Chapter 1.1 - Re-entering the Human World

Tianbao Fuyao Lu [Audio Drama]

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): Elestrea

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Translator's Comment:

Character Introduction

Kong Hongjun

Hongjun, the MC of Tianbao. His Father is Kong Xuan, one of the three sages of Yaojin Palace, and his mother is human, so Hongjun is half-yao and half-human. Since he has been staying in Yaojin Palace all his life, Hongjun doesn’t know much about the human world, but he’s a quick learner and eventually adapts with the help of his trusty sidekick, Zhao Zilong (carp yao).

Personality: In the beginning, Hongjun is a rather innocent child who doesn’t keep his guard up around most people, which makes the people around him feel relaxed as they can tell that he doesn’t harbour any unspoken intentions. Hongjun loves eating good food and is easily contented as long as he’s well-fed.


Li Jinglong

Jinglong is the Zhang Shi of the newly re-established Exorcism Department in Chang’an. However, as he is a mere mortal, his subordinates didn’t think much of his abilities and didn’t regard him as their superior either (except for Hongjun). His intelligence eventually shines through, and with the wisdom sword and heart lamp he wields, he manages to pull his weight in battles as well.

Personality: Jinglong easily waves away the grievances he suffers as he’s used to being misunderstood due to his terrible luck. As the brain of the group, Jinglong is often the strategist and utilises his deduction and reasoning skills to solve the Exorcist Department’s cases. His intelligence awed his comrades so much that they willingly yielded to him as their superior.


Zhao Zilong

A half-human carp yao that Kong Hongjun picked up. He was unsuccessful in its attempt to become human and was given the name “Zhao Zilong”, one of the generals during the Three Kingdoms era.


Qing Xiong

Qing Xiong is one of the three sages of Yaojin Palace, and his yao form is that of a legendary black roc. He was the one who brought Hongjun back to Yaojin Palace after the death of Hongjun’s parents. Qing Xiong has close ties with another mythical beast yao, Yuan Kun, the legendary winged whale.


Chong Ming

Chong Ming is one of the three sages of Yaojin Palace, and his yao form is that of the legendary Phoenix. He becomes Hongjun’s foster father and is the one who gave Hongjun his new name. Chong Ming has a flame poison mark on his neck that Hongjun has been trying to cure, but to no avail.

Personality: Chong Ming has a very explosive temper and often says things he doesn’t mean. However, Zhao Zilong often notes that Chong Ming dotes on Hongjun dearly even though it may not seem so.

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