Chapter 109 - Rescue

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"Lu Ying - come to my side -"

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Chen Xing was about to go out of his mind, and he was ready to send the entire Akeles camp flying.

“Calm down!” Tuoba Yan said anxiously, grabbing Chen Xing’s wrist.

In that final moment on the island in the center of Lake Barkol, the Grey Wolf had appeared once more. It bit down on Xiang Shu, dragging him with it as it turned and charged across the waters of the lake, flying away.

Xiao Shan hobbled to his feet and immediately whistled, but not one of the wolf packs spread out across the wilderness responded. In the snow, on the mountain ridges, all of the wolves appeared, following behind the Grey Wolf as they charged again, rushing into the distance.

Chen Xing gradually grew calm, and without saying a single word, he looked at Xiao Shan. Xiao Shan dumbly looked back at Chen Xing, before saying, “Sorry, I couldn’t beat it, I don’t…”

“This isn’t your fault,” Chen Xing immediately said. “Don’t go crazy, Xiao Shan. We’ll work together to bring him back!”

King Akele and his subordinates had already hurriedly begun to form ranks, while Youduo and his drought fiend army were currently awaiting orders on the banks of the lake.

Everyone was waiting for Chen Xing to give the order, as if they had silently agreed that right now, only he had the power to send their troops forth.

Che Luofeng had already mounted his horse, saying, “I can head north first to see what the situation is like…”

“Wait!” Chen Xing immediately said, finally in a calmer state of mind.

“Do you need help?” Chong Ming walked out of the tent, looking at Chen Xing lazily, his expression one of “this time, you finally won’t say ‘don’t need any’, right?”

“Your Majesty the Yao King,” Chen Xing finally said, opening his mouth to ask him for help. “According to the direction the Grey Wolf left in, please fly right now towards Carosha and investigate Xiang Shu’s whereabouts. Please use your utmost power to ensure his safety.”

“Very good,” Chong Ming said. “This is the third wish, so it shall be.”

Chong Ming raised a hand, clasping his hand with Chen Xing’s.

“King Akele will not head forth with us,” Chen Xing continued. “Tuoba Yan, you and Sima Wei are in charge of escorting them forth to Karakorum.”

King Akele’s words dried up once again, while Chen Xing added, “Youduo will come with us.”

King Akele glanced at his son who had turned into a drought fiend, then nodded. Chen Xing said, “We’ll move out now, immediately. Xiao Shan, is your leg a little better?”

Xiao Shan was holding a branch as a crutch, and he looked confusedly at Chen Xing.

“His leg was broken by that wolf’s bite,” Sima Wei said.

Chen Xing: “...”

Chen Xing was immediately at a loss for words; why did they only say so now? He immediately knelt down to check the condition of Xiao Shan’s wound. Thankfully, it was only broken, and Sima Wei and Tuoba Yan had already splinted it for him.

Xiao Shan said, “I must go, that’s the Grey Wolf, it’s also my… my…”

Chen Xing knew what the Grey Wolf meant to Xiao Shan, and he didn’t force him either, merely just nodding.

“The rest of you, depart with me ba,” Chen Xing said, walking out rapidly. “We’ll leave together, Che Luofeng, don’t go off on your own.”

Che Luofeng could only nod. The group left the camp. The royal consort already had the servants prepare what they needed, saying, “From here to Carosha, it will take three days, even at the fastest speed. Do not worry, the Great Chanyu will definitely be alright.”

The phoenix had already flown away. With it there, Xiang Shu shouldn’t be in any life-threatening danger, but Chen Xing still felt anxiety burning at his heart.

The royal consort said to Chen Xing, “You all are good children, you will definitely be able to bring him back.”

Chen Xing nodded. As he looked at the royal consort, his eyes filled with tears, and he couldn’t resist giving her a hug.

“Speaking of which, it’s strange,” the royal consort said, smiling. “Why do I feel like I met you a long time ago, as if we’ve seen each other before in a dream.

“This has been prepared for you all, rations for the road,” the royal consort continued. “This horse was once left here with me, by Yuyan.”

Chen Xing immediately remembered. That horse that didn’t listen to orders and tried to stray from the group halfway through the journey?

“When you all go back, you must be careful.” Chen Xing bade farewell to the royal consort before mounting said horse, heading forth to Carosha.


