Chapter 54 - To Catch Thieves, First Catch the Ringleader

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

"The ghost king couldn't dodge in time, and he was crushed under the huge rock."

Content Warning:
canon-typical violence associated with fight scenes

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Never in his wildest dreams had Zhang Hao imagined that someone was there, just a little over ten paces away from him! Under normal circumstances, if someone was trying to launch a sneak attack, they wouldn’t let out a loud shout first, but this person had actually shouted loudly as he was ambushing him? Shouting was one thing, but that speed was really too quick. Just as the “ah” had left his mouth, a vase had already smashed into the back of Zhang Hao’s head.

Normal people would first let out an enraged “Die!”, before the weapons in their hands would come out, like lightning coming first before a peal of thunder. However, Lu Xu’s movements were like thunder and lightning coming together, and with his half-cry of “ah”, came the vase flying towards him.

Zhang Hao’s attention was wholly focused on casting his magic. Caught off guard, that vase caved in the back of his head instantly, and he slammed face-first onto the bed.

“You’re looking for death…” Zhang Hao’s entire body took on a mud-like consistency, revealing his ambiguous, monstrous original form. With a fierce shake, his body let out muddy glops as he turned and leapt towards Lu Xu!

Lu Xu: “???”

This was the first time that Lu Xu had seen this kind of yaoguai. All he saw was Zhang Hao’s clothes tearing to shreds, the color of his skin turning a golden brown as he spewed out a torrent of yellow-green mist. Lu Xu hurried to take a step back before dashing behind the shelf filled with antiques, roaring, “Hongjun --!”

Lu Xu overturned that shelf, which instantly squashed the soft, mud-like monster that Zhang Hao had become right on the ground where it was trying to advance on him - but he hadn’t expected that Zhang Hao’s body had already turned into a large patch of mud. Like a moving swamp, his body crept over the shelf, sweeping towards Lu Xu even as he spewed out more green mist!

The sounds startled the guards outside, and they rushed in, shouting, “Assassin!”

Lu Xu kept dodging backwards. As soon as the guards saw that mud monster, they all let out loud shouts of fright. Right after, that mud monster rushed forwards, leaping at two of the guards.

The people that had been leapt upon howled until the end, but in an instant, all of the skin and flesh on their bodies rotted away. With a puff, that sludge spat out a few pieces of indigestible metal armor, before it once again crossed the threshold, surging towards Lu Xu!

With an expression of shock, Lu Xu stared at that sludge, but he didn’t flee. The sludge wasn’t planning on letting him get away, speeding into the garden. The voices of the handmaidens drifted over. When they spotted the sludge, they screamed themselves hoarse as they turned to flee, but they too were engulfed by the mud monster. 

As the sludge consumed people, it kept chasing after Lu Xu. A human head appeared out of the mud, taking the form of Zhang Hao’s head. Lu Xu didn’t dare lead it anywhere with a lot of people, so he rushed into the garden. Searching around frantically, he found a shovel just as the sludge body and human head rushed towards him.

“Why, why are you not affected by this illness?!” Zhang Hao cried hoarsely. “This is impossible!” Saying this, it pulled out its two hands from within the sludge and once again rushed up.

Lu Xu swung the shovel in his hand around in a clean, swift sweep --

That head of Zhang Hao’s was sent flying out with a peng like a polo ball, and it arced through the air, before falling beyond the garden wall.

Speedily, Lu Xu dodged a swipe of its arms, only to see that that sludge was continuing to spew out poisonous miasma as it spun around wildly, trying to cut off his escape route. But Lu Xu was even faster. With a shovel and a slash, another shovel and a slash, in the blink of an eye, he had already repeated those motions almost ten times. It sent the sludge flying into the air, tossing all of it out of the garden.

Lu Xu shouted loudly, “Hongjun!”

Still holding that shovel, Lu Xu looked around at his surroundings, his eyes filled with horror. He didn’t know what to do right now. After searching his thoughts for a moment, he slung the shovel over his shoulder and rushed back into the hall to check on Geshu Han and his wife.


The snowstorm gusted all around as the carp yao, at a quick trot, slipped into the battle formation of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle.

