Chapter 110 - Zhuyin

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"Time is boundless."

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“Xiao Kun,” Lu Ying said warmly. “What desires do you have that are yet unfulfilled?”

“I brought you prey,” Xiao Kun’s rich, deep voice said. “As long as you eat it, you can be the same as me… living forever, never dying… why do you not accept the Devil God’s offering?”

Lu Ying replied quietly, “Under the power of the Heart Lamp, I have already recovered. If that is your only desire, then you can rest in peace now.”

“Far from it --” Xiao Kun’s deep, rich voice said. “Come with me --”

The scar on Xiao Kun’s face drew one’s gaze to it and stunned the heart. His eyes were already murky, and his face was gaunt, his skin pallid. Numerous strands of white hair at his temples drifted in the wind. When he opened his mouth, his canines were still dripping purple-black blood, and a hole had opened over his left chest. His heart that should have been there had already gone missing, and now all that could be seen were ashen white rib bones.

“To where?” Lu Ying asked quietly.

“To the place that you promised me,” Xiao Kun said. “Where there are no nightmares and no burdens, and we will no longer need to, for the sake of the humans, bear the responsibility of dispelling the fuel of nightmares.”

Lu Ying replied, clearly and concisely, “I won’t go.”

Xiao Kun lowered his voice, suppressing a roar in his throat as he took a step forward, saying slowly, “Come with me.”


Lu Ying walked forward slowly, reaching out a finger and gently lifting Xiao Kun’s chin, making him lift his head slightly. Xiao Shan immediately grew worried and wanted to follow him, but with a single gesture, Lu Ying stopped him, making him stay where he was.

“This is your obsession,” Lu Ying said gently. “The Grey Wolf that protects the bright day. My Xiao Kun, you bestowed your beating heart upon the humans; you bestowed the last of your yao power on Xiao Shan. Yet as of today, you have offered up your flesh and blood to the Devil God.”

Black flames suddenly burst up around Xiao Kun, and his body kept growing larger, turning into a huge devil wolf almost five zhang tall!

Lu Ying faced down that huge devil wolf who towered in front of him like a mountain, making his figure seem incredibly small in comparison, as if he was a single leaf in the midst of a torrential storm. However, at the top of his forehead, a pair of new antlers grew like vines, and the antlers glowed with the light of dreams!

Lu Ying replied quietly, “To me, you are the greatest god of this world. To steal you back from the clutches of the God of Weapons, and send you to a peaceful rest, is my sole destiny.”

“Lu Ying!” Xiao Shan shouted.

Lu Ying replied earnestly, “Phoenix, take them away from here, leave this place to me.”

The White Deer’s form grew large, holding its ground against the Grey Wolf charging towards them. Two huge ancient beings began a massive, earth-shaking battle on the snowy plains!


“Chen Xing!” Che Luofeng turned, but Chen Xing still had his eyes closed as he sent the Heart Lamp through Xiang Shu’s entire body.

The five zhang tall Grey Wolf and White Deer collided against each other on the snow, and the White Deer braced its antlers against the Grey Wolf’s stomach, pushing it backwards.

“Take all the humans away from here!” the White Deer shouted in Lu Ying’s voice. “Phoenix!”

Chong Ming raised his head to watch this scene unfold, yet he still did not move. Instead, he lowered his head again, his eyebrows furrowed deeply, observing Chen Xing and Xiang Shu.


The huge wolf bit down on the White Deer’s nape, sending it flying out, before it let out a howl at the sky, racing forward.

Youduo rushed out of the snow, tossing the chain forward. It wrapped around the Grey Wolf’s neck, but the Grey Wolf sent Youduo flying with a single toss of its head. The battle of the huge beasts trampled all over the snowy ground, and the wolves all stepped back, almost trodding on Chen Xing and Xiang Shu several times.

While Che Luofeng dodged, he also loosed arrows, but he still couldn’t do anything to this colossal beast. He roared, “Is he still not awake?!”

