Chapter 100 - Migration

Dinghai Fusheng Records

"Oh my god! My Protector Martial God! How can he be such a cool Martial God!"

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“By then,” Fu Jian said, “Zhen would certainly turn into your puppet and live under your control as you manipulate my strings!”

Wang Ziye laughed aloud. “Fu Jian na, Fu Jian. Until now, you’re still trying to guess the intention of gods with the heart of a mortal. Our Lord is the ancient Demon God, the master of the human world, and all mortals are but insignificant ants in his eyes. Why would he bother with taking control of a nest of ants?”

Fu Jian was stunned.

Wang Ziye continued, “Our Lord has no interest in this age-old empire of yours. Once we have accomplished our objective, it will be returned to you, and you can be the bright ruler of this Divine Land for as long as you wish.”

Fu Jian frowned. “What on earth does he want?”

Wang Ziye: “He wants you to create enough resentment for him, and to get a magical artifact - it’s a ring, the relic left behind after the Dinghai Pearl broke. Once he has it, my Lord will then leave this world and fulfill the wish that he has harboured for thousands of years: to return to the past and wipe away the stain of humiliation. Since he wouldn’t be in this time anymore, how would he be able to manipulate you?”

Fu Jian was silent in thought. Wang Ziye said, “I’ll give you two hours to think about it. Fu Jian, there’s no time to lose. If you’re willing, drink this cup of Devil God’s blood and willingly become the Emperor appointed to the human world by our Lord.”

Wang Ziye raised his hand, and a small cup flew over and landed in Fu Jian’s hand. Fu Jian grasped that cup tightly, his brows furrowing as he remained silent.

“At that moment, I will open up the Defense Wall, and you’ll continue recalling your troops to prepare for your Southern conquest,” Wang Ziye finished in a low voice.

Fu Jian replied coldly, “What if Zhen refuses?”

Wang Ziye sighed with regret. “Then, I’ll have no choice but to refine you into a new Drought Fiend King. Once you’ve lost all rationality, your subordinates will disperse and follow that Great Chanyu, Shulü Kong…”

Those words struck Fu Jian’s sore spot, and the anger that appeared on his face was barely perceptible.

“You know what situation you’re facing too,” Wang Ziye said with a smile. “The first day I arrived at your side, I did remind you, Your Majesty. The Great Qin appears to be an iron wall, but the clans within all have their own plans. Isn’t the woman behind you the best example of that?”

Fu Jian’s hand that was still holding onto the cup shook slightly.

Sima Wei walked over to the platform. He removed the sabres from his back and stabbed them both into a crack between the bricks, then stuck talismans all over them to seal this place for the time being.

Chen Xing waited outside the periphery. He glanced at the sky, holding his breath.

Then, Sima Wei leapt onto the high platform in a few steps and jumped up from behind the wooden column. He flung out a hook that wrapped around Princess Qinghe’s waist.

When Fu Jian turned around to look at Princess Qinghe, her eyes were wide with surprise - the hook around her waist tugged on her and she was dragged down from the platform!

Wang Ziye, “!!”

Wang Ziye snapped out of it at once and shouted, “Who’s there!”

The five Drought Fiend Kings all crouched at the same time and pursued Princess Qinghe, who was still falling.

From afar, Princess Qinghe’s yell could be heard. Chen Xing ordered, “Now!”

Chen Xing urged the Heart Lamp, then smacked Feng Qianjun’s back with one hand. Feng Qianjun focused all his attention into activating Senluo Wanxiang!

A thousand steps away, Senluo Wanxiang burst into black flames and instantly transformed, then began sucking in the resentment within the Defensive Wall like crazy. At that moment, a hint of madness could be seen in Feng Qianjun’s eyes. His eyes flashed with a red glint as he roared in anger.


