Chapter 56 - Hidden Sun

Seizing Dreams

“It’s the first time I’ve thought that falling rain could be this beautiful.”

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This unforeseen event really happened too quickly; Chen Yekai was the first to react. He raised his gun to aim and fire several rapid shots at the snake tail, but it had swiftly disappeared. Zhou Sheng was in complete disbelief. When he raised his head again, the platform tilted, and a blazing colossal monster spread its wings as it clambered up.

The titan was about 10-metres tall, its upper body had Lin Xun’s human form while its lower body was the snake tail of the Feathered Serpent god. He laughed maniacally, “You’ve been under my control for so long, and now, you still dare to think about seizing your dreamscape back?! It’s precisely your anger that ruins you——!

“Chen Laoshi……” Yu Hao struggled to press down on his wound.

“Yu Hao!” Chen Yekai shouted frantically.

“Believe……in yourself.” Yu Hao’s voice trembled, “Don’t be afraid……I……I’m capable of regeneration……”

There was none of the anticipated sunlight illuminating the dreamscape. The platform was crumbling at an alarming rate, and the blazing fires had brought ruin to this entire world. Bursts of lightning rained down, and the world sunk into suffocating darkness. The burning asphalt monster unfurled its wings and flew towards them, charging towards the ruins of the falling platform.

Thousands of asphalt monsters revived, and like demons spawned from hell, they walked into the world of Chichén Itzá.

Chen Yekai was engaged in a difficult battle with Lin Xun with his gun, but with a powerful strike, he got slammed into the ruins.

“YU HAO——”

Within the darkness, only Zhou Sheng’s sorrowful cry that carried his heartrending pain could be heard.

Dream World·Chichén Itzá

The huge fire that obscured the sky had destroyed the entire conscious world. The platform collapsed. Chen Yekai roared madly as he fired at the huge serpentine monster, yet it betrayed not the slightest trace of fear.

“Since you’ve already pledged your allegiance to me, why bother taking such unnecessary actions?” Lin Xun’s sinister voice rang throughout the world.

“No!” Chen Yekai’s body was completely battered, yet he refused to give up. His voice trembled, “I……won’t fear you anymore……I won’t!”

It seemed like the sun would never rise, dark clouds still loomed overhead.

“End this ba!” Lin Xun’s voice resonated through the entire dreamscape, “No matter what you do, you’ll never be able to change reality——” It then proceeded to immediately strangle Chen Yekai with a gigantic hand engulfed in flames.

“In my world……” Chen Yekai gasped for breath, “Aside from Ryuusei, there are still my friends……there’s Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng……I can’t let them just, in my dreamscape……”

Chen Yekai tenaciously struggled and let out a loud roar; he wrenched Lin Xun’s demonic hands away and fired a shot that penetrated through Lin Xun’s massive left eye. Lin Xun let out a wail of anguish as he grabbed his eye and ruthlessly flung Chen Yekai into the sea of fire.

“Zhou Sheng……” Yu Hao was lying in Zhou Sheng’s embrace. His hand dripped with blood as he raised it and pointed towards the horizon. He could feel his body healing, but the power of the serpent demon was too malicious; it wreaked havoc in his body, and it fought with Chen Yekai for the power to reign over this world!

“Yu Hao! Yu Hao!” Zhou Sheng was shouting as if he had gone mad.

“Look……look……” Yu Hao stammered, “The sun……is already……rising……the power of this world’s owner, is being overshadowed……”

Zhou Sheng raised his head, and only saw streaks of lightning flash amongst a dense layer of clouds that obscured the sky.

“The sun is just……being blocked……by the……the clouds……”

Zhou Sheng inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes, knelt on his jindouyun on one knee and tightly hugged Yu Hao.

“As long as……the sunlight……appears……I will……”

“Come.” Zhou Sheng said in a low voice. Under this dark sky, their bodies shone just like Chen Yekai’s after he had seized his totem back. Zhou Sheng’s short hair burned like golden fire, like a scorching sun illuminating the vaults of heaven.

Meanwhile, the plumage of Yu Hao’s wings that were drooping on the jindouyun fluttered about in the air, just like fragmented pieces of moonlight falling onto this dark world of despair.