Suddenly, the sound of armor clanking came from the distance. When the carp yao turned to look, it saw that the corpse ghosts seemed to be moving. It immediately toppled over onto the ground, its tail wiggling a few times before it stopped moving entirely, playing dead.

The rotting warhorses carried several patrolling guards from the back of the formation through its midst as they patrolled the area.

After the guards passed by, the carp yao once again sneakily trotted through the formation of the corpse ghosts, arriving at the foot of the mountain.

A commander sat tall astride a large horse, standing tall in the icy wind, his body covered in snowflakes. The carp yao ducked behind a rock before peeping out half of its fish head, its eye fixed on that general.

The commander undid the sword at his waist. There were five holes bored into the body, and when the wind blew over them, they let out faint weng weng sounds. The sounds were low and dark, just like the strange deep roar of the beast that Hongjun and Li Jinglong had heard that day.

Black energy emanated from the general’s entire body, wrapping around the sword like flames. With every vibration, the sound spread out in wave after wave.

Below the city wall, Li Jinglong and Hongjun suddenly heard the strange sound. With it, the great army in the distance began to move at a glacial pace.

“What’s wrong?” Hongjun began to grow nervous. At the same time, wild shouts came from behind, from Liangzhou City. Something seemed to have changed in the city.

Li Jinglong hurried to clamber to his feet. Just as he was hesitating, the carp yao returned, saying, “I’ve found that guy!”

The carp yao described all that it had seen. After listening to its account, Li Jinglong said, “Damn, something’s happened in the city, and they’re going to mount an attack from both within and without! Quickly!”

The formation began to move. Li Jinglong indicated that Hongjun quickly follow, and Hongjun raced after him, asking quietly, “What about inside the city?!”

“First let’s take care of the outside!” Li Jinglong said. “Zhao Zilong, lead the way!”

In that moment, the great corpse ghost formation began to move, one row after the other. The two of them sped along the creek. When they got to the outskirts of the grove, Hongjun tied ropes to his throwing knives, before tossing out two of them in a criss-cross fashion, which immediately dragged a foot soldier back. Li Jinglong immediately took one knee to the ground and pressed his palm against that corpse ghost’s body, releasing the glow of the Heart Lamp. It was only a single flash, but that incessantly struggling corpse ghost grew still, forcibly exorcised by the strong light.

Right after, Hongjun repeated the same motions he had before, pulling another soldier towards them. The light flashed again. Li Jinglong picked up long military spears, tossing one to Hongjun, before the two of them worriedly peered into the distance from the cover of the trees. Taking advantage of the large infantry formation passing by, they lifted their spears and dashed out, blending into the formation.

The voice in the distance changed again, and the corpse ghost king stood high on the snowy hill, the sword in his hand vibrating with sound. The footsoldiers circled around like a long, coiling dragon as they took their places. The cavalry spread out in a straight line, gathering near the hill.

Hongjun was completely lost, thinking, how exactly do these corpse ghosts know which direction to move in? Going left for a bit, then right for a bit more. It was only after he ran for a while that he realized, damn, in this pitch-black night with no light to see by, Li Jinglong’s disappeared!

Just as he was searching his surroundings, a hand suddenly reached out from behind him and dragged him into the midst of the foot soldiers. Hongjun was so frightened that he almost let out a loud shout, but Li Jinglong said, “It’s me!”

Li Jinglong grabbed him, turning left and right with the rest of the foot soldiers. With a few repeats, they sunk ever deeper into the center of that large formation.

Hongjun though, no way, this kind of maze-like formation, how exactly did you manage to find your way through? And you didn’t get noticed by the corpse ghosts?! But he wasn’t aware that before, Li Jinglong had participated in the training drills of the Six Armies. The Fierce Tiger Formation, the Coiling Snake Formation, the Eagle Wing Formation… He already knew them like the back of his hand. As soon as he saw the circling of the footsoldiers, he knew that the corpse ghost king was using the Coiling Snake formation on the inside, and the Acala Formation on the outside.

The two of them kept approaching that snowy hill. Right then, there was the sound of metal striking metal, and all of the foot soldiers came to a halt.

