Chapter 46

Turing's Code

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In the evening, the two sat on the London Eye Ferris Wheel. As Tianhe looked out the window, Guan Yue tapped his shoulder. He raised his camera and faced it towards them, snapping a selfie. Tianhe was still eating raspberry ice cream, and it dripped onto Guan Yue's coat.

In Trafalgar Square, Guan Yue stayed close to Tianhe, careful to not let him be crowded by the tourists. "That's Nelson's monument," he said.

"The photo doesn't match the live scenario. The architecture is really so ethereal." Tianhe looked around him as Guan Yue raised his camera and snapped another photo.

"Isn't feeding the pigeons not allowed?"

"Nobody cares, but I strongly suggest you not to."

"Let me try..."

Tianhe lowered his head and saw someone feeding the pigeons. The man handed him some bread and the pigeons immediately started running up to him one after the other. Tianhe almost drowned in the crowd of birds. He immediately turned his head to avoid them as he cried out in fear. After taking photos of Tianhe looking disheveled, Guan Yue finally walked towards him and chased away the pigeons.

Tianhe had almost been blown up by the pigeons; he never knew that birds could be so fierce. Guan Yue said, "See, this is what happens when you don't listen."

"There are subtle differences between English and German dining etiquettes," Guan Yue said. He opened his napkin and tied it around Tianhe. He said slowly, "Try this restaurant, although I think you might not be used to the food."


Tianhe tasted it. Because it was western food, of course it was better than the menu at home. He asked, "Do you eat this type of food everyday?"

Guan Yue, "A chef has been invited into the house. He'll start making Chinese food for you tomorrow."


Tianhe said, "It’s actually not bad. I eat a lot of western food at home too."

Guan Yue, "You'll want to vomit very soon. I told Aunt Fang to send her menu over, we'll make it later. Let's eat it together."


Tianhe only thought that he had been eating non-stop this whole day. The chef from the kitchen sent out another dessert for him.

"They said you're very cute," Guan Yue told Tianhe, "so they sent you one that's freshly baked."

Tianhe, "I seriously can't eat anymore, I'm gonna vomit....but will the chef come out and beat me?"


Guan Yue, "No one in this world is willing to beat you, but I can help you eat half."


And so, Tianhe ate half of it then gave the rest to Guan Yue. Guan Yue helped him clear the plate.

At night, when they were watching a movie, Tianhe was still burping. Thankfully, Guan Yue had bought the whole theater. The two sat on the big sofa in the center, Tianhe laid on it lazily. Guan Yue looked at him, then raised his hand, allowing Tianhe to get into a more comfortable position. Tianhe adjusted his posture and put his head on his chest, leaning against his arms. It was exactly like how he used to lay as a child. They finished watching the entire Wall-E movie.

When he saw Wall-E and Eva flying in space and chasing each other around, Tianhe raised his head and looked at Guan Yue.


Guan Yue, "?"

Tianhe, "?"


The two then continued to watch the movie.

After the show, Guan Yue brought Tianhe up to the top floor of the theater. He asked, "Have you ever been in a helicopter?"


"I've flown the one at Zijian's house before!"


The wild wind blew from the side as Guan Yue hovered over Tianhe, helping him get into the helicopter. They entered the front cabin and started flying towards Cambridge County. The plane stopped on the roof at home and Tianhe politely thanked the pilot.


Within the house, the sports car from London had already arrived. It was Guan Zhengping's gift to Tianhe, who had decided to send it to London. Guan Yue merely looked at it and nodded. Tianhe wanted to tell him something about Guan Zhengping, but it seemed like Guan Yue already knew what he was going to say.

The housekeeper and the servants all greeted Tianhe in German. Tianhe knew who he was; he was the housekeeper of his uncle's estate! Guan Yue didn't understand German, and the housekeeper's English was a bit broken, so he was a bit annoyed. However, since it seemed that Tianhe was very happy, that was all that mattered.