In the hotel room.

Chen Yekai’s breathing became frantic in his dream; sweat had broken out on his forehead as if he were in the clutches of a nightmare.

Yu Hao shivered slightly in his deep slumber. He had been unconsciously using Zhou Sheng’s arm as a pillow, and now, he turned around while he dreamt and hugged Zhou Sheng’s waist. At the same time, Zhou Sheng rolled to face Yu Hao; the two of them embraced each other in this manner with Yu Hao stuck close to the front of Zhou Sheng’s shoulders, and they nestled against each other in a tight embrace.


Chichén Itzá in the Dream World.



“ALL, OF, YOU, COME——!” Zhou Sheng suddenly raised his head and let out a thunderous roar that levelled the ground at the dark heavens.

A strong light rose in the sky. Yu Hao weakly opened his eyes and gazed at the sky. Within his bright pupils, the reflection of the cloud layers that had been scattered could be seen; blazing sunlight streamed through the gap in the clouds.

The sun has risen! It penetrated through the layers of clouds and illuminated both of them. 

Yu Hao’s injured body began to rapidly repair itself, his wounds healing even faster under the sunlight.

“My……sunlight……” He raised his hand towards the sun, and in the next moment, the scorching sun that had been hidden by the dark clouds transformed into the Golden Crow Wheel, suddenly erupting with countless fiery meteors!

Under the illumination of that sunlight! Yu Hao’s body healed completely!

“I’m okay now!” Yu Hao said, “Zhou Sheng! I’ve recovered!”

The serpent demon embodiment of Lin Xun roared and looked up at the sky in fear; he grabbed Chen Yekai with one hand and raised his other hand up to shield against the glare of the sun.

Flying fiery meteors plummeted, penetrating layers and layers of thick cloud; they fell relentlessly, and every meteor transformed into a warrior clad in full-body armour upon impact. They converged into an army on earth and rushed into the sea of fire, waging war against the burning asphalt monsters!

Zhou Sheng lowered his head and looked at Yu Hao.

“They’re here.” Yu Hao smiled. His wounds had already recovered, he shook his wings out and left Zhou Sheng’s embrace. He unsheathed his two daggers and shouted, “Let’s fight!”

Zhou Sheng straightened up and looked towards the gap where the sunlight streamed through. The roar of a dragon made the world tremble; in the wake of millions of meteors, the black dragon was the last to pass through the Golden Crow Wheel! Zhou Sheng spun in the air and stepped onto the black dragon’s back to mount it, then shouted, “Lin Xun——! You beast!!”

Lin Xun roared at Yu Hao. Yu Hao dodged in midair; with the daggers in his grasp, he drew a beautiful full moon arc in the air -- a strong light burst forth and shot towards Lin Xun who had a human body and a snake’s tail. Zhou Sheng then took control of the massive dragon, passed through the full moon arc and ruthlessly slammed into the huge serpent demon.

The enormous dragon subdued the serpent demon; it spewed out teal-coloured, scorching dragon fire from its mouth. Zhou Sheng was clad in full-body silver armour, a dragon knight incarnate; he swung his jingubang and smashed his rod down on the serpent’s head!

With daggers in both hands, Yu Hao unfurled his wings and led thousands of troops to rush into the center of the ruins!

Overhead, the scattered clouds coalesced, and this world once more descended into a fiery purgatory. Blood gushed out from all over the giant serpent demon and its scales were peeling off. But once the sunlight disappeared, it began healing rapidly within the darkness.

“We can’t kill that guy!” Zhou Sheng shouted from the back of his dragon, “Think of something!”

Yu Hao glided through the air while avoiding the burning asphalt monsters that flew past. The warriors on the ground shot arrows into the sky, felling the monsters one after another.

“Where’s Chen Laoshi?!” Yu Hao shouted.

“Go look for him!” Zhou Sheng shouted, “Think of something! There must be a way to kill him!”


Yu Hao glimpsed Chen Yekai’s ragged body as he struggled out of the ruins.

“Forget about me!” Chen Yekai shouted, “Think of how to escape! I’ll lure it away!”

