Chapter 79 - Wheat Fields

Seizing Dreams

“Medusa represents my fear of marriage and the idea of a family.” 

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Editor(s): Amalea, FistFullOfDollars, Juurensha

The golden light flashed, and Yu Hao was instantly dragged into the dream world!

His dreamscape had changed a lot; there was now a winding roller coaster track and many Apsaras flying in the sky. The grassland outside the capital had become a golden wheat field, and his subordinate officers and soldiers rode horses as they left the capital through gates on all sides to go on a hunt. A river ran along the outside of the city like a brocade belt, and in the sky, a faint and barely perceptible silver moon appeared!

My world has a moon now? Yu Hao stared at it curiously, but the moonlight was very faint, like the moon of the evening sky that appears together with the sun. It blended almost seamlessly into the blue sky.

In the distance, steps extended downwards from the sun and led to the beacon tower of the Great Wall.

Yu Hao, “It’s turned into this now?”

It had been a long time since Yu Hao last entered his own dreamscape. Now that he reflected on these changes, he had a vague impression of them. He spread his wings and flew towards the Golden Crow Wheel and passed through it.

There was another flash of light. Yu Hao appeared in Zhou Sheng’s dream, still on that vast platform. There had been no changes here at all.

“Zhou Sheng!” Yu Hao shouted, “Where are you?”

The sea of clouds surged. Yu Hao looked all around him. He pondered for a moment before he turned in the air and rushed down below the sea of clouds, but the moment he passed through the clouds, Yu Hao suddenly felt his body undergo a huge change!

Yu Hao, “!!!”

His black uniform turned white with a whoosh, then unfolded into fur. His wings withdrew and shook out again, his two hands turned into furry forelegs, and his ears lengthened in the wind.

“It can’t be ba——” The white fox cried out, “What the hell is this?!?” Before he fell straight down!

A furious storm brewed, thunder and lightning were everywhere, and there was a crowd of people surrounding the ring-shaped colosseum. Zhou Sheng supported himself with his shield, dressed in a military uniform, and wore the shoes that Yu Hao had given him as he stood in the mud.

The torrential downpour continued to beat down relentlessly. Zhou Sheng’s face was drenched with water as he faced the center of the colosseum. Concealed in the darkness, Medusa slithered around amidst the mad cheers of the crowd. The black dragon was battered and bruised all over, its blood seeping into the rain as it laid on one side, without anyone knowing if it was dead or alive.

“It’s way too fucking strong.” Zhou Sheng gasped, “Need to wait for an opportunity……”

Medusa wandered around the ring, constantly drawing closer to Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng held up his shield, took a deep breath, and tried to wipe the rain off his face. His shoulders, legs, and back were covered in blood stains from her sharp claws.

“Zhou Sheng!” Yu Hao’s voice rang out, accompanied by a streak of lightning. A fox with wings whizzed through the arena! 

“Yu Hao?” Zhou Sheng’s eyes instantly widened, but at the same time, Medusa let out a discordant scream and pounced towards Zhou Sheng!

Zhou Sheng immediately blocked with his shield and collided with the monster, but the impact sent him flying.

“Zhou Sheng!” The fox shouted and flew to Zhou Sheng.

“Go……go!” Zhou Sheng gasped, “Get out of here, quick!!”

The fox landed, and its tiny body shielded Zhou Sheng. It looked up at the unremitting approach of the monsters.

After being driven away, lightning illuminated the wide eyes of the monster that had been driven away; it had snakes for hair and was screeching hoarsely — it was actually a Medusa!

Fox, “What’s that? Your mother?”

“Medusa! Yu Hao! Don’t look at her eyes!!” Zhou Sheng shouted.

Without a moment's hesitation, the fox spread its wings, leapt into the air, and landed on Medusa’s head. Medusa screamed hoarsely, and her snake hair twisted and writhed in all directions. The fox seized one of the snakes on Medusa’s head; Medusa immediately reached up to pull the fox down, yet the fox bit onto one of the small snakes on Medusa’s head and refused to let go.

Within an instant, Zhou Sheng saw an opportunity. He swung the jingubang across and Medusa let out a cry of pain, but the fox had also been sent flying!

“You broke the rules!” Satan’s voice rang out.

The fox fell to the ground, its fur covered in mud. It struggled to get up before raising its head and surveying the surroundings.

Zhou Sheng said, “Come to me! Yu Hao!”

