Extra 2.2 - Mid Autumn 2018: Lang Li Ge Lang


"Is there anything recently that suddenly roused your passion toward the other person?"

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Yu Hao: "The next round… only a few pages left, don't be nervous."

Zhou Sheng: "Mm… no need to fight anymore. Come, let's take a look at the display monitor, you're going to just have an easy interview now." 

Lü Bu: "After the questions are finished, we can make our wish?"

Qilin stroked the back of Lü Bu's hand, pulling at him to tell him to sit down, so Lü Bu then also sat on the floor. Neither of them sat in the chair, instead, Qilin sat in Lü Bu's embrace. 

Meng Feng: "Hurry, hurry hurry. We still have to go make dinner."

Zhou Sheng said irritatedly, "I want to go as well, okay?"

Yu Hao: "Now, we'll take a look at the next event —— the third round, from left to right, everyone please answer in turn.

"No need to hold back, just say whatever comes to mind! Once you've finished answering these two pages, you can go home!"


Everyone was finally able to relax. 

Zhou Sheng: "Answer honestly, okay?"

Xiang Cheng: "What? Why do I have to answer everything?"

Zhou Sheng: "I said 'answer honestly', don't lie! Are you not honest?"

Chi Xiaoduo: "He definitely is 'Chengshi.'"

Yu Hao: "......"

Zhou Sheng: "Okay, don't chit chat, look at the question!"


Question 1: Do you think the two of you are suitable for each other? Have you fought recently? What was the cause of it?

Lü Bu: "Of course we suit each other. If we didn't, why would we be together? Back then, because of one breakfast……"

Qilin: "Don't bring up that breakfast again… my ears are going to fall off."

Lü Bu: "Fight? No."

Qilin: "Hmm…. we're pretty compatible. We do fight, we've had a few arguments because of Xiao Ji. Even today on Mid-Autumn, we were quarreling." 

Lü Bu glanced at Qilin and didn't say anything. Yu Hao interrogated, "Because of your son? Why?"

Qilin: "He spoils Xiao Ji too much. It's always because of some small, trivial matters that we start fighting."  


Everyone nodded their heads with understanding, and Lü Bu had no choice but to say, "Forget it, let's not talk about this. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, I'm taking my baobei somewhere on vacation." 

Zhou Sheng: "Where do you plan on going?"

Lü Bu: "Anywhere? Go back to find some old friends to drink with." 

Yu Hao: "You also must live together well with your husband. Alright, let's take a look at the second question —— the second team, please respond." 


Question 2: Why are you together with the other person?

Chi Xiaoduo: "Because… he met my requirements of 'the ideal boyfriend' ba?"

Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He laughed then said, "Do I?"

Chi Xiaoduo: "En… the requirements can automatically be adjusted based on the boyfriend."

Xiang Cheng: "You didn't mind my oafishness at first?"

Chi Xiaoduo: "An oaf but also very handsome ah, handsome to the max."

Yu Hao asked skeptically, "You guys have never talked over this question before?"

Chi Xiaoduo and Xiang Cheng both looked at each other and laughed in unison all of a sudden. "Nope."

Zhou Sheng: "How about you, this so-called 'Chengshi'-xiongdi?"

Xiang Cheng thought for a moment before he honestly replied, "I don't know why, I was just suddenly attracted to him."

Xiang Cheng held Chi Xiaoduo in his arms as Chi Xiaoduo sat on his lap, the two of them pondering on this for a moment. Xiang Cheng then continued, "At first, it was simply falling in love, but later he told me… that he wanted to learn to prevail over himself, en… I think that's what gives us the confidence to be together ba."

Chi Xiaoduo was busy waving his hands around, feeling embarrassed to the extreme.

Yu Hao: "Alright, let's look at our third question."


Question 3: What do you like the most about the other person?

Li Qingcheng: "......"

Zhang Mu: "......"


As time went by, everyone looked at the two with bored looks on their faces.

Lü Bu: "Just say it! I'm still waiting for my wish, ne!"

"They both feel embarrassed, no need to press them," Li Jinglong said.

Hongjun looked curiously at the two people. Li Qingcheng became uneasy and nervous all of a sudden, looking left and right. Zhang Mu still hadn't uttered any words either; it was a deadlock. Yet suddenly, Li Qingcheng stood up, looking at Zhang Mu as he said, "Sit, ba."

Zhang Mu, still crouching as before, waved his hand as he looked at the screen.

Li Qingcheng fixed his gaze at Zhang Mu. Without any better option, Zhang Mu stood up and sat down. Li Qingcheng also sat down in Zhang Mu's lap, letting him hold him.