How do we kill it?! Yu Hao desperately scoured through his memories and suddenly remembered what Nakagawa Ryuusei said to him before they left the well.

“What is it?” Yu Hao shouted at Zhou Sheng, “Ryuusei said, that as long as we have one thing, we can defeat Lin Xun! Where do we go to look for it? We need to hurry! Otherwise this world will be ruined!”

Zhou Sheng struck that giant snake serpent onto the ground with his jingubang. With a resounding blast, flames and ashes exploded outwards in all directions; he turned around while fully engaged and answered, “You don’t need to look for it! Just think about it, and it’ll appear!”

“Then what is it?” Yu Hao asked anxiously.

“What is it?!” Zhou Sheng shouted at Yu Hao, “How would I know?! Whose hands did he say it was in!”

Suddenly, the snake serpent roared as it rushed out from the sea of fire and seized the huge dragon. Zhou Sheng lost his footing and was flung off. Just as his body was momentarily suspended in the air, about to fall, Yu Hao flew past and caught him.

Yu Hao cried out, “Ryuusei said, it’s something Kaikai gave me?!”

Zhou Sheng swung his jingubang and swept away hundreds of flying flaming monsters with one sweep, “Is it the shirt?!”

Yu Hao, “No! I’ve already returned it!”


Chen Yekai fired a shot within the ruins, and a pillar of light squarely hit the serpent demon’s arm. The serpent demon roared angrily and a fiery shock wave burst forth from its entire body, flinging Zhou Sheng’s dragon mount away. Then it turned and lunged towards Chen Yekai.

“Both of you, leave……” Chen Yekai turned around and sprinted off; he was actually trying to lure the serpent demon away.

Zhou Sheng, “Kaikai! Don’t be reckless!”

Yu Hao, “Where is he going?”

“The waterfall!” Zhou Sheng saw the path that Chen Yekai was running through and knew that he intended to rush towards the waterfall. Only the surging Iguazu Falls could resist the flames of the serpent demon.

The huge dragon flew over and grabbed Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng. Yu Hao hugged Zhou Sheng’s waist, and the two of them dove down and flew towards the running Chen Yekai.

“If it’s not the shirt then what is it?” Zhou Sheng said, “Calm down! Calm down! Think carefully! Yu Hao! Has he given you a lot of things?”

“Just that one……”

“He must have given you something else? Did you ask him for something? That night!” Zhou Sheng remembered now, “Knife! Knife! The scalpel!”

Yu Hao suddenly recalled it too and shouted, “We’re coming!”

Chen Yekai was already on fire. He rushed to the front of the Iguazu falls. Zhou Sheng took Yu Hao with him as they guided the huge black dragon and led thousands of troops to the Iguazu Falls to create a defensive array.

“Kaikai! Take the weapon——”

Zhou Sheng’s voice rang out. The two of them rode the huge dragon while Yu Hao pointed two fingers at the sky. He closed his eyes and recalled that night. Blood suddenly gushed from his palm, and then the endless thunderstorms that stretched as far as the eyes could see were drawn into his palm.

Within a raging thunderstorm that seemed to herald the apocalypse, Chen Yekai raised his head as he stood in front of the Iguazu Falls.

The serpent demon spread its wings, relentlessly pursuing the three of them as it flew behind them.

Yu Hao directed the seemingly endless bursts of lightning bolts to illuminate this dark world, and immediately afterwards all of the lightning disappeared without a trace.  A silver light flashed in the darkness before converging into the form of a silver white scalpel.

Zhou Sheng grasped the scalpel with two fingers and flung it at the ground; the scalpel was surrounded by streaks of lightning, and Chen Yekai caught ahold of it.


“Kill him.” Zhou Sheng pulled his helmet down and gathered his strength! His whole body was erupting with golden flames!

Yu Hao parted from Zhou Sheng.

The Archangel spread his wings open, and General brandished his shining jingubang!

The huge dragon spewed out dragon fire! The thousands of troops released their arrows all at once!

The current of the Iguazu Falls cascaded down with a thundering rumble, and tens of thousands tonnes of water jets exploded out towards the horizon!


