Feitian Secret Santa 2021


Feitian Secret Santa is a community event intended to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with others in the Feitian Yexiang fandom. Participants create works requested by their assigned recipients in secret and reveal it on December 25th.

  • Sign-ups: 3-10 November
  • Assignments: 13-14 November
  • First Check-in: 30 November
  • Second Check-in: 15 December
  • Posting: 25 December - deadline at 23:59 UTC (check what time it is in your timezone)


How does it work?

During Sign-ups, people use the form available to request and offer to create works (writing, art, others) for Feitian Yexiang novels' characters or dynamics, both platonic and romantic. Participants most offer and request multiple characters and novels.

After sign-ups, participants are matched up based on what they offered and requested, and Assignments are sent out. Written stories have a minimum of 1,000 words and art fills must be of a finished illustration, and centered around one of the recipient's requests. Though an assignment will include requests of multiple novels and ships, participants are only expected to create 1 work using any one of the requests.

All works are posted or revealed on December 25th. Tag the recipient or name them in the post and let them know your fill. Prior to posting, please keep your assignments secret and do not inform your recipients!


Discussion Spaces

Feel free to discuss the event’s details on #chicken-event or the novel’s respective channels, but please don’t reveal who you’re filling for! 


Contacting Moderators

You can email [email protected] or DM the Feitian Events Twitter account at @feitianweek. For general questions, though, you can also drop by the #chicken-event channel on Discord. Note that this is not the proper channel to ask or request certain things.

You may email the moderators if you have questions regarding your assignment, such as asking for a change or requesting extensions.

However, if you have further questions about your assignment and would like to ask the recipient, message the moderators, do not directly contact the recipient.


What am I committing to if I sign-up?

By signing up, you are committing to create 1 work that is complete, that features at least 1 of your recipient’s requested character or relationship(s). There is a minimum word count of 1,000 words for fanfiction, and fanart should be a finished illustration, however it translates in your art style. However, unless the work is a very detailed line-art, this means at least monochrome shading or flat colors. If the artwork is traditional and you do not have access to a scanner, please take a good photo of it under natural sunlight.

You are not required to adhere to your recipient’s prompts, but you are required to respect and avoid their do-not-wants. You are only required to feature 1 of your recipient’s requested ship. 

Please reconsider if you are reasonably sure you won’t be able to finish your piece.


Sign-up Form

The form can be found here.

Upon signing up, you are asked to provide at least 2 character and/or relationship, be it platonic or romantic, with a maximum of 5. Please differentiate the two types using & or / (eg. Xiang Shu/Chen Xing is the romantic relationship, Xiang Shu & Chen Xing is the platonic one). You may add optional prompts and do-not-wants.

You are also required to offer either 1 novel where you’re willing to create for multiple characters or ships, or at least 2 novels. Any fewer and the matching would not work. If you check at least 2 novels, you are allowed to include NOTPs or disliked characters.



Assignments will be sent out by email on 13-14 November. Please contact the mods if you have not received it by that date.

Moderators will contact you for 2 check-ins leading up to December 25th.

  • On the first check-in, you must prove that you have either started or planned your work.
  • On the second check-in, authors must have at least 800 words written and artists must have started the last stage of their piece.


Defaulting and Pinch Hits

When you default, a pinch-hitter will take over your current assignment. However, in turn, you are to create a work for the pinch-hitter.


Can I change any of my responses?

You may change any parts of your responses during the sign-up period. Simply email the moderators at [email protected] explaining what you'd like changed. Once the matching starts, however, no major changes (eg. reducing what novels you'd like to create for) can be done, unless it greatly hinders your ability to finish your due assignment.

Do you have an example of a filled request form?

Here is an example where the participant requests 1) a character, 2) a romantic relationship, and 3) a platonic relationship. You are not obligated to provide all 3, but please include at least 2 of any combinations (eg. 2 characters, or 2 ships, or 1 character 1 ship, etc) so that whoever gets your assignment has options to choose from!


Do you have an example of a filled offer form?

Here is an example where the participant has offered to write for assignments with Yingnu and/or Astrolabe Rebirth, with the exception of not writing for the character Zhao Zilong or for the ship Li Qingcheng/Fang Qingyu. While filling this, please carefully think about what you'd hate to write or draw for, and to list them out. NOTPs and disliked characters play a role in matching and assignments.



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I can’t get the form right, all my answers are wrong.