Chen Xing helped Feng Qianjun protect his heart meridian with the Heart Lamp. Senluo Wanxiang activated - a pitch black giant tree began growing from below the high platform, soaring into the sky. As it grew, it broke through the balcony of Weiyang Palace, which immediately collapsed. The Demon Spear flew out, leaving a trail of black smoke in its wake as it drew an arc across the sky and fell towards the northeast corner.

The divine artifact fell, the array broke, and the black barrier instantly disappeared with a buzz. The Qin army general, who had been waiting all along, began leading the army to charge in.

“Go!” Chen Xing shouted.

Everyone responded to his call; they crossed the royal palace’s walls and came to blows with the hundreds of thousands of drought fiend soldiers!

A strong ray of light broke through the gloomy resentment, and that was when Wang Ziye knew trouble had knocked on his door. He jumped into the air, made a gesture with his hand, and the Demon Spear flew up.

Xiao Shan brandished both his claws. Lightning turned into a thunderstorm and struck the ground, clearing the path that was filled with living corpses.

Xie An had bombs in both hands as his talismen transformed into a flying bird, then he lit the drought fiend herd on fire with his blazing trail.

Tuoba Yan had already led the imperial guards to charge into the royal palace, shouting, “Rescue His Majesty!”

Sima Wei carried Princess Qinghe as he leapt down the high platform. Feng Qianjun rushed forward, shouting, “Leave it to me!”

Feng Qianjun summoned Senluo Wanxiang, the bloody glare in his eyes disappearing as it simmered down. With the array broken, resentment began spreading over the entirety of Chang’an. The drought fiends were rushing out uncontrollably.

“Go,” Chen Xing said. “Xiang Shu, snatch it back!”

Chen Xing lit up the Heart Lamp. When he pressed it in from afar, Xiang Shu’s entire body burst with a bright light, and he transformed into a God of War dressed in a suit of golden armour. His gilded white robe fluttered in the air. He stepped forward, a buzz ringing out from under his war boots, and runes glowing with golden light appeared in the air.

Xiang Shu stepped through the rune and flew into the air. He turned around and another golden rune appeared. Several floating runes shattered, then came together to form a golden dragon that carried him through the air. When he arrived in front of Wang Ziye, Xiang Shu’s long hair had shortened into a bed of short hair that fluttered in the wind. Bright light encircled his breastplate, war skirt, war boots, and arm guards… as if a blazing sun had just erupted in the sky!

Wang Ziye sneered.

Xiang Shu made a circle with both hands, then, without using any weapons, he slashed through Wang Ziye’s face with his left palm while he held the Demon Spear with his right.

Wang Ziye: “You’re too late.”

The Demon Spear burst with black flames that receded and covered Xiang Shu’s whole body!

Chen Xing: “!!!”

When Chen Xing was about to urge the Heart Lamp, the Demon Spear shook - Xiang Shu’s hands started dripping with blood in an instant, and he let out an angry roar.

Wang Ziye grabbed the Demon Spear and whirled around in the air, then brought Xiang Shu along as he dove to the ground. Xiang Shu was falling from the sky as he headed straight down!

Startled, Chen Xing’s pupils contracted in an instant. However, Xiang Shu let go of the Demon Spear. With his feet in the air as his head faced the ground, he quickly flipped over the air and slammed onto the ground with both feet, his knees bending to absorb the impact.

“I can’t get it!” Xiang Shu shouted.

Chen Xing didn’t know what to do now either. Xiang Shu yelled, “Give me mana! Don’t get distracted! I’ll give it another try!”

Wang Ziye held the Demon Spear in his hand. He turned his head to look at Chen Xing. Knowing Chen Xing was his true target, he immediately dove down and rushed headlong at Chen Xing.

Xiang Shu crouched and shot over like an arrow. Within the blink of an eye, he was behind Wang Ziye. He stepped forcefully onto Wang Ziye’s back and kicked him so hard he smashed onto the ground below. Then, he rushed over to stand in front of Chen Xing, empty-handed, holding up his palms one in front of the other in a defensive stance as bright light burst from his whole body to protect Chen Xing behind him.