Iron-clad General resisted the serpent demon's assault of scorching flames. Yu Hao rushed towards the curtain of water and grabbed Chen Yekai’s hand before launching him into the air.

The serpent demon roared angrily; it was being overpowered by Zhou Sheng’s huge dragon, and after its head was directly struck by the jingubang, it collapsed to the ground.

The immense dragon flapped its wings and retreated; General leapt into the air and grabbed Chen Yekai who had flown over. Chen Yekai reached out with his left hand — the scalpel rapidly spun between his five slender fingers. General swept his jingubang out and used it as a mid air relay. Chen Yekai stepped onto the jingubang, leaped up, and flew towards the serpent demon!

The serpent demon raised its head and roared. Chen Yekai quickly switched the scalpel to his right hand and shot over like a meteor; he flit past Lin Xun’s neck, the scalpel flying out of his hands with a whoosh and a stream of golden light!

A mad cry shook the entire dream world. A fiery blaze erupted from the mouth of the snake serpent before it abruptly disintegrated into ashes and exploded within a violent gale. 


With a loud crash, the water curtain collapsed entirely. Yu Hao was thoroughly drenched, and his wings became so heavy that he began to plummet. The huge dragon passed through the current and caught him.

“Is it dead?”

“It’s dead ba.” Zhou Sheng raised his helmet to watch this final scene clearly before adding, “It’s dead, right?” 

Yu Hao looked up at the sky, but it seemed almost unchanged. The earth was still submerged in a sea of fire, and the army under his command was still nervously guarding the front of the waterfall; all of them had their arrows nocked and bowstrings pulled back as they vigilantly kept watch for enemies that could appear at any time.


“What about him?” Yu Hao asked.

Zhou Sheng motioned for Yu Hao to look. All he could see was that the asphalt monsters had all disappeared, Chen Yekai’s clothes had all been burnt into rags as he stood in front of the sea of fire.

Zhou Sheng stretched his left hand out, and with his iron-clad hand, he flicked his thumb; it made a clear and melodious sound, as if he had snapped his fingers. His dragon mount slowly ascended and brought the two of them into the sky; they had an aerial view of this burning hell.

“Let’s go up to the clouds to take a look?” Yu Hao asked.

Shh.” Zhou Sheng answered, “Look.”


Chen Yekai seemed to have undergone a peculiar change. His body was radiating light and he stepped out into the burning world, yet he remained undaunted by the raging fire in his heart.

The sound of running water was unceasing. Yu Hao looked into the distance, and could see the current of the Iguazu Falls rise again. But this time, it gently turned into water droplets that floated before ascending into the sky.

The black dragon mount uttered a cry. Zhou Sheng then steered it to fly to another solitary peak. This was the highest place in the dreamscape, and coincidentally, it could overlook the entire world as well as the Chichén Itzá in the distance.

Yu Hao looked around him and discovered that this was actually the solitary peak of Mt. Tianqing that connected to the suspension bridge — the place he found himself at the first time he entered this dreamscape!


The moment Chen Yekai disappeared into the sea of fire, the entire dreamscape began to change. A breeze whispered past; it was a gentle wind that brought with it a breath of vitality.

Zhou Sheng’s armour disappeared. He placed one arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder, and the two of them leaned against the the black dragon’s side as they gazed into the distance.

In a world encompassed within a vast white expanse, the water from the Iguazu Falls rose towards the horizon as the thunderstorms in the clouds disappeared without a trace. Then a torrential deluge descended upon the whole world.

The rainwater fell upon the burning rainforest, rapidly extinguishing the raging blazes. The ashes that had choked the air was washed into the soil by the rainfall and seeped into the earth.

Zhou Sheng casually thumped the black dragon lying beside them. The huge dragon raised its wings and covered them from overhead; the rainwater gushed down with a whoosh. Yu Hao thought it was amusing, and when he raised his head to look, he realised that the wing raised to shelter them from the rain was in a posture that looked like the heart gesture people used while taking photos.

Zhou Sheng, “What’s with that stupid grin on your face?”

“Nothing.” Yu Hao looked into the distance, “It’s the first time I’ve thought that falling rain could be this beautiful.”

The downpour continued endlessly, and the world was covered in a vast expanse of white.