Zhou Sheng: "Say it ah, answer the question!"

Yu Hao: "Don't rush them, Zhang Mu's face is all red!"


Another period of silence.

Li Qingcheng: "Mu-ge?"

Zhang Mu: "Hm."

Everyone: "......"

Zhou Sheng: "We'd better just skip this question ba… Next…"

Zhang Mu: "I don't know. Fate ba."

Everyone immediately burst into laughter. Li Qingcheng thought about it and joked, "I was also decreed by fate."

Zhang Mu: "Bewitched."

Li Qingcheng: "What?"

Zhang Mu immediately corrected his words. "Besides him, there is no one else in my eyes."

Yu Hao: "Oh? What does he do?"

Zhang Mu: "An emperor."

Everyone: "......"

Lü Bu: "I almost became an emperor too."

Qilin: "He was only a regent. Don't listen to his bragging."

Li Qingcheng smiled. "I'm not anymore. The thing I like the most about Mu-ge is… en… I really can't say, there are too many. Let's talk about it another time ba."

"All right," Zhou Sheng said, "this young couple is very shy. Let's move on to the next question…"


Zhang Mu: "Say one thing?"

Li Qingcheng held back a smile. Everyone stopped once again and looked at them.

Li Qingcheng: "He's less talk and more action ba?"

Chi Xiaoduo: "Oh, you're 'lowering your head, working hard'?"

Everyone: "OOOOOOOO——"

Zhang Mu: "En."

"No!" Li Qingcheng blew up.


Pro: "Hosts should pay attention to the guidelines. Please don't let the topic become too vulgar."

"Are you the host or am I the host HA?" Zhou Sheng said. "Or you want to be one?"

Pro: "I was just reminding you."

Yu Hao: "Alright, next question."


Question 4: If given the opportunity, what would you wish for the other person to do the most?

Xiao Yi: "Err..."

Lu Zhou: "Why is it that when it's our turn, we're given this kind of question?!"

Everyone urged them on in schadenfreude, "Quick! Quick! Answer it!" 

Lü Bu: "My wish! Wish! Be quick!"


Xiao Yi: "Recently, Zhou-ge has been act- acting as an ancient blind assassin. En! I really wish to see him cosplaying! The movie is called Shan You Mu Xi, though it's still in the filming process. Please wait until it's being publicized, everyone please give support!"

"Is he handsome?" Yu Hao asked.

Lu Zhou: "You actually have that kind of thought?!"

Zhou Sheng: "Your turn, who do you want your wifey to cosplay as?"

Lu Zhou: "I want him to have a rest; he's usually working too hard! He's busy going round and round every day, today is the only day this year that he gets a rest!"

The room fell into an awkward silence. Xiao Yi's smile solidified; everyone turned their head away one after another, daring not to look anymore.

Lu Zhou patted his lap, and Xiao Yi went to sit in it, letting Lu Zhou hold him.

Yu Hao: "To work hard is normal."

Pro: "I like your song, your voice is very pleasant to hear. You're very talented."

Everyone gave continuous applause. Xiao Yi was a little embarrassed and busily said "thank you, thank you."

Lu Zhou scoffed and said, "Why is your face as thick as it is at home?" 

Xiao Yi hurriedly said, "No, no! My voice is very bad!"

After a burst of laughter from everyone, Yu Hao said, "OK, let's see the next question——"


Question 5: "Is there anything recently that suddenly roused your passion toward the other person?"

Li Jinglong: "Ah?"

Hongjun: "Yi?"

Li Jinglong gently pinched Hongjun's ear. With a hint of blush on his face, he smiled and said, "How is this getting asked all of a sudden?"

Hongjun seriously said, "Last night, Zhangshi…"

Li Jinglong covered Hongjun's mouth at once. The others booed one by one, "Let him talk ah!"

"Aiyo!" Li Jinglong was bitten by Hongjun and hurriedly let go. Hongjun, dead earnest, said, "Last night, Zhangshi made me osmanthus cake. He used a sieve to lightly sprinkle the flowers on top of the glutinous rice cake, and his serious look while doing it was so attractive!"

"You're just attracted to the osmanthus cake ba." Liu Yan said, face deadpan.

Hongjun replied, "No! I only looked at his face that time."

Li Jinglong still had some lingering fears. "Oh, that time ah."

Yu Hao: "How about you?"

Li Jinglong once again let out an "Ah?" before looking at Hongjun and pinching his chin. Everybody was looking at the two of them; ever since his appearance with Hongjun, Li Jinglong had always been holding his hand and wouldn't let go, and it didn't stop just at holding, he was either tickling him several times or rubbing him.

