Chapter 23.1 - Chaotic Situation

Dinghai Fusheng Records

Translator(s): Zryuu

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Chen Xing immediately understood why Fu Jian would make the decision to behead Feng Qianjun so quickly! He has to give the Murongs an account first to appease them for the time being.

He was going to behead Feng Qianjun to intimidate the Feng family, but more importantly……

“I must save him,” Chen Xing said, “He didn’t do anything at all, Feng Dage is innocent!”

“That’s their intention!” Tuoba Yan said anxiously, “Wang Ziye must have come up with this idea! He wants to lure you and the Great Chanyu out!”

Chen Xing understood the reason behind it, but he had to go! How could he just stand by and watch Feng Qianjun get beheaded?!

“What do you want to do?” Tuoba Yan asked seriously, “Tell me! What can you do? Rush in that recklessly to break him out of prison?”

Chen Xing looked at Tuoba Yan. Of course he wouldn’t ask Tuoba Yan to rescue Feng Qianjun by force for him, that would be too much of an imposition.

“Can’t wait for Xiang Shu anymore.” Chen Xing said, “Brother Tuoba, I need to go to the execution ground.”

Chen Xing has always been the type to take one step at a time. After experiencing the fall of Xiangyang, he had no doubt at all that by relying on his luck, even if he were to shout “HOLD THE EXECUTION” and rush in, he would be able to get Feng Qianjun out without any mishap.

Tuoba Yan couldn’t convince Chen Xing no matter what, so in the end, he could only say, “Okay! I’ll think of something! I’ll go see His Majesty now!”

“You don’t need to care about this.” Chen Xing said, “You just need to send me onto the execution ground……to the execution ground.”

So Tuoba Yan could only just order his men to prepare a horse and let Chen Xing get into a carriage. Night had fallen. Before Chen Xing boarded the carriage, he suddenly felt like something was wrong. In the evening at the You period, a strange atmosphere had pervaded Chang’an City, and a strong gale suddenly stirred up out of nowhere. 

“What’s wrong?” Tuoba Yan asked patiently.

Chen Xing shook his head and got on the carriage. On the way to the execution ground, Tuoba Yan exhorted him time and time again that he couldn’t come out and had to hide inside the carriage and watch from afar through the carriage curtains.

I’ll notify the Execution Supervisor,” Tuoba Yan said, “I’ll try my best.” Then he left on his horse.

Two quarters after the You period; the evening drums were beating, its “dong”s sounding one after another. A group started gathering towards West street under this overcast sky with surging, dark clouds. This was the first time in history for the Great Qin to execute a prisoner in the evening ever since the construction of Chang’an.

Chen Xing pulled a corner of the carriage curtain to look out; a high platform had been set up at the execution ground. On the other side of West street, it was filled with mostly Murong members dressed in fine clothes who was there to watch the execution. On the other end of the execution ground were the soldiers who were alert and battle-ready.

Within a short moment, countless thoughts had flashed through Chen Xing’s mind. If he wanted to save Feng Qianjun, then sure enough, only the simplest, and roughest method could be used—— rush out while shouting “HOLD THE EXECUTION”, then offer the condition of exchanging himself for the prisoner to keep Feng Qianjun alive for now, after which he would get taken away to meet Fu Jian with Feng Qianjun.

Someone suddenly knocked on the carriage from the outside, and a piece of paper came in through the carriage window.

Chen Xing, “???”

Several words were written on the paper: don’t act recklessly, I’ll save him.

Chen Xing immediately drew the curtain and saw the back of a Hu man, who seemed very familiar, but Chen Xing couldn’t remember where he had seen him before. When he looked at the direction he was leaving in, he saw that the man had mixed in with the crowd. A group of people had gathered in the distance to watch. Chen Xing’s gaze followed along, and under the dim illumination of the dark sky, he saw that in the midst of the ground standing about half a head taller than everyone else was Xiang Shu, wearing a bamboo hat.

Xiang Shu grasped his bamboo hat and lifted it slightly, exchanging gazes with Chen Xing, who was on the carriage. Chen Xing felt more at ease now. Since Xiang Shu was here, he must have a plan. What did he do the entire afternoon? Chen Xing scrutinised that group of people doubtfully and finally remembered……

They were the ones who came to visit Xiang Shu, the Great Chanyu, on the first day of their stay in the Weiyang Palace — the Hu tribes who had been neglected by Fu Jian.

When Feng Qianjun was escorted onto the platform, the crowd gathered at the execution ground grew restless; everyone from the Murong family was shouting angrily one after another.

Feng Qianjun’s hair was in a dishevelled mess while his face was covered with blood; both his hands were tied behind his back.

“His Majesty has issued an order!” The Execution Supervisor said loudly, “The Feng family’s Feng Qianjun entered the palace late at night and committed high treason by trying to assassinate His Majesty, the Divine Emperor! Thus, he will be executed here immediately——”

Chen Xing’s heart reached his throat. However, the gales at the execution ground grew stronger and stronger, such that in the end, wind interspersed with sand obscured the sky — chilly winds were howling fiercely throughout Chang’an City.

Resentment! Chen Xing drew the curtains of the carriage and dismounted. A gloomy darkness pervaded the execution ground; it had already been dusk, and now it was so dark that one couldn’t even discern the outline of their fingers. People everywhere were shielding themselves from the swirling sand and rocks with their arms. Feng Qianjun’s head was already spinning, and now he raised his head to look towards the sky.