Youduo whistled once. When they left, the snows of the north had already passed, and the skies were clear. The royal consort and King Akele stood under the sunlight, sending them away with their eyes.

Youduo rode alone in the very front, leading the way for the rest of them. This time, there was no way for them to ride wolves, so Chen Xing, Xiao Shan, Youduo, and Che Luofeng rode on horses, galloping across the snowy ground, while the rest of the drought fiends could only follow behind on foot. Chen Xing also had to take care of Xiao Shan with his broken bone, and he had him sit in front of himself, not daring to go too fast.

From beginning to end, Xiao Shan’s mood was very low. Chen Xing could sense that in his heart, Xiao Shan had felt guilty this entire time, because he felt that if it hadn’t been for his inability to stop the Grey Wolf, Xiang Shu wouldn’t have been taken away in his weakest moment.

Chen Xing rubbed his head, saying, “It’s alright, Xiao Shan. I know the Grey Wolf has given you the last of its yao power, and your fear when you see it now is very normal.”

Xiao Shan en-ed, and Chen Xing continued, “Chong Ming has already gone ahead, so Xiang Shu will be fine. When you see Lu Ying, perhaps he will also have a way.”

Che Luofeng followed them silently the entire way. A day later, Chen Xing really couldn’t hold out any longer, and Xiao Shan was also still wounded, so they had to make camp where they were. Youduo started a campfire for them before heading out to patrol.

Xiao Shan leaned up in Chen Xing’s embrace, sleeping soundly, while Che Luofeng stared at the fire. Chen Xing was leaning against the tree, and he glanced at Chen Luofeng. Their gazes met, but they both looked away awkwardly.

“What did Zhou Zhen say to you?” Che Luofeng asked.

“Where’s the Devil God’s Blood?” Chen Xing asked. “You probably haven’t drunk it yet, give it to me ba.”

Che Luofeng reached into his robes and pulled out a small bottle.

“Why did Youduo manage to live,” Che Luofeng said, “but Zhou Zhen died.”

Chen Xing took the small bottle and shook it gently, but he did not open it.

Che Luofeng then asked, “Will Shulü Kong also become like that?”

“He won’t,” Chen Xing replied. “In his heart, there is a seed of the Heart Lamp.”

Che Luofeng frowned and watched Chen Xing, who stowed away the Devil God’s Blood and said, “Tell me ba, your and Zhou Zhen’s past. I thought that you would drink it.”

“If I were to say that I dreamt of you before,” Che Luofeng asked skeptically, “would you believe that?”

Chen Xing: “What was I doing in the dream?”

Clearly very confused, Che Luofeng murmured to himself, “Just before I met Zhou Zhen, it seemed to be the second month? Without knowing why, I kept having the same dream. I was with a stranger on a lone summit, and he kept telling me not to drink anything that Zhou Zhen gave me.”

Chen Xing thought of last time, the last conversation that he had had with Che Luofeng.

“I wish I could kill him,” Che Luofeng said. “But I also can’t help being afraid of him.”

He stared mutely into the flames, saying, “I did have a few times where I really did want to drink it, but I always remembered that dream, until you came. That person in the dream, I feel, was you.”

Chen Xing’s eyebrows raised a slight bit, and he said, “You’re just dreaming of what you were thinking about during the day, nothing more. I thought that because the person you loved died but came back to life, you would be very happy.”

Sometimes, saying such a thing was easy, but if it was himself, if Xiang Shu had died and turned into a drought fiend under Wang Ziye’s power, how would Chen Xing be able to strike that blow, to let him turn into ashes and disintegrate?

Che Luofeng said in response, “No. Once I found out that he had died but came back to life, my first reaction was to feel very afraid.”

“Where?” Chen Xing asked gently.

“Lake Barkol,” Che Luofeng said. “Near his grave.”


Back then, Che Luofeng had led the Rouran people in fighting with the Akeles over the region of Lake Barkol. Originally, he could have taken a step back and stopped the battle. But because he was young and vigorous, and he had just taken up the role of the tribe leader, he wanted to use his might to stun the rest of the tribes. Without heeding Xiang Shu, who was trying to stop him, he launched an attack on Youduo.