“You have nowhere to go!” the Grey Wolf bellowed. “You swore on Father’s name that you and I would live and die together, until the day the Divine Land itself crumbles --”

The Grey Wolf bit the White Deer, pressing it down into the snow. Bright blood exploded from the White Deer, creating a pool of blood on the snow of Carosha.

Xiao Shan’s eyes widened, his pupils contracting, before he finally let out a last ditch shout!

In that instant, a gust of energy swept out from Xiao Shan’s body, a crash that shot straight for the heavens!

Xiao Shan floated into the air, his entire body shining with a blinding light, just like when Xiang Shu took the form of the Protector Martial God. He called up wild lightning that filled the sky, standing there like a lightning deity of the heavens overturning a bottle of lightning that had been stored in the cloud layers for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years, letting it all rain down at once!

What differentiated him from Xiang Shu was that Xiao Shan was not using the power of the Heart Lamp, but rather using his own body to draw the lightning to him.


“Lu Ying --!” Xiao Shan roared from within the wild lightning. A faint silhouette of a god actually appeared behind him.

The Grey Wolf’s body was instantly pulverised under the wild lightning, which struck all across the vast land of Carosha.

Chong Ming roared angrily, “You will destroy the northern lands! Stop!”

Lu Ying: “Xiao Shan!”

Chong Ming finally couldn’t hold back any longer, and blazing fire burst forth from his hands. The light gathered up, and he prepared to send it into the sky to shoot Xiao Shan down. Otherwise, if he kept going like this, under his indiscriminate attack, the Grey Wolf, the White Deer, and even Chen Xing, Xiang Shu, and the other humans would all be ground to dust.

But just as Chong Ming was about to send out that burst of Sacred Flame, the golden light on Chen Xing and Xiang Shu’s body disappeared at the same time. Xiang Shu opened his eyes, Chen Xing’s face reflected in his pupils. The moment that Chen Xing came back to himself, however, he immediately lifted his head to look towards the sky.

Xiang Shu and Chen Xing seemed to come to a tacit, unspoken understanding. In an instant, both of them grabbed the other’s hand.


Xiang Shu borrowed that momentum and leapt into the air. His gilded white martial robe covered the sky. With a twitch of his right hand, the shield appeared, and he shoved it towards the heavens.

There was a huge boom, as if the world had just been created, and countless strikes of lighting came striking down, only to be blocked by the shield. Xiang Shu waved the shield and flew into the sky. Like a martial god descending from the heavens, bright light burst out from him, dimly taking the shape of a coiling dragon!

Chong Ming immediately pulled the Sacred Flame back, turning and flying towards the White Deer lying in the snow. Lu Ying’s body shrank as he took human form, and Chong Ming pressed one hand to Lu Ying’s body, causing the wound at his neck to slowly heal.

“He cannot kill it,” Lu Ying said. “Only I can let Xiao Kun rest in peace.”

“Zhuyin’s power,” Chong Ming raised his head, replying tersely to Lu Ying. “You all have once again awakened it, and it was all heaven’s will that made it thus.”

Lu Ying’s eyes quickly widened.


Under Xiao Shan’s wild thunder, the peaks of Carosha seemed to respond, and the earth kept shaking. Beneath the coiling ridge, it was as if the sleeping soul of the dragon god had been startled awake and had let out an angered roar.

At the same time, Xiang Shu used the shield to fend off Xiao Shan’s wild lightning strikes, rushing over to him. With a clean swing of his shield, he struck down.

With a dang, Xiao Shan’s Cangqiong Yilie flew out of his grasp.

From within the mountains came a dragon’s call.

With that dragon’s cry, from the Grey Wolf, the White Deer, and Xiang Shu’s bodies, three powerful waves of dragon energy released themselves and once again gathered. Cangqiong Yilie, which represented the physical body, began to change, and an immense silhouette of a huge dragon manifested in the sky.

Chen Xing caught Xiao Shan as he fell, only to freeze in that instant. He forgot all about the Heart Lamp as he raised his head to watch this scene.