So cool! He’s really too cool! These were the only words in Chen Xing’s heart now. Oh my god! My Martial God! How can he be such a cool Martial God?!

“What do we do now?!” Xiang Shu looked back with worry.

“I-I-I...I don’t know either…” Chen Xing said. “Ah!!! What do we do!”

Xiang Shu didn’t know what to do with Chen Xing. “Where’s Kjera?!”

Shi Hai’s host had already died from Xiang Shu’s kick. Without a corporeal form, Shi Hai turned into his soul form and flew into the air, then summoned the Demon Spear over and grabbed it.

In the current situation, it was obvious both sides were at an impasse. Chen Xing’s mind was racing, but Shi Hai didn’t want to continue fighting with Xiang Shu any longer, so he held out the Demon Spear horizontally and said in a low voice, “Come, let’s see just how strong you are in front of my army…”

Resentment exploded. In an instant, all of the drought fiends in the palace began regrouping under the orders of the five Drought Fiend Kings. They turned towards Xiang Shu and Chen Xing as they prepared their assault!

Xiang Shu dared not continue pursuing Wang Ziye. He took a deep breath, then stood in front of Chen Xing.

“A hundred thousand,” Xiang Shu said in a low voice. “Can I break past them?”

Chen Xing: “That depends on you…”

Wang Ziye, who was floating in the sky, made a gesture. Chen Xing immediately hugged Xiang Shu from behind tightly.

The army rushed over, looking like it could topple mountains and overturn seas. Xiang Shu bent down a little. Within this tide, Chen Xing pushed the Heart Lamp to its limits. Bright light shone around the two of them, and a shock wave swept outward that immediately knocked down the charging drought fiend army.

Chen Xing was already feeling dizzy. Xiang Shu turned to look. After the Heart Lamp circulated through his body, a light dragon burst forth that curled around the two of them and spit out dragon flames at its surroundings, burning down all of the drought fiends in front of Weiyang Palace!

Shi Hai: “...”

Shi Hai was about to find an opportunity to rush into the battlefield and stab the Demon Spear through both of their hearts when a voice rang out from behind him.

“We meet again, have you been well?”

Xie An had actually rushed to the top of Weiyang Palace with Xiao Shan and Feng Qianjun. All three of them made a move at the same time, smashing Shi Hai into the ground.

Holding the Demon Spear, Shi Hai fell like a black meteor. Under the explosion of resentment, the palace walls were shattered into powder. The charging drought fiend troops had lost their commander and instantly descended into chaos.

“Shulü Kong!” Fu Jian shouted.

Xiang Shu kept his bright flames and grabbed Chen Xing’s wrist as he stepped back. Fu Jian had already rushed over while he was under Tuoba Yan’s protection. He yelled, “Catch Wang Ziye for Zhen!”

“We don’t know where he ran off to!” Chen Xing shouted.

Xie An and Xiao Shan rushed over. Feng Qianjun, who was grabbing Princess Qinghe’s wrist, dashed over as well and met up with the other three.

Xiang Shu said, “I can’t get that weapon, can we destroy it?”

Chen Xing said, “No, no, no...let me think about it… there must be a way.”

“There’s no more time!” Xiang Shu grabbed Chen Xing. “Just like the Yin Yang mirror, magical artifacts will shatter when they collide with each other! Think of a way to destroy it!”

Resentment billowed, then congregated at the top of Weiyang Palace into Shi Hai’s form.

In a low voice Shi Hai said, “Your Majesty, have you thought it through? Or should I leave Chang’an to you, and let you slowly think about it.”

Xiang Shu suddenly looked at Fu Jian - a hint of evasion could be seen in Fu Jian’s eyes.

“Tuoba Yan! Take me to Ahfang Palace!” Fu Jian shouted. “Leave this place first!”