Hongjun almost tripped and fell, but Li Jinglong had long since expected it. He knew that they were about to halt, so he reached out a hand to steady Hongjun, helping him stand up straight. The two of them lifted their long spears. Standing in the perfect spot right behind the snowy hill, they could already clearly make out the corpse ghost king’s silhouette in the distance!

The cavalry in the front formation all lifted their battle halberds at the same time, pointing them towards the distant Liangzhou City!

A glow of flames seemed to appear in the city, dyeing the darkness of the night sky red. Hongjun felt a stab of shock - what exactly had happened in Liangzhou City?!

However, when he turned to look at Li Jinglong, Li Jinglong sent him a long and meaningful glance filled with menace. In that instant, Hongjun understood his meaning - do, not, get, distracted! They had to capture the corpse ghost king in order to have a chance at changing the tides of this battle.

At this time, up high, the king of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle lifted the long sword in his hand. Black flames suddenly burst forth from it, and it echoed with a roar like that of a dragon’s!

In front of them, that fifty thousand corpse ghost cavalry began to charge ahead as one, sending up stunning flurries of powdery snow. Like the beat of a god’s drums, their horses’ hooves slammed heavily against the ground, sending up wave after wave of tremors!

That scene was immensely breath-taking, and though Hongjun had crossed blades with the corpse ghosts last time, he had never seen the majesty of these fifty thousand troops charging all at once. It seemed to be nearly enough to even level the entirety of Liangzhou City!

As soon as the cavalry charged, the foot soldiers followed behind like the tide. Li Jinglong raised his long spear, charging at the front, with Hongjun following close behind. The foot soldiers split into two flanks as they streamed around the snowy hill, but Li Jinglong rushed up the hill on foot!

The corpse ghost king instantly sensed their ambush, and with a swift motion, he turned to face Hongjun and Li Jinglong. At the same time, Li Jinglong had already pulled out the Sword of Wisdom and leapt into the air. With a bellow, he sent the sword stabbing towards the king of the corpse ghosts!

In Liangzhou City, Zhang Hao had already given up on chasing Lu Xu, deciding not to provoke him any longer. He turned into a monster made of mud, growing larger and larger as he engulfed nearly all the riders that rushed over to help, swallowing more and more people as he spat out their armor and weapons. Just like this, he arrogantly arrived at the city gates.

These gates had been destroyed by Hongjun not too long ago, and even today, the wooden construction poles were still erected around them. The surrounding soldiers lost their courage and backed away, and Zhang Hao’s body appeared out of that puddle of mud, a savage smile on his face. “Open the gates.”

The guards didn’t dare go up. Right then, Zhang Hao released that poisonous miasma again, and with a roar, the city gates were flooded with it! The soldiers were enveloped from head to toe in that fog, and they all collapsed one after the other.

The city was in utter chaos, and fires rose all around. Outside the city, thousands of riders and horses charged towards the city gates. In that single moment that the corpse ghost king had swiftly turned around, Li Jinglong, his hands wrapped around the Sword of Wisdom, let out a loud roar and leapt into the air, bringing the sword down onto the corpse ghost king’s head!

Instantly, the corpse ghost king lifted his sword to block, and the Sword of Wisdom clanged heavily into that sword with wind holes. A dang echoed out, billowing in all directions!

Hongjun rushed up right after, his four throwing knives all shooting through the air, nailing the helmet of the corpse ghost king. With a dang, they took the helmet right off his head! The instant the helmet hit the ground, the corpse ghost king’s long locks drifted in the wind. The rest of his body was still clad in black armor as he stood on the ridge, snow flurries dancing around him, and at the sight, Hongjun was taken aback.

He had originally thought that this guy was a hideous monster, but he hadn’t expected his facial features to be no different from that of a normal human’s. His skin had a faint tinge of greyish-blue to it, but as soon as his helmet fell off, he revealed himself to actually be a handsome, gallant man!

The foot soldiers that had rushed out all came to a stop, turning their heads to watch the corpse ghost king standing on the high ground. Yet, the ghost king wasn’t at all afraid of their ambush; with a mere lift and wave of his hand, the riders in the front and the foot soldiers behind once again charged forward!