Zhou Sheng said, “On rainy days, it’ll be perfect with chocolates and music. But it’s a pity that there’s no chocolate, or music.”

Yu Hao, “Cough cough.”

Zhou Sheng, “……”


Yu Hao, “I found a love for ohoh——me.”

Zhou Sheng, “!!!”

Yu Hao’s voice was both clear and emotional, and when he sang, even the dragon couldn’t help but turn its head and glance at him.

“Darling just dive right in and, I’ll follow your lead…”

“Well, I found a boy, handsome and bright.” 


The rain continued to fall pitter-patter, as if this world would never forget all its sorrows; it both extinguished the flames of fury and nurtured all living things in this world. This rain converged into streams within the mountain ranges, passing through every inch of land in the depths of the heart; they coalesced into grandiose, majestic rivers that surged towards the sea.

The corpses of the asphalt panthers were washed away by the rain and faded into soil before they disappeared. Tens of millions of trees began growing from the earth; verdant buds sprouted and began to spread out.


“Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me,

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love…”

Under the drizzle that swirled about in the sky, Yu Hao smiled as he glanced at Zhou Sheng and sang softly; his singing voice seemed to resonate through the sky.

The rain stopped.

A gentle breeze blew, the clouds split apart amongst the wind, countless light pillars descended like sacred light to fall upon the land.

Chen Yekai stood in the center of the ruins. The bricks began rising from the ruins and embedded themselves in one place.

The sun appeared; it illuminated mother earth from between the dispersed clouds. The light pillars moved in a meandering fashion, and all living things touched by the light grew and thrive with great vitality.

It shone down upon Chichén Itzá; the sacrificial altar on the pyramid that bore Chen Yekai‘s weight rose unceasingly upwards. Mossy boulders joined together one after another to erect this ancient and glorious miracle of mankind.


“He shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share his home…”

The sun had emerged, its light shining upon the earth.


The sunlight also illuminated Chen Yekai; his burnt clothes transformed into flowing light particles. The shirt vanished from his upper body, revealing a fair chest and well-built arms. An ancient attire of American Indians then gently covered his entire body instead -- he had two laces on his upper body embedded with turquoise stones, while his lower body was clad in a maroon war skirt, as well as leather hunting pants and boots.

Birds appeared in the forest. Their scattered feathers gently flew towards the center of Chichén Itzá and gathered on top of his hair, forming a crested war bonnet comprising hundreds of falcon feathers.

Chen Yekai raised his head, and looked at the solitary peak of Mt. Tianqing facing Chichén Itzá. Yu Hao’s singing voice was echoing through this entire world.


“We are still kids, but we're so in love,

Fighting against all odds, I know we'll be alright this time…”

The sun had emerged, its light shining upon the earth.

In the clear blue sky above, its rainy clouds had all disappeared and only large patches of soft, white clouds remained. Their shadows traversed the earth; as the sunlight fell upon the jungle, the leaves shone so brightly it looked just like a glittering, golden sea. The birds and beasts in the jungle all rapidly came back to life and began voicing their cries.

There was a loud noise from a Tyrannosaurus Rex as it walked towards the pyramid; it roared towards a lofty place before falling beneath the pyramid.


The sun had emerged, its light shining upon the earth, and also upon Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao. The dragon suddenly rose up, flapped its wings, and soared into the sky before disappearing into the horizon.

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng stood in the middle of the solitary peak as they looked at Chichén Itzá in the distance.

Chen Yekai faced the solitary peak, reached out with both hands, then gently pinned his gun and scalpel to the weapon girdles by his waist. He bowed towards that place far in the distance.

The sunlight was shining down on the top of Chichén Itzá; a wooden house emerged on the platform. The furniture and floors of the wooden house exhibited the same appearance as the interior of Chen Yekai and Ryuusei’s home.

The curtains fluttered in the wind. Sunlight cast into the room and landed upon the dining table. Glimmering light particles slowly rose from the table cloth and took the form of two wedding rings. A light flashed; the totem seemed just like two binary stars slowly revolving around each other within the boundless universe.