“No,” Xiang Shu refused. “There are too many drought fiends. If they escape from Chang’an and spread across the entire Central Plains, who will take responsibility for that?”

Fu Jian said, “Let them go to the South then… someone will deal with them there!”

Shi Hai shook the Demon Spear. All five Drought Fiend Kings received the order at once. They gathered the massive drought fiend troop in Chang’an, readying them to break through the city and head south.

Chen Xing suddenly thought of something and said, “Shi Hai--!”

Shi Hai looked back. Chen Xing yelled, “Have you seen this?”

Then, Chen Xing raised the White Tiger Pennant.

Spiritual qi began to surge as it got sucked into the White Tiger pennant. The pennant flashed, then a white tiger flew out and dashed past the drought fiend herd and into the sky. Two hundred thousand or so drought fiends immediately lost control, leaving the Drought Fiend Kings as they rushed towards the west gate of Chang’an City.

Shi Hai: “My drought fiends!”

“Go!” Chen Xing ordered.

Xiang Shu mounted a horse, then grabbed Chen Xing and pulled him to sit in front. Chen Xing held the White Tiger Pennant as Xiang Shu controlled the horse, and they rushed to Chang’an City’s west gate.

Blowing a fuse, Shi Hai flew across the sky to chase them.

“Your drought fiends!” Xie An laughed aloud, “Hahahaha--!”

Shi Hai: “...”

Under the control of the White Tiger Pennant, the 200,000 drought fiend troops rushed onto the highway towards Ahfang Palace along the path in Xiang Shu’s plan. It was quite a sight to behold with the sea of drought fiend troops charging forward, while five Drought Fiend Kings followed from behind and a flying Shi Hai chased from above. It was as if their sheep herd was scuttling about in fright, and they couldn’t help but chase them as they ran about yelling.

Also chasing after them were Murong Chui and the rest who had come forward to annihilate the drought fiends.

Fu Jian shouted, “What are you guys trying to do?! Listen to me!”

Xiang Shu turned back. “You’ll know when we get there!”

Chen Xing held up the White Tiger Pennant as he shouted, “Don’t just look! Get rid of as many as you can!”

Xie An, Feng Qianjun, and Xiao Shan steered their horses to gallop behind Xiang Shu and Chen Xing, then each released their own magic. Feng Qianjun said to Princess Qinghe, “Control the horse!”

Princess Qinghe shook the reins. “Jia!”

A bolt of lightning was released from time to time, and flying sand and rocks were stirred up. At the same time, Feng Qianjun was led by Princess Qinghe, and they made a big round around the periphery.

Xiang Shu and Chen Xing continued leading the drought fiend troops towards Ahfang Palace. The Qin army had been waiting for a long time by the bank of Zaoshui, and they began hurling rocks and shooting kerosene.

Feng Qianjun released Senluo Wanxiang. He sped through the periphery, turned back, and withdrew his weapon perfectly. Brambles shot up from the earth that grew to several zhang high, forming a trap to seal off the retreat route of the drought fiends.

Chen Xing kept the White Tiger Pennant, then shook the Zouyu Pennant that calmed battles. The drought fiend hurt scattered in an instant.

“Governor of Pingyang has arrived!”

“Murong Chong is here!”

Over on the horizon, Murong Chong and his Pingyang infantry were charging over.

“They always cause such a big fanfare when they appear,” Chen Xing murmured.

Fu Jian went to the periphery of the encirclement, only to see sparks fill the air. There was already a sea of fire within the trap. Hundreds of thousands of drought fiends had been dealt with once again by Xiang Shu and Chen Xing, and Murong Chong joined the fray as well.

Shi Hai chased them to Ahfang Palace. The drought fiend troops that he had gathered with painstaking effort had all been tricked away by Chen Xing and burnt up. Only the five Drought Fiend Kings were left. That was when he finally realised he wasn’t on par with Chen Xing, so he could only give up and stop his pursuit.