"Why did you suddenly come in!" Tianhe said as he soaked in the bathroom, and Guan Yue came in to hang his clothes.

"Have you forgotten that I used to help you take baths?"

Tianhe was very embarrassed. Tianhe pulled the shower curtain, but Guan Yue stopped it as he barked jokingly. Tianhe was shocked for a bit, then said, "Get out! I don't wear silk pajamas!"


Guan Yue, “My mom specifically had this made for you.”


Tianhe, “The weaving is too much, it’s also too dense and too slippery, it’s uncomfortable and provides no sense of comfort, and it’s like wearing 2 garbage bags. I wear cotton.”


Guan Yue could only give up and change into cotton ones. He thought about it for a second, then called the housekeeper over and changed the pillow case for Tianhe, as well as all of the other products on the bed. He sent away all of the silk products from home.

Tianhe took a bath and finally got sleepy. He sat on the bed and tilted his head to the side, the water pouring out from his ears.

Guan Yue, "Are you sleepy?"


Tianhe leaned on the seat of the plane and turned his head to look at Guan Yue. The reading light shined on both of their eyebrows. Guan Yue raised a brow, carrying an expression of inquiry.

Back to present time

Tianhe, "Your family's silk pajamas really do feel like garbage bags."

Guan Yue, "..."

Guan Yue seriously couldn't think of why Tianhe had to bring up his family's pajamas on the plane.

"You were born to ridicule me," Guan Yue said.


"Yes. Go sleep," Tianhe said as he pulled the seat flat.


Guan Yue turned off the lights and the stewardess came to pull the door. The first class cabin turned into a small room, in the middle was a double bed. Tianhe laid down on it.


"I overslept at the airport that day," Guan Yue was reminded of the day Tianhe arrived in London because of the garbage bags. He said suddenly in the dark, "You even suspected that I had a girlfriend."

Tianhe answered, "I really thought you did, I even bought her a bag from the store. I was scared that she would despise me when I went to your house and then I'll be driven back to the dormitory. I had prepared myself mentally on the road."

Guan Yue said to himself, "When you were young, your possessiveness towards me was very strong."

Tianhe, "Because I lack a sense of security, children with an incomplete family are all usually worried about gain and loss. My oldest brother left, my dad died, and all my other relatives leaving only elevated my anxiety. I was scared that I would suddenly lose important people. When we broke up and I returned to China, my second brother left me behind too. I'm always thinking, why did I think the bankruptcy was okay? At that time, maybe I already had nothing else that I can lose. "


Guan Yue, "I don't want to hear you analyzing your own heart, it makes me very upset."


Tianhe only smiled as he said, "Alright, I'm getting scolded for telling the truth."

Suddenly, the airplane bumped and Tianhe rolled down straight into Guan Yue's arms. Guan Yue immediately reached out and held him.

Tianhe, "..."

Guan Yue remained in this position without moving and said, "Put on your seatbelt."

Tianhe sat up and fastened his seat belt outside the blanket, "Did you fasten it yet?"


Tianhe reached out to touch Guan Yue's waist. He had already fastened his seatbelt. When he laid down again, he put his head on the pillow and turned to look at him in the dark. Tianhe turned his head to look at Guan Yue, and after a moment, Guan Yue also turned his eyes.

Another flashback. The night before arriving in London.

"Should I sleep next to you?" Guan Yue asked as he turned off the lights.

"Can you?" Tianhe sat on the bed and asked.

Guan Yue uncovered the blanket and laid on the bed, but Tianhe didn't want to sleep yet as he rolled around on the bed."

Tianhe, "This mattress is exactly like the one at home."

Guan Yue, "I asked Aunt Fang, it's from Germany."

Tianhe, "Delivery from Germany is that fast?"

Guan Yue, "I ordered it half a month ago! All you know how to do is make me upset, everytime I'm so pissed to the point that I can't speak. Come sleep, aren't you sleepy?"