The fox sped towards Zhou Sheng while in the corner, Medusa had already reoriented herself. She let out an indignant cry and suddenly grew to a height of at least ten metres! Red light burst forth from her eyes and swept towards them along the edge of the arena. The fox noticed that the black dragon was lying on the edge and shouted, “General! Your dragon!”

Wherever the light from Medusa’s eyes swept through, everything and its surroundings would be petrified. Thousands of sculptures in the audience crumbled and collapsed, and the scene descended into madness and chaos.

“Never mind!”

Zhou Sheng jumped into the air with the fox in his arms. The two of them somersaulted; Zhou Sheng used his shield to resist Medusa’s petrifying gaze, and his mirror-like shield refracted the light, diverting the beam towards the other side of the arena. A large area of the audience stand was destroyed. The fox heard Zhou Sheng whistle, and the jindouyun flew over, carrying them as it flew out of the arena with a whoosh. Behind them came Medusa’s hoarse shrieks and Satan’s angry roar.

“You’ll reap what you sow!” Satan roared.

Within the blink of an eye, Zhou Sheng had flown out of the arena with the little fox in his arms. The fox said, “Go to my dream!”

Zhou Sheng didn’t answer. He passed through all the lightning bolts that rained down in succession from the dark sky and dragged out a gigantic wave from the sea. The fox’s eyes widened; it saw a lone island in the distance.

There was a gap in the clouds above the lone island where the golden sunshine spilled through, blending with the golden light reflected from the surface of the sea surrounding the island.

Zhou Sheng hugged the fox and plunged headfirst towards the small island, and the two of them fell onto a golden meadow. The fox fell so hard it tumbled a few times and rolled away like a furry ball.

Fox, “……”

This island covered about two to three hundred square metres, and the island was blanketed with long golden grass. There were four beds in the center of the island, and its layout was exactly the same as their dormitory.

The fox muttered to itself, “Where is this place? A safe haven?”

The fox looked up. Throughout Zhou Sheng’s entire dream world, only this island was bathed in sunlight.

“Zhou Sheng?” The fox turned around and ran quickly towards Zhou Sheng, who lay unconscious in the golden grass.

“Zhou Sheng!” The fox quickly nudged him, but it had no strength at all as it was really too small - barely as big as a puppy. It instantly got a huge fright when it raised its paws.

“Zhou Sheng! You’re bleeding so much!” The white fur on fox’s body was dyed a purplish black by Zhou Sheng’s blood. It quickly moved closer to sniff Zhou Sheng’s nose. Fortunately, he was still breathing.

“Good night!” The fox pressed its paw against Zhou Sheng’s forehead and said anxiously, “Good night! Hurry and wake up! It’s not working!!”

The fox pressed its paw against Zhou Sheng’s wound in a panic, but his ability to heal was gone. He had no staff and no magic, what should he do ahhhhhh!!

“Zhou Sheng!” The fox shouted frantically, “What do I do?! Wake up!!”

The side of Zhou Sheng’s face had a wound; the wound caused by Medusa's claws was bloody, and at least a centimeter deep. The fox whimpered and leaned closer to lick it with its tongue……

……Zhou Sheng’s wound miraculously healed!

This is great! Yu Hao thought.

It hurriedly exerted all its strength on the wound on Zhou Sheng’s face, and the wound would heal a little with every lick. So the fox quickly jumped onto his back and licked it. Zhou Sheng’s back was scratched so severely that even his shoulder blades were exposed. The fox’s heart ached as it licked, and the blood that seeped constantly from Zhou Sheng’s wound gradually stopped.

“I shouldn’t have rabies ba……” The fox muttered to itself, “Wait no this is a dream, so it should be fine……Zhou Sheng! Turn over! Hurry and turn over!!”

Zhou Sheng shifted, moaning as he woke up.

The fox nudged his face forcefully, “Turn over! Turn over!!”

Zhou Sheng arduously flipped over and moaned, “It hurts like hell……”

“It’ll be fine soon.” The fox jumped onto his chest and began licking his neck. Zhou Sheng laughed and grabbed the fox by the scruff of its neck to lift it up. He stared at it with a hint of laughter in his eyes.

“Is it you?” Zhou Sheng said, “Yu Hao? Why are you here?”

The little fox was lifted up and began clawing about frantically in the air. He quickly said, “Let me down! Quick! You’re still bleeding!!”

But Zhou Sheng didn’t care. He hugged the little fox that Yu Hao had turned into and rubbed its head.