Chen Xing looked up at the sky. Shi Hai had turned into a black meteor that streaked across the sky towards the northwest.

Five Drought Fiend Kings rose from the ground and flew away with him.

“Fenghuang’er!” Fu Jian shouted.

Murong Chong led his huge army to wait outside the battlefield.

It was as if a grand sacrificial ceremony was taking place in front of Ahfang Palace. Flames surged into the sky, and both banks of Zaoshui River were filled with spectating soldiers and common people.

“Kjera escaped,” Xiang Shu said to Chen Xing in front of him. “We didn’t snatch the sword you wanted.”

“It’s okay.” Chen Xing asked worriedly, “How’s your hand?”

He looked back to see Xiang Shu’s palm. Xiang Shu held his hand out - he wasn’t injured. When he had transformed into the Martial God, the wounds on his body only appeared for a moment before healing rapidly.

“We’ll have to think of something else,” Chen Xing said with a little anxiety. “It actually recognises an owner! Don’t tell me it recognises Shi Hai as its owner ba!”

Fu Jian’s face was black with soot. He let out a sigh in irritation. All the generals had arrived.

“Your Majesty! Your General is late in coming to rescue Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Forget it!” Fu Jian shouted in irritation. “Shulü Kong!”

Xiang Shu was engaged in a muted conversation with Chen Xing. When he heard that, he looked towards Fu Jian.

Fu Jian said, “Since we have a way to command the drought fiends, we could’ve kept them alive. Why didn’t you listen to Zhen’s orders!”

Chen Xing sensed some danger. When he linked it to when Shi Hai said “slowly think about it”, could it be that Wang Ziye had persuaded Fu Jian? Previously, how did Wang Ziye convince Fu Jian to give in?

“Orders.” Raising an eyebrow, Xiang Shu questioned Fu Jian, “Who are you ordering? The leader of the tribes! Do you know who you’re talking to!”

Xiang Shu’s shout shook the air, and out of instinct everyone around them retreated slightly.

Fu Jian was stunned at once, then he looked at Xiang Shu with a complicated expression.

Leading his troops forward, Murong Chong stood behind Xiang Shu. The Hu infantry began gathering, and within an instant, two huge camps appeared in front of Ahfang Palace, separated by an invisible barrier.

Fu Rong went forward and whispered something to Fu Jian. The wildfire on the plains began to settle down, turning into ashes that swept across the land, flying by infront of Fu Jian and Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu said to a Hu, “Has Feng Qianyi been sent away?”

“Great Chanyu, he’s already on his way,” that person answered.

“The dog?” Xiang Shu asked.

“The dog is here.” That person handed over Chen Xing’s dog.

Chen Xing thought that Xiang Shu was truly brilliant and quickly accepted the dog.

After listening to Fu Rong’s report, Fu Jian replied angrily and got ready to turn and leave.

Fu Rong instructed, “Take Princess Qinghe away. Great Chanyu, please return to Ahfang Palace! His Majesty has something else he’d like to discuss with you.”

Suddenly, Feng Qianjun raised his voice, “Fu Jian! Qinghe lost her family when she was 14, and you abducted her into your palace. The humiliation she suffered can’t be explained in just a few words. She did have the intent to kill you, but her people were in your hands as hostages, so she dared not act rashly. Now, Wang Ziye had asked her to murder you time and again, yet she never agreed. She doesn’t love you, but she has never harmed you either! Just let bygones be bygones!”

Princess Qinghe’s voice trembled, “Qianjun…”

Feng Qianjun added, “The Great Chanyu has pardoned Princess Qinghe and my brother, Feng Qianyi, for their crimes. If His Majesty has nothing else to say, then let them go ba!”

Murong Chong’s expression changed in an instant. He looked at Murong Chui, and Murong Chui made an almost indiscernible movement.

Fu Jian stopped his horse. Everyone stared at his back until he turned around again.

