Chapter 119.1 - Team

Seizing Dreams

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): Amalea, FistFullOfDollars, Juurensha

“Is Laoshi full?” Yu Hao wanted to leave, but Jin Weicheng said, “I want more rice.”

Yu Hao watched as he ate more than half a kilogram worth of rice, and thought that he probably hadn’t eaten anything on the train. Jin Weicheng volunteered to explain, “I just left the Daxing Anling mountain range and came straight to Beijing to report for work. I haven’t eaten anything in 36 hours.”

Yu Hao exchanged some pleasantries with him. Jin Weicheng had previously interviewed a pine-picking organisation, where someone had fallen to their death in the Daxing Anling mountains and they were making a fuss over compensation now. In the end, a whole series of falsified reports were uncovered.

“Where does Laoshi want to stay?” Yu Hao asked.

“Lil’ bro, do you have somewhere you’re staying at right now?” Jin Weicheng asked, “Let’s make do for one night, we can squeeze a little. I just want to take a bath.”

Yu Hao quickly said, “Ah Ze will reimburse you.”

“How much money can he have?” Jin Weicheng said, “The investigative reporter team hasn’t even been approved yet, how could that couple’s savings be enough? Scrimp a bit for him, let him focus on his palace fights.” 

Yu Hao thought, is that the case? Lin Ze did seem a bit hard-pressed.

“How much was the food?” Jin Weicheng asked.

Yu Hao glanced at him. Jin Weicheng continued, “Expenses in the capital really change every year.”

Yu Hao said, “I think so too, it’s so expensive. But the newspaper’s canteen is okay, it’s really cheap.”

“We can’t eat at the canteen.” Jin Weicheng carried his knitted bag. “Let’s go, I finally have some energy now.”

Yu Hao took him back to the budget hotel. Fortunately, he had booked a standard room. Jin Weicheng nodded, very satisfied, then went straight to the washroom to take a bath. When Yu Hao arrived, he was absolutely exhausted. Zhou Sheng had his video on at his end, Yu Hao took a photo of a pile of Jin Weicheng’s things for him.

Zhou Sheng blew up in an instant and asked: 【Who is that? Who did you get a room with?】

Yu Hao answered:【A reporter teacher, just picked him up today.】

Yu Hao took another picture of Jin Weicheng, who looked like a rack of ribs. He was currently bare chested and wore bright green sports trousers, and his back faced Yu Hao as he dug water out of his ears. Zhou Sheng sent him a bunch of ellipses.


Zhou Sheng wanted him to turn on his video no matter what, and Yu Hao couldn’t convince him otherwise, so he had to turn it on. He turned the camera a little so that Zhou Sheng could see what Jin Weicheng looked like. He was about to say something when Yu Hao saw that Zhou Sheng was staying in a standard room with his department’s manager, and immediately typed:【Aren’t you doing the same?】

【That’s my mentor!】Zhou Sheng answered.

Yu Hao:【He’s my mentor too!】

So Zhou Sheng couldn’t say anything in response to that. Yu Hao quickly said, “Jin Laoshi, you can’t smoke here, the hotel’s ceiling has a smoke detector.”

Jin Weicheng said, “I’ll smoke in the bathroom.”

Zhou Sheng:【I’m staying in the same room as my mentor, and I have to be careful about letting him discover the Golden Crow Wheel. He has already asked me several times why I was wearing it on my wrist, I said my lover gave it to me.】

Yu Hao:【Don’t use it for now. Every time we dream for too long, we get really sleepy in the morning. And don’t let him find out either.】

So Zhou Sheng no longer cared about Yu Hao’s reporter teacher anymore and started inquiring about Yu Hao’s experiences that day. Yu Hao reported everything to him one by one, and halfway through his recounting, he was so sleepy he collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep without even covering himself with a blanket.

Jin Weicheng came out of the toilet after he finished smoking, covered Yu Hao with a blanket, turned off the lights, and went to bed.