Youduo was once the pride of the Akele people. Aside from Xiang Shu, no one else could defeat him, so how could he have seen Che Luofeng as a worthy opponent? After a chaotic battle, to reduce the pointless casualties of his people, Zhou Zhen, despite knowing that he was not Youduo’s opponent, had still, for Che Luofeng’s reputation, rode out to meet Youduo in single combat.

“Back then, I was very remorseful,” Che Luofeng said, his voice trembling, his hands clenched into fists that he held against his own forehead. “I knew that as long as I didn’t say anything, he would help me kill Youduo, but if I said even a single word, he could have not died.”

Later, Zhou Zhen put in all his strength, using his life to exchange for another’s, into stabbing his long blade into Youduo’s heart, even as he himself was about to be killed. From then on, the Akele people and the Rouran people bore a deep-seated hatred against each other that could not be resolved. In the end, Che Luofeng buried Zhou Zhen on the island at the center of the lake.

This time, Che Luofeng hadn’t started to rant about wanting to get revenge on King Akele as soon as he saw him. Chen Xing found this a little strange. Wasn’t he the one who wanted to kill King Akele, no matter the cost, last time?

These years, every time his death anniversary came around, Che Luofeng would go to the grave on the island in the center of the lake to take a look at Zhou Zhen. But just this year, when he came to the shore of the lake, he actually met the revived Zhou Zhen there!

Zhou Zhen seemed to have long since known that he would come and handed him a bottle of Devil God’s Blood.

Chen Xing suddenly remembered that last time, things must have gone similarly. At the very end, they were interrupted by Xiao Shan, who was hiding in the forest. At the time, Xiao Shan had used Cangqiong Yilie to slash open Che Luofeng’s midriff, and Zhou Zhen hadn’t had the chance to give him the Devil God’s blood. Because he was even more afraid of exposing his movements, he took off in retreat. Che Luofeng was brought back by his tribesmen to Chi Le Chuan, and his wound healed with treatment. Zhou Zhen must have secretly snuck into Chi Le Chuan after that, convinced Che Luofeng to drink the Devil God’s Blood first, then turned everyone into drought fiends.

This time, Che Luofeng’s behavior was much more normal. Was it because Xiang Shu, before he had set out, had forbid Che Luofeng from taking any actions in revenge? Or was it because last time, the reason he was so irritable and unable to be controlled was the influence of the Devil God’s blood?


“I don’t know whether or not I like him,” Che Luofeng murmured, staring into the flames. “I only know that Zhou Zhen has always liked me. Just like in these years, the same way I liked Shulü Kong.”

Chen Xing responded, “So after Xiang Shu rejected you, you accepted Zhou Zhen.”

Che Luofeng said, “I know that kind of method where you do everything you can, but not liking someone is as simple as that. There is no way to change that, and there is no way to alleviate the other’s agony. I also know that the pain that Zhou Zhen felt is deeper than mine. Since things were like that, I thought, what wrong was there in responding to him? I already had no more hope, so letting me suffer slowly on my own was better than letting two people suffer.”

Chen Xing said, “But sometimes, you would treat him as Xiang Shu, is that right?”

Che Luofeng didn’t respond immediately. He sighed lightly and said, “Sometimes, but that kind of situation was very rare. I don’t know why, but I feel like I met you long ago. To tell you the truth, I do hate you a little. No, I hate you.”

Chen Xing lifted his eyes to watch Che Luofeng, a helpless smile on his face.

Che Luofeng said, “Ever since he was young, he’s liked people like you. You’re the one destined to be with him. The moment I saw you enter the city, I knew that he likes you.”

Chen Xing said quietly, “Sorry, I stole your anda.”

Che Luofeng smiled bitterly. “It’s all my fault, I can’t blame anyone else for it. Not only have I not managed to get Shulü Kong to like me even a little bit, I’ve also lost Zhou Zhen.”

“Do you like him?” Chen Xing asked quietly.

“I don’t know,” Che Luofeng said, his voice trembling as he began to sob, now close to losing control over his emotions. “He told me to drink the Devil God’s Blood, so that I could stay by his side and be with him for all eternity. I once wanted to drink it so that I could keep him company, but I was afraid. Zhou Zhen was a bodyguard that my dad bought for me; they all said that he was some mixed-blood born from a Rouran woman of a small village and a Han person. He’s like my gege, and I never treated him as a slave. I grew up with him, and he’s the one who was truly like an anda to me. But why was it him…”

Chen Xing reached out his arms and hugged Che Luofeng, who couldn’t help but burrow himself against Chen Xing’s body as he began to cry loudly.


