Chapter 88.2 - Tide

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"I love you, Xing'er."

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The earth split open. The earth veins had turned pitch-black and were moving to feed the heart on the altar.

"Fight ba," Chiyou's voice said, "fight until your last moment, that is your destiny——"

At once, the Qin troops were compelled by this resentment; they lost their rationality and began charging forward in spite of themselves.

"Nothing else matters," Chiyou's voice resonated in the world. "Kill that exorcist."

Within the billows of surging resentment, millions of Qin troops simultaneously launched a charge, crushing and pressing towards the south bank of the Fei River.

Chen Xing eyed those overwhelming numbers of Qin troops. The Jin troops' frontline had already been unable to hold them back; they divided themselves into two wings to avoid the other party's sharp advances. The Qin troops, like a surging tsunami that destroyed everything in its path, rushed straight at him.

And then, Chen Xing lit up the Heart Lamp's gentle glow all over his body.

"Xiang Shu, I'm coming."

Chen Xing faintly spoke. After saying so, he urged his warhorse towards the Qin Army that was pressing down from the opposite bank in a manner similar to that of an angry ocean coming right at one's face, alone as he sailed against the current.

That brilliance first lit up amidst the darkness, and then, on this battlefield filled with countless people, amidst the current of resentment, appearing like a shooting star on its trajectory trailing across the earth, that light resolutely charged straight into the rear of the enemy’s line. 


"Xing'er," Xiang Shu's voice sounded in Chen Xing's ears.

Chen Xing's eyes opened wide. At this moment, the overflowing Qin troops who had been competitively trampling on everything were repeatedly overthrown under the illumination of the Heart Lamp's radiance.

Xiang Shu said, "Go back."

Chen Xing asked in a low voice, "What are you going to do?"

Xiang Shu said, "Do you still remember that one thing you promised me?"

Chen Xing snarled, "Xiang Shu! You bastard! You're killing Chiyou by yourself?!"

Chiyou's voice produced a burst of laughter that shook the sky. "You'll be able to see each other again very soon."


Inside that black fire, Xiang Shu's body started to constantly burn, his skin coming off.

In the end, the Dinghai Pearl finally showed up, flashing its last, final brilliance in Xiang Shu's chest. From inside that precious pearl, which now had resentment wrapped around it, came out a golden ring, and that wheel of time that moved both heaven and earth veins was slowly spinning inside the pearl. 

Chiyou said, "Take a good look. With the heaven and the earth as its great furnace, and ten thousand spirits acting as the raging fire, this epitome of all ages is about to be born in Gu's hands——"

The resentment continued to invade the Dinghai Pearl, never once stopping, and dyed it pitch-black! 

The pearl was first stained black by the ink-like resentment before it spread towards the ring as it continuously climbed.

"Xing'er?" Xiang Shu closed both of his eyes. His voice sounded in Chen Xing's mind, and his right hand, which was chapped and bleeding after it got burned by the black fire, was still tightly holding the Acala Blade. 

Chen Xing no longer replied and just charged forward all the way. Suddenly, a white light flashed in front of his eyes, and countless memories flashed through his mind.


In the dungeon in Xiangyang, a beam of light broke through the deep, boundless darkness. Xiang Shu, in his daze, looked at Chen Xing. His every corner was so hazy and unclear, and only Chen Xing, who was tightly holding both of his hands, had his face illuminated under that brilliance.

Following that, more fragments flashed through.

In the Longzhong Mountain, Xiang Shu impatiently reprimanded Chen Xing. Chen Xing, however, just looked at him, laughing, and dragged him on while explaining in a low voice.

On the street in Chang'an, Xiang Shu's expression was puzzled as he looked at Chen Xing who showed great interest as he earnestly prayed.

In the imperial palace, Chen Xing was muddleheaded and in a daze as he hugged Xiang Shu who was standing by his side.

Under the moon at night in Chi Le Chuan, Chen Xing couldn't help but take advantage of when Xiang Shu was not facing him to take a peek at his side profile...