A good opportunity! Li Jinglong thought. He was actually this arrogant! With that, he once again raised the Sword of Wisdom, which glowed with light, turning into silhouettes of swords that covered the sky as he sped towards the ghost king. But the ghost king used the wind sword to block rapidly, equal in skill to Li Jinglong’s prowess.

“Watch out!” Li Jinglong did a flip and landed on the ground, only to see the corpse ghost king rush towards Hongjun.

One of the ghost king’s fists came slamming heavily down towards Hongjun, who immediately put up the Pentacolor Sacred Light and used it as a shield to block the blow. That punch had enough power to send the heavens crashing down, and its force slammed into Hongjun and the light together, sending them both sliding back. His feet dragged out two gouges in the snow as he slid almost ten paces away, tripping over and falling solidly on the ground!

That single strike had enough power to split a mountain, and Hongjun was so shaken by it that he coughed up blood. He struggled to his feet, only to see the ghost king turn to rush towards Li Jinglong. It was at this instant that Li Jinglong realized the ghost king was not arrogant, but rather wholly unafraid of the two of them.

As soon as Hongjun saw the ghost king’s fist heading towards Li Jinglong’s face, he let out a cry of horror. But at that moment, Li Jinglong, in exchange for taking a possible blow to the face, lifted the Sword of Wisdom in his right hand to block, as his left snaked out from under the sword to press against the corpse ghost king’s chest.


With a hong, the light of the Heart Lamp exploded outwards. At the same time, that fist of the ghost king’s had already collided with Li Jinglong’s face.

Hongjun couldn’t save him in time. After only rushing up two steps, he heard the crisp noise of bones snapping. Right after, under that blinding light, the corpse ghost king let out a wild roar as that white light exploded inside him. Black energy exploded out of his entire body, and he fell backwards! Blood vessels had burst in Li Jinglong’s eye, and he fell heavily down the snowy slope!

In that instant, the wind sword left the ghost king’s hand. The carp yao had hidden itself for a long time, and upon seeing this opportunity, it shot out like an arrow. Leaping into the air, it caught the sword in its hands, shouting, “Got it~!”

Hongjun hollered, “Zhangshi --!”

Hongjun rushed up to stop his fall, completely unheeding of that ghost king as he hurriedly pulled out the pills and fed one to Li Jinglong. Li Jinglong’s nose had been beaten bloody, and it was now spurting out blood as he lay there unconscious. On the other side of the hill, the king of the corpse ghosts managed to stand up shakily, wobbling from side to side as it searched for his sword.

After Li Jinglong had been fed the pill, he woke up and struggled to rise, saying, “Grab… the sword!”

The carp yao, carrying that sword, ran a little bit away, and Hongjun shouted, “Quick, make the corpse ghosts stop!”

“How do I make them stop? How do I make them stop?” The carp yao turned its head to look towards the great army gathered in front of the city gates. At this time, the corpse ghost cavalry had already charged towards the gates, only to see that the gates swiftly opened of their own accord, so the riders shot in with almost no resistance at all!

“Hey--!” The carp yao, still facing the army in the distance, waved that sword with great effort, shouting, “Ha!”

As expected, not even half a corpse ghost paid it any attention.

Hongjun looked back at those city gates, only to see that the corpse ghost king was now beginning to chase the carp yao, and he shouted, “Run first! Figure it out later! He’s chasing you!”

When the carp yao turned its head back to look, it immediately grabbed that sword and began to madly run for its life. Since the corpse ghost king had been struck by Li Jinglong’s Heart Lamp, his yao power seemed to have dissipated. In an unsteady manner, it turned its head when it realized that Hongjun and Li Jinglong were the true important enemies. With a few more steps, it charged towards the two of them!

Hongjun made a decision on the spot and shoved Li Jinglong away, crying, “Come at me!”

One single punch from the king of the corpse ghosts could level an entire mountain, so Hongjun didn’t dare to fight him with brute force. He could only lead him in circles around the snowy hill, while Li Jinglong searched everywhere for his Sword of Wisdom that had fallen somewhere on this snowy ground.

