Chapter 1 - Time Traveler In the War of Supremacy

Daji and I Are Fighting Over A Man

"Bell of the East Emperor hasn't been found, yet the Sword of Xuanyuan has already broken!"

Translator(s): Elestrea

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The War of Supremacy —— the confrontation between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou was the first and also the last war that split heaven and earth apart.

There were only two people remaining on the battlefield. Each was holding a divine weapon which radiance was so bright it couldn't be directly looked at. 

The devil god with an ox head and wolf body, Chiyou, and on the other side, the golden-armored giant, the Yellow Emperor —— their battle progress was in a deadlock.

The dark clouds in the sky rolled up and formed a massive vortex, and a ray of lightning struck! 


After the rumble ended, a youth figure appeared from the deep pit.

The youth was covered in dirt, and he used one hand to crawl out of the pit made by the thunder and moved to its edge. He was surprised to see there were dead bodies piling up like mountains outside the pit and hurriedly looked upwards, only to realize that the battle between the god and the devil had reached the most critical moment. He quickly shouted, "No! Wait! Xuanyuan-Shi! Listen to me!"

The Yellow Emperor and Chiyou shouted in anger simultaneously. They lifted up their respective divine weapons, rushed towards each other, and ruthlessly bumped against each other. The youth rushed to escape the pit and headed to the middle of the battlefield.

The youth shouted at the top of his lungs, "STOP FIGHTING! If you fight anymore your descendants will be done for!" While the youth was speaking, the Yellow Emperor was suddenly pushed and lost his balance, and thud, the house-big iron boots stepped on the youth, instantly trampling him half to death.

"Listen to me…" the youth shouted frantically. "I've just crossed over! Time-out! Half-time!" Unexpectedly, Chiyou saw an opportunity and suddenly sprang up, and the beast's hoof once again trampled the youth. Now, the youth couldn't even say a thing. He crawled out of the ground while out-of-breath and raised his head with much difficulty. His consciousness gradually faded —— as far as the eyes could see, everything was blurry. 

Alas, Chiyou suddenly realized that there was something on the ground and turned his head to look for him. A pair of bloodthirsty red eyes swept back and forth like a searchlight until he finally moved and stretched out his yao claws, gently grabbing the youth and holding him up.

The devil god's abundant qi was hovering around the youth, and after a short moment, he regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he saw a golden light coming directly to their face and shouted at once, "Be careful!"

Chiyou fell down with a roar that shook up the world. His chest was penetrated by a giant golden sword, and his eyes flashed a red color before turning dim. The sword snapped, and the devil god perished.


The Yellow Emperor took off his helmet with one hand and threw it aside. His figure gradually changed, getting shorter and shorter until he was the size of an ordinary person. He was just relieved from his burden; he wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth and walked towards the youth, saying, "Who are you?"

The youth turned his head in anger. He expressed his overflowing anger towards the Yellow Emperor by roaring, "The sword is broken! It's over! It's all over! You're dooming your descendants!" 

The Yellow Emperor was angry. "Presumptuous!" But he suddenly realized something was amiss. He put his hand on the youth's shoulder, took a breath, and asked, "Who sent you here?"

The youth was choked with emotions. "East Emperor, the Supreme East Emperor."

The Yellow Emperor asked, "Isn't the Supreme in charge of the world 5.000 years in the future? What happened?" 

The youth shook his head and replied, "The qi of heaven and earth is chaotic. The people are homeless and wandering about. The world collapses. The East Emperor sent me to look for the ten greatest ancient artifacts: bell, sword, axe, pot, pagoda, also qin, cauldron, seal, mirror, and stone. We need to activate the ten divine artifacts at once, only then can we save the people from disaster." 

He then looked up in pain. "Bell of the East Emperor hasn't been found, yet the Sword of Xuanyuan has already broken!"

The Yellow Emperor wasn't angry and asked the youth to sit down on a rock. The golden sword on the side had shrunk and flew to him. He put the golden sword on his knee, contemplated for a bit, and said, "No matter. Chiyou must be punished, otherwise, there won't be any peace in the world. The Sword of Xuanyuan might be broken right now, but…"

Before he finished talking, the sky above him rumbled. The Yellow Emperor knew he had a slip of the tongue and modified his words. "I'll send you to a place. You'll find the first five items there." 

The youth seemed to see a glimmer of hope in a desperate situation and raised his head. "Send me where?"

The Yellow Emperor, using two left fingers, drew a circle in front of his body and replied, "Nüwa's period."

All of the sudden, the ancient god emperor's body qi circulated, heaven and earth unified, the dark passageway opened, yin and yang diagram appeared, circling ever and ever, and at once, it sucked in that youth into the turbulence of time. 

"Wait! Let me rest first before crossing again! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa——!"

The Yellow Emperor casually threw the two parts of a broken sword inside the dark portal and said, "Time traveling, crossing, get used to it." The words were full of warmth and smiles.


—— Volume 1 · Bell of the East Emperor ——

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This is a teaser, only a teaser guys, I can’t pick another project for now LMAO…

Update… randomly, whenever I miss Haoran I guess, so feel free to pick it up! But do tell first ya, so I don’t accidentally continue it (;´д`)ゞ Or wanna collab? I’m always open for co-translating (○` 3′○) 

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