The bell tower rang madly in the midst of this hurricane; Fu Jian, who was concealing himself in the dark, suddenly walked out, and stared at the sky in disbelief.

On another building along Chang’an’s West street, Feng Qianyi faced the execution ground as he sat in his wheelchair. He held the Yin Yang Mirror in his hands, and a black vapour instantly erupted — the resentment in the mirror world burst out in a moment and submerged the entire Chang’an City!

Xiang Shu was prepared long ago, but he didn’t expect such an event, so he promptly signalled to the men he had recruited at the last minute not to go forward. Chen Xing raised his head in the midst of the fierce gales and saw Feng Qianyi in the distance who was wearing a mask. 

“It’s you?” Chen Xing shouted.

Although Feng Qianyi was quite a distance away from him, his voice was still clearly transmitted into Chen Xing’s ears.

“You actually managed to break through the array I set up for so many years,” Feng Qianyi said coldly, “And escape from the Yin Yang Mirror unscathed. I really underestimated you.”

Then without anyone’s notice, Feng Qianyi pushed the Yin Yang Mirror out that he had gotten back from somewhere, and a monstrous mass of black vapour burst out of the mirror and surged crazily towards Chen Xing!

Chen Xing roared angrily, “Bastard! Feng Qianyi! Laozi’s expelling you from the Exorcism Department!!”

Immediately afterwards, Chen Xing withdrew both his hands as well and threw them up to face upwards at a slanted angle — a resplendent light instantly burst out of the Heart Lamp, broke through the darkness, and rushed upwards against the current!

The black vapour swept over like a tsunami, yet it couldn’t get near Chen Xing; it avoided the Heart Lamp’s light as it swirled around the execution ground, then gathered to form shadow warriors. A howl of anguish could be heard from the executioner, and a massive amount of blood spilt out in an instant. The crowd began screaming in a panic as they started dispersing within the darkness! 

Chen Xing turned back and once again looked at Feng Qianyi, who was situated on higher ground. For a moment, he couldn’t decide whether he should rush forward to seize the Yin Yang Mirror back, yet he heard Xiang Shu shout at another side, “Save people first! I’ll go capture him right now!’

His shout woke Chen Xing up from his trance, and he immediately rushed onto the execution ground. The black vapour was already circling around Feng Qianjun, revealing the figure of a warrior.

What do they want to do? Just before Chen Xing managed to get close, the warrior brandished its sword and moved to forcibly snatch Feng Qianjun away. Chen Xing suddenly understood — Feng Qianyi’s goal was the same as theirs: he wanted to rescue Feng Qianjun. He couldn’t make up his mind on whether he should just let Feng Qianyi save his younger brother, but Xiang Shu had already drawn close. With one flick of his sword, a loud “clang” sounded, and he had forced the shadow warrior away.

“Take him away!” Xiang Shu shouted.

Chen Xing immediately cut the rope around Feng Qianjun’s body with his dagger. A warrior suddenly rushed forth to kill them from behind, but another figure appeared beside him and with a “clang”, parried with the weapon and guarded Chen Xing from behind — it was Tuoba Yan!

The black vapour burst forth again in an instant, and five or six shadow warriors rushed up from different angles. Blood sprayed out from Tuoba Yan’s arm as he blocked a hit for Chen Xing; he swung the halberd in his hands, and in the midst of loud blares, he had knocked all of their enemies away.

Tuoba Yan shouted, “Go!”

Chen Xing pulled Feng Qianjun’s arm, then half-carried and half-supported him to stagger down from the execution platform. Black vapour had diffused throughout the entire Chang’an City, as if it was a deep, dark night. Screams could be heard everywhere in the darkness.

“Leave this place!” Chen Xing shouted, “Everyone, run! Hurry and run! Tuoba Yan! Take care of him!”

Without any need for his reminder, the people knew that staying alive was important too and had already begun fleeing in panic. It was a chaotic mess outside of the execution ground. Chen Xing handed Feng Qianjun to Tuoba Yan, emitting a burst of bright light from his palm to try and discern the direction and shouted, “Where’s Xiang Shu?! Xiang Shu!”

I must catch up to Feng Qianyi immediately! He’s activating the Yin Yang Mirror! Chen Xing forcibly spurred the Heart Lamp a few times to search for Xiang Shu’s whereabouts, but someone grabbed his arm.

“Chen Tianchi?” That low voice asked.

Chen Xing’s heart jolted — it was Fu Jian!

Fu Jian didn’t allow him any time to speak before locking down on Chen Xing’s throat and dragging him to one side. He shouted, “Where is Tuoba Yan?! Gather the imperial guards! Everyone, follow me! Get to higher ground!”

Chen Xing was still half-carrying Feng Qianjun as he was forcibly taken to a watchtower at West street. As he looked over from high ground, he saw the black vapour sweeping across Chang’an.

“Capture Feng Qianyi!!” Chen Xing knew that the situation was really bad now; after Feng Qianyi’s array was broken through, he finally decided to activate the Yin Yang Mirror. Yet Fu Jian clutched Chen Xing harshly and shouted, “Explain everything clearly to me!”

“There’s no time to explain!” Chen Xing shouted back, “Let me go! I’m the only one who can stop Feng Qianyi!”

Fu Jian was stunned, but a muffled roar came from afar, as if millions of yaos were roaring at the same time. When Chen Xing heard that, he knew it was too late.

“Fu Jian, you’re in trouble now.” Chen Xing muttered.

Fu Jian let go of Chen Xing’s lapel and looked towards Chang’an City.

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