Time flowed, and the moment the dragon soul of Zhuyin, one of the two great creation gods of the world, gathered together and took form, time seemed to come to a halt.

The Grey Wolf put one paw on the ground, rising to its feet with great difficulty, only to collapse again.

Xiang Shu lifted his head and looked towards the sky.

“My children --” Zhuyin’s voice resounded through the world.

Xiao Shan opened his eyes muzzily. “...”

“Father?” Lu Ying asked disbelievingly. He got to his feet and raised his head to look towards the sky.

“Fa...ther.” Xiao Kun turned back to his human form, struggling in the snow.

“Father?” Xiang Shu murmured. “Who are you?”

Zhuyin’s form seemed to cover the entirety of the region of Carosha, coiling around this land at the end of the world. It opened its mouth at the vast land, and a flood of power burst out, rushing towards the Grey Wolf on the snow.

In the blink of an eye, the Devil God’s Blood vanished like smoke, dissipating with all of the resentment. The world was filled with glowing points of light that slowly rose, like fine snow that drifted from the earth below towards the sky above.


“Forget all of those struggles that have caused you pain and regret,” Zhuyin’s loud voice resounded through the world. “Within the vast sea of time, those are no more than tiny waves that vanish in an instant.

“Time is boundless.”


Zhuyin’s figure slowly faded.

Xiang Shu, his martial robe flying about him, floated down.

“There is only… immortality…”

Zhuyin’s silhouette completely vanished, before nine strange sigils appeared as tattoos on Xiang Shu’s arm, each of them flashing as they took form. They wrapped around his arm, from his wrist to his elbow, like a coiling dragon.

Xiang Shu: “...”

Xiang Shu lifted his left hand and wrapped it around the tattoos on his left arm, and his martial robe vanished just like that.

“Xiang Shu!” Chen Xing sprinted over, tightly hugging him.

Che Luofeng put away his bow and arrow, letting out a tired sigh, but he merely stood in the distance, not coming over.

Xiang Shu hugged Chen Xing, saying, “You… you actually came searching all the way here, you actually came!”

“What kind of words are these!” Chen Xing pushed him aside, angry. “Even if you ran to the ends of the world, I would also come find you!”

Xiang Shu hurried to explain. “That’s not what I meant… I… I just knew that you would come!

“Anda?” He turned his head and asked, even as he held Chen Xing’s hand.

Che Luofeng was already completely stunned, and he raised his head to look at the sky.

“Dragon… dragon,” Che Luofeng said. “That was a dragon?”

“That came from my, Xiao Kun, Shulü Kong, and Xiao Shan’s bodies,” Lu Ying said, “the last of the dragon power. It is the protection that Zhuyin-daren left in the world.”


Lu Ying walked towards Xiao Kun in the snow, who had already calmed down. Chen Xing and Xiang Shu separated as well, and they turned and walked over to Xiao Kun. Chong Ming also came, and everyone gathered around Xiao Kun’s side.

Xiao Kun’s face was ashen white, and he laid there in the snow, his hair unbound. Purple-black blood seeped out from under his body, dyeing the white snow with a patch of pitch-black.

“Xiao Shan, are you a little better? Come, come take a look at Xiao Kun,” Lu Ying said. “You haven’t seen his human form yet.”

Xiao Shan’s eyes had tears in them as he knelt down by Xiao Kun’s side.

“You’ve grown up…” Xiao Kun said gently, his eyes closed as he held Xiao Shan’s hand. “I had a very, very long dream. In the dream, I also saw you, a you who was a little older than you are now. You were a little youth, and we were on the Yique Mountains, reuniting in a dream… sorry, Xiao Shan…”

Xiao Shan stared at Xiao Kun fixedly.

“When you were a year old,” Xiao Kun said slowly, “I brought you back to Carosha, and I imagine that you will forgive me for this. Though you are not my child, but, just once, could you call me…”

“Father,” Xiao Shan whimpered.

The corners of Xiao Kun’s mouth lifted in a slight smile.