Xiang Shu's body had already been so close to turning into a pure soul. The gush of black qi bursting out from the devil heart had seeped into his five zang and six fu, as well as his three hun and seven po. Those glowing butterflies from his memory had already flown away out of his body one by one, fluttering in all directions.

The black qi had almost completely eroded the Dinghai Pearl, but, right at the moment it was about to thoroughly fall into the darkness, inside that rotating ring, in that core of the earth, a spark was ignited; a small yet bright fire burst out all around!


"Xing'er," Xiang Shu softly said, "promise me, you will continue to live well."

"I won't, I won't," Chen Xing's tears flew down in all directions as he shouted angrily. "I won't promise that! Not a chance! Get out, you devil!"

Immediately after that, Chen Xing charged past those millions of Qin Army's troops, transforming into a shooting star that drew out a brilliant trail amidst the darkness as he launched himself towards that altar! 

Chiyou was laughing like mad. "That faint spark na... do you really think you have the power to fight against Gu, this god…"


Xiang Shu's body had been completely occupied by Chiyou. He was holding the sword in his left hand while his right hand was caressing the body of the blade. Its nine runes were extinguished one by one, replaced by bursting black flame.

Then, he calmly raised his hand, pointing the Acala Blade at Chen Xing. The moment Chen Xing threw himself at him, his chest was immediately pierced by that broadsword; he was stabbed by it!

Chen Xing was forced to be less than one chi away from Xiang Shu, with one hand glowing brightly. It illuminated Xiang Shu's handsome face, which blankly stared back at him, while his mouth began to gush out blood.

Xiang Shu's voice had already merged with Chiyou. He concentrated on Chen Xing and laughed. "It, together with your death, will stop burning altogether. That small spark will forever never…"


But then, before the words finished leaving his mouth, Xiang Shu's eyes regained their clarity.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to let me go, and that you would come." Xiang Shu's eyes carried a gentle, tender smile.

Chen Xing said with much difficulty, "I… this time… isn't because of… anything else, but… because of you…"

"Give me the Heart Lamp," Xiang Shu spoke gently.

In a split second, the light all over Chen Xing's body moved against the flow to the Acala Blade. With a loud rumble, that broadsword radiated a strong brilliance and turned into an arrow, its arrowhead facing Xiang Shu. He then turned over his palm, reversing his grip on the weapon, and pierced his own chest with that arrowhead!

There was a moment of stillness between heaven and earth.

The bright light emitted from the arrow and hit the pitch-black Dinghai Pearl, producing a "ding" sound.

The Dinghai Pearl inside Xiang Shu's chest sparked as if in response. Its light suddenly brightened as it radiated, making that golden ring regain its luster. Then, as the cracking sound on the outer pearl made by that vajra arrow was heard, it again burst forth a speck of light. 

Cracks, which continued to spread all the way, appeared on the Dinghai Pearl.

At once, the heart of the devil issued a violent roar!


"Xiang Shu?" Chen Xing blankly called.

The Dinghai Pearl shattered to pieces. A hurricane of spiritual qi swept across both the sky and the earth, covering everything, and outside that storm, mountains, rivers, lands, trees, mortals, even shattered weapons —— the Revival of All Magic!

Xiang Shu extended one of his hands; he grabbed Chen Xing's wrist and pulled him close, hugging him tightly to his chest. The two people were confined inside the violent wind. And then, the roar of a dragon echoed, surrounding both of them.

Xiang Shu was sitting on the altar in a half-reclining and half cross-legged posture; he looked like a dignified devil martial god who was protecting the Divine Land. He held Chen Xing in his arms, lowering his head and giving full attention to that red string strapped on Chen Xing's hand.

"This is the last little bit of time we can be together," Xiang Shu said, voice soft. "I want to tell you, Xing'er."

"You…" Chen Xing said in a whisper, "Dinghai Pearl… You… How… That…"

Chen Xing’s chest had been pierced through by the Acala Blade. As soon as he tried to open his mouth to speak, blood gushed out like an endless stream, and the scene before his eyes gradually became blurry.