Just as the corpse ghost king put all his effort into sprinting, his speed rising once again, Hongjun leapt into the air. Bringing his four knives together again, he turned them into the glaive, which he used to slice down fiercely at the ghost king! As quick as a flash of lightning, the corpse ghost king’s speed was actually even faster now, and with a turn of its head, it dodged that blow. A few of its black hairs were shorn, and they drifted to land on the snowy ground below as behind him, the hill was cleaved into two by that single slice. One half came sliding down, and soon after, the ghost king sent another punch, aimed straight at the glaive.

Hongjun was in midair. With nowhere to kick off, he could only flick the glaive in his hand --

-- With a shua, the glaive once again split apart, turning back into four throwing knives that flew out, made a u-turn, and came back around. They didn’t seek to damage the ghost king’s body. Rather, with a few clangs, they split off all of the buckles and fasteners on his armor!

When the ghost king leapt into the air, all of the armor on his body was left behind. As soon as his body lightened, Hongjun shrank into himself and slid by past his lower back, and with a flip, he trod on the ghost king’s spine. The two of them once again split apart, brushing past each other as they went.

That move had used up all of the skills that Hongjun possessed. Li Jinglong found the Sword of Wisdom, and with an angry war-cry, he once again came running towards the ghost king!

The ghost king’s armor had basically all fallen off, leaving behind a set of black and red martial robes. The moment the two of them passed each other, Hongjun made another move, calling all of the throwing knives back. They once again turned into the glaive, and as they merged together, he rushed forth again!

The ghost king watched Hongjun, his expression completely impassive. With a shua, he turned into a shadow, and Hongjun thought, damn it, this bastard’s speed isn’t inferior to Lu Xu’s!

Li Jinglong rushed up, only for the ghost king to change his punch into a kick. In the air, that move flipped Li Jinglong over and sent him flying straight out. Even with several hacks and slashes of Hongjun’s glaive, the blade was unable to approach his body, and under that hail of sword shadows, that bastard the ghost king actually managed to step forward, flicking the glaive once.

With a weng, half of Hongjun’s body went numb from that wave of true qi. The glaive immediately left his hands, and he took a foot solidly to the chest. He coughed up the contents of his stomach and landed heavily in the snow.

The ghost king lifted his hand and caught the glaive, no longer looking at Hongjun. He only turned, still holding the blade, walking towards Li Jinglong.

One of Li Jinglong’s hands was behind his back, gathering the power of the Heart Lamp. Even if he was putting his life on the line, he would still give the ghost king a nice big flash of light. Hongjun lay on his side in the snow, struggling ceaselessly, rolling back and forth. His chest was in great pain where that kick had landed, as if a heavy weight had slammed into it all at once.

The ghost king slowly walked towards Li Jinglong, whose eyes widened upon seeing that he held Hongjun’s glaive in his hand, the tip of which was pointed towards Li Jinglong.

Upon seeing that scene, Hongjun gritted his teeth, expanded the Pentacolor Sacred Light. With a great roar, he shouted, “Zhangshi --!”

In the next instant, as Qing Xiong had taught him, Hongjun first sent out the Pentacolor Sacred Light, which enveloped that half of the snowy hill that had been cut down by him before. That snowy hill was actually formed from the black rocks hidden within the frozen soil, and a single boulder was easily some tens of thousands of jin. Immediately, he then flipped around, using the last of his strength to shout, “Dodge!”

Li Jinglong immediately dropped to the ground and rolled away. Just as the ghost king turned his head, the Pentacolor Sacred Light dragged that massive boulder along, which rumbled as it rolled over the ground, smashing down onto his head.

With a huge boom, flurries of snow exploded outwards. The ghost king couldn't dodge in time, and he was crushed under the huge rock.

Hongjun: “...”

Li Jinglong: “...”

A great pain came from Li Jinglong’s chest, and the blood from his nosebleed trickled down, dripping onto the snow. Hongjun panted out, “I… I had no other choice, I was afraid that you’d die… If we don’t manage to get the antidote…”

Li Jinglong waved his hand. “I… didn’t expect him to be this difficult to defeat…”

Their gazes met, and Hongjun continued, “Let me rest a bit, then I’ll move the rock aside.”

Li Jinglong turned his head to gaze in the direction of the distant city gates. There were actually no guards standing on top of the city walls, so something must have happened inside.

“We’ve got to hurry up,” Li Jinglong said. “Where’s Zhao Zilong?!”