Tianhe, "Will you be home tomorrow?"

Guan Yue, "Are you paying attention to me or not? I told you already today. I'm not going anywhere for a month, I'm taking you around to play. I'm turning the lights off."

Tianhe didn't want to sleep yet so he began to rummage curiously through the cabinets, wanting to see what was in the house. Guan Yue turned off the light and dragged him back to bed, holding his waist in his arms. Tianhe struggled a few times before Guan Yue pressed him down with his foot, so he had to stop.

"You're heavy!" Tianhe cried.

Guan Yue leaned on his side and slightly propped up one foot as his left hand rested on Tianhe's pillow. His right hand was also propped up, mimicking a little cage which limited Tianhe to one small area.``

Guan Yue, "Why are you so energetic? Are you not tired? Should I tell you a story?"

Tianhe, "The stories you tell have too many highs and lows, the more you listen the more energetic you are."

Guan Yue, "Poem?"

“Aquí te amo (I love you)," Guan Yue's voice said in the dark, "En los oscuros pinos se desenreda el viento.(In the dark pines, the wind disentangles itself.)"

Tianhe, "I don't understand Spanish."

“Fosforece la luna sobre las aguas errantes…(The moon glows like phosphorous on the vagrant waters.)

“Andan días iguales persiguiéndose (Days, all one kind, go chasing each other)…”

Tianhe laid on Guan Yue's arm, his hands playing with the buttons of his pajamas.

The airplane started flying again as it began to bump and rumble. Countless memories of the past and present seemed to be shaken together within this turbulence.

Tianhe turned around to see Guan Yue's back. After watching him for a while, he gradually fell asleep too.

Wellington, New Zealand, 11 a.m. The first day of team building, free activities.

In the cool midsummer of New Zealand, the sun almost blinded Tianhe's eyes. Most of the employees were still resting in the hotel due to jet lag. Tianhe had nothing to do as he changed into a relaxing white shirt with black sports shorts and went out for a walk. Guan Yue was wearing sunglasses along with a blue palm tree shirt and beach pants. He only had a card in his chest pocket.

Tianhe had originally wanted to go for a walk in the museum, but found that many of the team members in the lobby were eager to follow him as they wanted to play with him and Guan Yue, but they were afraid to bother the two of them.

The receptionist girl who had been upgraded to the administrative assistant from Qingsong asked as she smiled, "Chairman Wen, where are you going?"

"The museum, do you want to come?" Tianhe said, "let's have Chairman Guan give everybody a free guide."


Guan Yue had his hands in his beach shorts as he waited patiently outside of the hotel door. He was wearing sports shoes.

"Ok!" The crowd all got up.

Judging by the speed in which Tianhe got up, he seemed to be a bit reluctant, so he said with a smile, "Why don't you all go shopping? Chairman Guan can close all the doors to the shops for you."

"Ok!!!" Everyone cheered and rushed over in an instant.

Tianhe was currently thinking about where Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian had gone, but he didn't want to disturb their little world. He went to a jewelry store and pushed the door open.

Guan Yue followed Tianhe as he showed his card. The shop assistants sealed the doors, keeping the employees out.

"Chairman Guan! Let us in!"


The shop assistants looked at Guan Yue's expression. He lowered his head slightly as he said to Tianhe, "You shop first."

Tianhe said, "I don't have anything to buy, I was just coming along with them."


Tianhe thought that it was better to go to a museum then come to a store like this. Guan Yue signaled for the clerk to open the door, and the employees came in one after the other. Guan Yue handed his card to Mei Xi and said, "You lead them, we're going to go."


That's a good idea. And so Tianhe smiled at them and said, "Don't buy too much, there are still several places to go. Have a good time. Bye."

And so, he walked out the door with Guan Yue.




The last time Tianhe and Guan Yue came to New Zealand, he had already gone all over the place. Suddenly, he didn't want to go anymore. He said, "How about we just take a walk?"

