Chapter 65.2 - Divining Fate

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After tomorrow, I'll only have two years left to live, what can I even do?

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When they came out of the Taichu Palace, Feng Qianjun was still leaning against the wall and couldn't help laughing. Chen Xing gritted his teeth and said, "Stop laughing!"

Feng Qianjun said, "I'm going to tell Qing'er this good news."

As soon as Feng Qianjun left, the atmosphere between Chen Xing and Xiang Shu grew awkward. Chen Xing talked to himself, "How come not one but two people all like to comment on such boring things so much. Our emperor is unreliable, making you laugh when you meet him…"

"...he meant that if I could kill Fu Jian," Chen Xing seriously said, "he would grant me a title of Prince with Different Surname. Bestowing marriage is just an excuse, you don't… and you're also no longer the Great Chanyu. Although Han people get married by paying particular attention to the social status of both families, it's just… Ai, what am I talking about!"

Xiang Shu's handsome face had actually turned slightly red. He didn't move his head and wanted to change the subject, but Chen Xing then said, "Where's Xiao Shan? Xiao Shan!"

Xiang Shu, however, had already turned away. Chen Xing looked at Xiang Shu's back figure and all of a sudden, his heart leaped for no reason. Just when he was about to call out to him, Feng Qianjun, who had turned around and returned, patted Chen Xing on the shoulder and said to him, "Tianchi, I suddenly remember, tomorrow is the Autumn Deity, do you have time?"

Chen Xing turned around, and Feng Qianjun continued, "If you're free tomorrow, Xiongdi wants to look for you to… eer, talk alone."

Chen Xing thought for a moment and said, "I'm not sure yet. If I can get away tomorrow, I'll see you at your house?"

Feng Qianjun cheerfully said, "OK, I'll wait for you until ridie."

Chen Xing said goodbye to Feng Qianjun and quickly chased after Xiang Shu. He asked, "Where are you going?"

Xiang Shu plucked the begonia on his lapel and held it in his hands; his slender fingers fiddled around with the flower branch, causing many petals to be shaken off and flutter in the air. He answered without thinking too much, "Don't you want to look for Xiao Shan? This way."

Xiang Shu took Chen Xing through the imperial garden and to the training field. He saw that Xie Daoyun had changed into a clean martial garb and was holding a sword with both hands; she was practicing martial arts with Xiao Shan who was using a pair of wooden claws. The imperial guards tightly encircled them, and Chen Xing and Xiang Shu watched from the outside.

Xie Daoyun waved her sword, but Xiao Shan was calm and composed; in one move, he knocked away Xie Daoyun's sword, making the imperial guards loudly cheer.

Xie Daoyun picked up her long sword. She hadn't given up and said in anger, "Again!"

Xiao Shan impatiently said, "You're no match for me! You still want to try?"

That arrogant look of his was practically 10 out of 10 the same as Xiang Shu. Chen Xing thought, You both really need to be taught some lessons.

"Xiao Shan's combat skills are very mixed," Xiang Shu casually said. "They're all unorthodox."

Chen Xing watched for a while before saying, "Xiang Shu, actually, I've been wondering, how can you be so strong?"

Xiang Shu, in a rare serious tone, said, "Some people were born suitable to read and produce literary works, while some were born with innate talents to learn martial arts. Is this hard to comprehend?"

Chen Xing always felt that Xiang Shu was sometimes too strong for a mortal being. It might because of his excellent martial arts that he sometimes became a little irritable, or, it might also be because his innate character was a little aggressive and bad-tempered that he could almost reach the pinnacle of martial arts.

"I'll accompany you to practice," Xiang Shu said in a clear tone.

Xiao Shan was hugging his arms, and when he saw Xiang Shu came over, he subconsciously backed down a few steps. He saw that Xiang Shu was holding the begonia in his hand and also didn't carry any weapons. He faced Xiao Shan with one hand behind his body and the other hand holding the flower branch.

The onlookers exploded in an instant. Chen Xing had heard of many kinds of supreme martial arts, with flying flowers and plucked leaves that could hurt people, but he hadn't truly seen it before. This begonia flower would fall apart with just one touch, so how to strike with it? Moreover, the opponent was Xiao Shan.


While Xiang Shu and Xiao Shan were fighting, someone called Chen Xing from behind and politely said, "Could I borrow a bit of your time to talk?"

Chen Xing thought in his heart, Couldn't you wait until the fight is finished before calling out to me? When he turned around, he discovered that it was Pu Yang. He had no alternative but to follow him to the side of the training field.

Pu Yang took out a small wooden tile and with both hands, he respectfully handed it over to Chen Xing. Chen Xing recognized that as the Great Han's Exorcism Department's waist token. He was startled as he said, " You… you're also an exorcist?"

