Chapter 51.1 - Goal

Dinghai Fusheng Records

“Aye, why do you two never change, always arguing.”

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“Why did you resign from being the Great Chanyu?” Chen Xing asked.

“I didn’t want to be it anymore.” Xiang Shu coldly replied, “What? I can’t even make the decision for myself?” He asked as he knelt in front of the table and glanced at the tea bowl. Chen Xing had already drunk from it, but he didn’t mind. He picked it up and drank from it.

Feng Qianjun smiled as he said, “Congratulations Brother Xiang.”

“Congratulations to you too.” Xiang Shu indifferently replied.

Chen Xing didn’t understand what Feng Qianjun was congratulating Xiang Shu about, and he had an even harder time understanding the reason behind Xiang Shu’s “congratulations”. Only Xiang Shu and Feng Qianjun knew what the other meant. Feng Qianjun was congratulating Xiang Shu for relieving his own burden and finally being able to do his own thing. Xiang Shu was “congratulating” Feng Qianjun on finally getting married, so that he could stop looking for Chen Xing and acting ambiguously with him all the time.

“Did you find anything from your investigation?” Xiang Shu taking the rare initiative to ask.

Just as Feng Qianjun was about to report, Chen Xing asked, “What will we do if Shi Mokun agrees to give the Golden Conferment of Purple Scroll?”

Feng Qianjun answered, “I don’t think he will for the time being.”

Xiang Shu said, “I can’t manage what he does; he is the new Great Chanyu, not my servant.”

Chen Xing murmured, “Fu Jian is going to mobilize troops to attack the Yangtze River.”

Xiang Shu impatiently replied, “How is this any of your business?”

Chen Xing frowned, “How... is this not my business?”

Xiang Shu shouted, “It’s you who was being incessantly long-winded! You want me to go back to being The Great Chanyu? Now that I’ve resigned, you’re still not satisfied?!”

Feng Qianjun spoke, “Aye, why do you two never change, always arguing.”

Deep inside, Chen Xing actually wanted Xiang Shu to resign from being The Great Chanyu, but later on, when Fu Jian could go unchecked in the North, the situation would only become more and more dangerous.

In order for Xiang Shu to head south with Chen Xing, he resigned from being The Great Chanyu without hesitation. Xiang Shu had originally thought that Chen Xing would be touched, but who knew that Chen Xing’s reaction would be completely outside his expectations. He couldn’t help the anger brewing in his heart. He sarcastically said, “Oh I forgot, if Guwang resigns, your clansmen would be bullied by the Hus again. Now that wouldn’t be good right? This really is too annoying.”

Chen Xing heard the sarcasm in Xiang Shu’s words, yet didn’t argue with him. He only said, “When a Hu dies, does it not count as another life lost? If they really were to fight, who knows how many people will die. This resentment...”

Xiang Shu finally couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted, “Then I’ll just head to Chang An right now and kill Fu Jian, fine?!”

When Xiang Shu blew up, both Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun were given a scare. Chen Xing could only shut his mouth and stop talking.

“Tell me,” Xiang Shu asked Feng Qianjun, “my current identity is that of the Exorcism Department’s Protector Martial God, so what are the results of the investigation?”

Feng Qianjun suddenly laughed. It didn’t sound too bad; if he considered himself an exorcist, then Xiang Shu and Chen Xing were theoretically his superiors.

“The situation doesn’t look too good,” Feng Qianjun thought for a moment and signalled Chen Xing to sit down and stop fighting. Chen Xing sat down with a complicated mood and listened to Feng Qianjun’s remarks. Just as he started listening, he felt that something wasn’t right. Did you have a change of heart? I’m the one in charge of the Exorcism Department, but you actually started giving out orders?!

Whatever, I’ll bear with it... I’ll settle accounts with you after Feng Qianjun leaves.

“After saying goodbye to the two of you, I headed east, leaving Hangu Pass, and bumped into Murong Chong who was on the way to Luoyang.” Feng Qianjun said.