The carp yao hugged that sword, and seeing that the ghost king had been defeated, slipped back in as quickly as it had left. It stood there, quivering non-stop, as it said, “If you keep crushing it like this, no matter what yaoguai it is, it’ll be crushed to death ba.”

But just as they were speaking, that huge boulder actually began to vibrate and loosen itself from its position, rocking back and forth. The carp yao was so frightened that its soul left its body, and it shouted, “Damn it --”

Hongjun cried, “What should we do?!”

At the same time, Li Jinglong shouted, “Zhao Zilong! The Lihun Pollen!”

The carp yao: “???”

Just as that huge boulder was about to be bodily lifted by the corpse ghost, Li Jinglong sent the carp yao flying in that direction with a kick as he shouted, “Hongjun, gather up all the snow in the area! Fill it in!”

The carp yao didn’t have any spare time to call for help. It scattered the Lihun Pollen in its little satchel, shouting, “Don’t!”

The Lihun Pollen dispersed. The corpse ghost king was currently lifting that huge boulder, but when he suddenly sniffed it, he let out an earth-shaking sneeze!

“A-- choo!”

With this sneeze, the huge boulder was once again loosened, and it came crashing down again. Hongjun had already spread out the Pentacolor Sacred Light with both his hands, and at this time he furiously filled in the center with all the excess snow piled around. Li Jinglong then shouted, “Fire!”

With the Godly Warding Light in his left hand, Hongjun made a roaring flame dragon appear from his right, which circled around the snow gathered up around the boulder. The snow instantly melted, and Li Jinglong then shouted, “Snow!”

The snow even further outwards sped in rapidly, turning into ice and crushing down layer after layer, and finally the movement under the boulder stopped.

The world finally calmed. Li Jinglong was still on guard, but when he exchanged a glance with Hongjun, Hongjun sat down bonelessly, thinking, just now, in that short moment, if Li Jinglong hadn’t reacted so quickly, then we probably would have been screwed again.

Li Jinglong came over to inspect his wounds, and Hongjun was of the same mind. Both of them had incurred a few internal injuries, and after panting for a moment on the snowy ground, Li Jinglong picked up the sword in the carp yao’s hands, studying it closely.


The snowstorm stopped. Liangzhou City was already in utter chaos, and panicked cries issued from within. Li Jinglong said, “Quick!”

Near the city gates of Liangzhou, the corpse ghost riders had already rushed in. Li Jinglong and Hongjun spurred their horses, dragging along a huge block of ice inside of which was frozen the king of the corpse ghosts, as they rushed towards the city gates.

The main street was a scene of chaos. Fires had started in various places, and many of the riders were fighting individual battles. A huge pile of mud was in the middle of the street, letting out a loud, vicious laugh.

“What is that --?!” Hongjun was greatly shaken.

The carp yao said hesitantly, “That… that is…”

“You’ve seen it before?” Li Jinglong asked doubtfully from his position high up on the city watchtower.

“Nope,” the carp yao responded.

The two of them: “...”

Li Jinglong slid the Sword of Wisdom back into its sheath, holding the wind sword in his hand. He furrowed his brows as he studied it, before asking, “What is the sound for retreat?”

Hongjun hurried to say, “Try it out ba! Stop worrying!”

Li Jinglong steeled his heart, before sending the Heart Lamp‘s power into the wind sword. The black qi along the wind sword was instantly exorcised, replaced by a white light, and with a weng it began to sound.

It was like a whistle breaking through the stillness of a calm night, piercingly shrill. The corpse ghost riders turned their heads back to look before all gathering along the main street, forming ranks, preparing to charge towards the city lord’s manor.

“No, no!” Hongjun said. “Not that one!”

Li Jinglong hurried to use a different hole, before using the power of the Heart Lamp to create a sound from it. The corpse ghost army changed their formation, standing in two neat rows on either side of the street.

“That’s right, that’s right!” Hongjun said. “Now have them retreat out of the city!”

Li Jinglong then tried to get the corpse ghosts to change their formation. By now, the slaughter had already ceased, and the soldiers in the city all gathered outside the city lord’s manor. That pile of mud turned and gazed towards the heights of the city gates.