Xiang Shu lowered his head and kissed Chen Xing's forehead. Suddenly, a light fragment of a star burst out of Chen Xing's body. It was revolving around, flying, though it looked as if it was unwilling to leave as it just circled around the two people.

Xiang Shu then raised his head and looked at the horizon, his mouth reciting an incantation. The spiritual qi hurricane that erupted from the Dinghai Pearl was all-present around them. A gold-colored light aura surrounded the altar like a tide inside the vast, boundless azure sea, never shifting for thousands of years.

Chiyou's immense figure showed up. The hun and po of the Devil God tried his utmost to resist the hit of the spiritual qi. He madly confronted the hurricane, wanting to take back the body, roaring, "Preposterous——!" 

After Xiang Shu had finished reciting the incantation, new bright runes appeared all around his body; they gathered together, forming an ancient tidal array, and the Taiji Wheel under the altar began to revolve. 

"What are you planning to do?!" Chiyou's voice inside actually carried a hint of dread.


Xiang Shu turned a blind eye to Chiyou; he only said to Chen Xing in his embrace, "Iuppiter has already left you. You will live for a long, long time, and you will also find the one who will accompany you for a lifetime, that Protector Martial God."

Chen Xing's eyes had gradually lost their brilliance. At this moment, Xiang Shu reached out into the chest of his own spiritual body to take out the Tide Ring. It was suspended midair in his almost-transparent hand and began to revolve.

Chiyou, who was instantly thrown out by that formidable, overwhelming vortex, let out a mad roar!


The veins of heaven and earth were turning back!

Chen Xing finally closed his eyes. Before him, there was only pitch-black darkness.


Inside the darkness.

"Wei," a young man's voice said.

Chen Xing suddenly opened his eyes, only to find himself standing in the dark.

"Where is this? Chen Xing asked. "Am I dead? Where’s Xiang Shu?"

In front of him, a youth bathed in faint light appeared. However, that light was not that of the Heart Lamp. Instead, it was more like gentle starlight. That young man, who appeared to be the same age as Chen Xing, scratched his head as he said, "What should I say ne? I want to say goodbye to you la."

"Who are you?" Chen Xing surveyed his surroundings before looking at the young man again. He realized in a flash and said, "You're Iuppiter! All those times, it was all you who were talking!"

That young man was extremely elegant, though it wasn't the same kind as Chen Xing's refined appearance, and his features carried an air of heroism. He smiled and said, "Yep, I was born of Qilin, the heaven's fourth star of destiny on-duty. Bo, Zhong, Shu, Ji —— they call me 'Xiao Ji.'"

"I'm going to die," Chen Xing said. "So, you will have to go too."

"Errr…" Xiao Ji replied. "It's… this matter is a little bit complicated. There was originally still a year left, but the Dinghai Pearl unexpectedly stole away a year from me. So… what do I do ne?"

Chen Xing said, "Hold on, I remember… Xiang Shu, he… is the Dinghai Pearl?"

Xiao Ji didn't answer. He sized Chen Xing up, thinking of this and that. Chen Xing asked, "How about Chiyou? Is he dead?"

Xiao Ji answered, "Can say he's dead, can also say he's not dead."

Chen Xing: "???"

Xiao Ji smiled once more. "I truly hate to part with you ne. You're a very brave mortal."

Chen Xing immediately teared up a little, but since he was already in the form of a soul, no tears actually came out. "Thank you for taking care of me for so long, Xiao Ji."

"You won't have such good luck in the future la," Xiao Ji spoke. "You also take care of yourself. Oh, right! I just remembered, there's still another magical artifact!"

Chen Xing: "Well, I also won't remember it in my next life."

"Go ba," Xiao Ji said.

"Wait!" When a flash appeared before Chen Xing, he exclaimed. "I still have questions!"

"You don't," Xiao Ji replied and poofed away before Chen Xing.


