Chapter 23 - Avalance

2013 (Doomsday)

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In the evening, the car was parked by the roadside.

Liu Yan glanced at the fuel gauge as his hands worked non-stop with applying medicine to Meng Feng’s wounds.

There was a scratch on Meng Feng’s handsome face. Liu Yan did not have a first-aid kit on hand, so he had to use a shirt dipped in Hennessy XO to disinfect the wound.

It hurt so much that Meng Feng was gasping in pain. Liu Yan told him in detail about the things that happened while he had been away.

“Oh,” Meng Feng said nonchalantly. “What we have is time. The next time we catch up to him, I’ll take him out with my gun.”

“Why did you come back ahead of time? According to the original plan, you should have only returned to the base right about now,” Liu Yan asked.

“I missed you. You got angry the previous night, and I planned to slack off and come back earlier to pamper you in case we fight again. Didn’t I come back just in time?” Meng Feng replied.

Liu Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry as he nodded. The wind blew into the car through the broken windows. After running for their lives, his body and even his heart was starting to relax, just that the prevalent freezing cold and heavy snow was going to almost freeze him solid.

Meng Feng pinned his jacket between the car doors to block the wind from coming in. Liu Yan sat in the back seat and asked, “Where to now? Do we go and save Zhang Min?”

“I don’t know. Let’s take a look towards the east first. Hopefully, Jue Ming is still alive. We’re only left with this much fuel… It’s icy and snowy everywhere. What do we do?” Meng Feng replied.

Liu Yan, “You even broke the window…”

Meng Feng, “How was I going to save you if I didn’t break the window! Telekinesis?”

Liu Yan, “You could have opened the sunroof…”

Meng Feng, “Who would be able to think like that?”

Liu Yan, “Admit it. You just wanted to act cool. Now we’re freezing to death in the car… Don’t come over! I don’t want to do it right now! I’m exhausted!”

Meng Feng, “Just one kiss. If we’re not going to do it, at least give me some reward for saving you again.”

Meng Feng and Liu Yan kissed. Liu Yan lay in the back seat and fell asleep, shivering non-stop from the cold. After a moment, Meng Feng sighed, “Baby, get up. Why is there a car over there?”

Liu Yan jolted awake and quickly got out. The heavy snow had nearly buried half of the vehicle. “It’s Jue Ming’s! Get the shovel!” Liu Yan said.

Meng Feng found a shovel in the back. Liu Yan pushed the snow out of the way. There was no one inside.

“What’s going on?” Meng Feng asked.

Liu Yan pulled the car door open, glanced at the fuel gauge and said, “There’s still fuel. That’s good. Let’s switch to this car. Jue Ming must have gotten out of the car.”

Meng Feng shovelled the snow off the back of the car. The tire was stuck in a ditch.

“Which asshole left a hole here…” Meng Feng gritted his teeth and started to push the car. “Hey! Liu Yan!”

Liu Yan, “What?”

Meng Feng, “I’m pushing the car here.”

Liu Yan. “I know. All the best.”

Meng Feng, “You’re not going to help?”

Liu Yan, “I’m just an engineer. How can you ask an engineer to push cars?”

Meng Feng moaned. “If you’re not going to help, fine! Can you at least trouble you to get out of the car?!”


At the same time, high in the mountains.

Half an hour after Jue Ming fired the flare.

“Darling, we should go back and rescue them. Save yourself. Don’t wait for me. I’ll figure out what to do,” Zhang Min said.

Jue Ming stuck his entire head inside the whole. “Why don’t you stand up?” He asked.

“My leg is broken. Don’t cry! I’ve set the bone,” Zhang Min replied.

“I won’t cry. How long until you can climb up?”

“A hundred days for serious injuries. By the time I’m able to climb up, we’ll probably starve to death. Do you see any zombies nearby?”

“There are some in the cave over there, but it’s collapsed,” Jue Ming said.

“Look at how smart your dad is, blowing that cave up earlier,” Zhang Min said.

“That’s true,” Jue Ming said.

“Did Liu Yan give you climbing rope?”


“That’s not good… Tell me what you have with you? Let’s solve this puzzle together. ‘How do we save the handsome uncle trapped inside the hole?’ How do we solve this brain teaser?”

Jue Ming looked through his bag. “There’s a gun, bottles… What about filling the hole with snow? How deep is it?”

“Oh, no, the hole is too deep. The surrounding snow won’t be enough to fill it in, and I’ll most probably only get buried,” Zhang Min said.

“There’s a flare gun, swiss army knife. What’s this? Alarm clock?”

Jue Ming held the life detector towards the hole. It kept beeping. “I actually forgot I had such a thing.”

“In the name of love, you’ve already found me. It’s okay! What else is there?” Zhang Min said.

“Diary, bottle cap, jacket, band-aid, ah! Rope.”


“What kind of rope?” Zhang Min asked.

“Climbing rope, that’s great!” Jue Ming replied.

“Yes! That’s great! Throw the rope down, no no, not the whole rope. Tie one end of it to a tree, and throw the other end of the rope down. Tie it tightly,” Zhang Min said.

Jue Ming threw one end of the rope down. Zhang Min caught it after a few attempts. He held the flashlight between his teeth, and climbed up the rope in the dark cave with much difficulty.

After a whole ten minutes, Zhang Min finally returned to the surface. He fell to the ground immediately, looking at Jue Ming in a daze as if they were worlds apart.

“Darling, Dad hasn’t disappointed you,” Zhang Min mumbled.

He held Jue Ming in his arms as they watched the gentle snowflakes float down from the gray sky.

An hour passed. The feelings of separation passed, they made their oaths and promises, and their cries of pain were over.