There were hundreds of unread messages in Yu Hao’s phone. Situ Ye had created a group chat where he added Yu Hao, Lin Ze, and Jin Weicheng in it. Lin Ze finally managed to free himself at around one o’clock and welcomed Jin Weicheng to their team.

Ou Qihang sent Yu Hao a bunch of texts, and Chen Yekai sent him a bunch of texts too. Zhou Sheng separated the words he didn’t manage to say during the video call into large chunks before sending it to Yu Hao. Fu Liqun sent him his usual greetings, while everyone in his class group chat shared their respective internship experiences. But Yu Hao couldn’t see anything. He was already sleeping like a log. That night, he and Zhou Sheng were separated with one in the north and the other in the south. Zhou Sheng didn’t take the Golden Crow Wheel along with him on his business trip, just in case it starts emitting light when he enters a dream in the middle of the night and gets discovered by the manager.

Yu Hao’s thoughts about the first day of his internship: this job really is tiring.


The next day, Jin Weicheng wolfed down the breakfast provided by the budget hotel. Yu Hao hadn’t slept enough yet, and he got a headache when he thought of going to the editorial office again.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Jin Weicheng pushed a bun towards Yu Hao.

Yu Hao replied to his messages one by one and only shared the good news while sparing the bad, “I can’t stomach it, I’ll have some coffee instead.”

The breakfast made by this budget hotel could be used to feed pigs when it was compared to Zhou Sheng’s cooking. Yu Hao braced himself to finish a cup of instant coffee and felt like he had been completely spoiled by Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng sent him some photos of a five-star hotel on his side. Yu Hao replied to him. In the morning, he took his camera and laptop with him to the newspaper office for a class.

Although he doesn’t know what he was supposed to do, and Lin Ze didn’t give him any instructions at all, Yu Hao thought that it would be okay as long as he followed Jin Weicheng. However, as soon as he entered the editorial office, Jin Weicheng seemed very familiar with the place and took Yu Hao across the yard before entering through the back door.

“Jin Laoshi?” Several editors were a little surprised.

Jin Weicheng nodded. He greeted a few of them and asked Yu Hao, “Is there any place to sit?”

“Would you like to sit here?” An editor asked. 

Jin Weicheng waved his hand to motion that it was okay. Yu Hao said, “Those are our seats.”

The editors seemed to respect Jin Weicheng a lot. Everyone was smiling at him. Yu Hao passed him a chair while he sat on a stack of books. Situ Ye had came too, and he shook hands with Jin Weicheng.

“Jin Laoshi! Saranghae~! Ah Ze drank too much last night~seumnida.” Situ Ye said, “He’ll probably only be able to get up around noon. Please pardon us for being bad hosts.”

“We’re all on the same side, it’s okay. Has the office been approved yet?” Jin Weicheng asked.

Situ Ye shrugged. Jin Weicheng took out a stack of invoices and passed them to Situ Ye. Situ Ye accepted them and stuffed them into his pocket, then said to Yu Hao, “Jin Laoshi will take you along to do a feature. Just do whatever he asks you to first, and if you can’t handle it, ask more questions.”

Yu Hao quickly nodded. He took out his laptop and placed it on the table, then asked, “Are we starting work today?”

Jin Weicheng said, “Yo, you have a Macbook, that’s good stuff.”

Yu Hao uttered an “un”. “Just let me know what you want me to do.”


Jin Weicheng fished out a large notebook and handed it to Yu Hao, “I’m a slow typist, help me transcribe it ba.”

Yu Hao took his notebook, which contained Jin Weicheng’s handwritten manuscripts and incident records. Jin Weicheng said, “I’ll go interview some reporters, how long do you need to finish transcribing them all?”

Yu Hao flipped through the notebook, “Transcribe  everything?”

Jin Weicheng, “Yes.”