Under the bright sunlight, the birds flew past the harbour, singing sweetly. The white clouds floated in the sky like marshmallows, moving above by the sea breeze, floating around slowly. The surrounding houses were bright white, reflecting the blue waters of the deep-water port, making it seem like walking into an animation.

Tianhe sat down on the bench in front of the harbour along with Guan Yue and then leaned back on the chair, overlooking the peaks of the Kaikoura Mountains in the distance. Guan Yue lowered his head to look at the seabirds jumping at their feet.

Tianhe turned his head to look at Guan Yue. Suddenly, a seabird flew away as Guan Yue raised his head to watch it disappear. His sunglasses reflected the white clouds in the sky. Tianhe also looked up at the sky, following his actions.


"At this moment, whose poem matches well?" Tianhe smiled as he looked at Guan Yue again, "Does the President know any New Zealand poets?"

"You," Guan Yue said seriously, "You're looking at the clouds and then looking at me."

"I think," Guan Yue turned his head to face Tianhe, "When you're looking at me, it feels so far away. Yet when you look at the clouds, it feels so close."

Tianhe, "The last days of Gu Cheng's life are left at the end of the world."

Guan Yue, "Yes, New Zealand."

Tianhe, "Your essence is full of romanticism. In fact, I think that all the poems you've translated and published are very beautiful."

Guan Yue took off his sunglasses and put his hand on the back of the bench. He crossed his legs and looked at the harbour.

"No," Guan Yue said. "I'm not romantic, I only know how to read. I don't know how to write. I have no talent. I will never see the door to the Temple of Muses in my whole life."


"That’s because you don't try," Tianhe said, "Do you want to try? I am willing to be your first reader."

Guan Yue, "I'm not romantic, so I crave this kind of innate romance, and I also crave those who were born romantic."

Tianhe looked at the harbour and tried to smile, "That last sentence sounds like a pun."

Guan Yue said, "You're not wrong. I thought about it a lot that day, I was in the wrong."

His fingers tapped gently on Tianhe's shoulder.


"I like the things that I don't have," Guan Yue said, "Perhaps, the goal given to me this life...maybe it was to protect the child in my memory."

Guan Yue turned his head to look at Tianhe. His deep gaze looked at Tianhe's eyebrows, nose, and eyes.


"When I heard you say that you wanted to accept reality that day, I saw with my own eyes something that I had cherished for so long, and suffered the pain of being broken. The moonlight shone on the sixpence on the ground. I only knew that I bowed my head and walked forward, thinking that it was my path that was shining, but I forgot that I was also a person who had looked at the moon for a long time.

"So the person in the wrong should be me, I once forgot my ideal. Sorry Baby."

Tianhe turned his head and looked at the wharf in the distance.

Guan Yue, "Do you want to drink anything?"

"I...I'm fine," Tianhe's voice was trembling, "I'm not thirsty."

Guan Yue suddenly remembered, he said, "I don't have any money on me, I'll go think of something."

Guan Yue got up, put on his sunglasses and went over to the drink stand. Tianhe looked at him in a daze as Guan Yue exchanged a few words with the drink stand’s boss. The boss made an OK gesture to Guan Yue and gave him a drink.


Tianhe got up and quickly walked over. He wanted to hug Guan Yue from behind and stick to his back, but Guan Yue had already turned around, his hand patting his head.

The boss laughed at the two of them.


Guan Yue gave the drink to Tianhe as he thanked the boss. Guan Yue took his shoulder and went to the dock. As he leaned against the railing, he looked at Tianhe. "How did you get the drink?" Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue answered, "I said that you were thirsty and wanted to drink something, but I was too poor so I couldn't buy you a drink."

Tianhe, "..."


Guan Yue said seriously, "I really did say that."

A yacht was moving outside the dock, causing waves.

Tianhe, "What do you want for your birthday? Should I give you a yacht? Middlegate's yacht hasn't been used for a long time, it's probably already broken."