In the dark night, Xiang Shu kept coughing. His shoulder had been pierced through by the sharp fangs of the rotting Grey Wolf, and he staggered to his feet from the snowy ground. Though he had been injured, he was as unyielding as before. In the darkness of the night, he took up a fighting stance, watching the rotting Grey Wolf before him closely.

All around them were the wolves of the pack, their eyes emitting black qi, as they surrounded Xiang Shu.

This place was the eastern range of peaks in Carosha, where the summits were steep and precarious and the wind blew strongly. Xiang Shu was trapped on a peak, and he was surrounded by precarious cliffs. In a valley not too far away, there was a shining veil of light that shimmered with color, enveloping the entire valley.

The Grey Wolf’s body erupted with black flame, and from within that black flame, it took human form. It was a tall and sturdily built man whose face was set in a cold expression, and on the side of his face, there was a long scar.

“Dragon power.” The man lowered his head slightly, looking towards the unconscious Xiang Shu.

“Father’s dragon power…” the man said quietly, “With it, Lu Ying will be able to…”

The light in the valley circulated, and that black-clad man lifted a hand, gathering up the resentment between the heavens and the earth. A black flame sprung forth from his hand, blasting straight for the veil of light, and the veil that had been protecting the valley began to shudder ceaselessly.

“Lu Ying,” the man said in a dark tone. “I’ve brought it, I’ve brought it for you, prey. In its body is our father’s power --”

In the valley, Lu Ying said quietly, “Let him go, Xiao Kun.”

That man called Xiao Kun roared, “Eat him! Then you’ll be able to get better…”


The sun rose, and Chen Xing shook the soundly asleep Che Luofeng, saying, “Time to get up.”

Che Luofeng’s face still bore traces of tear stains. This was the exact place that Chen Xing had been ambushed by Xiao Shan last time. If they hurried for another half-day, they would arrive in Carosha. The silhouettes of the mountains shrouded in clouds had already appeared.

Xiao Shan rode on the horse, saying to Chen Xing behind him, “This way, come with me!”

This time, the horse didn’t turn and leave. Under Xiao Shan’s guidance, Chen Xing entered the valley, heading towards the depths of the secret realm. Compared to last time they had come here, this place was exactly the same; no grasses grew in the valley, and everything was barren. When they came to the boundaries of the secret realm, a veil of light warmly blocked their path forward.

“I see them!” Che Luofeng shouted.

Chen Xing lifted his head to look, only to see that up high, there stood a man, one hand holding Xiang Shu’s left arm. Xiang Shu’s entire body was slumped in his grasp, and they couldn’t tell if he was alive or dead. Anxious rage battered away at Chen Xing’s heart, and he immediately turned to rush up the slope to the side, but Che Luofeng said, “Don’t go seeking death! You won’t be able to climb up! Let me go save him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Che Luofeng turned his horse’s head around, galloping decisively towards the peak to the east. Youduo first froze for a moment, before he circled around the valley, heading towards a nearby peak from a different direction.

“Chen Xing, come into the valley,” Lu Ying’s warm, gentle voice spoke.

“Lu Ying!” Chen Xing shouted.


In the Carosha valley, Chong Ming took human form, the light of godly flames circling around him as he protected Lu Ying. Lu Ying sat silently, one hand spread. Brilliance shone forth from it, forming the veil of light that blocked off the resentment outside.

Across paths both large and small, the resentment kept spreading. But after the Revival of All Magic, the secret realm seemed to be filled with a strange light, as if it was enveloped in the realm of dreams.

“He’s here. Borrow the power of the earth vein,” Chong Ming said. “It is worth a try, but it might alert Chiyou.”

Lu Ying replied quietly, “This place won’t hold out for long, Xiao Kun has returned.”

Xiao Shan limped towards Lu Ying, leaping into his embrace, hugging his waist. Lu Ying merely raised a hand and stroked his head.

“Your antlers!” Xiao Shan said. “Chen Xing and Xiang Shu got them back for you!”

Xiao Shan untied the deer antlers on his back, handing them to Lu Ying.