Jue Ming began to fiddle with the modified swiss army knife, and the fruit knife inside popped out and nearly cut off his finger. Zhang Min jumped with fright and said, “Don’t move around. Let me see.”

He took out the eighteen different weapon-like items that Liu Yan hid inside the bag. He passed a saw to Jue Ming, who cut down two tree branches to act as splints, then used rope to secure them to Zhang Min’s left leg.

“It’s done.” Zhang Min took up the AK, leaned against the tree, and said, “Now, we still need one more for a cane. Search nearby for resources but don’t go too far. I’ll cover you, darling.”

Jue Ming searched around and walked up the mountain. Zhang Min called out from afar, “I remember in those RPG games, they like to hide important items in the grass.”

“There are only door panels here. There are houses over there. Should I go inside and look?” Jue Ming asked.

“Very good! I have a good idea! Bring them over and let me see. Don’t go into the houses, they’re too dangerous. We’ll leave it for the expansion,” Zhang Min said.

Ten minutes later, Jue Ming was expressionlessly dragging the door panels, with Zhang Min laying on top of them. They began to descend the mountain.

They arrived at the foot of the mountain at 10P.M. They passed through the deserted checkpoint and walked onto the main road.

Zhang Min was holding his AK, and suddenly turned around. “What was that sound?” Jue Ming asked.

“Don’t make a sound,” Zhang Min said. He pressed his ear to the door panel, and heard a muffled noise that travelled from the ground and through the wood. His face changed immediately.

“Hurry, find a place to hide… There,” Zhang Min said. “Quickly. There are two rocks there!”

Jue Ming dragged the door panel down the wilderness. The surroundings sparkled slightly in the snowy night, and there was a strange grayness in the sky. Zhang Min put out his flashlight.

In the darkness of the rolling mountains, a long moment passed, then the earth shook gently.

“Is it a giant?” Jue Ming asked softly.

“Shh.” Zhang Min gestured for him to stay quiet. The two of them held each other tightly in the narrow cracks of the rocks. Zhang Min’s slender fingers closed Jue Ming’s eyes, and he lifted his head slightly in disbelief.

Jue Ming pried away Zhang Min’s index finger and looked through the cracks.

The ground shook again, this time much more obviously. A towering giant made up of corpses was slowly walking over the plains and heading towards them.


The jeep was parked by the roadside. Meng Feng and Liu Yan looked out the window and held their breath.

Meng Feng, “Do we reverse?”

Liu Yan, “Don’t move. Turn all the lights off.”

In the darkness, a giant stepped onto the plains, and let out an earth shattering noise. It came from the northwest and was heading slowly towards the southeast.

Liu Yan, “It’s coming from the place we just left.”

Meng Feng, “Don’t go back. I’m not interested in where it came from. We’re also almost out of bullets.”

Liu Yan, “This one is different from the one before.”

Meng Feng, “I know. It also doesn’t notice people. What on earth is it?”

Liu Yan, “They’re always heading southeast. Where are they going?”

Meng Feng, “How would I know? Maybe they’re going for a student reunion or a blind date…”


Zhang Min held his breath and held Jue Ming tightly. He lifted his head to take a look.

With every step the dark silhouette of the giant took, the earth trembled. It walked across the snow-covered wilderness and stepped onto the main road. Its steps left deep footprints behind, and when it raised its leg, darkness enveloped the two people hiding in the crevice of the rocks.

“Waaaaah–” Zhang Min shouted, trembling.

“Shh.” Jue Ming gestured for him not to shout.

They raised their heads, staring dumbfoundedly at the flesh giant about to step on their heads. With a boom, the leg that was made up of countless zombie bodies came down a metre away from the rocks that they were hiding in, a burnt arm falling off of it.

That leg immediately rose up again, and the giant left.

“It dropped a left arm,” Jue Ming said.

“No need to let it know. I think it probably doesn’t mind. Quick, let’s get out of here. Don’t mind that arm.”

Jue Ming dragged the door panel out from behind the rocks. “Find a place that can shelter from the wind, where we can make a fire and prepare to rest… No, what sound is that again?”

Jue Ming frowned. The ground was starting to shake again. Compared to the frequency of the giant’s steps, these tremors were more frequent and endless.

Jue Ming turned around. A gray line that looked like tidal waves were rolling down the mountain. An avalanche.

“Run!” Zhang Min shouted. “No! Darling! You have to run!”

Jue Ming started dragging the panel faster. Zhang Min was facing the avalanche’s rolling waves, shouting, “Run! Run and then come back to dig me out! I’ll fire a shot to show my location…”

“We can outrun it!” Jue Ming said.

“Then, hurry! You can do it!”

Jue Ming’s feet were slipping. He dragged the door panel and started to run for his life, but he lacked the energy, and started to become slower and slower after running fifty metres. The avalanche was like a thousand troops, shaking the earth as it rolled down. A white line was reflected in Zhang Min’s deep pupils, and he could not say a word.

The avalanche roared and swallowed the rocks they had been hiding behind earlier. Jue Ming was panting and moving slower and slower. Finally, he doubled over, panting heavily. He turned to take a look behind him. The snow was no further than five metres away from them, and had stopped.

Zhang Min nodded his head, and sighed. “Rest for a bit. That’s too much excitement for today.”

“Dad, I can’t walk any more,” Jue Ming said.

“Then let’s spend the night here,” Zhang Min said with a deep exhale.

As soon as he spoke, the headlights of the car appeared from a distance, shining on the entire road. The horn sounded twice, and the jeep came to a stop.

Meng Feng got out of the car, looked at the pile of snow, then looked at Zhang Min and Jue Ming.

Meng Feng, “Dear, you’re acting really calm about this, dear.”

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