Guan Yue, "I'm also thirsty, can you give me a sip of the drink?"

Tianhe laughed as he handed the drink to Guan Yue. Guan Yue drank from the straw, wanting to hold his hand while he was at it. Suddenly, a yacht flew in and made a quick turn at the dock. With a "crash", the sea water flew onto the shore like a waterfall and splashed on both of them.


Tianhe, "..."

"Hey!" Tong Kai was on the boat. He shouted, "Come down and play!"

Guan Yue was about to blow up from anger because of Tong Kai. Jiang ZIjian climbed onto the surfboard and waved, "Tianhe! Come down and play!"

Tianhe, "Where did that come from?"

"I just bought it!" Tong Kai shouted, "Play however you want!" He motioned for the boatman to turn around. Guan Yue had the drink in hand as water dripped from his body. Tianhe was already running down the dock cheerfully, so Guan Yue could only helplessly run after him.


"I'll buy another one!" Jiang ZIjian stood at the tail of the boat and said, "We can race! That way we won't need to fight over it!"

"Why would I need so many yachts? Take it home and put it in the fountain?" Tianhe said as he stopped Jiang Zijian, taking off his shoes while he stepped onto the board. White waves were being stirred up. Guan Yue looked at Tianhe nervously and said, "Slow down!"

"If I slow down then I won't be able to move!" Tianhe shouted, "faster!"

Guan Yue, "No! Be careful!"

The yacht practically was dragging Tianhe on the water, he looked as if he was flying. Tianhe also did a 360 wave flip. As expected, because he hadn't played for a long time, he couldn't hold a good angle as he fell into the sea. Guan Yue jumped in and swam to bring him aboard.

"I'm going to play with the sprinkler!" Jiang Zijian threw the camera to Tianhe and walked to the water craft that he had been attracted by. One by one, Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai ejected water jets, flying around in the air. Tianhe stood at the end of the boat and picked up the camera, "Are you ready?"

"Go!" Guan Yue held onto the surfboard as he shouted from the sea.

The yacht accelerated in speed slowly as Guan Yue began to gallop. He slid left and right, raising waves all over. He turned over his head and feet, Tianhe's heart was in his throat as Guan Yue fell.

Tianhe was so surprised that he yelled out, forgetting to take a picture of Guan Yue. The yacht turned around and soared into the air. Guan Yue rose into the air, with the waves behind him, drawing an arc in the air, and when he flew past Tianhe, he whistled at him.

Tianhe picked up the camera and photographed this moment decisively. Guan Yue was so amazing! No matter what sport, he was much better at it then him!

"Look at my gesture!" Guan Yue pulled the towing rope behind the yacht and took off on the water, shouting in English, "Captain!"

The captain turned around and gestured OK. Tianhe realized what he was going to do and said, "No no, it's too dangerous! Don't!"

Guan Yue pulled the traction rope with his left hand, and when he stepped onto the board, his right hand made a gesture.

The captain slowed down and Guan Yue pulled the towing rope as he flew into the air. Tianhe knew from a glance that Guan Yue wanted to ride like a horse. This was too reckless! However, in the next moment, Guan Yue flew up to the stern from the momentum and slipped onto the stern cover, drifting sideways on the surfboard, stretching out his arms as he lifted Tianhe by the waist, and hugging him.

But all of a sudden, the surfboard skidded on the boat stern, and it staggered more and more. Then, it flew out obliquely and fell into the sea again.

“It’s too dangerous!” Tianhe said angrily, “Stop messing around! If you get a concussion, then it’s over!”

Guan Yue, “Don’t worry! I’ve done this so many times before, I won’t injure myself! Let’s go again!”

Tianhe said, "That was in the sea, flying onto a boat is too dangerous. I'm going to get mad!"

Guan Yue could only give up. He wiped the sea water off of his face and laughed helplessly.