Yu Hao estimated that it would require about two to three days, “I’ll finish it as soon as possible.”

Jin Weicheng left. Yu Hao browsed the notebook and roughly knew why the editors respected him so much —— he had really beautiful and powerful handwriting, like what you would find on a calligraphy invitation card. Just from this point, Yu Hao could deduce that he must take his work very seriously, since even his casually written interview records were written so properly. There were even extra annotations at the bottom.


Yu Hao began to help Jin Weicheng transcribe his data. Each interview was about 10,000 words in length; all the numbers, details of the case, minute doubts, and other such information had been recorded in detail……he had a very clear train of thought. The main interview points that Xiao Yujun did as compared to Jin Weicheng’s, was like the difference between a minor magician and a great one.

It’s so professional! It’s really too professional! Yu Hao couldn’t help but praise wildly in his heart. His impression of Jin Weicheng soared instantly, and he became a much  more lofty and imposing figure in Yu Hao’s heart. This kind of professional interview manuscript, from its rigorous structure and perfect, interlinked logical deductions, was very aesthetically-pleasing to the eye!

Situ Ye came over for an inspection and asked, “Where’s the invoice for last night’s accommodation?”

Yu Hao answered, then asked again, “Xiao Ye……”

“Call me Lady Boss.” Situ Ye said, “You have to rent a house, right?”

Only then did Yu Hao recall that he had to take some time to surf the internet for a house. Situ Ye went to make another call to urge Lin Ze to get up, and Lin Ze only rushed over during their lunch break. He looked like a man who was about to fall apart after a hangover.

“Move the tables.” Lin Ze said, “Move yours there, to the East Building.”

Situ Ye, “Fuck, it’s finally approved. It was so damn exhausting.”

Jin Weicheng came over. He nodded and greeted him, then moved Yu Hao’s desk out in front of a bunch of editors.

Yu Hao, “……”


A small office in the East building had been allocated to them. Jin Weicheng and Situ Ye moved the table to the entrance before it got stuck. Situ Ye said, “Dismantle it and put it back together again after moving it in?”

Jin Weicheng said, “Tear the window down ba.”

Lin Ze immediately said, “No way!”

The four of them looked at the desk. Yu Hao tentatively asked, “Could it be tilted……”

“Yes yes yes!” The remaining three looked like they suddenly woke up from a dream. They tilted the table and moved it in.

Yu Hao, “……” 

“I’m practically overwhelmed with happiness right now.” Lin Ze said, “I actually didn’t think that it could be tilted.”

Yu Hao held his forehead. After going in, the four of them began sneezing like crazy in the office. The earth-shattering sneezes came in bouts, and Yu Hao’s phone rang. Zhou Sheng had just finished attending his morning meeting and asked him what he was doing. After turning on the video, he saw four people sneezing madly in an office covered in dust and with old books everywhere.

Zhou Sheng, “……”


Yu Hao really couldn’t stand it anymore. He went out and sat on the grass. After a half hour rest, everyone went to fetch some water and took turns cleaning up the wasteland. Zhou Sheng sent Yu Hao an invoice; he had already found a good housekeeping company for him. Yu Hao was frightened half to death and immediately asked Zhou Sheng to cancel the order. What do you want the leaders to think? Would I still be able to work here after that? 

So Zhou Sheng could only cancel the order helplessly. But at 3pm, Lin Ze couldn’t bear it either and asked Situ Ye, “Why don’t we invite housekeeping over to open up the wasteland ba?”

Yu Hao said, “I’ll look for one.” Then he immediately strove to look good in front of the leader. He contacted Zhou Sheng through WeChat, Zhou Sheng taunted him for a bit before making the order, and the office was finally cleaned up around 8pm.

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3 days ago

yu hao: i’m the new intern but why does it feel like i’m a babysitter…

Advaita Jairam
Advaita Jairam
6 months ago

This whole sequence of events played out like a comedy movie hahaha