Che Luofeng studied his surroundings, before looking towards the sky. On the Carosha peaks, meteors shining with black flames plummeted down, colliding with the light veil, letting out continued booms in groups of two or three.

Chen Xing shouted, “Chong Ming, what’s going on here? Didn’t I have you go save Xiang Shu?”

Chong Ming replied, irritated, “Guwang tried, but it didn’t work! You can make another wish later!”

“Don’t worry,” Lu Ying said. “As of right now, Xiao Kun won’t harm Shulü Kong.”

Chong Ming: “Chen Xing, find a way to save the White Deer first, and everything else will be resolved easily.”

Chen Xing raised his head. The veil of light was currently caving in under the power of that black-robed man, and it was starting to turn transparent.

“Who exactly is he?”

“He is the Grey Wolf,” Lu Ying replied. “His one desire is to let me regain my yao power, and he has already lost his consciousness. Because Shulü Kong has dragon energy in him, which comes from the same origin as the power of the Grey Wolf and White Deer…”

Chen Xing suddenly remembered that on the island in the middle of Lake Barkol, Zhou Zhen’s Dragon-Binding array had not only been unable to trap the Grey Wolf, it hadn’t been able to trap Xiang Shu either. If this was the reason, then the Grey Wolf would have learned that Xiang Shu also had dragon power, so he captured him and raced all the way to Carosha, hoping to let Lu Ying take the last of the dragon power in Xiang Shu’s body as food and come back to himself.

Another black-fire meteor came crashing down, and Chong Ming said, “We won’t make it! Go to the summit of the Carosha Mountains and borrow the power of the divine and earth veins where they intersect to increase the power of the Heart Lamp. Perhaps that will be able to completely expel the Devil God’s blood in the White Deer’s body!”

Lu Ying said quietly, “Even if it fails, please do not worry, Great Exorcist. You all have already brought about the Revival of All Magic, and this time, I trust that you all will personally create a completely new future.”

Chong Ming waved his sleeve through the air, sending out a blazing flame that brought them up, flying towards the center peak of the Carosha Mountains.

Lu Ying said, “I’ve already been corrupted by the Devil God’s blood for too many years. Do you have the confidence that you are able to cure me?”

Chen Xing grasped Lu Ying’s hand, saying earnestly, “I don’t know, but for Xiao Shan, you must hold out.”

Lu Ying looked towards Xiao Shan. Xiao Shan had waited for a long time, just for this very moment, and there were tears in his eyes as he watched Lu Ying fixedly.

With that, Lu Ying nodded and said, “Let’s do our best ba.”

Chong Ming said, “White Deer, are there any other words you’d like to pass on?”

Lu Ying thought for a bit, before saying, “I had Xiao Shan find the Thousand Link Chain at the summit of the Yin Mountains. The Great Peng already escaped its bonds during the Silence of All Magic, and it’s left the north.”

Chong Ming said, cold and reserved, “Guwang has already gone there.”

Lu Ying said, “There will always come a day when you will find him and Mahamayuri, there is no need to be anxious. If I am unable to hold out this time, then I will have to trouble you to look after them in my stead.”

Chong Ming chuckled coldly. “Begin ba.”


Chen Xing guessed that before his group had arrived, Lu Ying must have said something to Chong Ming, but for matters related to the Grey Wolf, the White Deer was definitely the most knowledgeable about what had happened back then. There was no more time for them to waste, so Chen Xing laid Lu Ying flat on the summit, pulling him into his lap. He gently grasped the hand that had already begun to rot, interlacing their fingers.

“You’re very amazing,” Lu Ying said warmly. He laid in Chen Xing’s lap and lifted a hand, the index and middle fingers of which gave off the magnificent light of dreams. He gently pressed them to Chen Xing’s soft lips, saying, “This is the last thing I can leave to you all, if I have no way to survive…”

Chen Xing immediately said, “Don’t say these kinds of things! Xiao Shan is still waiting for you! Come ba!”

The meteors of black fire began to gather in the air, shooting one after the other towards the central peak of Carosha. Without giving them any leeway, Xiao Kun directed the resentment, trying to shoot them down. The wolf pack swarmed forth in full strength, leaving behind the summit to the east as they rushed to climb the central summit.

“Lu Ying -- come to my side --” Xiao Kun said, almost at a roar, as he held the unconscious Xiang Shu. “Lu Ying, what are you doing!”

