Chapter 1 - Cat General

Starting a Revolution in the Depths of One’s Soul [Audio Drama]

Translator(s): keishi
TLC(s): eggy
Editor(s): jelly, cytaoplasm

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This episode covers volume 1 of the novel.

Production Crew:

Original Work: 非天夜翔
Planning: 落川冰
Producers: 钱小金,荀彧,阿瑭
Director: 石榴哥
Screenwriter: 西木【水岸聆音】
Post-production: 柒七【决意同人】
Video: 小茶
Poster Artist: 虎子瞬
Publicity: 鳳非離【水岸聆音】

Zhan Xing: 糖醋排骨【决意同人】
Lin Jingfeng: 昱霖【星之声】
Zhan Yang: 北都藏剑【52工作室】
Lu Shaorong: 冥曦
Bin-sao: 橙呀橙【水岸聆音】
Lily: 喵☆酱【优声由色】
Zhang Shuai: X杰
Jian Wei: 木野信【昆仑班】
Lu Yao: 万妖
Train Staff: 空栀【春色惊鸿】
Passenger A: 霜白陽「陌世光音」
Passenger B: 鲨鱼【水岸聆音】
Passenger C: 岸堂
Police Officer: 无良龙贵【水岸聆音】
Antique Shop Boss: 阿十【Xp工作室】
Police Station Officer: 恶魔【水岸聆音】
News Anchor: 砾小蔓

Ending Theme:

Original Song: Ohayou / 早安
Lyrics: 清明落雨,荀彧【水岸聆音】
Singer: 永无乡DE宁静
Post-production: 不爱喝中药的嘉嘉【鸾凤鸣】


[1] yangzhi (lit. "mutton-fat") jade is a type of white jade. High quality stones have sheen, glossy surface and are smooth to the touch, much like a block of mutton fat, hence the name.

[2] Republican era: refers to the period between 1911 and 1949, following the end of the Qing dynasty. It is considered the transition between imperial and modern China. 

[3] Men You Ping: a nickname for Zhang Qiling, lovingly given by the novel's main character, Wu Xie.

[4] Chinese Ring: 连环锁 (lit. serial lock). See an example here.

[5] prowl dirt and loot: 倒斗摸金, 倒斗 daodou is a slang for tomb raiding, while 摸金 mojin comes from a military position (摸金校尉) that Cao Cao set up to dig graves and steal gold so he could feed his army.

[6] zongzi or zombies is the graverobbers’ slang for well-preserved corpses or jiangshi, not to be confused with apocalyptic zombies. The term was coined by Tianxia Bachang 天下霸唱 (real name Zhang Muye, author of “Ghost Blows Out the Light”). According to baidu, there are 7 classes of zongzi. Black donkey hooves and a range of other items can be used to deter zongzi, see here for more info.

[7] Jintong Xianren: 金铜仙人 (lit. gold-bronze immortals), jintong refers to the gold-bronze alloys used in casting these statues. Lin Jingfeng mistakenly said 金盘 jinpan which just means "golden tray". Here is an image of Jintong Xianren.

[8] the poem seems to be from Legend of Sword and Fairy 4, a popular Chinese MMORPG, but chicken man has put his own spin on it. Original line from the game: "涛山阻绝秦帝船,汉宫彻夜捧金盘" roughly means "The mountains and the big waves in the seas thwart Emperor Qin’s ships, Han palace uphold golden trays through the night". Feitian changed the first half to “obstructed by the mountains and seas, the journey is tough”. Many liberties were taken in translating these!

[9] Xianlu Yuxie Yin: 仙露玉屑饮 means a drink made of immortals' dew and jade dust (xian - immortal, lu - dew, yuxie - jade dust, yin - drink).

[10] ghost knocking the wall: 鬼打墙 is a supernatural phenomenon where a person keeps walking in circles.

[11] Twelve Earthly Branches: more info here.

[12] moshi: 摸尸 (lit. “feeling the corpse”), to search and pick up the good stuffs e.g. jewelries on the corpses. 

[13] luminous pearl: 夜明珠 yemingzhu, a type of precious mineral stones that can glow in the dark. 

[14] yin zhai: 阴宅 is a term in fengshui, refers to the locations of which ancestors’ coffins are buried. Similar to how placement of furniture in a living house can affect the owner’s fortune, placement of ancestors’ coffins can also influence the descendants’ fortune.

[15] sow many seeds: originally 多种树 (lit. plant many trees), means to do the hard work now to enjoy the results later.

[16] a feast for the eye: a wordplay on 秀色可餐, an idiom depicting a woman’s beauty. Zhan Xing changed 秀 to 帅 which depicts a man’s handsomeness.

Translator's Comment:

Thanks for watching and I hope you’ve fallen into the pit enjoyed the episode! Ep 2 is a 77-minute monstrosity so it’ll take a while, but do look forward to that~

A little behind-the-scene funfact: the original crew producing this episode actually decided to drop it after the release, but Zhan Xing’s VA, 糖醋排骨 (Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs), bless this man, took over the role of Planning, assembled a whole new crew and brought in many big-name VAs for the subsequent episodes. Us fans were just really happy that the adaptation was continued, although the big jump in terms of production quality was a pleasant surprise!

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), keishi.



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