“Zhangshi, hurry and tell them to kill that yaoguai,” Hongjun continued.

“If you can, then you do it!” Li Jinglong threw up his hands. “I haven’t even figured out how to use this sword!”

Hongjun hurried to wave his hand, he couldn’t do it.

“Li Jinglong…” From within the mud appeared half of Zhang Hao’s body, which let out a hoarse cry. “You’ve wrecked my plans again!”

Li Jinglong stared at Zhang Hao, saying darkly, “I never would have expected that such a disaster would have been caused by a spy. What exactly are your motives?!”

Zhang Hao laughed coldly. “Even if you hold the general’s sword, it’s of no use. You think defeating Liu Fei means the end of your troubles?!”

Hongjun grew nervous and spread open the Pentacolor Sacred Light in his hand, when suddenly he saw Lu Xu appear behind the soldiers guarding the general’s estate, staring anxiously at that pile of mud. As soon as he saw Lu Xu, Hongjun calmed; at least this proved that Mo Rigen wasn’t in danger.

Poisonous miasma issued forth from every inch of Zhang Hao’s body, and Li Jinglong, upon seeing its posture and its movements, guessed more or less that it was a yaoguai that emitted poison. There wouldn’t be the time to interrogate it properly for a little while; they had to get rid of it first. With that, he spun the wind sword, which began to emit white light.

With a weng and a bright flash, the wind sword began to take effect. When the corpse ghosts received the signal, they all rushed towards that mud monster!

“It worked!” Hongjun exclaimed, happily surprised.

All of the corpse ghosts that had spread out through the city turned around, gathering along the main street of Liangzhou City. Those that shot arrows, shot arrows, those that charged, charged, and Zhang Hao, evidently unable to handle these dead people, dodged in every direction, but it had already been surrounded in the midst of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle!

Li Jinglong, sword in hand, turned around, all of his attention focused on waving the wind sword back and forth. The sound of the wind sword grew louder and louder, and all of the corpse ghosts in the city gathered, before charging in one majestic wave out of the city gates.

The mud monster that Zhang Hao had turned into dashed away as it let out strange cries, a ten thousand strong corpse ghost army following behind it, racing madly across the plains outside the city.

“Close the city gates!” Li Jinglong called.

The soldiers let out deafening cheers as they hurried to lift the city gates. Hongjun swiftly raced to the corner of the city tower, only to see the corpse ghost troop in dead pursuit. It was daybreak now, and they chased that monster, vanishing into the horizon.

At midday, the sun cast its light over the entirety of the city, the interior of which was almost all rubble after that large battle. The troops that had left the city in pursuit of the monster had also gone who knows where, and since Li Jinglong urgently needed to determine the truth of the entire matter, he didn’t send any men to give chase. A headcount of all the troops in the city revealed that thankfully, their losses were not large. After that, he arranged for a large portion of the troops to guard the city gates, before ordering others to drag that huge ice cube containing that frozen king of the corpse ghosts into the general’s estate.

The entire matter, from beginning to end, was a patch of confusing fog. The one truth could only be determined from this yaoguai commander.

The old madam had also fallen ill after the events of last night. In the front hall of the estate, the guards came and went, pouring a little more water on that frozen ice to prevent the corpse ghost king from suddenly breaking free.

“What exactly happened?” Hongjun asked Lu Xu, after checking over Mo Rigen. Thankfully, nothing had happened to him.

Lu Xu only looked at Hongjun with an expression of rage, meaning, yesterday I called for you for so long, but you weren’t even there?

“The situation is very clear,” Li Jinglong said with a solemnity to his words. He stood under the sunlight, observing the corpse ghost king in the midst of the ice cubes. “This group of corpse ghosts that fell in battle plunder everywhere in order to increase their numbers. As long as people die, then through some specific method, they are turned into a member of the corpse ghosts that fell in battle.”


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1 month ago

Lu Xu calling for HJ was sooo CUTEE!!!


Valeria Jaimes Serkovic
Valeria Jaimes Serkovic
4 months ago

thank u so much for the chapter!

5 months ago

Muchas gracias por el capítulo!!

5 months ago

Aaahhh help why is Lu Xu so cute ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