Pu Yang said, "To be precise, I can't be counted as one. This humble one's ancestor was the Great Han's Exorcism Department's bookkeeper."

Chen Xing recalled that hundreds of years ago, when the Exorcism Department was at its peak, gatekeepers, errand runners, and bookkeepers all had their own duties. While the exorcists were out all over the places subduing yaos, these people stayed in the department to take care of things; they were similar to civil servants in the army. To meet a later generation of that Exorcism Department, Chen Xing felt extremely close to him and saluted Pu Yang; the salute was hurriedly returned by Pu Yang once more.

"I didn't expect that hundreds of years later, I would still be able to see a Great Exorcist, and the era of Silence of All Magic might also be over soon," Pu Yang sighed.

Chen Xing helplessly said, "I can't say for sure, after all, the Dinghai Pearl's whereabouts are still very much unknown, ne."

Pu Yang said, "The Heart Lamp will only reappear when the devil qi wreaks havoc in the Divine Land; your appearance shows that we're certainly going to face the endgame. It's almost the time for the mana of the world to recover."

Back then, Chen Xing's Shifu had also said the same thing. Baili Lun had also been one of the descendants of the Exorcism Department. Unexpectedly, even after hundreds of years had passed, there were really still a lot of people from later generations that had connections to the Exorcism Department in Jiangnan.

Chen Xing asked again, "Your family back then was the Exorcism Department's bookkeeper? Do you have any information?"

Pu Yang seriously said, "To be precise, this humble one's sect was the one who came out to make a living for the Exorcism Department after the Silence of All Magic. At that time, because of his position in the Department, Shizu read quite a lot about natal charts, as well as ancient texts regarding astrology and one's fate. He then made a living by divining people's fate."

Chen Xing knew that he was most likely here because of Sima Yao, so he said, "Regarding His Majesty's natal chart… I saw the same result as you, Pu-xiansheng."

Pu Yang pondered over for a while, then asked, "I don't know whether you, a Great Exorcist, could alter someone's fate? This child, Sima Yao, I watched him grow up. I really can't bear it."

Chen Xing muttered to himself for a moment and couldn't help but want to look at Xiang Shu, dividing his attention. He then said, "Pu-daren, the truth is, since this thing is decreed by fate, naturally, it's impossible to alter. There's really nothing I can do to help."

Pu Yang seemed to have expected this answer because when he heard what Chen Xing had said, he didn't look too disappointed. In the end, he just sighed and said, "I will miss him."

Chen Xing said in a low voice, "To tell you the truth, I had once looked for a way to alter my fate too. I can only say that in this world, there are many things that can be changed, but this is the only thing that can't be altered. Otherwise, I would be the first one… the first one who wishes for a way to alter my fate?"

Pu Yang unexpectedly asked, "Why is that?"

Chen Xing's tongue had slipped, but since he had already said it, he didn't want to hide it from him, so he answered, "I also don't have much time left and can only live for a few more years… Anyway, you understand."

Xiang Shu and Xiao Shan both abruptly stopped moving where they stood on the field; Xiao Shan's ears perked up.

Xiao Shan seemed a bit absent-minded, but Xiang Shu just readied the begonia horizontally and said, "Continue, don't get distracted."

Xiao Shan quickly regained his bearings. He shook his claws and rushed towards Xiang Shu. Xiang Shu, however, only exerted little force and touched Xiao Shan, leaving the flower branch in his hand unguarded. Once he saw this opportunity, Xiao Shan pounced into the air only to stumble, and soon afterwards, the whole audience was in a full uproar.

Xiang Shu looked far to the side of the field, but Chen Xing had long gone to who-knows-where; the crowd was blocking his views.

"Still wanna fight?" Xiang Shu asked.

Xiao Shan was angry. He pointed at Xiang Shu and said, "I'll defeat you sooner or later!"

Xiang Shu said in an indifferent tone, "I'm waiting."

Everyone had started to disperse by the time Chen Xing heard the cheers and applause. Pu Yang then said, "If there's anything you need help with, please let me know at any time." Saying so, he bowed again.

Chen Xing said, "About His Majesty, I must trouble you."

Pu Yang answered, "We're all family, it's no trouble. I'll spare no effort to convince him. Oh right, tomorrow is the Autumn Deity, I wonder if Chen-xiansheng has any plans?"

Chen Xing said, "Err… what do you need of me?"

Pu Yang said, "His Majesty wishes to chat with you alone. If you have no plans, you can accompany him and Her Majesty to Zhongshan to offer sacrifice to the gods. But we also won't force you to; we'll wait for you in the palace until weishi. After that, the royal carriage will set off."