The sunlight was shining upon the ruins on the solitary peak. Noises could be heard from the suspension bridge; pieces of wood rose up from the bottom of the ravine, reattached to the bridge, and the ropes were reconnected. Meanwhile, the rubble surrounding Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng also rose.

White bricks revolved around them, then landed; layer by layer, they constructed a wall and formed a spire. Fragmented stained glass pieced themselves back into place as they returned to the windows, and tables and chairs in their original positions.

On the solitary peak, a small white chapel appeared. A gust of wind blew and petals scattered in all directions before gathering into fresh flowers. The red carpet unfurled itself; Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao stood in front of the sacrificial altar with blank faces.


The sun had risen; it illuminated Chichén Itzá, lighting up  this newborn world.

“Looks pretty good.” Zhou Sheng raised his head to look at the ceiling, “Kaikai’s a romantic guy.”

Yu Hao thought about it for a bit, “I think, this is his safe haven ba.”

The two of them fell silent for a moment as they faced each other.

Zhou Sheng said, “When you got stabbed by that snake’s tail just now, it really scared me to death.”

Yu Hao was at a loss for words for a moment, so the two of them just stood like that in the small white chapel, surrounded by flowers.

“I……I’m sorry.” Yu Hao said out of habit, “I was too rash.” After he said this, Yu Hao thought it sounded a bit wrong; in the situation at that moment, there were no alternative methods at all, what else could he have done?

“No.” Yet Zhou Sheng became more ill at ease. After he pondered for a moment, he continued, “I’ll cook up something nice for you when we get back, what do you want to eat?”

Yu Hao, “Write a menu ba.”

“Okay.” Zhou Sheng said, “Then……there’s nothing else to see, so let’s go?”

“Let’s go.” Yu Hao said, “I want to go back to reality to take a rest. Now I feel like I can’t even rest well when I’m sleeping, dreaming is so tiring……”

Those words strangely tickled Zhou Sheng and he laughed for a long time. The two of them looked out the window; the sunlight was shining brilliantly. Zhou Sheng raised his hand and was about to press it against Yu Hao’s forehead, before he suddenly asked, “What’s the name of the song you sang? Can you record it for me when we get back?”

“Of course.” Yu Hao answered.

“Good night.” Zhou Sheng stood in front of Yu Hao and looked into his eyes, then gently pressed his hand against Yu Hao’s forehead.

The moment the two of them vanished, a flurry of light particles gathered in the white chapel; they turned into Nakagawa Ryuusei, who had his back facing the main door as he waited quietly.


The sunlight faded abruptly, and Yu Hao opened his eyes in Zhou Sheng’s embrace.

Yu Hao, “……”

The two of them were hugging each other while lying on a single bed. Yu Hao was using Zhou Sheng’s arm as a pillow, and his other free hand was wrapped around his neck; meanwhile, Zhou Sheng was hugging Yu Hao with one arm, while his other arm embraced his waist……their lips were on the verge of touching! Yu Hao’s heart rate immediately shot up to a 180bpm; he could feel Zhou Sheng’s scorching chest against his shoulder. What made it worse was how Zhou Sheng only had a bathrobe on, and one of his legs was even wrapped around Yu Hao’s waist with his inner thigh stuck to Yu Hao’s waist.

In this position, their “things” both stood erect because of their morning woods. It was still okay for Yu Hao because he was wearing his underwear, but Zhou Sheng’s was directly poking against Yu Hao!

So……so big! And it’s so hard too! Yu Hao’s first thought was, with this size...it must be at least 20cm ba! Normally, he didn’t dare to pay much attention to it, and when he catches a glimpse of it occasionally from the corner of his eye, he just thought that Zhou Sheng’s shouldn’t be small. But he didn’t expect it to be to this big!

Zhou Sheng woke up too and opened his eyes. Yu Hao immediately moved and tried to separate himself from Zhou Sheng.

“Didn’t I say you were using my arm as a pillow,” Zhou Sheng said, “Yu Hao, towards the end, my arm was about to break!”

“I didn’t know……” Yu Hao had just turned around when he felt like the bottom half of his body was wet and slippery, so he instantly stopped talking.

