Chapter 65.2 - Divining Fate

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Translator(s): Elestrea
Editor(s): juurensha, namio

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Translator's Comment:

My friend has sent me the Book 3 Extra and this time it’s about Lu Ying and Xiao Shan. It contains spoilers so I won’t say much about it, but, I’ll be translating it in my free time and put it on my Twitter later for those who want to read ahead of time HAHAHAHA I think it’s around 10k words this time? The last Xiang Shu extra is only around 5 – 6k…

Also it’s kinda late, but we’re growing guys! There are three new Feitian novels being picked up by awesome translators:

1. Tiandi Baiji has been picked up by Dee, another CG translator who’s doing the Scum Shou’s Survival Guide, and her friend grape seed. She’s updating it on her WordPress! Tiandi is connected to Seizing Dreams, like, closely related, and OH GOD I LOVE THE ML HE’S PRECIOUS. Same as SD, it digs more into the psychological and mystery and there’ll be cameos too! Be ready for a sudden genre change in the middle, though.

2. Naphypla picked up Star Knight! It’s a SCI-FI SCI-FI SCI-FI and apparently, from what I have seen so far it has a VERY HANDSOME 2ND ML sadly I haven’t actually read so I can’t say much BUT THE OFFICIAL ARTS ARE SO GOOD

3. Er, moon… yes, moon, picked up this WIP… PWP… Smut… Historical RPF AU… you know what just click here and enjoy the treat and just hope you don’t accidentally see a ‘Xiang Yu’ in Dinghai because we typoed Xiang Shu’s name.

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