to Che Luofeng's neck!

Chen Xing, who was forgotten, watched the hustle-and-bustle. When he saw such a maneuver, he couldn't help but applaud in his heart. He didn't know martial arts, but after staying with Xiang Shu for a long time, he could roughly see that this kind of "not letting the opponent dodge and blocking their exit" move had an extremely high difficulty.

Che Luofeng dared not say anything more. Sima Wei withdrew his sword as if nothing had happened.

Chen Xing glanced at Sima Wei, and thus, he was no longer afraid of Che Luofeng.

"All of you have drunk the Devil God's blood ma?" Chen Xing thought for a moment and said, "How did Zhou Zhen sway you? Did he say that if you drank his potion, you would be able to lead your people to eternal life?"

Chen Xing observed Che Luofeng and saw that his complexion wasn't quite right anymore. When it came to those Rouran cavalries, most of them had this blue, gloomy complexion. It was a little different from the blue, ashen looks of Zhou Zhen, a man who had been dead for a long time.

Che Luofeng's body was slowly changing, Chen Xing just didn't know whether he still felt pain or not.

"Eternal life?" Che Luofeng smiled in disdain, "I just wanted to avenge Zhou Zhen. Now that Zhou Zhen is alive, what do you think is the most important thing to me ne? Han... it's you. Your death is near."

Zhou Zhen was tall and had good facial features, a mix of both his Han and Rouran's parentage. Judging only by his postmortem appearance, he had probably been a majestic and beautiful man, which was quite different from Xiang Shu.

Chen Xing knew that when Zhou Zhen was still alive, he was Che Luofeng's lover. However, he had always felt that Che Luofeng still seemed to like Xiang Shu. He didn't know whether Che Luofeng first fell in love with Zhou Zhen and shifted his affection to Xiang Shu after he had died, or if he had first fallen in love with Xiang Shu, got rejected, then got together with Zhou Zhen.

Or maybe Che Luofeng had always liked both of them all along.

"I'm just curious about something," Chen Xing probed, "Che Luofeng, you still like Xiang Shu? Since Zhou Zhen is already dead, can he still become hard?"

Chen Xing had just wanted to ramble about Che Luofeng's matters. He didn't expect Che Luofeng to shout, stand and even want to beat Chen Xing up, but Sima Wei turned around a little bit to keep Che Luofeng away.

Che Luofeng glared angrily at him. Chen Xing didn't know if it was the potion that had made him extremely irritable.

"Fine fine fine," Chen Xing hurriedly said, "I won't talk about it."

Chen Xing always felt that it was going against heaven's will to resurrect a dead person in this way. If the drought fiends could be called a "race", then the drought fiends would be the most peculiar race. They shouldn't be able to reproduce on their own, unlike other species of yaos.

"How long has Zhou Zhen been revived?" Chen Xing asked again, "When did you meet him?"

Che Luofeng didn't answer, Chen Xing asked sincerely, "Let's play a game? I'll answer your question, and in turn, how about you lick my chain?"

Chen Xing only wanted to play a trick on him. The chain was so frozen that right after licking it, his tongue would be glued to it —— just enough to deal with his opponent. Che Luofeng, of course, wouldn't be fooled. He mocked: "Are you crazy? You think I'm a three-year-old?"

"Then you ask me a question, and I'll answer one of yours," Chen Xing suggested.

Che Luofeng finally said: "You're an exorcist, right? You're here for the drought fiends. I really thought you were a doctor. You're going to die soon, you know? When they take you back to Huanmo Palace, you will be made into a sacrifice. You're going to die soon, so why do you have so many questions?"

Chen Xing unexpectedly got his first piece of crucial information: "Huanmo Palace". He casually replied: "If I were to gain knowledge of the truth in the morning, I would be able to die with no regrets in the evening. Even if I am about to die, I still want to satisfy my curiosity, okay?"

Che Luofeng then put down his bow and side-eyed Chen Xing. He then looked at him properly, raised his eyebrows, and said, "Ask ba, little bastard."

When Chen Xing first saw Che Luofeng, he thought he was very good-looking, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, but unfortunately, there was a touch of evil in his facial features, truly a pity.

"Where did you get your weapon?" Chen Xing was afraid that Shi Hai had given them another magical artifact like that rattle drum. If that was the case, he was afraid that Xiang Shu wouldn't be able to deal with them when he came to save him later.

"It was the token given to me by Shulü Kong when he made me his Anda," Che Luofeng replied coldly, "I will use this bow to kill you in front of him later. It's your turn, answer me, what on earth is your relationship with Shulü Kong?"

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Towards Che Luofeng, I feel super complicated… I hate him and what he did, but… well… you’ll see in the next chapter…

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