“I am sorry, Lu Ying,” Xiao Kun said. “Since in this life we will not be able to be together in both life and death, I can only go first. I will wait for you in the cycles of reincarnation…”

Lu Ying watched Xiao Kun quietly.

“I promise you,” Lu Ying said warmly, “just like how you and I vowed in front of Father, from now, until the end of time.”

Lu Ying pressed one hand on Xiao Kun’s forehead, and Xiao Kun once again turned into the Grey Wolf, before he let off a faint glow and dissolved into countless points of light. They rose into the sky, returning to the divine vein.


One ke later, in the midst of the snowy plains.

Xiang Shu lowered his head to look at his own forearm, and Chen Xing reached a hand out to touch as well. Those nine sigils had already disappeared, as if nothing had ever happened.

Chong Ming said, “In that last moment, though I’m not sure what exactly happened, my guess is that the Grey Wolf and the White Deer more or less released the dragon power in their bodies and gave it all to you, where it melded with the dragon power in your body.”

“Dragon power?” Xiang Shu asked, finding this very out of the blue. “And why exactly would I have dragon power?”

The corners of Chen Xing’s mouth twitched as he glanced at Chong Ming, then at Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu frowned. “Do you guys know something?”

Xiang Shu finally began to suspect something. In reality, from the day he had met Chen Xing, this suspicion had never stopped.

“Explain it to me clearly, right now,” Xiang Shu said to Chen Xing, upon seeing that Chong Ming was not answering. “How many more things have you not told me? Why did you find me to be your Protector, why would I have this so-called ‘dragon power’?! And who exactly is this guy?”

Che Luofeng: “Anda, you… you’re a dragon?”

Xiang Shu himself was also lost in the fog of confusion. There were too many things to doubt on this journey, but for many of them, he couldn’t get an answer.

Chen Xing: “This guy that’s wearing very little is the yao king, but we have no other relations. He owes me a wish, which is why he’s been following us this entire time. Don’t mind him at all, just pretend he doesn’t exist.”

Chong Ming: “...”


Just as Chen Xing was conflicted, thinking about how to tell him everything without any reservations, Lu Ying and Xiao Shan walked out of Carosha, coming to stand in front of them.

“Don’t ask anything, Shulü Kong,” Lu Ying said. “When the time is right, I will explain it to you.”

Xiang Shu’s expression was one of confusion. Lu Ying continued, “Go back. I promise you, there will be an explanation for all of this in the end. In this coming period, Youduo will help protect Carosha; at least, we won’t have to worry about Shi Hai setting down a Ten Thousand Spirits Array here. How about you all?”

Xiang Shu: “And who are you? Why do I feel like I’ve seen you before?”

Xiang Shu appraised Lu Ying, feeling as if he had known him before. Even the geography of this place seemed very familiar, but he really couldn’t remember.

Chen Xing said, “How about let’s talk more when we get back? Are we going back to Karakorum first? That’s still a good few days away. Wait, Lu Ying! I suddenly… thought of a place.”

Chen Xing remembered something that he had always overlooked. Perhaps using this kind of method would help lessen Xiang Shu’s suspicion a little!

“Xiang Shu, I want to go with you to a place. Perhaps there… we can resolve some of these suspicions...between us?”

It just so happened that Lu Ying and Chong Ming were also there. There was no time better suited than now.

Xiang Shu met Chen Xing’s gaze for a moment, pondering, before he then met Che Luofeng’s gaze, which held a little fear.

Xiang Shu nodded, saying, “Anda.” With that, he walked towards Che Luofeng, wanting to pat his shoulder, or perhaps check if he had been injured.

Che Luofeng was clearly afraid of Xiang Shu, and he couldn’t help taking a small half step back.

Xiang Shu sensed this minute movement, so he didn’t move to touch him, instead ordering, “You go take a trip back and pass these orders on to Shi Mokun. The enemy has already been dealt with, and you can move back to Chi Le Chuan now.”

Che Luofeng nodded, mounted his horse, and left.


“I believe you,” Xiang Shu said to Chen Xing. “Tell me, where are we going?”