That night, Feng Qianjun had quietly left. He originally wanted to return to Jiangnan but had bumped into Murong Chong along the way. Fu Jian had sent out a decree notifying all the people under the heavens, making the Feng family become the scapegoat of this perplexing case.

Actually, Murong Chong was already long aware of who the real perpetrator was, and it was impossible for him not to know of his sister’s attempt at vengeance. After the funeral, Fu Jian, in an attempt to show him some compassion, transferred him from Pingyang east to Luoyang. He was preparing to bestow him a new fief after a period of time, maybe even crown him as Henan Wang. It was just that because of the turmoil in court, he had to temporarily relinquish the idea.

Murong Chong led the march, and Feng Qianjun followed behind them the entire way, hearing no little amount of news. He learnt ahead of time that the body of Princess Qinghe was stolen overnight.

Chen Xing, “......”

Xiang Shu’s expression suddenly became quite complicated. Feng Qianjun nodded, saying, “Maybe it was taken to be transformed into... that thing.”

Princess Qinghe was always on Feng Qianjun’s mind when she was alive; it was love at first sight. But now, after experiencing so many things, his only wish was for her to be at peace after death.

Thus, after Feng Qianjun arrived in Luoyang, he went and found the tomb of the Nan Wang Sima Liang in the outskirts of Luoyang. Just as expected, Sima Liang had already been taken out; there was nothing in the coffin. This was consistent with the news that Cheng Xing had received from Sima Wei. Out of the eight kings, six had already been resurrected. As for the remaining two kings, nobody knew who they were.

Runan Wang Sima Liang, Chu Wang Sima Wei, Zhao Wang Sima Lun, Qi Wang Sima Xi, Changsha Wang Sima Yao, Chengdu Wang Sima Ying, Hejian Wang Sima Yong, and Donghai Wang Sima Yue.

Xiang Shu felt dizzy upon hearing all of this; he couldn’t differentiate who was who in this giant Sima family. Of course, it was no problem for Chen Xing. After all, these were all Han names- compared to the eight kings of the Sima family, Chi Le Chuan’s Shi Mokun, Barkol, Che Luofeng, and Carosha were the ones who gave him a headache.

“Zhao Wang Sima Lun was overtaken by you guys in Chang An.” Feng Qianjun said, “Donghai Wang Sima Yue was chopped into a patty by a little brother who I haven’t met yet."

“He was chopped into meat paste.” Chen Xing replied seriously.

“Sima Wei is currently thinking of a way to break free of Shi Hai’s control.” Feng Qianjun said thoughtfully, “We’ll definitely meet sometime. We can say for sure that out of the six revived kings, three have already been taken out, and the three left are still lurking in the dark.”

En.” Chen Xing frowned, “So that’s to say Shi Hai’s Drought Fiends Kings’ Defense Array is already scattered. Whether or not we can use the Ten Thousand Spirits Array or something else to resurrect Chiyou is hard to say.”

Xiang Shu’s anger had also died down now. He frowned, “The other two kings must be found as soon as possible and taken care of in advance. However, we don’t know where they are buried.”

“Hehe,” Feng Qianjun smiled, revealing his neat and white teeth, and said proudly, “This is precisely Yu Xiong’s area of expertise.”

Chen Xing asked in shock, “They have already been found?”

Feng Qianjun answered, “Have you guys ever thought of why Shi Hai was missing just these two kings to revive? The reason is incredibly simple; because for him, these two folks might be a little too far from him.”

“Wait...” Chen Xing vaguely understood what Feng Qianjun was implying. He always felt that Shi Hai’s identity was shrouded in fog. If a corner of it was revealed, then it would be a major clue.

“It’s in the South.” Xiang Shu immediately understood.

Feng Qianjun meaningfully nodded as he said, "It is buried north of Zhongshan in the Emperor's Mausoleum."

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Ice: This chapter is basically a long train of deduction so I couldn’t make up my mind on where to make the cut for the longest time. Sorry that this update is a bit on the shorter side…

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