Chong Ming shouted, “Xiao Shan! Go down to disperse the wolf pack! Leave this place to me!”

Chong Ming brought out a blazing ring of flames that blocked the meteors of black fire raining down towards the central peak like a torrential rain.

Lu Ying closed his eyes. His hair fell loose, and though one half of his face was rotted away, one half was so beautiful as to shock the soul. He had a beauty to him that was hard to describe with mere words, and with his white robes, he became one with the great, snow-covered land.

Chen Xing said quietly, “Lu Ying, put in all your power to fight off the devil god.”

Then, Chen Xing set ablaze all of the power of the Heart Lamp, sending it into Lu Ying’s body.


In that instant, at the peak of the Carosha Mountains, a ring of bright light exploded under the dim sky, billowing outwards!

Countless dark dreams immediately fought back, entering Chen Xing’s consciousness! On the great lands of Saiwai, the pain of the Hu people after they fought and died, the heartbreak of separation, the fresh blood that permeated all, the nightmares of the children, all of it gathered up into a monster, its face twisted in a hideous grimace, and it roared loudly at Chen Xing!

“This is…”

“The realm of dreams,” Lu Ying’s voice said gently. “The nightmares of the world.”

In that instant, only Lu Ying and Chen Xing were standing at the peak of the mountains. Bright light shone forth from one of Chen Xing’s hands, blocking off countless dark visages that tried to approach and bite them from within the storm of resentment around them.

Lu Ying looked around and said earnestly, “The Grey Wolf and I were once the gods of the northern lands that protected the realm of dreams. Our duty was to disperse all of the dreams in this world, thus shattering the resentment and refusal to move on that the Devil God planted in the Divine Land.”

“But hasn’t Chiyou only recently started to revive?” Chen Xing had put in all his power to ignite the Heart Lamp, but the storm around them was truly too powerful. Though every dark visage that slammed into the barrier of the Heart Lamp dissolved into powder, even more nightmares would come rushing up.

“No,” Lu Ying said. “His power has already existed in the Divine Land for a very, very long time. After that huge battle in ancient times, his blood seeped into the soil of the Divine Land. Whether it be humans or yao, all of the plants, living creatures, the birds flying in the sky, the fish swimming in the ocean, all have the influence of the Devil God’s blood in their bodies.”

“The blood of the Devil God, and the blood of the Xuanyuan were both deeply rooted and exist in every being that lives on this land, and it has become a part of them that cannot be missing,” Lu Ying said. “It fights fiercely in every persons’ body, and the God of Weapons has never given up his goal to conquer the mortal realm. He plants the seeds in the nightmares of the long nights, which give rise to the desire to massacre and slaughter during the bright day.”

Chen Xing pointed one finger towards the sky, and Lu Ying came to his side, saying, “Right now, let us formally issue our declaration of war against him ba. Chen Xing, behind you is not only mankind, but also the flowers and grasses and trees that live in this world, as well as the birds and beasts. Throughout the entire Divine Land, all living things stand tall at your side! Give your Heart Lamp to me!”

Lu Ying stood behind Chen Xing, and his body suddenly erupted with powerful light. His white robes fluttered in the wind, becoming a ghostly silhouette of a god that protected Chen Xing.

In front of the two of them, countless nightmares stretched far, gathering into a huge face twisted into a grimace that filled the world.

“White Deer --” Chiyou roared.

“Attack!” Lu Ying shouted decisively. “Shatter the nightmares!”



At the peak of the Carosha Mountains, a pillar of light shot into the sky. Chen Xing and Lu Ying were bathed in that light, and in that instant, an imperceptible change happened in the earth vein. Resentment billowed up, and behind the Grey Wolf Xiao Kun, all of the black flaming meteors receded, gathering into the form of Chiyou, the Devil God, who let out a roar.

“You mere yao tribes,” Chiyou’s horrific voice roared. “To act so impudently --”

In the next instant, Chiyou’s black flames rushed towards Chong Ming!

But Chong Ming had long since been prepared, and with a wave of his sleeve, a blazing True Flame sprung up in his hand. It was as if nine bright suns had gathered in his palm, and the burning fire erupted in that very instant with all their might.