Chen Xing hesitated for a moment, before saying, “I must first explain the causes to you. Xiang Shu, in your body, there is the last power that the dragon god Zhuyin has left. And after that ancient dragon god fell from the heavens, he turned into these Carosha Mountains.”

Everyone raised their heads, looking towards Carosha that was once again shrouded in clouds. Sunlight shone through the cloud layer, scattering countless beams of golden rays, turning these mountains at the end of the world into a veritable fairy realm.

Lu Ying explained, “I and the Grey Wolf Yuan Kun are yao of the northern lands. After Zhuyin-daren fell in the time before history, he bestowed the two portions of dragon energy he had left upon us. After that, the Grey Wolf and the White Deer became the protectors of the Dragon God’s grave in Carosha. When Zhuyin opened his eyes, it was day, and when he closed them, it was night, so the Grey Wolf protects the bright day, and the White Deer protects the long night.

“Later, me and mine fell prey to the corruption of Shi Hai’s Devil God blood,” Lu Ying continued. “The Grey Wolf was not fully refined. Perhaps that little bit of dragon energy helped it to guard its innermost heart, or perhaps it was unable to let go of its obsession, hoping to find dragon power to heal me. You had the same kind of dragon energy in your body as us, so you became its prey. For causing you all this trouble, I am very sorry.”

“Alright, I know this now, but my mother is Xiang Yuyan,” Xiang Shu said, “and my dad is Shulü Wen. They are both mortals, so how did the dragon power come into my body?”

Chong Ming suddenly smiled, and he walked to one side, thinking, I’d like to see how you’re going to explain this one.


“Your mother was not a mortal,” Chen Xing said. “She was also a Protector Martial God.”

Xiang Shu: “!!!”

Chen Xing said, “She never told you before, right? My guess is that she may have forgotten, because Kjera stole away a portion of her memories. She then escaped to this place, married your father, and gave birth to you.”

Xiang Shu was already a little confused, and he asked, “But what does this have to do with me and the dragon power?”

Xiao Shan said, “Because you’re the Dinghai Pearl.”

Xiang Shu: “What? And what is the Dinghai Pearl? I’m what?”

“No, no,” Chen Xing immediately said. “That’s not it, you’re no longer the Dinghai Pearl now!”

Lu Ying: “Xiao Shan, don’t add more confusion.”

Chen Xing walked to one of the horses, thought deeply for a moment, before he untied its reins, saying, “As for many of the details concerning it, I am also not clear, but perhaps it can give us some answers. Perhaps it’ll be even clearer using this kind of method to explain to you.”

Xiang Shu: “????”

Chen Xing patted the horse’s head, and Xiang Shu looked at it oddly, saying, “It?”

Chen Xing en-ed and released the reins. Xiao Shan asked curiously, “Does this horse also know how to speak?”

Chen Xing lost it. “Of course it doesn’t know how! Does it look like it’s become an immortal?”

After that horse’s reins were loosened, it hesitated for a moment, before turning and racing into the snowy plains in a different direction.


“Follow it, go,” Chen Xing said, before he mounted another horse, reaching out a hand to Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu got on, sitting behind Chen Xing, wrapping his arms around his waist as he shook the reins once.

Lu Ying took the form of the White Deer, and Xiao Shan climbed on its back, while Chong Ming turned into a phoenix. Everyone followed the old horse that knew the way, galloping towards the end of the snowy plains.

Xiang Shu said to Chen Xing in front of him, “My mother was the Protector Martial God, and to hide from Kjera, she came to Saibei. And because of a series of coincidences, I gained dragon power, is it like this?”

“It can be explained like that,” Chen Xing said. “But don’t mind where your dragon power came from, because this is something that is very complicated to connect to everything else. As for what happened in the beginning with your mother, I haven’t figured it out fully either… though… Xiang Shu, your temper seems to be very good this time.”

Xiang Shu: “?”

Chen Xing smiled as he said, “If this was as usual, then you would shout at me and even beat me up, making me explain things clearly faster. You said before, what you’ve always hated most is being lied to.”