The yacht was not far from the coast.

"Ah—" Jiang Zijian had just finished playing with the watercraft as he said to Tianhe, "Do you wanna come babe?"

Two coaches were currently giving Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai the equipment. Tianhe said, "Let's play this!"

Guan Yue and Tianhe put on the Flyboard equipment with a suction pipe attached behind them. With the help of the pressure, they could fly up more then 10 meters. The coach made an OK gesture and Tianhe took off first. Guan Yue followed him, two white water columns reflected the sun and flew into the air.


Tianhe used to spend every summer vacation with Guan Yue on his island in Middlegate. Guan Yue was the owner of the island, so he could play however he wanted. He had also given Tianhe a flypad. As he started playing it, he played it for a month, so there was nothing more familiar to him.


Tianhe held the water gun with both hands, and rotated it in the air, spraying thousands of shining drops of sunlight onto the sea; in the deep blue curtain of the velvety sea, it bloomed softly like deep like the dazzling stars in the universe.

Guan Yue shooted out a line of water and turned around, with a kick and a "hua la" sound, a gorgeous river of stars was sprinkled on the clear sky onto the blue sea.

The coaches cheered loudly as seven or eight yachts nearby all turned around to watch the fancy chase. The sky was blue, resembling a giant's eyes while the foot was the endless sea. Yachts gathered around the periphery, forming a circle; on the cruise ship, music played out loud, forming a huge stage.

On the vast sea, the moment the music started, Tianhe's head emptied as he turned around in the air. Meanwhile, Guan Yue made a quick turn close to the surface of the sea, arousing a water column and flying towards Tianhe.


Tianhe turned aside and flew away. However, Guan Yue flew in front of him, and Tianhe somersaulted. Guan Yue seemed to have expected him to fly away, so he also somersaulted in the air.


With the cheers from the boats around them, they drew a shining ark of water at the same time. One after the other, they flew close to the sea, falling to the lowest point, then taking off. Tianhe turned sideways, crossing with Guan more and more as he laughed.

However, Guan Yue was seriously chasing after Tianhe. The two sprinkled a beautiful waterfall-like ring on the three meter high sea.

"He's got him!" Jiang Zijian shouted.

At the end of the music, the coaches gestured busily. Tianhe's suction pipe had tripped over Guan Yue. Guan Yue immediately said, "Be careful!"


Tianhe steadily and slowly declined. He was a bit tired as he panted, "I don't want to play anymore."

Guan Yue, "You fly too fast."


The yachts all scattered, and the four returned to the boat. As the sun set, it seemed to turn blood red, shining on the sea. The harbor had turned golden. After getting back on shore, candles were lit on the tables in a little restaurant at the harbor. Violin sounds floated about and waiters wearing white gloves bought over the menu for Tianhe and Guan Yue.


The shadows were dark and the candle in the glass flickered, the sea breeze blowing lightly.

"Give us the catch of the day," Tianhe said. "The lobster and the fish don't have to be seperated, share."

The waiter showed them the red wine, then asked, "Would you like a taste of the oysters we just picked up this afternoon?"

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe, whose forehead was supported by his hand.

Guan Yue, "?"


Tianhe, "How should I know? If you want to eat it then order it."

Guan Yue didn't nod or reject, however, the waiter seemed to understand. He retrieved the menu and bowed politely.

"So big!" Tianhe said when he saw the oyster. He was shocked. It was three times as big as gillardeau oysters. Luckily, there was only one oyster, otherwise he didn't know who was going to eat who.

Guan Yue was puzzled as he asked, "What's so big?"

Tianhe ignored him and looked at the sea. Guan Yue said, "Do you want half?"

Tianhe immediately said, "Don't use the knife to stab it's stomach! You eat it, I don't want to."

The oyster, "..."


"How am I supposed to eat it if I don't cut it? Come on, don't be shy."