“You’re gonna strangle me to death……” The little fox struggled. It wasn’t easy for the fox to jump out of Zhou Sheng’s iron hoop-like arms and continued to help treat his wounds. The wounds on Zhou Sheng’s body began to heal with the little fox’s licking, but after awhile he really couldn’t stand the licking anymore and burst out laughing as he shouted, “It’s ticklish!”

“I’ll be done soon!” The little fox said.

The little fox began licking Zhou Sheng’s knee, and after his knee healed, Zhou Sheng’s legs were parted slightly as he sat on the long golden grass. He looked down at the little fox.

The fox fiddled with Zhou Sheng’s feet that were wearing the basketball shoes, and after he finished checking them, he said, “There aren’t any injuries on your feet, I’m done.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Yu Hao, look at your own paws?”

The fox looked down and saw that his own paws were black; they had been bitten by the little snakes when he grabbed onto Medusa and were already numb.

It lowered its head and licked its own paws, “It’s fine, where’s my protective halo? Isn’t it impossible for me to get hurt in your dream?”

Zhou Sheng said helplessly, “It’s selective. If I think that Medusa can hurt you, then you can get bitten by her. Let me take a look?”

Zhou Sheng held the fox’s paws and drew them slightly closer to carefully examine its front paws. 

It was Yu Hao’s first time transforming into such a small form. When he looked at Zhou Sheng, he thought that he seemed really big, which was pretty interesting.

“Why are you doing something dangerous again!” The fox squatted on the ground and said angrily to Zhou Sheng, “Explain this clearly to me!”

A gust of wind blew. Zhou Sheng just smiled, then raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

A crisp sound rang out. The golden meadow released a sea of light that enveloped Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng’s attire changed — his original set of tattered armour had transformed into a T-shirt and shorts. His shield disintegrated into faint light particles that surrounded Zhou Sheng’s neck and turned into a red scarf that fluttered in the wind.

Zhou Sheng’s hair lengthened slightly, his blonde hair as beautiful as the golden meadow. Meanwhile, Yu Hao’s body grew bigger and bigger and eventually assumed a human form, though his ears remained fox ears that stood upright. Yu Hao’s sitting posture crushed his tail, which was extremely uncomfortable, so he had to squat slightly. 

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng, “Did you hear me summon you?”

“Yeah.” Yu Hao said, “As soon as I came in, I saw you hitting your mother……”

Zhou Sheng said helplessly, “That’s not my mother. Medusa represents my fear of marriage and the idea of a family.”

Yu Hao watched Zhou Sheng and said, “She used to scratch you all the time, you’re scared of her claws.”

Un……” Zhou Sheng said, “So wounds that are scratched by Medusa can’t heal.” He sighed as he spoke, “Annoying.”

“I’ll help you fight.” Yu Hao said, “Let’s do it together.”

Zhou Sheng answered, “No one else is allowed in the arena.”

Yu Hao, “How’s that possible?”

Zhou Sheng explained patiently, “That's how it is. Once an assistant joins, Medusa will turn into what you witnessed — she’ll become so strong that we would have no chance of defeating her at all. Forget it, if she can’t be defeated, then I won’t fight her for now……”

Yu Hao thought about it for a bit and said, “It’s definitely possible! I remember you said before that……”

“Yes, I said that I never wanted to get married in my life.” Zhou Sheng got up and said, “And I don’t want to be in a relationship either, I don’t want to be like my Dad, don’t want to……in any case, remember Liang Laoshi?”

Zhou Sheng walked to the end of the field and looked towards the arena on the other side of the sea. The restless waves roared at sea amongst strong, blustering winds and surging clouds.

“It’s my fear of starting a family.” Zhou Sheng stated.

“Don’t say that!” Yu Hao got up from the grass and chased Zhou Sheng, “Go to your mother and have a talk with her, like the black dragon in my dream, there’ll definitely be a way……”

Zhou Sheng answered, “I tried, it’s no use. Do you think my Mum is someone you can communicate with?”

“Then I’ll talk to her.” Yu Hao answered obstinately.

A hint of a smile could be seen in Zhou Sheng’s eyes. He turned around and faced Yu Hao.

Zhou Sheng gently waved his left hand, and within the light breeze, a blade of long grass snapped and flew in between his fingers. Yu Hao’s gaze shifted to that blade of grass and realised that its shape was not of a dog-tail grass, but an ear of wheat. This island was actually a small wheat field.