Li Jinglong made a move to kiss Hongjun, who resisted him at once while saying, "There are many people!"

Li Jinglong gestured at Hongjun and smiled. "Like just now, in this kind of situation."


Zhou Sheng expressionlessly said, "Okay, let's take a look at the last question."

Yu Hao: "This kind of question… after we get back, someone will be punished by having to kneel on a board ba?"


Question 6: Which characteristic do you dislike the most about the other person?

Meng Feng: "Fuck! Deliberately making my life difficult on purpose!"

Liu Yan: "Oh? It seems like you are dissatisfied with some of my habits."

Meng Feng: "Yea… yeah! For example, you always… uh, sacrifice so much for me, you see? You always leave the best foods for me, you pick out the crab roe of Shanghai hairy-crabs for me to eat, while you eat the crab meat…"

Liu Yan: "I don't like eating crab roe; if you eat too much, your triglyceride levels will be too high! I've always liked eating crab meat, thank you! Can you not flatter yourself?"

Meng Feng: "......"


Yu Hao: "Then what about you, Liu Yan?"

Liu Yan: "Most dislike... 24/7 never letting me rest. If he can't see me for a moment, he'll go 'Liu Yan! Where'd you go?' 'Liu Yan? Where are you?' 'Liu Yan! What are you doing?'." 

"Yes yes yes!" Qilin immediately said. "Exactly the same!"

"Exactly the same!" Hongjun exclaimed, "You guys, too?"

"Wherever I go, he follows!" Li Qingcheng said.

"That's right!" Xiao Yi slapped his thigh in agreement and said, "As long as I'm not within his sight, then he'll get paranoid!"

Chi Xiaoduo said, "It seems to be like that, he's always asking 'Xiaoduo, ne?' 'You there?'."

Everybody: "......"

Liu Yan: "Right? Not letting me rest for a moment, and if there's nothing to do, he'll find something to tease me with or just prank me, it's practically like ADHD."


Li Qingcheng: "Actually, he doesn't dare go that far, it's just that whenever he doesn't have anything to do, he's always watching off from the side."

Zhang Mu: "......"


Hongjun: "Mine also asks me if I want to eat anything all the time. Sometimes I'm already really full, so he'll just show me food to look at. I'm already at my limit yet he'll eat right next to me on purpose!"

Li Jinglong: "......"


Chi Xiaoduo: "Mine is actually alright, it's just that he always shows up to cause trouble for me while I'm making a talisman."

Xiang Cheng: "......"


Xiao Yi: "In short, they must ensure you are within their range of control!"

"Yes!" Everyone said at once.

Yu Hao took a glance at Zhou Sheng.


Zhou Sheng: "Okay! All the questions have been asked!"

Pro: "Congratulations, everyone. Up next is the fourth round…"

"There's more——?!" Everyone shouted at the same time.

"Oh my god ah, I'm not playing anymore," Yu Hao finally lost his patience and angrily said. "I want to leave!"

Pro: "Please look up."


Everyone looked up, only to see the Golden Crow Wheel in the sky transform into a luminous rising moon, and moonlight spilled onto the earth. In an instant, the area around the track-and-field grounds under the platform turned into a wooded mountain, stretching on and on. The night wind blew forth, immediately allowing one to feel carefree and refreshed.

Pro: "Now, please declare your own wishes." 

"Oh——" Everyone let out a sigh of relief at last and signaled Lü Bu, who was most anxious for the wish, to finally speak.


Qilin and Lü Bu locked eyes.

Lü Bu finally waited until this moment, and said "I hope that my runaway son can return home!"

Everyone: "......"

Qilin: "Xiao Ji just turned 16 and had a fight with his older brother Zhongming. He has already been away from home for a long time."

Hongjun: "How long has it been?"

Lü Bu: "It's been three whole days!"

Everyone: "......"

Pro: "I'll tell the Adventurer to let your youngest son return ASAP."

Lü Bu: "???"

Qilin remembered and quickly said, "Okay! Thanks!"


Yu Hao, holding the last sheet of paper, read aloud, "Wishing you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, return to Jin... this character print is muddled, is it 'bie' or is it 'ao'?"

Lü Bu: "Jin'ao Island!"

Zhou Sheng: "Return to Jin'ao Island to celebrate the holiday, ba! Give Tongtian-jiaozhu and his husband, Haoran and his husband, Longyang-jun and Crown Prince Dan, Zhongming and Black... what the hell is all this, just give them my greetings. Now off you go!"