“Shulü Kong,” Fu Jian said. “Why don’t you be the emperor?”

Xiang Shu said, “Forget it, I’m not interested.”

Absolutely furious, Fu Jian shouted, “Tuoba Yan, Murong Chui! Seize all of them!”

Within an instant, the Hu behind Xiang Shu went into an uproar, yet Chen Xing and Xie An weren’t surprised at all. With the relationship between the Ancient Chi Le Covenant and the Qin court, this day was bound to come sooner or later.

Murong Chong shouted, “Who dares to  make a move?!”

Fu Jian murmured, “Fenghuang'er?”

Murong Chong said, “Your Majesty, if you’re hell bent on killing my sister, then Murong Chong will take you on to the end!”

Both sides stood still in confrontation. Xiang Shu said, “You’re on your own, Fu Jian. Goodbye.”

Xiang Shu whistled. The Pingyang Army split into two, then Xiang Shu led Chen Xing to gallop through them. Then, Xie An and the rest followed from behind, as well as the other Hu, and lastly, Murong Chong. All of them left the plains of Zaoshui in great calefare.

Resentment dissipated, the sky was blue, and it was a clear and sunny day for miles. On this midsummer day, the path was filled with a verdant green.

The Hu steered their carriages and waited by the road, carrying Feng Qianyi inside, who had escaped Ahfang Palace first.

Chen Xing looked back. Xiang Shu’s 16 Hu tribesmen, Xie An, Xiao Shan, Feng Qianjun, Princess Qinghe, as well as Murong Chong’s Pingyang army were all right behind, and he couldn’t see the end of them on the highway north to Chang’an.

When he turned back, Chen Xing and Xiang Shu’s breaths intermingled.

Xiang Shu looked down at Chen Xing.

“There seem to be more people than before.”

Chen Xing saw Feng Qianjun stuff Sima Wei into a carriage to hide there with Feng Qianyi, so he smiled at Feng Qianjun.

Feng Qianjun checked up on his brother’s condition before mounting his horse again. He replied with a smile, “Yeah!”

Xiao Shan asked, “Are we going back to Chi Le Chuan now?”

Surprised, Xiang Shu asked, “You’re from Chi Le Chuan too?”

Xiao Shan glanced at him, then at Chen Xing. He didn’t reply.

Chen Xing asked, “We’re not singing today?”

Xiang Shu was baffled. “Sing?”

Chen Xing smiled. “Chi Le Chuan--”

Xiao Shan sang along, “Under the Yin mountains--”

Everyone was galloping across the plains on their horses, one faster than the other. Feng Qianjun dashed to the front and caught up to Princess Qinghe. Princess Qinghe’s mellow voice sang, “The sky resembles an arched hut, covering the whole plain--”

Xiang Shu sang as well, “The sky is so vast and blue, the wilderness is boundless too--”

Behind them, tens of thousands of people were on the move.

“When the winds blow, the grass bends low; cattle and sheep will show--”

The dog was tucked in the saddle bag, its tongue sticking out as it panted. It bumped up and down as the horse galloped, and looked at its surroundings with curiosity.

A phoenix unfurled its wings and flew past the front of the group.

The Great Wall stood tall at the end of the world. Even after withstanding a thousand years of rain and storm, it still looked the same. Just like a fence around the sky, the wall around the earth, winds of ancient times blew past the wall and stirred up the fresh scent of the grass and seas that flew within.

And behind that massive, gray ancient wall was a mountain range that stretched for tens of thousands of miles like a divine dragon, its gleaming scales like the lakes of the sea, and sheep were scattered on its grass like pearls.

Under the night sky that covered the plains like a dome, footprints twinkled with a glow.

And Chen Xing’s group naturally turned into one Protector, one Phoenix, one human, one child, one dog, one drought fiend, and one Xie An, and they were all heading for Chi Le Chuan.

Set out!

——Volume Four·Dinghai Tide·End——

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