In the middle of the wheat field were only four beds that stood quietly in the wind. Desk lamps, books and swivel chairs — they all seemed so dreamlike and surreal.

Zhou Sheng offered the ear of wheat to Yu Hao. Yu Hao didn’t understand what he meant by this, but right when he touched the ear of wheat, he unconsciously withdrew his hand.

“You’ll get better.” Yu Hao said, “I never thought……that it would be like this under your clouds……like……”

Zhou Sheng just looked at Yu Hao quietly.

Yu Hao said, “Let’s go back to reality to find a way ba.”

“Summon the Golden Crow Wheel in your heart.” Zhou Sheng suddenly said, “Imagine its appearance, until it begins to resonate with you. Then you’ll be able to borrow its strength for a short while; push your hand through it, press out, and say ‘good night’.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao began to imagine the Golden Crow Wheel, and a few seconds later, the shape of the Golden Crow Wheel appeared before his eyes. But it was different from the Golden Crow Wheel he had pictured — the Golden Crow Wheel he imagined was silver, and it emitted a very gentle light.

He raised his hand, passed through the silver Golden Crow Wheel, and pressed against Zhou Sheng’s forehead. Zhou Sheng closed his eyes.

“Good night.” Yu Hao said.

Suddenly, Zhou Sheng dissolved into silver light particles and disappeared.

Yu Hao, “!!!”

This was too mystical! Before Yu Hao could look at his right hand, he had also turned into silver particles that dispersed into the sky.

At 4.30am, Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao woke up at the same time on the balcony.

Heavy rain poured down, the sound inexplicably mirroring the sound of the tides in Zhou Sheng’s dreamscape. Yu Hao looked sideways at Zhou Sheng, but Zhou Sheng had already raised his head to look at the curtain of rain beyond the balcony.

“Go in ba, don’t catch a cold.” Zhou Sheng just said lightly before getting up and entering the dormitory. He took off the Golden Crow Wheel, threw it into the drawer, and locked it.

Yu Hao said, “You’re already aware of that point……”

“Gege’s coming back tonight.” Zhou Sheng interrupted, “Look at your WeChat? Reply to him to confirm if you’re going or not.”

Yu Hao thought, ok then. He knew that Zhou Sheng didn’t want to discuss it, so he’ll have to wait until an appropriate time to mention it another day.

He went to bed and sneezed. Zhou Sheng frowned, “You caught a cold?”

Yu Hao waved his hand. It rained heavily last night, and the temperature had been dropping for the past few days, so it was likely he caught a cold.

“I’ll cook ginger soup for you.” Zhou Sheng said, “And I’ll have some too.”

Yu Hao responded with an “un”. He looked through his phone and saw that Fu Liqun had asked them about an outing in their group chat. Most of the people in the sports class were returning to school today, so everyone planned to go to the amusement park tomorrow to play. He asked if Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng wanted to go.

“Do you want to go?” Yu Hao asked.

Zhou Sheng leaned over the rubbish bin to peel the ginger with a small knife, “If you go, I’ll go.”

Yu Hao, “You’re not meeting anyone the day after tomorrow?”

Zhou Sheng raised his head and asked, “You’re not meeting anyone the day after tomorrow?”

Yu Hao, “……” 

“Then I’ll reply to Gege.”

Un.” Zhou Sheng said patiently, “Up to you.”

Yu Hao added himself and Zhou Sheng to the attendee list and transferred the money to Fu Liqun, who then transferred it to Xia Lei to book the tickets. Yu Hao took stock of his savings and figured that he didn’t have much left for his living expenses. But fortunately, they still had their scholarships after school reopened, as well as the competition prize awarded by the college to Zhou Sheng……no, Zhou Sheng’s prize money and scholarship all belong to Zhou Sheng; how could it be included in his own living expenses? Yu Hao was suddenly taken aback. Zhou Sheng has always entrusted his money to Yu Hao, and after managing it for such a long time, Yu Hao had actually begun considering Zhou Sheng’s money as his own without even realising it.

This definitely won’t do, Yu Hao reminded himself. Fortunately, he became aware of it rather early on; no matter how good of a relationship close friends have, it would still be weird for their money to be mixed together……he thought that Fu Liqun was really good for reminding him at this point……Zhou Sheng should also have more expenditures in the future? Yu Hao suddenly remembered that he had seen Zhou Sheng and that girl in the mall today.

Within an instant, Yu Hao almost understood everything!