“Fuck back off to your Huanmo Palace!” Chong Ming roared, infuriated, before he made a fist and punched, sending a stunning blow towards that resentment!

Like a hail of meteors showering down at night, a ball of True Flame suddenly pierced through the resentment, releasing blazing flames that reached right for the night sky!


In the illusory world.

Chen Xing flipped his hand over, drawing the power of the Heart Lamp to the center of his palm, before his left and right palms, one after the other, turned and pushed outwards!

“Break!” Chen Xing and Lu Ying thundered at the same time.

The dark nightmares of the myriad realms were instantly shattered under that single strike of the Heart Lamp. The stars in the sky all began to fall, turning into motes of light that settled on the Carosha range.

“It’s over,” Lu Ying said quietly. “The dreams of darkness that have entangled me for almost three hundred years.”

“Lu Ying!” Chen Xing immediately turned and reached out to grab his wrist, but Lu Ying vanished in the air.



The light of the divine and earth veins were gathered up into Lu Ying’s body, and Chen Xing immediately opened his eyes, only to see that in his embrace, Lu Ying had turned into countless points of light and vanished.

Xiao Shan cried out, “Lu Ying?! Lu Ying!”

But those scattered points of light once again regrouped in mid-air, turning into the reborn White Deer. It sped through the air, trodding on the very air itself as it leapt into the sky, rushing towards the Grey Wolf, Xiao Kun, on the summit opposite it.

Xiao Kun let loose a howl, tossing the unconscious Xiang Shu to one side, no longer heeding him, before he raised a hand. Resentment billowed out, coiling around Lu Ying. With that, the sky echoed with Chiyou’s evil, wild laughter. “A mere member of the yao tribe wants to fight back against a god, they’re nothing more than a moth to the flame!”

At this moment, Che Luofeng finally managed to climb, with great difficulty, onto the summit. Though his feet kept sliding, he managed to grab Xiang Shu.

Xiao Kun immediately whirled around, black fire gathering in his hands, and with a loud roar, he sent it flying towards Che Luofeng!

But Youduo climbed up from another part of the cliff, and he shook out the metal chain, charging up with it. Che Luofeng grabbed the metal chain, and with one arm holding Xiang Shu, he leapt down the mountain.

The phoenix spread its wings, bringing with it a sea of burning flames as it charged over. With a whirl, it caught Che Luofeng and Xiang Shu, before gliding down to the snowy plain at the foot of the Carosha peaks!

The sky was filled with meteors of black fire, which caused a huge avalanche. The White Deer fought off the resentment binding it, and with one blow, it sent Xiao Kun flying down the cliffside. Chen Xing and Xiao Shan ran over quickly, and Che Luofeng, along with Xiang Shu, fell into the snow.

“Xiang Shu! Che Luofeng!” Chen Xing shouted anxiously.

“I’m fine!” Che Luofeng said. “Check on his condition!”

Chen Xing picked Xiang Shu up, but Xiang Shu remained as unconscious as he had been before, just like the last time in Kuaiji, when his powers had been sealed by the Dragon-Binding Array. Chen Xing immediately knelt down and activated the Heart Lamp, pressing it to the center of Xiang Shu’s chest.

The avalanche swept over Carosha, and the gathering of wolves all turned tail and ran. Che Luofeng got to his feet with great effort, standing guard in front of Chen Xing alongside Xiao Shan as the wolf pack circled them completely. The White Deer flew over, and Lu Ying landed, taking human form.

A black silhouette appeared on the snow. The eyes of the rotting Grey Wolf, Xiao Kun, began to burn with a black fire, his entire body releasing billows of black qi.

The phoenix landed on the snow. “The Grey Wolf has been corrupted by the Devil God’s blood for too long, White Deer; retreat is the best strategy here. You’ve only just recovered, and your yao power is exhausted. You and I must both rest and replenish our energy, before we can subdue the Grey Wolf.”

Lu Ying’s gentle lips moved slightly, and he only said a single word. “No.”

He turned his head back to glance at Chen Xing and Xiang Shu, before he then lifted his head up to look at Xiao Kun. He then issued an order, “This is my destiny, and no matter what, please do not interfere, phoenix.”

With that, Lu Ying stroked the deer antlers. With a gentle tap of his fingers on the staff, the antlers on it turned into a glowing cloud of light, returning to their position on his head.

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