Tianhe knew that Guan Yue wanted to tease him. He forced himself to watch the oyster being cut in half as he said, "No no, I don't want to eat it. You can eat it yourself. Chairman Guan, this honor should belong to you."

"I invite you to share this honor with me," Guan Yue said politely. He poked the oyster with a silver fork in front of Tianhe and said, "Please look at its white stomach and juicy skirt. If you squeeze it a little, it will exude a flash of light..."

Tianhe, "Please don't say anymore! I'm wrong, Chairman Guan." All of a sudden, Tianhe thought of a way to fight back. The employees were going to come soon, there was no way Guan Yue could escape.


Tianhe's expression immediately changed as he said sincerely, "Chairman Guan, you should finish it quickly. Or else it'll be hard to say what will happen later."

Guan Yue suddenly had a bad feeling.

Tianhe shouted to the employees who were just entering the restaurant, "Hey! You've finished shopping! Let's see what you bought! "

The employees all entered the restaurant one after another. Mei Xi came over to give Guan Yue his credit card. Everybody saw that Tianhe was in high spirits as they all went over to say hello to Guan Yue.

"Hello bos— woah! Oh my god!"

The employees were all carrying big and small shopping bags. They came one by one to greet Guan Yue and Tianhe. Everyone was shocked, "This oyster is so big!"

"Boss! How can you eat such a big oyster!"

"Wow, this oyster is so big!"

Guan Yue, "..."

Tianhe said seriously, "Right? It's so cruel. God has the virtue of living well. Chairman Guan, you'd better let it go, it's not easy to grow to that size."


Tianhe felt that Guan Yue was about to collapse, so he motioned for everyone to find their seats. "Chairman Guan is going to treat everyone tonight, order whatever you want," he said.

The restaurant became lively, and the waiters shuttled around to serve them seafood. Tianhe had just turned his head away for a second, and when he looked back, the oyster had disappeared, only the empty shell remained.

Tianhe showed a frightened expression, "Did you swallow the whole thing??? How did you do that??"

Guan Yue, "............."

At 8:30 p.m., in the lobby of the hotel.

The employees expressed their gratitude to the boss for closing the shops for them to shop at and the big seafood feast. They were satisfied and smiling as they went back to their room.

In the elevator, Wu Shun was holding big bags and small bags as Guan Yue, Tianhe, Jiang Zijian, and Tong Kai were all looking at him together.


Tianhe took one glance and understood, "Are you going to deliver them one by one? What did you buy for yourself?"

Wu Shun said, "The bvlgari bag is for Jing."


Everyone smiled.

Wu Shun, "I heard that Chairman Guan ate an oyster the size of a washbasin tonight?"

Guan Yue took a deep breath. Three seconds later, he replied, "Yes, it tasted pretty good."

The elevator stopped as Wu Shun stepped out first.

The door closed as it kept on going up.

Guan Yue was staying in the top-level presidential suite which had six bedrooms and three guest rooms. Originally, Tianhe, Tong Kai, Jiang Zijian, and Wu Shun could all live together, but Mei Xi had also ordered two more for each of them according to the vice president’s specifications. The executive suites on the 16th, 23rd and 20th floors were all booked. Jiang Zijian was only the recipient, so he was only allowed to live in the commoner's room. Of course, he made his own upgrades at his own expense, and the company did not care.

Then, Jiang Zijian swiped his card and upgraded all of the employee's rooms to a luxury room with a view.

The elevator "dinged", and they had arrived at the 20th floor. The waiter by the door was politely waiting.

Tianhe looked at Tong Kai and Zijian as he said to the waiter politely, "We pressed the wrong one, continue going up."

Tong Kai then said, "It's my room, I'm going back."

The remaining three people did not speak. Tianhe's lips were pursed inward and his eyes were moving around. Guan Yue's elbow moved a bit to push Jiang Zijian.

Jiang Zijian, "I- I-,"

Tianhe, "..."

Guan Yue, "..."

Tong Kai, "..."

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