He turned his head in a daze and stared at Zhou Sheng.

The heavy downpour outside was like a waterfall. Zhou Sheng finished peeling the ginger, placed it in the kettle, then wiped the knife with a piece of paper. It seemed like he was thinking about something.

Yu Hao realised that Zhou Sheng had finally resolved to change himself, to try and be in a relationship. Medusa is the embodiment of his psychological shadows and resistance to love. He had finally taken up arms and chosen to fight, which also meant that he had finally decided to take this step forward.

Yu Hao felt like he was pushing the clouds aside to see a fog as he slowly figured out the reason for Zhou Sheng’s recent abnormal behaviour. But he recalled the last misunderstanding he had regarding his ‘girlfriend’, so Yu Hao felt that he should confirm it.

“What is it?” Zhou Sheng finished peeling the ginger and began cooking ginger soup. He stood in front of Yu Hao’s desk and saw the Rubik’s cube that Ou Qihang gave him. He picked it up and fiddled with it for awhile, “Who gave this to you?”

Yu Hao, “How do you know it was given to me by someone.”

Zhou Sheng, “Why would you buy a Rubik’s cube?” As he spoke, light noises sounded as his fingers nimbly turned it left a few times, right a few times, flipped a side over, turned it around a few more times. The colourful squares on the Rubik’s cube seemed to fall into place as if under a magic spell.

Yu Hao, “……………………”

“You solved it?!” Yu Hao cried out frantically. How is it that Zhou Sheng, just by looking at it for a few minutes and turning around the Rubik’s cube here and there, would actually piece together all six sides just like that?!

Zhou Sheng, “Why? Very surprised?”

Yu Hao said, “You know how to play with Rubik’s cubes?”

“Do I look that stupid?” Zhou Sheng said grumpily, “It all has a formula. Don’t they teach you in the instruction manual that comes with the Rubik’s cube? Piece a cross together, then flip it around according to the formula.”

Yu Hao was dumbstruck. The intensity of Zhou Sheng’s light instantly went up a notch!

Zhou Sheng kept playing with the Rubik’s cube without lifting his head, “The high schooler you met up with yesterday gave this to you?”

Yu Hao said, “Quick, quick! Let me see! You finished piecing it together?!”

Right after Zhou Sheng finished piecing the six sides together, he mercilessly turned it around at random a few times. Ou Qihang’s Rubik’s cube was a mess once again. Zhou Sheng then threw the Rubik’s cube onto the bed towards Yu Hao.

Ai!” Yu Hao said, “I haven’t seen it yet!”

“See what?” Zhou Sheng said impatiently, “Do you have a picture? Let me see?”

Yu Hao, “???”

Yu Hao scrolled through Ou Qihang’s circle of friends; there were only two photos there that he had taken with his friends. Zhou Sheng’s brows slightly scrunched up.

Yu Hao, “The one in the middle.”

Zhou Sheng, “Added him through the Q&A too?”

Until now, Yu Hao still had no idea how Ou Qihang managed to find his contact information, so he told him the truth. Zhou Sheng said, “Return the Rubik’s cube to him, don’t take that kid’s stuff.”

Yu Hao asked, baffled, “Why?”

“There’s no ‘why’!” Zhou Sheng instantly became angry, “Laozi doesn’t like it!”

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao held the Rubik’s cube and wanted to retort, but he held back. He looked down at the Rubik’s cube and turned it around randomly a few times. Zhou Sheng said, “Return it to him.”

“Fine!” Yu Hao was also a little irritated because of Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng waited for the pot to boil.

“Did you go out with Huang Jingya today?” Yu Hao’s voice was filled with discontent.

“Yes.” Zhou Sheng sprinkled the shredded ginger into boiling water and answered in a flat tone.

Yu Hao suddenly felt stifled and found it difficult to breathe. He exerted his utmost to take a deep breath, endured it for a few seconds, then let out a sneeze that shook the world. 

Translator's Note:

Juurensha: Small fox Haohao is adorable.

Dollars: ^ Yes! I want fanarts of small fox Haohao even more than Ou Qihang!

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Kum.



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13 days ago

The wheat field and ZS with red scarf with blonde hair, and Haohao as a fox reminded me of Little Prince

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Reply to  DENDENLA

you got it right! in the first vol zhou sheng also quotes the little prince when he thinks about yu hao

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Advaita Jairam
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Small fox HaoHao!!! I wanna see him!