Lü Bu and Qilin immediately turned into flecks of light and were ejected out of the dreamscape.


"Second team," Zhou Sheng saw that victory was in sight and said. "Come, make a wish!"

Chi Xiaoduo and Xiang Cheng stared at each other, at a loss for words. Chi Xiaoduo said, "I don't have any wishes I desire."

Xiang Cheng: "We have no wishes, we already have a lot of money. Recently, we also entrusted someone named Guan Yue with an investment, and the good yaoguais are very obedient, too…"

Yu Hao: "I don't want to hear the word money ever again! Get lost!"

Zhou Sheng: "Help give Googletorura Kodak and the little fox, Chen Zhen and his brother, Xuan Hezhi and Zhou Wanyuan, Xiao Qi and also the jiao immortal my regards, also get those pandas to stop eating! They can't even roll around anymore! Off you go!"

Xiang Cheng and Chi Xiaoduo turned into flecks of light, and with a swish, they were also ejected out of the dreamscape.


Zhou Sheng: "Third team, give... oh, there's no one to give regards to, looks like you two live pretty freely, huh."

Li Qingcheng: "Next year's Mid-Autumn Festival, can you stop tormenting Mu-ge and I?"

Pro: "I cannot. I don't know why, The Adventurer pulled you lots three years in a row. If you want to blame something, just blame it on your luck being too good."

Zhang Mu: "Next year, I'll take Qingcheng abroad for the festival. Don't mess with us again. That is our wish."

Pro: "I will communicate that in your stead, but I believe that the Adventurer also does not hope to summon all the knights over here. There's way too many people."

Zhou Sheng: "Although I don't know what you all are saying, but... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Go on, you!"

With a swish, Li Qingcheng and Zhang Mu also turned into flecks of light together and were ejected out.


"It's your turn." Yu Hao said to Lu Zhou and Xiao Yi.

Lu Zhou: "Just let us go back, going to play cosplay."

Xiao Yi: "Can we really? I have a wish!"

Zhou Sheng: "Say it!"

Xiao Yi: "Could I trade it for 10 wishes?"

Pro: "Prohibited."

Xiao Yi thought about it, and said, "Then... I wish that next year, my entire family will be in good health ba?"

Pro: "Your wish is fulfilled."

Lu Zhou: "I have enough money anyways, I'll just…"

Zhou Sheng: "Off you go!"

Yu Hao: "Out!"

Lu Zhou and Xiao Yi were both ejected outside.


Li Jinglong: "Is it our turn now?"

Hongjun: "I'm hungry…"

Zhou Sheng: "You wanna come over to my house for dinner?"

Hongjun: "Forget it,  I have to eat at the palace. Can I make a wish?"

Pro: "Sure can. The Adventurer thinks you're quite cute, so they present to you an extra wish."

Hongjun: "Really?! Then… I want… Zhangshi's 'thing'... can you make it a bit smaller… just a little bit is fine."

Li Jinglong: "......"

Everyone: "......"

Pro: "This wish cannot be granted, but I can assure you that it will not grow any bigger."

Li Jinglong: "…………………………"

Hongjun hurriedly said, "That's fine too."


"The second wish," Yu Hao said, "Whatever did you guys come here for ah! Either to show off that you have a bunch of kids, or to show off that you're rich, or just to show off 'that'!"

Li Jinglong coughed and with a straight face said, "Our wish is… for the Exorcism Department to live a long life and keep the world at peace forever ba? Whether in the past, or in the future."

Pro: "The story of the past will soon be unveiled."


Zhou Sheng: "How come one or two of you guys' wishes are all about happiness, world peace, and such? It's too noble ba!"

Liu Yan: "Because world peace, the security of our family, and our love for each other are the most important things in the world ah."

Zhou Sheng: "Oh that's true. Alright, wishing the following students and one carp a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival——"

Yu Hao: "Mo Rigen, Qiu Yongsi, Tailobudamia Homihok Hammurabi, what the hell is this? Turandohkt, Lu Xu, Ashina Qiong, the carp, Feng'er…"

Li Jinglong: "Alright, alright. I'll be sure to pass that along!"

Zhou Sheng: "Off you go!"

Li Jinglong and Hongjun turned into brilliant rays and faded away.


Yu Hao: "What about you two?"

Liu Yan signaled Meng Feng to speak. Zhou Sheng asked, "World peace, right? No need to ask."

"No, no, no!" Meng Feng hurriedly said. "I have a wish! Liu Yan, say it ba."