“Fuck!” Zhou Sheng noticed it too and immediately pulled his bathrobe to conceal his raised object, looking extremely embarrassed.

Yu Hao sat up. The bottom half of his T-shirt, his underwear and his upper thighs were all wet. Both of them couldn’t be any more embarrassed, and Zhou Sheng didn’t know why his brain short-circuited as he suddenly asked, “You or me?”

Yu Hao’s face flushed red, “It must be you!”

Zhou Sheng, “How would you know?”

“The day before yesterday, mine just……that. You……there’s so much……” Yu Hao said, “It shot all over me……even my T-shirt’s wet……”

“Could you stop talking about it?! Why are you touching it?! Go and wash it!” Zhou Sheng said, “I’ve been running all day so I didn’t……for the past two weeks……so there’ll definitely be a lot……no, why do I need to explain this?! Forget about this quickly!!”

Chen Yekai got up too, and the two of them immediately stopped talking. Zhou Sheng firmly wrapped his bathrobe around himself and sat up on the bed with Yu Hao as they watched Chen Yekai together.

Chen Yekai walked over to the windows and drew the curtains. Sunlight streamed in and shone upon the three of them.

Yu Hao was so blinded by the sun that he could barely keep his eyes open. Chen Yekai narrowed his eyes and turned his head sideways, as if he was avoiding the sunlight, yet also looking like he was accepting the baptism of the sun’s burning warmth.

Zhou Sheng pointed at the bathroom and motioned for Yu Hao to go in quickly. Yu Hao swiftly got up, grabbed his trousers, and ran into the bathroom to take a bath.


Chen Yekai stood by the window and gazed into the far distance. This hotel was midway up the mountain, and across the city, you could see the ferris wheel by the horizon.

This was the “beautiful place” that Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao had taken a photo of when they sat on the ferris wheel a long time ago.

“I don’t have any more clothes to wear, Zhou Sheng! Can I wear yours?” Yu Hao asked from the bathroom.

Zhou Sheng, “Then what do I wear?”

Yu Hao, “Then what do I wear? I don’t care! This is all your fault!”

Zhou Sheng, “Didn’t I ask you to stop talking about it?”

Zhou Sheng took a bathrobe and walked straight in to hand it to Yu Hao. He didn’t even spare Yu Hao a glance before picking up his clothes from the floor, and began washing it for him with his back facing the bathtub. Yu Hao sat in the bathtub and looked at Zhou Sheng’s bronze-coloured calves under his bathrobe. 

“Is he alright?” Yu Hao also wrapped himself in a bathrobe and digged his ears out at a side. Both of them were wearing bathrobes, and he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Zhou Sheng brushed his teeth after washing the clothes and responded with a “wu”. Yu Hao held a hairdryer over his head to blow his hair dry, then Zhou Sheng took it from him to help him blow dry the hair at the back of his head, “Your hair’s getting long, it’s time to cut it.”

“What?” Yu Hao didn’t hear him, so he asked with a puzzled look.

Zhou Sheng turned off the hairdryer and shouted, “I said you’re getting harder and harder to serve!”

Zhou Sheng continued to blow dry his hair, and after he was done, he began blowing dry Yu Hao’s T-shirt and pants. It wasn’t easy to dry them, and after blowing them with the hairdryer for half a day, he then passed them to Yu Hao and asked him to get his ass out so he could finally take a bath himself. After they finished getting dressed, Chen Yekai was still standing by the window.

“He’s already been standing there for an hour.” Zhou Sheng said, “Is he okay?”

Yu Hao, “Chen Laoshi?”

Chen Yekai, “I’m okay, just thinking about a lot of things from the past.”

Chen Yekai turned around and smiled at them — that smile was extremely warm, just like when Yu Hao first saw him. He felt that the old Chen Yekai had returned.

Zhou Sheng took a deep breath. Chen Yekai pondered for a moment before saying, “You really want to give me a good scolding, right?”

Zhou Sheng, “No, I want to ask you if this room includes the breakfast buffet downstairs.”

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(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

Advaita Jairam
Advaita Jairam
8 months ago

One word : hehe.

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Gilliane Pornasdoro
Gilliane Pornasdoro
8 months ago

omfg ?