In the rift of time, the giant wheel of time, which had been rotating for millennia, began to move in the opposite direction. From the heaven veins, thousands upon thousands of shooting stars burst out and flew towards the earth's surface, while millions upon millions of souls rose up from the earth and flew towards the horizon! The energy contained in both earth and heaven veins, under the effect of spiritual qi, became interlinked with one another, before they were again swapped with each other. Under this intense pressure of the cause and effect, mountains and rivers shifted, the sun rose in the west and the moon set in the east, shifting at a flying speed.

From the moment the Dinghai Pearl had shattered and that hurricane of spiritual qi burst out, the amber pendant hanging down on Chen Xing's waist had come off.

The amber was burned down by fire inside the strong gale, its red rope loose, and the ashes of the phoenix flashed a spark before scattering away.

In this hurricane made of spiritual qi, the ring stopped rotating. The runes on the ancient tidal array began to disperse and finally faded away as Xiang Shu gently pushed the ring onto Chen Xing's finger.

"I love you," Xiang Shu softly said, "Xing'er."


The voice of the phoenix penetrated through from inside that hurricane. Xiang Shu suddenly raised his head.

The phoenix shook open its blazing wings, which were wide enough to obscure the sky, and hovered around the hurricane. Carrying sacred flame that burned everything yet also made all things be reborn anew thereafter, it revolved around Xiang Shu, sprinkling powders of light akin to the luminous band of light, the Milky Way.

After one full circle, the flame stopped in a neat manner. 

In an instant, the raging flame of rebirth gathered at flying speed toward Xiang Shu. A loud boom ensued, Xiang Shu's body burned in flames, and the light powders congregated, as if there was a flame deity in the middle of the altar!

"I've troubled you." That starlight that rotated around the altar began to transform, revealing a young man who was raising his hand.

"What?" Xiang Shu was puzzled.

"Not you," Xiao Ji said. "Bell, come out!"

A moment later, the Luohun Bell appeared in Xiao Ji's hand.

With a "dong," Xiang Shu and Chen Xing's whole bodies shook, and from each of their bodies, a butterfly emitting a blue light flew out.

At the same time, three glowing butterflies also flew in from someplace, before then scattering. Xiao Ji spread his arms in the air, his body turning into a speck of starlight as he flew towards the horizon.

All the scenes inside this rift of time, like burnt pieces of paper, began to scatter away. Finally, they faded and disappeared without a trace.

"He's not a mortal. Dragon power flows in his three hun and seven po, and just like the power of a phoenix, it will reject memories of the past. I don't think it's feasible."

After the phoenix finished speaking, it flapped its wings and flew away.


Inside the darkness.

"Farewell," Xiao Ji's voice softly said. "I'm going home. Thank you all for undoing this shackle called the Silence of All Magic. Otherwise, I would've been trapped in this world for a long time. Tianchi, I'll miss you."

"Wait ah!" Chen Xing said. "Xiao Ji! Iuppiter! WEI! Come back here! I'm not in a rush to reincarnate! What are you running so fast for!"

Chen Xing was walking in large strides inside the darkness when he suddenly realized something: amidst the pitch-black scene in front of his eyes, there was a flickering glimmer of light in the distance. 

A butterfly was revolving around him; it circled him before entering his body.


It was kind of a strange feeling. His hands, feet, and six senses had seemingly returned, yet before his eyes, there was still only darkness, and he couldn't see anything.

I'm not dead? Chen Xing lifted his hands, touching all over the place in confusion. He then muttered to himself, "Where is this?"

"The dungeon," behind him, Zhu Xu gave a reply.

Translator's Comment:


Sometimes I still can’t believe Dinghai is already 88/138 translated, it’s almost 2 years since we started as well………… I remembered Zryuu was like “oh no I’m not going into another Feitian pit after SD” but after exactly one fanvid she just came back and said “hi El I’m doing Dinghai as my next project” aoidaiodnaiodnaidna and then she pulled me in and along the way we got Ice and moon and also namio…. it’s been such a ride! With our current speed, in another year, Dinghai will be finished! Thank you for sticking with us so far, we really appreciated it! (´・ω・`)

ANYWAY ONWARD TO TIMELINE 2.0, WE SURVIVED (but at what cost…..)

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