Liu Yan said, "It's like this, Jue Ming recently received a strange distress signal…"

Pro: "I know what that was. Don't mind it, the sound was just from another ethereal plane, and it was a temporarily bad frequency. The Adventurer will personally go forward to deal with this matter after they find a solution for the Dinghai Pearl."

Meng Feng: "Won't it cause any serious repercussions?"

Pro: "I believe it won't, but you all may need to do what little assistance you can provide when the time comes."


Liu Yan: "Still one wish left… Hm, let love be everlasting ba?"

Meng Feng held Liu Yan's hand and suddenly laughed, looking at Liu Yan, who was also smiling.

"Bye-bye——" said Yu Hao.

"Off you go!" Zhou Sheng marked out a flame as Yu Hao continued. "Best wishes to Jue Ming, Zhang Min, Old Man Meng Jianguo, Bai Xiaodong, and Zhuo Yu-"

Zhou Sheng: "Already gone."


Yu Hao: "Okay, Happy Mid-Autumn everyone, remember to watch Doomsday's season one finale ah. Whatever that means?"

Finally having sent all the people off, Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng looked at each other. They were so tired that they no longer wanted to talk.

Pro: "Successfully completed your mission. Now your guys' turn to wish."

Yu Hao: "......"

Zhou Sheng: "Want money?"

Yu Hao: "It's enough having you around."

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao sat alongside each other on the edge of the platform, gazing at the moon in the horizon. Pro said, "If you don't have a wish, then you two are free to leave on your own."

Zhou Sheng: "I can't really think of a wish at the moment."

Yu Hao: "Hold on, I've got an idea. Xiongdi who is talking, can you let me see what you look like?"

Pro: "I have no human form."

Zhou Sheng: "Is this a matter of the Creator's dream?"

Yu Hao: "I don't know why, but I always think he has a model. Your name is Prometheus? I know what to wish for: show up in our dreams!"

Pro: "I really have no form."

Zhou Sheng: "Then I will just hang out in here and not go forth."

Pro: "......"

Yu Hao: "Quick! We promise not to tell anyone!"


A gust of wind blew, and light motes swirled around, revealing the countenance of a young man with rough and rigid features. He was wearing trousers and a white shirt with two open buttons that revealed his collarbone where a flashing microchip hung on a necklace around his neck. Sturdy in build, Pro was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, his sword eyebrows had a cut carved into his left brow, and he had a high nose bridge and deep, dark eyes that drew a slightly frivolous smile with his soft, warm lips.

Yu Hao: "How come you look so much like…"

Zhou Sheng: "Like the appearance of the six people a moment ago. There's a slight dissimilarity in the characteristics, so he doesn't completely resemble them."

"Extemporaneous sample appearance I have created for myself, satisfied?" Prometheus took off his black-framed glasses and tucked one hand in his trousers pocket, looking down at the two men.

Yu Hao: "Also looks a little bit like you."

Zhou Sheng: "Pssh. Yeah, right. You added all the good-looking ones together."

Pro: "Not only that, but I also have all of your abilities, see?"

With that, Pro snapped his fingers, and Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng, who were holding hands, turned into bright motes of light, and with a flop, floated away in the wind.


The entire world disintegrated into countless lines of code that whirled around the central platform, and a voice came through from the void.

"Pro?" Tianhe called. "What are you doing? Why have you been extremely quiet? Get ready to go out."

Pro looked up from the platform and said to the void, "Oh, I'm trying to write an entertainment computer program. I've set the destination for you."

Tianhe changed his clothes and put on his earpiece as he went out. Guan Yue was leaning against the pillar at the front door as he waited, twirling the car keys around his fingers.

A Lamborghini turned the corner and pulled up in front of the door. The car door automatically rose, then Guan Yue got into the driver's seat. Tianhe said, "You've been extremely quiet all afternoon. I'm guessing you're up to something wily again."

Pro: "Do you need me to disperse the dark clouds for you two tonight? I can invoke four aircraft to drive the clouds away so that it will be much easier to admire the full moon in the evening."

"Alright," Tianhe said. "Thanks."


Guan Yue hit the steering wheel and drove the car off to take Tianhe to the riverside for the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, and casually said, "The moon shines over the world when there is a bright moon in your heart."

"That's right," Standing on the void platform, Pro snapped his fingers and with a soft sound, all the lines of code completely dispersed, once again turning into mountains and rivers stretching long for thousands of miles, and a round of bright moon in the sky.

Pro turned around. The moonlight shone on his handsome face as he said, "Happy Mid-Autumn, my beloved." 


—— Extra: Lang Li Ge Lang · End ——

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