Xiang Shu: “When did I ever lift a hand to you? Yes, I hate being lied to, but I know that some words that you choose not to say are because you are considerate of me.”

Chen Xing replied dejectedly, “Yes, I’m afraid that if you learn of it all at once, you’ll be a little unable to bear it…”

Xiang Shu: “Just like how I feel when I see Che Luofeng being afraid of me.”

Chen Xing: “You’re too strong, and that makes people afraid sometimes.”

“You’re not afraid,” Xiang Shu responded solemnly.

Chen Xing: “Stop thinking about it. Perhaps we will very quickly find the answer, but no matter what the outcome is, you must promise me that you will not make things more difficult for yourself.”


The snow had begun to fall again. As they galloped along, the horse had already brought them more than ten li away from Carosha, heading towards the end of the mountain range to the east.

“So,” Xiang Shu suddenly asked, after remaining silent for a long time. “coming to Xiangyang to find me was also because I had the dragon power?”

“No,” Chen Xing said, immediately negating Xiang Shu’s guess. “That definitely was not the reason! When I saw you, I didn’t know that you had this dragon power at all. I didn’t even know who you were, nor did I know that you were Xiang Yuyan’s son, a descendant of the Xiang family.”

This explanation was one that Xiang Shu could take. After all, in his jumbled memories, instinct made him trust Chen Xing. He once again sank into deep thought.

“Let me take a look at your hand?” Chen Xing turned his head, lifting up Xiang Shu’s sleeve around the arm that he was using to hold the reins, revealing his powerful forearm. His fingers rubbed from Xiang Shu’s wrist all the way up to the crook of his elbow. That line of markings that looked like tattoos appeared very faintly - those were the exact same nine sigils along the Acala Blade!

Chen Xing felt a sense of foreshadowing. Perhaps the dragon god was using this kind of method to hand the Acala Blade over to them?

But how were these nine sigils supposed to be used?

Xiang Shu felt a little itchy from Chen Xing’s touch, and he said, “And what do these mean?”

Chen Xing explained. That demonic spear that had been stolen by Wang Ziye was originally the family heirloom of the Xiang family. This was something that Xiang Shu had long since understood, and Chen Xing and Xie An and the rest had also discussed it countless times, but regarding the Acala Blade, suddenly another question popped up --

“Since you didn’t know my mother was Xiang Yuyan,” Xiang Shu said, “then logically speaking, you shouldn’t have handed the Acala Blade over to me, isn’t that right?”

When Xiang Shu got to this point in his thoughts, a rare suspicious expression appeared on his face, as if he had been lied to. But he still trusted Chen Xing’s morals and waited for him to explain.

When Chen Xing heard these words, his heart thumped once, and he hurried to defend himself. “That’s not it! At first, I didn’t know that you were from the Xiang clan, and I was not necessarily trying to find Xiang Yuyan’s son to inherit this divine weapon. It just so turned out that the Protector was you, so I wanted to give it a try… if it wasn’t you, then perhaps someone else would have been able to use the Acala Blade as well… what am I saying?”

Even Chen Xing himself was a little mixed up now. He keenly sensed some of Xiang Shu’s emotions -- he subconsciously hoped that Chen Xing had come to search for him because it was a product of their fated destinies, rather than because of some ulterior motive.

But now Xiang Shu was even more doubtful, and his memories of the past seemed to become even less real. Some seemed to be things that had happened before, but when he thought about them closely, he couldn’t match the timelines up. This multitude of things was too hard for him to organize in such a short time, but Chen Xing’s words also seemed to make a lot of sense.


All along this journey, Chen Xing had still brought along his bow and arrows, and when he wasn’t busy with something or another, he would fire off some arrows at some moving objects. If the phoenix was flying alongside him, he would use wooden arrows with the tips cut off and use it as target practice. The phoenix naturally could not be hit by him. Every time the arrows flew towards it, it flew higher into the sky, and after a while would lower itself slightly, only for Chen Xing to fire another arrow at it.