Chen Xing nodded. "Okay, if I'm going, I'll come ahead of time."

After Pu Yang left, Xiang Shu and Xiao Shan came back. Xiao Shan said, "Chen Xing, are you free tomorrow?"

Chen Xing said in his heart, Why do you all like to invite me out alone so much? Then he said, "You also want to go to the Autumn Deity Festival?"

Xiao Shan said, "You want to take me to the festival?"

Chen Xing hesitated. "That… I'll see ba? If by weishi I haven't come, you don't have to wait for me."

Xiao Shan looked as if he was slightly unwilling, but after losing to Xiang Shu, he also didn't feel good enough to insist, so he just nodded his head.

By the time they returned to the Xie residence, Xie An had also come back. When everyone had dinner, Chen Xing looked at Xiang Shu from time to time. He felt that after they had returned from the palace today, Xiang Shu had become a little absent-minded. Everyone had asked him out to the festival; Xiang Shu was the only one who hadn't said anything about it, nor did he give any hint about going out to the festival together tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is the 17th of the 8th Lunar Month," Xie An said to Chen Xing.

"En, 17th of the 8th Lunar Month." Chen Xing suddenly remembered, 17th of the 8th Lunar Month, isn't that my birthday? This year's Autumn Deity is very timely.

"You don't have anything you want to say?" Chen Xing suddenly asked Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu glanced at Chen Xing with an inexplicable look.

Xie An asked, "How was the audience with His Majesty today?"

Chen Xing picked out some important points and conveyed it. Xiang Shu already knew all about it, so he half-listened before impatiently getting up and saying, "I'm leaving."

Xie An sighed a few times and said, "The matter of being sent in a delegation, I'll think of an even better way. I'll give you the result after the Autumn Society, so don't rush to go out on your journey."

Chen Xing gave out an "En" sound. Xie An stretched his body and said again, "Little Shidi, tomorrow is the Autumn Deity Festival, did you make plans already?"

Chen Xing: "???"

Xie An said, "If you have some free time, maybe we can talk alone? I want to take you somewhere."

Chen Xing: "Can't you all just make an appointment together? Why does everyone insist on the Autumn Deity?"

Xie An laughed. "Ah? Who else? Shixiong just casually asked, if you don't come, in the afternoon, after offering sacrifice to the gods, I'll return home and accompany my daughter-in-law."

Chen Xing had to answer, "If I'm coming, I'll look for you by weishi."

After agreeing, Xie An cheerfully nodded, and Chen Xing returned to his room. He saw that Sima Yao had sent people to send him new clothes and several precious tools; it must've been thank-you-gifts for solving the problem in Kuaiji. Chen Xing felt extremely tired and lay down to sleep, but his mind was full of Xiang Shu during the day.

Chen Xing was holding the quilt, slightly depressed. He wanted to get up and have a talk with Xiang Shu, but talk about what? It was always the same, and they also met every day, having light talks with no meaning.


These days, he'd thought of his first meeting with Xiang Shu. Going to Chang'an, to Chi Le Chuan, then to Jiangnan, Chen Xing had already become more and more aware of his unclear, ambiguous feeling for Xiang Shu, as well as the reason he had this constant urge that made him just can't help but want to annoy Xiang Shu. On ordinary days, Xiang Shu was basically unwilling to have a nice talk with him at all; only when they were quarreling did Chen Xing clearly feel that this guy really cared about him.

I seem to like him. Chen Xing, holding the quilt, sat up and fidgeted a lot, internally saying, What should I do? I have to get it under control.

No, I have to forget about it, Chen Xing told himself. After tomorrow, I'll only have two years left to live, what can I even do?

Moreover, Xiang Shu also won't care about you ba! Don't imagine your affection will be returned!

When he woke up the next day, the sun had already risen as high as three poles. Chen Xing changed to his new clothes in front of the mirror. It was the most popular style in Jiangnan, "Flower Gown Fluttering Tail." Chen Xing carefully looked at himself in the mirror and thought, I'm also very refined and elegant, ma.

When he was about to go out, he realized the problem once again.

Feng Qianjun, Xiao Shan, Sima Yao, and Xie An had all asked him out at the same time, and he still didn't know what to think about Xiang Shu. The festival day had arrived; the world outside was full of cheerful atmosphere, and the fragrance of flowers filled the air.

'Who should I spend the festival with?' Chen Xing was actually slightly uncertain.

He only wanted to look for Xiang Shu, but Xiang Shu clearly didn't say anything yesterday. Chen Xing thought about it over and over again, and there was a war between men and heaven in his heart. On one hand, he didn't want to think about it, but on the other hand, he couldn't help but walk towards the direction of Xiang Shu's room.

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