The phoenix was irritated by Chen Xing‘s actions, and he asked, “What exactly are you doing?”

Chen Xing responded, “Practicing.”

Xiang Shu was also a little annoyed by Chen Xing. Ever since they had left Chang’an, no, even when they were still in Chang’an, he had dragged Xiang Shu in to teach him how to do archery on horseback. Every day, he would bring a bow with him and go everywhere to shoot arrows, and he was even more diligent than when Xiang Shu himself was learning.

“Stop playing with it,” Xiang Shu said.

Chen Xing replied, “Then you come take the reins, and I’ll sit behind you. Xiao Shan, practice with me for a bit.”

Xiao Shan “wo”-ed once, riding the White Deer. The White Deer was very light on its feet, and its speed was much faster than even the fastest galloping horses. Its hooves didn’t even touch the ground as it bounded like the wind across the snowy field; it was truly the best target to practice on. After Chen Xing emptied the quiver, the White Deer then took another loop around, bringing the arrows back for him. Since they weren’t doing anything else on this journey anyways, archery became Chen Xing’s only pleasure.

It wasn’t until the sky started to grow dark that the phoenix flew over, saying, “You’re sure that it can bring us to some special place?”

The horse leading the way in front stopped, looking left and right in the light snow.

Xiao Shan said, “It looks like it’s lost!”

The White Deer added, “Where exactly are you all trying to go?”

Chen Xing raised his eyes to look into the distance, only to see that that horse also seemed full of doubt as it turned and began to run in a different direction.

Chen Xing: “Follow it for a little longer and see?”

He had always had a guess that this horse wanted to bring them to somewhere that Xiang Yuyan had once gone, but what if that wasn’t the case? If it wasn’t, then that would be a great embarrassment.

With that, Xiang Shu turned the horse around. The two confused people, with a confused horse that had already lost its way, headed into the depths of the snowy fields.

“I need a bit of time to organize things in my head,” Xiang Shu said in the end. “How about let’s head back to Chi Le Chuan first ba, why are we following it?”

Chen Xing said, “Let’s go for a little longer, and if there’s no result by the time the sun sets, we’ll head back.”

That horse had come to the end of Carosha. The constellations rose; the pole star shone with light up in the night sky, and the handle of the dipper pointed towards a location on the ground. The snow had stopped, and the horse slowed on the end of those desolate plains, where there was no life, no trees, no mountains, no lakes. On the vast, flat plains traversed by a lone horse, within the wilderness, there stood a strange stone tower.

Chen Xing immediately began to shout loudly, and he and Xiang Shu dismounted, running to the stone tower.

This was a set of ruins that was even more ancient than those at Karakorum and on the shores of Lake Hong, where the artifacts had been stored. How had it appeared in this place?

There were no traces of human habitation all around, and even the appearance of animals was very rare. The stone tower had weathered the wind and snow for many years, and it stood quietly on the frozen ground, as if it had been there for thousands of years.

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I feel so stupid! it took me until chapter 110 to finally get that the white deer and grey wolf (protector of day and night) are reused/ the same in ‘Legend of Exorcist’ 😭 I have watched ‘Legend of Exorcist’ before reading Dinghai Fusheng Record. As far as i understand by the comments- ‘Legend of exorcist’ is taken place some hundred of years after Dinghai Fusheng Records. Luckily I did get that Chong Ming is the same yao king 😂
im gonna sit in the corners and grow some mushrooms. 🍄


ps: i know that white deer and grey wolf arent the same characters in LOE as in DFR 😊 maybe there will be an explanation in DFR? like some passed over power etc??? maybe, who knows 😊

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Xiao Kun and Lu Ying TvT.. but deym only Chen Xing can do that to Chong Ming xD

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻

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Thank you🙏
Ueueuee…. Xiao Shan has just met his father yet they parted too soon😭😭😭

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Kerorin 27
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Thank you for the hard work :))
I can imagine papa chongming smile heu~~ i hope he will smile more~